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So y'all know, lately things been a little drab and negative. Drama here, ship wars, character bashing, people bashing.

We need a change.

And while I know I’m not a fan favorite, I want to make a positive change but I’ll need help. Me, along with some people who I told my plans before hand or read my apology letter to Jess, know I’m planning on making a fan week.

Not one that’s exclusively on Tumblr, but also twitter and if we get enough volunteers willing to help, Instagram also.

My goal is to promote community and make this a sort of thank gift to Jess and her crew, because lately, we been taking it for granted and upset as some of us can be, this fandom gotten to a point where fighting is more common than friendship.

The official date of the Fanweek isn’t set but there’s a deadline of volunteers helping out for it.

I’m setting the deadline for people who can volunteer for it a week from today, December 3rd. And I’m hoping the week to be between 5 days or 7 days.

We’ll give at least 2 week notice so fans can prepare and work on the prompts provided for fanweek ahead of time, not to feel rushed. We’ll have a specialized blog/twitter to reblog and retweet every content provided for the week, and don’t feel limited on what you can do– art, writing, music, video making, theories, etc? GO FOR IT. We want to celebrate us as a fans for a person who given us series and characters we love.

We aren’t perfect but we can try to make this fandom a happier place!

If you’re volunteering, please state why you’re interested and your skill set or experience with events! Don’t be shy.

P.s. if you volunteer and don’t get a chance to directly help out directly, it’s alright! There’s always next time and we need help with people promoting the event! You can still help by spreading the world. And giving suggestions won’t hurt once we set up the blog on tumblr.

Thank you for listening.

This gift exchange is open to anyone regardless of skill level!

Participants can sign up using this form. 

The form will ask you about what you’re able to contribute (drawings, fics, what you’re willing to draw etc.) as well as contact information. You can also sign up to be a backup Secret Santa in case someone doesn’t get their gift.

By signing up you are agreeing to create a gift for someone! This must be a completed work, but how elaborate it is is up to you.

We will try our best to match you with someone who can fulfill your request. In the event this can’t happen you’ll be contacted by email and we’ll sort it out. Communication will be done through the email you provide, but you can ask questions/reach out to us here or, if you wish to remain anonymous, send an ask over to @joja-hotline.


Sign ups must be done by 21 November. The forms will be closed after. 
I will start emailing people their Secret Santa matches 22 November.
You can post your creation for the recipient 25-31 December. Be sure to tag them!

Well I think that covers it, and if not, more info is in the form.

Happy holidays!

What Got7 Would Get Their S/O for Valentine’s Day


Rather than material things, Mark would take you out for dinner and movie or just some sort of date. V v cute.

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*dirty thoughts*

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HE’D GO FULLLLLLLL OUT. Ya boi’s v v extra, but he believes you deserve the world.

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(S H * T T T T T.)


We all know how f*cking romantic this kid can be. He’d send you flowers and you jewelry. The tradition stuff, but still thoughtful.

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(I’m so soft for this look.)


This sweetheart would get you something v thoughtful and sweet. It probably be some sort of inside joke tbh.

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Seriously this kid could go anyway possible. I feel like there are so many layers to this kid. He could seriously do ANYTHING.

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In the beginning, he’d be really cute and shy with adorable little presents and shit, but later, BTICH YOU IN FOR A RIDE. nasty little human.

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I hope you liked it <3

Phan Week 2017

Hey guys, it’s been a minute! Sorry for the lack of Phan Week in 2016 - things got a bit hectic and we couldn’t find the time to run the event. Buuuut….


I am still working out the dates, but as I’m now running this by myself, I’m going to need some help! 

If you are interested in becoming a mod for Phan Week 2017, please click anywhere in this post to fill out the application

I want to get this sorted as quickly as possible so that we can get everything up and running and host Phan Week ASAP, so applications will be open until Friday, February 3rd

If you could reblog this to help get the word out, it’d be much appreciated! Thanks :D 

- Alexandra

Primrose Hill

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In your several months of studying in London, you were never able to show your parents around your favourite city, that is until now.

