if u see this tho u should be my friend

idk how long ive had this url but the last follow forever i made was when i hit 600 and i just looked at it and oof ive lost some ppl but ive gained a lot of new friends too!!!! i love all of u guys so much even if were not mutuals, this is mostly for mutuals that ive intereacted in some form with or see alot on my dash!!!! if i know u from discord im sorry that i didnt add u im bad at remembering ppls urls

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How to :3 ? Like HOOOW u can make a skeleton dis cute?




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Uhm, I dunno why exactly I'm writing this (probably bc I'm a attention bitch) but I hate myself. So much that I think that I don't deserve anything: my friends, my family, all that pricey art stuff my parents buy for me and even food. Why should all that good stuff go to waste to a lousy shit like me. Your art makes me kinda feel better tho, so I thought would've liked to know. Thanks for existing ❤️

i’m sorry u feel that way about urself :,,( i can understand that struggle but i hope one day ull see urself for he beautiful and loving person you are!u deserve kindness and warmth in ur life i’m happy my art can make u happy (*´꒳`*)

i got tagged by @toxic-suga thank you so much!!!

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A: Age - 19

B: Birthplace - Germany

C: Current time - 5:56pm

D: Drink you had last - green tea

E: Easiest person to talk to - my two best friends who don’t have a tumblr 

F: Favorite song - bOI!!! i have too maNY!!! 

G: Grossest memory - probably when my friend broke their leg and u could see the bone nOPE

H: Hogwarts house - slytherin

I: In love - nah, i do love yoongi tho

J: Jealous of people - i’m jealous of people who know what they wanna do with their life and also talented people like??? how (i appreciate and love u all)

K: Killed someone - don’t think so

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - i don’t really care much for love tbh

M: Middle name - vincent (i think my parents knew that i would fall in love with van gogh)

N: Number of Siblings - an older brother

O: One wish - to not have to worry about the future

P: Person you called last - my brother

Q: Question you’re always asked - what colour? (i have synesthesia)

R: Reasons to smile - BTS (also my dog)

S: Song you sang last - crazy in love by beyoncé bc it just played on the radio

T: Time you woke up - 6am

U: Underwear color - grey 

V: Vacation Destination - south america (but next up is berlin lmao)

W: Worst habit - i don’t care about stuff i shoULD probably care about

Y: Your favorite food - anything with cheese

Z: Zodiac sign - aries

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Felicity Smoak + looking at Oliver Queen

Title: Chill, Phil/Phil from Tesco

Rating: NC-16 bc phil gets really thirsty

Warnings: i feel like there should be but idk omg there are homophobic slurs tho

Genre: crack af, fluff, kind of sexual????

Pairing/s: Phan

Characters: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, TomSka, Carrie Hope Fletcher

Summary: “Did you see that awesome car outside the back door?”

A/N: inspired by a prompt on phanfic. screenshot above, link to actual prompt here

A/N 2: s/o to my friend “aiden” (name changed to protect identity) and my phil shaeglossybutt u fuckers i morphed u two to make the ultimate twink


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