if this scene didn't touch your heart

Kimimaro sat beside her with his mussed-up hair and his shirt falling off his shoulder. With a surge of fondness, Sakura scooted closer to him and pulled his shirt back up. “I can’t believe two girls could fluster you this badly. You’re supposed to be a badass. Last of your clan, killer Kaguya, you know…”
- From Chapter 27 of Marrow

Commission by the fantastic @jbadgr!! Whose art I am so profoundly in love with oh my god just look at it just looookkkk

anonymous asked:

So I like your fic and it's great that you're writing so much turnadette especially smut, that's awesome. But also I noticed that a lot of what you write is really really similar to other people's stories, like unruly heart and pellucid and kienova and gabolange, specific images and scenes and lines. That's kinda bad fandom manners and I didn't know if you knew? Did you ask if you could use their stuff? Look forward to more fic from you that's really your own and not copied from other writers!

Hm no I hadn’t noticed that, anonymous. I’ve read some of their stories and I think I subconciously remembered those lines, which happens when I like something.
Lips Touch, of course, was inspired by Kienova’s fic, which I’ve made clear in the summary description
As for some of the scenes: I get requests for some tropes, and those naturally lead to certain scenes which are bound to be similar to what other writers have done for this fandom already.

Also, English is my second language. I’m quite good at it, but I guess I don’t always know when a phrase is usual (thus open for me to use) or whether it was something that author specifically came up with.

None of those are excuses, I’m just trying to explain what I think happened.

That being said: I’m sorry if I’ve offended people or plagiarized them, because that sure as hell wasn’t my intention! There was no malicious intent whatsoever.

Thank you for pointing this out to me.

I’ll try and make sure that it won’t happen again.

you took me for granted (part 2)

Genre : Angst

Character : Jimin & Reader

Part : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (teaser) / 5 / 6 / 7 (teaser) / 7

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day by day has passed and your communication with jimin is still the same, but fading away. you feel like you’re not his girlfriend anymore. honestly, you were disturbed by it to the extent that you’re not being yourself. your face started to become pale and you’re starting to become skinnier. you were on your way back home from the supermarket to buy groceries since you’re having limited stock at home. you were thinking of what to cook when you get home but stopped your tracks suddenly when you hear a familiar voice. 

“yes there it is, baby. touch me there” a female voice said in a tone full of lust. you went to the direction that attracts you and frowns. it couldn’t be… oh yes it is.. park jimin and the girl that you always see with him in school. you stopped and look at them kissing and touching each other. your heart hurts like it’s been sliced thinly and you were crying hard in silence. the feeling of sad, hurt, anger, frustration, betrayal, were all mixed up and hitting you over and over again like someone is hitting you endlessly. you walked away from the scene feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

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