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Ouat Con New Jersey 2017 - Saturday, Colin’s Panel
  • Talking about he likes dancing but he guess he cant cause he broke his foot (x)
  • “Consider my timbers, shivered.” - Colin (x)
    • Colin gives a thumbs up to “shiver me timbers!” (x)
  • Colin’s favorite Captain Swan scene was the wedding (x)
  • “What the hell happened on there?!” Colin about us screaming for cs wedding (x)
  • If Colin had to be deserted on an island with any char from the show he’d choose Smee (x)
  • “How did you get onto Once Upon a Time?” “I, uh…auditioned for it.” (x)
    • Fan:How’d you get into ouat? Colin:I auditioned for it Crowd:laughs Colin:That wasn’t a joke that’s actually what happened (x)
  • “I didn’t expect to be on for as long as I’ve been, but I’m grateful.” (x)
  • Fan:What’s your favorite line you said as Hook? Colin:If I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it (x)
  • Hook and emma child would be Killian Junior or Leia (x)
    • If cs baby is a boy it’s name would be Killian Jr., if it’s a girl Liamette (x)
  • If colin had a boat, he’s have to call it the jolly roger (x)
  • Fan:You’re my favorite character right next to Rumple Colin:So I’m your favorite character when I’m standing next to Rumple? (x)
  • Colin is like well I have already died a few times… They tend to tell him after the scene that he’s okay (x)
  • Hook was inspired by Sawyer from Lost (x)
  • “I always try to look at the positive side of things. As an actor, I almost gave up, my wife and family got me through.” (x)
  • Colin:*gives fan advice* Colin:My self help book will be out soon (x
  • He can’t remember all the practical jokes he’s pulled (x)
  • Colin would get an anchor tattoo and won’t tell us where he’s put it (x)
  • “If [Emma and Hook] are happy to have 10 children, then they should have them!” (x)
    • Colin says in response to twins rubbing in the Charming family-they can have as many, even 10 kids! But let them get through the first one! (x)
  • Colin’s best friend from the cast is Sean (x)
  • “ a lot of people don’t think i’m funny… funny looking maybe” - colin (x)
  • He liked his scenes with Robbie, they dynamic of Hook and Pan turned on it’s head (x)
    • Colin loved filming with Robbie Kay. The scene on the top of the cliff was his favourite scene with him. (x)
  • Colin’s favorite blooper was when he accidentally hit the bullseye with the dart (x)
    • His favourite blooper was when he talked to Emma, threw a dart and it hit the bullseye. His reaction ruined the scene (x)
    • 1+2 fav bloopers 1. “I threw the dart without looking and it landed on the bullseye” 2.”robert carlyle when he landed on my… it’s a very sensitive place” -colin (x)
  • Les Miserable is his fave musical (x)
  • Colin doesn’t know any songs from Frozen (x)
  • filmed Emma jabbing Killian with excalibur at 4 am (x)
  • The scene where Emma kills Hook was a really hard scene to shoot because of the weather conditions and emotion level (x)
  • Colin’s favorite version of Hook to play is old wish!hook (x)
  • Colin prefers Captain Hook to Killian Jones because he’s a pirate and fun (x)
  • Colin just did old Wish!Hook’s voice (x)
  • He’d relive his wedding day and the day his kids were born (x)
  • Colin insisted to finishing the musical number even when his foot was broken (x)
  • Colin had complete free reign to do what he wanted as old wish hook (x)
  • Colin would bring back Robin Hood (x)
    • Fan:If you could bring back one character who’d you bring back? Colin: Robin Hood because Sean’s my boy (x)


With just a week until NaNoWriMo begins, there are a few things I’d like to say! Firstly, good luck to everyone who intends to participate! Starting at all is awesome and I commend you for it! To everyone who is afraid to participate, that’s alright as well! I’ve never done it, and I likely never will. I know my own writing ability enough that I could never complete a novel in such a short time. Even if you’re aiming for writing 40,000 words (the bare minimum to be considered a novel), one would need to write 1,333 words a day. To some, that’s easy! But I myself am a very meticulous, sluggishly paced writer. Breaking 1000 words a day is a miracle to me, so doing so every day would be impossible with my current skill level. But I’m okay with that.

