if ur feeling down

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I want u to know, that it deosn't matter, how ur hair looks like, u r still awesome person, and I still adore u. U helped me a lot with my self confidence, I decided to cut my hair really short and I wanna make them silver too. Don't listen to bad words, even if it hurts, 'coz in the end of the day, it doesn't matter, 'coz u like it, ur girlfriend likes it, ur friends like it. Nothing can pull u down if u feel confident about something. Also, here, u r always loved. Always. Keep rocking girl ily

even my mom likes it by now haha! but thank you so much, i appreciate it♥

if ur feeling down:

• take a break from what ur doing n think abt what it is that’s making u sad, don’t focus on it for too long but focus on it long enough so u know where the root of ur feelings comes from

• tell someone u trust abt how ur feeling - often the feeling can become overwhelming or troublesome if u keep it to urself

• cuddle or play with ur pets because they are litol rays of sunshine n will make u feel 1000000x better

• listen to ur fav music OR make a calming playlist to help relax ur mind n ur body

• go for a walk in a scenic location where u can appreciate the true beauty of nature n shed any negative energy from ur body and mind

• be spontaneous !! go out n try something new 2 lift ur spirits - i’ve made some of my best memories by just acting on impulse

• make a list of goals for urself (they can be realistic or not, it doesn’t matter !!) n think abt how u can achieve them, don’t let anyone or anything interrupt u, focus on what u want 2 do for a while

• hug someone or something - a family member, a pet, ur fav cuddly toy - it’s an easy way 2 express ur emotions without having 2 say a word

• let some natural light into the space ur in - watch how it floods into the room n take note of all the litol details: how the light moves, the shadows it makes - this will immediately draw ur attention away from any negative thoughts

• take a mental vacation - daydream n let ur mind wander for a while. if u catch the negative thoughts coming back, take a minute to remind urself that these things take time, u can and will get there n u will come out a lot stronger than u were before

me when i feel down: maybe posting art online isn’t worth it

a small part of me: hey remember those times the artists you admire told u they liked ur art

me suddenly feeling less down: maybe posting art online is entirely worth it

bat emoji review

a serious boy, he’s out sniffing for buggies. a hard worker and overall alright 

theyre coming right for you! looks scary but actually wants to give you a hug. please let them hug you or they will be the one needing a hug

artsy kiddo!! very creative, will help you with anything you need, be careful tho because he’s a little sneaky

now you may not know but this isnt actually a bat! instead this is a little chocolate treat! a gift for you from all the bats

a very small and sweet bat!! she wants to be your friend very badly! she’s a little clumsy but her heart is very big!!!! i love her

seems cold and scary but is actually just shy! they stare at you from across the room not because they hate you but because they think ur too cool!


look at this mischievous dude!!!! what a fun guy!!!! will make you laugh when ur feeling down he just wants to have fun all day

oh my gosh…. look at them…. very soft…. fashionable…. an idol….. too good

Overall these bats are all: 10/10

what can i do if ive lost my motivation to learn a language?

u may come to a point in ur language learning journey where u struggle to find motivation to study or find it difficult to dedicate enough time to using ur target language. while this is not exactly avoidable, there are a few things u can do to help combat boredom and get u back on track to achieving ur goals (◕ᴗ◕✿)

✿  take a little break. dont force urself to do something thats making u upset or bored. allow ur interest in the language to slowly redevelop, remember language learning should be something u enjoy, not a horrible chore
✿  write down a list of all the reasons ure learning the language and why u want to be able use it to look at when ure feeling down
✿  listen to music watch tv and talk to people in the language instead of just learning it out of a book so that ure constantly encouraged to use what uve learnt and pick up on new things naturally
✿  changing ur computer/phone language also helps u surround urself with the language to learn new vocab and reminds u that u can already use it even if ure not “fluent” yet
✿  use all ur time!! revise by going through flashcards or using duolingo or just listening to a song or reading a couple of sentences in a book whenever u get a spare minute waiting in line or on a train to make the most of this “wasted time”
✿  make language learning the last thing u do before u go to bed (reading a book or listening to some calming music works the best, try to stay away from ur phone/computer screen!!) - sleep is really important and if u dont get enough it is hard to remember new information and concentrate
✿  if u have a school project to do or u just need to quickly google something to find some information, do it in ur target language!
  accept criticism and corrections optimistically - someone who offers u advice is trying to help u, not insult u or make u feel bad because u accidentally got something wrong
✿  dont be afraid to celebrate ur achievements!! even if its just correctly remembering the gender of a word or getting a sentence right or pronouncing something correctly or something, be positive!
✿  have fun! change ur routine regularly to keep things fresh and interesting, and remember to read over ur list!

