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Disneyland with a side of dessert

Chris Evans X Y/N.

Warnings:Sex, language. Not much else really.

Summary: Y/N is in a interview alongside Chris Evans, during so it’s revealed that  she’s never gone to Disneyland and Chris can’t fathom the idea. Being the gentleman that he is, he vows to take you to Disneyland because… everyone should go at least once in their life.  

Y/n  smile as her nerves tempt to get the best of her, James Corden is slowly making his way down the sofa, asking both fan and random questions that he found. Chris Evans was the first to go, answering the obvious questions. “What does he think about the new direction Cap is going? Does he see a real love interest with Agent 13 and Cap? How many dogs does he own? Is he more a dog man or cat man?” 

Y/N watched Chris answer the questions with enthusiasm and nervousness, he smiled too much and struggled to convey what he truly meant sometimes. However as James cards of question dwindled down, she knew it was close to being her turn. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but she was late for rehearsals and had no clue what she would be asked. 

The English talk show host starts off simple, “where was she born, what was her favorite subject” and as the questions progress they become different in nature, some personal others ridiculous. It’s the second to last question that gets a reaction she didn’t expect. 

“Now, Y/N, is it true that you’ve never been to Disneyland?” Some of the audience members gasp with shock as James finishes his question. 

“Yeah…” She says quietly. Another gasp from the audience. 

“What!” Chris says, loudly. The shock in his voice causes a eruption of laughter to spill through the audience. 

Her eyes go wide as she stares blankly at James, like a deer in headlights. “I guess that was the wrong answer.” 

“Wait, you’ve seriously never been to Disneyland?”  Chris interrupts before James can ask the next question. He’s shocked. 

“Yes?” she says, confused. 

“How old are you?” A member of the audience shouts. 

“Thirty-one…” she says, skittishly. 

Chris’ shock doesn’t leave his face as he starred at you wide eyes for the rest of the interview. He was in utter shock that you’d never gone. It didn’t seem natural. Like the world–his world had stopped turning. As he leaned back on the sofa and starred at the strawberry blonde, he knew there was only one thing left to do.

“It’s alright, I’ll take you to Disneyland.” he said smiling and the audience cheered with glee. “I mean, gosh what’s another trip there for me.” he joked. 

Y/N smiled, hiding her eyes from Chris while he soaked up the moments of being a ‘hero.’ James had asked if he was serious about his remark to which he responded, “One doesn’t joke about attending Disneyland.” 

Y/n learned shortly after the show finished tapping that he wasn’t joking. She’s packing up her bag when a knock on her dressing room door, distracts her. Chris stands in front of her, a small smile on his face. 


She looks around, confused by his presence. “Hi…” 

“So when do you wanna go?” 

She raises an eyebrow at him, letting her hip prevent the door from closing on Chris. “I’m sorry?”

“To Disneyland?” he says, much like a child would do. 

Y/n chuckles, backing away from the door to return back to her bag while he slowly walks in, shoving his hand into his pocket. 

“It’s fine. You don’t have to actually take me just because you said it on national Television.” She says, shaking off the invitation. 

Chris smiles, “No, I was serious. You really have to go. You can’t live life until you’ve experienced Disneyland.” 

“Oh, really?”


“Uh… alright…. How about a week from today?” She says, biting on her lower lip. 

“Yeah, that works.” Chris pulls his hand out of his pocket along with his cell phone, walking over towards her and handing her the phone. “Can i have you number please?”

“Sure.” She quickly puts in her information and handing it back to him. 

“Alright, I’ll see you a week from today, I’ll text you the day of to get your address and pick you up.” 

Y/N nods, giving him a small smile before he leave the room. 

Y/N cell phone buzzes on her nightstand, waking her from her slumber, her hand searches for the phone as she refuses to lift her head from the pillow. After the third buzz and her continues failed attempts at locating it does she finally lift her head, angrily pulling the phone off the stand and looking at it. Text  messages all from Chris. 

“Hey, It’s Chris. You still up for tomorrow?”

“I still need your address by the way. We have to leave early, six preferable. The park opens at eight but even then it can be packed.”

“And wear something cool. Shorts, light colors, nothing that will cook you.”

She groans, annoyed. Dropping her phone on the pillow near her head. Much to her dismay the phone goes off again. 

And wear sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen! :)

She smiles and reluctantly texts him back, saying she’s more than ready for tomorrow and that she can’t wait go to. Her address is the last thing she texts him before she falls back asleep. 

