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Got7 reaction - trying to cuddle their s/o when they’re working/doing homework

request: 💕💕 Their girlfriends have to do work(homework for example) but the boys wanna cuddle ^\^


He is basically 5-years-old at heart, so h would nudge your face with his nose and make his little ‘markie-pooh’ noises. After a while, he would give up.

“Fine. I’ll just cuddle Coco~”

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He would be the ‘manly’ one of the group. If you were doing homework he would pull the chair to get you closer to his or just pull your wrist and tug you into bed.


“Jackson, I’m working. I’ll cuddle later.”

“No~~~~!” He’d literally pick you up and surround the both of you in blankets and pillows.

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He would come up with a compromise and the two of you would have a chill day in bed with your laptop and notes.


He would be the one who tries to hold your free hand or rest his head on your shoulder while you’re at the desk or table.

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‘No’ is not an option for him. He would just pull up a chair and scoot close to you.

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He would pull you into his lap and have you just sit that way. He would wrap his hands around your waist and kiss your cheek every once in a while.

(I love his big sweaters!)

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Bts Reaction to Their S/o Covering Themselves because of Insecurity!

Seokjin would be stunned as your hands wrapped round your hips to cover them, he would take your face into his palms and bring your gaze up to meet his before telling you how beautiful and perfect you are; reassuring you of how your hips are one of his favourite things about you.

“You’re gorgeous, the effect you have on me is ridiculous. You really have me under your thumb; one swing of your beautiful hips and I would do anything, so use your power!”

When you began to cover your thighs to stop Yoongi from viewing them he would sigh deeply and pull you into a tight hug so as to give him an extra couple seconds of thinking time to work out how to make you feel better. After breaking the hug he would firmly put his hands under your thighs, picking you up by them and leaning you against him as he talked to you.

“You know I think you’re perfect, your thighs are alluring and gorgeous. All I want is you to love them as much as I do.”

Hoseok would begin to blame himself the second you tried to cover your stomach with your hands, had he not been praising you enough? He would look like a kicked puppy for a second before remembering that he needs to cheer you up, he would put that aside before removing your hands and bending down to you stomach level. He would place soft, sweet kisses leading from your stomach all the way up to your lips.

“You’re so beautiful. All of you… is so beautiful”

Namjoon would be so caught up in the moment that it would take him a second or two to realise that you were looking at the floor and covering your thighs with crossed arms. He would bite his lip in sadness, why couldn’t you see what he saw because if you did you would love yourself too. He would sit you down on the bed across from him and talk to you, wanting to convince you of your perfect body.

“I could write hundreds of songs but I could never explain how beautiful you really are; they could never compare to the person sitting in front of me right now”

You had helped Jimin become more confident in his body by praising him and telling him how much you love him every single day but he would realise in the moment that your palms moved to hide your hips that he hadn’t been doing the same. He would put his hand on his hip and pull at the thin sheet of skin that laced over the bone and show you that everyone had padding there.

“You tell me how amazing you think I am all the time even when I have this so why can’t you allow yourself to have the same padding on your gorgeous hips, it makes my hands fit even more perfectly?” 

You couldn’t bring yourself to even look at Taehyung once the clothes has come off, you held your stomach in protection, wanting to hide from his gaze. He on the other hand couldn’t see a single flaw that you thought you had and the fact that you saw the most beautiful things about you as ugly. He would tackle you onto the bed tickling you and screaming praise at the top of his lungs as the loving and loud person he is. 

“Admit you’re perfect. Admit that you’re the most gorgeous person ever or I won’t stop tickling you.”

Jungkook would understand you feelings of insecurity because he used to be less confident than he is now but he has fought and become a stronger person so he would know exactly what to do when he saw you hiding your hips in your hands. He knew is was a long process to gain confidence so he would start slow, by telling you he understands what you feel.

“I know its hard to love yourself but just know that I’m here for you and I think that you are beautiful, every single bit of you is gorgeous. I promise I will help you learn to love yourself.”

