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I looked so good today someone wife me up

mini blogrates!

hello!! i’m currently trapped at my dads work and have nothing to do, so i thought i would do blogrates! (this may turn out horrible idk)


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anonymous asked:

I still love/miss my ex. It's been months and he has a girlfriend now but I feel like I can't move on

cut off things with him!! if u guys r still talking try to spend some time away from him and see if that helps at all. focus on urself for some time and try to see that u can be happy without him!! spend lots of time with ur friends and make new memories to replace the old ones. and just remember that he’s not the one for u and that u can find someone better for u u know? i know moving on is hard but rly just give it time and be patient with urself and just keep trying and one day i promise it won’t be so hard anymore

transpb  asked:

OK IM 3 DAYS LATE TO THIS BUT im bad at tumblr. ur art trademark is every time flo sees even one line u drew she has to stop and cry for half an hour at least

transpb said:ur art trademark is a warmth and authenticity that you display in conversation but expressed through lines, colours, and shades

transpb said:ur art trademark is an optimistic and soft re-imagining of subject material resulting in pieces that prompt incredible emotional responses in me

transpb said:ur art trademark is making me cry but also making me feel safe in the same piece!

agjksdkfghskdlfg im at a loss for words flo i would die for you i love you sm thank u !!! ;o;;!

i was finally tagged in the selfie bias tag thing thats been going around by the lovely @ksooup !!! tysm 💖💖 

i honestly look so horrible next to an actual god among men (and tbh this wasnt exactly the best selfie) 

im tagging @jayonthestreets @ohspiritwhattup @bbsn8 @keptking @curlypcy @suugas @lovejohnnyseomuch @awkwardnamjoon @fairyprincerenjun @ilysmjeno 

anonymous asked:

Ok like I understand where you're coming from and all but I'm worried you're coming off a bit like "u have to read the book or u can't enjoy the movie" because like. That book is long, incredibly long, and not everybody is going to want to read it. I loved the book, and I think if u can u should read it but there's nothing wrong with ppl wanting to see a movie w/o reading the book, even if the only reason they know about it is cuz of Finn. There's no "right way" to be a fan or enjoy something

i get this, but as someone who has analyzed this book on a college level, you really need to read it in order to appreciate it at what its supposed to be. it is a fantastically intricate and microscopically detailed book, and if you dont read the book, you seriously are devaluing your experience of this film. this book is a social commentary, a compelling story, and the only way to truly get these kids. the losers are so well developed that i seriously couldnt believe that they were just characters. a movie cant do that- not even a TV show can do that as well as a good novel can.

this book is also by stephen king, one of the most prolific and incredible horror writers out there. youre depriving yourself by not reading his books. his writing is so individual and moving that no visual story could measure up to it. you like finn? okay, thats cool, but youre not seeing FINN. youre seeing richie tozier. this isnt 2 Hours Of Finn Wolfhard: The Movie, this is an adaptation of a lowkey revolutionary horror book.

if youre seeing it for finn, i can assume you have eyes only for finn, and thats no way to enjoy this movie. finn is just 1/7 of the main cast. ONE SEVENTH. if youre only paying attention to finn, youre only getting a fraction of the amazing cast of kids and almost none of the story.

im not saying you cant or shouldnt see it if youre a finn stan, but unless you want to devalue your experience, please: read it by stephen king.


i was tagged by @isakvalty and @hemrikholm (thank u ilu💖) to post my home/lock screen, last song n last selfie. so. here they are.

i tag @henrie-and-louie @harry-es @larryboner @notheartbroken2k17 @preciousharry @calmfairy @dagfordag @assassinshaw @smolsonisak n as always don’t feel pressured to do it n sorry if u already have but i love u so 💕✨💕✨ also if u see this n wanna do it; ur officially tagged. go ahead :’)

cripplingdepressioninhumanform  asked:

I see you moved on pretty quick 😔. That's okay, most people do. I wish you and your new wife nothing but love and happiness. I'll miss you 💔

maybe you shouldn’t have divorced me so you could be with my mortal enemy. I begged u to take me back and you wouldn’t do it cause you had jacksfilms. i hope you, him, and ur son m.m. big boy are happy…withoUT ME

anonymous asked:

Hi. I heard that there's a fan went to a BTS's handshake and she asked Jungkook to choose between Taehyung and Jimin, but unfortunately he choosed Taehyung, +she asked Taehyung the same question and he choosed Jungkook. So as a Jikook shipper that hurts a lot, can u prove otherwise? Cause lately i see a lof of vkook moments and that makes me answer myself "is jikool real or a fanservice?" I need somthing to cheer me up and prove otherwise, that jikook is fcking real. Ik it's alot,but thank u💗

if im being honest with you dear, i have never really heard about that. sorry love, but i can tell you one thing.
jikook is not fanservice. im usually not the one to actually give a fuck if her ship is just fanservice but jikook they are more then that.
JK loves JM so much, JM LOVES JK so much.
at the end of the day we dont really know if they are dating or not, but isnt them actually caring about each other is enough?
(just watch kookmin world on Youtube, she will bring you your hope for jikook really fast)

anonymous asked:

im getting v stressed as of late, and since u love woof woof, i assume u have a great list of song recs to make me feel not so dead and want to continue trying my best :')

“since u love woof woof” leave my house immediately

now that my preferences are clear - I don’t know if you got to see it, but I made a compilation of shinee songs to ease/soothe you (that I planned on releasing as an actual playlist before 8tracks went to hell) and it helps me a lot when I’m having a hard time, you might want to check it out. ♥

I also rec’ed some cheer-up music here! there’s a lot of songs I can’t recall since I listen to the same five all day so I’m. really terrible at recommending stuff I’m sorry - I guess these are some that help me get going, too? (that’s basically oor’s discography but shh)

I hope the stressful days will pass quickly and you’ll feel better soon, love! ♡♡

anonymous asked:

summer ur snap needs a disclaimer like "please follow my snap i post a lot of stories there, but only do it if u cool with seeing me cry about bands youve never heard of" that being said im totally cool with it and love ur snap you have shown me so much cool new music and i hope you get front row for radiohead write me back next week what thom yorke's back sweat tastes like when it splashes the front row luv u pal

omfg this is so nice i love this!


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