if we burn you queue with us


I like how Aang has learned that he can apply his airbending moves to the other elements. We’ve seen Aang use these exact moves in the past, but back then he was only limited to airbending (and later waterbending as well as airbending). 

The second gif also reminds me of the thing Katara does where she exhales and freezes something as she exhales. Aang does something similar in “Return to Omashu” which I think is a combination of airbending and waterbending

My lungs burn,
my stomach turns.
I’m thinking of you tonight
because you’re my only light
but you aren’t here for me;
you don’t care about who we used to be

You’ve thrown me away
and I hate myself to this day
for letting you make me feel this way.
Maybe, one day, I’ll be ok
for tonight I’ll cry
Because I don’t want to try
and pretend that I’m fine
or that I’ll heal with time.

Tonight, I’ll dedicate this to you
and to all of our memories too.
You’ve walked away from us
and discarded my trust.
I let you in,
let you see my sins;
let you hold me when I broke
and let you listen when I spoke
about the shit in my head
when I was hanging from a thread.

You said that you loved me
despite the fact that you could see
that I couldn’t hang on
to this life that felt so wrong…

You broke me when you said I was nothing,
when you said I didn’t matter…
I’m sorry for letting you break me
and for breaking you.

—  titled “sorry”  submission #326

the night calls to us like wolves do.

one of them says, “come a little closer, let me strip you
down, pick you clean. yes, this will hurt. are you ready?
look. this is who you are when there's nothing left of
yourself to make a cage out of.”

the other says, “come exactly as you are, as you were,
as you will be; i can wait. there is something elemental
in the heart of you that was made to burn. let me show
you what it means to strike a match in the dark. are you
ready? look. you have always been more than enough.”

they both terrify. 


fury and melancholy are like fire and ice. they exist in the same spheres; there can’t be one without the other. one would think that fire conquers all, but the coldest ends of the earth can’t be touched by the sun. fury and melancholy consume and freeze and burn, until there’s nothing left. they can’t be fought, only tamed.

fuck you.

there’s nothing any of us can do. we’re just ants with boots hovering over our heads. strange dreams. do ants dream?


it’s strange, how they can draw you in. it’s so nice, for a time. and then you come to your senses and realize: they don’t want you.

Happy First Anniversary!

Hey everyone, how are you today?  Doing good?  Well-rested?  Hydrated?  Ready for a fun little announcement?   Well hold on to your hats, because here we go!

Today is the very first birthday of incorrectknb!  We’ve been posting bad puns and sick burns of fictional characters since exactly a year ago today!  I know, it’s amazing that we actually made it this far.  This blog has honestly exceeded all of our expectations, so we’re taking the rest of the week to celebrate it and to celebrate everyone who’s helped us make this possible: all of you!

We’ll be starting with a little throwback.  For the rest of today, and going on into Thursday (and maybe even Friday), we’re going to be reblogging some of our favorite quotes from the past year between the new ones posted by the queue!  Some of them might be really popular and some of them might be ones we thought didn’t get enough appreciation the first time around, but I promise that they’re all pretty damn great.

Next, as you might have noticed, we’ve received a lot of fanart here in the past.  However (miraculously) we’ve never actually crossed the narcissistic border of making fanart for ourselves.  Well, no more!  To show our appreciation for everything you’ve all done for us, we’re finally going to make some things for you!  Dani (the main mod) will be showing off her incredibly mediocre art skills for the very first time and drawing a couple of quotes for you!  To suggest a drawing of specific quote from her directly, message her on her personal blog here.  She’ll only be doing 3 or 4 pictures (art is hard!) but suggestions are always welcome!

Meanwhile, Doc (who actually knows most of the funny tags by now) - to make up for having all the fine motor control of a raging bull - will be taking fic requests!  Message him at his inbox here (so he can actually see it) with the quote you’d like to see turned into a drabble!  He’ll pick 2 or 3 favorites and post them as he completes them on Thursday or Friday.  As a disciplinary and time saving measure, all stories will be kept to 800 words or less.

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It’s the Staff here. The whole office is going on a break for about a week or so soon, so the content of this blog might be a little bit different.

We’ve got a queue lined up for while we’re gone, but we might not get back to your burning questions and suggestions for a while! 

We’re just letting you guys know so you don’t get mad at us and quit the website. Obviously not because we care about what you think, or because we’re trying to be helpful. 


Well, off the top of my head, all I can think is….

  1. He was picking up shopping for someone else with their vouchers
  2. The money was someone else’s
  3. It’s none of your fucking business
  4. Both the cash and the voucher were his and he chose to use the vouchers for food
  5. It’s absolutely none of your fucking business
  6. Some other combination because you know nothing about his circumstances
  7. It’s. None. Of. Your. Fucking. Business.

But that’s just off the top of my head.


George Harrison showing Amiya Dasgupta the arrangement of “Within You Without You” at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, March 1967.

Photos: The Beatles Book

“George [Harrison] was there with some Indian musicians and they had a carpet on the floor and there was incense burning. George was very sweet - he’s always been very kind and sweet - and he got up and welcomed us in and offered us tea. We just sat and watched for a couple of hours. It was a fascinating, historical time.” - Peter Blake, The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions [x]

Okay people.

I literally need a new tv-show to watch. Even tho I started watching Eye Candy, but that show is just really new. So please name some awesome TV-shows, I can watch or considering watching. Already watching these shows. Or have seen the show.

The Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
Saving Hope
The Originals
Game of Thrones 
Orphan Black
Full House
Eye Candy

So please, name some great/amazing tv-shows. Make the mun happy.