if u kno wat i mean ;)

  • Me 10 years ago: I never use online abbreviations! standard english all the time!
  • Me a couple of years ago: u kno wat fuck it
  • Me now: it is impossible to communicate effectively online without using internet slang due to the mixed mode format and lack of paralinguistic features. Things like lack of punctuation, abbreviations, acronyms and such all have their own connotations and communicate far more than their commonly accepted meaning. Linguistics has evolved. n u kno what i love it
  • Nier Automata tags before the release: Ass, ass, ass ass ass ass ass ass ass assassassassassassassassassassass hype.
  • Nier Automata tags after release: 10/10, LEGS, Kill me now, depression, why is everything worthless, 9S is precious resource who needs his own protection agency, everything besides 2B and 9S is a gay, B E C O M E A S G O D S, robot orgy, the elevators tho???, I wanna eat Adam's apple if u kno wat I mean •w•, Eve is smol cinnamon roll, 9S in lingerie still isn't more popular, everything is profound, Jackass is my Waifu, ass, Hackerman, Pods are true mvp, thicc, 6O just needs a hug???, I JUST WANT TO PROTECT 9S OKAY, list of people who need protection: everyone, W A S T H A T N O C T I S, I wish this game really was about hot anime girls with swords and not about mind-numbing depression, 2B9S is literally the only otp fight me on this, Take my save data, FRIENDSHIP MOTHERFUCKER, so that's the happy ending r i g h t, I need a hug, baths ARE nice; I'm gonna take one right now.
  • Most important tag: why is it all lewd

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anon is off no one is safe

ur dorn right and u kno wat? …. positive affect on my life

drastically reduced the number of ppl who feel confident enough 2 say rude things at me by forcing them to confront the words comin out of their own mouth instead of a fake gray intangible concept

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Do u have any other good fic recommendations??? (Also I agree w the Mina hate fuck that bitch)

 anterograde tomorrow
 office antics
 demon tamer
on the booze with brahms (im still in awe of how they well they wrote baeks character like…u gtta read it to kno wat i mean) 

i give up (my fave baekhyun fic of all time), daisy, the boxer, 2am (im currently reading this its so good) all by @soobadnoonecanstopher

this one club fic it was so nasty GOD i was like :o

lost in translation (this one is SO GUD PLS ITS OC X OT9)

guilty (this one rlly hurt my fucking feelings!)

omg theres so many ive read but theyre so deep in my likes 🤢🤢🤢


Guys…It’s been 3 days since i’ve been noticed more…and in those three days we hit more than 100 followers!!! OoO

You have NO idea how much it means to me :DD i mean… 100 IN 3 DAYS!!!

yes, yes, u may say “Noodle, mah pup…thas not much” 


and u kno wat?

i’m not leaving it like this! :D

imma make u a present art :D

u hav to wait a little tho…

but it will be done

THANK U VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN! hope ur not tired with all my thank u’s yet, cause i still hav a lot moar to be gratefull for :)))

tfw u jus wanna make a post abt bein mlm & a fuckin transphobe attacks u ,,,, fuckin uhhh can i order one Salty Genderfluid Feel ™

also mlm isnt jus for ,,,, gay men ,,,,,,,,,,,, and wlw ,,,,,,, isnt jus for lesbians ,,,,
ffs dont bitch at me for usin mlm when ??? u dont even kno wat mlm means ??

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KAT IF IT ISNT A HUGE BOTHER CAN YU GIF namjoons parts in the vlive album talk like parts when they do a close up and he just looks really amazing u kno wat I mean? Like around 11:17 or 15:21 TTTT I will reblog the sht out of that!!!!

omg aslksdkamdkm i’ve already giffed it?? it’s this part, right? 

Hello mutuals/comrades …IK IVE mentioned it like 8 times so sorry….

but I’m actually at an intensive outpatient program right now. I don’t feel comfortable using Tumblr there because I don’t kno wat will come up on my dash, I don’t kno how long I’m going to be there so if u wud like to keep in touch please DM me for my *new Twitter…

I’m pretty tired when I come back from the program each day so i mean I’m not gonna really be on here in general for a while…. so yeah that’s the scoop !

u kno wat? bigoted cis ppl rly are a riot sometimes

especially the gay cis ones who think they’re so progressive because they’re gay and are transphobic

“trans women are men!!1”

lol no, they’re called women for a reason

“down with cis is OPPRESSION”

down with cis?? u mean a meme?? created by trans ppl in the ironic fact that we are killed and harassed daily for who we are?? but this meme is pushin it huh? its “cisphobic” huh??

last time i checked, i didnt hear a person get shot for bein cis in the news 🤔🤔🤔


I found it in a store I’ve always wanted to go to for 3-4 years. The bounty/pic is ??? but the mug was textured and had the Mugiwara Jolly Roger at the back and had a copyright at the bottom, so it’s prolly legit. Maybe his very first bounty. Who knows. I bet the crew collects Mugiwara merch all the time.

Maybe Sanji steals the Zoro ones. Huehue.

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Hello I know this is a bad time cause you're probably sad about...Mina? idk 😂 I love your blog and I was just wondering maybe if you have some advice I quests for people who like both bts & exo because some popular and good content blogs always post unneeded HATE for both bands and idk it makes me sad :-(

i dont got any advice i kno wat u mean alot of exo blogs i follo r rlly outspoken about their hate for bts like i rlly dont get it and im sure some bts stans r the same way w exo like i just scroll past it alot of the time tbh :/ if anyone is posting stuff u dont like tho jus unfollow them srrry i dont got better advice :/