if u c k

Me, reading from a checklist of questions: Okay but would the infected theoretically be able to receive blood transfusions from someone who was immune and the same blood type, or are there antibodies that would cause it to be rejected? Also, does the green flu more closely resemble rabies, or something like toxoplasmosis that alters the hosts’ fear response to danger and predators?

Valve, who was pretty sure they made a fun FPS about zombies: whta the f u c k


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit

harry is the light of my life