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“Platonic” Bed-sharing: A Snowbaz Fic

In which there is much Snowbaz fluff. 

Disclaimer: All characters and locations belong to Rainbow Rowell!

“Snow. No”

“Snow yes!”

Simon Snow is a complete nitwit. Baz thought.

The two boys were at a standoff. Baz always knew that Simon was plagued with nightmares. Some nights the sound of the curly-haired angel of a boy would keep him up until faint streaks of sunlight drifted through their bedroom door. He had never gone off in his sleep though. This was certainly new.

“Please Baz! My spine is too fucking boney to sleep on the ground. Do you want me to be miserable all night?” He was pleading now, his blue eyes wide, accentuating his freckles.

He was standing there in their chamber looking like an innocent child in a too-tall body. He was hugging a spare blankets and a pillow to his chest. His lanky, skinny limbs looked even skinnier in his baggy Watford pajamas. All his scone eating hadn’t done anything to increase his weight. Must be the pressure of seventh year getting to him.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do want that.” Yes, get bruises all over your perfect back you idiot. That’s what you get for being so attractive.

“If you don’t share your bed I’ll make sure you’re miserable all night too!”

It was a measly threat to Baz. He was already miserable enough every night to have the Mage’s Heir tormenting him through his presence every day and night. He rolled his eyes and smoothed out a single wrinkle in his bedsheets.

“Don’t ignore me! It’s just for one night. I won’t even touch you, I promise.”

Baz fluffed up his pillow. He could physically feel Simon’s glares.

“Come on man! S’not my fault Watford doesn’t have any spare beds lying around!” There was an intoxicating electric tingle to the air. Simon was getting too worked up about this. “If I have to sleep on the ground because of you I will go off on your bed and we’ll both be cold and sore from sleeping on the fucking stone floor.”

That was certainly a threat Simon could get away with doing, despite the anathema. Damn him. Baz thought.

“Okay. Fucking fine!” It came out more harshly than Baz intended.

Simon took a step back, the threads of his magic retreating immediately. It was certainly frightening how closely tied Simon’s magic was to his emotions.

“Thanks. I promise. This is just for tonight. I’ll build a spare bed myself if it means I don’t have to sleep with you.”

Baz snorted. Simon. Building something. Now that would be something. He sighed in annoyance as he realized sharing a bed with Simon would make it extremely difficult to sneak of to drink tonight.

“I’m going to change into my nightclothes. Make yourself at home, Snow.” He said sarcasm dripping from his voice like water from a leaky faucet.

Simon nodded. He looked exhausted.

Baz went to change his clothes in the bathroom. He stared at his own grey eyes in the mirror. His pupils were dilated and if he had more blood in him, he would probably would look flushed. He felt a surge of nervousness and anticipation.

Sharing a bed with Simon Snow. Simon fucking Snow. How on bloody earth am I supposed to not kiss the moles on his neck if he is bloody next to me?

This would certainly be a long night.

Emerging from the bathroom, Baz saw Simon fixing up a sheet to work as a divider in the middle of their already small twin bed.

“What the fuck are you doing Snow?” Baz asked incredulously.

“I thought it’d be more comfortable if there was a like… physical barrier between us.”

“Whatever floats your boat you nitwit.”

Baz carefully folded his Watford sweater, placing it in a drawer, and hung up his trousers. Then he stood by his bed, eyeing a reclining Simon.

“I promise I won’t bite or go off on you tonight Baz. And don’t even think about doing anything to me. Anathema, remember.”

Baz rolled his eyes and climbed into bed. He laid on his side, facing away from the boy he wanted to kiss ever since they met. Simon had already turned out the light. It was just the two of them now. Lying side by side. Lit by moonlight.

This would be incredibly romantic if were an entirely different pair of boys. And both gay.  Baz thought.

He heard Simon sigh. He could feel heat radiating of him in waves. He was so hot. Baz didn’t understand why Simon even bothered to use a blanket. He was already a walking furnace. In more ways than one. Baz swallowed, bit his tongue and did his best to repress the urge to turn and kiss the living hell out of Simon.

Moments passed in silence. Simon’s breath faded into a rhythm. But it wasn’t how he sounded when he was sleeping. More like he was relaxed.

Baz was not relaxed. It felt like every atom of his undead existence was on edge. He was going to have to spend at least eight hours lying like this with the boy he loved and wanted most lying next to him. This was all a terrible mistake.

A gentle touch and a whispered “Baz!” made his entire body flinch. The hand immediately retreated and Baz immediately wished it back.

“Blimey Snow! What the fuck do you want?” He turned to look at the boy.

It was a mistake.

Simon looked ethereal. His eyes were soft and tired. His bronze hair was silver and shone under the starlight. His lips. Crowley his lips looked devourable.

Baz swore he felt his vampire heart have a seizure in his chest. He was tingling all over. This was a mistake. He should just go stalk the Watford grounds and sleep under a tree or some shit. Even a cold Autumn night spent outside would be better than this infernal torture.

“Baz. Why are we like this?”

“Like what, idiot?” Baz spat a bit.

The bead of saliva landed on Snow’s pillow. Baz wished it had landed on Simon’s face. Then he wished he hadn’t thought that.

“Why do we hate each other?”

Baz sighed in exasperation. But some force he wasn’t entirely in control of made him turn completely onto his side and face Snow full-on.

“I don’t know! Maybe my parents hate your adopted father because he stole all that was good from our family?” Baz’s words raised in volume. 

He was getting annoyed.

Annoyed that Simon looked so calm. Annoyed that they could kiss right that moment Annoyed they weren’t kissing. Annoyed that it was even a possibility in his mind. He wanted to glare at Simon. But he was so tired. And thirsty.

This was a mistake.

Simon was silent for a moment. He seemed to be studying the wall behind Baz. Then he was studying Baz’s face and time seemed to stop.

“I’ve just been thinking a lot, Baz. None of this stupid rivalry makes any sense!”

“Welcome to the real world.”

“Sure. But right now. I’m scared.” Simon’s voice was getting soft and small.

He was so small and pale and delicate in that moment. Baz felt an insuppressible need to protect him. It made his heart feel like it could burst out of his chest and fly away.

“Scared?” Baz found his voice was getting softer now too.

Why. Why? He needed more control than this. Everything that was expect from him wasn’t what he really wanted. He had to stop his feelings. But he couldn’t. He had made a terrible mistake.

“I’m scared of the Humdrum. Of losing the people I care about. Penny. The Mage. Agatha. You.”

Baz coughed in suprise. Not a sarcastic cough. A genuine “what-the-fuckity-fuck” cough.

“I’m scared of sleeping tonight because I don’t want to wake up and find that I’ve destroyed everything I love.” Simon looked almost like he was going to cry.

“Are you afraid you’ll go off again tonight?” Baz asked.

Simon nodded ashamedly. Baz didn’t really feel concerned that Simon could hurt him. He felt concerned that Simon was sad. They laid there in silence, staring at each other.

Then, then, Simon took the sheet that was separating them, cast it aside, and flung his arms around Baz. Baz was too shocked to react for a moment. He couldn’t exactly fathom how this moment was real. Slowly, he wrapped an arm back around him.

“S-simon?” He managed.

“Sorry.” He muttered into Baz’s shirt. “I think I just needed a hug.”

“You want a hug from your mortal enemy in a bed?”

Baz could feel Simon sigh in response. Then he drew back but not that far back.

