if this moment didn't break your heart

hidden secrets of the signs
  • aries: you feel like your experiences can only reach so far. that there is so much in life that you are missing, will miss, and already have missed. your little allotment in life is not enough, and it never will be. you will never experience all there is to experience.
  • taurus: you feel lonely, like there's no one you can talk to. sure, people say they know you, but they don't. and yet you're too scared to show the real you, because you're worried that you'll lose the ones you love if you do.
  • gemini: you feel like you're wasting time. think of all the things you could be doing at this moment. maybe you could save lives, start an empire, anything but what you're doing right now. and yet you're here, sitting by waiting for the next thing to happen.
  • cancer: you're scared. you're scared of life. what might happen to you, to those you love. life is too foreign and unpredictable for you. you wish that things would be simpler, and you wouldn't have to worry so much.
  • leo: you are filled with regrets. what if you had done this? what if you had done that? would things have turned out differently? would you be happier? and what if you narrowly escaped death, but didn't notice? there are too many things that could have happened.
  • virgo: you can't handle time. as the days and weeks and months and years pass by, you feel rushed. each day is too short, and you want to freeze moments and keep them forever. time is pushing you forward, but you want to stay where you are.
  • libra: you feel like everyone you love will leave you. you're afraid of starting relationships because you might break up. you're afraid of making friends because you might grow apart. you're afraid that every person you meet will eventually break your heart in one way or another.
  • scorpio: you feel like the best has already passed. you feel like the best day of your life has already passed, and everything else will pale in comparison. if your life were a story, now would be towards the end. you feel like things will never be as they were before.
  • sagittarius: you feel indecisive. everything is a choice, and you feel pressured to make the right decision. every choice will mean something different. but what if you don't want to live with the choices you've made?
  • capricorn: you are occupied with death. it is overwhelming to know that you might die at this very moment, or once you go to bed, or at any moment in time. and you don't know what comes next, so all you can do is wait.
  • aquarius: you feel like you can't change. you are yourself, and always will be. no matter how hard you try, you will revert to your innate self. all changes you make to your life will only be temporary. they will only last a bit before your true self shows.
  • pisces: you feel small. you are only one person out of seven billion. you live in one planet out of trillions in our galaxy. and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. you are a tiny being on a tiny piece of rock floating in space. you feel like you don't matter.


@tattoosnecks // @artsandcoffee ; okay you are one of my longest tumblr babes, and i adore you so much. we just clicked the moment you made your jace account, and then started such a beautiful ooc friendship. we added each other on insta, exchanged phone numbers, and just kept in touch constantly even when you took a break from tumblr for a while. i remember facetiming you when i broke up with my boyfriend of three years, it was a really hard time for me, and you were there in the most beautiful way possible. i love you so much for that!! i always talk about coming to visit you in cali, and girl i mean it. even though we’ve never met in person, i feel as close to you as i do with my friends that i see often. i can literally talk to you about anything, and always feel comfortable opening up. also, you are such a talented writer and really capture any character you decide to portray. i LOVE  shipping with you!! thank you for being such a precious soul. you are truly so special to me, and i love you so much!! 

@elf-shot ; your portrayal of mark always leaves me speechless, because i feel like i am reading a snippet out of LM!! you really understand his character, and always show my emma great amounts of love, so you’re in my heart for that. <3 i feel like rping with you has only made me love mark blackthorn even more, which i didn’t think was possible since i already love him so damn much. we never fail to come up with bomb thread ideas. i love rping with you on IM, because it’s private and personal in my opinion. nobody would understand the bond we’ve made our characters share. you’re so nice and easy to get along with, i adore talking to you ooc as well. thank you for touching my heart, and giving me so many freaking feels when it comes to emmark!! 

@wiildhaunted ; BABE, omg to say that i love your mark would be such an understatement, because no words could ever begin to measure up just how i feel about your portrayal of him. it’s funny how it happened, because we started off rping on your kieran account, and our emma/kier threads were perfectly angstful ( that’s not a word but fuck it lol ) but something about the way you rped kieran made me crave mark. i felt like you would make such a freaking amazing mark blackthorn, but i was too much of a wussy to tell you, until recently. AND TURNS OUT YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE A MARK, so here we are – shipping memma like no other, and i love you to death. i can’t get enough of you ic and ooc, because you are so amazing and sweet and adorable and perfect. you can never ever leave me okay? NEVER. 