A request from an anon <3

I have a LOT of requests in so it will take a while for any that have been submitted but I’m not going to close my submissions or asks because I always like new material to work on :)

-Aylee x

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(Slight AU where guys are 20 something) Kagami, Furuhashi, Murasakibara, Kiyoshi, Okamura, and Akashi wake up one morning to realize they have apparently gained some weight, enough to give them a slightly chubby tummy. And their S/O has realized this as well, because they are cuddling their faces into the guys stomachs going “Warrrmmm…. Sooffftt.. zzzz”… how would the guys react to this scenario?

Kagami: It was probably a harsh slap of reality for Kagami watching you nuzzle your nose into fat he had previously been in denial of. Now that he thought about it though, he did find himself more out of breath for activities he used to do so naturally. Despite your positive response to his belly, this was still a wake up call for him to try and get back into a healthier routine.

Kiyoshi: Chuckling a bit halfheartedly, Kiyoshi stared down with a smile at your sleeping on his belly. When had he gained enough weight to actually see the chub puffing out like that? It wasn’t exactly his ideal, but he had to accept the fact that his body was changing due to his new lifestyle. He just didn’t have the time to work out as much as he used to.

Murasakibara: Everyone had told him he’d eventually end up gaining weight with how much junk food he ate, but Murasakibara hadn’t really paid them any attention until now. It wasn’t exactly a bad feeling when you cuddled into his pudgy stomach though. If anything, it was more comfortable than when he had been fit. He could get used to it if it just so happened to stay.

Okamura: Not even minding that you were snuggling his bloated belly, Okamura would run his fingers through your hair affectionately. You didn’t seem to mind his expending gut, so why should he? Still, the fact that you could comfortably use him as a pillow did remind him that he’d been skipping out on some training he’d used to do on a daily basis. Maybe it was time to get back into routine.

Akashi: The hand he places on top of your head serves two purposes. The first was to give you an affectionate pat, his fingers gently massaging your scalp. The second was to see how far into his rounded belly your face would sink. The answer was too far for Akashi’s liking and he finds himself grimacing at the implications. It was time to hire a trainer.

Furuhashi: He didn’t play much basketball anymore and other than that, he’d never exercised much either, so it was inevitable that his stomach would puff out.  Still, it was an annoyance he’d rather not be reminded of, but your snuggling was making it hard to ignore. Flicking your ear, he told you to get off. He needed to go out for a morning jog.

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Hello again~~ can i get seventeen's reaction to they're gf nuzzling them like how hoshi nuzzled dino during his v app thinggy~ Thank you!

Jeonghan, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan & Dino would laugh and let them keep nuzzling them.

Joshua, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8 & Vernon would try to hide their blush by covering their face, but they would let their s/o continue.

S.Coups, Jun & Hoshi would take turns nuzzling with their s/o.

thank you for your request!! ^^


hi im bee and i spent about five minutes wishing my bathroom had better lighting and then realizing i could turn on the light

Scared To Be Lonely

Requested: nope

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Reader stumbles upon Sebastian in a bar and takes him on a journey he will truly remember.

It was only one o'clock in the afternoon when he entered the rundown pub. It was the closest one to his old apartment that he just unoccupied. Balancing one of the brown cardboard boxes with his left hand, he grabbed the black metal door with his right, he swung it open and stepped in.

It was dark inside the pub, the lighting was dimmed to fit the ambiance. As he walked to the bar he slid his sunglasses up so that they rest on his head, pushing back some pieces of his hair that fell in front of his face.

“The usual I’m guessing?” The bartender asked.

“Yup, but make it two this time.” Sebastian mumbled, obviously not in the mood for anything. The only thing he wanted to do was drink himself into oblivion, just forget everything and repeat it again the next day.

The bartender sat the napkin down before putting the glass on top. He bent down and grabbed a mickey of an amber liquid and proceeded to pour twice the amount he usually did into Sebastian’s cup. Sebastian gave him a simple nod for gratitude. He picked up the glass that held the scotch, swirled the cup around for a bit slowly then decided to take a sip. As he did Sebastian cleared his throat as he felt the alcohol burn his throat a bit. Surprisingly he isn’t immune to the feeling yet.

His box of possessions sat right beside him to his left. He looked over and sighed at the sight in front of him. The only items left in that dreadful apartment were some family photos, a couple of books he never got around to read, a baseball glove from a Yankees game he went to when he was eight years old with his father, and some CD’s from the 90’s.