“I don’t know.”


They stared at each other. Baz knew his eyes probably looked as wide as Simon’s did. What did this all mean? What was Simon trying to accomplish through this? Did he know how Baz felt and was trying to manipulate him?

Manipulation or not, whatever Simon was doing was working.

Simon’s hand encircled his and he froze.

Physically and mentally, he froze.

Baz had so many questions. So many demands to make.

Why did Simon care about him?

Why on earth did Simon think hugging the boy who had only made him miserable would accomplish anything?

Why were they holding hands in a bed?

What the fuck was happening?

Why were they not kissing?

They should kiss.

He wanted Simon to kiss him. He wanted to kiss Simon.

“Simon?” He whispered.

“Kiss me.” Simon whispered back.

And he did.

To the girl I’ll one day marry,

I’m 12 years old right now and I hope that one day I get to read this letter to you. I’m snuggled in my bed, my mind racing with so many different questions. For example, what’s your name? Are you older than me? Younger? How did we meet? I hope we didn’t meet at school. That would suck.

Anyways, I know, even now, that I am really  not the ideal person to be with. I have a lot of faults you see, but I hope that you can see that I’ve really tried hard to change those parts of me. I’m not the smartest person and I know I can be more than a handful at times, so please bear with me. I am a work-in-progress, even years into the day that I read this to you.

I want you to know, that even now, I’m already thinking of the many ways I can love you. I mean it. We’re engaged, soon to be wives and sharing eternity together. Know that I’ll spend all of my time ensuring that you are happy and taken care of.

Even though we haven’t met yet, I already know that you are the most wonderful girl on the whole planet. You’re probably sarcastic, able to understand my jokes, and share my passions and love for books. Maybe you like to draw or paint or do artistic things…that would be cool, maybe you can teach me how to do artistic stuff. But don’t worry, if you can’t, I know I’ll still love you. I hope we have the same taste in music because it would be horrible to live a life with sucky music.

Are you an honest person? Do you like to lie to people? Tell you a secret that maybe you haven’t known yet, I’m not the most honest person. I find pleasure in tricking people. I hope you’re nice but not too nice. I know for a fact that you’re smart. I tend to exist in a different realm of life from people and I know you understand that.

Hmm…I hope that you love me the most of all. It would be amazing to meet you. It would be my greatest pleasure to love you. To build a life and a future with you. Know that even now, I already do love you. Know that you are amazing, loved, appreciated. That your company and all your efforts are enjoyed and taken notice of. I’ll always be there for you the same way I know you’ll always be there for me. I love you. I know I do.

Your future wife.

P.S How does a snake for a pet sound? I’ve been asking for one since I was seven.
P.P.S Blue. I hope our house is blue. Or any neutral colour.

—  Little Poet ~ My 12 year old self did something gay.
Bound (part 2)

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 follwers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

“Stuck in mine too, literally” He jokes, they laugh for a bit before he began whining about how she didn’t hear anything he said.

“I’ve heard enough of you, tonight! You already ruined the perfectly good one night stand I had going on, with your constant shouting” She says, matter-of-factly. He, over-dramatically, gasps and denies that it was his fault. He predicts that her fuck buddy would’ve ended up leaving anyways, due to her annoying moans.

“Deeper!” Harry mimics. She’s glad that, out of everyone she could have gotten stuck with, she got him because he makes her laugh and with her dirty sense of humor, that’s hard to do. “You’re an ass!” She declares through her fit of laughter. They talk for a bit more, jokes and jabs rolling off of their tongues like its their job until Harry expresses that its almost four in the morning and he’s tired.

“So..does this shut off when we sleep or am I going to have to put up with your snoring?” Y/n inquires. “I don’t know i guess we’ll have to find out” he says through a big yawn. They ask each other a couple more questions as they both change into their night clothes. Harry puts on a white tee and doesn’t bother putting any pants over his boxers while Y/n settles for a black tank and grey yoga pants.

After she brushes her teeth and washes her makeup off, she crawls into her queens sized bed, advises Harry to not “let the bedbugs bite” and dozes off.


He brushes his teeth as well and uses a thin black headband (we all know which one i’m talking about) to hold his hair out of his face.

“Goodnight love. I hope i don’t snore too loud” he jokes.

Harry wakes up around the same time does every morning, only difference is that he leaves his eyes closed for a few more moments this time. He groans at the fact that Y/n’s honey-like voice is the first thing to cross his mind. He’s certain that this won’t be the last morning of its kind. His thoughts are cut short by the loud grumble that erupted from him stomach so he decides to start his day off with a nice home-cooked meal. He figures a couple slices of Avocado toast should do the trick.

While his butter knife dispenses the green spread across the pieces of toast, he begins to sing to himself. Perfect by Ed Sheeran, his favorite song at the moment. He doesn’t realize that he’s stopped preparing his meal, he’s gotten so into the song. Its the chorus bit and its almost as if he can’t control himself. He just really loves this damn song.

“Wow, look at you!” he hears, he jumps and drops the knife on the wooden floor of his kitchen. “Christ! Y/n don’t do that” He whines. She’s laughing loudly and he shakes his head at his inability to maintain a straight face. He rinses off the utensil and returns to his breakfast duties.

“You’re such a bully” he chuckles.

“Forgive me but I couldn’t help it! You’re voice is amazing. It woke me up”

“I’m sure you woke up earlier when I was on the phone with my mom” He stated. She told him she didn’t and that she’s pretty sure that they disconnected” while they were sleeping, which is good because that means that they can turn it on and off, once they learn how. “Well thanks for the compliment” he blushes, he’s so happy she can’t see his burning cheeks.

He takes bite of his bread and chases it down with a sip from his cup of cranberry juice. His nose scrunches up, in the cute way that it does, at the mixture of flavors and he makes his way to grab a bottle of water out of the refrigerator instead.

“No problem. Do you sing a lot?” she asks. He tells her about how he used to but he stopped because of his old girlfriend. She was always putting him down and would always take it even though he knew he didn’t have to.

“So whenever she got mad at me or if she was simply bored, she would tell me I sounded like crap” he informed her. “At first I would brush it off but after she…” his voice faltered and he cleared his throat. This is obviously a very hard topic for him to talk about. He never tells anyone the story. It was a huge event in his life and it isn’t so keen on being that open with people.

“Listen H, you don’t have to tell me” Y/n offered.

“No I need to talk about it! My therapist said its good for me” Harry breathed. 

Y/n asks him he would feel better talking about it over dinner and he gladly accepts her offer. He joked around about how much a pussy feels like for not being the first one to ask for a date. “Who said its a date?” Y/n exclaimed.

“I did!” he teased back.

After a long debate over a time and place, the pair decided on seven o’clock at Amelia’s diner. It’s Y/n’s favorite place to get burgers.

Harry pulls into the small lot of the diner. He checks himself in the mirror one last time, he’s not sure why he’s so nervous. “You practically know her” He whispers to himself. Wiping the sweat from his hands off and onto the thighs of his jeans, he hops out of his car and heads to the yellow, double-doors. 

Once inside, he’s greeted by the hostess. She looks no older than about sixteen. “Are you going to be eating alone?” she as she leads him to a table. “No, my uh…my friend is on her way I think” Harry answers. The girl gives him a food menu and leaves him to choose what he wants to eat. 

About twenty-five minutes pass and he hasn’t heard a word from Y/n. He”s already had a milkshake and he’s starting to feel alittle worried. She never gave off the impression that she was the type to stand him up.

