if u dont think hes the most adorable thing ever get out of my face i dont want to even look at you

Young Dad!Mingyu

no this is not a daddy kink ok 

its about mingyu and his significant other and their new child ok i reALLY MEAN MINGYU AS A YOUNG DAD OK LIKE EARLY 20S OK

- you would go over mingyus house and like you’re nervous because like omg we never planned this whY DIDN’T WE USE PROTECTION GODDAMN IT 

- mingyu would immediately open the door with a huge grin and attacks you with a bear hug aw

- you would slowly push him away with a serious face though and he’d be like ???? r u ok 

- you would just smile a small smile and whisper, “we need to talk,” 

- immediately mingyu thinks of the worst case scenario 

- once you two seat on his couch, he would immediately hold your hand and kiss your knuckles and then place it on his lap, running his thumb over the back of your hand continuously

- you would smile at his gentleness 

- he would smile as well


- but then you would look down and place the laced hands of yours and mingyus on your stomach and look into mingyus eyes

- mingyu would be confused af at first cause he wasn’t expecting that move

- but then you would just tell him how much he means to you and how much you love him 

- and he’s staring at you with the most tender eyes and a wide smile

- then you would end it with, “Mingyu, I’m pregnant…” 

- his smile would drop 

- and you immediately felt shivers down your spine and fear creeps up

- but then he would look at you with the cUTEST– I REPEAT CUTEST– deer in the headlights face with his eyes wide and his lips parted, forming an ‘o’ 

- “yoU’RE PREGNANT??? AND I’M THE DAD???? IT’S MY KID??!?!?!” 


- he would smile so widely with teary eyes

- “jagi, this is great… I’m so excited…” Mingyu would whisper and stare at you before pressing his lips onto yours

- he would then continuously just kiss you until you run out of breath

- but then after your breathing got a little more normal, he just crashes his lips onto yours again and touches you eVERYWHERE isTG

- “I’m scared Mingyu… What will happen to me? To us? We’re so young…” 

- Mingyu would be the most caring and loving boyfriend ever like 

- “Don’t be scared. There’s nothing to be afraid of. We’re in this together.” plays hsm 

- You would then be carried upstairs and his lips would be all over your body oh 


- during the pregnancy, mingyu would be so gentle omgggg he’ll be the most attentive, caring, sweetest, loving boyfriend evER 

- every night he would kiss your growing stomach and whisper words like, “hey little one, it’s me, appa! i can’t wait to meet you! you’re going to be as beautiful as your mother, I feel it!” cue your daughter kicking mingyus face 

- you and mingyu has a little daughter (cause like its too like– BABY MINGYUS WOULD BE ADORABLE BUT LIKE IMAGINE MINGYU AND A LITTLE GIRL FRICK\ITY IKGMLPWRTGOP)))

- once you gave birth to your visual baby girl, mingyu would just kiss your temple and forehead, still holding your hand

- “you did amazing like always, jagi… I love you so much…” 

- you would lazily smile at him be really tired bc like come on you just gave birth to mingyus child where shes gonna be all tall like him and be a model for victoria secret 


- mingyu would just smile, speechless, as he stares down at his daughter

- he would gently kiss her forehead and stare at her lovingly like this is my daughter… she’s perfect

- when you wake up after a few hours, you find mingyu still holding the baby and hes feeding her milk from a bottle and he looks at you

- he gives you the sWEETEST SMILE EVER

- you just smile back and would be like, “hey…” 

- mingyu would hand you the baby once you’re ready for her and the thing is 


- and you just die inside like o god this really is mingyus kid

- okAY once your daughter turns around 2-3 years old, she loves her dad ok 

- she would ride mingyu’s back and would call herself the princess and mingyu the slave

- you’d choke and be like, “wHEN AND HOW DID YOU LEARN THAT???” 

- “appa!” 