Sebastian was brought out of his trance when he heard the hustle and bustle of the city. Someone came into the pub and sat themselves a couple of bar stools down from him.

“What can I get you sweetheart?” The bartender asked his new customer.

“Hmm, let me think.” She mumbled mostly to herself, she looked to the gentleman to her left and saw the drink he was nursing. “Whatever he’s having.” She suggested while taking off her jean jacket and placing it on the bar.

As the woman looked over to the man again she rose her eyebrow, wondering why the hell someone was there at one o'clock in the afternoon. The girl had her reasons, but she couldn’t help but wonder why he would be there, especially at this time.

“Here you go, let me know if you want any food or something else to drink.” The bartender stated while walking to the back where the kitchen was.

“Let me guess… problem with your girlfriend?” The woman asked Sebastian as he took another sip of his scotch. He decided it was best to ignore her, pretend she’s not there so he can drown in his own thoughts.

“Boyfriend? I mean hey I’m not one to judge.” The woman tried again, hopefully getting a reaction out of Sebastian. He rolled his eyes and finally faced her. The woman’s right hand was holding the glass while the left was under her chin, holding her head up and she leaned on the bar.

“Uhm no, and quite frankly none of your business lady.“  He shot back while downing the rest of his drink in frustration.

“Hey man I’m just trying to lighten the mood.” She chuckled while pivoting the chair so she could face the stranger. The man let out a frustrating groan and pushed his empty glass away from him. Sebastian grabbed his wallet from his back pocket and took out a couple of bills and threw it on the bar.

“Oh c'mon, don’t tell me you’re gonna be pissy about a joke.” It was her turn to role her eyes this time. “Okay, you’re obviously stubborn, and extremely serious so this friendship is not gonna work out.”

“Friendship? We met five minutes ago.” He stated looking at his watch to clarify what he said.

“Yup, see people have the tendency to like me, or even fall in love with me.” She laughed while flicking her (y/h/c) over her shoulder for a dramatic effect.

“Oh darling, that dream of yours will come crashing down on you, and it’ll happen soon.” He said in an monotone type voice.

“It’s (y/n) actually. The only time you can call me darling is if you buy me dinner.” Her (y/e/c) eyes never leaving his light, grayish blue ones.

“Well (y/n) it was nice meeting you, but fuck off.” With that he got his brown, leather, torn up wallet from his back pocket, took a few bills and threw them on the bar. As he grabbed his cardboard box of belongings he couldn’t help but feel annoyed from this stranger and her behaviour towards him.

“See you soon buddy” was heard in the distance as Sebastian pushed the black metal door that lead to hustle and bustle of New York City

will edit later because I wrote this on my phone…

Part 2 coming soon!

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How would GOM + Kagami react when they find out that their s/o parents didnt like them?

Kuroko would be taken by surprise and would ask his partner if they knew the reason. He would try to change, perhaps in showing a bit more emotions and trying not to scare when he is close. But if it continued, he would face them and try to understand their reason.

Kise would be shocked, because who doesn’t like him? His partner’s parents would be the first to actually show dislike to him and would be concerned because he doesn’t want them to hate/dislike him. He would worry a lot and would be very careful with what he says and how he acts when they are around.

Midorima would be puzzled. He knows he is more…stoic and looks irritable, but that is just his face. He would talk with his partner and would try not to have any Oha Asa item with him if that is the reason they don’t like him.

Aomine knows he isn’t very likable by his partner’s parents, but it can still frustrate him if they clearly tell him he wasn’t the right for them. Even though he tries to be quiet, he wouldn’t be able to and said that he knows clearly he has faults just like every other person. He doesn’t like being talked down by someone who doesn’t know him.

Murasakibara would hardly give any thought or response to that, but it would still annoy him if he hears that often. He would try to not eat so many snacks and try to look like a teenager should, but once he was alone with his partner, he would go back to his snacks, eating twice as much.

Akashi would know that someone is definitely going to be against his relationship and he expected his father, so he was mildly surprised when in fact it was his partner’s. He would be very calm and listen to their reason before speaking what he has in mind. He would careful with his words, but would still hold a certain edge.

Kagami would be flustered and worried, because he knows why they might dislike him but at the same time he doesn’t. It would be very conflicting for him and would often be on edge trying to “impress” them every now and then, but I think eventually he would confront them that he loves his partner and wouldn’t change if they didn’t want him to.