Participating in NaNoWriMo doesn’t make you any more or any less of a writer. Not finishing your work in the given timeline doesn’t make you less of a writer. Hating your work during this time and thinking that you should scrap or rework your ideas doesn’t make you less of a writer. What makes you a writer is your passion for the craft and that you love to tell stories and create worlds.

Now, onto the second part of this post. I imagine that due to this, my inbox may be flooded with a variety of questions asking for my help. Know in advance that I likely cannot and will not address all of these. In addition to just starting work, I personally use November as a month to simply try to write as much as I can, and if I have roughly five to ten asks a day, that could take up a significant number of hours from my week. If I don’t get to your ask, it could be because my inbox is flooded, but it could also be that simply I don’t intent to answer it for a variety of reasons. If you don’t send it anonymously, I’ll do my best to inform you that I won’t be answering so as to not leave you wondering.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Best of luck to all of you out there on your writing!

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Can I ask for more information on soulmates in agingheart? I mean how does it work, how does one find one? How rare is it...I mean just more information would be nice

“So how does this human soulmate thing work?” Ahsoka questioned, watching Anakin work on his speeder.

The blond sighed a bit, rubbing a bit of grease over his neck. “Okay, look, just ask me the things you’re actually wondering about and I’ll answer as best I can. I’m no expert, like I said the chances of actually finding them are one in a million.” He loosened a bolt to get to the filters.

Ahsoka considered that. “Okay, do you have one?”

“I might.” Anakin paused a bit. “But not everyone does so its hard to tell.” He shrugged.

“How can you tell?” Ahsoka leaned forward, watching Anakin pull out the filter and handing him the new one.

“That’s just it, you can’t. The older one of the duo usually stops aging when you meet though, so that’s the biggest clue. But what if you’re the same age? Then its impossible.” Anakin sighed a bit. “Anyhow, there’s only one sure way.”

Raising her brows at the humans, Ahsoka waited only for Anakin to focus on the filter. “…Well what’s that way?” She finally prompted.

“Huh? Oh!” Anakin sat up, licking his lips nervously. “Well… supposedly when soulmates… kiss… something’s suppose to happen. I only got holonet stories to go on here Ahsoka since they’re so rare but its…” He twitched his hand. “Its like touching a live wire they say, you feel them in you, in your heart, soul and mind. It almost sounds like they form some kind of bond from the moment they kiss.” He sighed and rested his hands on his knees.

Rubbing her chin at that, Ahsoka mused. “Well that would explain why the Jedi order allows them, Force willed bonds are sacred, no one would attempt to break them.” She hummed.

As Ahsoka mused, Anakin hesitated.

“…There is one more way to know if you have a soulmate.” He finally said.

“Oh?” She questioned chirpily before blinking at his face. “Skyguy?”

Grimacing, Anakin sighed. “The… most sure way to know… is if they die. When a soulmate dies, they take a part of you with them. They are half your soul so when they die, they take that part with them and if you never meet them… it can leave you hollow and broken. Some say certain Sith’s of old were created that way. Jedi who never meet their soulmates and therefor… Fell, desperate and trying to bring them back.” He shrugged.

Ahsoka stared at him with wide eyes.

“…Yeah.” He wrinkled his nose and sighed. “Its why Obi-Wan should tell the person who’s his. Even if they are in love already and happy.” He settled back to work on the speeder.

“…Has to hurt him though. I mean I know master Obi-Wan is a good Jedi but he’s not without emotions. Having your soulmate already in love can’t be easy.” She mused to herself. “Hey how old is he now?” The teen blinked.

Anakin shrugged. “Not sure, from what I can tell he seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties, why?”

Kicking her legs back and forth, Ahsoka shrugged. “Just wondering if we know his soulmate.”

Anakin blinked at that, lifting his head a bit and catching both his own and Ahsoka’s reflection in the speeders canopy.

