if we have just met at a different time


Photo taken on the day I met Ramona Gastl and Jindric in the desert steppes of western Mongolia after I had been hitchhiking across Russia from Kazakhstan for weeks without a break, just recovering from food poisoning and overstaying both my Kazakh and Russian visa, having to sleep at one of the border posts on the floor of the police office with my sleeping bag, as well as a deserted cafe, beds in trucks, etc.. showering with buckets of water, eating what I could keep down from people I encountered.

We met after I’d been picked up by a military truck and dropped alone in the desert as the officers took a different route to the one I needed. After waiting some time, I eventually saw a car and called it down by running across the desert so he wouldn’t pass me. He stopped, I got in. We drove for 5 minutes before turning a corner to find Ramona and Jindric hitchhiking. After such a long and mad journey alone, I was happy to find company (who I could actually converse in English with). The car I was in stopped for them too, after I excitedly called out at the sight of them “puteshestvennik! puteshestvennik!” (meaning ‘traveler’), and we continued on together in the back of the pick up. As we got out of the car and waited another ride Ramona took this photo. The first portrait she took of me.

Timing is irrelevant when two people are meant for each other. It’s what I once believed.

But we met during a time when I was such a mess, when I still had so much to figure out. How could I have known how crucial every word, every action was or how losing you would be something I would always regret?

If only you could have met me now, how different it would be. How much I have changed. How I have grown. I learned so much from all the mistakes I made with you. I just wish I had made them with someone else.
—  Lang Leav, “Regrets” Lullabies
“Something you need” A MahiKuro song comic

There are reasons why we cross paths with different people.
I hope you`re just as glad to have met me as I am to you.

As you read the comic, I highly recommend playing the song “Something you need” by Against the Current for full feels effect!! Read line by line if you have to~ 

I hope you like it!  (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Just in time for Valentine`s~ hmmm hmmm!

Also, 50 Shades of Blue xD //kicked

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4 Months- Cameron Dallas (SMUT)

a:n// been in the Dallas feels lately. enjoy;)

Cameron and I have been going out for around 4 months now, and we still haven’t have sex. I know to a lot of people that may seem normal or they should wait even more time, but Cameron is different.

Every since I met Cameron, he’s a very handsy and horny person. He always touches my ass of my boobs when he gets the chance, and he always says dirty stuff in my ear.

Now before you’re wondering, it doesn’t have to do with me being a virgin. I’m not a virgin. In the beginning, I obviously wasn’t going to do it when I just met him. But every time he wanted to do something, I’d stop right before we got there, and it drove him insane. Now it’s a game I like to play.

Originally I was just gonna wait until he wanted to have sex, but now it’s driving me crazy. So, tonight is the night we’re gonna have sex. Finally.

I had shaved everything (everything.) and just got out of the shower. I put on a matching set of Calvin Klein and put on sweatpants and a t-shirt. Cam was laying in our bed on his phone, with just a pair of sweatpants on. I admired how sexy he looked before getting in bed next to him.

“Hi babe” I said, laying right next to him.
He grunted in response. Clearly he wasn’t paying attention, instead he was focused on thinking of ideas to do for his YouTube videos.

“Babe"I said, stretching out the a. Still no answer. I thought about what I would do until I got it.

I put one leg over his hip, and started kissing his neck. He automatically stiffened up, and went to say something but decided to keep shut. I went all around his neck, up to his jaw and back down. I took my hand and trailed up and down his abs, then down to his dick. It was hard, but not completely. I started palming his through his sweatpants, and was able to hear soft whimpers coming out of his mouth.

"Come on baby. Take a break"I cooed, against his neck. I heard his breathing get heavier and heavier.
I kissed his neck again and stopped, lowly saying in his ear,
"Come on, daddy”. As soon as those words came out of my mouth and flipped us over so he was on top.

“I’ve waited 4 fucking months for this,” he growled as he took my sweatshirt and sweatpants off.

He stared at my body, admiring it. His eyes went from light brown to black.


He attacked my lips, then going down to my neck. He went down to my collarbone and stopped. He almost ripped my sports bra off, and ripped my panties off.

“Cameron!"I exclaimed.

"Oops"he smirked, and went back down. He took one breast in his mouth, and played with the other with his hand. He switched breasts, doing the same on both sides. I bit my lip to hide the moans. He left wet kisses down my stomach and stopped before my heat.

He spread my legs open, and licked one of his fingers.