The next morning, she packs a small bag, lathers her arms and legs in sunscreen and awaits for the arrival of Chris. He arrives a few minutes earlier than he said he would, knocking on her door; dressed in a pair of boardwalk shorts, a blue shirt and a baseball cap. 


“Yeah, are you?”

Chris nods in response. 

“S’how many times have you been to Disneyland?” Y/N asks curiously, once they are in his car. 

“A couple of times.” 

“And it’s that fun that you keep going back?” Chris chuckles. 

“It’s fun, trust me. You’ll have fun.” 

After arriving at Disneyland, they had been there less than two hours before Y/N was ready to call it a day. They’d been to two of the themed areas and she was exhausted. The crowds were growing larger and larger every time they’d left a ride, she noticed. Chris however didn’t seem to mind, he was busy recommending that she try certain rides and certain foods. 

“Oh! I want a churro, do you want one?” She asks, motioning towards the small trolley. 

“No, I’ll pass.” Chris says, making a face of disgust. 

“You’ll pass on a churro? And you’re telling me I’m the crazy one.” 

“I don’t like them.” 

Her eyes grow wide, “What? How can you not like Churros?”

“I like churros, just not Disney’s.”

“Mmmhmm.” Y/n leaves his side, hurrying off to order a churro and a water bottle. She returns Churro in one hand and a water in the other, waving  the churro in Chris face.

“Oh, looky what I have here.” She says, jokingly. Continuing to wave the churro at him. 

“Yeah, yeah…” 

“How can you not like them?” She asks, taking a large bite out of it. “Oh, god you’re one of those people who doesn’t like his peas touching his other food, huh?”

“What? Where did that come from?” he asks, chuckling as they sit on a nearby bench.

“I don’t know, Mr. Churro-hating-guy.”

“I don’t hate them.”

“Yeah, sure. Tell that to those poor churros over there that are homeless.” She says, looking over at the trolley again. 

Chris shakes his head before pulling her churro near him and taking a large bite out of it. Y/N jaw drops as she faces him, looking at her freshly bite churro and back at Chris, whose proudly chewing ‘her’ churro. He smiles, proudly; raising an eyebrow at her. 

“My churro.” she says in a small voice. 

“Mmm, delicious.” Chris says, rolling his eyes. 

“It’d better be, I paid four dollars for that.” 

Chris chuckles, patting her on her shoulder, lightly. 

“Are you ready?” Chris asks, looking up at the roller coaster. 


“Come on, you have to ride at least one roller coaster.”

“No…. see I’m not so good with the whole height thing.. or the loopy thing… or the being in midair thing. .”

Chris turns to look at you, his arms crossing over his chest. “Don’t you do your own stunts?” The brunette asks with a smile on his face. 

“There’s a difference between this and that.” She says, pointing up the roller coaster just as it passes. “With my own stunts,  at least i know, i go out on my own terms. This… the wheels could fall off, the cables could break, the pole could fall. Haven’t you seen any of the final destination movies? There was literary one that revolved around a roller coaster.” 

Chris chuckles which soon turns into laughter. “Relax, i’ll protect you.”

“I’m pretty sure one of the guys in the final destination movie” Chris gently wraps his arm around her shoulder pulling her along side them as he walks her to the fast pass line. “said that exact line and he was decapitated or something.”

“You’ll be fine.” 

“He said that too.” 

After the ride was over, Y/N is latched to Chris arm like a toddler. Her teeth chattering as they move away.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” Chris says, smiling. 

“This was revenge for the churro thing, huh?”

“No, you can’t go to the greatest place on earth and not ride at least one big roller coaster.” 

“Well, if throw up my churro, you’d have learned your lesson.” 

The pair, had spent the entire day at the park and night. They’d spent the hours, enjoying the company of one another and everything the park had to offer. Chris’ eyes lite up when he watched Y/N experience the firework show for the first time and ultimately stuff her face with cotton candy, another churro and half a shaved ice which she split with him. He’d bought her a Mickey mouse hat and a mickey mouse balloon which she fell in love with. 

Chris had no shortage of fun either, at this point in his life the park was no mystery to him, he knew every inch but some things still manage to surprise him. Like the way they tried to make the park a new experience for everyone, how you could ride splash mountain one day and get drench but the next time you would ride it, you’d get sprinkles of water on you. How the characters would dance with the childern encouraging the parents to join in. 

On the other hand, he still found it troubling that this was indeed her first time visiting the park. That she was thirty-one years old and had beeen living in L.A. for a little over ten years but hadn’t ventured to the theme park. 