He hadn’t considered that…

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Hello beautiful ! Thank you guys for such an amazing page, it's been one of my go to places when I'm stressed out or my anxieties high and just shut my mind of haha. I was just wondering if maybe you know of like fanfics where stiles or Derek are truck drivers ? I looked threw the library and I couldn't find any tags for it unless I'm blind then yikes I'm sorry dummy me. Thank you for everything you do !!! Hope you have a wonderful day. 😊❤️ - Juliana ♡

hi there! thank youuu so much <3 we didnt have that tag but here is what I was able to find

We Drove All Night by Amethystina (1/1 | 13,867 | PG13)

It’s just Stiles’ luck that when he desperately needs to go home to Beacon Hills for the weekend, his Jeep is out of commission and the busses and trains have already stopped running for the night. Being more or less stranded, Stiles is grateful when his dad arranges for him to hitch a ride with some local truck driver on his way home.

Still, Stiles would have appreciated being given a heads up on just how gorgeous said truck driver is before he agreed to spend an eight-hour drive in an enclosed space with the man. Stiles might want to kiss Derek senseless, but it doesn’t seem like a very good idea considering the circumstances and the man’s unwillingness to talk. Not to mention his suprisingly intimidating countenance.

So, once again — just Stiles’ luck.

End of the Road by katieh28 (14/14 | 34,691 | PG13)

30 year old truck driver Derek Hale is on a trip to see his estranged father in Boston one last time before he dies. What Derek never expected, however, was for what was supposed to be a quick last visit and nothing more turning into the most important journey of his life. On the road he finds a severely injured teenager on a mission of his own, a boy like no one else he’d ever known in his life. What was supposed to be an easy, meaningless trip turned into one of sacrifice, forgiveness, self discovery, and possibly, maybe, love.
Two people, forever controlled by their past, finally get the chance to rewrite it.

Canine-partner-in-crime by SPCMRose (1/? | 7,828 | PG13)

Derek’s good at his job. He gets in and out and steals what he needs. He’s on the hunt for a new score when a truck driver decides he makes a good practice target

He’s only out of commission for a few days (he’ll be right as rain in a week, a month tops) when some kid adopts him.

Derek knows he needs to move on… But there’s just something about the lanky, sporadic teen that picks him instead of an admittedly cute Yorkshire terrier, that makes him want to stay. Just for a little while.

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OMG!! You draw so adorably!! :D Do you think you can draw the smol error geno and fresh?

Did you mean MommaCQ stuff? Or chibi?

Because if you mean the original versions of those three as kids, then… Uh… Geno would just be kid Sans — like, the Undertale one. I know too little about Lucidia Error to make guesses about his past. And Fresh… Actually, when is a parasite considered an adult, if there’s only one stage of development? Is he considered an adult throughout his whole lifecycle???


bias tag // tagged by the lovely @nareulwonhae ♡
(thank you so much for tagging me! your ultimate bias a++++++ 👍 💯 🙌)

the losers and richie’s home life hcs

dedicated to @carnberryjuice

so basically i was talking with my friend ^^ and we were discussing richie’s home life when she said that she hcs that richie doesn’t tell anyone about his shitty home life just makes excuses or jokes whenever it comes up so i hopped aboard the headcanon train and wrote about the losers club finding out.

-bill finds out first, somehow. he’s pretty much crushed by the news, but he realizes that he’s not that surprised, considering the way that richie never has a lunch or a proper coat and deflects any talk about his parents. he should have noticed sooner. so one lonely sunday, he confronts richie, alone, and richie ends up crying into his shoulder for nearly an hour afterwards, but bill would never complain. afterwards, he’s more open toward richie, making sure he’s included, giving people who insult him dirty looks. he sneaks him food at lunch and lets him always pick the movie during movie nights.

-stan finds out because bill asks richie if he can tell him, and richie surprisingly says yes. after bill tells stan, stan wraps richie in a huge hug, ignoring his wrinkled shirt and greasy hair, and tells him he’s sorry, and not just for richie’s terrible home, but for all the times that stan’s snappy, biting comments have caused richie’s face to fall for even just half a second. he becomes a lot more careful with his words.