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Headcanons for IDW Rodimus, Drift, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Fort Max reacting to their bot s/o grabbing their face and kissing their nose, resting their forehelm against their's being sweet and cute, and then saying "I love you and your stupid face... and your aft, you have a really nice aft." :3

I lov e this omg…. these guys all have quality booties tbh

Rodimus (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He’s just like “yeah, you know it” this boy is proud of his aft and he’s glad his s/o likes it too! Probably grabs his s/o’s aft without warning

Drift (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Drift is so ready to kiss them back until the aft comment. Then he starts softly wheeze-laughing and has to step away from his s/o for a moment

Swerve (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • “Aw, than- wait, what?” he gets so flustered at first and is expecting something really romantic and sappy to happen, so when they mention his aft he gets even more flustered than before

Brainstorm (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He takes it in stride, kisses his s/o back and keeps their forehelms together for a bit longer. He knows what his s/o said about his aft, but he wants to make this moment last until someone starts laughing

Fort Max (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He’s stunned into silence. How does he process this. FortMax.exe has stopped working. After like a solid couple of minutes of staring into his s/o’s optics he stutters something about how he likes their aft too before realising what he just said. His s/o is laughing but he’s embarrassed as hell

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Hello. Do you think I could get some headcannons as to how McCree, Hanzo, or Genji would help their S/O deal with the stress of finals in a sort of College/Modern AU? I love your writing!

//Aw jeez, thanks so much! I’ll do all three, just for you!


  • Makes a fool of himself to get his S/O to laugh. He amps up the ‘cowboyness’ until his sentences are nearly non-understandable. He loves the way it makes his S/O pull a funny face and go ‘What?’
  • Is there 24/7 to help his S/O relax, no matter what they need.


  • Listen this boy has to deal with a lot of stress. He helps his S/O by meditating with them, making them a cup of tea when they need it (and yes, tea. he despises coffee) and by simply cuddling on the couch and listening to relaxing music!
  • Sometimes he’ll talk about nonsense things just to get their mind of the work.


  • His first suggestion, always, is going out somewhere and having fun. To the theater, beach, arcade.. you name it! If that doesn’t work, he orders take-out and him and his S/O enjoy movie night together. He doesn’t think his job is done until his S/O is cuddled up beside him, fast asleep.

Deidara Blind date Scenario
Hidan falling in love Headcannons
Itachi breaking up with his arranged fiance Headcannons
Itachi breaking up with his s/o Headcannons
Itachi comforting his S/O Scenario
Itachi falling for the Reader Headcannons
Itachi’s first time Headcannons
Itachi proposing to the Reader Scenario
Itachi and younger sister Headcannons
Kisame fighting the Reader Scenario
Obito facing an old friend in battle Scenario
Reader Begging for Konan’s life Scenario
Reader captured by the Akatsuki Scenario
Reader fighting Tobi Scenario
Reader infatuated with Tobi Scenario
Reader vs Obito: Chunin Exams Scenario
Reader infiltrates the Akatsuki base Scenario
Reader Joins the Akatsuki Scenario
Reader Joining the Akatsuki Scenario
Reader spying on Kisame Scenario
Sasori’s regrets Scenario
Tobi revealing himself to Minato’s daughter Scenario

Team 7
Kakashi babysitting Boruto Scenario
Kakashi becoming Hokage Headcannons
Kakashi being comforted Scenario
Kakashi catching his younger sibling reading his books Scenario
Kakashi Cuddling Headcannons
Kakashi day off Headcannons
Kakashi domestic Headcannons
Kakashi falling for Rin Headcannons
Kakashi fighting the Reader Scenario
Kakashi modern doctor Headcannons
Kakashi teasing a pervy Reader Scenario
Kakashi and Reader admitting their feelings Scenario
Kakashi and the Reader confiding in each other Scenario
Kakashi and a baby daughter Headcannons
Kakashi and a jealous S/O Headcannons
Kakashi and a pregnant S/O Headcannons
Kakashi and ghost Sakumo Scenario
Kakashi and a younger S/O Headcannons
Kakashi and Yamato liking the same girl Headcannons
Naruto and Reader homemade Ramen Scenario
Sai Blind Date Scenario
Sai and Karin locked in a room together Headcannons
Sai and his first time Headcannons
Sai reacting to a surprise birthday party Headcannons
Sai reacting to tattoos Headcannons
Sai reacting to Valentine’s Day Headcannons
Sai with a slytherin S/O Headcannons
Sasuke in a arranged marriage Headcannons
Sasuke intimate Headcannons
Sasuke and Karin Headcannons
Sasuke sleeping Headcannons
Sasuke and younger sister Headcannons
Sasuke reacting to S/O insecurities Scenario
Sasuke and Reader admitting their feelings Scenario
Team 7 as grandparents Headcannons

