if this moment didn't break your heart


Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Chris Argent, Kate Argent, Reader.

– – –

You sat straight up on the couch, not daring to glance at the group of people who whispered about you. You could feel them all glancing at you, can’t believing the fact that you even existed. “How the hell did this happen?” The red head whispered to Derek. “Well, you see, the birds and the bees have a special bond.” The dimpled one said, earning a glare from everyone. However you tried to suppress a laugh, keeping the corners of your mouth from tugging up. “Derek, what if she’s a werewolf? What if she can hear us?” The one with the adorable brown eyes commented.

Nervously, they all turned to look at you at the same time. “Okay,” the girl who stood by the red head brought back everyone’s attention, “don’t you think we should just ask her instead of talking about her when she could possibly hear us anyway?” She asked. They were all silent, contemplating on what she had said. Swiftly, they all moved to sit in front of you. “So.” Derek said gruffly. The dimpled one rolled his eyes.

“What’s your name, first off?” The one with the adorable brown eyes asked. You smiled softly at his kindness. It was more than you were ever shown in your sixteen years of life. “My name is Y/N.” You said. You refrained from saying Hale, due to the fact that it looked like your father was still shocked and boggled out of his mind. “Y/N Hale?” The dimpled boy asked.

Derek glared at him, running his fingers through his dark tossed hair. “Yes,” you said quietly, “Y/N Y/M/N Hale.” You sighed, only glancing at Derek. “How old are you?” The dimpled boy asked. “I’m sixteen. I was born on Y/B/D.” You said. “That’s today. Um, happy birthday? Who’s your mom?” The brunette asked.

“All I know is her last name,” you said to her, “Argent.” Everyone shifted uncomfortably. “Derek?” Scott called to him. “It fits. The time line fits.” Derek mumbled. “Y/N, I’m Allison.” The brunette introduced, sitting next to you. “That’s Lydia, Stiles, Scott, and Derek.” She said.

You simply nodded. “Your mother’s name was Kate.” She explained. You turned to her, a look of confusion on your face. “How do you know? Have you met her? Is she here? Do you know where I can find her?” You asked frantically. The thought of meeting your birth mother overwhelmed your heart with joy and fear. You’ve always wanted to meet her, to know why she gave you away.

“I know her because—because she was my aunt.” Allison answered. Your eyes widened in realization. “You’re my cousin.“ You exclaimed shakily. She nodded her head, slowly smiling. “It’s nice to meet you.” She gleamed. You squeezed her hand lightly.

“Okay, so, how did you find me?” Derek asked you. “Well, when I was born, my mother put me up for adoption. I spent two years trying to find you. All of the other kids were getting adopted, and I was being left behind. I just wanted to find you, and my mom. So when I was thirteen, I broke into the office of my adoption center and found my file. It was a closed adoption, and the only thing they had for my mother was Argent, and for my father, Hale.” You explained. Everyone was listening to you intensely, especially Derek. Hanging on to hit every word. “I searched for all of the Hales and Argents in the Texas area, but there was no one.” You sighed. “So, I made my search nationwide, and I found Argent Arms.” You told Allison.

“That’s our family’s gun company. We sell firearms to the law enforcement.” She told you. Our family. The words rang in your ears, loud like church bells. “When I turned fourteen, I finally found you here. It took me a whole year to finally come your door, and here I am.” You huffed, relived to get it off of your chest. You waited so long. So long to finally come and meet Derek Hale.

To finally meet your dad.

“Allison, maybe we should call your dad?” Lydia suggested. Her voice was light, and soft. She seemed sweet, her strawberry blonde curls falling over her shoulder. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Scott piped in. Allison nodded, giving you a small nod before leaving the room to call your new uncle. You sighed heavily, trying to calm your rapid heart.

You could feel Derek’s eyes on you, taking in every detail. You turned to look at him, returning the stare. You found it intimidating how he didn’t turn away, but just kept staring at you as you started at him. “You look so much like your mother.” He whispered. You could practically feel his heart break. “That’s funny,” Scott said, “because the moment I saw you all I could see was Derek.” He said.

