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i randomly thought about that who gave you the teeth ask you once got... what would you say are the top 5 best anon asks you have received?


5. anyone thats ever asked me ‘wow u dont like karen page since when????’ unironically and i have to try to be polite about how she Just Isn’t For Me when what i want to say is i’d rather have a tracheostomy than ever hear that name again. but manners, u kno???

4. anyone thats ever hit on me via anon. there’s only been like 2 but there’s something abt someone flirting w u based on a blog where all you do is talk about how daredevil is a slutty slutty man that just speaks to me you know???? is like saying ‘looks dont matter but what does is where you stand on matt murdock’s sex life’

3. this was a long time ago but i remember it explicitly i was at uni or something n i’d just been and bought 2 full size baguettes and nothing else n someone was like no one can eat two baguettes ya dumb bitch so i had to of course eat two whole baguettes because im not a fucking baby 

2. anon who wanted to talk me into naomi scott as felicia or silver a thousand times. LOVE the enthusiasm 

1. as always… coming in at number one in both this list and in my heart….. fever dream anon. no one else panders to me quite so specifically as fever dream anon. no one will ever treat me so right 

ok so this blog currently has 13,831 followers so like…….theres a chance for this its wild are u guys ready……theres this really cute girl in my bio lab class………like super cute….she has green hair and dark eyes and was wearing a cute sweater today and was just very cute i did not speak to her bc i was scared but one today she sat next to me briefly………so like if anybody reading this is in bio lab section 37 at a specific iowa university who is cute and maybe gay u kno u feel it

guess who got m&g tickets for ari’s concert ?!?!?!?!??!?!? h*ck!!!!! 

also since the other ariana pic i drew went everywhere and literally got to ari (as in she liked it, but a reposted no cred version) i put a rlly ugly watermark there sorry woops

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can u say a gay headcanon that's been in your head for awhile? a gay heather headcanon

i dont exactly kno wht u meant so i’ll give u one gay headcanon for each character in this au

jc: sometimes he hooks up w guys he rly likes but has to just make it a one time thing bc it might ruin his rep depending on who he dates

kurt d: gay for jc

ram mcn: gay for jc

martha s: used to have a bit of a crush on heather sweeney

heather k: shares shirts nd pants w heather sweeney

heather s: one time she looked at martha sawyer and gasped bc she was so pretty

high def: actually gay for martha sawyer

goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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GOD mira theres this boy in my art class and hes SO cute and soft and he dresses really nice and hes so talented but listen. my friend was talking to him right, and she said smth about me, and was like "u kno her right? she blonde? she dress kinda like u?" trying to see if he knew who i was and (apparently, this is what she told me) he BEAMED and went "ya i know her!" im in tears!!! he smiled bc of me !!!! this is such puppy love like i dont even know him lmao but im so !!!! inside

THATS SO CUTE IM JEALOUS BUT SUPPORTING U THROUGH THE SCREEN!! make sure u get to know him!! don’t let figmentation guide u!! that is my best advice!!! GOOD LUCK

HEY HM have u guys ever seen that dating show video where a woman literally wins a date w a serial killer????

(you can read the information on the man here as i really dont want to get into that) 

she actually never went through with the date after the show bc he eventually began 2 creep her out . this shit fucks me up so much cause she was one night away from being  a victim but her own intuition saved heR. 

im not really into true crime stuff but this one video really fascinates me :0

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What type of music do you think the pack listens to or what do you think is there favorite artist. I think Embry would be really into john Mayer and I see Seth being a hardcore fanboy for like Beyoncé or Rihanna. I could see Leah being into rock music like arctic monkeys or fall out boy

