if u don't like him ur wrong

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U guys are so adorable I can't even, what I would do without u I don't even know. Also, have u guys ever been clothes shopping and had to submit urselves to the other forcing u into clothes that really aren't ur style? (Klavier​ I'm looking at u)

Apollo: I actually like the clothes Klavier usually chooses when we go shopping (not many times, mind you. I’m not really a fan of wasting money on clothes). At first I wouldn’t let him, but then I realized he kinda knows what suits me best.

(Besides, his reactions make it up for any trouble he might cause me.)

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dans been pronouncing nihilism wrong for like 3 years who's gonna tell him u don't say the h

dan if ur reading this say nihilism wrong again

courtney and gwen from total drama are gay and in love and their series-long Fight over Duncan is them just projecting their feelings onto a boy neither of them like that much & continuing to try & win him over out of misdirected jealousy they're feeling about Each Other

and duncan is gay also

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hi i really don't mean to bother u but i just wanted ur opinion on smth?? so i saw a post that was like 'kaz did some gross shit to inej' or something like that and i went into like.,,, panic mode bc i have anxiety and they're like?? some of my favorite things but i don't want to ship it if it's problematic. like as far as i know kaz was just really a dick sometimes but inej would constantly call him out and over the course of the two books he grew,,, so like is this,, in ur opinion,, wrong?

kaz is gross, he does terrible shit to everyone. plus he has that flaw every other ya mc seems to have - he doesn’t know how to communicate. i mean does that excuse anything he’s done to her personally? no (though i am going to have to reread / someone hit me with receipts bc i’m drawing a blank on any specific examples of him treating her badly and i don’t want to overlook anything??) but the narrative makes it very clear that kaz isn’t a good guy and i think that’s important to remember, especially regarding kanej, because it sheds light on how different he treats inej compared to everyone else. i personally admire the way they were written, i think they were handled carefully. and throughout the duology we get to see inej assess his character, reflect on his flaws, decide exactly what she would need from him, because whether she wants to be with him or not, ultimately that choice is hers to make and i love how it’s painted that they’re both well aware of this.

and yeah he’s a dick, he says pretty messed up things and gets them in horrible situations, but he’s always respected her, given her a choice, and looked out for her. he’s definitely grown over the course of the books and i think it’s crucial to remember that he was actively trying to because he realized at the end of six of crows he needed to make some adjustments -

“He needed to tell her…what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn’t pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her.”

i personally don’t find the ship problematic but i think in this case it’s entirely subjective. however if it’s one of your favorite things i don’t think you should let someone else’s opinions ruin it for you  

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imagine robin going to the cave except like five small children are trailing after him and everyone except for wally is like ??? n he's like don't worry they with me. it's like dang these sidekicks keep gettin younger and younger

ok but like,,, imagine wally knows 4 of them, but the last one is completely new to him and he gets in an argument with dick right then and there abt it

and the kids are just introducing themselves to the rest of young justice, like “i’m gonna be the next robin” tim. “the hell u r shortstack, i’m the next robin” steph.  “um surprise surprise but ur both wrong. i’m the next robin, and i’ll die before i let either of u dorks take over” obvs jason

and babs is like, “i’m batgirl, but like, different from her batgirl.” gestures to the new kid and cass comes out like, “i’m black bat now, callin dibs on it, it’s mine now”

the team r so confused,,, dick is trying to get wally to shut up,,, the batkids r like “we’re leaving now, bye dickie” 