"Since you made me wait 4 months to fuck you, how about we make you cum 4 times"he said. My eyes almost shot out of my head.

"Cam I-I can’t-”

“Of course you can. Because it wasn’t a choice"he smirked. He started kissing my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my heat. He swiped one finger down the center, and then put one finger in. He pumped the finger in and out, before adding 2. His fingers curled up, making me arch my back and moan. He kept pumping in and out, and the feeling in my stomach started to form.

"I’m so close"I moaned, and started to rub my clit. In a matter of 3 seconds, my legs started shaking and I came, my juices spilling over his fingers. He licked his fingers, smirking.

"You taste good. But"he said, getting up and going to the closet. He pulled out a rope.


“You don’t get to touch yourself. Only me"he said. He took my hands and tied them to the headboard. This was going to be a long night.

He opened my legs back up and started to lick down the center. The feeling made me inhale sharply.

He hummed on my heat, the vibrations making me throw my head back. He started licking all over, swirling his tongue. I moaned, pushing my hips on for more friction. He pushed them back down, looking up and me, and I was able to see him smirk. He started sucking, taking his finger and rubbing my clit.

The feeling was so much, and I almost couldn’t take it.
"Fuck Cam"I moaned, trying to somehow break these stupid ropes. He rubbed my clit even harder, and the knot formed in my stomach again. My toes curled and my juices spilled all over his mouth. He licked me up and kept going. I was so over sensitive now, I thought I was going to pass out.

"Cam please, I can’t take it"I moaned, arching my back. He pulled back, smirking.

"Too bad. You have to cum 2 more times"he said, removing his sweatpants.

I lay there, unable to see what he was doing because the ropes held me back from sitting up. I tried regaining my breath, inhaling and exhaling. Cam undid the knots, and I rolled my wrists around, trying to stretch it out again.

"Get on your stomach"he said. I obeyed, going on my stomach. He put my ass up in the air, and took my hands behind my back and tied them, like I was being arrested.

"I’ve waited to long to pound into you” I heard him say as he walked behind me. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow"he said. I gulped, but I was so ready for it.

I didn’t know what was happening, but soon I felt him poke his dick in my folds. I shivered, wanting more.

Out of nowhere, he pounded into me, making me jerk forward and cry out.

"Fuck!"I yelled, as he pounded harder and harder into me. He went all the way in and all the way out, and I was going to pass out. I moaned out again, only able to hear grunts coming from him.

He pulled my hair back, continuing to pound into me.
"Who made you feel this good"he growled. I tried to have words come out of my mouth, but to was taken away by the amount of pleasure I had. Soon he spanked one of my ass cheeks, wrapping his big hand around my neck. He choked me, not so much so I could breathe, but enough to surprise me.

"Who made you feel this good?"he asked again.

"Y-you did"I said.

"What’s my name?"he asked, pounding harder into me. He kept hitting my spot, and my toes curled.

"Daddy!"I yelled, my orgasm coming.

He continued thrusting in and out, and I was able to feel his dick twitch inside of me. He moaned, and pounded even harder. I squealed as I came, and he came right after me. He thrusted in and out a few more times before pulling out.

He untied the ropes, and I thought I was going to collapse.

"Come on baby. One more time."he said, and I lay there. He sat down against the head board, and I knew he wanted me to ride him. I went over, my legs wobbly, and lined myself up with him. I sat down and started moving my hips back and forth. His hands gripped my waist hard, making bruises start to form. His hips went up, going all the way into me. I kept riding him, going up and down and back and forth. His head went back and he closed his eyes, and I couldn’t help but admire how sexy he was. I kept going, and he bucked his hips up, hitting my g-spot. I moaned, my head going back. He bucked his hips up again, this time rubbing my clit with it.

I felt the knot in my stomach, and my toes curl, and I came. I rode him one more time before getting off him, laying down.

He turned to look at me, and stared at me.

"What?"I asked, looking at him.

"You’re so beautiful"he said, and I smiled.

"I love you"I said. It was the first time I said that to him and he smiled.

"I love you more"he said, pulling me closer to him.

"Oh and when I go on tour, be prepared"he smirked. I rolled my eyes and kissed him, closing my eyes, before we both drifted to sleep.

hope you enjoyed:)

If you asked Link, he would tell you that he and Rhett met at a coffee shop near the IBM building Link had been working at.

Rhett had come to Link’s attention when he commandeered Link’s favourite table, which had been situated at a spot that was both by the window and close to counter while maintaining the ideal temperature. 