For one week during your summer holiday, your parents flew across the pond to visit the country that held their daughter for educational purposes. You of course, were very excited to hear the news of their visit, finally being able to take them around town. Though things could get a bit rocky on some days, you love your parents unconditionally and had all the days planned out, even allowing some to be date nights with each other.

Today would be their first full day in London, you deciding to immediately bring them to Greenberry cafè in Primrose Hill.

“Thought I’d start you both off in Primrose Hill so that we can work our way down and throughout London.” You say as they take their seats.

“You really do have this all sorted out for us.” Your mother smiles, leaning into your father.

“I do, with a few surprises here and there to insure that you both have the best time here.”

Before anyone can say anything else, the waiter comes by with menus for everyone. You blink a few times as another two people are seated at the table next to you, with the younger one looking very much like Harry Styles, and the other looking like his father from a few photos you’ve seen.

You decide to shake it off and mind your parents in front of you, for even if it is truly Harry, you wouldn’t want to disturb him, especially during a meal with his dad.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to the restroom.” You announce to your parents before standing on your feet.

Once in the toilets, you pull out your phone to text your best friend whilst screaming inwardly.

You to Your Best Friend:



“Excuse me?! WHAT THE FUCK Y/N.”

You to Your Best Friend




You to Your Best Friend

“Ugh well what if it’s not even him now? Oh god I bet you it isn’t.”

“I feel like I’m getting my hopes up for nothing.”


“£100 says it’s him. Now go out there and check!!”

You don’t respond after that, with butterflies multiplying by the millions in your stomach. You sigh once more before exiting the restrooms, making you one step closer to a possible Harry.

Returning to your table, you find your parents have been acquainted with what seems to be Des Styles, but with the might-be-Harry missing.

“Hello.” You speak, tucking your hair behind your ear. You gasp under your breath once you make eye contact with the man from the other table realising that it is infact Des Styles.

“Hi there, you must be the daughter.” He smiles warmly. “I was just talking to your parents ‘ere about the stops they should make while here, but since you’ve taken them ‘ere, I think they’re in good ‘ands.”

You can’t hide the grin on your face as you seat yourself slowly on the chair not really knowing if he just said that.

“Thank you..sir.”

“Aw, please, don’t need to be so formal. It’s Des to you and your parents there.” Your dad sticks his hand out to shake Des’, exchanging nods and names as they do so.

“Very nice to meet you Des, are you eating here with your family too?”

He nods, “My son’s just gone to the men’s room and my daughter should arrive soon, running a bit late. You’d know London traffic in a few days of being here.” You chuckle at his words, knowing how many times you’ve almost been late to a dinner or to an exam because of it.

“Traffic’s a nuisance that’ll only keep growing in our world.” Your dad frowns for a moment, “I’m only hoping it’ll clear up while we’re here, this weather is making me want to stay indoors the rest of the trip.”

Des sighs, “Yep, you manage through it though. I’ve gotten used to it but it wouldn’t hurt for a bit more sunshine here and there, you hear that England?”

“Does England hear what?” You freeze as you hear the deeply heavy voice of a certain long but curly haired boy speak.

“Ah, nothing. Just going on about the weather with (Y/L/N)’s over here.”

Harry shifts his body and fixates his eyes on your family. You watch as your parents interact with him, smiling at how polite Harry is.

He then turns to you and you feel your heart drop down to your stomach. “Hi,” He smiles warmly, “I’m Harry.” “Y/N.” You manage to utter out, fixing a smile on your face afterwards. “Lovely to meet you.”

His gaze stays on yours for another moment before he pulls his hand away. You blink at your hand at the absence of warmth, swallowing down to face the menu on the table. He sits diagonally from you, but with the tables being at such a close proximity, several more inches with a scoot and he would be right in front of you.

In Harry’s mind he is puzzled. He can’t comprehend what it is about you that draws him in. You’re stunning to him, and he’s wishing just a bit more every second that you’ll stay talking to him during the meal.

You peek your head up every couple of seconds just to check that Harry is infact sitting in front of you, handsome as ever with his grey t-shirt, sunglasses pushed up to keep his lengthy hair in order. Though you know it never could be, and you love his hair the way it is.

