if tumblr shuts down

Hey there Tumblr visitors. I’m starting to rethink a lot of my social media platforms. What with recent changes in ownership to Tumblr, it’s harder to justify centering my entire social media presence around here. To that end in the near future I’ll be shifting focus directly to Patreon and making that a mix of paid and free posts.

I’ll still be using Tumblr. (and twitter, and deviant art, and probably a few other platforms in the future) But I’m honestly wary about where this website will be in the next few months. According to the numbers I have something like 16,000 followers but the amount of engagement I get is roughly equal to my twitter followers at a mere 800. It could be entirely about HOW I use this site but it’s also true that not as many people use Tumblr anymore.

All that said, I’m not shutting down the site but I’m taking advice from other people to adapt ahead of various worst case scenarios. (it should be noted that Patreon isn’t a hundred percent sure it’s going to be around forever either) To that end, I’ll still be posting art here but more as a satellite for content I host elsewhere. And I’ll still engage with followers that approach me here.

If you’d like to get in touch now so we stay in touch in the future, feel free to message me. My inbox has always been open.

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Are we allowed to send you gifts ? If so , anything specific ?

For the 8th party event? Yeah, if you want to. I’ll reblog anything for me on Tumblr. Just nothing physical since we recently shut down the PO box (and because I’d feel bad if someone went and spent money on me.) But gifts from people weren’t even on my mind when I made this Discord event, I just wanted to chill with everyone. Otherwise, I’d probably sleep the day away.

But, if you insist on knowing, Jenny Myers from the new Friday the 13th game is my absolute favorite girl right now, so maybe you can use that information for something

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This is sort of off topic, too! Please, AG, don't let PR/Management, GenLovers, or even the J's run you off your tumblr account, like some others that have been shut down. It's like a breath of fresh air to see someone stand up and talk about topics that no one wants to discuss in this fandom. Always know you have people behind you who support you.

No worries, love! I’m here to stay! 

I’ve gotten some really wanky anons, but they’re always blocked right on the spot. I also have a blogger on here who pretends to like the wives as to avoid drama, she let’s me know where there’s a wife fan clogging up the tag about things I write and I block them before they can even send in a message.

As long as this blog is helping others, even if it’s just a few, to get things off their chest, I’ll keep running it the way I am. 

Important information for Content Creators on Tumblr (Last Updated June 23, 2017)

okay i know ive posted alot about this just now, but now that ive got it more or less figured out I’m gonna make a better post here and include the tags relevent to my interactions in it to ensure no one else in my fandoms/communities are blindsided like i was. 

I encourage you to make your own, or to just recopy this, tagging the fandoms and communities important to you!


If you make a post with external links, your post will be hidden from searches. If you make a post and link to your redbubble, no one can search for your post. If you make art and link it to your deviantart or artstation, no one can search for you post. If you make any post and just throw on a “hey here is where you find me!” no one can search that post. If you want to recommend a fic or a youtube video, no one can search your post, if you… hell you get the idea. Tumblr has completely shut down content creators on this hellsite and its fucking infuriating.

I have just confirmed that the post type “Link” also does not show up in the tags. Thats right, there is an ENTIRE TYPE OF TUMBLR POST that cannot be searched. G-FUCKING-G TUMBLR.

EDIT: Okay! I have done more testing (and a video to go along with it) and at this point i can say that this is still very real, but that it only affects links to specific websites, presumably ones that tumblr doesn’t have added to some sort of “internal whitelist” of safe sites. 
I would suggest if you intend to continue tagging, to maintain a very very unique tag and use it to keep tabs on your work to ensure they are continuing to show up.
In the meantime, I will do my best to keep a list here of links verified to work, and ones verified to not work. Please feel free to comment on the post or reblog if you have your own experiences!

Also there has been confirmation that this change affects posts regardless of posting date. So it’ll hide posts made before the update went into affect; expected but good to confirm!

Edit (6/1/2017): working with someone to try to determine why an image is being hidden from the tag regardless of if it has text or a link or anything. The image in question should have worked, we tried reposting, we tried changing the file name, it still didn’t show up. Finally we changed it from a .png to a .jpg and it worked! So we thought we stumbled on something but, i posted one of my images in a test tag, as a jpg, as a png and as a transparent png and all showed up. So sometimes posts arent showing up for other reasons that have yet to be discovered (just because tumblr is shit it would seem)

Edit (6/23/2017):  So it looks like certain links might only show up in certain searches.

in this case the etsy link only showed up in recent, not in popular and not in text posts. 

Also if you wanted to try to include a non linked post in the description such as a url with the dots obfuscated by parenthesis then you have to do both the www(.) and the (.)com, one or the other will still find your post blocked.

in short using any links whatsoever COULD be problematic, using no links at all could be, but will probably increase the chances of your post being seen.

In general Tumblr’s search is absolutely degenerating, seemingly with each passing day.