Link’s plan had been simple: befriend the tall stranger so he could keep sitting somewhere that was neither too hot or too cold, with a great view of both the garden outside and the clock behind the counter. 

Rhett had been friendly, and open. Most of the time, he would tell wacky stories about the hijinks he and his childhood best friend had gotten into when they were younger. He didn’t seem to mind that Link offered no stories of his own. 

After a respectable amount of time spent sharing a coffee table during Link’s lunch breaks - the best part of Link’s day - Link asked Rhett out (“we don’t have to go anywhere. We can just stay here, except it’s a date instead of just sharing a table”). 

Rhett said yes.

If you asked Rhett, he would tell you that he had met Link in 1984, on the first day of first grade.

In 1999, a steep slope and natural clumsiness would leave Link with retrograde amnesia. Link wouldn’t remember his friends. His girlfriend. Most importantly, he wouldn’t remember Rhett.

It changed everything. Slowly, Link’s old friends moved on. His girlfriend moved on.

But Rhett stayed.

He worked terrible night shift jobs that made no use of his engineering degree and was terrible for his back, but he didn’t care. He needed the days for something else.

The days were for sitting at the best table at a dingy little coffee shop near IBM, where Link would stare balefully at him for ten minutes before approaching him with a resolute smile and asking if he minded sharing the table.

It was during one of those days that Link would ask him out on a date. Rhett would almost decline, before the part of him desperate to spend time with his best friend pushed the yes out of his lips. 

When Link kissed him for the first time, a month later, he would drive Link home like a gentleman before locking himself in his bathroom and breathing into a paper bag. Then he would stare accusingly at the hard-on straining against his jeans.

Later, he would realise that the desperation he’d felt at the loss of Link in his life had transformed his feelings of friendship into something deeper. He was in love with his amnesiac best friend, who thought they’d met at a coffee shop a month ago, instead of fifteen years earlier.

It wouldn’t matter as much as he thought it would.

A year later, Rhett would take Link on a holiday to the Netherlands, where he has to go through the terrifying task of telling Link the truth. When Link’s reaction is to lean up and kiss his chin and tell him he isn’t angry, Rhett gets down on one knee and asks Link to marry him in the only country that would allow it.

Link says yes. 

Fifteen years later, Link would tell ten million people how his heart had grown three sizes at the thought of Rhett calculating what table Link would sit at so they could meet. How the breath still left him whenever Rhett’s back hurts because of the night job Rhett had taken so he could spend every day with him.

Link had lost his memories, and Rhett had lost his best friend, and Rhett worked his ass off to make sure they managed to find all of those things again and more.

Our Details! Please read carefully.

We are Navish (34) hubby & Avisa (33) wife, settled in Dubai basically from Chandigarh. We both are MBA and working professionals.

In lifestyle we are from 3+ years, as settled in Dubai so met so many couples and Singles from different Nationalities and get experience through different perceptions of lifestyle. By which we get to know this lifestyle is not just for sexual relation, there is much more to enjoy. So Sex is secondary for us, If we found any compatibility, bonding we do not have limits, but we take time to decide we don’t rush to jump on bed and please do not expect it from us.

We don’t mind meeting singles as well but we are selective and very choosy and only on our terms.

We had bad good & bad experiences from this lifestyle so One of them CAM so please spare us BIG NO NO for CAM. Not at all.


Cheers! Chao!

you know it’s really fucking funny that khufu and chay-ara were supposed to be “secret” lovers because you’re either forbidden to sleep with the clergy or the monarchy idk it was unclear all i know is like

have you- have you met khufu/carter because secretive love for chay-ara/kendra is not…. something he’s capable of

like the first time we meet khufu when he’s making his offering to horus, he deliberately calls out chay-ara in front of the pharoh for NO VALID REASON, assumedly just bc he and chay-ara like to verbally spar as foreplay, and you just know the pharoh is sitting there like holy fuck. stop. we get it, khufu. we all fucking get it. can i have a different heir? can i have an heir that isn’t inside chay-ara 24/7? Horus? you want to give me a take 2 on this??? bc this one’s got a magic dick and that’s about it

and then with the dagger, it’s written in a dialect that’s only understood to the clergy which is like, not how a dialect works but whatever like, he had to go to the clergy and get that inscribed for chay-ara with his terrible poetry he made everyone suffer that one because he’s so in love

