if we burn you queue with us

I just found out Annie, queen of my heart and soul, has her own song. To top that off, it’s fantastic and super insightful.

And since I’m as predictable as they come, I just had to see the EreAnnie.

What is freedom and to whom does life belong to?
You don’t think about such complicated things…
You simply charge straight ahead.
And I… was a little jealous of you.

No question about it: Annie’s talking about Eren. Which means that this:

I had a dream… from within… a cold coffin…
Will there ever come a day… when I… tell you this dream?

Is aimed towards Eren, too. Because these are the only two instancess where Annie outright talks to a “you” throughout her song; so the subject must be the same.

Nice to meet you. Taken.

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It’s already my third week away from home, away from Italy. I’ve moved out as I got accepted at a University in the U.K., University of Essex to be more specific. As I wanted to get used to the place and get a job before my studies start, I moved two months earlier. Gladly my parents have an old friend who owns a couple of hotels in London and he let me a room to stay until the university accommodation halls were open to move in.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for my friend Savvas. Savvas is one of those friends you make during summer holidays as a kid that you lose contact when you are back home but then when social media happen you search their name and there they are? My dad is half Greek so we have been to Greece a lot of times for holidays. When I was eleven years old I met Savvas at the beach one day when my eighteen year old cousin completely ignored me while flirting with some guy. For the whole month I was there, all he was doing was bullying me about how horrible my greek sounded. Well okay to be fair that was not the only thing that he did. We always set a time to meet the next day at the beach, we would stay there until the sun was down or until our mums would come and kick our asses for sitting under the bright burning sun without any protection. Then I had to go back to Italy again. Three years ago I decided to look his name up on facebook and thats how it all started again. Endless conversations. He was the one who made me come to the UK. After he signed a contract with Arsenal he was forcing me to make applications for the universities there.

And here I am now. Having a part-time job, a small hotel room in north London and a great childhood friend by my side.

“I’m going to get the drinks, when you are done if I’m not here waiting for you then come and find me at the bar.” I nodded and made my way into a toilet. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for two years now. Drake’s concert.

“Yeah mum.. no mum.. yes mum.. okay mum.. I said I’m not drinking that much mum relax.. yes mum.. MUM GOODNIGHT!” I ended the call and walked closer to Savvas who was already there waiting for me with two cocktails and two guys that I’ve never seen before.

“Be more polite to your mum!”

“If you want to know she basically called you a rapist because she gave me the lecture of ‘don’t drink way to much tonight and don’t sleep at Savvas place’ so not only I defended you but you also lecture me too.” I said sarcastically as I gave him the most ironic smile ever.

“Yeah even if I was a rapist I wouldn’t have gone for you because if you will be taking as much time as you are taking in the toilet then no! I have been waiting here for like twenty minutes!” now his friends who he wasn’t polite enough to introduce me to, were barely holding their laughter.

“Sorry! My fault that there is queue in there longer that the queue to drake’s bed!”

“Whatever! Anyway. This are my friends Alex and Hector in case you don’t already know them and they invited us to their VIP box because they are all there.” I’m not sure what he meant by all but I turned around to face the two guys and gave them my hand to introduce myself.

“Elizabella.” I said and gave them a smile looking at them for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, we’ve heard a lot about you.” They both said smiled back at me.

“Well I’m not sure if it’s nice for me to meet you as if you are friends with Sav, you are just like him and that is not so nice. And please whatever he said about me, ignore it. It’s probably lies.”

“See! See! And then you ask me why I hate her!”

It has been one of the most beautiful nights I’ve had by far since I moved here. I don’t know if I’ve stopped dancing and singing with Alex at all. Basically, everyone in that VIP box was so cool and they were all party animals. They were almost all of them footballers of Arsenal but from the first team. Savvas is sometimes training with the first team so I guess that’s why he became friends with them. Sadly, the night had to come to an end there I was again in my lonely hotel room. I haven’t actually seen them again at all except from Alex and Rob who came out with Sav and me two more times.

A month passed and here we are to October where I am officially at my new room at the university halls. This weekend I’m staying over at that hotel room in London again as it’s Sav’s birthday and we are going to a greek club. I don’t really know why I agreed on that because I’m not really into greek music but yeah sometimes it’s cool. What confuses me more tho is that Alex, Hector, Rob and Carl have agreed to go to and they don’t even speak greek.