On what seems like your millionth glance back and forth, he finally makes eye contact with you, chortling as he does so. ‘He probably knows you’ve been looking back and forth’ you think which causes your cheeks to turn a darker shade.

“Know what you’re going to get?” He shows his dimples.

‘You.’  “Um..” You scan the menu once more, realising that you haven’t actually been studying it, rather just studying him.

“M-Maybe the pancake?” You inwardly scold yourself for being so timid, “With ricotta cheese and such. I’ve been thinking about the pancakes here for a while.”

Harry nods, biting his lip while reading the menu again with concentration.

“I think I’ll get the waffles then, so we could mix and match. Like salt and pepper. Only with pancakes and waffles.” He smiles, setting his menu down. He looks over to his father, who is wearing his reading glasses and studying something on his phone. Harry points to Des, “And they say we’re the ones engulfed in technology.” You both laugh once you peep at your parents only to see that they’re doing the same, only this time consumed in a funny video your dad found on Facebook.

“I know! I’d be sitting on my couch doing work or whatever and they decide to come into the room at the once time I check my phone.” You scoff and Harry chuckles, shaking his head.

It’s quiet for a moment as Harry sits with his lips shut, trying to think of what to say to you without sounding like an idiot. He’s a bit fidgety since all he wants is to get to know you better.

“So how’s your day?” Harry starts. He wants to hit himself inside, ‘how’s your day going? It’s just started!’

You chortle at his attempt to make conversation. You don’t know it but both of you are quite nervous around each other.

“It’s lovely so far. Yours?”

“Good.. good.” There’s another pause of silence as all he wants to do is compliment your gorgeous features.

“Are you visiting England with your family? N-Not to seem like an idiot for stating the obvious but you don’t sound like you’re from ‘round ere.” He asks, cheeks turning pink at his stuttering. It’s been a long time since someone has made him nervous when even asking a question. His gaze does not leave yours.

You observe the alluringly deep shades of green in his eyes which are fixed on yours. They’re all correct, every description you’ve read of fans meeting Harry, he maintains eye contact when talking to fans and you’re not sure if you can handle it without getting flustered.

“Oh, um, no actually, they’re visiting me here. I’m studying abroad here for a year.”

Harry bites his bottom lip before it turns into a smile, “Really? That’s-”

“Hello hello, so sorry I’m late! Traffic was a complete pain in the arse as usual. Did I miss anything?” Gemma, whom you recognize from the countless photo Styles-Twist family photos, and from the fact that you’ve admired her writing on thedebrief.co.uk since she’s released her first article. You fawn at how gorgeous she is in person, it seeming like the entire Styles could not be any more beautiful.

Harry however, as excited as he is to see his sister, couldn’t have helped but groan to himself because talking time with you is cut short.

She sits in the chair adjacent to yours, a few feet away from table differences. You quiet down and stare at your phone, feeling quite awkward. Your speaking time with Harry felt done with, and you didn’t want to intrude on their family time.

“Well look who’s here.” Harry puts his hands on his hips for a moment. He tsk’s as Gemma settles in her chair. “I’ve even made it here before you and I’m never even on time at my own band’s concerts!”

You giggle to yourself, remembering all the times you’ve viewed a livestream or even gone to their concert, only to have them come out thirty minutes later than expected.

“At least I wasn’t late to my own 21st birthday party! I swear Harry, it was so awkward having to explain to David Beckham of all people that you were on your way.”

Harry rolls his eyes from the reply, simply shaking his head.

“But really, have you guys ordered yet?”

“Yes. I got you a Royale. But um..” His eyes trail over to you while Gemma waits for him to finish, “you’ve interrupted my lovely conversation with Y/N over here.”

Your head shoots up from your phone, where you were mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram.

Your cheeks burn a deep red as Gemma shifts her body to see you. Harry smirks with his dimples in tow, not taking his eyes of you.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Hi there.” She gives you a combination of a smile and nod.

“Hi,” You say shyly, bit nervous to meet her. “I’m Y/N.”