As they walked through the parking garage, Chris and Y/n holding onto the small trinkets they managed to pick up through the park. 

“Did you have fun?” He asked, nudging the smaller woman. 

She smiles, “Yeah. Thank you.”

“Hey, it’s like i said, everyone should go at least once in their life.” 

Once they reach his car, they put everything in the trunk and head for the front seat where Chris sits, silently resting his head back for a little. Y/N looks around the vacant parking lot before turning her eyes back to him. 

“Are you gonna be okay to drive?” She asks, softly. 

He nods in response. 

“You sure?” She asks not entirely convinced. 

“Yeah, I’m just tired and my legs are killing me.” 

Y/n looks out the window, watching the flickering light when he speaks again. “Have you ever gone to universal?” 

“Does being outside it count?” 

“Guess that’s where we are going next time.” 

She turns to face him, “Next time?”

“Well, Universal is great too.” he says, raising an eyebrow at her. 

She nods, smirk. Her eyes meet his, seeing how tired he really was. His Eyes sporting circles under them, nearly bloodshot and he looked like he’d been up for twenty-four hours straight. 

He stares at her, intensely, the muscles in his cheeks tensing as he watches her. She keeps trying to smiling but it keeps disappearing. She puts her hand on his to gain his attention, thinking mayne he’s dazed off but her words get caught in her throat. Chris glances down at her pink lips. He leans forward, slowly inching towards her at first she pulls her head back knowing and fearing what was going to happen. her chest rising and falling rapidly as she watches hik move closer. Her green eyes move from his lips to his eyes and when he’s inches away from her lips, when he’s close enough to feel the hest betwen them, she closes it. Capturing his lips in a delicate kiss. p>

Neither of them pushed it deeper, to them it felt perfect, like they were no longer surprised that they found themselves in this moment. The nerves melted away as their kiss was a thing of beauty. A kiss that didn’t even feel real. The light from the garage illuminated the inside of the car as her hand came up to find his head, gently threading her fingers in his hair. 

They part, slowly; Chris leaning his forehead on Y/N’s. Each breathing deeply. She didn’t move and for a moment Chris searches for her eyes and much to his disappointment her beautiful green eyes are closed still and her smooth freckled skin is flushed, tinted with the color red. His hand slowly reaches out to graze along her cheek, she opens her eyes meeting his beautiful blue ones. His hand moves to her lips, his thumb resting on her bottom lip. A smile on his face. 

His thumb brushes her lip lightly, he whispers through a hoarse voice. “If you want me to stop, tell me now.” Y/N doesn’t say anything in response, she stares at him, her hand falling to his neck. Chris opens his mouth to add more but his words are held hostage by her mouth. She pulls him closer, her hand tightly wrapped around her neck and the other kneading at his t-shirt. The kiss is gentle. The same resilience as their earlier kiss but it’s not gentle she wants. She groans into the kiss, his hand gently squeezing her thigh as his tongue danced with hers. 

He pulls at her waist and thighs silently begging that she come closer, that sha can be right where he needs her to be. She takes a minute to think before doing so, crawling onto his lap and kissing him. There’s little room in the driver seat for two grown adults but room is the last thing thy are thinking off. they cant get enough of each other. their kiss deepened; his hands reaching under her shirt to touch her bare skin. His lips trail down her jaw, nipping at her throat. Every moan pushes him further but the small quarters only allow him so much access. 

Chris can feel the heat from between her legs near his manhood, the small shorts she’s wearing are doing little to hide her arousal.  He grips the bottom of her shirt, slowly lifting it over her head to reveal her small blue bra, he tosses her shirt into the backseat, gently pulling her bra down to capture her breast in his mouth. Her back arches as her chest pushes into him further and her hips grind onto him, he groans softly, low in his throat at the contact. 

She works her hand down his chest, inching her way towards his constricted bulge, unbuckling his belt and unzipping them. Y/n lifts herself off of Chris, settling back in the pass anger seat where she mimics Chris’ actions, her shorts come off.

He impatiently pulls her back onto him, his mouth seeking hers, hungirly. The windows in the car begin to fog as their lust for one another grows stronger. Y/n gently allows her self to sink onto him, slowly taking his length. He slides into her with ease, her walls squeezing him. She gasps when the back of her thighs meet his thighs. 

With a deep breathe, she looks down at him and his eyes meet her, the car filling with echoes of their breathe. She has a hand on his shoulder and the other on the chair while his are wrapped around her waist. 