“The guys are coming, I’m going out to let them in.” Savvas shouted into my ear as he wore his jacket.

“Coming with you.” I just didn’t want to be left alone with any of his greek friends. I don’t even remember their names and most of them don’t seem to like me so staying there alone would have been more like hell to me. I grabbed his arm gently and followed him as he pushed through dancing bodies to get out of the club.

“It’s freezing how can you make it be out here with only a bra?”

“For the hundredth time, it’s not a bra! It is a bralette top !”

“Whatever! Still!”

“I would have been surprised if you weren’t fighting!” We both turned our heads and faced the guys laughing at our argument.

We had to wait again in a queue as Savvas obviously couldn’t let us in again without waiting. Hector was kind enough to pass me his jacket even if I rejected it at first. I have to admit he looks a little bit mysterious but in beautiful way. The way he looked into my eyes while placing it over my shoulders made the blood in my veins burn enough to make me warm but I didnt want to give back his jacket. The idea that it was previously touching his body and now it was covering me made me go crazy.

The whole night I’ve been dancing and drinking and dancing and drinking all over again. If I remember correctly I even got on stage when a band came on and danced along to one of my favorite greek songs. I remember savvas saying something something like “What’s left now? You are getting up there again to sing?” and that’s all I needed. I went closer to one of the securities and in a few moments, I was on stage again with a mic in my hands this time singing and not caring how many people were in there. I could spot hector in the crowd staring at me and I couldn’t break the eye contact. I loved the idea that he was all focused on me and I know he realized I stayed on stage just to give him more of me dancing and singing.

It was almost 5 am when we left the club and Alex was driving me, Savvas and hector back home as we were the last ones from the group that actually stayed until that late.

“I’m feeling like I am going to be sick.” I said and opened the car window to get some air.

“Well you should have drank less! How many drinks did you have actually? 15? 20?”

“Sav shut up seriously or I’m going to vomit on your ugly head.” Well this made this even worse. “Actually Alex please stop the car.” And with that I was out of the car nearly on my knees with hector behind me holdin my hair and rubbing my back.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I am good thanks, should have listened to my mum’s non drinking advices though.”

“You should.”

“Are you done?” Alex shouted from his seat and made us both get into the car. “You are all staying at my place, I’m too tired to drive you all at you places and for sure I am not letting this young lady over there all alone drunk in a hotel room.”

“I guess there is no space for a no as an answer here, is it?” he didn’t even bother to give me an answer so I just shut my mouth and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep because when I re-opened my eyes I was in a bed with an oversized shirt on me and Alex leaving the room.

“Alex?” he turned around and looked at me. “I think I’m going to be sick again.” And with that he walked me to his bathroom and waited until I felt better. “I really don’t think it’s safe to go back to sleep in this condition.”

“I guess. I’ll stay up with you.”

We’ve spend the rest of the night/ early morning having deep talks about anything and everything. It was around 11 when we decided to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast for everyone. Basically Alex was the one making the breakfast while I was sitting on a chair leaning my head on the kitchen counter in just the oversized shirt and hector’s jacket. I looked like a mess. My hair was a mess. My face was a mess. Everything was a mess about me.

“Morning” A really sexy male morning voice made me pick my head up from the counter and look at another mess, Hector, who was just in his boxers and his shirt from last night.

“Good morning. Um.. Im sorry for wearing you jacket again but it’s cold in here and alex wouldnt turn on the heating as he claims its not cold.”

“It’s fine don’t apologize.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and placed my head on the counter again and looked at Alex while he was fighting to cook whatever it looked like pancakes.

I’ve spend the following hour just watching alex and hector fighting about their cooking skills and actually hector lecturing alex on how he should have been cooking and correcting him on whatever move he was trying to make. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

“Ain’t no way I am eating that!” Hector said as he picked a pancake from the plate and threw it again back in. That was it. Alex picked the same pancake and shoved it into Hector’s mouth. I swear he was choking for at least ten minutes and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Then you complain about me and Sav fighting! You are worse than us!” I said between my laughers.

The rest of the day went like that. The four of us bullying each other, laughing all the time. The first one to leave was savvas as he had to meet some other friends and then there was hector.

“Wait, Hector!” I said and made a move to remove his jacket off of me but his response made me stop right there.

“Keep it, until the next time.” And before I could even reply he was already gone.

“Hey, Alex, can i ask you something?”


“Is Hector single?”