  • jin: ok we're making a pizza today
  • rap mon: but we can just ord-
  • jin: right namjoon, ur role today is to read the cooking instructions out loud so ur mouth stays busy
  • jin: jungkook can u work on the pizza base
  • jungkook: of course
  • jimin: can I help him? I have strong arms
  • jk: NO
  • jin: yeah why not. yoongi -
  • suga: i'll lie down and wait for the food while silently judging u
  • jin: i doubt it's gonna be silent. hoseok u take care of the toppings bc u're the only one with clean hands
  • v: what about me
  • jin:
  • v: pls i wanna do something. i can help cut jhope's sausage
  • rm: i don't think he'd appreciate that
  • JH: u can stroke the dough instead
  • jin: stop w the dick jokes for god's sake, we're making food
  • v: i can spin the pizza in the air i saw it on tv
  • jin: just go buy some snacks for later, here's some money
  • s: snacks are all we're gonna have, I can smell your incoming failure from 20 mins away
  • jin: right. namjoon start reading
  • rm: spread the dough thin but not too thin. push it far and not too near. live like it's always ur last day, don't give in to the decay
  • JH: are u rapping right now
  • jk: i got this dont worry JIMIN STOP HOLDING MY HAND IN THE DOUGH
  • jm: i'm helping u spread it thin, ur frail hands can't handle it. see, now this is cute. like dirty dancing
  • rm: keep going on until ur freedom becomes a certainty of the universe, transcending time and space and ur human condition-
  • jk: wtf are u even reading
  • rm: glad you asked! it's Immanuel Kant, I just got this in the post today, I'm so excited
  • jin: where's the cooking book???
  • rm: oh there's no actual cooking book in this house
  • jin:
  • jk: look we dont fking need that, I'm the golden maknae, I can make a goddamn pizza. it's ready to go in the ovenJIMIN STOP PRESSING UR ABS INTO MY BACK OR I'LL THROW U IN THE OVEN TOO
  • jm: that's not my abs
  • v: hey I'm back, i found some snacks specially made for women and i got curious
  • jin: what do u mean snacks for wo -
  • jin:
  • JH: thats not food
  • v: but the packaging is so nice, what is it?
  • rm: when the uterus discharges of its lining, the remains of the potential fetus nest are absorbed by those things u just bought
  • v: is Uterus a foreign country?
  • rm: I wouldn't call it foreign, we've all been there
  • v: i'll just give them to my mom, it's her birthday soon
  • jin: someone take those away from him
  • jk: my perfect pizza is ready
  • s: it's actually impressive, u finished before the delivery guy got here
  • jin: why would u order pizza when we were making pizza???
  • s: I wouldn't trust u to make a sandwich
  • jin: anyway it looks awesome but
  • jk: what now
  • jin: wtf is that smell. what is that green stuff on it hoseok??????
  • JH: basil?
  • JH: oh shit you're right, my bad
  • jin:
  • jk:
  • jin: just throw everything away
  • JH: don't let kim taehyung eat that or we'll have to send him to the moon w his rabbit to shut up
  • v: but it's delicious
  • v: hey do u guys ever think we got it all wrong
  • v: like what if the world is just a ping pong ball no one picked up yet
  • v: and when giants will start playing w it we'll have to dance to places instead of walking to keep up the pace
  • rm: that's quite fascinating. u know kant believed we perceive the world through a conceptual scheme, do u want to read this together?
  • v: i have no idea what u just said but yes
  • s: well my pizza is here at least, enjoy ur tampon snacks and stoned philosophy talk
  • jin: i fucking hate all of u
Should You Fight Block B
  • Zico: you could. he acts touch but you could probably land a few punches before he starts crying like the soft baby he truly is.
  • Kyung: i mean. you could. but why would you. could you live with the guilt of having punched park kyung right in his fucking face. seeing that hurt, confused look every night before you fall asleep. could you. could you really
  • Jaehyo: do not fight him. protect this poor child. he's already beaten up enough already as it is do not harm him protect him at all costs. plus, he would probably kick your ass in .02 seconds
  • B-Bomb: do it. fucking fight lee minhyuk. get a punch or two in on that bias wrecker before he puts ur ass in the hospital. it was worth it. besides, he probably started it anyway
  • U-Kwon: he got beat up by a bunch of guys and a fucking dog i mean sure go for it i guess why not
  • P.O: don't do it. please don't do it he is so Good and Pure why would you
  • In Conclusion: you could fight block b. you could. but you probably shouldn't because half of them could fuck you up and the other half would just make you feel bad for even trying to hurt them.

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Casino royale is on german tv right now and I'm watching it for the first time and I don't know why, but I always thought Le Chiffre was that really badass bond villain and I guess he still kind of is but 90% of the time I just want to hug him and wrap him in a blanket because he is such a clueless little puppy, and why does he always look so sad? And when everyone is getting the drink that Mr. Bond ordered, he looks like he is going stomp up his room because stupid bond stole all of his friends

that’s just it!!! he’s just a pretentious little indoorsy asthmatic former chess club nerd with a sadistic boner who really hates it when that big old meanie james takes his toys. my headcanon is that he fucked up his own eye to look more intimidating and allow him to say cool lines like Weeping blood comes merely from a derangement of the tear duct, my dear General. Nothing sinister which he totally practiced a lot in front of a mirror. unfortunately it kinda backfired on him because he just ends up bleeding randomly on everything poor babycakes