 He shuts his eyes tight and tries to connect with her even though he’s never done it on command before. Instead of hearing her voice, he gets this tight feeling in his chest and this wave of panic washes over him. He’s had anxiety attacks before and this feels just like that but he’s unsure as to what is causing it. Afraid of causing a scene, he places some cash on the table and quickly jogs out of the restaurant. 

Once he makes it out for some fresh air, he can breath a little better but his heart is still racing. Then, he finally hears that smooth honey filled tone but he doesn’t think its in his head this time.Its distant and she sounds like she needs helps. 

“Let go of me!” she squeals. He whips his head to the left which is where the sound is coming from. He runs in that direction, following the sound until it leads him to the side of the building. He sees a girl pinned up against the brick wall, two men in front of her. One of them has his hand resting on the wall beside her head. Harry stops in his tracks, trying to evaluate the situation. “please” he hears her whimper “Y/n!” he calls.

The girl on the wall turn her head toward him and so do the two men dressed in black. “Harry?” she asks, breath still shallow from being so scared. The two men back away from her, mumbling shit about how her boyfriend came to save her. Harry runs over to her. He pushes his way in between her and the man. Harry’s face is just inches from his. From where Y/n is standing, she can see Harry’s broad back rise nd fall with is heavy breathing. She put her hand on his hip, to calm him down a bit. The dickhead that stands head to head with H balls up his fist as if he’s about to throw a punch. “Don’t even fucking try it” He growls at the middle-aged creep. 

They walk away shooting evil glares Harry’s way. Once he’s sure they’re far enough, he switches his gaze to Y/n. “Are you okay?” his voice changes from the rough growl it just was, to a soft worried one.

She nods.

“I’m- yeah i’m ok.” she beams.

“That was the craziest thing. I was sitting in there and i like…i lke felt you” he starts, eyes wide with wonder. “I came out here for some air because I could barly bre-’  He stops and raises an eyebrow  “Why are you smiling” he asks.

“Because!…Its you. I’m finally seeing the person i’ve been talking to.” she chimes. 

Its just now clicking in his head; a huge smile forms. He facepalms himself. ”Didn’t even really sink in, love. I’m sorry I was just so angr-” he starts.

“I know” Y/n cuts him off. “Don’t worry about it” she laughs. He looks down at the outfit she was wearing. It wasn’t too flashy but it wasn’t too dressed down either. It looked great on her and the color she chose, complimented her eyes well.

“Well, you look beautiful” he chuckles, opening his arms wide enough for her to slide in. Just as she she embraces him, They both feel a weird wave of tingles run between them. It wasn’t painful, but it was just really strange. Neither of them had felt something like that before. It was almost like that feeling you get when your foot falls asleep except… all over their bodies.

Both of them pulled away quickly. 

“Did you feel that too?” Y/n stammered. 

“Um..Yeah that was new” Harry coughed.

Aldo The Teddy Bear

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2185

You rolled over violently and looked at Jensen, his snoring keeping you awake as he laid there. You furrowed your eyebrows, grabbing for your pillow with thoughts about smacking him with it filling you up with enough peace to put you back to sleep. But as you gripped the corner of your pillow, another thought came to mind. Releasing the pillow, you spun around and grabbed your phone off the nightstand and pulling the charger out of it. Bringing up the camera, you began recording, putting you on the screen with a snoring Jensen just behind you.

You stared at Jensen on the phone for a solid ten seconds before releasing a sigh. “I love you, Jensen. Even if your loud snoring keeps me up at night, I’ll still love you. I’d rather be dead tired than to not sleep next to you. Love you, baby.” You turned around and kissed his cheek with a loud mwah before turning back to your phone and stopped the recording. You snuggled back into bed and forced Jensen’s arm around you, smiling widely as you closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep despite the snoring in your ear.

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Danvers Sisters (+ Maggie) Aftermath (2x21)

@ophelias-heart wrote: “Kara deals with the aftermath of the invasion. Mon-El put up no fight and left all too easy. The toll of the population life in Alex’s hands vs Kara, her hesitation leaves her distraught. They comfort each other, maybe Maggie looks after them both.”

She didn’t expect him to stay with her. She didn’t even want him to.

But damn, she expected him to fight harder than he did.

It was his mother, after all. His girlfriend, his mother, his people.

She didn’t abandon her people on the front lines when her family was the one trying to take over the city, the planet.

Not even when it almost killed her. Not even when it almost killed Alex.

Alex, Alex, Alex.

Alex is the arms she runs to when the dust settles, and Alex is the home she goes to.

Because Alex is the sanctuary she needs.

Maggie’s there. At Alex’s apartment.

Because Alex is her sanctuary, too.

And Alex has both of her sanctuaries right here, right now.

And right here, right now, Kara doesn’t have the energy to process what it means to have to share Alex after crises.

Right here, right now, she’s just grateful that Maggie is curled into an armchair, eyes downcast, giving the sisters the time they need. For each other.

“I could kill her for you. Marsdin. For forcing you to make such an impossible choice.”

Alex grins faintly and shakes her head, her eyes red and her voice thick.

“Maggie already offered.” Kara nods at her over Alex’s shoulder, from her position curled into Alex’s chest, and Maggie shrugs.

“But it wasn’t even her fault.”

“It was, Alex – “

“No, I mean… Kara, think about it. One person, versus the world? I’m a soldier, it’s my job, I shouldn’t have even hesitated. But on the other hand, it was you, Kara, you. And I shouldn’t have even considered pushing it in the first place.”

Kara sits up and strokes Alex’s hair, wipes Alex’s tears. 

“Alex, your two biggest instincts are protecting me and protecting basically everyone except yourself. She knows that about you. Marsdin. If she wanted someone to commit genocide against the Daxamites, she should have pulled the trigger herself. Or, Rao, at least given the order to someone who kinda has a grudge against me. Make the decision easier.”

Alex chuckles wetly and rests her forehead on Kara’s temple. “I could have lost you, Kara. And it could have been my fault.”

“You’ll never lose me, Alex. Ever. I promise you that.”

“But I almost – “

“Almost isn’t gone. I’m right here, Alex.” Kara pulls back and frames her big sister’s face in her hands. “I’m right here. And Maggie’s safe, and J’onn’s safe, and Lena and James and Winn are safe – “

“And your boyfriend is now your ex, right?”

“Alex – “

“No, Kara, he abandoned you. And this was far from the first time he – “



“Why did I do that?”

“Why did you stay behind to try to convince Rhea to surrender? Because that’s what you do, Kara, you – “

“No. Date him. Why did I do that?”

Alex sighs and Maggie shifts up from her chair and pads into the bedroom to place a call to Jessy the Pizza Guy (who, of course, she’d checked up on after the attacks, and who’d gotten through it just fine). This was going to be one of those nights.

“Kara,” Alex whispers, and it’s her turn to smooth her sister’s hair out of her face. “The kind of pressure he put you under… and he was from your home – sort of – your past… you couldn’t break his nose by kissing him… Kara, that stuff is – “


“I love you,” Alex offers, because Maggie’s better at this part than she is.

As if on cue, Maggie kneels beside the couch. Beside her Danvers girls.

“I ordered pizza and potstickers,” she offers, and Kara smiles through tears like Maggie’s the MVP of the year.