It shuts down posts with external links, so at first i assumed internal links would be fine. and they are. if you make a page on your tumblr blog called like /links or something you can certainly link to that. But in that way you run into an issue, tumblr mobile is a piece of shit and cant load tumblr pages, and itll just take you back to the mainblog any time you try.

The best solution ive found so far is put all your relevent links in your blog description like so:

and then in every content post, call tumblr out for being a piece of shit and direct them to the links in your blog description.

Edit: In the top right hand side of photo posts you can click on it and include a single link as “source” that should work if you have one link neccessary. though if you need more you are still SOL. Find it like so:

It will appear in dash format at the bottom left of the post:

in desktop them view where it can be found, or if it can be found, varies by theme.


It is important now more than ever on this hellsite that you try to support your artist and content creators, reblog as much as possible, look to find them on websites off this piece of shit, and generally do your best to spread the word and support them, since tumblr itself is trying to silence them! 


Sorry to break the news, but you did not report the person behind that blog. Instead, you reported me. And I am still suffering the consequences.

I did not run that blog. Yes, they used my image. All my pictures from Facebook and Instagram, my statuses, even the captions. And then interspersed them with animal abuse images, fantasies about beastiality, other fucking disgusting sentiments.

You people found my Facebook, where I listed my wildlife rescue group. You didn’t think, for a moment, that it was odd that none of these abuse fantasies appeared on Facebook. A girl who was apparently willing to put her face, her location, the names of her family her local fucking vet clinic on her zoophilic Tumblr page, strangely had none of these thoughts on a just-as-public Facebook page.

Not one single person thought, “This is a bit odd, maybe I should reach out to this person just to confirm that it’s them.”

You people, high on some fantastical idea of justice, called the authorities. And I did not even know about the existence of the blog until the RSPCA showed up on my doorstep one night.

THEY, thankfully, had the sense to believe me. As soon as they showed me the page and I broke down in tears, they got the idea. So they told me to go to the police. The police palmed me off to ACORN (a cybercrime body) who dismissed the case because “nobody in the images was under the age of 18.”

Meanwhile, Tumblr had taken the page down, only for it to resurface again last year.

I then pursued a civil case. Emailed lawyers in my local city. They advised me only to take it to Tumblr, who shut down the page a second time. No further action was taken.

I never received another call from wildlife rescue because I was unable to prove that I did not run this disgusting blog. Wildlife is my biggest passion in the world and I may never work in that industry until I can clear my name.

So I messaged this page - report-a-predator. They told me to prove it - fair enough. So I sent them EVERYTHING. The screenshots, my emails to ACORN and SAPOL and Tumblr and the lawyers. They did not respond. I emailed them again, begging them to clear my name. They did not respond.

I am furious. I am fucking enraged that this post even still exists on their page, because the actions of this so-called “justice group” has directly impacted the life of an innocent person and they will do nothing to acknowledge it. Not even respond to a simple email. Not even take down the incriminating post.

I know my blog is tiny, I know nobody follows it, I know this will probably never be seen. But I am not going to be silent.

If you’re ever caught up in a whirlwind of pseudo-justice, maybe check the facts first.

the Collective of Woody is a demon borne of technology and on the day that tumblr shuts down it will assume its flesh form and swallow the world in its great and terrible maw

“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 


it’s 5/6 so I have an excuse ok, here’s a quartet of ennotana multichap fic recs bye

birds of a feather by mew-tsubaki / @le-amewzing

learning us by tsucchi / @kenma-irl

ennoshita’s theory by thepessimist / @thepessimistsblog

close your eyes and kiss me by gilrael / @gilrael

Ive had this draft open for a few weeks now, trying to find the right words for what I want to say, so bear with me here.

First off: In the past, I’ve been accused of using my fandom fame to “bully” lesser-known blogs or even sending my followers to attack certain people (despite the fact Ive made multiple posts telling my followers there is no situation where sending hate is justified) so I’d like to preface this by saying I am not calling out any specific blog, fandom group, or shipping community. The purpose of this post is not to cause drama, but rather to bring attention to an issue I think the ML fandom as a whole needs to be aware of.

*ahem* anyways…


Wanting to “keep the peace” is not a valid reason to shut down real criticisms of real problems in the fandom.

Silencing discourse about important issues because you “want to keep the fandom drama-free” does not make you a saint.

Dismissing or attacking people when they draw attention to glaring problems in the fandom does nothing to help us grow and overcome these problems.

I’ve heard people say that the ML fandom is the nicest they’ve ever been in because there is no conflict. Because we all ship the love square right? Because we all want to see Adrien and Marinette end up together, right? 

ML Fandom: We are all united :) love square for life :) how could there possibly be drama? :)

Wait, artists are white-washing canon poc characters?

Wait, re-posters are stealing art and publishing without credit?

Wait, there is nsfw posted in the main fandom tags where children can see it?

Wait, bloggers are romanticizing abusive ships/tropes and exposing them to impressionable minors/actual abuse survivors?