and like hath-set seems to think he’s got some big advantage because it’s not allowed for them to be together like he’s going to tell the pharoh on them and you know what? all the pharoh is going to be like is hath-set. they’re literally boning right now as they’re on trial for boning. i’d die of being done with this but that means khufu inherits the throne so i guess i’m never going to die

rip off in the corner of the throne room: what if we invented birth control

pharoh: that random white guy is right

scribe: sir most of us are randomly white

pharoh: blocked

I just want this to be legal, I hate the fact that my love for him brings so much trouble for the both of us (specially him). We are humans, we can’t help the fact that we feel. It’s just so frustrating that I can’t tell him how he makes my heart melt, or my eyes shine, my legs shake and my heart pound a thousand times faster.

I want him not to be my teacher, I wish I met him somewhere different.


or… photographer harry

category: fluff & angst

If there was a flat you were forced to stay in for the rest of your life– you would have to choose Harry’s. Y/N doesn’t know if it was the fresh plants hanging from different parts of the ceiling, on every flat surface (tops of his refrigerator included) or the welcoming aroma of ground coffee from his morning meal, she just felt at home. Being one of the first people Y/N’s met after moving out to Glasgow, he’d immediately had a significant presence in her life. It’s a bit deeper than that now, with him being her boyfriend, but significant presence nonetheless. 

“Day-O is definitely a favorite. We should do this again next time ‘round.” Harry says, peeling yet another orange. “Movie’s great too.” 

“That’s why you want to re-do this day again? Because we’re watching Over the Hedge? Not because of your mess of a fruit?” 

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Give us a ring if you want me to cycle back!

I considered him my best friend in university. We met previously on an Open Day and instantly became friends, my mum told me to marry him as she was convinced he was rich as his dad wore expensive jewellery on the day we met. Fast forward a year and we both have places at the university, we were at different campuses which was a pain but he was always determined to meet with me. I have stages in the year that I call my ‘bad time’ where my depression and anxiety builds up and overpowers me, I would message him saying I need a hug and food or whatever to try and make me feel better. My roommates weren’t much use as they just went out every night. Last time we hung out, I was bad and he took me to a sushi restaurant and gave me a massive hug before cycling back to his place. He died after getting hit by a lorry 15 minutes after we said our goodbyes.

I miss him so much

All semester, I have been so tired. I have worried that I won’t be able to do this. I have felt like I wasn’t good enough. 

The election has done me an unexpected kindness. It reminded me that I have met Fear before. I know its terrible face. However, while it is horrific and sharp and cruel, I also know it is is so, so much smaller of a thing than we think. These recent events have reminded me that there are more things we can control than those we cannot, and it has reminded me of a time when I knew the difference between impossible and just really, really hard. 

I am going to do this. Sometimes I will be tired, but this is worth being tired. I’m not the best, and I will never be the best, but I am enough. At the end of the day, that’s all I need to be. I’m going to do this because three brilliant researchers wrote me letters of recommendation saying they supported my decision to do this. I’m going to do this because Past Riley worked too goddamn hard to get us here for me to let her down now. She trusted me with the most important thing in her life, and I love her too much to betray that trust. Mathematics is the great love of my life, and the source of my strength. I’m going to survive in this task because there will be things in this world that deserve my fear, but nothing about this beautiful discipline belongs in that category. 


QUESTION: Eo, have you met the other Ziggy’s?

Eo: Other Ziggy’s? Oh, you mean his phases! I have. There’s just one Ziggy, he just can look different sometimes because of his star. When I first met him, he was the Ziggy Stardust we all know and love: long red hair, colorful clothes, and glitter EVERYTHING (still can’t get it off of some of my uniforms) In fact, since he is a star, he looks different like one. He goes through the exact same phases and usually looks different: Stellar Nebula, massive Star, Red Super Giant, Supernova, and Blackstar. I will never forget the first time he regenerated. We got into an accident with the ship, and he kind of.. freaked out. He was scared, so scared in fact, that he regenerated right then and there, the massive star. He looked like a completely different person, his hair wasn’t straight anymore, it was curled and his make up was gone. And his skin, it was kind of cold. But, like all living things, he grew older. But faster than usual. It’s a long story, we’ll get around to tell it eventually, but right now, I don’t think Ziggy is comfortable speaking about the subject yet.. So long story short: Ziggy has always been himself, he just grows along with the stars.