- you glare at mingyu

- mingyu just kisses you sweetly and you melt into the kiss

- he would pull back and hug your daughter in his arms, staring at you softly

- “thank you for everything, jagi. I love you so much, did you know that?” he would whisper, staring into your eyes 

- you would blush slightly and just pretend to be distracted with your daughter’s fingers on yours because mingyu hasn’t had that look in his eyes for a while 

- after giving your daughter a bath, you and mingyu both put her to bed and both kiss her cheeks before quietly walking out

- then suddenly mingyu grabs you gently by the waist and crashes his lips onto yours, hugging you tightly

- you would be so shocked but would kiss him back 

- he pulls away and presses his forehead against yours, one hand on your cheek and his thumb caressing your cheekbone 

- “i love you and our daughter so so much… do you want to try and get a little boy? and… wanna try… now?” 

- he then presses you down onto your mattress and kisses you passionately as his hands start to unbutton your shirt 

- by e 


- y’all were friends at first & initially he was rlly annoyed by you bc of how lively and cheerful you were ???
- he was like ….this is tiring
- but eventually he began to really enjoy and appreciate your company
- your personalities differed a little but it was a good balance between ur cheerfulness + his apathy :^)
- tried to indirectly ask u on a date by inviting you to go see the newest marvel movie
- and you were like !!! fRICK YES, i love marvel !!!
- and he was like …. (whispers) i know
- it becomes a mini tradition for you two to go see movies together, whether it was like (?) frozen or paranormal activity
- if you wanted to see it, he was down
- all of seventeen kept bugging him to straight out ask you to date him but he refused to
- and well… let’s just say they took matters into their own hands
- seungkwan: yo y/n, be honest who’s ur favourite in svt
- you: hm er i think i’ll say w—
- seungkwan: wONWOO?? om g did everyone hear that? /nudges woozi/ y/n’s fav is wonwoo.
- seungkwan: jeon
- seungkwan: won
- seungkwan: woo
- seungkwan: the sixth oldest member
- seungkwan: the member with the deepest voice
- seungkwan: the—
- needless to say, he eventually had no choice but to directly ask u to be his s/o in order to prevent further embarrassing interferences by the rest of svt
- to which you shyly but willingly accepted
- ANYWAY, now that ur like,,, dAtiNg or wHateVEr, he’s super shy around you but kind of plays it off as not really caring?
- he just doesn’t exactly know how to show it yet o k
- since he’s still pretty new to dating and has just about as much experience as a third grader,,,, pretty much treats u as if yall are still in elementary school lmfao
- in other words, shows his love for u through insults (-:
- “ur annoying”
- “i hate you”
- “shut up”
- “hey what where are you going”
- “nooo come back here … cuddle with me”
- as you can tell, he isn’t the best at expressing his love in words
- but to make up for it….. is very touchy-feely
- so much affection, loves affection, ALL tHE AFFECTION
- always wants to cuddle and hold u close to his chest and run his hands through ur hair
- back hugs + him resting his head in the crook of ur neck and kissing ur temples
- holds ur hand or puts his arm around ur waist when ur in public
- plays with ur fingers or pokes ur sides when he gets bored
- just prepare urself for a whole lot of physical contact when ur with him, no matter how subtle
- however despite his intense addiction to skinship, iS A REALLY SHY KISSER
- really paranoid that ur gonna suddenly pull away bc u think he’s a bad kisser or something, so his kisses are always soft and slow and gentle bc he doesn’t want to scare u away with his lack of experience
- when he tilts his head slightly to the side and starts to lick his lips frequently and keeps staring down at yours,,,, that’s when u know he’s about to kiss u
- holds ur face with two hands as if ur the most precious thing in the world (which to him, you probably are though he’d never admit it)
- always makes sure ur ok with what he’s doing
- like he’d keep breaking the kiss to ask, “are u ok? is this ok?” and ur like omf G shush keep going
- but its super cute to see this side of him hehe bc usually he’s just a ball of negative emotions
- good looking boy holds door open for you?? /death glares/ waiter smiles at you?? /throws shade/
- aka passive aggressive woozi comes out
- gets hella jealous when you spend lots of time with the other members, even tho he knows ur all just friends
- when joshua tries to teach you how to play adore u acoustic ver. on guitar, when quiet lil minghao opens up to you bc you ask him to teach u short chinese phrases, when you cant stop dying of laughter bc of some joke hoshi and dk told u ….
- all of it makes him fume inside but he gotta conceal, dont feel, dont let them know
- he wont exactly say anything to u about it, he’ll just be like
- him: oh, would you look at the time!! we should probably get you home, y/n
- you: it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, woozi.
- him: yep ok bye everyone!!
- hes oddly and unexpectedly passive aggressive tbh
- woozi isn’t really like anyone you’ve ever met before but day by day, you learn more about him and learn to love those things about him. you learn that he’s actually a big softie and is selfless by nature and deep down just wants the best for you and his friends and that most of all, he loves you with all his heart.