Team 8
Hinata being courted Headcannons
Kiba and Kankuro liking the same girl Headcannons
Kiba and a allergic S/O Headcannons
Kiba with a shy girl Headcannons
Kurenai after Asuma’s death Scenario
Shino meeting the Reader from another Village Scenario
Shino reacting to his s/o in one of his shirts Scenario

Team 10 
Asuma finding out his S/O is asthmatic Scenario
Asuma SFW and NSFW Headccannons
Choji in a relationship Headcannons
Ino with her first B/F Headcannons
Shikamaru SFW and NSFW Headcannons
Shikamaru in a relationship Headcannons
Shikamaru with a slytherin S/O Headcannons
Shikamaru with a young S/O Headcannons
Reader and Ino fighting over Shikamaru Scenario
Team 10 as Grandparents Headcannons

Team Gai 
Gai getting Married Scenario
Neji and Tenten Headcannons
Neji drunk Scenario
Neji SFW and NSFW Headcannons
Neji crushing on the Reader and Reader crushing on Lee Scenario
Rock Lee Birthday Headcannons
Team Gai proposing to S/O Headcannons

Sand Siblings
Being a part of the Sand Siblings Headcannons
Being the youngest of the Sand Siblings Headcannons
Gaara having a friend when he was little Headcannons
Gaara easing into a relationship Headcannons
Gaara in a fight with his S/O Headcannons
Gaara dating someone from outside village Headcannons
Gaara receiving kisses Headcannons
Gaara with a asthmatic S/O Headcannons
Kankuro and Kiba liking the same girl Headcannons
Kankuro sleeping Headcannons
Kankuro Surprising his S/O Scenario
Kankuro SFW and NSFW Headcannons
Kankuro confessing to his S/O Scenario
Reader confessing to Gaara Scenario
Sand Siblings proposing to S/O Headcannons

Ame Orphans Headcannons
Anko dating Headcannons
Being a Hatake Headcannons
Dan Kato birthday Headcannons
Haku SFW and NSFW Headcannons
Iruka and the Reader snuggling Scenario
Iruka dealing with a student crush Scenario
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Karin in a intimate relationship Headcannons
Konohamaru crushing on the Reader Scenario
Madara with a INFP s/o Headcannons
Naruto characters in Modern Soicety Headcannons
Sakumo encouraging Kakashi scenario
Sakumo’s student Headcannons
Shisui Breaking up with S/O Headcannons
Shisui first time Headcannons
Shisui Modern Headcannons
Shisui Older Headcannons
Shisui falling for Reader Headcannons
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Sweetest Valentine’s Day Lovers Headcannons
Team Taka Genderbent Headcannons
Team Taka Modern Headcannons
Team Taka Road Trip Headcannons
Tobirama falling for the Reader Headcannons
True Humanitarians Headcannons
Tsunade with a INFP s/o Headcannons
Uchiha Archetypes Headcannons
Utakata and Yagura Modern Headcannons

iamonlyfrogo  asked:

You already knew my ass was gonna be in here - B/D/K/N for Tobi-o, Sh-o, and B-o.

Hinata Shouyou:

B (Body part)- He’s rather fond of his butt. When he first started playing volleyball, he tried on a pair of spandex, and although he would never wear them to an actual practice, he still bought them because of how nice it makes his butt look. For his s/o, he loves their cheeks. He likes to kiss them and squish them together, loving the way his s/o’s face feels in his hands. It’s all innocent, really.

