if u aint got no money

if taeyong happens to get on we got married let him be, dont you want to see him reffering to his wife as ten by accident

taehyung: do u wanna take a se-

jungkook: selca? aint got time ⌚️🌠 not when im out here on my grind 💯💯 tryna get these awards 👌 and that 🇺🇸 international recognition 😎 i barely sleep 🌜 too busy hustlin 💥💥 time is money 💸 cant be wasted on pics unless they of my trophies 🏆 work big play big earn big 🙏 jiyong 19:88 🙏

anonymous asked:

i think u have to subscribe to a monthly premium membership for that

Aah fuckin! Fuck shit. I aint got money Fucking shit fuck! Shit balls fucking fuc