The Inseparables Chat logs (EPISODES 1-23)

Did you want to read the inseparables’ messages but you couldn’t while focusing on watching the show? I’ve got your back.

(i put them under read more because they’re pretty long)

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Sammy Wilk- Kenny’s Girl

She made my heart race and do that flippy-over thing that it had never really done before.  She was the girl of my dreams, with an adorable sense of humor, the most beautiful eyes, and an amazing body.  She was so smart, always carrying around a book, sometimes dropping pages of writing out of her notebooks.  There were always words inked on her hands in black ballpoint pen and necklaces around her neck.  Sometimes when she wasn’t paying attention, I would scribble my name on the back of her hand.  Sammy.  I was head over heels for this girl, writing her songs and carrying her on my back when her too-tall heels would start to ache her heels after a long night out with the boys.  I especially loved her in the mornings, when she would wander around dreamily, in fuzzy socks and an oversized t-shirt and spandex shorts, her hair braided loosely.  She would grumble on the couch until Nate would dutifully pass her a cup of coffee and I would watch the sleep fade from her eyes.  Mornings were the hardest, when I had to control how my heart would pound as she would curl against me on the couch.  God, I remember one time when she stumbled downstairs in my shirt (mine!) and proceeded to hug me, even though I was in nothing but a pair of sweatpants.  I still remember the way her bare skin felt against mine as she rubbed her nose on my shoulder, yawning “Good morning Sammy.”  We were perfect.

Except she was dating my best friend.

Y/N and Kenny met about 6 months ago, when she first moved out to L.A. with Nate and I.  We were all in the same apartment building and one day Kenny was over at our place.  Y/N burst in Sunday when he was over, complaining about burnt toast.  Kenny looked like he had seen an angel.  I ignored it then, but two months later, he was kissing her on the doorstep and taking her to music festivals and buying her flowers, doing everything I should be doing.  And he was Kenny.  He deserved a great girl.  I just couldn’t stop myself from wishing that it wasn’t my girl.  Sometimes it was hard to breathe around them with the way he would look at her.  He talked about her like she put the stars in the sky and he was falling fast.  I think she was falling too.  So what if Y/N was Kenny’s girl?  I still loved her.

Our apartment has plenty of couches.  I don’t understand why they have to sit on top of each other.  I walked downstairs to see the lovebirds swapping spit on my favorite couch.  So naturally, I proceeded to whack them with a throw pillow.  Nash was right.  Those pillows did come in useful.  “Sup?” I punched Kenny’s shoulder playfully.

“Hey,” he nodded back, grinning that stupid Kenny sunshine smile.