@canvashearted ; this one is pretty personal for me, but i’m gonna share it anyway, because this person needs to know how fucking beautiful they are, inside and out. so when i first saw that you followed me, i died a little inside, because i’m very initiative, and i just knew you would become so special and dear to me. i was right. from the moment that we began speaking through IM, i knew how special julian blackthorn was to you, and i knew that you would rp him like no other, because of your understanding of him through personal experiences. YOU ARE JULIAN FREAKING BLACKTHORN. we connected right away, and you were my jules, and i was your emma, and we were forever. i know personal life is more important, and i hope you figure it all out babe, but when you do — i truly hope that you’ll come back, because i miss you every single day, and there’s this void in my chest without you here. you will always be my jules. <3

@dugoutofashes ; ONE OF THE BEST CLARY’S I HAVE EVER INTERACTED WITH. i hear her voice every time that i rp with you, and i really can’t get enough. you understand her so well — her deep thoughts, her sass, her wit, her flaws, her everything. if perfection was a crime, you’d be guilty every time. ( oh shit that rhymed!! ) i remember getting that anon hate for the first time, and it killed me, because emma’s my baby and i love her so so much. you barely even knew me, but you stuck up for me, you gave me such beautiful advice, and you helped me through it. i will never forget that, and it brought us so much closer. so now, i don’t despise that anon anymore, i thank it, because it gave me you. i adore you in every way possible, and think you are such a beautiful soul. thank you for showing me such kindness and loving my emma!!

@malediicti ; i am obsessed with your will, and always get so excited when i see a notification from you. you’ve captured his personality so well, and i’m always cracking up at the conversations between our characters. you literally have made me ship it, and it never had even crossed my mind until YOU came into my life. we’ve spoken a little ooc, about our fun adventures to different places, but i hope to get to know you more!! as for will herdonale, well he’s stolen my heart. i’m excited about doing more threads with you, and having these two become even more intimate with each other. i think it will be a beautiful thing!!