-bev finds out somehow, i’m not sure how, but it’s nice for richie because she gets it. she knows exactly how bad a bad home life can be, so she buys richie cigarettes so he doesn’t have to buy his own and invites him to smoke with her at breaks, allows him to talk with his face buried in her hair. she sews up his clothes, patches his jeans, trims his hair, tapes his glasses, because she knows that he’ll look and feel a teeny bit better because of it.

-mike finds out and the losers all start to notice that richie starts going to mike’s a lot after school, mike always offers to ride their bikes together, they go for long walks at the farm in a comfortable silence and sometimes they sneak out and graffiti the town at night, and they don’t say much but mike knows that even an hour of spending time with richie is an hour less he might have to spend at home and that’s never enough but it’s something. and something is better than nothing.

-ben finds out and he asks richie to come to the library with him, they sit for a few hours, finishing their homework as quickly as possible, and ben sits back, half reading a book and half listening to richie talk non stop, about whatever he fucking wants to talk about, so richie can fill up the emptiness in his life, and one day ben brings richie a list of books, and neither of them say anything about it, but each day richie shows up to lunch with a book, the book changing every few days or so and he finishes the list in under a month and ben finds him sobbing in the back of the library and ben is just there for him.

-so basically there’s this unspoken pact between the losers club that they won’t tell eddie because they know how richie feels about him and richie has silently begged them not to. but one day, when the others all have shit to do, eddie is walking home from school when he hears crying so he ducks around behind a building and sees richie leaning against the dirty wall, sobbing his eyes out. so eddie drops everything and runs to him, managing to not care abt the dirty ground and just embraces richie who sobs out the whole thing, and eddie’s really fucking shocked but everything clicks into place and he begins to understand why richie cracks so many jokes and avoids talking about his parents and is kind of immediately mad at himself for not noticing, because unspoken, he’s richie’s best friend (he would never admit it though) so eddie just is filled with shame and begins to cry himself, choking out about ten “i’m so sorry"s. and he just thinks about everything- how mike buys richie’s lunch, how ben pulls him to the library, how stan has stopped insulting him, how bill always asks him if he needs anything, how bev always drags him away for a smoke. and he just bursts out “this is my fault.” and richie’s like??? how?? is it your fault?? and eddies like “i should have noticed sooner, you’re.. you’re my best friend, okay? and i feel awful because i was too blind” and richie reaches up to wipe away one of eddie’s tears and goes “it will never, ever be your fault, eds,” and for once eddie doesn’t correct him and they just sit there in an awkward embrace.

i know eddie’s is really long aggggghhhhh

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How would the 1P allies react to their S/O looking in the mirror mumbling fatass to themselves (considering I do this a lot)

Hey, Hey, Hey. Both Admins have had body problems, one way or another. And personally, Admin Sarah can relate to this specific ask. We want to tell you, anon, and anyone else who is reading this, that you are beautiful. There is only one you. Your body is the way it is, and that’s okay. You don’t need to change for someone else, or because society told you too. If you’re going to change YOUR body, change because YOU want to. As long as you’re healthy, it doesn’t matter how you look. You’re beautiful inside and out. Don’t forget that, any of you. Now with that being said, let’s get on with the ask, shall we? ~Admin Sarah and Jay, who love you all dearly. 

America: “Hey…come on, you know I think you are amazing and beautiful…and just perfect…you know?
Alfred knows how it feels to say those words, since he has stood before the mirror and said the same exact thing. So he wouldn’t want anyone else feeling that way, especially not his s/o. He would slowly wrap his arms around them and kiss their cheek as he rests his chin on their shoulder and smiles at them in the mirror as he starts to list off one by one the things he loves about them. He wouldn’t stop until he hit 100 reasons or until he covered their entire body. He loves his s/o completely and utterly, there is no end to it, so he would want them to feel every bit of the love he has for them.