“Hi…” He whispers starring deeply into her eyes, his warm breath leaving a trail of goosebumps down her spine. 

“Hi…” She repeats, meeting his eyes.  

He smiles, leaving a small peck on her lower jaw his grip around her waist tightens and he lifts her up slowly allowing her to sink back onto him. She moans quietly as she tightens around him. 

“Oh, god.” She gasps, moving her hips. He whispers her name over and over, chanting it as she consumes him. 

Her delicate body claiming him as hers and he never failing to respond. He holds his hand near her shoulder blades and the other on her hip bone, moaning against her. 

When Y/N cums, her body shakes with pleasure, her hands tightening around him while she soaks his manhood in her juices. He follows suit shortly after, forcing her down on him while he spurts his seed into her, growling near her ear. 

A noise interrupts their high, the fogged window obstructing any view they could have of whoever was the culprit. A metallic tap hits the glass again near the driver window. “Alright, Come on, kids. Get outta here. I’ll let you off the hook this time because no one is here but I’m coming back around here in five minutes, if you’re not gone; I’m gonna take you in… for…. you know what.” 

Chris is the first to start laughing, burying his face into her chest while he breathes deeply, gently leaving a small kiss on her collar bone. She holds his head also laughing at the moment. 

The car ride home was anything less than normal, a cloud of silence filled the car. Chris’ shorts stained with their bodily fluids, her cheeks flushed as she leans close to the window and esch refusing to look at one another. Once he arrives at her house  and he shuts off the car, the awkward air only grows. 

“Alright, thank you for today.” she says, smiling, turning to look at him. 

“Yeah, no problem.“ Chris says, nodding. 

“Okay, bye.” She says, opening the door and getting out of the car quickly. Chris watches her walk away, slowly. One of her hands is fumbling with her hair as she walks to her door, he watches her intently, all he can think of is being inside of her again. Filling her up all over again.

“Shit.” he says, hitting the top of the steering wheel before getting out of the car, quickly. He shoves his keys into his pocket and chases after her. “Y/N?” he shouts. 

Quickly, she turns around, shocked to see him again. He doesn’t stop moving, instead he collides with her, kissing her roughly. There was no fighting this kiss, no second guessing. They were fighting for dominance within seconds. He wraps his arms around her waist, lifting her around him as he pushes her into the front door, attacking her lips. 

Somehow she managed to unlock the door, allowing them entry and shes against the hallway wall in no time. The front door slamming and locking shut within seconds. He wasn’t wasting time. He pulls at her shirt, freeing her body of the cotton material and odes the same with her bra, roughly squeezing her breast before latching his mouth onto her chest. She moans and runs her hands through his hair

He sets Y/N  down, quickly pulling her shorts and her soaked underwear off before unzipping his pants, he turns her around, bending her into the wall and standing behind him. She gasps when she feels him swipe the tip of penis at her entrance. 

He sucks on her shoulder and licks up her neck while he guides himself into her. He holds her hips in his hand, as he drives himself into her. She’s moaning loudly and her body aches for him. 

“Oh, fuck Chris.” She moans softly. 

“Fuck, say that again.’ He whispers leaning over her, one hand holds her stomach while his slows his actions. He pulls out and agonizing slowly pushes back in. 

“Chris…” She moans again, louder. 

He stops, pulling out completely and turning her to face him, he hooks one of her legs over his hip, using his hand to hold her up as he pushes himself into her again, starring deeply into her eyes now. He kisses her, capturing her moans in his mouth, but when she moans louder rhan he expected he gives up, roughly slamming into her body. Chris grunts when she rakes her nails down his chest and grinds herself into him as he moves. 

“Oh, god….” She moans, loudly. Her head leaning back, eyes closed. “I’m gonna cum… don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop.” She encourages him. It’s music to his ears, the sound of her begging him to not stop, how her bare nipples drag against his chest with each thrust, how she starts to fall apart just before him. He’s so thankful they are out of that damn car, that he has room to see her for real now, to see her orgasm wash over her face, how her bottom lip quivers and her voice strains, how she desperately tries to pull herself away from him but at the same time tightens her grip along his back and arm, desperate for him to stay. 

Chris came with a loud grunt, his eyes closing as he leans into her. “Fuck.” He curses against her porcelain skin. Beads of sweat drip off their bodies as he releases her leg but doesn’t full let her go. They can barely move, barely stand without one another; Y/N’s body being held up by Chris and Chris being held up by the wall behind her.  