“And also, Little Danvers, listen… you’ve surrounded yourself with people who would easily die for you. Alex. J’onn. James. Me.” Kara and Alex both tear up when Maggie includes herself, and Maggie stammers a bit at their overwhelmed and overwhelming response before continuing. “Hell, Cat Grant. And Winn? You saw him, Kara. He was crawling out of his skin, even being in the same room as Lilian Luthor. But he powered through, and he did that for you. And Lena? How hard Lena fought to get back to you? You’re surrounded by people who love you. And we just went through the end of the world together. If you only lost one person to betrayal and selfishness, you really haven’t crafted a bad family for yourself.”

“You’d die for me?” Kara asks, and Maggie nods without hesitation.

“Alex needs her sister,” she tells her, and Alex shudders and pulls Maggie up onto the couch and into her lap.

“Don’t you go anywhere. Either of you.”

They promise Alex they won’t, they won’t, they won’t, and after pizza and potstickers are demolished and hours’ more tears are shed, Maggie holds them both – Kara pressed against one side, Alex curled on and slightly over the other – until their tears dry and their breathing evens out and they dream of flight unmarred by missiles and love unmarred by massacres.

You’re the child we would have had anyway, Simon. You were ours, in every way. And none of it is your fault. 


You came on the solstice. And you came so easily, I swear you didn’t want to cause me any more pain. […] I loved you before I met you, and I loved you more the moment I held you. And I never meant to leave you so soon.
I never would have left you.

Simon, Simon.

My rosebud boy.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


loveisalaserquest17  asked:

It feels a bit silly to come to your inbox since we're actually chatting but you're good and you're indulging me in this, so. I'd like to have a comparison between songs harry wrote, like a timeline of his writing characteristics, something that shows how he's grown in term of songwriting, and maybe a little flash forward to his solo album? I know you've already made posts about SG, IICW and WITW, but maybe you could sum them all up and starting from the origins? And including Don't let me go?

Thank you for this ask, Julie!

I looked through the list of songs available to the public for which Harry shares writing credit. 

2011: Taken, Everything About You, Same Mistakes

2012: They Don’t Know About Us, Summer Love, Still the One Irresistible, Don’t Let Me Go

2013: Story of My Life, Happily, Right Now, Something Great

2014: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (for Ariana Grande), I Love You (for Alex and Sierra), Not Our Fault (for Gavin Degraw)

2014: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket

2015: Perfect, If I Could Fly, Olivia, Walking in the Wind, AM

2016: Someday (for Michael Buble)

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anonymous asked:

Love ur tumblr but seeing so many Uno post make feel angry. HE'S damn overescored, his jumps are underotated! How can you like someone like that?

First of all….

Originally posted by dumbsmartboy

Second of all….Yuzu’s not even mad, so why are you mad?

You do realize that he’s extremely proud of his kouhai, right?

Originally posted by shoma-uno

He loves him so dearly to do the wedding pose more than three times…..

Originally posted by yuzu-ice

He is constantly supporting and playing around with Shoma because he doesn’t let the nature of competitions ruin their relationship:

Originally posted by heltra91

I don’t understand how you don’t see this.

You can’t get caught up in the drama of scores and forget that at the end of the day, these guys are not just competitive athletes, they’re regular buddies who hang out with each other regardless of scores. 

You can’t hate someone because of what the judges did. That’s not the athlete’s fault (COUGHunlessitsacertainadelinafromacertainolympicscandalCOUGH.)

It’s fine if you don’t want to see Shoma, just blacklist Shoma Uno in the tags or something.

But I will not stop posting things I find amusing or interesting because of someone else’s opinions.

Also, I already shared my opinions about the underscoring/overscoring issue [here].

Sassy Stark Pt.2

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, a bit of Cap, Nat, Vision and Sam on the side

Warnings: Some angst, mention of a character death

Word count: 1,100

A/N: This is part 2 of this series - beta’d by the beautiful @fandommaniacx. I love writing dad!Tony and this might seem a bit like filler (which it sorta is I guess) but it gives a whole lot more inside into the relationship of the two main characters. 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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The little bookshop on the corner had been your safe space ever since you moved to New York. You came in practically every day and yet fell in love with it over and over again each time you visited.

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Disney Songs {Sentence Starters}

  • “It’s a small world after all.”
  • “Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!”
  • “It means no worries for the rest of your days.”
  • “I’m in the mood to help you, dude!”
  • “You’re a spineless, pale, pathetic lot!”
  • “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!”
  • “Wish I could be part of that world.”
  • “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”
  • “I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.”
  • “What’s around the river bend?”
  • “How does she know you love her?”
  • “There’s more to see than can ever be seen.”
  • “I will never pass for a perfect bride.”
  • “Let me share this whole new world with you!”
  • “Zero to hero, just like that!”
  • “Go on and kiss the girl.”
  • “If there’s a prize for rotten judgement,I guess, I’ve already won that.”
  • “I’ll make a man out of you!”
  • “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.”
  • “You ain’t never had friend like me!”
  • “I will be here, don’t you cry.”
  • “It’s not my fault! I’m not to blame!”
  • “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”
  • “The cold never bothered me anyway.”
  • “Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?”
  • “I thought my heart had learned its lesson!”
  • “It’s she who holds her tongue who gets her man!”
  • “You’ve got to show her you need her.”
  • “I’ll be there someday, if I can be strong.”
  • “For one so small, you seem so strong.”
  • “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”
  • “Be mine or you will burn!”
  • “Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly." 
  • "They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch.”
  • “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?”
  • “Let’s get down to business!”
  • “They say ‘have courage’, and I’m trying to!”
  • “I won’t say I’m in love!”
  • “Now I’m in a whole new world with you.”
  • “Come, stop your crying. It’ll be alright.”
  • “When will my reflection show who I am inside?”
  • “I have often dreamed, of a far off place.”
  • “Do you wanna build a snowman?”
  • “He’s the earth and heaven to you.”
  • “Everybody wants to know their true love is true." 
Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Two - Spinner’s End

BOIIII lets catch up on the latest goss in this chapter

- ok the chapter LITERALLY starts with bellatrix killing an innocent baby fox. LIKE WE NEEDED A REMINDED THAT SHES A FUCKED UP HUMAN BEING

- this may cause some backlash but….. the nick name “Cissy” disgusts me. also anyone who uses “’Mione” in their fanfiction.

“Cissy, you must not do this, you can’t trust him-”
“The Dark Lord trusts him, doesn’t he?”
“The Dark Lord is… I believe… mistaken,” Bella panted

lol YUP

She drew a wand from beneath her cloak, holding it threateningly in the other’s face. Bella merely laughed.
“Cissy, your own sister? You wouldn’t-”
“There is nothing I wouldn’t do anymore!” Narcissa breathed, a note of hysteria in her voice

again, were like one page in and SHIT IS SO SERIOUS YALL

- i was sitting here wondering why this chapters called spinners end and its because its the name of the street snape lives on lol thats… clever? i guess?

“Snape,” she said curtly as she passed him.
“Bellatrix,” he replied, his thin mouth curling into a slightly mocking smile as he closed the door with a snap behind them.

as much as i dislike snape, i gotta love the way he treats bellatrix 

“We…we are alone, aren’t we?” Narcissa asked quietly.
“Yes, of course. Well, Wormtail’s here, but we’re not counting vermin, are we?”

sick burn bro

- snape just casually has a secret hidden sex room/torture chamber in his living room behind a bookshelf, and no one seems to be alarmed at this fact at all.