“No, he is in a relationship i think for a year now? Why?”

“N-Nothing just a-asking.”


Hope you liked it! Let me know if you want a second part and if you want let me know what you think will happen next!

Let me know as well if you liked it.

Also if you are wondering who Savvas is, his name is Savvas Mourgos and he’s playing for Arsenal. (check him out)

Counting Sheep

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Request: Imagine where you suffer from insomnia and Happy stays up with you cause he doesn’t want you to be alone.

Happy woke to the smell of bleach filling the house. He rolled over to look at your side of the bed, empty, as usual. He crunched his nose up and got out of bed, walking through the house to find you. 

He saw you in the bathroom and leant against the doorway. A small smile spread on his lips as he watched you, loose strands of hair hanging around your face, rubber gloves on, holding a sponge as you knelt on the floor scrubbing the tiles.
He cleared his throat and you looked up, wiping hair out of your face with your forearm.
You had bags under your eyes and your eyes went as bright as usual.
“Morning little girl.” His voice was low and was like music to yours ears. That was the voice you fell in love with.
“Hey Hap.” you smiled at him, still knelt on the floor.
“Did you get any sleep last night?” He asked you, concern on his face.
You sighed, letting your shoulders droop. “not even a minute.”
You dropped the sponge in the bucket and stood.
You always cleaned when you couldn’t sleep, and the past week your house had been spotless. It was hospital standard clean, and when you couldn’t find a mess you would clean it anyway.
Happy held his arms out and you walked into him, leaning your head against your old mans chest.
His rough hands moved gently through your hair, and you breathed his scent, instantly calming you.
“Im tired of counting sheep, Hap.” You whispered, tears filling your restless eyes.
Four days. it had been four days since you slept last, and even then it had been a restless night, only getting a few hours in. Your body was crashing. Your skin was drying out, your eyes, bloodshot and heavy burnt, your vision would become blurry. Your face was pale, and you yearned for a full nights sleep. Your mind would play tricks on you, making you see things that weren’t really there.
Happy wrapped his arms around you, stroking your back.
“i know baby girl.” His voice was soft, full of warmth.
He knew things were bad, but he’d never seen you go this long without sleep before.
“C’mon babe, we need to get ready. Gemma’s will be waiting for us.”
You nodded, sighing again and pulling off your rubber gloves.
Another fun-filled day at the clubhouse. You thought to yourself, rolling your eyes.You knew you were being unreasonable. You loved the life and you loved the club, but you were exhausted, and the last thing you wanted to do was hang around the noisy clubhouse, helping mama Gemma.
Pounding started in your head, as if on queue. Fucking great.

Kicking off your shoes, you stripped off your clothes and stepped into the shower, the hot water burning into your skin. You let the water wash over your face, washing away the days worries.
You held your head under the water, your head tilted back. You yearned for sleep, and every part of you hoped that tonight you would rest.
You stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around you body, steam rising from you.
You dried your body and grabbed your robe, slinging it around your shoulders loosely as you headed for your bedroom.
You stopped in the doorway, a confused look on your face.
Happy sat on his side of the bed, four red bulls beside him, a pack of cigarettes, and lots of candy.
“Whatcha doing Hap?” You asked, leaning against the door with an eye brow raised.
He looked at you and stood, a calm expression on his handsome face.
His hands reached out and you stepped into them, his hands wrapped around your waist and you draped your arms around his neck.
You tilted your head to the side as you looked into his dark eyes.
“If you cant sleep, neither will I.”
“Happy.” you shook your head.”Dont be silly. You need your sleep, baby. Don’t worry about me.”
He raised an eyebrow at you and narrowed his eyes as he stared into your soul.
“Dont worry? Your all i worry about, (y/n). I will stay up with you, no arguing.”
You looked up at him and nodded your head slowly.
“Thankyou, Happy.”
He pressed his lips to your forehead, before grabbing your hand and leading you to the bed.