“I think we found ourselves here. We finally got to see some other parts of the world. We saw some beautiful things here. Things we’ll never forget. We got to let loose. We met people who are just like us. People the same as us. Everyone was just trying to find themselves. It was way more than just having a good time. We see things different now. More colors, more love, more understanding."  — Faith, Spring Breakers (2013)

One day a person walks into your life and for no particular reason at all, you fall in love with them.
Because millions of people have brown eyes and the same color brown hair. In fact that is the second most common hair and eye color combination in the world. And you have met plenty of boys who could make you laugh just as loud…
But for some odd cause that we may never understand you meet someone someday and it’s just different. Everything is different. Better.
It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it once I really think about it. Because we meet people, new people, all the time. Beautiful, funny, sensational people and we feel nothing.
Then suddenly, you bump into one single human being and they change everything…

It’s almost impossible to doubt the magic in the world after you fall in love….That somewhere in the world, in the galaxy something decided to bring you this particular human to love, to know, to maybe lose.


—  Jordyn Byrd, I guess we all have a little magic in us.
Of all the texts from you I had to delete there was one I just couldn’t stand to part with.. You told me how much you cared for me, how much you wanted to be with me, that you thought we were so perfect together, and what you wanted us to have in the future. You told me that what we had couldn’t get ripped away from you, that you wouldn’t allow it.

And I almost believed you. But now I know it was bullshit like everything else

—  I’m so over all the bullshit. It’s the same thing every damn time. Just when I think I’ve met someone different they turn out to be just like everyone else. I’m done.
Wait That Was You!

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Request// Imagine meeting Malia for the first time and realizing she’s the coyote you’ve been feeding when you were younger.

A/N// Thank you for your request, we hope you all like it.

Tonight was pack night, We would have pack night every Friday to just chill out, have a laugh, goof around and forget about all the supernatural just for one night a week. But tonight would be special because Scott and Stiles thought this would be good to invite Malia to pack night as she has just joined the pack. Also I was glad that they did invite her because I haven’t met her yet. I would have pack night at different houses each week, last week it was at Stiles’s house, this time it was at Lydia’s.

Everybody left school to go home and get all their stuff, and get ready. As I arrived to my house everybody was out so I raced upstairs, got a quick shower and did my hair and make up in a basic way,I grabbed all the stuff  for what I would of needed that night; pyjamas which was a pair of shorts and a tank top, My phone and phone charger, even though I would be putting my phone in a bowl because we all thought it would be best that it would be a non phone night so we would be spending time together, then just some stuff for tomorrow like make up and clothes.

I went down stairs waiting for Scott to come and pick me up, I decided to sit in my living room and checked all my social media before I got to Lydia’s house. As I finished checking Facebook, there was a knock on my door. It was Scott, so I grabbed my bag and headed out.

“Hey Y/N you ready for pack night?” Scott asked as I locked your door and jumped onto his bike.

“Oh yeah been looking forward to it since Monday” I say 

It didn’t take long to get to Lydia’s house. When we got there I got off Scott’s motorbike and headed in the house, Stiles Kira, Lydia and a girl who must be Malia was in the living room waiting for Scott and I to get in. But before I stepped into the living room Lydia pushed me back.

“Where do you think your going?”Lydia questioned

“What do you mean? I’m going in to your living room” Iasked

“Phone” Lydia said

I just laughed at how serious she made the situation, so I took out my phone then placed it into the bowl. As did Scott.

“Come on in you two” Lydia said

We both just laughed and walked in. Scott pulled me over to Malia.

“Y/N this is Malia, Malia this is Y/N” Scott introduced you two. I had a weird feeling, like I had already met her, but I don’t recognizer her, so I just pushed that feeling out of the way.

We all decided to kick off pack night with some movies. We got comfy to watch the film. We must of watched 4 different kinds of films until we all got bored.

“What about truth or dare” I suggested. Everybody agreed, so Lydia got a glass bottle, pulled up a small table and everybody sat around it in a circle. Stiles spun the bottle and landed on Kira.

“Truth or Dare Kira?” Stiles asked

“Umm dare” Kira said

“I dare you to give someone in the group a piggyback ride around the room” Stiles Laughed

“Seriously Stiles, that’s like the easiest ever” I claimed, but kira pulled me up and told you to get on her back. She gave me a piggyback around the whole room.

“Remind me never let Stiles do the dares ever again” I shot him a smirk

The truth and dares went on with the dares getting worse and the truths getting personal. The bottle landed on Malia.