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if u ever feel down about playing ur instrument and don't think u have any talent just remember ur making an inanimate object sing and thats beautiful

damn right


Oh my god… where do i even start

An actual puppy~~

He makes me go weak…

cute as f here oh my god

 —- Then his BLONDE hair during his Nu’Bility days. I repeat BLONDE

such beauty…

such grace.. XD

Changkyun in glasses… *insert crying noises*

gosh, i spent a good hour looking at his old photos. What am i doing with my life. 


u ever have a mental breakdown about a tiny stupid thing but it feels like ur whole world is crashing down and then later u look back on it and ur like what the actual fuck that was dumb

shoutout to people who aint fast !!! physically, mentally, what the fuck ever, lets hear it for people who just are Not fast at fucken all !!!!

if you:

  • move slowly
  • need a lot of time to process
  • cant respond quickly
  • walk slow
  • take a long time to get tasks done 
  • always fall behind when with others
  • cant run
  • need time to think before talking
  • cant keep up physical activity
  • have slow reflexes
  • need help getting around
  • take a while to understand stuff
  • cant seem to keep up with whats going on
  • etc

u deserve respect & understanding & i know people give us a lot of shit for not keeping up & its easy to feel down about it but ur doing what ur capable of & that deserves to be recognized !!!!!!!!!!! 

when u have to pee then u go pee and ur sittin back down at ur computer after like man feels good to not have to pee am i right gamers


Being small {and chubby, your choice}. You just so happen to be friends with the squad and unfortunately…  {part two}

Digger Harkness: 

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  • UGH
  • JUST UGH??? 
  • He’s tHE WORST
  • okay so this dude teases u a lot
  • obviously lmao??
  • he randomly likes to put his elbow on ur head
  • just to get on ur nerves
  • hecc sometimes he’ll probably even pick u up or smth
  • probably make some stupid excuse like
  • “i was jus’ helpin’ ya, that punch woulda hurt.”
  • “my punch is gonna hurt”
  • “haha, cute. can ya reach me?”

Tatsu Yamashiro: 

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  • okay she’s the most understanding one
  • as far as i know, she’s the smallest gal in the squad
  • 5′5″ {thanks harley}
  • so she knows how it feels to look down upon
  • if ur shorter than her then 
  • it’s kind of hard for her to take u seriously 
  • she barely even pays attention to ur height tho
  • “more important things to think of”
  • mm
  • sometimes if ur in danger ur all she can think abt
  • ………………………………….
  • i’ll go home

Enchantress/June Moone: 

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  • if ur shorter than her june will definitely tease u
  • i mean she HAS to
  • she insists anyway
  • she’ll rest her chin on ur head
  • most of the time, she’ll be the big spoon
  • bc if u are its awkward trying to wrap ur legs around her
  • actually really likes how tiny u are
  • she likes to feel tall, the one on the higher ground
  • the one with power
  • she doesn’t tease u at all abt it
  • she barely acknowledges it 
  • c’mon she barely gives u any nicknames 
  • {which are mostly just “pet” btw}
  • if you REALLY convince her maybe she’ll
  • pet ur head or smth

Rick Flag: 

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  • he privately teases u
  • he’s definitely the big spoon,, lol
  • he likes to rest a chin on ur head
  • or maybe just pet u
  • altho if he does its mostly rubbing of the cheeks
  • he can’t exactly tease u anywhere else
  • gotta keep up that rep my man
  • as,,,
  • a mom
  • lololol
  • nah jk
  • but anyway, he really likes how smol u are
  • besides sometimes when he tries to reach for ur hand
  • he misses 
  • bc ur sHORT
  • so yeah there’s that
  • that’s why u do the hand-holding first
  • bc he most of the time can’t reach u
  • fella has bad aim apparently

finally, right? lol

i spent 5 mins trying to write a post about how things work out eventually but all i want to say is that i think i have my shit together now somehow and also i got a raise so