if u dont reblog u have no heart

dpd #relatabletimes

- depended ?? Love Me??????
- “are you mad at me”
- “im sorry im so clingy”
- constantly wanting to be touching depended
- minemineminemineminemine
- feeling your heart cave in when you dont get a text back
- crying
- “youre not close enough”
- depended is etheral
- depended is my life force and i am honored to be around them i will worship them for the rest of my mortal life
- “please talk to me”

reminder that i rarely reply to replies bc idk, avpd/anxiety idk it just kinda freaks me out a bit so i dont reply to them but i appericate when ppl reply and if u have ever replied to a post pls kno i am replying to u in my heart. ty 

ilydaehyun  asked:

hey 💌😳


1. first impression: i honestly dont remember following u for the first time but the first time i like… Got The Okay Signal to start interacting w u u reblogged my selfies and put like #my gf in the tags and i had a heart attack i love u

2. truth is: i make fun of u a lot but i would die for u in one (1) second

3. how old do you look: 18-19 :p

4. have you ever made me laugh: yes…. godt

5. have you ever made me mad: no i dont get seriosuly mad that often anyway … you definitely couldnt have made me mad bc… I Love U

6. best feature: everything but personally i love ur hair & ur eyes

7. have I ever had a crush on you: Now. i love u

8. you’re my: dao. My Dao my love

9. name in my phone: ur contact name would be My Dao written w the caps 🤧💕

10. should you post this too? if u want!
mutuals send me a hey n ill do this 💞💞💞

(ajttk)  T    tumblr blues(u doan reblog me anymore)

i thot i knew how 2 play the game

thot i knew the score

heart bomb or heart fuck 

its all the same

u dont reblog me anymore

i dont know why i bother to post

at least u dont block me

gonna have to reblog myself


u dont reblog me anymore

came up with this - while washing a dish - total time from concept to finish - recording 20 minutes - didnt even bother to tune my guitar - it’s gotta gotta have that tambourine playing kitten

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i just realized that 50% of the ppl i follow are inactive but id rather die first than unfollow them and i basically reblog from the same three (3) ppl daily and i dont want to be annoying,,,,so if u post these things and are active pls reblog:

  • yuri on ice 
  • seasonal anime
  • tokyo ghoul
  • mp100
  • voltron
  • hxh
  • haikyuu!!
  • nge
  • memes
  • dogs/animals
  • fanart/art
  • sesshomaru
  • video games (final fantasies, kingdom hearts, pokemon, etc)

its a bonus if you post your own content!! but u dont have to :>