“Truth or Dare?” Lydia questioned

“Truth” Malia said

“Okay when you were a coyote, what is the one thing you will always remember?” Lydia asked

“Oh that’s easy, years ago and I mean years ago, there was this little girl who always used to feed me, she would be waiting outside her house with food, she wasn’t scared of me, I could sense it. But then she never came back, I saw her for months. I wonder where that girl is today” Malia said. When I heard that I were so shocked.

“Wait that was you?”  I inquire. The room went silent and everyone stared at me.

“When I was younger I also saw this coyote and I wanted to be kind so I stole food from the house and fed it, but one day my dad found me getting food and he shouted at me, and when he asked me why I was doing it, he went mental, he made the whole family move because he thought coyotes were dangerous. I can’t believe that was you, I had a feeling that I met you before, but I would of never of thought of you in that way” I state

“Same I thought I recognized you from somewhere, and thanks for feeding me” Malia announced. I spent most of the night laughing about what just happened.

If we lived in another universe my dad would want me, and I wouldn’t feel the need to push people away.
In another universe you’d have your hands intertwined in between my hair and I wouldn’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call first.
But this isn’t another universe because
my dad never sends me a card when it’s my birthday, and despite what you said
I still made you leave.
Your hands ended up between a lot of different skirts, but I still set up my voicemail, just in case you wanted to call.
And I know this isn’t another universe, but if it were I wouldn’t have to wish on dandelions that we still loved each other,
we just would.
—  I think we met at the wrong time
okay but Kendra as Lens mum

So we all know that Len’s mum left when he was little, before Lisa was born (because they have different mums) But what if she didn’t leave what if it was Kendra, and it was just that Savage got to her when he was little.

Okay so let’s say she’s with Lewis because at this point in time he’s actually an alright guy. She hasn’t met Carter yet (or has but she thought he was just some weird crazy guy) and then one night she finds out that Lewis, while not working as a cop, has been rocking that criminal lifestyle and she doesn’t want that for her son and so plans to leave.
But that night, what if when she goes out to get the money and supplies she needs for them to leave, Savage finds her and Len never hears from her again.

So then cut to Legends and Len can’t help but like Kendra and he doesn’t know why (he wasn’t old enough to remember how she looked). He can’t help but feel comfortable around her.

Then there’s this one mission where maybe Len is in danger and nearly dies and while he’s on the med bay Kendra just loses it and neither her nor anyone else can figure out why because sure Snart is a part of the team but he’s not that close with anyone yet. But Len is sure somethings up.

Obviously Len would figure it out at some point because he’s clever and it wouldn’t take him long to put it together, he asks Carter about her last self and he tells Len he’s happy she doesn’t remember it, because she was stolen from her son and kept captive for 11 years before managing to kill herself to escape him.

Len works it out, he’s 44 and Kendra is 25.
If she went missing when he was 8 and held captive for 11 years Len would’ve been 19 when she died
It’s not a coincidence that there’s a 19 year age gap between them.

Len doesn’t tell her because how can he? Eventually he plans to though, but the Oculus happens and he doesn’t get the chance.

It’s only when Kendra watches the place explode that the memories come flooding back to her and she collapses as she realises she just watched another son die, that she lost Leonard again, she had him back and she didn’t even realise it.

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Many equate the two but to me there are stark differences. I like being alone. It gives me time to think, to be myself, to relax and just be. But people often confuse this with me enjoying being lonely.
I have never met a person that enjoys being lonely, being excluded because “we thought you wouldn’t want to go since you like to be alone”, hearing “well you said no last time”, “you didn’t tell me you wanted to do it too”, etc.
Yes, there are times when I say no because I’m too tired or need to recharge but don’t bank that as a no for everything. If I’m your friend, I typically want to spend time with you but sometimes I also need to spend time with me.
This isn’t a complaint or anything. Just explaining my viewpoint.


Grandma. It was really great. I think we found ourselves here. We finally got to see some other parts of the world. We saw some beautiful things here. Things we’ll never forget. We got to let loose. God, I can’t believe how many new friends we made. Friends from all over the place. I mean everyone was so sweet here. So warm and friendly. I know we made friends that will last us a lifetime. We met people who are just like us. People the same as us. Everyone was just trying to find themselves. It was way more than just having a good time. We see things different now. More colors, more love, more understanding. God, it’s so nice to get a break from my uni for a little while. I know we have to go back to school, but we’ll always remember this trip. Something so amazing, magical. Something so beautiful. Feels as if the world is perfect. Like it’s never gonna end.