K (Kink)- Hinata likes the feeling of feeling powerful, so it’s no surprize that he’d be into a BDSM of some sort. He likes to tie his s/o’s hands behind their back, or to the headboard or a chair as he pleasures them, rendering them absolutely useless as they struggle. He won’t go as far as hurting his s/o, but he thinks it’s pretty hot when they beg for him. (One time, he looked up ‘BDSM’ on tumblr and saw a woman in a whole latex outfit, with nothing but her lips and boobs uncovered and scared himself for a week)

N (NO!)- He’s a bit afraid to try out any toys. He’s seen some and something with a name like “Huge Veiny Throbbing Ass Destroyer!” is not something he wants anywhere near him or his s/o

D (Dirty secret)- Secretly, he refers to himself as ‘Bubble Butt’, and nobody can ever know that, ever. Although, he almost let it slip to Yamaguchi once.

Kageyama Tobio:

B (Body part)- If you were to ask him, he really couldn’t give you an upfront answer. Everything he likes about himself is talent based, and has never really taken the time to admire his body. Although, if he had to choose, he would say he’s rather fond of his hands, mainly because “without them, I couldn’t set”, so when it comes down to it, it’s still talent based. Call him a sap, but his favorite part of his s/o’s body is their eyes. Looking into their eyes for the first time is what made Kageyama realize he was in love with them, and he will forever fall in love more whenever he looks into them.

K (Kink)- At first he found it absolutely embarrassing, but he thinks mutual masturbation is really hot. Sometimes, he’s horny but not in the mood for sex, and it’s his definite go to. The first time him and his s/o tried it, he freaked out over the way his s/o was looking at him and didn’t even cum. Although, by now, it’s really just second nature.

N (NO!)- He would never, ever try any kink that has to do with any body fluids or excretions besides saliva, vaginal lubrication and cum. Hinata sent him the link to “Two girls one cup” as a prank before, and Kageyama got so sick he almost vomited. He’s sure if his s/o ever brought up anything like that in the bedroom, he’d dump them.

D (Dirty secret)- The first time he tried masturbating he thought he was going to die when he almost came. For three months Kageyama would try it again and again and always deny himself of an orgasm because the kid literally though he was going to die if he kept going. Now when he thinks about it, he wishes he could die.

Bokuto Koutarou:

B (Body part)- He really, really likes his arms. Although his thighs and glutes are a lot more muscular, he takes pride in his biceps. During the summer, he’ll only ever wear muscle tees and wife beaters to show off those glorious arms of his. On the other hand, he really likes his s/o’s tummy. He thinks it’s perfect for absolutely everything; he’ll cuddle up to it, he’ll tail wet kisses down it during foreplay and, he always pulls out just to paint their tummy with his cum.

K (Kink)- He really likes to spank his s/o. He was wary of it at first, because he knows how strong he can be and was constantly worried about their well being. Although, when they showed nothing but signs of pleasure, there was nothing holding him back.

N (NO!)- He won’t try anything with his s/o unless he knows they are completely, 100% alone. His biggest fear is being caught doing the do, and he won’t even jerk himself off if he knows his mom is home, let alone fuck his s/o in public.

D (Dirty secret)- One time, only because he knew there was no way anyone would ever find out, he bought a butt plug off of Amazon. It’s black and white, silicone, and vibrates, and despite the fact that he hates himself for buying it, it’s the best investment he’s ever made. To keep it hidden from people, he hides it in between his mattress and boxspring. Although he left the charging cord out by accident once, and his mother almost caught him if he didn’t rapidly excuse it as a phone charger Kuroo had forgotten.

anonymous asked:

How would the 1p!Allies react to a burglar threatening to kill their s/o at gunpoint?

1p America: The second that the burglar put the gun at (s/o) head , he snapped right there , to fast for the burglar to even react , he kicks the burglar’s hand with his leg and in that moment , oh that guy , he is dead right there and then.

He smiled at the burglar as he grabbed him the collar , “So you wanna be the bad guy , well than play at it but let me tell you something , I’m the hero but mostly for (s/o) and if  you think that you want to play around with that little gun like that than maybe there might be some consequences of losing your limbs.”

The burglar will be pleading for his life as he begs and apologies for his actions , Alfred smiled at him innocently but all of sudden punches him across the face making the guy fall to the ground and grab his nose as he knows that Alfred broke it already ,Alfred will walk to (s/o) and carry them bridal style and pretend like nothing of this happen.

