if u could see my face rn

Favourite Buzzfeed Unsolved things:

• the way Shane pauses before saying “you know what I like? I like it when serial killers, they have a /thing/”

• constant wheezing do u guys have asthma too pls

• “I went to get holy water today and the churches weren’t open”

• the slow progression of Shane’s anger/complete irresponsibility towards demons

•"if I hit my head down here, I will fall" “oh well” = basically Obama saying ‘then perish’ tbh

• Ryan’s reactions to Hotdaga

• when Shane’s whole face lights up at the realisation that Razor boy is back

• “dont be afraid of my tall friend” “giant” = anytime Ryan calls Shane out on being so tall

• when Ryan leaps to see over the cemetery wall in the New Orleans ep and shanes just,, chillin

I can’t think of anymore rn ahh there are so fukin many

Signs As Things I've Said
  • taurus: [teacher asks what i'm good at] nothing lmao
  • gemini: i'm pretty sure i'm actually a cat like u can feed me but I still won't like u
  • cancer: i'm so emo rn i could like cry
  • leo: [after having an anxiety attack and crying in front of class] but is my eyeliner okay
  • virgo: go to the freezer u need to chill the fuck out
  • libra: don't touch my butt but give me pizza
  • scorpio: satan seems like a pretty cool dude yo
  • sagittarius: dude it's not talking shit if i say it to your face every time i see you
  • capricorn: go choke on several dicks dude
  • aquarius: i'm so fucking chill like i'm basically dead lmao
  • pisces: [forgets that the ocean is called the ocean] the, um, y'know big water

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You're so sweet ! This is incredible, I need someone like you in my life, we all do. You're just the cutest person I've ever seen ! You deserve a lot of love ! Have a nice day sweetie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

if u could…see my tiny libra face rn !!! ilysm tbh. thank u so much for being SO NICE it honestly makes my lil heart burst <3