- wtf and now hes breaking out the wine…if i hadnt already read this, i would think this chapter was about to get WEIRD yall

-blah blah blah snape lying about being faithful to the dark lord blah blah blah basically this is just info dump

“He shares everything with me!” said Bellatrix, firing up at once. “He calls me his most loyal, his most faithful-”
“Does he?” said Snape, his voice delicately inflected to suggest disbelief. “Does he still, after the fiasco at the Ministry?”
“That was not my fault!” said Bellatrix, flushing. “The Dark Lord has, in the past, entrusted me with his most precious - if Lucius hadn’t-”
“Don’t you dare - don’t you dare blame my husband!” said Narcissa, in a low and deadly voice, looking up at her sister. 

its uh, getting a lil tense in here guys, LETS KEWL IT OK

- LOL snape just said the only reason harry has survived this long is just luck and having friends who are smarter than him and im just like damn….. TRU THO

- i forgot that the reason draco was chosen for this mission is to get back at lucius for fucking up with the prophecy. that makes sooo much more sense now bc why else would anyone trust draco to do anything HA amirite?

“Certainly, Narcissa, I shall make the Unbreakable Vow,” he said quietly. “Perhaps your sister will consent to be our Bonder.”
Bellatrix’s mouth fell open. Snape lowered himself so that he was kneeling opposite Narcissa. Beneath Bellatrix’s astonished gaze, they grasped right hands.
“You will need your wand, Bellatrix,” said Snape coldly.
She drew it, still looking astonished.

pulling a ron like, ‘but…you can’t break an unbreakable vow’ THIS SHIT IS FUR REAL

- THEY DONE DID IT. everyone in the room is shook. including me.

also YAY next chapter we get to see our old pal hp!!!!

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@nikidon and it continues… so here. Have a “hi i got sexiled by my roommate and you found me in the hall…can i stay over?” drabble. I hope you like!! 

There’s a boy in the hallway when Leo walks out.

He’s curled up against the wall, a rolled-up sleeping bag thrown over him and his face pressed into a stuffed teddy bear. Leo coughs quietly to see if he’s awake, and it turns out he isn’t- he lifts his head and blinks up at Leo in a disoriented fashion, like Leo might be part of a dream.

There’s something familiar about him in a friend-of-my-friend kind of way, but Leo can’t remember his name to save his life. The boy starts, his eyes widening into the distinct shape of a college-kid terror.

“I’m sorry!” he squeaks.

“What? No, don’t apologize,” Leo says, confused. He usually doesn’t cause this kind of reaction… maybe it was because the boy had been asleep. “What are you sorry for?“

The boy loosens, the tense line of his back softening into a relieved curve. "Oh, I thought you were an RA for a second,” he admits. “I don’t know if doing this is against the rules…”

"I wouldn’t rat you out even if it was,” Leo says easily. “Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Guang-Hong. It’s okay if you mispronounce it.”

At this, Leo promises himself to conquer the non-English syllables even if it kills him. He sits down next to Guang-Hong, leaning against the wall with his arms hugging his knees. It’s not the most conventional way to meet someone, but Leo’s always liked making friends.

“You’re Leo, right? My roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate?”

Leo double takes; that’s a pretty long chain. “Yeah. So, why are you out here?”

“Take a wild guess,” Guang-Hong deadpans, clearly tired.


“I’m your roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate,” he says with a meaningful look, and Leo feels the pieces of the puzzle click into place.

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Bang Bang || Jacob Frye x Reader ||

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Female Reader

Imagine Request/Promt: Dom!Jacob Frye Request with fem reader

Author: Me

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2035 [ Damn] 

Warnings: rough sex, biting, fast…it’s just smut plane and simple. 

A/N: I’m actually really happy with this one.

Interpretation: This song reallllly gave me the motivate to write this smut.

|| Song ||

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I Wouldn’t Ask for Anybody Else (Steve Rogers X Reader Request)

This was requested by an anon yesterday, and I hope you like it! ((Warning: Smut, but fluffy smut. Fluffiest smut I have ever written!))



Steve looked at (Y/n), who was all wrapped up in a blanket, her eyes glued in what looked like a very interesting book. She laid against the armrest of his couch, searching for heat. Steve found himself smiling at the sight of his girlfriend. Tonight was movie night, which included (Y/n) coming over to his apartment.
Moving on from the 1940s had been hard, especially after Peggy’s death. (Y/n) had given him one thing no one could: love. With no strings attached.
“why are you staring?” (Y/n) said, blushing heavily. Steve smiled. Of course, (Y/n) was really shy. She always felt guilty about not being as bold and outgoing as other girls, but Steve loved that about her, he thought it made her even cuter than she already is.
He remembered the first day she met him, she refused to even talk to him in fear that she would stutter. Of course, after a few months of dating, they had gotten comfortable with each other. They even shared occasional make out sessions, but that was all it ever turned out to be.
There were spaces in their relationship they haven’t explored yet, and Steve would love to explore it.
“I’m your boyfriend, (Y/n). Am I not allowed to stare at you?” Steve responded, “it’s not my fault you’re gorgeous.” (Y/n) gave him a slow shrug, but he knew she was burning inside. Steve scooted over to her, wrapping himself in the blanket she already had around her.
Once he found his position, he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted (Y/n) up on his lap. (Y/n) squealed as he did, blushing furiously once again. “W-what are you doing?” she stuttered.
Steve didn’t say a word. Instead, he rested his chin on her shoulder. “what are you reading?” he asked. “umm… It’s called Percy Jackson,” she answered shyly. “It’s about demigods,” she explained. “really?” Steve asked. “how about movie night?” (Y/n) rested the book on the coffee table after placing a bookmark. She sighed, leaning her back on to Steve’s chest. “can we- can we just cuddle?” (Y/n) requested. Steve smiled at her. “Of course we can.”
Suddenly, Steve’s hand flew to her side and started tickling her. (Y/n) gasped in surprise and yelped. “Steve- stop, stop!” she exclaimed out of breath. Steve smiled and gave her a particularly hard tickle. This time, she jumps slightly and the landed on the couch, (Y/n) on top of Steve.
Steve smiled even wider, but (Y/n) grew tense. “what’s wrong?” Steve asked worriedly. (Y/n) shifted in her position awkwardly. “Steve-um, you’re kind of… hard,” she replied.
Steve gripped her waist, kissing her sweetly, moving his lips against hers. “You know I trust you, right?” He asked, his thumb rubbing her back in small circles. (Y/n) nodded in reply. “Can you trust me?”
(Y/n) sighed and whispered, “I have always trusted you.”
That was all Steve needed. Steve kissed her again, harder this time, his tongue entering her mouth. He was delighted when (Y/n)’s tongue started moving, too. He grounded his hips, slightly against hers as he flipped (Y/n) to the couch.
Steve was on top now, and he was careful not to lay his weight on to her. Steve’s kiss traveled to her neck, kissing her sweet spot, gently tugging it with his teeth, earning a small gasp from (Y/n). Steve lifted her shirt gently over her head. (Y/n) blushed red, feeling very exposed and vulnerable.
Steve blushed, too, but he quickly pulled the clasp of her bra loose. He threw it on the coffee table as he started kissing from the valley of her breast. He took one in his mouth, twirling his tongue against his sensitive bud. He grazed the other with his hand, kneading it gently. (Y/n) moaned quietly. She tugged the end of his shirt and lifted it up slowly. It wasn’t the first time, she saw him shirtless, but it always got her red every time. Steve moved further down, pulling her sweatpants off her. He rubbed his thumb on her clothed clit gently. (Y/n) moaned his name, taking her hands through his scalp. Steve pulled her panties down, pushing her legs apart. (Y/n) shuddered at the feeling of his soft breath on her.
He let his tongue explore her core, his groans sending pleasant vibrations through her body. He teased her entrance, dipping his tongue occasionally in her. (Y/n) arched her back in pleasure, moaning as she jerked her hips up. “Steve- Steve, please,” she begged. Steve immediately got up, unbuckling his belt, and completely stripping off. (Y/n) blushed, trying to look at anywhere but Steve.
Steve angled her chin to look up into his eyes. “Hey, are you sure about this?” he asked softly, stroking her hair. (Y/n) nodded.
Steve smiled, placing one of her legs over her shoulder. He lined himself with her entrance, slowly entering her. (Y/n) gasped. Once she got used to his size, she raked her fingers on Steve’s shoulders, encouraging him to move.
Steve started moving, each thrust harder and faster than the last. (Y/n) moaned in pleasure. Steve dug himself in the crook of her neck, keeping a steadily increasing pace. (Y/n) came, but Steve lasted incredibly long. He rode through her multiple orgasms before releasing the white hot liquid inside of her.
Steve laid next to her, thankfully the couch was big enough. He sighed and turned on his side as (Y/n) did the same. (Y/n) laid her hand on his torso. “I’m sorry,” she muttered, holding back her tears. “what? Why?” Steve asked, confused.
“Because,” she started, I’m not- I’m not as experienced as other girls.“
Steve kissed her forehead, pulling her against him.
“I wouldn’t ask for anybody else.”