England: “Love, don’t beat yourself up…”

Arthur would stop and listen for a second before sighing as he walks in and gently touches their shoulder. He wouldn’t want them to feel that way about themselves. He would have them sit down as he holds their hands gently and tries to explain how much he loves them and how much they mean to him, but also he would do his best to reassure him that they are perfect how they are and they are his world.

France: “Mon cher…That is not true and you know it..”
Francis is all about love. Whether it’s loving yourself or someone else..So hearing such lies come from his s/o’s mouth would cause him to gasp and quickly walk up behind them before hugging them tightly. He’d whisper to them over and over again that it wasn’t true. He’d see them as the most beautiful/handsome person he’s ever seen. Francis loves his s/o with all of his heart, and he wouldn’t let them go until they at least tried to see themselves how he sees them.

Canada: “Where is this coming from?…”
Matthew would hate hearing them talk about themselves that way. They’re not a fatass..he’d hate knowing that they thought that..Matthew would quickly lead them away from the mirror before holding them tightly and kissing their forehead, telling them over and over again how much he loves them. He’d want them to love themselves at least half as much as he loves them. That night he’d do anything they wanted, just to cheer them up.

Russia: “Huh?..Why are you saying that?”
Ivan would be very confused. Ivan isn’t a small man, that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that not all of his body is pure muscle. Even if his s/o was chubby, he’d love it. He’d love their body just the way it is, so he’d be confused to hear them say such bad things about it. Ivan would quickly pick up his s/o and give them a kiss before sitting with them and talking to them. They needed to know they had his love. They always have, they always will.

China: “Stop lying about yourself…”
Yao would tap their shoulder and as they turned he would hug them and kiss them softly. He wouldn’t let go from the hug until they heard him go on an entire lecture about how amazing and perfect they were in his eyes. Yao would want his s/o to see themselves as he sees them, which is perfect in every single way. He loves his s/o so much, so that night he would do whatever they wanted and just want them to smile. Though he would constantly remind them how much he loves them and how perfect they are to him, whether they like it or not.

“Those who call themselves “ugly” don’t realize that they’re the most beautiful person in someone else’s eyes..” ~Francis Bonnefoy 

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Heyyy so I got this character who's a bastard-born child, and his tribe is headed by a god who hates bastards, but their society's very accepting and respectful so basically how do I make them low-key passive aggressive enough to give my character hell for his parentage? (This plays a big role in the plot later on). Thanks :) (PS your writing tips are fantastic)

Hello, and thank you!  

I would go about this by making it so people don’t necessarily have a lot of animosity towards him, but they do pity him in a way that’s sort of dehumanizing and condescending.  

Sort of the way “enlightened” liberal people might treat an autistic child, a gay child, a person of color, or another minority:  they may overcompensate a little to prove their open-mindedness (think of the family in Get Out), but they still consider him to be less than them in one way or another.  It can be difficult to get right, but it helps if you’ve experienced or witnessed this kind of micro-prejudice yourself.

I generally try not to direct my followers to Buzzfeed (I like reading about the “21 Signs My Cat Is Having More Sex Than I Am” as much as anyone, but it’s not exactly quality journalism) but they have an article here on racial microaggressions that actually is pretty interesting, and could help you with the kind of undertones you’re trying to achieve.

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3 

Four Years Later

It’s a bit funny, isn’t it? The passage of time seems to be subject to how often we pay attention to it. When I first set out to create the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe, the guild tag was virtually empty for over two years, and thus I could never consider it started. I held fast to the idea, though, determined to make it happen. And thus is was, around patch 5.4, we obtained our very first set of members, some of who are still with us to this day.

It was the third Friday in October when we first performed for the public, I believe. Razor Hill and the Darkspear Revolution served as the starting point for our group, and to this day we still celebrate that fact with the Hellsqueal series of plays.

In four years, we’ve seen friendships made, ideas forged, and a community that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of. People have come and people have gone, some on good terms and others, not so good. We’ve seen mistakes made, but efforts made to undo those mistakes. We’ve seen the meek become the outgoing, the unsure become the talented, and everything inbetween.

