if u dont ship it dont talk to me

must b nice, waking up wearin ur bf’s hoodie,

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I absolutely loathe Soukoku but I'm afraid to admit that publicly or I'll be straight up executed by the fandom.

Same but I’m not afraid of execution. Gimme that sweet death. I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with it if most conversations I have with SKK shippers didn’t go like this:

Me: ya i personally don’t ship soukoku
SKK shipper: HOW COULD YOU NOT?!?!?!?!?!!?
Me: well i mean they really seem to dislike each other and sure they have a history but they haven’t really shown a whole lot of interaction currently besides the double black episode and when–
Me: uh–
Me: they pander to–
SKK shipper: DAZAI FOLDED CHUUYA’S CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!! CANON!!!!!!! THEY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: ok i’m fine if you ship it but–
Me: i prefer kunikidazai or odazai
Me:…look at all the times..chuuya has screamed and–
Me: but i do li–

literally thats not an exaggeration this has happened multiple times

of course not every soukoku shipper is like this but god damn it you hardcore shippers guys stop ruining other people’s experience

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Why do people ship rich and jake?,like I don't think they even talked to each other (the fan art of them is pretty fucking gorgeous though)

“i don’t think they even talked to each other” dude they’re canonically best friends omg

i really dont wanna talk about discourse but i feel like i kind of have an obligation to as The BMC Blog and i hate when people get mad at me for not addressing things bc of that but i don like discourse lmfao


dont be a shitty person

dont harass any of the actors/writers/ppl who worked on the show

if someone calls u out, take a moment to think about it before completely dismissing it just in case it really is something you can work on

dont completely erase female characters just for your shipping

if u send anyone anon hate i hate u

how to fucking use tumblr: 2017 sad man edition

so like apparently being a decent human being is a tough concept for some of you ppl. idk about y’all but if I see one more post that basically says something along the lines of “i dun wike mcgenji bcuz HAAAAAAANZO is the one 4 jesse =3=“ i’m actually gonna snap my own spine.

but connor it’s my opinion!!! we are free to say whatever we want!


and by the off chance that y’all log in to this site every damn day but don’t understand how the tagging system works, i’ll explain it so i don’t develop a fucking ulcer from how pissy I get over this

typing the full ship name in the text will cause the post to show up in the tag. and that goes for having it in a tag, even if it’s not the only word. so like #just not a fan of mcgenji <— that’s gonna show up in the tag. in order to not do this, just fucking mess the shit up, like add slashes or spaces. mcgenji will show up in the tag but mc/gen/ji won’t

asks including the word will cause the post to show up in the tag. this one isn’t rlly the fault of the op but it’s still easy to fix. just screenshot the ask and post it as a photo with the answer. or just @ the person and respond there OR if it’s an anon, just be like “@ anon who sent me an ask about this ship…” bcuz I fuckin assure u ppl who send anons are refreshing ur damn blog waiting to see what you say, they’re gonna see it

i honestly dont give a fuck that you don’t like this ship at all. like i’m not offended?? just do not give a fuck. like mchanzo all u want but dont come inT O MY HOUSE and tell me all about how u don’t like mcgenji. that’s like going to a dog shelter, sitting and listening to all of the workers and volunteers talk about how much work and love they put into the place, and just being like “YO DOGS R UGLY. IM HEARIN WAT U HAVE TO SAY, BUT FUCK, CATS ARE WAY BETTER. I DON’T LIKE DOGS OUT OF PETTINESS. CATS ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR HUMANS =3=“ like ok why did u come here to tell me this… this place of dogs….

idk. long story short, learn how the tagging system works, and if not, learn to shut the fuck up :)

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I don't wanna offend anyone but I honestly think most tae/kook shippers are kids/teenagers who think that just coz 2 members play together (they literally have a bros handshake ppl) or have on your face moments that are cute then they are "dating!!!" (Tae is also clingy and cute with everyone so i dont see anything different when he does stuff with kook) Like u know what i mean? I remember when i first got into bts and i didnt ship anyone and i thought all the pairs are cute af but i swear 1-2

i didnt get any weird vibe from any pair except jikook like some of their moments made me go “hmm interesting” especially the subtle ones or when they think no one is paying attention, their body language, also the way kook talks informally to jimin etc you know what im talking about ur a jikook expert haha like i dont ship ppl in real life but jikook man.. like im not saying they are real but there’s something going on and im keeping an eye on them like yall aint slick sweeties 2-2

lajlf why is this so accurate. I think the same thing ?? like no shade but a lot of tae/kook (and tbh nam/jin and like yoon/seok) shippers act like they are like 14?????? and yeah, taehyung is clingy with everyone, yet the only person people think he’s dating is jk?? okay lmaooo. idk, i feel like most tea/kook shippers are new bts fans, so they don’t really get the kpop industry and fan service and how guys are super close to appeal to fans. like…. it’s just how it is. okay but the second half of the ask is literally me. i only ship jikook because when i first got into jikook they made me raise an eyebrow at a few things that they did.  i agree, they ain’t slick at all. lmao. 