I’d rather die than know that more happened to me than what I’ve already recovered, my mind blocked out these memories for a god damn reason.
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Our Girls

Request: You’re Chibs’ first love who left him after a miscarriage. After years of not speaking he returns to Belfast to find out that you’ve taken Kari-Anne from Fiona due to abusive behavior and have raised her as your own.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, miscarriage

Pairing: Reader X Chibs

A/N: If this sucks I am so sorry!! It’s been a minute since I wrote an imagine and I couldn’t really get into the feel of this one but I tried my best :)

   “Kari-Anne dinner!” you called up the stairs before resuming your position of filling the plates. It had been about a year now since you took Kari-Anne from that terribly abusive environment her mother provided and you didn’t regret it one bit. You loved having her around and it was nice to see her becoming increasingly happy now that she was free to be herself.

   You heard rapid footsteps coming down the stairs and laughed as she skidded to a halt in front of you.

“Shepherd’s Pie night?!” she asked with a hopeful smile

You nodded and laughed in response “Yes love, Shepherd’s Pie night.”

She scurried to her seat and smiled thankfully as you sat her plate in front of her before taking your seat and starting to eat.

“So, tomorrow is your birthday, what do you want to do?” You asked her with a smile as you two ate.

The grin you received in return was so much of Fillip’s that it made your heart clench in sadness.

“I was thinking we could go to the SAMBEL clubhouse. My da told me he got me a present and it’s there, we just have to go pick it up.” she said hesitantly, knowing about the history between you and her father.

You stopped with your fork halfway to your mouth and looked up at her in shock

“Your father contacted you? When” you asked in surprise.

Last time you checked Kari-Anne hadn’t heard from him in months so the sudden news caught you off guard.

“Last night, he called after you went to sleep,” she explained

“Does he know that I have you now? About what your mother did?”

She looked down at her lap in embarrassment and played with her hands

“No, I’m afraid to tell him.” she admitted softly.”I don’t want him to have to come all the way to Belfast just for me.”

You sighed sadly and gave her a small smiled before putting your hand on her arm “We can go love, it’ll be interesting to see what your Da has come up with.” you said with a supportive smile.

***** Time Skip*****

   Interesting was certainly the word to use for the situation. When you had arrived at the clubhouse you found Fillip standing there with a bouquet of flower for his little girl, expecting Fiona to be with her but instead got you.

   After the initial shock wore off Kari-Anne begged you to bring him home and let him have dinner with you two and you being the giant softie you were agreed.

   She had left to go get a present her friend had got her, leaving you and Fillip alone together in awkward silence.

   He was sitting at your kitchen table as you cooked, getting ready to ladle out the soup you made when he spoke.

   “I don’t know what to ask about first, why you have Kari-Anne or why nobody has told me?” he asked, looking up at you.

   You sighed softly and turned to face him, looking into the eyes you had missed so very much.

   “Fiona and Jimmy were abusing her and she didn’t want to tell you because she didn’t want you to worry about her being here with me.” you revealed sadly.

   His face contorted in anger as he stood up from his chair “I’m gonna kill him.” he growled, stomping towards the door.

   You could see Kari-Anne’s birthday going down the drain with every step he took so you did the only thing you could, you threw the spoon in your hand at him.

   “No Fillip, you can’t do this on Kari-Anne’s birthday!” you yelled after him waiting until he turned around before you continued “She has waited so long to see you and if you’re gone when she gets back she’d going to think you left again and I am not going to sit there and watch that little girl cry over you once more!” you yelled, coming to a stop in front of him.

   He stared at you with wide eyes, not used to seeing this side of you, even if you were engaged and expecting at one point.

   “(y/n) I-i’m sorry, I didn’t know.” he admitted “Fiona was just always so restrictive with my visits and I wasn’t allowed to see her that much. I didn’t realise it hurt her that bad.” he said guiltily

   You looked up into his familiar brown eyes and sighed when you saw the sadness there

   “Fillip I didn’t mean to-”

   “Why did you take her?” he interrupted, asking the question he’d been waiting to ask

   “I mean i’m not offended or angry but why was it you, how did you know?”

Your cheeks flushed red before you made your way over to your couch, realizing you’d have to tell him of your still existent feelings about him.

“After I heard about what Jimmy did to you I decided to check back in on you to make sure you were okay and I found out you had a little girl and a wife.” you admitted softly, the mention of Kari-Anne sparking memories from your relationship “I found out that they were under Jimmy’s thumb and I thought that the least I could do for you was protect them so you had a family to come home to. I  started noticing bruises and bandages on Kari-Anne so I got out that old photo of us and I approached her one day after school and I explained who I was and showed her the picture. We ended up going out for coffee and  she decided that she wanted out. I took it to court and I won.” you admitted softly

He studied you for a moment before sitting next to you, taking a moment to think.

“Why did you think you had to protect them?” he asked, looking to you.

   “I felt like I owed you, I still do. I lost our baby when we were together and then I left you. Keeping your family safe so you could have happiness when you returned is my way of saying i’m sorry.” you admitted, looking over at him with soft eyes.

“Love, that wasn’t your fault. You didn’t know we were going to lose the baby and as far as I’m concerned you have nothing to owe me, you’re free to move on with your life (y/n).” he said softly, placing a hand on your knee.

You looked up at him sadly, knowing he had already moved on from you and the love you once shared.

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re married and have a child, i’m alone and single.” you sighed, studying your hands to avoid meeting his eyes “You’ve already moved on.”

“No, I haven’t.” he admitted, tilting your chin up with two fingers “I still love you just as much as I did the day you left me and the fact that you took in my little girl and saved her makes me love you even more.” he said with a smile.

