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After watching all the Oscars nominees for Best Picture is my list ordered my preference (this is a personal opinion, not meant to aggravate anyone I do this every year)

  1. La La Land
  2. Hidden Figures
  3. Lion
  4. Arrival
  5. Moonlight
  6. Hacksaw Ridge
  7. Fences
  8. Manchester by the Sea
  9. Hell or High Water

On the case of best actors: Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Dev Patel, and Viola Davis.

This is pure speculation on my part because we still don’t know more details about The Chronicle of Albertan, the game that Min Hyuk developed, but you might have noticed that a picture of one of its female characters is hanging in BS’s room. And there have been already TWO scenes in which BS was shown standing next to it. Coincidence? Maybe, but let’s face it, kdrama writers are rarely so lazy. The female looks powerful AND mysterious, partly due to THE HOOD SHE IS WEARING. Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

I’m not saying it will turn out to be true but HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF it were BS who inspired MH to create the game and she had left such an impression on him that he would base one of the game’s main characters ON HER?

Sweetheart, sweet dreams

You were there
Last night
You see
I was dreaming
That you were there
Last night
You warmth
Against my cheek
Your kiss
On my cheek
Gently rubbing my arm
As if to say
“I’ve got you”
And I absolutely loved it

Marry Me (Hamiltime Peggy/Reader)

Summary: You were eight years old the first time Peggy Schuyler asked you to marry her. Life is never quite the same after that.

Note: Write-a-thon Day 2! I’ve never written Peggy before, so here’s hoping it’s okay! This is quick and fluffy. Canon-era.

Rating: G

Word Count: 1724

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anonymous asked:

omg did la la land people rly cry..... i didnt watch the oscars but like is it true that they were in the middle of their speech when corrected???? im legit DYING

They were! I feel bad for them actually, but Moonlight deserved it.

daehyun x reader (part 1 of 2)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Daehyun (B.A.P) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I’ve been snooping through my AU prompt list and my fantasy list had caught my attention and sparked my writing bug, so I thought I better get that out of the way so it stop distracting me. Then, it turned into a two parter somehow. ANYWHO. The dragon names were ripped from FFXII cause why not.

Summary: You and Daehyun are both dragon riders who don’t get along, and you’re about to be assigned your patrol duties after years as trainees.

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I got to see Bill Paxton, Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn do an Aliens 30th Anniversary talk at the London Film & Comic Con in 2015. I’ve loved Aliens for years and years so seeing the three of them live on the stage was a dream come true.

Although Sigourney and Carrie were wonderful as always Bill stood out because he truly, truly engaged the fans and spoke so highly of the opportunities he had been given.

Bill Paxton was grateful and humble with a massive respect for Aliens, his career and all of his fans. He spoke his iconic lines without being prompted and repeatedly thanked everyone for being there and supporting him.

Bill had the funniest stories and was the most talkative one there and he couldn’t have spoken more highly of his co-stars and the community surrounding his films. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see him live and hear him talk about his movies, career, and fans first hand. He will be missed and may he rest in peace.

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Is it true that avatar was the first writing project Bryke had done and even they said they needed a lot of help on it?

Yes, that is true. Neither of them were really writers, especially Bryan who was an artist. They had a whole team of writers to help them out, led by Aaron Ehasz. Even on the episodes that they wrote, they had a lot of help.

“What about her last known whereabouts?” Mortimer asked. He was starting to feel a slight sense of panic. “Surely Mr. Lothario is a suspect.”

“He was, but we don’t have any real evidence to back up that theory. Yes, Bella was at his house. No, she didn’t come home. Mr. Lothario willingly let us search his estate, but everything came up clean. She was there, that much is true. Her fingerprints were found on a few pieces of furniture. But as for signs of a struggle? Or anything malicious? Zero.”

Okay…but millennials were constantly told growing up, to “never believe what you read on the internet.” Yet, here we are in 2017…using deductive reasoning to determine if what we are learning is true and valid. But those who were always telling us to be smarter than a headline, are now believing everything that fits into their perspective narratives on how the world should work. We are still in the wrong for finding truth to back up our beliefs….but my great-aunt’s best friend from the 4th grade, can hear from her mailman George, who’s wife read on Facebook that climate change is fake, because Trump said so…..and somehow that totally debunks the fact that it’s 100 degrees in Texas….in February.


Lin saying what’s on all our minds.

50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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