Asuna. The pain that burned deep in my chest came back. Asuna, my beloved, my wife, the woman who had stood at the end of the world with me.

Was it a dream? A beautiful illusion I’d witnessed in an artificial world? For a moment, I wasn’t sure. 

No, she was real. We’d laughed together, cried together, fallen asleep together…those things weren’t a dream. Kayaba had said 'Congratulations on beating the game Kirito and Asuna.’ I heard him say her name. If I was included among the players who survived, Asuna must be as well. 

The moment I realized this, my love and overwhelming longing for her exploded within me. I want to see her. I want to touch her hair. I want to kiss her. I want to hear her voice.” (p.244) 

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don't get why ChanBaek is so famous. I'm relatively new to K-pop and i guess soon gonna become a complete EXO-L. I feel Kaisoo is so much more real. I mean, even Chanyeol seems to be around Kyungsoo more than Baekhyun. And Baekhyun looks like this social butterfly who can be shipped with anyone- mostly, Yixing, Jongdae, Minseok, Sehun, well you get my point. So can you please explain to me why ChanBaek is so popular?

First of all, this is based on my own opinion so Im not forcing anyone to believe or anything and dont want to offend any ships. BUt thats what make chanbaek is REAL here. When Im talking about chanbaek, for me it isnt just a simple ship or just bromance thingy. Im shipping kaisoo too but I dont ship them the way I ship Chanbaek. 

You mentioned that Chanyeol seemed to be around Kyungsoo much often than BAekhyun? Okay lets see when it happen? On the stage? For me, the things that happen on the stage and with camera is on is what we called fanservice. But, u see, Chanbaek they got less and more less of that but more off cam moments and so many of it. *to talk about the off cam moment, its gonna be long so Ill suggest to see my other posts or other blog like @lets-talk-baekyeol  @chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @awkwardmickey @ms1611 * And also you can see, how Chanyeol gotta to mention Baekhyun out of nowhere in most of interviews and also how he being to be mr.-know-it-all *remember the moment when he knew about Baek’s hidden angel wings on his back- other members seem just to know about it and with sehun’s smirks at that time-more mysterious how Chanyeol get to know about it winkwink* when it comes to Baekhyun compared to the other members proved that their rs is really something. 

While talking about Baek’s bubbly personality and all.. you gotta see its so obvious that he treats Chanyeol differently with other members. You can see Baek always got no problem to have skinships with other members- just list who but he turned to a high-school-girl-in-love-be-like when it comes to Chanyeol. Remember the legendary hug during ExordiuminManila? And u can see, Chanyeol is the only member that Baekhyun wished for his birthday in his ig and even that lip’s post- *OMG IM SCREAMINGGG*. And talking about his obsession with Chanyeol’s hoodie damn they got obviously big different in size but yess he still wore Chanyeol’s instead of other members? Why tho? You got the point here? The fact that they got so many matching items too make me got so many feelssss *usually I dont find couple items as subject to prove a ship but their matching items are so detailed to the brand and sometimes items that really came out with pair of it…*

There are so many other reasons but just point out the one that you asked. I hope this my not-too-long post able to enlighten you more about Chanbaek. And also just a piece of my mind about Chanbaek, to ship Chanbaek u need to be more analytical than seeing what is so obvious and also yeahhh FAITH. Btw, welcome to this fandom dear :)

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a person may be uncomfortable with homosexuality as a concept since they may see it as biologically or religiously illogical. people like this can still be comfortable accepting and normal around homosexuals as people even when they dont understand or enjoy the concept. as such i cant understand why you would make that comment about people being uncomfortable with davekat

of all the comments i was expecting a post that lost me 10 folowers to generate this was not one of them

edit: u dont have to Enjoy the idea of gay sex to shut ur mough about it and im talking mostly about people who say “blah blah im uncomfortable about davekat and i dont complain so why are u complaining about my dirk-kan”

i havent got any sympathy for someone who is so uncomfortable w gays theyd tell people to stop discussing gay ships they kinda need to get over it like an adult

uhhh i cant believe i have to fucking say this but i dont ship incest, i dont defend shipping incest (in fact ive condemned it repeatedly on this blog), and i dont keep incest shippers in my social circle. if u have questions about this or want me to elaborate u can ask me about it privately, obviously i dont wanna talk about my personal issues w this subject in public, lol. youre cordially invited to make callouts or shit-talk me on the basis of things ive actually said and done

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(English is not my first language sorry) no I just meant if you were uncomfortable with me selfshipping with kurloz. I mean if I had been selfshipping for as long as you have, I'd be uncomfortable with someone saying they ship themselves with someone in the same... au I guess? I'm bad at explaining things sorry, but I love your blog!!!

i only get uncomfortable (or even worse Triggered) when someone selfships with gam too, as for the others im totally fine with it and y’all can even come talk to me about how much y’all love the other characters i selfship with aswell, like, hey cool !! same gf!! gjdkngskjgd

i dont selfship with kurloz though, dont worry about it. + my dancestor supports u guys 100%

thank u btw !! 💕💕💕

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literally like dont get involved with voltron discourse im avoiding talking abt she1th and such bc i rly dont like getting involved w that shit, stay in ur lane with your geese i beg u

I’m not fuckin trying to get into discourse lmao!!! So far you’re the only person to outwardly tell me shipping sheith is wrong, actually, so if you don’t want me to start discourse stop trying to start it with me.