You felt a flicker of hope in your heart before it was stomped out by reality

“Fillip we can’t do this, you’re married.” you said sadly, pulling away only to have him wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer.

“Was, I was married.” he revealed with a small smile “I decided it wasn’t right of me to say married to her when we both want to move on, even if it’s for her and Kari-Anne’s protection.”

You stared at him in shock before a moment before a smile broke out on your face and you launched yourself at him, capturing him in a passionate kiss only to have him chuckle and pull you closer.

   “I’ve missed you my girl.”

*****6 months later*****

   “Hey lass, did you already grab the box with your pictures in it?” he called from the moving truck parked in his driveway.

   After a few months of sticking around Belfast Chibs had to go back home and he ended up taking Kari-Anne with him, leaving you all alone.

   He came back after a month away to tell you to pack your things so that you could move in with him.

   Now here you were, finally getting the last of your stuff shipped in, 3 months pregnant, and happily living with your old man and your now adopted daughter Kari-Anne.

   “Aye, it’s on the couch.” you called back as you started picking them up and arranging them on the entertainment center.

   You heard the door shut on the moving truck and then felt arms around your waist, resting on your belly a few moments later.

   “I love that picture.” he whispered in your ear, looking at the frame that held the pictures of your first ultrasound and one you and Kari-Anne had taken back in Belfast.

   “It has all of my beautiful girls in one picture.”

   “Fillip we don’t know if it’s a girl yet.” you chuckled softly, leaning back into his chest.

   “It is, I can feel it. We’re gonna have a little girl who’s going to be just as beautiful as her mommy.” he said, causing you to blush.

   “Well in that case we’d better start gearing up because two girls running around here that are part you will kill us. Our girls certainly aren’t going to be tame their whole lives.” you said with an amused grin
   “Our girls, I like the sound of that.” he said with a prideful smile, thanking the heavens that he had another chance to do things over with you after all these years.

Reason to Talk (BTS One Shot)

Prompt: Jimin’s girlfriend, Y/N is mad at him and gives him some silent treatment, and Jimin gives her a reason to talk.

Rating: M

Word Count: 2013

Genre: Humor | Angst | Smut | Fluff | Hybrid

Note: I just saw this prompt on Tumblr and wanted to do my twist compared to the author it was actually requested to. Original work can be found here: http://imsarabum.tumblr.com/post/150147803681/silence-m-park-jimin

Jimin walked in to find his house pitch black. The darkness and eerie silence making his stomach drop. It just felt strange. Like someone special had been crying and had felt sad. Jimin really believed in negative or positive energy that surrounded him. It just felt very sad around him and he couldn’t shake off the feeling like he was the reason of those tears.

He pulled out his phone and saw 15 missed calls from Y/n, his girlfriend.  He looked at the date and closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Y/n had been planning out this date for so long. He had just returned from his tour a few days ago and every time Y/n and him had spoken or Face Timed on his tour she had always mentioned she missed him and they needed a date to catch up on everything.

Jimin checked the time and noticed that it was already 1 am and since you must be already asleep in their shared bedroom, he moved to the kitchen to eat something. There were containers filled with food neatly placed in the fridge and a small note on the counter top.

Dear Park Jimin:

It’s not your fault that you forgot, it’s mine that I expected too much. You didn’t break a promise, you broke my heart. Let’s take a break.

So long,


Jimin’s stomach sank and he ran out the kitchen to check the bedroom if she was still there. A tear escaped down his cheek as he dialed Y/n’s number. He panicked when it kept going straight to voicemail. They live together, where could she have gone. Think, Jimin, think.


“Stop crying, Y/n! It’s not gonna make it better if you keep crying. He doesn’t even care enough or remember to join you for birthday. He didn’t even remember it was your birthday after 4 years of dating. That’s how much he cares for you. You were so stupid thinking an idol could give you the stability you seek in life.”

Y/n closed her eyes and wiped her tears as her inner voice instructed her to stop crying. She took a sip from the bottle of vodka she had been drowning her sorrows in for the past one hour. There was a knock on the door and Y/n scrunched her nose at being bothered at such a weird hour until it dawned on her that she’s in a cabin in the woods. No one should be bothering her in the first place. She picked up a hockey stick that Jimin and her kept up here for emergencies and she slowly opened the door to peak outside. There was no one there so she quickly closed the door and turned away. She made a weird face until she realized that she didn’t hear the door click.

Suddenly, shaky yet strong arms wrapped around her from behind. She screamed loudly and there was a hand over mouth and a breathe-y whisper in her ear, “if you’re going to be here at this hour by yourself, you have to be more careful, Love. Don’t you ever run away from me like that. You’ve been drinking. I was so worried.”

Y/n closed her eyes. She knew who it was.


Jimin was on the floor as the woman in front of him elbowed him in the stomach. He forgot that Y/n did martial arts. He had seen you flinch when you realized what you had done to him, but Y/n continued to hold her composure and not say anything. Y/n simply walked over to the little table she was sitting at and picked her bottle back up. Jimin had never seen you drink in the years you had dated.

“You never drink, baby. I’m sorry,” Jimin whispered, but you just continued to drink you liquor.

“Baby? Talk to me! Please! I didn’t mean to be late to our date. I swear. I had gone to get something for you.”

Y/n continued to ignore Jimin and Jimin came up to her from behind and kissed her neck, “Talk to me baby. Don’t do that to me. Please. I’m begging you.”

Jimin continued to beg while Y/n pushed him away once again and moved towards a bedroom when she was suddenly pulled back into a strong chest as a strong arm wrapped around her stomach and heavily whispered in her ear, “You look heavenly in that dress, Baby. I’m sorry I was late.”

The arm around her was suddenly gone but she could still feel his body heat behind her. Her hair was pushed aside to one side and something cool hit her chest and then the arm and the whisper was back, “Happy Birthday to the love of my life.” Y/n looked down and found a beautiful gold plated leaf pendant.

“I didn’t want a gift, Jimin. I wanted you.”

“But I wanted to get you more and I ran into one thing after another and got late. I just wanted to surprise you. I know I’ve stood you up in the past, but I would truly late this time because I wanted to get you something for your birthday.”

Y/n sighed and closed her eyes, “what do you want me to do, Jimin?”

Jimin turned her around and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, “Give me another chance. Let me love you,” he breathed against her lips.

Y/n pulled away and headed for the room and Jimin sighed and followed. Ready to apologize to his lady until she realizes that he deserved another chance.


The bed was empty and he looked around but found no one. He sighed and took off his shirt and laid on the bed. She came out after a few minutes in a robe and sighed while seeing Jimin on the bed. She picked up a pillow and started walking to couch outside when Jimin yanked her back and she fell on the bed. He shifted his position so that he hovered above her and kissed her with all he had. His apology, his love, his sorrow, his everything he out into that one kiss. Y/n struggled for a bit but Jimin refused to budge. Jimin smiled against her lips when she gave up and kissed back while wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down.

“I’m sorry, baby. I truly am. Let me make it up to you,” Jimin whispered as he pulled back.

“How?” Y/n asked amused. The anger she felt earlier gone as she let her facade dissolve.

“Let me love you. Let me make you scream,” Jimin said through his teeth, lust apparent in his chocolate brown eyes.

“Is that a challenge or a promise, Mr. Park?”