“Gemma. Pleasure to meet you. And thank you for keeping my little brother and dad company here.”

You lift your cheeks into a smile as you’re unsure of what to say.

“Y/N is from America, Gem. Studying abroad here.” Harry sparks conversation, not wanting to let you fade out of the breakfast. His eyes don’t leave yours as you blink a few times. You feel a lurch in your stomach, he wants you to be a part of their breakfast.

“Really! That’s lovely, what are you studying?”

“I’m working on getting a 2:1 on …” You begin to ramble off on your university career. The interest shown in her face and Harry’s encourages you to go on about yourself more, giving you confidence you otherwise never had.

“Well I’m sure you’d graduate with first honours actually.” She winks causing you to giggle with a bit of shock in your face.

“God I’d hope.” You say as you sip your iced tea.

“Yeah, university is never easy. Especially the one you’re at. Although only two of us in this conversation know that sort of struggle.” She alludes to Harry, jokingly rolling her eyes at him. He shakes his head with a smug face while blinking at his own iced tea and mumbling something about how he’d been around the world under the age of twenty-five.

“Oi, I have too if you haven’t noticed when I’ve visited you on tour you twat.” Gemma counters, electing a laugh from all three of you.

The food then comes and breakfast continues with more jokes as you all play raconteur. You end up scooting the tables together to form a giant one. With your parents there and Des, it almost felt like one giant family breakfast. The only thing missing as Anne and Robin.

It’s as though you were having breakfast with good friends rather than people you’ve just met an hour ago and you are quite pleased with the feeling.

“We definitely need to do this again,” Gemma instructs, “It’s been a while since I’ve had this good of a laugh at 11:45am on a Friday.

You agree, hoping that you’d get to see both Harry and Gemma again.

“Although scheduling might be a bit difficult with H over here barely in the country these days.” She rolls her eyes at him.

“Yeah Harry, what’s got you in LA so terribly that you can’t stay in London longer?” You tease.

Harry dramatically releases a sigh, “Well, Gem, besides work and friends? The health kick everyone over there seems to be on. I do enjoy kale.”

You and Gem bubble over with laughter. “My brother is such a weirdo.” She confirms.

“Although,” Harry starts, eyes going back and forth from you to Gemma before setting on you, “I uh.. I think I might come back more often now.”

You don’t hear the rest of the conversation after going to the restroom at the request of your mother, however what went on was solely about you.

“I like her.” Gemma hums, sipping on her tea.

Harry grins, “I do too.”

“She seems like quite the lovely person. I’d approve of her, if you, ya know.”

He nods, swallowing in the process. His stomach is filling with butterflies as he thinks about ways to see you again, if you’d be willing to. He found it quite endearing the way you tucked a hair behind your ear while intently listening to either of them talk. Harry especially enjoyed seeing you blush at his comments, hoping you’d take them. And you do, as you feel your heart speed up just a bit more every time you feel his eyes on yours.

“I hope she likes me as well.”

You return with your mother minutes later, your face a bit more fresh after touching up. Harry’s dimples return as well when you come, standing to his feet as a courtesy. Your cheeks redden once again as you give him a nod to sit down.

You dread having to say the next few sentences but don’t see your parents often anymore, and you did promise a day out in London to them.

“Well, I think we need to head out, yeah? Got a full day ahead of us.” You share a small smile to your parents. You see a frown make its way to Harry’s face.

“Oo where are you guys going?” Gemma inquires.

“I’m taking them down to The British Museum then to Covent Garden.”

You and your parents begin to stand to say goodbye to everyone. A burning hole of regret burns in your heart as you hated cutting the breakfast off but on your way to the restroom your mother was going on about how excited she was to go to Covent Garden so you wanted to do it for her.

Harry watches you exchange numbers with Gemma as another burning feeling comes to him, this time full of anxiety due to him being nervous to ask.

You hug Gemma once more before switching to Des, deciding that Harry’s hug would be best for last. He stands awkwardly for a moment with his hands running through his hair, eyes swapping from you to the ground. You want so terribly to ask to see him again but don’t want to be rejected.

