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Hi there! I'm a fan from philippines. I just want to say that you are very good in acting, i recently liking watching kdrama's and i loved it specially "oh hae young". Stay humble and god bless you always.

Hello.  It’s great to hear you enjoy “Oh Hae Young Again”.  Though, this tumblr is just a fan base.  It’s not Eric’s official site or run by his management company. We don’t have any association or connection to Eric or his management either.  The only Eric’s official account is E&J’s Twitter & Facebook. 🙂

Do check out Eric’s other dramas if you have time. 🙂


Like I said, I don’t feel comfortable with a female doctor.

kdramawomensweek | kdrama women’s week

alternatively: a week and one day to talk about and make things for women you appreciate in celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) 

Day One: Least Typecast Fave

An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you.

Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again.

Day Three: 40 + up, women in stories you adored

This is self explanatory, no? Female characters in dramas over the age of 40 that blew you away.

Day Four: Work X3

A character with a job or a relationship with work that you found either interesting/was merged well with the show/was unexpected etc.

Day Five: Femininity + Her

A character who dealt with being a woman in a way that interested you. Either in the way she behaved, or the way she dealt with the way she was percieved or the way she dealt with her existence ‘as a woman’. Am I being clear enough? Forgive me if I’m not.

Day Six: Strong Foundations

Wax lyrical about a character who was supported either her friends or/and her family. Female characters supported in life throughout, called out when they should and loved for who they are.

Day Seven: So Goodbye

Female characters with the best disappearances (no death, never death unless it’s fake death) and gap years, off to better themselves, or leaving for whatever heroic dramatic reasons. I’ll be incredibly impressed if you can do one on a character that never comes back.

Day Eight: Age of Youth Love-fest/Happy International Women’s Day

News about Season Two dropped and even though the tag is still active, it could be a little bit more active. Tell me about your favourite girl (it can be all of them), favourite scene, favourite prop, favourite line, draw parallels between Park Yun Sun’s previous work and Age of Youth! Do it all.

As always should you not like the categories, there are always  2015 + 2016 prompts, although it would please me if you could stick to these ones. Please tag your posts #kdramawomensweek and/or @ us so they are easier to find, admire and reblog.

Can we talk about how amazing and iconic Ji Ah is?

The second she realized what scum Tae Oh is, she dumped his ass. She didn’t get upset and contemplate how much it would hurt her or him. She didn’t stay with him because her feelings for him were “too strong” to leave him. She didn’t give him any excuses or leniency because he was her boyfriend.

To Ji Ah, being a decent person and a decent human being and thinking about others is the most important thing to her and not having that was an immediate deal breaker and that is so good and refreshing to see in kdramas.

And we didn’t see her crying or moping about it either like no she was so firm in her decision. Two minutes after breaking up with him she was punching him in the face and calling him scum and making sure he knew how trashy he is.

I absolutely love her and I’m really hoping she’ll survive until the end of this drama

hey, this has been bothering me for a long, long time and i’m finally going to say it. stop with this ‘krp’ bullshit.

korean people are not a genre. we aren’t an aesthetic. do you not find it strange that theres a whole subgenre of roleplay dedicated to korean muses? literally no one else in any other subgenre does this. i have never seen a genre of roleplay for a specific ethnicity. anime and comic rp group themselves as a genre because of the similarities in artistic medium, but

korean people are not an artistic medium. we’re fucking people. you are accessorizing us. this is racist. 

reblogging gifsets of kpop idols you like or kdramas you want to watch and tagging it as ‘omg my muse would definitely have a crush on this person’ is the most shallow, obvious form of yellow fever ive ever seen. whether your muse would have a crush on this idol or actor is not even relevant to the blog, it’s relevant to you, the mun, who sees a pretty korean face and decides that it fits the ‘aesthetic’ of your blog. i’ve never seen anime rp ever reblog gifsets of an anime that’s entirely different from the series that their muse is from and claim that their muse would have a crush on this irrelevant anime character whom they have had no interactions with. so why do you do that to real people? it’s just a tag of korean people who you think are hot? do you not see how fetishizing that is?

and why do you constantly treat korean people like fictional characters you can just fuck around with? does it not strike you as weird to write aus of real people? they’re not even ocs, you just take the idol, their name, their age, their face, and then change everything else around them. these people are not characters, they’re real life entertainers and you treat them like fictional characters, like accessories. writing aus of fictional characters comes from the sentiment of wanting to create something new based on what’s already given of a person who isnt real. it’s fetishizing, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s so painfully uncomfortable to see as a korean person. and it’s not in the same vein as writing an oc and having a faceclaim for them because when you retain the name and ‘character’ of the faceclaim, you’re writing this idol, not an oc, as if the fc werent people. i’ve never seen a ‘benedict cumberbatch au rp blog’ or a ‘tom hiddleston rp blog’ so why is this such a common occurrence to korean celebrities?

so before you write a korean muse using your ‘bias’ as a fc, ask yourself: are you writing out of thirst for your fc or interest for your muse’s characterization? because too many times i’ve come across korean muses with nothing but kdramas and kpop idol gifsets for pages and pages that have nothing to do with their muse and 0 research on our culture (seriously? your muse is special because they’re part of the kim family? 20% of korea has the last name kim, i have the last name kim. i assure you your muse wouldn’t be shit if that’s all they got going for them). i’m sick and tired of having my identity treated like an aesthetic. tone down the yellow fever, thanks.