Y/N places a gentle kiss on his shoulder, “I thought you were tired.” She finally says, breathlessly. 

“Your bed is just as good as mine, better even.” he whispers, kissing her neck gently. She smiles in response.

“So, did you really take me to Disneyland because I hadn’t been or was it becuase of something else?” She asks when he turns to look her in the eyes.

“I just meant to take you to Disneyland because you hadn’t been this. This… This was just a added bonus.“ He whispers, devouring your mouth once again.

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Totally get what you mean and if it happens, robron will change.

But robron will always be this force of love that can’t be beaten. I fully believe that.

This (if it happens) is just another test which they can and will overcome!

I definitely don’t deny that at all, but my issue is…..will we be able to overcome it? 

That’s what gets me down. Robron might be fine, but will we?? After everything that’s happened, if this storyline goes ahead - an unnecessary, cruel, insensitive storyline - what will that do to us? People are already (justifiably so) shattered by Emmerdale making Robert cheat, something that really did not need to happen, and even the people that somehow haven’t been totally destroyed by it are hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

So I just feel like if a baby happens, it’ll be the final nail in the coffin for so many people and that makes me so so sad. We’ve already lost great people and I can see so many on the brink of jumping ship and leaving the fandom too and that breaks my heart.

So that’s not what my issue is. Robron might be okay, but it doesn’t mean we will be okay. There’s only so far some people can be pushed. And even those that stay on board the ship, it won’t be the same ship we set sail on. It won’t be some beautiful big shiny ship, it’ll be some crappy little rubber dingy just floating around unsteadily and it certainly won’t do well in a big storm!!! If the seas get rough, our little dingy will capsize and we’ll all be truly fucked. Our little dingy won’t be strong enough to take any more shit.

Meanwhile our beautiful Robron Ship will be all mangled on the rocks or at the bottom of the ocean and no matter how hard Emmerdale try, they won’t be able to get her sailing again. All the crew and everyone on board will just be splashing around aimlessly and it’ll be a fucking mess.

LOL this went in a totally different direction to what I planned lmao, but what I’m saying is…..Emmerdale need to watch their step. Like seriously.

I picked up a ‘CAUTION’ thing for their collar(s) today but was hoping to find something that said ‘NO DOGS’ or something more specific…There are leashes online that I can get but probably wouldn’t get here for a couple of weeks. It would be nice to have something so people can see that Lola and Kilo aren’t dog friendly from afar. 

I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 


if isak’s story was told as a thriller. (aka snakesak, the trailer)



bitch you thought

Bangtan’s New Album

You don’t understand how thankful I am to Bangtan and other idols and singers who bring up attention to the whole Sewol Ferry Tragedy and the victims from that incident. If you’re unaware about what happened please please please educate yourself before they release the album because I want the fans to realize how big and devastating this situation was in SK. So them making an album based on this is a really big deal.

It wasn’t even the case of them not being trained properly, it was the fact that these students were told to stay inside the ferry by the captain, because they thought it would be the safest thing to do, and most of the students listened and lost their lives. The ones who went outside when the ferry was tilting were the ones who were ‘saved’. The most outrage was caused by the fact that the captain himself got off the ferry first onto a rescue boat without telling the students to leave. So all these kids were inside waiting to be saved (if you really want to there are multiple videos and documentaries of the kids in the ferry, that they recorded).

Families waited for days and weeks begging the government to send out more rescue teams to search for their kids because they were receiving texts from them while the ferry was still going down. But due to the weather and being late (so very dark) not much could be done. The worst and the part that makes me the angriest is that the president may not have even tried her best to rescue these kids, after the whole scandal with her not actually being in charge of the country and leaving her responsibilities to someone else, just ticks me off. (If you don’t know about this situation i suggest you search it up as well because this was another huge huge issue in SK where there was a lot of anger and protests that took place). She had a huge amount of power and to think that instead of trying to help these families and look out for her country she was just laying back and doing nothing is really something that isn’t right.

The main reason I’m writing all this is so that when this album and these songs gets released I want fans to realize how meaningful it actually is and to know the context behind it because there are too many fans who only think about their idols and dramas when thinking about Korea. I want people to understand that Korea is a pretty corrupt country at the moment where it’s not all happy endings and pretty people, there are issues there and some people just don’t seem to want to take the time to read about it or educate themselves on it, all they think about is their ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’. 

So please pay respect to the families of those who lost their children and friends in that tragedy instead of just thinking about BTS.  #YouNeverWalkAlone