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4x16 // 5x06

headcanon that Kirishima keeps calling Bakugou funny hero names, even when they’re pros

Kirishima: hi, I’m Red Riot and this is Explosion Hero: Sparky Sparky Boom Man

Bakugou: for the love of fuck, Ei, stop calling me those weird names at least at work

Kirishima: but when else would it be funny?!

Someone I know and their friend started on that “spend money on travel/experiences not sneakers” wave today and I of course objected to it saying there’s a ton of Black folks who will not ever really be in the position to afford international travel so who cares if they buy sneakers only for them to say that’s a fallacy.

A bunch of college educated Black young people sitting in a 3k a month apartment who between us have won awards in our fields, worked at the White House, attended school in places like London, Florence, and Abu Dhabi, been awarded scholarship money and grants, and are building projects that put us in rooms with influencers and industry titans……saying it’s not hard to save to travel and “experience” things.


Jon & Sansa parallels 8/∞ : Inadequacy Issues

The Hound was right, she thought. I’m only a little bird, repeating the songs they taught me.Sansa, A Game Of Thrones

If Jon was remembered at all, it would be as a turncloak, an oathbreaker and a murderer.” - Jon, A Storm Of Swords

STARTER  CALL  .       like  this  post  and  uh  you  know  the  drill  .        they’ll  be  rather  short  .        i’m  on  some  sugar  and  shaking  so  i  want  to  take  advantage  of  this  before  i  turn  into  an  Adam  and  get  grumpy  and  mellow  again  .        i’ll  set  them  in  your  muse’s  universe  ,        so  if  your  muse  is  modern  ,        i’ll  go  modern  .        asoiaf  ,        i’ll  go  asoiaf  .        hp  i’ll  go  hp  .        disney  i’ll  go  uh  ,        main  verse  because  lbr  we’re  all  connected  in  a  circle  of  life  i’m  going  to  stop  talking  now  .