if u aint got no money

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ok so im rewatching s1 and the bit where gates says the crew won't be happy with $8 each and ok so i did some maths and thats the equivalent of around $640 USD in today's money, or around 600euro, or £520 like thats not a bad amount assuming they make semi regular hauls like that (and assuming thats at the lower end of their usual haul considering gates' displeasure) like wtf are they complaining about they aint got phone bills to pay they aint got taxes to pay pirates are greedy bastards

im laughing so hard

flint: im gonna give u 5 million spanish dollars


flint: well thats a little unrealistic. this is hard work. 

complements & pick up lines for the mbti types

istj - r u a 90 degree angel, cuz yer looking finnnne- oh shit, right, yer lookin right
estj - is yer body from micky d’s? cause imma about to mcfreakin lose it
isfj - i rate u a 5 outta 10 & im also a 5 outta 10, and that means we’re equals
esfj - if u were a traingle, yu’d be like, the best one.  i swear man, yeah.
istp - are u made of copper and tellurium? crap i really gotta study for this test
estp - i got skittles in my mouth you wanna *chokes* oh fuck nvm
esfp - ur outta this world! cmon back sometime bro, love to hang out sometime…
isfp - r u a keyboard ? cause i could play you like a fiddle, oh wait fuck no w ait
entj - id offer u a cigarrette but like i don’t smoke, so… ?
intj - yer single, im single, coincidence ? no i think maybe yer the problem. 
entp -  i brought my librayr card so i can -  wait.. its at home.. its at home
intp - r good ppl in china ? caus im “china” find you! i fucked up i fucked up
enfj - i know what you shuld be for halloween , like a zombie, man they cool
infj - i aint got no money… nah srsly u know anywhere thats hiring?
enfp - nice pants, like for reals bro where’d you get em?
infp - ur hella cute and hella fine, but whoops u already got a valentine T-T

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please dont use a box dye if u do this color but im feeling the denim hair....jair u might say

Honey, I aint got the money to go to a stylist

if taeyong happens to get on we got married let him be, dont you want to see him reffering to his wife as ten by accident

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My bf and I broke up like 2 weeks ago and idk if I should keep trying to get him back, I really liked him 😔, but he's been texting back like he doesn't even care when he claiming he still likes me a lot and cares for me. I just don't see why he broke up with me if he says he still likes me. I've showed most of my close friends what he's been replying recently and they said he's an asshole and that I should just stop bc I'm only gonna keep getting hurt.I like him so much and its just so hard 😞

he seems immature and unsure of what he wants…if he wants u, he wants u. simple as that..if he dumps u then give him what his indecisive ass wants and move on! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT SHIT MAKE MONEY AND FIND A REAL DOWN ASS LOVER

He says I aint worried bout nothing Rihabilitation just got me worrying bout fuckin. MONEY DECISION making got me worry bout stuntin, $he worrying bout me her nigga worrying bout cuffin. I wanna see her body $he said get inside of me, I wanna feel u baby just bring the animal right out of me. We lovin she lovin, especially when I go down on her. Now we fuckin she thuggin, GETTIN LOUD.

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well if i was ur boyfriend i'll never let u go keep u on my arms girl u'll never be alone i could be a gentleman anything u want if i was ur boyfriend i nvr let u go imma take u places u aint nvr been before bbay take a chance girl u'll never ever know i got money in my pocket that i'll really like to blow swag swga swag on u chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue i dont know about me but i know abt u so say hello to foswaggie in three two swaggie i'd like to be anything u want hey girl lemme

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R u a feminist/antifeminist? (or neither of that)

haha i dont get how anyone can be anti feminist? i want women to be equal with me so they can pay for their own shit i aint got money for that