if u like it then u betta

Guys I see some of u that are like getting caught and STAYING until the cops arrive like ???? STORE EMPLOYEES ARE NOT POLICE!!! THEY CANT HOLD U! U BETTA RUN HOE!!!! 🏃🏃🏃🏍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


i finally got my boy into his new tank !!! the first thing he did was go to his favourite leaves :’))) i also got a water heater in case it gets too cold (FINALLY but i don’t think it will bc it’s literally so hot in my house and the thermometer says it’s fine) also i know the water is kinda cloudy but i didn’t know what to do since i ran the filter for 24hrs before putting him in like the instruction manual said but it still hasn’t gone away so im ????? confusion ??? does anyone know how to fix this?? anyways he seems pretty happy and he has more space than he did in the bowl and im really happy

recap of today’s episode: 

  • Karen as a host for the entire bbcan5 comps; because she’s amazing af
  • Gary forever killing me with his makeup skills and abilities to snatch a bitch up
  • Ika, Sindy, Neda, and Cass for being messy bitches who need to fucking work together 
    • Also lol I want a piece on them just chilling in that have not room and not in Demetres’s room
  • Dillion and Dallas, trash that needs to be collected and removed from bbcan5
  • Jackie is a mess
  • Emily, or Emma needs to step up and play more
  • Kevin and Willy need to stop being cute, and Kevin u betta not queer bait him
  • Dre girl, I see u mamacita; fucking wreck it and stay slaying
  • Demetres u aight, surpisngly
  • i feel like a missed someone, oh bruno, or was it juno or puno i dunno

angelfireeast  asked:

Do you ever think CS could be Savitar? The armor makes it impossible to tell if it's a man or woman under there. Savitar said he/she created themselves & there is a blue glow like v9 drug speed. CS could somehow mess around trying to fix her meta problem & become a speeders. She made v9 before. They both have a heck a lot of jealous over Barry/Iris & blame all their problems on Barry. Telling Iris sorry u have to die but I it's u you me. The inside knowledge on Reverb/FP.

Weirdly I thought I answered this but I was on mobile and that bitch is fickle, so I’m sorry this is late. 

Anyway, I personally don’t think it’s Cait. I mean they’re putting a lot of emphasis on her being Killer Frost I couldn’t see them making her into an entirely different dreaded villain. 

can’t think straight; for the days when you ask a girl out and she thinks it’s in a friendly way - it was in a 200% gay way

take me to church // rebecca shearing ♥ all the things she said // t.a.t.u  ♥ i do adore // mindygledhill ♥ reflection // fifth harmony ♥ riptide // vance joy ♥ love love love // of monsters and men ♥ accidentaly in love // mia wray ♥ whatever you like // anya marina ♥ coeur de pirate // wicked games ♥ fuck u betta // neon hitch ♥ she’s so high // tal bachman ♥ she likes girls // metro station

Line of Fire by Ego

Won’t single u out ima umbrella u niggas
Such a bad boss bitch watch me good fellas these niggas
Yeah that means I run it that’s what the fuck I been telling u niggas
Bullshit I ain buying u can keep selling it niggas
They don’t get the big picture so ima develop these niggas
Came through civil but ima real bitch..yeah Shepard
When them thangs get drawn..big spots ..yeah leopard
Fuck a wife who the fuxk I look like..no Stepford
Queen run this game ..squares get bagged ..no checkers
He wanna play wit me betta have hang like a neckless
West Coast wetness ..so fuckn reckless
Pussy niggas get none .. So virgin
Yeah sexless
Yeah no pussy..yeah bruh left pet less
Never been one to pretend huh and trust I ain gone stress
Not starting now
Tell these niggas to wise up
Do something…my nigga buy a vowel
If fuck was cloth trust me I wouldn’t give a stitch
So sick of these niggas on that needy shit
Fuck ya feelinz .. I thought I was the one bleedn bitch
And please don’t run ya mouth like a snitch
Can’t stand a mouthy nigga..boo this ain the view
I run this damn thang like a boss bitch do
An if u in my line of fire ima run u too