The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe, as a functioning guild, is four years old now. Many guilds don’t tend to make it this far, and to me, that says a lot. People will be quick to congratulate me, but the truth of the matter is, none of this would be possible without the support, creativity, and determination of my wonderful cast. Guys, honestly, without you, this group would have been lost so many times. I consider myself to be a mediocre guild master, just surrounded by a helpful team who puts forth a lot of effort to make sure I don’t lose my mind, and I truly believe if every guild in WoW had people as creative, self-sacrificing, and eager as you all, the game would be a better place!

In the coming year, my goal setting out will be to get more in touch with the community, and to improve communication with others and within the guild as a whole, as it is one of my primary weaknesses as a guild master. So to you, the community that attends our events, please know we will be putting our best foot forward to continue to bring you as many events as we can, and to work more closely with other established groups on the server.

We decided not to do a Bash this year, as the party as it was took a lot out of our people, and we wanted this to be a time of celebration rather than stress. I know some are disappointed, but know that we don’t intend to make that a permanent thing, and a yearly celebration will become a thing again.


TONIGHT, come to the Courtyard of the Ruins of Lordaeron, where the Wickerman ceremony takes place, and come see us perform for everyone to commemorate our 4th year as an entertainment group! The show for this evening;

TALES FROM THE BURNING REGION! A sketch comedy of felbound proportions~!

The show starts at 8:20 PM server time! We hope everyone enjoys this little treat, as we strut our talent once more and bring our A-game~! And thank you all for the past four years! Here’s to many, many more years of bringing quality events to you!

From Atos of the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe to you; 

May you bask in the warmth of spotlight always, and the thrum of applause be always in your favor!

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have you ever considered...Shirayuki x Suzu?

Oh my God this is only the most stupidly brilliant idea in the world!

Okay.. okay, listen. Like, this about this. THINK. How beautiful would it be to put our two most adorable awkward taco science nerds together in rare-pair romance? ONLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL.

(look at these two. i love them)

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On Non-Fallacious Arguments

Philosophy is really about nuance. If you failed to understand nuances, you’ll likely fail to understand subtle differences between one view and another. This understanding is required to see that some otherwise fallacious arguments are not actually fallacious; in other words, there are, for instance, non-fallacious ad hominem arguments. I’ll give an example of such an argument prior to talking about a particular kind of argument that’s surprisingly common; it’s also effective, but overlooked because it’s considered fallacious.

An example of a non-fallacious ad hominem argument is when you point to someone’s lack of expertise or acumen on a topic or in a technical field. Again, nuance is required because such an argument can also be fallacious. There are, however, cases in where the argument is effective. Let’s say you need an appendectomy. We can all agree that no one would consider getting one from someone who isn’t a surgeon unless in a rare case like finding yourself in a precarious situation in where there are no available medical professionals, e.g., during the zombie apocalypse. So when someone says x person can’t speak on y field because he doesn’t have the qualifications, I consider this an effective argument unless the individual on the receiving end of this non-fallacious ad hominem can prove otherwise. Perhaps the individual has acquired a level of expertise or, at the very least, can prove themselves adept without having attended college or having more traditional experience in the field in question.

An argument along these lines that I see quite often is an argument from ignorance that isn’t fallacious. A fallacious argument from ignorance is, for example, an argument from personal incredulity. It’s not enough that you don’t have enough information, that you are not familiar with enough evidence or proof. That’s pretty much your problem and is no argument against something you refuse to accept as fact. There are, however, cases in where collectively we don’t have enough information – cases in where we don’t have enough evidence or proof. So when people say that they’re not willing to write off alien life, some of them employ non-fallacious arguments from ignorance. In this particular case, we don’t have enough information; we don’t have enough evidence for or against. Sure, we have the statistical likelihood that there’s life elsewhere in the universe, i.e., Drake Equation; we, however, do not have solid evidence. Moreover, we aren’t even familiar with the various combinations of parameters that could result in life. In fact, the assumption that only Earth-like parameters result in life, e.g., the importance of liquid water, may be what’s holding us back.