Y/N looked up and smiled at me and I swear heart rate doubled.  “Morning Sammy,” she waved.  Her lips were red from the kiss and I wanted to be the one to leave pale purple marks from her neck to her collarbone, marking her as my girl.  Not Kenny’s.  I winced as he brushed a strand of hair off her face and kissed the tip of her nose.  I hated all that mushy-gushy stuff, but for some reason all I wanted to do at that moment was to poke the dimple in Y/N’s cheek as I kissed her.  Every day that they spent together was making it harder and harder for me to breathe.  And soon I would be leaving for tour.  Nothing big, only 2 or 3 weeks.  But in that time, Kenny and Y/N could have, I don’t know, run off to Vegas and eloped or something.  I just needed to get away.  Find some perspective.

Perspective wasn’t happening.  3 weeks into tour, I was missing Y/N like crazy.  Surprisingly, we’ve barely talked in the past week.  Tour was turning out to be longer than expected with all the extra shows added.  I’m thankful for the amazing opportunities, but at this point I kind of want to get home to my own bed.  I decided to try to talk to Y/N.

Sammy: hey y/n been a while

I waited until my phone buzzed a few minutes later.

Y/N: hi

Sammy: whats up u sound weird.. like sad or something

Y/N: im fine

Sammy: no ur not

Y/N: sammy i cant have this conversation. things are already bad enough i dont need to make it worse

Sammy: what r u talking about? u can tell me anything babe.  pinky promise

Y/N: me and kenny have been kinda weird lately

What?  My hands shook as my fingers raced across the keyboard.

Sammy: what do u mean?

Y/N: well i think i just dont know if i love him.. like sometimes i think i do but then i remember some stuff and i just dont think i love him the right way. and i think i have to break it off with him before its too late.  but what if im wrong and im throwing away the perfect guy? sammy im so scared

i just want you here

As I read the words she had sent to me, I couldn’t help but to fantasize about Y/N leaving Kenny.  I would come home and sweep her off her feet and we would ride into the sunset like in the picture books.

Sammy:  i’ll be home soon i promise.. and u know what they say if its another guy making u question ur feelings right?

Y/N: no tell me

Sammy:  well they say if ur ever torn between two guys go with the second because if u truly loved the first then the second guy never would have caught ur attention

Y/N: thanks sam. that helps a lot. dont know what i’d do without u

Sammy: anytime

Maybe I’ll finally have a chance.


4 weeks later and I was on my final flight back home.  I’m gonna see Y/N.  The cab couldn’t move slower in the L.A. traffic as Nate and I approached our apartment.  The second we pulled up outside, I was running out of the cab, grabbing my suitcase and racing up the stairs, not bothering with the elevator.  I threw open the door and there she was.  There was a book slipping out of her hands and she was wearing my sweatshirt, asleep on the couch.  The fall of my suitcases must have woken her, because she threw her book to the floor and within a second her arms were flung around my neck and my arms were around her waist.  I picked her up and pressed my face into her neck.  “I missed you,” I muttered against her skin.  She was shaking against me.  “Are you crying Y/N?” I asked incredulously.

“No,” she lied pathetically.  “I just missed you a whole lot is all.”  Somehow her hands ended up wrapped in my hair and I had never felt more complete.

Nate walked in the door behind me.  “Hey Y/N,” he smiled at her over my shoulder.  Nate knew how I felt about her.  He always knew.

“Nate!  Hi,” she called over my shoulder.  But she didn’t try to separate herself from me.  I love her.

An hour of unpacking later, Y/N was lying on my bed, just watching me put away gifts fans had gotten for me and eating caramel ice cream from a coffee mug.  She looked so at place on my bed I couldn’t bare the thought of sending her back to her apartment.  Even though it was only across the hall it felt miles away.  “Stay the night.”  I told her.

She looked surprised for a minute.  “Okay,” she replied, going back to plucking at bits of fluff on my bedsheets.

“Really?” I asked, astounded.

“Yes really you dork,” she laughed.  I blushed.  The things this girl does to me…


She was asleep, her head on my bare chest.  When I asked her if she minded if I slept in just basketball shorts, she smiled sadly.  “Well Kenny and I broke up, so it doesn’t really matter.”