Reblog If you are a Kpop fan who doesn’t

- Obsess over idols at an unhealthy level

- Shame/condescend people who choose not to listen to Kpop or other Kpop fans who listen to other kind of music as well 

- Harass idols who date your bias

- Accessorize the Korean culture or language 

- Denounce your own culture and try to “be Korean” yourself

- Think Korea is holy, perfect and better than any every country 

- Think Korea is just like how it is portrayed in Korean pop culture

- Think all Koreans are gods and look like Kpop idols

- Assume all Koreans like Kpop/Kdramas

- Saying someone isn’t a “real Korean” for not liking Kpop/Kdrama

- Fetishize Koreans

-Want to date Korean men/women souly because of the Fantasy  that they will act just like your favorite idol/kdrama character

- Want to go to Korea ONLY because you think that Korea is one huge Kdrama/Kpop music viceo

- Think that the whole Korea and its culture revolves all around its Pop Culture


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There seems to be… something special about this room. I feel like I’m away from the whole world. 

It’s just like you.

Why Wang So is Probably The Most Tragic Character in Kdramas’ History

Major roll-eye (◔_◔) to the writer for her insistence of making Wang So the most tragic character ever – with very illogical reasons for everyone to leave him at the end of the drama. >.>

Wang So is a flawed character without a doubt – his obsessiveness (major side eye) or him killing the monks and horse (another side-eye) but somehow Wang So’s fate is just very tragic from the moment he was born right until the end where he is left alone and lonely.

It is more tragic then any other Kdramas’ characters because it is his own family who dislike or abandoned him. Its not his friends or people that he has no blood relation but his own family members.

Let’s go through one by one shall we?:

1) He lacked of love since he was a little kid. His own mother hurt him and left that big scars on his face and later throw him away.

2) His dad use him as a captive and send him away to other tribe to console some lady who lost her son (What a terrible childhood!). And he is not loved by the lady or his adopted family (Surprise surprise ◔_◔).

3) The tribe lock, starve and sent him to the wolves that he ended up having to burn his only friend that is Mr. Tree since it was so cold during the winter (or is it because of the wolves?).  

4) His Crown Prince brother, Moo ask him to replace him during the masked dance since he think someone is going to assassinate him. So its okay for So to die on his place? Both of them learn martial arts so its weird for Moo to ask him that request (But of course, So’s life is not that important I guess?).

5) His father’s reaction after the mask was removed – not worry about him being injured but quickly call for Moo and his safety.

6) He killed all the monks (what a fool lol!) for his evil mother but she still disowned and disgusted with his existence (stop Ms. Writer, stawp!!!).

7) All his brothers except Baek Ah didnt treat him right. Moo used him for the dance/marriage and Eun is too dumb(?) to care about his feeling when he ask So to show his scars. The rest just plain hate him without any legit reasons.

8) His mother call him for family dinner only to ask him to kill Moo. Attempt to use him to do her dirty work instead of accepting him as her son after he proved his worth for her attention.

9) The woman that he love; Soo didnt trust him enough that he ended up having to kill Eun with his own hands. By the time Soo decided to stop thinking about the future and be honest with him, it was too late.

10) His loved ones; Beak Ah & Soo are used again & again that forced him to do things that he hate to save them from harm.

11) He never wanted to be a King but later changed his mind since he is tired of bloodshed and everyone using him when they are on the throne (His father –> Fight Kitan, Moo –> Marriage with his niece, Yo –> Using Soo to threat him). He wanted to stop the killing cycle and Yo’s ruthless reign (Or so he thought ◔_◔).

12) He didnt want to marry evil princess Yeonhwa but the love of his life Soo said ‘its okay’ to straighten his position as the King and assured him that she wont give up and she is okay with the arrangement. (Which she didnt since no one will be okay with that kind of arrangement tbh).

13) His happy times with Soo are so brief that she left him and stay with Jung because she is pregnant. She is not honest with him and trust him enough that he will protect her and the baby. She probably think So will treat her like his father did to Lady Oh.

14) In the end, despite writing all those letters how she love and yearn for him, she still doesn’t trust him enough to tell him about their daughter. She probably think he would not respect her request about wanting the girl to stay out of the Palace. (Of course she couldn’t tell him via the letters, but still! ಠﭛಠ)

15) Everyone leave him for such ridiculous reasons; Baek Ah (???!!!) and Ji Mong for he only loyal to the weak King Moo? Really? (Why are you feeding us this crap Ms. Writer??!!1 And why I’m still watching? lol)

16) Have to live the rest of his lives alone and lonely with someone that he hate. Cant love his son as it is a product of an evil Queen Yeonhwa (But still, he is your son??!! Way to go So. >.>).

What a terrible writing through and through. (☼Д☼) Anything else that I missed?

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I CANNOT at people crapping on So’s reasons for breaking up with Soo. (Setting aside the fact that this is something Soo has wanted since the last episode.) NO, he didn’t break up with her because of old jealousy. He’s upset because the person she loved was Wook, NOT because she loved before him. You’re kidding yourselves if you think he’d be reacting the same way if it were any other person.

“You always had Wook in your heart.”
But it doesn’t end there. So thinks Wook was the one in her heart ALL ALONG. And that she never truly loved him. (THIS is the true catalyst behind his decision.) Soo obviously realizes he thinks this as well - that’s why she reaches out for him.

But people are mad So has no faith in Soo’s love for him? Like, no wonder he doesn’t with how she’s acted since CR and every time he tried to reconcile with her. Unfortunately, So had to be brought to this point in order to let Soo go. He wouldn’t have otherwise.

There are people annoyed that he tried holding on to her. When in fact he’s just trying to salvage their relationship until he’s finally made to realize that he can’t hold on to someone who doesn’t want him. Then there are people annoyed because he broke up with her for a reason so petty as “jealousy”. When that isn’t the case at all.

So - damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.