“Whatever you want it to be, Babe,” smirked Jimin as he moved up to straddle Y/n so he could remove her bathrobe. Jimin gasped at what he saw underneath, “why does it feel like I’m unwrapping my birthday present?”

“Because I was planning on giving you a return gift, but you was late to the party, Mr. Park. I’m not sure if the offer is still on the table.”

“I don’t know about the table, but it is most defiantly on this bed,” Jimin said lustfully.

Y/n pulled him down to her and Jimin kissed her passionately. She tried to remove his belt.

“Impatient, are we?” Jimin smirked.

“Shut up and take off your pants. You missed your chance to be slow and sensual. I want it quick and dirty.”

“Damn, Babe. Sometimes you don’t even know how dirty that mouth of yours is,” He said getting up to take off his pants. He was about to get up when she put her foot on his torso.

He grabbed her foot and brought it up to his mouth. He kissed his way down her leg and ran his teeth lightly against her hipbone before taking off her panties. He left butterfly kisses down her stomach as he unclasped her bra.

He was about to make his way down her when he was suddenly being pushed against the headboard and she was straddling him while taking off her bathrobe and her unclasped bra.

“I thought you wanted to make me scream.”

“You will scream.”

“You been breathing down my goddamn neck for the past hour at this rate, I’ll be screaming in sexual frustration, Baby,” Y/n whispered against his mouth, “I want you in me, now.”

“Your wish is my command,” Jimin said grabbing her hips as she lowered herself into him and her head whipped back in pleasure. She took a few seconds to adjust to Jimin and then she slowly started to move.

“Hmph,” Y/n bit her lip.

“Are you oka—-” Jimin was cut off with Y/n kissing him and she pulled back and arched her back. Jimin kissed and buried his head in her chest. He slowly licked his way up to her neck and left a soft purple love bite.

“I want you to fuck me harder, baby,” Y/n whispered. He grabbed her waist and slammed her onto their bed and began thrusting into her until she was a screaming mess.

“You want more, baby?”

“Give me more, Daddy. I been a good girl.”

“Yeah? Did you wait patiently like daddy asked you to?”

“Yes, Daddy. I haven’t touched myself in a month.”

“Hmm. Daddy should reward you,” Jimin said as he pulled out and sucked on her sensitive area.

“Ahhh. Daddy,” she let out heavily, “don’t do that. I’m going to cum.”

“Daddy wants you to cum.”

“No. I want to cum with you in me.”

Jimin kissed her as he thrusted back into her and licked his fingers and ran them over her clit. He continued to thrust into her while rubbing her clit.

“Oh my God. Don’t stop, Daddy. I’m going to cum.”

“Come for me, Princess,” Jimin leaned towards her and whispered in her ear. She convulsed around him, causing him to cum.

She kissed Jimin and smiled, “it still just takes me convulsing around you to make you cum, baby.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and she giggled and pecked his nose, “I love you, Baby. Don’t make me wait for you that long. Ever.”

“I love you too,” Jimin said moving but Y/n suddenly grabbed his shoulder gently and stopped him. Jimin asked with his eyes of everything was okay.

“Stay in. I’ve missed you,” she said softly.

“You want me to turn us around?” he asked equally as soft.

She shook her head slightly and smiled, “you can lay on top of me. I won’t break.”

Jimin kissed her temple and laid on top of her and closed his eyes.


Jimin felt groggy as he woke up to a soft thumping in his ear. It was a heartbeat. Y/n’s heart beat.

He moved around and heard Y/n moan sharply in sleep. Jimin blushed at the thought of what had just happened and got out of bed while covering her with a blanket and placing a kiss on her forehead. He put on his boxers and made his way to the bathroom.


Y/n woke up in Jimin’s arms with him staring at her. She giggled and said, “are you the creep that watches people sleep?”

“Not people, just the love of my life.”

“You’re way too cheesy early in the morning,” she said sitting up and hugging Jimin. Jimin kissed her forehead and moved her between his legs.

“Thank you,” Jimin whispered.

“For what?”

“For being mine.”


Imagine #3

“Are you all packed?” Mr. X asked as he pulled up to your driveway. 

“I think so,” you replied, slinging your duffel bag into the trunk of his car. “We’re only staying for two nights, so I shouldn’t need that much stuff.” You slid into the front seat and glanced at your phone. “Has everyone else already headed out?” 

It was the weekend of the big debate tournament, which would be taking place in Springfield, a good four or five hour’s drive from where you lived. Your teammate’s mom had offered to chaperone and also drove a huge van that seated five. There just so happened to be six people on the team. Thankfully, Mr. X, who was the debate coach, had offered up a seat in his car, and you had accepted without a second thought. You shivered at the prospect of spending so much time with him, alone, in closed, confined space. 

“Yep, Mrs. Miller and everyone else hit the road about twenty minutes ago,” Mr. X confirmed. He reversed out onto the street, raising a playful eyebrow at you. “You ready for this?” 

“I feel pretty prepared,” you shrugged. “I mean, I practiced all of last week. I know my speech by heart. Plus we’ve been working towards this all year. We’ll definitely place at least in the top five.” 

“No, silly,” Mr. X laughed. “I know you’re ready for the tournament. I meant are you ready for this road trip?” 

“Oh,” you said. “I don’t know, depends. What kind of music are you gonna play? The music can make or break a road trip, you know.” 

Mr. X turned on the radio. The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” started blasting. 

Immediately you felt your cheeks heat up. Mr. X also seemed to stiffen, and the tension in the air was palpable. 

Wet bus stop, she’s waiting 

His car is warm and dry 

Mr. X coughed and abruptly changed the channel to a generic pop music station. Justin Bieber’s soulful crooning filled the air. There was a moment of silence, before you both started singing along at the same time. You broke off in surprise.  

“No way,” you teased. “You actually like pop music?” 

Mr. X glanced over at you, a playful smiling hovering on his lips. “Yeah, actually, I do,” he said. “It’s my best kept secret. My reputation would be ruined if anyone found out, so I’m trusting you.” 

You mimed zipping your lips, then went back to belting out “Love Yourself”. You continued singing along with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, until both your voices were hoarse and your sides ached from laughter. Afterwards, you fell into a companionable silence. You turned to stare out the window at the endless sea of green hills rolling past, and before long, you found your eyes drooping. Before you knew it, you had nodded off. 

When you woke up, it was dark out, and Mr. X’s car was parked outside the hotel where you were staying the night. His jacket was draped over you, enveloping you in the warm, familiar scent of his musky cologne.  

You yawned and stretched, unbuckling your seatbelt just as Mr. X opened the door and poked his head in. He smirked at you, but his eyebrows were furrowed, as if he was worried. 

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty,” he joked. “I was beginning to wonder if you would ever wake up.”

“Very funny,” you griped, swiping through your phone. “It’s not my fault that you’re such a boring conversationalist that I was put to sleep.” 

Mr. X chuckled, but it quickly faded back into the look of concern. 

“Is everything okay?” you asked. “Is something wrong?” 

Mr. X sighed. “Apparently the hotel mixed up our reservations and instead of four rooms they only gave us three: one with two doubles, and two with a king. So Madison and her mom already offered to share a room, and the rest of the kids are fine with splitting the doubles. That leaves…you and me. In the king sized bed. Is that okay with you? Would you mind?” 

Your heart leapt into your throat, and you could barely get out your next words. 

“No, of course not. I wouldn’t mind at all.” 

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