Wait, lgbtaq+ creators are getting hateful comments telling them to “stop interfering with the love square”?  

Fandom: “…C’mon guys :/ stop complaining :/ lets keep the fandom drama-free :/…”

Now I get it, online fandom is a form of escape. I fully support the idea that fandom should be a safe space for everyone. As long as you are participating in fandom in a way that DOESN’T PUT OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK, you should be free to blog in peace.

That being said, the problem isn’t that people want a drama-free blogging experience, the problem is that some people are willing to make fandom enjoyable for themselves at the expense of others. They would rather ignore valid criticisms of fandom just because the problem doesn’t effect them personally, then accuse people who continue to draw attention to the problem of “stirring up drama in our good ol wholesome fandom.” 

But guess what?

There is no perfect fandom.

If a person of color tells you a piece of content is racist, you listen.

If an artist tells you reposting is wrong, you listen.

If an underage individual (or anyone really) tells you to keep nsfw art out of main tags, you listen.

If an abuse survivor tells you certain content is triggering/ potentially harmful, you listen. (Yes, even if you yourself are an abuse survivor using a scenario to “cope”.)

If an lgbtaq+ individual points out the disproportionate criticism of non-lovesquare (and in most cases non-het) content, you listen.

Ignoring, and in some cases even arguing against these claims doesn’t keep the fandom “drama-free”. Shutting down valid discourse doesn’t make ML Tumblr a “nicer” or “happier” place to be. 

All it does is does is alienate marginalized fans who fear that voicing their completely valid concerns over negative fandom trends will get them branded a bully or instigator of drama. 

All it does is absolve problematic people of guilt and embolden them to keep engaging in questionable fandom activities because they know the fandom is too concerned with “staying drama free” to do anything about.

All it does is further divide us.

And it needs to stop.

TLDR: If you shut someone down when they are pointing out a valid, important problem in the fandom, you are not trying to make the fandom “nicer for everyone”, you are trying to make the fandom nicer for yourself. Just because a problem doesnt effect you personally doesnt mean its not a problem. There is no such thing as a drama-free fandom, and ignoring key issues for the sake of pretending there is such a thing is irresponsible and disrespectful to marginalized member of the fandom.

Tumblr be like

EXCUSE ME? I’ll have you know I identify as a genderfluid polyvoid aromantic mocha frappucino foxkin megaqueer attack helicopter swiss army knife demiboy and I’m OPPRESSED that you MISGENDERED ME YOU CIS SCUM.


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything. I know it was really crappy of me to go MIA for so long without an explanation to you guys, especially when some of you were counting on me to post on a particular day. I know I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for it, but that’s okay because I probably deserve it for disappearing without so much as a warning. But honestly, I wasn’t expecting to disappear either. Nothing horrible has happened to me - I promise that I’m okay. I think what happened was that I honestly just got really overwhelmed by work, by my home life, and by this blog.

Don’t get me wrong - you guys are all SO wonderful and supportive. I can’t believe how amazing you are to me. Which kind of makes me feel worse, because I do appreciate everything you guys have done for me. The pictures you’ve drawn, the kind and loving messages you’ve sent, all of the help I’ve gotten with the Pride Month stuff - it’s all been incredible. But I think I started to put too much pressure on myself - telling myself I absolutely had to post every video possible and if I didn’t I was somehow letting somebody down. I drove myself crazy and didn’t realize what a toll it was taking on me. And then I would get all of these beautiful messages thanking me for what I was doing, which would cause me to put even more pressure on myself and I would go into these frenzies of posting video after video. I essentially bullied myself into biting off more than I could chew because I felt like you guys were so wonderful to me and I wasn’t enough for you. I think eventually I got to a point where all of it - even the amazing support I got from you - was too much for me to handle, and I shut down. I happened to deleted the Tumblr app from my phone to make some room and have more available storage (because my phone is awful and has hardly any storage), and I suddenly felt really peaceful. All of the notifications stopped, and I felt like I could breathe. I didn’t re download the app and I didn’t check Tumblr from my desktop.

And although I do feel so guilty for shutting down and not warning anyone about it (even though I didn’t expect for it to happen either), I do think I needed (and still do need) to continue to give myself some breathing room. I’m going to resume posting things, but I’m going to go at a slow pace and not pressure myself into going on posting frenzies to try and please everyone (even though I know most of you tell me not to, I tend to be my biggest bully and make myself feel obligated to go above and beyond even when my mental health suffers because of it).

Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me in my absence and who has shown me kindness despite the fact that I dropped the ball. I really just dug myself into a hole that I’m slowly trying to climb out of. I know I’m probably being over dramatic about this, and I know a lot of you will be really kind towards me regardless, but I still feel incredibly guilty and really just wanted to give you all some kind of explanation and update about things. Once again, I’m really sorry. I have to get better about being kinder to myself, not just for my sake but for yours as well, so that way I don’t shut down like this again.

I love you all, take care ❤️

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never