I can only hope that she didn’t notice the smile on my face.  “You didn’t mention that,” I reprimanded her.

She shrugged.  “We talked about it.  He knew it wasn’t going to work out.  We’ve been basically broken up for a month now.  I saw him yesterday for lunch and we talked.  He helped me get some stuff in order and we’ve gone back to being just friends.  It’s better that way.”

Now she was free and in my bed and I wanted to kiss her so bad right now.  So instead, I closed my eyes.  I can’t mess up this fragile peace we have.


I had never seen anything as beautiful as Y/N.  She was still asleep on my bed, the sunlight slipping through the window making her skin glow and her hair shine.  If I loved her when her eyes were open, I loved her just as much when she was asleep, the curve of her mouth soft and relaxed, all tension gone from her body.  It felt criminal to disturb her but I poked her cheek gently.  “Y/N,” i whispered, drawing out her name.

“Sammy,” she groaned.  “I’m sleeeeeping!”

I laughed at her grumpiness.  “No you aren’t.”

She sat up, rubbing her closed eyes, the childlike gesture making my heart swell.  And then I couldn’t help myself.  I’ve loved her for a year and I’ll love her for a million more.  I leaned in until our faces were inches apart.

“Hi,” she whispered carefully.  Now there were only millimeters keeping us apart.

“Hi.”  And then I closed the gap, pressing her lips to mine.  There were butterflies, fireworks, everything I dreamed of.  Our lips moved in unison as she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me closer.  When we broke apart, it was like I was finally seeing the world in color.  “This may ruin everything.  But I can’t live without you not knowing.  Y/N, for the past year and for the next billion, I have been, am, and always will be in love with you.”  I stared into her eyes, showing her how sincere I was.  “And you don’t have to say anything I just wanted you to-”  I was cut off by her lips on mine.

“I love you I’m in love with you I love you,” she gasped against my lips.  “For so long Sammy so long.”

When we pulled apart I rested my forehead against hers.  “Be mine?”

“Of course,” she grins.  “I already was.”