Your mother hugs Gemma while your father shakes hands with Des, leaving you to shyly stand in front of Harry, already blushing as it is.

“This was.. beyond what I expected for a first breakfast with my parents in London.” You tell him, gripping the strap of your bag tightly.

He smiles for a moment before opening his arms out. You notice the air being sucked out of you as you realise that this would be your first ever hug with Harry. The same Harry who’s held your heart for many years. You’d finally be in his arms.

It’s perfect. It’s everything you’ve ever thought it could be and more. The feeling of Harry’s arms engulfing your body in the most incredible embrace is one that could not ever have a name. He gives you a tight squeeze while providing an envelope of safety as his hand runs across your back. You know that the hug is probably longer than a normal once but you truly couldn’t give a damn at the moment.

Pulling away, you breathe in a bit. Harry’s still got a grin on his face from it. He tucks a bit of hair behind your ear causing you to turn your head sideways at his cheekiness.

“Right, erm,” You stumble on your words, “I guess we’ll be going then?” You look around. Some people in the cafe can’t stop watching the scene unfold in front of them, Harry Styles is there with his dad and sister. Harry opens his mouth to speak but there are no words.

Your mother and father walk ahead to the door. You throw a smile and nod to the three of them before heading out, with Harry kicking himself that he didn’t ask for your number beforehand.

“Fuck.” He swears at the ground after seeing you go.

“Hm?” Gemma hums while packing her things.

“I didn’t get her number. Dammit.”

Des pats Harry on the back for comfort, “It’s alright son, she lives around ‘ere anyways. I’m sure you’re bound to see her around Primrose Hill again.”


Two weeks have passed since you’ve last seen Harry. Your best friend and other good friends around you at Uni were raving on about your encounter with Harry due to the photos spread on twitter of “a fan meeting Harry”. You’ve been busy with school and the internship you’ve taken on for your career, but in your moments of silence you can’t help but think back to the hour you’ve spent with H.

Harry himself can’t help but think about you. He loves the sound of your laugh after he tells one of his puns, and your storytelling skills which manage to make him laugh.

He stands outside the bookshop of Regent’s Park Rd wearing his bright blue t-shirt and jeans while his mother and sister shop around the street. In his hand is a bag with the book you recommended to him.

“Harry!” Gemma waves her hand in front of her brother, trying to get him out of his thoughts of you.

“Mum and I are going down to Space.NK, do you want to come along? We’ll be quick and I think it’s better that you stay in there rather than stand out in the open.” He agrees, following suit.

He stands in there for a few minutes, picking up random products he had never heard of before. After a quick photo with the employee’s (which he gladly took), he decides to step out in desperate hopes of seeing you somehow.

“Harry?” A soft voice pokes out at him. His heart picks up just a bit.

“Y/N.” He beams, spreading his arms to give you a hug. You comply, shutting your eyes for the moment you’ve been longing for since the last time.

“What’re you doing outside Space.NK?” You giggle.

“Just waiting for my mum and Gemma, they wanted to go shopping today and we were gonna have lunch after.” He replies, “What about you?” At the back of his head he’s hoping you’ll want to join him.

“Same thing as your mum and sister haha, but I was just heading to Primrose Bakery.” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, something Harry wanted to do but didn’t due to potential paps.

“I’ll go with you! I-If you’d like me to.” He mumbles the last part. You smile again, “What about your family?”

“They’ll find me.” He says before you two head off.

Minutes later inside the bakery, you stand with Harry in line for the bakery. He’s just told you that his sister and mother will be joining you two shortly and is now having a hard time deciding on a cupcake flavour.

“Harry, we’ll be at the front soon, you need to decide.” You laugh, but he just stands with his arms crossed, one hand to his mouth as he tries to choose.

“Next in line please!” The employee calls. You see her eyes bulge out when she sees it’s Harry.

“Hi, I’ll have a kinder bueno cupcake.” She nods at you and swallows hard before looking up at Harry.

“H.” You nudge him. He turns his head to you with a smile, “That’s the first time you’ve called me H.”

You flush as he switches his attention to the worker, “I think, I’ll just have the same as whatever she’s having.” He finally decides.