- sam: i can see him listening to some soft rock or maybe some unknown artists from the 90s he grew up listening to, and of course some acoustic stuff that he’s grown to like bc of emily 
- jared: mish-mash of a lot of different stuff probably! maybe mainly some chill shit like bryson tiller?? maybe some chance the rapper,  j.cole?? 
- pol: i always have this picture in my head of paul rocking out (a little too hard) in his car to some electric guitar so probably genres like pop punk and shit like asap rocky, ye, maybe some of frank ocean’s stuff?? 
- embry: i agree that i can see him vibing to mayer!! kiowa’s own style of music is stuff like hard punk (he seems to know this band called lifelink and if u listen to their music u’ll know what im talking about when i say that kiowa is into THAT music) so idk i can see him rocking out to that stuff and old bands like green day and blink!! 
- jake: knowing his salty and emotional ass he would probably listen to drake’s heartbroken shit and be like omg drake u get me and have slow dancing in a burning room by mayer on repeat 
- quil: same as emb but i think he would be more into stuff on the radio now as well 
- leah: i totally see her liking some halsey-type alternative vibey music!! maybe hayley kiyoko (lmao my gay queen), or yeah arctic monkeys i can see as well! i feel like anything u would see with lyrics on like one of those shitty tumblr edits (u kno the ones with the blurry ass fake angst teen aesthetic backgrounds and italicized arial font in pastel lmao) she would listen to but not really talk about?? she seems to be a person who likes to keep things private so i dont think she would talk about things like what music shes into that much 
- seth: i can see him liking a lot of female artists on the radio as well bc a) girl groups always make Bops and b) why not u feel me?? i feel like frank ocean would totally be up his alley as well! maybe he would like gallant and stuff like chase atlantics old eps. i feel like he would really like the sounds that are coming up for this summer especially like that awesome song w/ dj khaled/chance/quavo/wayne/bieber u know that just chill vibey but bouncey bop typa song 

(u didnt say imprints but im including them bc luv) 
- emily: soft acoustic stuff. i feel like she would prefer to listen to acoustic youtube covers of current radio stuff instead of the originals! 
- kim: she’s a classic teenage girl type with a classic teenage girl next door taste in music. taylor swift, girl groups like little mix and h4rmony (bye canoodle), beyonce and badgalri, ariana, selena, etc. she can totally get down to 90s girl groups as well. i also feel like she would like some of the new solo stuff from one d! especially niall and harry– their sounds right now are super cool and really indicative of how their individual voices and styles were kinda cramped by what music they had to make. i also feel like she would really love native talent trying to make their message heard through music. frank wain, a tribe called red, nataanii means, etc. i know from personal experience that it means so much for someone from un/mis/poorly represented culture to be putting themselves out there and representing their people and message. 
- rach: i feel like she would have a really huge appreciation and passion for music and the culture that surrounds it (particularly the streetwear portion of it). she totally went out and got at least three asap rocky x guess shirts ringer tees and some for paul (lucky bitch i couldnt get even a SHIRT smfh), she watched lemonade as a cinematic experience with the lights off and popcorn in hand once it came out on HBO, she went out and got herself some fentys, she’s up on the streetwear trends, she would get yeezys but shes sensible and would never buy them when shitheads resell them for like 700+) etc etc. that being said she has a huge appreciation for modern music and artists who push the envelope of it/regard it as an art form that can send a message to be taken seriously . frank ocean, beyonce, kanye, the1975, badgal, drake, calvin harris, ed sheeran, etc. she really has a fine appreciation for music and the culture that surrounds it more than anyone else in their circle. 

honestly im so not here for ppl who wanna redeem characters like ou/ma and ko/maeda and to/gami but dont offer the same consideration to mon/aka

who, if u might recall, was a severely abused child who was then manipulated by jun/ko to become a murderer? u kno… JUST LIKE the remnants… who arguably were worse! we’re led to believe mon/aka was pretty bad before jun/ko got her hands on her but like, thats mon/aka’s word? when she’s lied and manipulated to get her way before?

long story short: no cowards here, we give mon/aka a chance to redeem herself just like u would everyone else who was manipulated by jun/ko

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Umm weird question!!! Do you know any other people who like naruto and kpop i want to follow more people like that ksksksks you don't have to reply if you don't want to

