if u see this tho u should be my friend

neomints replied to your post “{I should just delete, bc, I barely draw anything, I have tons of…”

aww friend, i mean i love ur blog a Ton but if thats rlly what u want,, I’d say make a like,, archive for the blog so u at least get to see it later on u kno? I personally would still lov to see ur around tho so,,

{ @neomints
gosh, sorry I just saw this, I stayed off this blog for a while bc I had my monthly mental breakdown /tm pending/ when I wrote that. 

I’m trying to not delete it! Whenever I feel like I should, I just take a break from it for a while and it usually helps a lot to relieve some stress. }

heyooooo!!! psa ur girl (me) is gonna be getting outlast 2 as soon as i possibly can 2nite and my blog won’t be spoiler free. i’ll be posting most of my personal screenshots/reactions on @crawlaggar so u probably won’t see much of that here but i will be reblogging stuff etc. i will tag everything as outlast 2 spoilers for everyone who wants to avoid that tho!!! mutuals lmk if u have it blacklisted some other way and i’ll be happy to accommodate. although i think i only have like 1 outlast mutual (we should be friends but i don’t kno how to initiate conversations lmao hi tho) so nonmutuals also lmk if u have spoilers blacklisted a different way. (also that goes for any kind of tags rly lmk if u need something tagged im kinda bad at remembering to always do that unless it’s rly obvious or someone has asked me so don’t be afraid to ask) anyway this post has gotten real rambly sorry!! but yeah that’s the long and short of it!!!


Felicity Smoak + looking at Oliver Queen

Title: Chill, Phil/Phil from Tesco

Rating: NC-16 bc phil gets really thirsty

Warnings: i feel like there should be but idk omg there are homophobic slurs tho

Genre: crack af, fluff, kind of sexual????

Pairing/s: Phan

Characters: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, TomSka, Carrie Hope Fletcher

Summary: “Did you see that awesome car outside the back door?”

A/N: inspired by a prompt on phanfic. screenshot above, link to actual prompt here

A/N 2: s/o to my friend “aiden” (name changed to protect identity) and my phil shaeglossybutt u fuckers i morphed u two to make the ultimate twink


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