As with all things in philosophy, even the identification of fallacies requires an understanding of subtleties. There’s quite a difference between “you’re wrong, you moron!” and “I doubt your conclusion because you have no relevant qualifications in this particular discipline.” There’s quite a difference between “you’re wrong because I haven’t come across evidence to support your conclusion” and “we don’t know enough or haven’t acquired enough evidence to draw a conclusion on this matter.” The key with a non-fallacious argument from ignorance is that this claim of ignorance has to be true not just of you but also of everyone else. It has to be a demonstrable collective ignorance rather than just your ignorance.

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Hi Mark! It’s finally my birthday today so I was curious if you could tell me anything more about mono-black werewolves? I know you had said black would be the third color you would consider adding to the tribe if a third had to be added. I’m hoping to one day live the dream of Jund werewolves in EDH! Thanks!

The three Werewolves that predate Innistrad were all monoblack. If Werewolves show up on another world, I could see us making them black/green.

Happy Birthday!

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Hiya nekophy! ^^ I have a question regarding Goth and fresh-type parasites ouo'' I've read before on Feth's blog that parasites block out the victim's magic, and was wondering if that would apply to Goth's life-draining power, or if it would just insta-kill the parasite when it tried to latch onto his soul.

consider Goth’s ‘energy drain’ power is more like a parasite thing and not a magic- I think Fresh can’t do anything about that one ;v; if anything- it’s just a race of which one beetween fresh n goth who would be sucked dry first-

The First-Timer (Chapter Four)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Smut/Romance/Sugar Daddy AU

Status: On-Going

Author’s Note: I am so sorry that this took one million years to update! I had two massive assignments, so those were my top priority. Hopefully the next update will be soon, though! I have lots in mind for these two! Enjoy!

Previous Chapter: https://aplagueuponthesehoes.tumblr.com/post/165657300760/the-first-timer-chapter-three

      It doesn’t feel much like a game. Rather, it provides the sensation of having stepped into the bounds of what might be considered the next stage of our relationship, if that term would be considered correct. Jongdae, heedless of my brief hesitation, attaches his soft, supple lips to the exposed skin of my neck, and it takes a solid thirty seconds of lapping against the fleshy spot beneath my ear to rouse me from my state of shock.

     My back straightens, fists grip either arm of my chair as his teeth begin to descend the column of skin. His breathing, growing heavier with each passing moment, causes gooseflesh to arise on my skin, and Jongdae–perfectly in tune with my body–soothes his hands along my forearms, as if to administer comfort.

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emma, since your anons ask you a lot about fic recs, maybe you should consider creating a tag to "short fics rec" (10k maximum). I love short fics, and sometimes we don't have the time to read a long fic so it would help me (and other readers too, I'm sure!) a lot! :) thankss

You can actually sort my fic recs by length on my fic rec lists (the alphabetical ones), but here’s a list of the fics 10k words and under.

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I have an important question.

I’m graduating undergrad with a degree in costume design/prod. this spring, and I’m looking for a position as a dresser or wardrobe supervisor upon graduation.

If anyone has any recs on companies they’ve enjoyed working with, that would be incredible.

But the bigger thing is this: One open ad I saw was for American Shakespeare Theatre in DC, and they require 3-5 years of professional experience specifically for Wardrobe, which I don’t have, however I do have professional experience as a Wardrobe person, as a run crew member, and as a props runner for three professional companies, and many educational productions for musicals and operas at one of the top 10 schools in the country for musical theatre and opera.

Do you guys think that it’s playsible for me to consider applying even though I don’t have the exact requirement, as long as I can justify my application with other experiences, or is it just something I should wait a few years on until I can meet that exact minimum requirement?

The job ad’s requirements match everything I’m capable of and everything I want out of a company and a job, I just fail to meet that one requirement.

@backstageleft @q2qcomics I know you two are very highly regarded in the industry and I trust your experience and input, could you possibly advise??

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Would you consider Kreia to be truly evil?