JHJS ur perfectly valide, nardo / saucegay mutuals i remember rn are 

@epjphanys @dykejutsu @watertrinity @ihatewhites @angellknj @fadedlovebywondergirls and @teejin started watching naruto a while ago 

they dont all post naruto that often i think i’ve just argued w them abt naruto once or 20 times u kno anyways there u go, theyre cool anyways

hello chummers,

im taking over for AJ for the next week. shes given me the perms 2 change sum stuf around ‘cept 4 her username here, so i started out w her avatar. ivysaur is taking a break.

hope u all appreciate my aesthetic.

who am i? u dont need 2 kno that rite now.

but u can call me hopper.

ok. so. im sure as a lot of u kno im a rly big fan of hamilton, a really really big fan. but now that a lot of the initial hype has died down and im able to look at the musical more clearly im finding that i… hate how the women are portrayed? i really, really do???

dont get me wrong, the schuyler sisters and maria reynolds set my gay little heart aflutter, but their treatment in the story is very unfair? after their introduction song, we get like… no insight on how angelica and eliza feel beyond ‘they are in love with alexander hamilton. like, they are just head over heels for them. so in love. tragic.’ historically speaking, peggy sent many purely platonic letters to hamilton, used her quick thinking to save her niece and almost got hit by a tomahawk in the process, eloped with stephen van rensselaer, became very ill and died in albany, alexander by her side, but you literally wouldnt know any of that unless u went out of ur way to look it up, because peggy just… doesnt get to say or do anything after the schuyler sisters.

im serious, the only times when eliza gets to sing about something that is not her husband is the schuyler sisters, take a break, and stay alive (reprise), angelica only gets the schuyler sisters. 

but dont even get me started on maria reynolds. poor miss maria reynolds, who married her abusive husband, james reynolds, at a very young age (15), who had absolutely no choice in whether or not she had sex with alexander because her husband wanted his money, who revealed in her letters that she felt so guilty and wished she had never been born, is portrayed as evil, bad news, a homewrecker, just because our hero cant keep it in his pants. did u kno that maria, with the help of aaron burr, divorced her piece of shit husband and even wrote her own pamphlet saying what happened between her and alexander, but it was never published, and she was publicly scorned and had to move away and change her name? probably not, since she doesnt get to do or say anything after say no to this!

to put things into perspective. laurens may be a dear friend of alexander, but he still has his own goals and motivations, he wants to end slavery. mulligan is a tailor’s apprentice and later a spy who wants to socially advance. lafayette wants to bring freedom to france. washington is a general and later the president. ect. eliza… is alexander’s wife. she loves him a lot. angelica… is alexander’s lover. she loves him a lot and is unhappy about not being able to fully express that. maria… is alexander’s lover, portrayed as some clever, cunning and evil mistress. peggy… is gone. shes going, shes gone. same, peggy. same.