You roll your eyes and sigh, causing Harry to imitate your actions. He then reaches over to boop your nose. “I like this.” He says.

The worker widens her eyes again but smiles, “You two are adorable.”

“O-Oh, we aren’t together.” You correct her. Though both you and Harry hope you could be.

“Oh, well you two would be. You should.” She speaks before walking off to go retrieve the cupcakes, leaving you and Harry.

He says nothing of it but thinks hard about it as he bites his lip. You notice the small twinge of pink in his lips while he stares down at you. “What?”

Before you can answer, the employee comes back with your cupcakes. She sports a smile on her face.

“H-Here you go. Uhm.. Harry, do you think I could?” She requests with her phone out. He looks down at you for reassurance. “I’ll take it!” You offer, snapping a quick shot.

“Sorry about that.” He mutters when you two are seated in the corner of the bakery. The bakery is not very busy, with just a young family on the other side and another man on the side.

“It’s alright, interesting actually. How’ve you been?” You ask, opening up the box.

“Well, actually. I’ve been working on some exciting stuff.”

“Oh yeah? Like what.”

He holds a smug countenance for a second. “ “Don’t tell anyone this but I’ve just spent yesterday in the studio with Paul McCartney.”

“Oh my god, the legend,” You gasp, “I love The Beatles. I once sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand” for my school talent show.”

Harry gapes,”I would’ve loved to see that.”

You giggle, shaking your head. “No, no you wouldn’t. Any version of me before the age of seventeen is something I’d rather you not see.”

Chatting goes on for a while as Gemma and Anne join. Anne is delighted with you and your sweetness as she finds you wonderful.

Just before they leave, Harry stays for a moment to ask you something he’s been wanting to have for what felt like ages.

“Y/N, d-do you think we could meet again?” The butterflies come back for him. “I’ve been meaning to ask ever since the cafe but I couldn’t get the nerve. But I’d love to go on a date with you.. i-if that’s what you want too.” He blabs on for a bit.

Your cheeks lift up to a smile , “Of course, I’d love to.”

“Fantastic!” He says. “Could I.. er..” He gestures and you pull your phone out. “Oh right, sorry!”

Harry logs his name in as simply “H xx” and you exchange your number with him.

“She really is lovely Harry. You better go after her before someone else does.” Anne tells him, getting into his range rover.

He grins while glancing back at you from the car, knowing he’s achieved what he’s set out for for weeks now. And he isn’t allowed to be too sure, but something in him knows that he’d be seeing you loads more times.

(As you can tell I really love Primrose Hill. I’ve never been but someday, right?)

And there is the story of how you and Harry met. (Twice at that!)

Oh my goodness I cannot believe I finally managed to finish this! This quite literally is the longest imagine I have ever written (4120 words omg) and I truly do hope it isn’t dragged out too terribly (Please tell me if it is..?)

I don’t have any excuse as to why I’ve never written another imagine since January but for the massive writer’s block I got. But hopefully I am back and won’t have another terrible one like that for a while. I do hope you all enjoy this one my lovelies, this is one I’ve been writing bit by bit over the past couple of months and one I wanted to establish. I hope this one isn’t too cheesy as I wanted to make this a bit more realistic. This is also very vague on Y/N description because, well, Y/N is you and you all are different in your own wonderful ways so I wanted to keep it as true to you as possible. I know sometimes I’ll have to write in certain things from height difference to careers to even where Y/N is from to family members, so please bear with me then!

Feel free to send me a request, please. I work better with a bit of expectancy plus I’d love to fulfill your dreams of our gentle giant.

Thank you so much to those who still follow me and to you if you’ve read this or any of my other works.

