if those tags mean anything idk

So I am coming from work, right?

And there’s a billboard sign that my eye always goes to when I’m walking back home, and today I see that it’s different from the one that was there yesterday, and I see it and 

I stopped on my tracks

I narrow my eyes

My eyes widen as I realize what I’m seeing

I take this picture for the world to believe me

And then I continue walking back home.

I mean this in the nicest, politest way possible…
If you reblog my art (I love u forever) but PLEASE don’t say “I don’t ship this but—” or anything along those lines, even in the tags
That is the last thing the artist wants to hear. I draw these ships ‘cause I’m passionate about them, and to say such things is disrespectful to that. Please respect the artists’ passion - if you like the art but don’t ship it, that’s fine. Just keep your comments to yourself.

anonymous asked:

Trigger warnings for anything noncon would be good, I mean idk if you even post that but if yes... I blocked the tags noncon, rape, trigger: noncon and trigger: rape so if you could use one of these that would be great

i try not to post any of those things but thanks for the heads up!!

All right, there is one thing that I don’t like about the “Spideypool fandom” … I mean… I don’t give a sh%t what you guys ship, but it is bothersome to have certain couples that “come with the spideypool package” in every frigging fanfic… I mean… you and I obviously don’t share the same couples and that’s awesome!! But come on!!!… it’s just that I don’t go to the spideypool tag to read about… idk, stony for example I do it to read about Wade and Pete! So… would it be so difficult for you to write about them and not put Stony in every story?? or at least, write the proper tags for it? so me and everybody else (who is not into that ship) can avoid those fanfics? 

Once again, I’m not here trying to start a war or anything…. it’s cool that you like what you like and it’s cool that I don’t like the same things, I just want to find some wade/pete fic  that does not shove other couples down my throat…    

Serial Killer Calum Part 6

AN Tagging: @chloeonthebarricade for updates as requested. I’m not stopping anything that I’m writing yet, and just because I haven’t got to your request yet, doesn’t mean I won’t. If you’ve requested it, and I’ve answered your ask, then yes it’s getting written. Idk when yet, but soon lovelies. I appreciate all your love and support, and I have not abandoned you guys <3 The next couple imagines are ships, and since those don’t usually take that long to write, they should be up one after another. As much as I can. Thanks guys, enjoy your Serial Killer Calum xx

Your POV

I pouted while in the car with Calum. He got increasingly aggressive since the last time he let me be free. I was so close to getting away last night, but I doubt he’ll let me do anything again without him being right beside me. He probably won’t even sleep. It’s pretty evident since he just bought six energy drinks.

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