“I still can’t believe it.” Stiles muttered. “You and Kate have a kid. That is a whole new level of messed up.” He said. The comment hit you harder than you had expected, not registering the fact that apparently no one here really liked you beside Allison. You think. “Stiles!” Lydia snapped. “Wha—? Oh, crap. I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn't—” Stiles began, however you but him off.

“It’s fine, Stiles. I’m used to it.” You mumbled, wrapping your arms around your body. Allison came back into the room, placing herself next to you once more. “My dad’s on his way. We’ve offered you to come home with us, if you’d like, of course.” She smiled softly. You glanced at Derek, seeing his hardened expression looking at his hands. There’s no way he’s gonna let me stay here. Not with all of this going on.

You nodded, “Thank you.” She smiled tightly, “Yeah, and Lydia can come over. We can go grab something to eat, maybe go bowling.” She smiled. You glanced between her and Lydia, shrugging you agreed. “Can we join? We don’t really have anything else to do.” Stiles asked. Lydia and Allison said yes, the four of them planning the night away. Meanwhile, your eyes were trained on Derek from across the room.

He moved away after Allison asked to go bowling. You knew he was defiantly having a hard time dealing with the fact that some stranger just popped up out of no where, claiming to be his long lost daughter. However, he was exactly as you imagined him. Strong, and cunning. Now you knew where you got your eyes from. You wondered what else you got from him too.

There was a knock at the door. The sound echoed through the entire loft, strong and loud. “I got it.” Scott said. He walked over to the door, sliding it open to reveal a very attractive older man. “Hey, she’s right over here.” Scott said, gesturing to you and Allison. This must be Allison’s father.

It’s all in the eyes and the way he holds himself. Allison stood up, gesturing for you to follow. You stood beside Allison, your face unreadable. You were feeling a mixture of emotions. Happiness, dread, excitement, fear. “Hey, dad.” Allison smiled.

“Allison.” He nodded. His voice was deep, a bit of roughness lining the edges. “This is Y/N.” Allison said, gesturing to you. You smiled, holding out your hands towards Allison’s father. “You have her smile.” He whispered, his voice barely audible. “Hello.” You said.

His breath hitched at the sound of your voice. I guess that sounds like my mother’s too. “Hi. I’m Chris Argent,“ he smiled, “I’m Kate’s older brother. I’m your uncle.” He said shakily. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Chris.” You replied. “Shall we?” He asked, referring to the door. You and Allison nodded, bidding farewell to the others.

Just as you were closing the door, you whispered to Derek. “Goodbye, Derek.” You said, trying to hard not to say dad.

Because three sentences are not enough..

Here is a fanfiction for @7goodangel for the ask meme;

Every step felt like miles, the hours weighing heavily on your shoulders. Time flowed like malasis, mocking your struggle. Your knees feel as though they could collapse at any moment, morphing into jello beneath you. The road appeared endless, however your drive to reach the end burned ever brighter with every milestone. You knew.. You knew she would be at the end of this journey. Nothing else mattered but the divine presence you longed to find. It did not matter the struggle, it did not matter the obstacles; all that mattered was discovering her at the end of the road.

Two more hours. Four more hours. Seven more hours. Closer, closer, not quite there. Almost.

Glorious spectacles of color spill into view just on the horizon now. There. There is where you must be. A garden adorned with every color imaginable, accented with pond after pond. No bugs buzzed in your face within the divine garden for all was at peace. Your feet navigate the path of flowers with ease, their delicate scent gracing your presence. Though their beauty proved vast, you knew it paled in comparison to the one you longed to find. You trespass ground untouched by mortal hands, eyes scanning over the horizon till finally.. Finally.

You see her.

The angelic creature before you steals your breath away with her undying beauty. Fiery auburn hair cascades down her delicate shoulders. It’s soft color accents the purest, snowy wings that extend from her back.

She turns.

Her eyes catch you off guard, their crystal-like hue catching your heart at a standstill. Her surprised expression mirrors yours only briefly before a smile dances across her lips. All noise had ceased in that moment, time at a standstill in her majesty. A voice gentler than summer rain breaks your trance, stealing your heart away with a few simple words.