You sat and watched him, as he sat too, his back leant against the headboard and he had one foot folded under his leg.
He saw you watching him and lifted his arm. You took the hint and leant your head against his chest.
“So my little possum, what do you do all night?” He smiled down at you.
“just.. think.” You said. “i dunno Hap, my mind just goes into overdrive.”
He nodded slowly and took sip of his redbull.
“Will it help if i tell you a story?” He asked. He always found a way to surprise you. Who would have thought that the Tacoma Killer could be so sweet, so gentle, so caring.
“You gonna read me a fairytale, Killer?’ You smirked up at him, your eyes playful.
He chuckled, his body shaking gently against you.
“Have i ever told you about how i became a Son?” Happy asked.
“No.” you said and shifted your body, resting your head in his lap.
His hands ran through your hair gently.
Happy began to tell you his story. The sound of his voice was gentle, raspy, music to your ears.
You found yourself being hypnotised by him, your old man wasn’t really a talker, but when he did speak for a long time you would soak in the sweet sound.
Happy stroked your hair gently as you talked, your eyes flicking closed.
He spoke for awhile, and when he stopped, he looked down at you with a smile on his face, looking at your face as you slept like a baby.

The smell of coffee filled the house and your eyes flicked open. You noticed the empty spot next to you in bed.
You hopped out, grabbing your robe and wrapping it around you.
Walking into the kitchen you saw Happy with a mug infant of him, sitting at the table with a joint.
“Hey baby.” You said quietly, as you walked towards him and draped your arm around his shoulder.
“Hey sleepyhead.” He smiled at you, as you yawned sleepily.
“Your up early.” You told him as you sank into the seat next to him.
“I didn’t sleep, those damned energy drinks kept me up all night.” He growled.
You laughed and looked at your old man. He had stayed up all night, stroking your hair as you slept, listening to the sound of your breathing.
“You sleep okay?” He asked you, his dark eyes flicking to your face.
You nodded, smiling at him. “Thankyou, Happy.”
“Anytime, little girl.”

Hello @blue-fox-of-eternity,

I’m assuming you are new to our blog/tumblr or don’t use the audio function often so let me explain:

1. We can only post max. 6 songs per day. You send us around 15 songs per request, and two or three requests at the same time. I’ll do all of them eventually but you’re being very impatient.

2. We queue our song posts. A song’ll appear every few hours throughout the day, your requests included. The reason we do this is to not clog people’s dashboards, and our old-time followers are okay with it. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet so please don’t act like the world is burning down. 

3. This blog is VOCALOID/UTAU only. Most of the songs you requested are either already posted or not related to VOCALOID (anime songs and utaite covers). We can’t do requests like those.

4. There is only 1 active admin ATM. And I have a life outside of tumblr. A busy one. I’m not your slave so that you can nag me every hour. Our followers can wait so I believe you can, too.

You’re being immature and uncivil here. It’s your rights to post your favorite songs any time you like on your personal blog; we’re not authorizing VOCALOID songs on tumblr. If you dislike our blog then feel free to unfollow.

It’s one thing you insult me, but I ask you to never touch our followers. They have nothing to do with this.

Hope this clears our misunderstandings. It’s honestly very distasteful and sad seeing these first thing in the morning.


So we lose something important. So we forget about it altogether until your he or she asks:

“What happened to us?”

I’ll tell you what happened. We never got a chance to grow without one another. So we did the opposite of growth, we decay. I’ll tell you what happened. I changed first. My hands stopped reaching out for yours one of those casual boring days– I got comfortable. I thought you to be forever. In some way, you’ll always be timeless to me. In some way, we’ll always be together. I’ll tell you what happened next. You did. You happened. All of my empty threats to leave you, they finally broke you. So you found comfort among strangers. I don’t blame you. I never did. I would’ve left me too. I’ll tell you what happened last. I know why you did it. All of my new friends are strangers. I get it now. Strangers are like one night stands, except you don’t have sex with them. You tell them your story. You see, my story about you is way different than your story about me. When strangers ask me why I write so magnifyingly– why I snipe their hearts, why this magical carpet just won’t quit– I always tell them about you. You placed a passion so deep into my soul that I’ve burned my way through hell just to see if you’d return. You want to know what really happened between us? The truth is:

“We happened to us.”

Day 7!

Here we are, day 7! Ahh, welcome to the final day. It’s been one hell of a week for both you guys, and us mods! What a ride~

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Terrible Victory

I’m not quite sure that this falls into this category (or if I’ve shared it here before), but I felt I would share it here anyway.

One time, I purchased a couple of old, beat-up Altman 6” fresnels and used them in a show. On strike, there was a small birthday party that I decided to go to. Well, one of my friends brought a frozen cherry pie.

Now, for quite some time, these friends of mine and I had a discussion going as to if one could cook a pie using fresnels. We all thought that it could be done.