1p England: The moment the burglar put a gun in (s/o)’s head he will be looking at the burglar with a sinister face , “Do you know what can happen because of this?”, Arthur would be walking each time closer to him , “Putting your filthy finger on her and pointing a gun to my love ………do you want your loved one or friends to pay for your actions”,Arthur would watch the burglar  tremble a bit as he knew that he was becoming uneasy.He came close to him and stared at him cold and smirk , “It’s your choice.”

The burglar put the gun down as he told Arthur that he didn’t mean to and to not hurt his family , Arthur came close to hold (s/o) and to put them behind him as he look at the burglar , he smiled and all of sudden he punched the guy straight in the face and started to punch him over and over , so much that (s/o) needed to get him away from him because the guy looked like he was almost close to been dead , Arthur breathing was hard but he controlled it and smiled to (s/o) as he kissed them in the head.

“Let’s go home , love~”

1p France: He stared at the burglar as he laughed a bit , he went to the table and poured some wine , he smiled and giggled as he walked close to the burglar , “Why are there foolish people in this world , I ask myself.”He sip a bit of the wine and looked back at the guy , he smiled , as he stretched his hand with the cup of wine , “Do you want some ?”

The burglar will be confused and nervous , about Francis actions , Francis got more closer and told him again , but the guy just felt unease and just stared at him.Francis chuckled and took another sip and all of sudden he slammed the cup against the burglar’s face , making the cup break and stabbing the burglar.He smirked as he saw the burglar drop to the ground and hold his face as he was screaming in pain .

Francis grabbed (s/o) and hugged them close to him , he smiled at them and kissed their forehead , he looked back at the burglar and he walked to the guy and started to kick him over and over , until the guy was bruised up , you couldn’t tell who he was , (s/o) needed to pull Francois away from the guy , them  been scared that he will kill him , Francois breathing calm down , he turned around and smile and hug (s/o) , “Let’s go to our dinner date , we may get there late~”

1p Canada: “Now , now , we don’t want any problems here , no?”, Matthew looked at the burglar as he saw that he was pointing at (s/o) a gun in their head , the burglar will yell at Matthew to stay back but Matthew will only get more closer , “STAY BACK!”, the burglar pressed the gun more harder on (s/o)’s head , they were whimpering by the pain and scared , Matthew eyes grew bigger but he chuckled.

“You should think of what you are doing right now , who you think you’re messing with”, he said as he smirked , he walked more closer to the burglar , and he all of sudden punched the guy across the face , making him fall to the ground . Matthew got on top of the guy and started choking him , the guy started to kick or do anything to get Matthew of him , Matthew started to laugh out loud as he tighten up his grip , the guy was almost to passing out , but (s/o) pulled Matthew away , they were scared of what Matthew was doing , it wasn’t like him.

Matthew looked at (s/o) and smiled at them , “ I’m so sorry for scaring you maple , let’s go take our walk shall we~”

1p Russia: The moment he saw the guy point the gun at (s/o) he pulled out his pipe and slammed his pipe hard to the burglar’s hand.The burglar let out a cry of pain and drop the gun as he grabbed his hand , by the looks of it Ivan broked his fingers by the force he gave to the hit.Ivan grabbed (s/o) and put them behind them as he walked closer to the guy.

“Then mistakes that you do , you should pay them no?”, he smiled innocently as he grabbed the guy’s hair , making the guy cry of pain , he smiled more and all of sudden he slammed his face by a wall , making the burglar fall to the ground and held his face because of the blood thAt was going down of his nose and pain.Ivan giggled and he raised his pipe up in the air and started to slam it down to the guy’s body , making the guy scream of pain .

Every hit that Ivan did to the guy , the more his screams died down , that’s when (so) needed to pull him away , they looked scared at the scene that Ivan has made , they didn’t said a word , they were a bit afraid , but Ivan looked at them and smile, “Let’s go watch a movie together~”

1p China: He stared at the burglar , as he yelled at him to get away or he will shoot but Yao  got closer to him , making the guy a bit nervous ,”Let them go”, Yao said as he looked at (s/o) , they were scared to dear life because they had a gun pointed at their head .