“You’re here.”

hidden secrets of the signs
  • aries: you feel like your experiences can only reach so far. that there is so much in life that you are missing, will miss, and already have missed. your little allotment in life is not enough, and it never will be. you will never experience all there is to experience.
  • taurus: you feel lonely, like there's no one you can talk to. sure, people say they know you, but they don't. and yet you're too scared to show the real you, because you're worried that you'll lose the ones you love if you do.
  • gemini: you feel like you're wasting time. think of all the things you could be doing at this moment. maybe you could save lives, start an empire, anything but what you're doing right now. and yet you're here, sitting by waiting for the next thing to happen.
  • cancer: you're scared. you're scared of life. what might happen to you, to those you love. life is too foreign and unpredictable for you. you wish that things would be simpler, and you wouldn't have to worry so much.
  • leo: you are filled with regrets. what if you had done this? what if you had done that? would things have turned out differently? would you be happier? and what if you narrowly escaped death, but didn't notice? there are too many things that could have happened.
  • virgo: you can't handle time. as the days and weeks and months and years pass by, you feel rushed. each day is too short, and you want to freeze moments and keep them forever. time is pushing you forward, but you want to stay where you are.
  • libra: you feel like everyone you love will leave you. you're afraid of starting relationships because you might break up. you're afraid of making friends because you might grow apart. you're afraid that every person you meet will eventually break your heart in one way or another.
  • scorpio: you feel like the best has already passed. you feel like the best day of your life has already passed, and everything else will pale in comparison. if your life were a story, now would be towards the end. you feel like things will never be as they were before.
  • sagittarius: you feel indecisive. everything is a choice, and you feel pressured to make the right decision. every choice will mean something different. but what if you don't want to live with the choices you've made?
  • capricorn: you are occupied with death. it is overwhelming to know that you might die at this very moment, or once you go to bed, or at any moment in time. and you don't know what comes next, so all you can do is wait.
  • aquarius: you feel like you can't change. you are yourself, and always will be. no matter how hard you try, you will revert to your innate self. all changes you make to your life will only be temporary. they will only last a bit before your true self shows.
  • pisces: you feel small. you are only one person out of seven billion. you live in one planet out of trillions in our galaxy. and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. you are a tiny being on a tiny piece of rock floating in space. you feel like you don't matter.
Hey Yang, I want to know your opinion about if Ruby and Jaune started dating. Two quirky kids taking on the crazy world while also having some awesome laughs. Also, if he broke her heart you could easily break him and make him apologize. It's also not a bad pairing since they did have that romantic moment in front of the school on their first day, but I'm guessing Ruby didn't tell you about it. I really want them to hit it off or at least fo on a date so please help. Thank you so much if you do. (Sent by daichi1407)
  • Yang, shaking her hand motioning you to slow down: Whoa whoa whoa there partner.
  • Yang, exhales as if the exchange exhausted her: Let's take it slow here, okay?
  • Yang, putting out a single finger: For one, Ruby's love life isn't under my jurisdiction. As much as I'll give her advice and all, and help her with whatever path she takes. Her actions are hers, and hers alone.
  • Yang, adding another finger: For two, why does everyone think /I'll/ jump to kick someone's ass if they break up with Ruby? Have you /SEEN/ my sister? She can handle herself.
  • Yang, adding a third finger: For three...for...thirds...for...whatever, the only love life I'm going to actively push for, is my own. I won't nudge my sister in Jaune's direction, that's her choice.
  • Yang, yawns and stretches: But most importantly. Jaune's too good a guy to break any hearts, even if they do start dating. If it doesn't work out, I feel like he's the type of person who will be able to really ease the situation through so there's no conflict.
You know how when you die and your grave stone says the year you were born and the year you died. Then there's that dash in the middle of the years. Most people over look that dash, but what you don't realize is is that line, that little dash, is our life. All the little moments. The heart breaks and heart filled moments. The tears and laughs. The pain and compassion. The frowns and smiles. You see, that line is our life right now. It's everything, actually. Mind blowing isn't it? So in other words...make your line worth it. You need to stop putting yourself down, sweetheart. Because you only live once and you gotta make it worth it. Don't regret anything only regret that you didn't do anything. Smile more. Cry less. Believe and love yourself. Because that little line, that little dash...its up to you to make that line worth it, babe.