bff2bf! minghao

• u go to this random chinese restaurant thats open lateish ok and u often go there later in the day bc thats when u get yr cravings
• so as u go u ALWAYS see the really cute boy who works the evening shift and he speaks really broken english but its so cute :’)
• and so eventually u want to say something to him besides “the usual, thank you. have a good night” u kno
• so u actually go and pick up a book and watch a few vids on learning chinese and u learn how to say a few phrases and stuff !!!
• and so u go there one evening and instead of the usual “hello” in english, u tell him in chinese and he smiles shyly and starts blushing a little bit and says it back
• but then u actually ORDER in chinese and say thank u and everything (even tho its kinda sloppy because its a REALLY hard language ok)
• and he is a big smiling mess at the end and hes actually wiping away a small tear that escaped because ??no one has ever made an effort to do that before !! and hes so !!
• and so from that point on u two started to share info about each other’s language !!
• so (thanks to minghao) u start going there like five mins before it closes and he tells his parents that he’ll cook the last meal
• but really he wants to impress u and say that he made it
• so bc of that, u two kinda just sit in the corner and eat some food while doing a language exchange thing
• and u guys become really close friends and because of the whole exchanging languages, your chinese and his english have both improved sm!!
• eventually his parents want 2 meet u since they want to know who the person who kEEPS COMING 5 MINS BEFORE CLOSING TIME IS
• but also bc minghao CANNOT shut up about u
• so they dont know that you can speak chinese and they meet u unexpectedly and his mom is like
• “!! minghao!! yr friend is so cute !!! please tell me yr dating yr friend!!”
• then u start giggling and mINGHAOS JUST A MESS HONESTLY
• and so his mom picks it up and shes like “ohh im sorry !! uh gtg!!”
• “im sorry about that shes very….u kno…mom”
• “minghao r u apologizing for yr mom”
• “yes im sorry”
• anyways so its been around maybe ?? six months and his grade in english went up by sm and he thanks u every day honestly
• one night tho u go there and something happened earlier that day that made u rly :(( and u didnt realize it but u were lowkey crying
• “chicken fried rice an- are you okay???”
• then he literally grabs yr hand and you two walk out to this cafe/bakery right across the street
• “minghao im fine”
• “no yr not now im gonna buy u an ice cream and yr gonna tell me whats wrong”
• and he does exactly that and well u end up telling him everything and hes listening so diligently the entire time :’)
• then after this whole long talk and making u feel better u guys r just silent and eating away at the remains of yr ice creams
• then he literally breaks the silence with “you know what? i think i’m in love with you”
• then he just stares at u for a really long time and giggles at how u reacted
• “a-are you sure???”
• “i have never been so sure about anything else”
• “n-no like….are you s-sure??”
• “yes i am very sure”
• “????”
• “HERE! i’ll even prove it!”
• “wh-”
• he literally kissed u ??? right there ??
• and yr SHAKING like ??he KISSED ME ??
• eventually u guys leave but this time hes GIGGLING sm like a lil kid and holding yr hand and swinging it back and forth while he DOES NOT STOP SMILING
• needless 2 say u are so glad that u like chinese food

one of like the prettiest black girls i know was talkin abt she wonders if zayn likes black girls & it took me by surprise??

like??? u gorgeous?? u kno u gorgeous??? everybody thinks u a 10??? u look better than him???? and u worried about him not being attracted to u bc you black??

i forgot how deeply engrained that “non-black men dont like us” mindset is in us ??

either way that really made me sad and somewhat angry even tho idk who im angry at. just angry that we got to fuckin deal with this

nah but honeslty, jasper was weak from fighting garnet, garnet + the gems could hhave easily finished her off, if lapis was actually like ‘no i dont want to fuse w/ u’, the gems (AND STEVEN) would maybe defend her, nOT THAT SHE’D FUCKING NEED IT BC THEY’RE RIGHT BESIDE THE OCEAN, SHE COULD HAVE LITERALLY KILLED JASPER W/O LIFTING A FINGER

oh my god, lapis did NOT need to fuse w jasper, the ocean was RIGHT THERE and jasper was weakened, lapis fused w/ her so she could drag her down and imprison her just like she was imprisoned for so long, lapis wanted revenge in the nastiest way possible, arguably she wanted revenge for something jasper probably wasn’t even responsible for (being trapped in the mirror)

like i get we dont kno much abt lapis still, but stop writing her off as some defenseless girl who was FORCED to fuse, when she made that decision herself when she could have just as easily used her water powers on jasper

or if u want, u can interpret her as being brave and self sacrificing for CHOOSING TO FUSE w/ jasper to make sure she couldn’t hurt steven again !!

just,,, goodness,, im kind of tired of these bland interpretations of lapis

(In All About That Base tune)

cuz u know I’m all about that cake bout that cake no mu-uke
neither cashton nor mashton nor lashton nor malum
just ca-ake
cuz u know I’m all about that cake bout that cake no mu-uke