niagara falls M&G recap

so last night i went to rumour night club in niagara falls to meet the cast members and it was honestly the best night of my entire life and everything from here on out is going down hill like my life hit its peak and now its all gunna go down. aaaaanyways, we got there at like 10:20 so that we could beat the rush of people because a lot of people were waiting outside to meet them and i figured once they walked through the doors it would be nuts (and it was). so rumour is the upstairs of a building so if you look out the big windows you can see the street and you can see the taxis pulling up, so as soon as the taxis pulled up and i saw sindy and b get out of a taxi with naeha and i honestly cant remember who else i started crying i was so so excited and i was trying super hard not to embarrass myself but i figured if i was gunna have a moment that it would be best to do so before they all came in. so once they started to trickle in i stood kinda by the door so i could watch them as they walked by bc they were escorted to the roped off vip lounge area at the back the moment that they walked in, and i just remember standing there and rachelle came up to me and said hi and i was like oh my god oh my god because i talk to rachelle on facebook sometimes so i think she recognized me and i kinda choked and i didnt know what to say and then she said she had to go and she walked up to the lounge. after that we waited for b to walk in and a few others and then we walked back to the lounge area. there were people crowded around the ropes all night, and the cast would come in and out as they pleased. alec and godfrey and bobby and bruno were outside the ropes the entire night, mingling with people whereas sarah and b barely left the ropes at all. every time sarah tried to leave she was mobbed by people asking for pictures and autographs and i felt kind of bad because she just wanted to have a good time and she was stuck in the corner the whole time. the first people i actually met were grecia and maria, who are pilis best friend and sister. i became great friends with them all season on twitter and the whole night i was hanging out with them pretty much, just hanging back and forth, and grecia knew i had a letter for her and a letter for pili so as soon as she saw me she called kev and pili over to meet me and she introduced me to pili as ‘the girl i told you about’ and i almost cried i was so emotional and it was fantastic so i gave them their letters and they didnt read them right away but promised they would later and then i talked to pili for a little bit and she was SUCH a positive person. she kept telling me to smile, and love myself, and be happy every day and to never let the bad things get to me and she was just so fantastic and i admire her so much and it was incredible. i took a polaroid w pili, kev and my friend lauren and then it got a little nuts so i left for a bit and promised id come back. then i met zach and he was actually kind of awkward. im sure the whole night was overwhelming but i kept asking him how he was and he seemed super weirded out (which i dont blame him for), so i didnt really talk much to him. then i met sarah miller and she is just such a sweet caring woman. i told her the facebook updates of her family give me life because she has the most adorable family and she was almost crying telling me how much it meant to hear that and she kept telling me how sweet and wonderful i am and she was just such a great person to talk to. then we saw ashleigh and peter drinking at the bar and we were gunna go talk to them but their backs were facing us so we didnt want to interrupt and peter was pulling his arm around ash and shit and it was kind of interesting to watch the night unfold bc lord knows he wants her. so when they turned around i talked to ash for a bit and shes actually such a cool down to earth girl and shes so easy to talk to and such a grateful person and meeting her in person made me like her 10x more than i did on television so im really glad that we had the chance to talk. then i met peter and it was kind of funny and i felt bad because everyone was asking him where gary (who was not in attendance) was, and i was like omg like how embarrassing is that i mean at least pretend ur talking to peter for peter not to get to gary… so then i met jon, and he remembered me from nye which made me so so ecstatic and then he took a picture with me for old times sake. sadly i didnt get a photo with neda, but i did have the chance to give her my letter as she was on her way out so im happy with that :) then i met alec and he was actually a lot cooler than i thought he would be tbh. i perceived him as being a little full of himself, which i feel super bad about that impression now bc he was so chill and such a cool guy and so down for pictures and questions and everything. at another point during the night i was on the dance floor w my friend and alec and godfrey were there and they turned around and started dancing with us and alec is like DO YOU WATCH BIG BROTHER??? THIS IS GODFREY FROM BIG BROTHER!! and i was like omg i cant. so after alec it was the craziest 10 minutes of my life. my friend wanted to meet jordan so bad, and shes been in love with him all season so she was gushing about ‘how cute would it be if he kissed me’ and i kinda went along with it whatever, so we found him and she gave him a letter and he was so grateful and so happy, honestly hes like a little puppy dog just so excited about everything and so happy and he is such a positive person it was fabulous. so my friend told me to watch her and jordan talking and take a polaroid if they kissed and i was like YA OK SUUURE, i didnt expect it to happen, and then godfrey walked by so i turned around to get a picture with him and the next thing i know im being pinched sO FUCKING HARD on my hips and i screamed and turned around and jordan had kissed my friend (like a real kiss) after reading the letter and she was having a panic attack and i have a huge bruise on my hip (thanks