Hey Yang, I want to know your opinion about if Ruby and Jaune started dating. Two quirky kids taking on the crazy world while also having some awesome laughs. Also, if he broke her heart you could easily break him and make him apologize. It's also not a bad pairing since they did have that romantic moment in front of the school on their first day, but I'm guessing Ruby didn't tell you about it. I really want them to hit it off or at least fo on a date so please help. Thank you so much if you do. (Sent by daichi1407)
  • Yang, shaking her hand motioning you to slow down: Whoa whoa whoa there partner.
  • Yang, exhales as if the exchange exhausted her: Let's take it slow here, okay?
  • Yang, putting out a single finger: For one, Ruby's love life isn't under my jurisdiction. As much as I'll give her advice and all, and help her with whatever path she takes. Her actions are hers, and hers alone.
  • Yang, adding another finger: For two, why does everyone think /I'll/ jump to kick someone's ass if they break up with Ruby? Have you /SEEN/ my sister? She can handle herself.
  • Yang, adding a third finger: For three...for...thirds...for...whatever, the only love life I'm going to actively push for, is my own. I won't nudge my sister in Jaune's direction, that's her choice.
  • Yang, yawns and stretches: But most importantly. Jaune's too good a guy to break any hearts, even if they do start dating. If it doesn't work out, I feel like he's the type of person who will be able to really ease the situation through so there's no conflict.
You know how when you die and your grave stone says the year you were born and the year you died. Then there's that dash in the middle of the years. Most people over look that dash, but what you don't realize is is that line, that little dash, is our life. All the little moments. The heart breaks and heart filled moments. The tears and laughs. The pain and compassion. The frowns and smiles. You see, that line is our life right now. It's everything, actually. Mind blowing isn't it? So in other words...make your line worth it. You need to stop putting yourself down, sweetheart. Because you only live once and you gotta make it worth it. Don't regret anything only regret that you didn't do anything. Smile more. Cry less. Believe and love yourself. Because that little line, that little dash...its up to you to make that line worth it, babe.
Four: The Questions! These are fun!
  • Steal My Girl: Have you ever been cheated on in a relationship?
  • Ready to Run: Top 5 places you want to travel?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Have you ever had your heart broken or been the one to break someone else's?
  • 18: Do you regret anything you have or haven't done?
  • Girl Almighty: Celebrity crushes at the moment?
  • Fool's Gold: Have you ever wanted someone who didn't want you?
  • Night Changes: What's your ideal perfect date?
  • No Control: If you could do one thing on impulse and have no regrets about it, what would it be?
  • Fireproof: What's you're longest relationship (friend wise or bf/gf)?
  • Spaces: Were you ever friends with someone who you have no contact with what so ever now?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Who would you want to get kidnapped by and why?
  • Clouds: How often do you fall in love?
  • Change Your Ticket: I just gave you an airline ticket that would take you anywhere you want. Here's the trick, you have to time travel though. What time would you go to?
  • Illusion: If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
  • Once in a Lifetime: Do you think there is an afterlife?
  • Act My Age: When you're 75 and look back on your life, what's one thing you will be proud of?
This is how you break a boy's heart:
  • 1 Give him your full attention: Send him fast replies. Answer his calls. Say yes whenever he asks you out. Listen to him intently.
  • 2 Show him you care: Remind him to eat his meals on time. Tell him to bring an umbrella all the time, so he won't get wet when it rains. Take care of him when he is sick, feed him, bathe him. Be there for him when everyone else seems to be leaving him.
  • 3 Tell him you love him: That you can't keep it in anymore. That you can't stand a day without him. That this world has become a wonderful place to live in because he exists. Because you met him. Because you are helplessly falling for him everyday.
  • 4 Make him love you back: Make him feel like you are the one. That you are the right person for him. Show him that you're the missing piece to his incomplete life. That you will always be there to catch him when he falls.
  • 5 When he's buried in too deep, distance yourself: Keep the messages brief and concise. Don't answer some of his calls. Don't see him when he wants you to. Make yourself unreachable.
  • 6 Walk away from him: Ask him to meet you in your favorite getaway place. Then when he arrives, hug him. Hug him like you don't want to let go. Then kiss him softly. When he starts to deepen the kiss, pull away. Look at him and tell him that you're leaving. Leave him with goodbye as your last word. Then walk. Walk away fast. He'd call your name, but don't look back. Just keep on walking and when you sense that he's following you, run. Run as fast as your legs can take you. Don't. Look. Back. He'd stop, he'd realize that he'd lost you to something he didn't even understand. He'd fall to his knees and cry out your name one last time. And from that moment on, he'd know that a piece of him is gone, gone forever. He'd sob in his hands as he feel his world falling apart. And that's when he'd feel his heart break.
This is how the moments following the finale should go
  • *Regina grabs her coat and leaves Granny's, Henry runs out to her*
  • Henry: Mom! Where are you going?
  • Regina: I'm not going to stay here and watch this.
  • Henry: Roland has his mom back. You should be happy for them. Plus, you knew the guy for like 5 minutes...
  • Regina: ...There was...fairy dust!
  • *Emma catches up with them, out of breath*
  • Emma: Regina, please don't go. I'm sorry. I'm always an act first think later kind of person and I didn't mean to hurt you.
  • Regina: Well you should be. I was foolish to think that the Savior and the Evil Queen could actually be friends.
  • Henry: But that's just it, Mom. You're both the saviors now. You don't have to fight anymore.
  • Emma: We've come so far, Regina. Don't let some outdoorsy smelling dude make or break your happiness. Your home is with us.
  • Regina: ...He did kind of smell like forest...but that's not nearly as bad as the fermented pleather pirate I saw you kissing only moments ago.
  • Emma: Touche. In my defense, I was a little caught up in the moment.
  • Regina: Well you're just going to have to work on reigning in your impulsiveness.
  • Emma: That's a little hypocritical...at least I didn't give my heart to some stranger I just met...
  • Regina: Miss Swan -
  • Henry: - Come on, let's go back and have some cake. You can flirt all you want when I'm not hungry.