Looking at the instructions on the back of the box, we decided to cook it for the recommended time: 2 hours. We removed the clamp from one fresnel and used the yoke to stand it up on the linoleum kitchen floor and placed another directly above on a sidearm carefully held by sheets on top of bar stools. And then we placed the pie between the fresnels on a cookie sheet.

Diligently, we watched as the pie cooked. The two hours passed, but we decided that the pie did not meet the other requirement listed on the box: “Bubbling and golden brown.” Keeping an eye on it, we let it keep cooking.

Another hour passed and it was starting to bubble, but just barely. We debated taking it off and trying it, but something held us back. After the fourth hour, we unplugged the fresnels.

After waiting for a few minutes to let cool, we ate it straight from the pie tin. The bottom was burned, and the top was under-cooked. But it tasted like victory. It tasted like terrible, terrible victory. 

*Submitted by goatblr 

So I am here to say that, yes, you can cook a pie using fresnels as the heat source. You, too, can taste that terrible, terrible victory.

Happy First Anniversary!

Hey everyone, how are you today?  Doing good?  Well-rested?  Hydrated?  Ready for a fun little announcement?   Well hold on to your hats, because here we go!

Today is the very first birthday of incorrectknb!  We’ve been posting bad puns and sick burns of fictional characters since exactly a year ago today!  I know, it’s amazing that we actually made it this far.  This blog has honestly exceeded all of our expectations, so we’re taking the rest of the week to celebrate it and to celebrate everyone who’s helped us make this possible: all of you!

We’ll be starting with a little throwback.  For the rest of today, and going on into Thursday (and maybe even Friday), we’re going to be reblogging some of our favorite quotes from the past year between the new ones posted by the queue!  Some of them might be really popular and some of them might be ones we thought didn’t get enough appreciation the first time around, but I promise that they’re all pretty damn great.

Next, as you might have noticed, we’ve received a lot of fanart here in the past.  However (miraculously) we’ve never actually crossed the narcissistic border of making fanart for ourselves.  Well, no more!  To show our appreciation for everything you’ve all done for us, we’re finally going to make some things for you!  Dani (the main mod) will be showing off her incredibly mediocre art skills for the very first time and drawing a couple of quotes for you!  To suggest a drawing of specific quote from her directly, message her on her personal blog here.  She’ll only be doing 3 or 4 pictures (art is hard!) but suggestions are always welcome!

Meanwhile, Doc (who actually knows most of the funny tags by now) - to make up for having all the fine motor control of a raging bull - will be taking fic requests!  Message him at his inbox here (so he can actually see it) with the quote you’d like to see turned into a drabble!  He’ll pick 2 or 3 favorites and post them as he completes them on Thursday or Friday.  As a disciplinary and time saving measure, all stories will be kept to 800 words or less.

Finally, you!  Everyone who’s ever followed us or submitted quotes!  We’re going to post a great big proper THANK YOU post this weekend, but to tide you over until then: Thank you all so much for supporting us and helping this blog get where it is today!  As mods, we really don’t do much because of all the hard work you guys put in by finding quotes and making fanart and generally being amazing to us!  Our experiences in this fandom have been so great and we can directly pin that on the quality of the fans, so thank you!


It’s the Staff here. The whole office is going on a break for about a week or so soon, so the content of this blog might be a little bit different.

We’ve got a queue lined up for while we’re gone, but we might not get back to your burning questions and suggestions for a while! 

We’re just letting you guys know so you don’t get mad at us and quit the website. Obviously not because we care about what you think, or because we’re trying to be helpful. 


Tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow is a big day
Tomorrow we decide the course of our country.
You see, in my country we live in socialism. For many of you this would sound great and amazing. You could believe we live in equality and everyone is happy.
But the truth is that we are dying: there’s not food, there’s not medicine, there’s not security.

We are getting killed off, there’s people dying of cancer, SIDA,hemophilia. Others die on the street, others in long queues for food and other basic product.

Childrens are dying because there’s not meds. You sick, you go to the hospital but you have to buy everything…if you find it.

My skin is burned because I made a que in the sun by 8 hours just to buy rice and butter because there’s was nothing else.
And the government, our socialist government,dont give a shit.

Tomorrow we have election, the parliament elections and if the opposition wins we may have a chance to change our situation. If the government win we are fucked.

If you pray, pray for us, just this one day. We just need a day. If you don’t  please send all the good wishes that you want and hope for the best.