….Yes. Ultimately. She’s complex, and capable of manipulation to ensure less desirable outcomes. She set up the events that led to the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate, prevented Atris’ twisted teachings from becoming the Jedi Standard, and slew the remainder of the Jedi Council when they attacked the one person in the universe capable of facing Darth Nihilus the world eater without being eradicated in a moment. The Jedi were reborn under the teachings of the Exile and her students thanks to Kreia.

But she also created the Triumvirate and set loose Nihilus and Sion on the Galaxy in the first place, murdered, enslaved, cared nothing of her own flesh and blood, valued knoweldge over people. She was deliberately designed after The Emperor and Obi Wan Kenobi, and carried with them the best and worst traits of both. The Emperor’s ruthlessness and confidence, Obi Wan’s truthful lies and dissemination. Her ultimate strength was that she could take things and people apart, deconstuct them, but never remake them into something better, content to leave us to do that. Left to her own devices she hurts people, prefering to break them apart and leave them alive. She is cruel as she is wise, and in the end, whatever she has to teach, what she set in motion and was ultimately unrepentant about speaks to me as one I could never see as a force for good. 



Gabriel had furiously searched through the ancient book for answers. Any magic the book had to offer needed to be considered, even the smallest uses might become more important than he could ever imagine. At least, that was the idea anyway.

The runes in book, after much study, allowed for him to have a much deeper understanding of the Miraculous and their powers. They also allowed for small spells, some of which were useful and some of which weren’t.

One in particular seemed to have much promise, it supposedly would allow him limited control over reality itself for short lengths of space, basically a weak form of teleportation.

“Are you sure this will work, Master?” Nooroo asked plaintively, looking askance at the huge amount of runes written on the walls of the elevator shaft.

“Of course it will work,” he scoffed. “Once this is done, no one but I will be able to reach my secret study.”

Nooroo looked hesitant. “Isn’t it more of a sunroom?”

The glare Nooroo got for that question could have frozen a demon in its tracks. “No,” he said flatly. “It is not.”

“Now, before you say anything more trite, I will activate the runes and my elevator will take me straight to my study.”

With that being said, he pressed the series of buttons needed to activate the hidden elevator and the runes in tandem. He couldn’t help but smirk as he arrived in suitably dramatic fashion to his lair.

“That is very impressive, Master,” Nooroo murmured in awe.

Gabriel used his index finger to correct his glasses. “It was simple,” he paused dramatically. “Now, if only getting Chat Noir and Ladybug’s Miraculous was just as simple.”

Nooroo sighed. “This really is more of a-”

Gabriel growled and cut him off. “Nooroo, dark wings, rise!”

“I have noticed you have not been leaving as often as you had been before,” Nathalie observed.

Gabriel glanced at her and smirked. “Yes, you have noticed correctly. I have found a new way to reach my study.”

“Oh?” She asked, sounding disinterested.

“Do you wish to see?” Without waiting for her answer he quickly activated the elevator, sending her to the study, a few moments later he followed.

“Impressive isn’t it?”

She paused in her perusal of the room. “It is a more secretive way of getting to this room,” she said clinically.

He frowned. “It is far better.”

“Yes,” she frowned and looked around in an obvious way. “This is a sunroom, not a study.”

Gabriel froze and he could feel his eye twitch as he heard Nooroo giggle softly from the corner of the room. “It is a study,” his tone brook no arguments.

Nathalie’s lip twitched upwards for a quarter of a second before schooling back into its neutral position. “Of course, sir.”

He did his best to not allow her consoling tone to ruin his grand, no, elevated moment.

“With this in place, I will be one step closer to gaining the Miraculous!” He gestured to the nigh invisible spot where the elevator was hidden.

“Okay,” she agreed easily. “Is that all for today?”

He slowly raised his hand and took off his glasses and then pinched the bridge of his node. “Yes, you may go.”

She nodded and moved to stand on the elevator once more. Gabriel watched as she disappeared down it, the sun shining behind him.

“You would think she’d be more impressed,” Nooroo said innocently.

Gabriel nodded. “She just does not have an appreciation for-”

“She must not like sunrooms,” Nooroo added nonchalantly, smiling widely.

The miserably angry scream that followed was totally worth any punishment his angry master would be able to muster.