“If I don’t !”, the burglar said , Yao looked at him serious and all of sudden grabbed his hand with his strength making him let his gun go , Yao twisted his hand , making a loud crack, by the looks of it , he broke the guy’s hand.

The guy dropped to the ground as he twitched by the pain , Yao walked to (s/o) and grabbed them and hugged them and kiss their forehead ,”Let’s go home~”

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How would the Underfell bros react to hearing their s/o play piano for the first time and they turn out to be on a prodigy level?


He .. kind of just shrugs his shoulders about hearing it all, at first. Once he hears you playing the piano, he’s instantly amazed. He has this sort of mesmerized look on his face as he watches you play, utterly captured into the moment. Just .. damn, he didn’t know you were so good. Why didn’t you tell him sooner? Needlessly to say, he attends every single one of your piano concerts, and always cheers the loudest when it ends. He kind of just nods his head when he hears about your level. OF COURSE, THAT’S NOT A SURPRISE. YOU ARE .. RATHER GOOD AT THIS, HUMAN. He looks forward to hearing for more. 


When you first tell him about it, he’s interested, and asks you to play, because he’s curious, of course. And like his brother, he’s utterly amazed, although that only transfers to the simple nodding of his head. When he hears you’re a prodigy, any hot dog that he was eating is immediately choked down, and he stares at you with wide eyes. He thinks it’s a joke at first, but considering how good you are at it, he supposes it shouldn’t come of as a surprise to him. 

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A short fic where roadhog's s/o wants to see his face and call him by his actual name and Mako being apprehensive about it at first, pretty please!!! ^\\\^

Cue the FLUFF

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I should write story like this for Reaper
Also, my hEART!

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Hello may I request hcs about JJ and Viktor waking up and see that their s/o was kissing them?Thanks!!

oh u couldn’t choose any better guys for this,muhehe. -Blue

Victor Nikiforov

♥ His eyes would open wide with small suprise, before he would smile the brightest sleepy smile ever and quickly peck your lips back.

♥ He will take this as opportunity to hug you close, he won’t let go no matter what. He just wants to feel the warmth of your body and think of your cute face, slightly red from embarrasement when he caught you red-handed while kissing his face.

♥ He would tease you afterwards. Telling you that if you wanted to kiss some more you should’ve just wake him up. But it would be all pretty much innocent playing.

Jean-Jacques Leroy

♥ On the other hand JJ would love to tease you forever. And it would go from sweet to sexual in one swift motion. He is not taking any chances, because when the beast is once out it won’t calm down until it gets what it wants.

♥ Even though he might take the teasing too far it actually warms up his heart that you couldn’t help yourself but kiss his sleeping face. It certainly did stroke his ego well too.

♥ Sometimes when he wakes up before you he would also kiss your face just to see your reaction when you wake up and see his face so close to yours, with his smile and teasing remarks full of love and affection.

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Would Kyle like wearing his s/o's clothes? Would he get flustered easily? What kind of kisses would he most enjoy? 😮😮

He would love to wear their clothes and he’d be smelling their hoodies and sweaters constantly whenever he wore them, and yes he would get flustered INCREDIBLY EASY. his favorite kisses are soft forehead kisses and he loves to rub his s/o’s wrists when they hold his face while kissing his forehead


#fbf haha!! This is Rahul Kohli explaining his preparation for doing Clive’s O face in Season 2. #behindthebrains

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he didn’t drink so much.  but he feels as though he has a hangover from hell.  the tang of ozone lingering on the back of his tongue.  something he’d failed to recognise with a wash of champagne and a blur of rage that had rumbled up - uninvited and unwelcome.  but that retched taste that refused to dissipate only meant one thing… m a g i c.  

more fuckery.  and he’s seriously starting to think that he should bring a little of his own flavour of fuckery to the motherfuckers who thought that casting spells over the populace was good for shits and giggles.  as far as he was concerned - it wasn’t.  it was goddamn excision of free will.  manipulation of the worst kind.  unwarranted and real unwelcome imposition.  and he’s getting real tired of the sons of bitches who seemed to hit and run.  thought that they could just walk away and not have to face the consequences.

he has had - e n o u g h.

time to start getting some answers.  and the easy way hadn’t worked.  

so okay arcadia.

“lets try this the hard way.”