Love to you all,

Iz xx

I just rewatched the tarmac scene and Mellie knows about Liv’s swimming ???! this means they must’ve sat and talked about their hobbies and interests and pasts??! Liv telling Mellie about her swimming and horse riding and Mellie talking about her competitive shooting and them just generally getting to know all sorts of things about each other? Can we just imagine Mellie trying to cajole Liv into swimming again?? and ‘making sure she eats’ is Mellie ordering takeout? Is she trying and failing to cook? Are they having dinner dates? Can we just imagine Mellie all concerned planning out meals for Liv? Being deliberately whiney about getting food just to make sure Liv isn’t forgetting? Pestering her about wanting to try a certain restaurant just so Liv gets a break? Finding ways to make sure they go on walks together? Mellivia having walks in the park? I cannot believe all of this is genuinely a part of canon I’m not ok

Jaemin As Your Boyfriend

I had to speed up Jaemin’s boyfriend type for my homie~

What Jaemin Would Be Like As Your Boyfriend

  • Ok ok homie we gotta start this up
  • So straight from the get go Jaemin is a p shy bean

  • Hes gonna be flustered easily

  • And he might be nervous when talking to you for a few dates

  • So the first date will 100% be chaperoned by his hyungs

  • You guys would go out to an old school diner sort of thing and he’d have some money one of his hyungs slid him for the food

  • Because they’d tell him he has to pay

  • And so you would show up and he’d already have been there for at least 15 minutes

  • And there he is whispering “you can do this” and clutching a rose in his hand for you

  • So you clear your throat and he becomes red and he greets you a bit awkwardly

  • Luckily though you guys have a booth tucked into the corner or the restaurant so he sits facing the other seats while you’re only facing him

  • And that’s when he sees Hansol, Yuta, ten, and Johnny wearing terrible disguises and trying to peak over last week’s newspaper

  • And so hes even more red because his hyungs are watching

  • But you don’t find that out until one of them slips up when you first “meet” them

  • Tbh it’s probably ten

  • So after your first date you guys text nonstop since it’s a while before you can go on another date

  • Until finally you get invited to the practice room

  • And Jaemin thinks it’s a great idea to keep up with a theme so he gives a rose to you (indirectly) attached to a note a basically you go on a scavenger hunt to find him

  • And the last place is the music room

  • There’s a small vase on the piano so you put the rose in and suddenly Jaemin has your eyes covered

  • And basically you guys fool around and he plays some things on the piano for you

  • It’s a pretty chill time all in all

  • But then you guys have to leave

  • So he gets one of the guys to drive you guys to your house first so he can drop you off

  • And acting like a gentleman (like Jaehyun told him) he walks you to your door

  • And by then hes trying to remember all of the things his hyungs have told him

  • But he can’t all he can remember are movies

  • And so he just kisses you

  • Well, pecks your lips

  • And you’re both hella blushy

  • And of course Hansol is in the car so the horn is honked

  • And so Jaemin says bye awkwardly before running to his hyungs

  • And you walk in and your parents question your giddiness but you don’t tell them exactly why right away because only the two of you know about it which makes it that much sweeter

  • The rest of the dates would mostly be at the dorm or the practice room with the occasional movie, park, or café visit

  • This would mostly be because some fans aren’t accepting of idols dating and he doesn’t want you to experience any backlash

  • So you guys gotta keep it lowkey

  • But it isn’t really because you guys have two or three couple items

  • And theyre all pretty small though, because jaemin would be too shy to have them be too obvious

  • So when he gave you the first one he was all smiley, and gave a lil speech to go with it

  • And you were so touched because he put a lot of thought into it

  • Basically, dating Jaemin is a blessing okay. I was looking at pictures of him while doing this and he is literal sunshine wow. Hes a cutie and hes gonna act pretty shy and nervous until you guys are comfortable and dating him would basically be like dating a good friend who you kiss and wait ‘til he’s legal to go further with. He is sunshine, take care of him, please~

anonymous asked:

Alrighty so according to one post, Link is a trans female? Let's see articles and different proof of that shall we? Give me all and any articles or interviews, from the game devs themselves, that in any way hint to the idea Link is indeed a trans female. Unless you can find such things that clearly state so without requiring any sort of opinionated in-between-the-lines reading, then the case stands on the idea Link is indeed a cis white male, like it or not, kiddo.

