if we all gave up when things were hard in the beginning


Jim felt the breath leave his body as he was thrown into the cell, hitting the hard ground painfully. He coughed as some of the dirt flew up into his mouth and nose, and then rolled onto his back with a groan and a grimace. He blinked his eyes,trying to rid himself of the stars before them, but was disappointed when he saw that wherever he was, wasn’t very bright to begin with. Then again that would come in handy when his migraine eventually starts.

It had started as a normal docking. The Enterprise was docking for fuel, and he gave his crew permission to take a short shore leave to allow the gravity to reset their space legs. He had been with Spock and Bones when they were ambushed. He had been hit hard,and then the next thing he knew, he was being thrown in this cell. He was thankful he couldn’t hear Bones…that meant the man hadn’t been taken. Which stands to reason that Spock hadn’t been taken either.

He pushed himself up to a sitting position and moved back to leave against the bars. Four walls of bars surrounded him, and he leaned against bars into another cage, not seeing anyone inside. He faced the bars he had come through, waiting to see if he would get a glimpse of his captors. He was sure his ship was already working on a plan to come save him, he only hoped no one would be hurt in the process.