This is how you break a boy's heart:
  • 1 Give him your full attention: Send him fast replies. Answer his calls. Say yes whenever he asks you out. Listen to him intently.
  • 2 Show him you care: Remind him to eat his meals on time. Tell him to bring an umbrella all the time, so he won't get wet when it rains. Take care of him when he is sick, feed him, bathe him. Be there for him when everyone else seems to be leaving him.
  • 3 Tell him you love him: That you can't keep it in anymore. That you can't stand a day without him. That this world has become a wonderful place to live in because he exists. Because you met him. Because you are helplessly falling for him everyday.
  • 4 Make him love you back: Make him feel like you are the one. That you are the right person for him. Show him that you're the missing piece to his incomplete life. That you will always be there to catch him when he falls.
  • 5 When he's buried in too deep, distance yourself: Keep the messages brief and concise. Don't answer some of his calls. Don't see him when he wants you to. Make yourself unreachable.
  • 6 Walk away from him: Ask him to meet you in your favorite getaway place. Then when he arrives, hug him. Hug him like you don't want to let go. Then kiss him softly. When he starts to deepen the kiss, pull away. Look at him and tell him that you're leaving. Leave him with goodbye as your last word. Then walk. Walk away fast. He'd call your name, but don't look back. Just keep on walking and when you sense that he's following you, run. Run as fast as your legs can take you. Don't. Look. Back. He'd stop, he'd realize that he'd lost you to something he didn't even understand. He'd fall to his knees and cry out your name one last time. And from that moment on, he'd know that a piece of him is gone, gone forever. He'd sob in his hands as he feel his world falling apart. And that's when he'd feel his heart break.
Four: The Questions! These are fun!
  • Steal My Girl: Have you ever been cheated on in a relationship?
  • Ready to Run: Top 5 places you want to travel?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?: Have you ever had your heart broken or been the one to break someone else's?
  • 18: Do you regret anything you have or haven't done?
  • Girl Almighty: Celebrity crushes at the moment?
  • Fool's Gold: Have you ever wanted someone who didn't want you?
  • Night Changes: What's your ideal perfect date?
  • No Control: If you could do one thing on impulse and have no regrets about it, what would it be?
  • Fireproof: What's you're longest relationship (friend wise or bf/gf)?
  • Spaces: Were you ever friends with someone who you have no contact with what so ever now?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Who would you want to get kidnapped by and why?
  • Clouds: How often do you fall in love?
  • Change Your Ticket: I just gave you an airline ticket that would take you anywhere you want. Here's the trick, you have to time travel though. What time would you go to?
  • Illusion: If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
  • Once in a Lifetime: Do you think there is an afterlife?
  • Act My Age: When you're 75 and look back on your life, what's one thing you will be proud of?
This is how the moments following the finale should go
  • *Regina grabs her coat and leaves Granny's, Henry runs out to her*
  • Henry: Mom! Where are you going?
  • Regina: I'm not going to stay here and watch this.
  • Henry: Roland has his mom back. You should be happy for them. Plus, you knew the guy for like 5 minutes...
  • Regina: ...There was...fairy dust!
  • *Emma catches up with them, out of breath*
  • Emma: Regina, please don't go. I'm sorry. I'm always an act first think later kind of person and I didn't mean to hurt you.
  • Regina: Well you should be. I was foolish to think that the Savior and the Evil Queen could actually be friends.
  • Henry: But that's just it, Mom. You're both the saviors now. You don't have to fight anymore.
  • Emma: We've come so far, Regina. Don't let some outdoorsy smelling dude make or break your happiness. Your home is with us.
  • Regina: ...He did kind of smell like forest...but that's not nearly as bad as the fermented pleather pirate I saw you kissing only moments ago.
  • Emma: Touche. In my defense, I was a little caught up in the moment.
  • Regina: Well you're just going to have to work on reigning in your impulsiveness.
  • Emma: That's a little hypocritical...at least I didn't give my heart to some stranger I just met...
  • Regina: Miss Swan -
  • Henry: - Come on, let's go back and have some cake. You can flirt all you want when I'm not hungry.