imagine meeting someone you like, dating for 2 years, getting married, waiting for 2 or 3 more years, then deciding you want to have a baby. a couple months later you find out youre pregnant, and after another handful of months you have a child. youre the happiest youve ever been in your life. you work hard for years doing your best to raise your child to be a good person

and after all this time, all the labor you went through

imagine being the person who raised the child who wrote and sent this ask when your snooty white country club friend asks how your kid is doing these days

so like can we just sit for a moment and think about Harry and Ginny in a fancy restaurant for a date and Harry, being the cinnamon roll gentleman he is, tries to pull out the chair for her but he accidentally pulls the tablecloth too and everything on the table just comes tumbling down onto the ground breaking and crashing and Ginny is laughing like a maniac up until she sees the ring rolling out of the broken glass of champagne and that’s the story of how Harry proposed to Ginny and she said yes

Night In || Tinley and Jesse

It was almost as if mother nature was on her side for once with the unexpected snow and cold, making it the perfect weather to stay in and have a night for themselves. Well, as much to themselves as they could with three kids still in the house almost like ticking time bombs. At least they’d gone down without a hitch earlier, leaving Tinley time to get start getting their dinner ready. She was about half way done with cooking when she heard the elevator open up and reveal Jesse, offering him a small smile before turning back to the food that was sizzling in front of her. She placed the lid back on the pot before speaking up. “Hey you. I figured you could have the night off and I’d do the cooking for once. Maybe the kids will sleep long enough we can make a sort of date night out of this? Guess we’ll find out.” Tinley smiled at her husband once again when he came up next to her, leaning in for a kiss. “Okay, get out of here before you try to take over. I’ve got this. All the kids are asleep.” She pointed to the monitor screen on the counter, revealing all the separate cribs with the sleeping babies.


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Ruby I'm sad because I like this boy and we're sort of friends now but I'm really shy so I can't ask him out and I'm worried about making my ex feel bad when they find out I'm dating because it puts a big permanent No on us ever getting back together

you can’t let your ex dictate your future choices. and being shy is totally okay!! you can always see if your friends can help do the talking for you ❤❤ good luck!

Can’t find book spines
not worn by fingerprints.

Gilt rubbed and sloughed
off. Some words still linger.

Tales by Chaucer, maybe
Brothers Grimm or Weird.

Howling Wind could be The
Name of The or The –ow

Climbed out of by the
Hundred Year Old Man

Or, perhaps, add One to him
And we get Scheherazade.

Is Kafka on The Shore
or is he Metamorphosing?

One could be a wine-dark sea
or someone coming Hom-e

Doctor Zhivago, Faustus or Who?
Perchance a Young One’s Notebook?

Of course The could be anyone!
They’ll be our blind date tonight.

The only time-untouched spine
is the book meant to be unread

And those, my friends, are not allowed here.

Books and Vertebrae | Danny Oertel

uRemember back in season 2 when they teased us with Lance and Felicity having a sort of father/daughter relationship?

But then it sort of fizzled and we haven’t really seen it since…

Now that he’s dating her mom, can it come back?

Just picture it…

Lance dropping by to check on her to see how she is since breaking up with Oliver. Asking if she needs him to talk to Oliver, rough him up a little, because he has some experience dealing with girls who have been hurt by Oliver Queen.

Lance bringing her coffee or lunch when she’s been working at the office, because he knows that she forgets to eat when she gets busy.

Going out to dinner with Mama Smoak and Felicity.

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a demigod and his hellhound (oneshot)

Dug up an old one while putting off homework. Figured it’s about time we updated this blog. Enjoy! - Grace

It was November 23rd, about a quarter to 7. The time and the date don’t really matter, just that for some reason, Percy was aware of them both when the empousai jumped him. Usually, he forgets dates that don’t involve birthdays or national holidays. Who can be bothered? Unless a paper is due or Annabeth will get mad, he never saw much point in keeping track. On top of that, his internal clock was lagging a few hours behind after spending the weekend in California to sort something out at Camp Jupiter, so he distinctly remembers being proud of himself for glancing at his watch and finding that his guess was correct.

But that’s a lot of useless detail. What you need to know is this: Pearl River, New York, four inches of snow, and one poorly-timed stop to retie his show is ultimately what screwed him over. 

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