Also, don’t tell me to stay in my lane. You stay in your lane and don’t try to boss me around.

illegal in new jersey

my preorder of journal 3 came in while i was away at mechacon last weekend, and i thought it was about time i revisit something i drew after the finale. i got plenty of the base coloring done, but with the con stress and the ebb and flow i go through going in and out of fandom stuff, this was left behind from march. but im glad i finished it.

stanley may be banned from new jersey, but i have no doubts that before heading off anywhere else, stan and ford visited illegally for just a little while and talked some things out before going on their next big adventure together.

Mod applycations right now

Anyways im taking mods because most mods are dead and cant be on so anyways before applying read these rules:
-No bullying other mods or followers
-No nsfw
-No ships
-Pwease tell me when u cant be on so i wont think youre just lazy and dead.
Thats it.
After you read that send me an ask at @dont-die-from-hunger
Im going for 3 mods, if i wont need more ill tell you.
Pretty much im not going to interact with nsfw blogs, i dont have something against you, i just dont want porn on my dash n im a minor so yea no nsfw blogs.
I think that thats its. Oh! sorry if i dont answer imidiattly. its 4 am.
From the best mod in the world, -yiffson

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@nisrinassbia — me: inserts the entire halsey meme .. please dont be mean to me ? this is supposed to be a positivity thing but i dunno what to say. i guess thats it. sorry. KDJKDFGJ okay but for real i’m so glad we’ve gotten closer lately cause of indie ( ur deadass the indie queen .. aesthetic princess .. an ANIMAL idk how u do it .. ) and our ships and everything and i’m just like :D every time ur message pops up even if its a fucking drag. KJHDFG your characters are some of my faves to talk to honestly u’ve always been so good at that, being inclusive and i love how u just dont take shit from anyone. its admirable. and yes this enough gassing otherwise u’ll never let me live it down. but ur cute ig. love u babadook <3

@matthewddarios — GODDJHFD JAZZZZZZZZ BABY I DONT KNOW HOW WE’VE ONLY GOTTEN CLOSER THIS YEAR CAUSE I STG WE’RE LIKE TWINS .. the only one who understands my matthew feeligns and withdrawals .. oh god im already tearing up at the thought of him please help KJHFG u’ve quickly soared so high on my faves list its insane .. i’m so far up ur ass u’d think ur like, i dunno, matthew or something lmao. AND IM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH OUR SHIPS PLEASE i love talking to u cause i feel like u get me a lot. and ur deadass so funny this is just me rambling on about how much im in love with ur ass:( u JAZZ up my life! SKDFJSF

@emilioivans — i feel like. i’ve been following u since i’ve started this blog and i’ve been such an admirer but like .. from afar .. which is sooo weird cause i’d love to talk to u but im deadass dumb n shy. but man ur gifs are soo pretty, ur so funny and no-nonsense and ur rps that i’ve been in were soo beautiful ? and i’ve made sm friends there so i gotta thank u for that .. also ur indie is so beautiful and ur writing is godlike i just wanna kneel down in awe. <3

@erikacostells— MORGAN HONEY HI BABY .. i think we’ve been mutuals for the longest time ??? which is crazy when u think about it cause we only really started talking this year and boy am i glad that we did cause u are deadass so cute and i feel like we have a lot in common and im always here for u i hope u know this .. ur rps always take off and im so proud cause they’re so pretty and godddd. me: still scarred from gunner’s experience but? im excitedly waiting on u for that dark indie plot u promised heh .. love u baby here’s a big ol smooch

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joke's on you, I ship roseph but i HATE all non-con stories and that's not how i interpret the canon anyway, there are plenty of things in the canon that suggest to me that their relationship was healthy and happy plus characters lie all the time, robert and joseph are confirmed liars. just let gay people enjoy a canon gay ship for once thank you. you dont have to like it, but dont say everyone should interpret canon the same way as u do.

So like did we play the same route for Robert or is your dick just on fire for the gentrifying white devil

Like ok anon if u really want to talk about this: im a gay man as well who deeply relates to robert because we were both used for purely physical means by someone who we thought we could trust.

Robert tells you flat out what problems he’s having at the end of his arc. He tells you on the second date he struggles with thinking he deserves to exist. He fucking cries on your shoulder after admitting all this. Idk what the fuck you call that anon, but i call that Honesty.

Joseph plays up the “im just a poor man with a terrible wife u-u” shtick even BEFORE you decide to romance him or anyone. Robert knows what joseph is doing to you on his shitty boat down to a Tee. Joseph tells you he’s going to leave mary for you, then turns around and says you can be his side thing or you can get dumped.

If you want a “canon gay ship” anon maybe try for something that isn’t so toxic and obviously filled with distrust and Extreme hatred from robert’s side. Bc even if you write it as adoring as possible, the aftermath in the game is still the same. Robert still hates Joseph, and you still suck toes