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More from the doodle batch from the last post as well! I ended up doing some little cheebs of Prompto and a cute little Promptis on too! I’m debating about cleaning them up and turning them into stickers and possible charms if people are interested! But I should probably make some for the other boys and finish the Marlboro-Kun ones I’ve planned out too LOL Other than that, back to finding some inspiration! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

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honestly, i think that scene alone makes up for him being imprisoned. I mean... that is some fated love right there. she steps right into the line of fire when wyatt was going to shoot him right in the back. and she easily could've just let him die, but she risked her life (and wyatts) by alerting flynn of their presence. and he has a lot of faith in her to trust that she can get his family back. but it's like she said, he didn't want to kill anybody, but he felt like he had no other choice.

in short: GOD I AM STOKED FOR A SEASON 2 and it better happen because I’m far too invested in Garcy and just Flynn as a character. I mean, learning that he is a truly good person who just went on a historical murderous rampage out of grief and desperation (and maybe fate?? future lucy obviously wanted it??) just makes me love him so much more. I don’t really care for Wyatt at all, despite him losing his wife too, but I’m such a sucker for finally seeing what a good person Flynn truly is (..was). 

God, that’s one thing I love about Flynn/Lucy: the fate of it. The other characters are all about embracing freewill, but not these two. They are such lovers and disciples of fate. Since the very beginning, with only a few moments of doubt. And what do they do with that blind faith? They choose to believe that it led them to each other. Lucy suggests it, and Flynn trusts it when she does. They were destined to be brought together. And it doesn’t even matter if that’s true (it is). The most important part is that’s what they believe. They accept that they are meant to be together. Flynn doesn’t question it. Lucy no longer objects to it. They believe they are fated. Good stuff.

That scene was so good. I love Lucy changing her opinion of Flynn over the course of the series. To the point where she has twice put herself in front of his gun (1.10 and 1.16), and not just in moments of potential threat. She challenged his commitment to her safety at two of the most desperate points of his life, the situations where he really thought he could stop Rittenhouse. She literally stood in the way of that. Because she understands him now, completely, and knows he doesn’t want to hurt people. The faith she has in his humanity is so heartwarming. She will never stop believing in him. Lucy sees Flynn as a hurt and sad man when no one else in the world even wants to see him as a human being. Saving Flynn had no effect on her plan. Wyatt shoots him, they prevent the explosion of the Rittenhouse summit, Lucy can still carry out her idea with Ethan’s help. Nothing is changed. Lucy saved Flynn because she wanted to save Flynn. She took no benefit from it. She just didn’t want him to die.

I love it. I love my ship. I’m not ready to let go. Give me season two.

I mean, I’ve said before that of the four main characters, Wyatt is my least favorite. By comparison, he and his plots are just sort of boring. And he’s (not so secretly) not exactly the best person. I don’t hate him (I like them all), but he is my least favorite. The other three have so much going on, and Wyatt’s sole character arc is various stages of his wife’s death. Like… Flynn’s got that AND MORE!

    “oh, angel sent from up above
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i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)

So I saw a post the other day about how Shiro would suffocate in Allura’s hair if he were the big spoon (EDIT: the post has been found!). And I agree! Allura would be fast asleep while Shiro keeps getting hair in his mouth and doesn’t know how to escape this mane without waking her up.

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Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08

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I love how Noctis basically does what us regular people do when it starts to rain. Sticks his hand out as it begins to rain and is basically like, “What the fuck is this?”