lauren). so we spent time freaking out about that for a bit and through the night he would wave at us as we walked by, and pili would do the same with me, she would always wink at me and to know that our faves recognized us it just I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT it made me feel so good about myself <333333 so after jordan i met talla real quick and she was so cute, what you see is what you get with talla she is like 90lbs of fire shes like alittle chihuahua but a cute chihuahua not one of those ugly ones from that disney movie. then i met willow, and she was so so adorable!! so excited to be there, so excited to meet people and it made me feel so great. i took a polaroid with her and when it came out she was so amazed and i asked if she wanted to keep it and she started freaking out and was so happy so i hope she hasnt lost it haha. and i told willow that she is loved and i dont want her to forget it because i feel like she thinks so negatively about herself and it breaks my heart and she was so sweet and i love willow more than ever :)))) then i met IIKAAAAA she was an absolute queen she was so fierce and just all you would expect from the gorgeous and wonderful ika wong. then i finally got a picture w johnny because earlier in the night i was talking to him and this crazy fan girl pushed me aside and screamed JOHNNNYYYYYYYY and i was like wtf bitch u wanna fight like chill and johnny gave me a “yikes, sorry” look, and so yeah later when i met him again he was super super cool. then i met sindy and she was so much more mellow than i expected. i figured she would be such a huge personality and super drunk or whatev but she was very calm and chill and super sweet to talk to. then i met liza and she was so sweet but she looked a little sad and i know shit went down w liza and topaz/ika and i got the vibe that liza felt a little out of place at times idk, she was either sitting in the lounge or hanging with bobby (who btw had like 7 girls all over him and made one cry and he was goin for it) and didnt seem like she was havin as much fun but she still rocked. then i got a pic w bobby bc why not and he was having a little fun with all his ladies bc i could totally feel his “””””cell phone”””” through his pants when he hugged me. nuff said. then i found kev and pili again and i took a polaroid of them for them to keep and kevin was so happy i did and hopefully he posts it or something because it was super cute but he just put it in his pocket i didnt get to see the whole thing develop. then i met SLAYYYHHHAAA!!! she was having a super fun time and i didnt talk to her much she looked so gorgeous though but she was drinking and having a good time so i just got to snap a quick picture with her. by this time in the night it was super late and i wanted to go but i had letters to give to sarah so i waited by the rope to see if she would come by but some guy asked scott (i think) and he said sarah wasnt doing pictures tonight because she was a little overwhelmed and i completely respected that because it was chaotic every time she tried to leave, but i wanted to give her the letters at the very least. anick was being an absolute sweetheart all night and taking care of sarah and b and anyone who was kinda stuck in the lounge and went in and out to get water etc for them. and when anick walked by i asked her if sarah was feeling okay, or if she thought she would come say hi and anick said she was overwhelmed and i told her i respect that completely and i asked anick if she could give the letters to sarah. anick told me that it was so sweet that i wrote letters and if i was patient enough, that she would ask sarah to come talk to me so i was shaking at this point and so so happy that anick would do that for me. at that moment my friend asked jp to go dance again, and i held her purse while they hit the floor together and i kinda stood alone at the rope. thats when i met risha who was SMASHEDDDDD. she chugged a 40 of vodka at the end of the night like holy shit risha. at one point she turned around was slurred “do you wanna picture” and i was like oh okay sure! and then she nodded and said thank you for like a minute after i was done talking she was so smashed go risha she kept responding to me but i wasnt saying anything at all so shes like “thats good” “aww thank you you are so sweet” and it was a little awkward but so funny. so then jp and my friend came back from the dance floor and jp went back in the vip and we went back to the rope and my friend asked him if he could give our letters to sarah bc it was getting late and we had to go, and he said he would get her to come up and take a picture with us, which anick had just asked her and she hadnt come so i was nervous she would hate that she was asked again but jp got sarah and she came up and i was shaking and i remember asking her ‘is this okay, are you sure, i dont want to bug you’ and she was so so cool about it. she took the letters and she was so lovely and so kind and then she took a polaroid with myself and my friend (and anick took it because she is adorable). then i asked her if i could have a video for troy bc he wrote one of the letters and she was so cool with it she was so so sweet and we said our thankyous and we left and she went and sat back down and i felt so special and i was just so grateful to get to meet her. so we left the club and walked down the stairs and johnny topaz and ika were all hugging and kenny was feeding them chicken nuggets and it was so bizarre but also so perfect in every way and then we watched liza help the smashed and stiletto wearing risha make her way down the stairs and johnny screamed ‘SOMEONE VIDEOTAPE THIS, SHES GUNNA FALL’ and it was fantastic and so we walked back to the car and as were were driving away, we stopped at a pedestrian crossing and bobby, naeha, willow all walk by and we were like OHHH mYYYY GODDD like it was just sinking in how real everything was and yeah. not really a recap, more like a novel but that ladies and gentlemen, was the best night of my life.