if this isnt a depressing movie i dont know what is

T’challa x POC!Reader x Sam Wilson

so i saw somebody request something like this (it was a request for sam/reader/steve) on @lady-thor-foster and i got inspired so whoever requested this on @lady-thor-foster ‘s blog this is for you lol


-hot steamy cuddles

-disgustingly hot cuddles

-forehead kisses

-erik killmonger: jealous ex

-erik wanting t’challa back in black panther but little does he know he has two new main bitches

-sex is grrrreat (thats all imma say about that)

-obviously your family was weird about you being in a polyamorous relationship but who isnt

-youre on the cover of the essence magazine at least once a month

-”best black woman of the month”

-”why is she so great”

-”she has TWO strong black men”

-”AND she has NO heat damage”

-those were the little headline thingys if u didnt understand

-”what the hell is this white nonsense”

-seeking refuge in wakanda to get away from wakanda

- or alternately, watching from wakanda ,with your two chocolate husbands, while america sinks into chaos

-”babe why don’t you just buy their country and make the whites slaves”

-(lol i realize i shouldnt write that because of all the butthurt white people but idgaf this post is for POC)

-”they are not ready for our technology yet they still have iphones i dont think they will ever be ready” -t’challa

-”whys your phone ringing so much bby” -you

- “erik’s thristy ass wants me back” -t’challa

-”block his ass”

-”u right”

-(if u can cook) sam and t’challa love your cooking

-bitch (pretend) you can throw the fuck down

-(for my zoes) griot, plaintains, beans and rice, sos pwa, soup joumou (for new years) 

-(if u cant cook) u can microwave a mean beef patty bitch 

-sam can def cook (i headcanon him from being form new orleans)

-t’challa with his perfect ass cooks for you (ramonda raised him right) actually all men in wakanda can throw down 

-they respect your boundaries

-they listen to you

-you listen to them

-you all accomadate and help with each others mental illness

-when your anxiety gets bad sam and t’challa will help (by doing whatever you prefer being done for you when anxiety becomes a lot)

-when ur depressed sam and t’challa will either cheer you up or put you to sleep by giving you tea and cuddles (or vodka and cuddles your choice i like the former though)

-sams real goodat helping with the depression

-and t’challas good with sensory overloads (as he experiences them himself)

-they help when you get sensory overloads (if u have them im just trying to add in as many as possible god i would love to have sam wilson and t’challa there to help me when i ahve sensory overloads)

-your mom wants you to have a nigerian wedding (is it just my mom but like my mom watches so many nigerian movies on youtube and its so suspect like is anyone elses mom like this)

-you constantly have to reiterate that neither sam or t’challa are nigerian

-your mom loves sam but doenst like t’challa

-(if u have a grandma) and your grandmother loves t’challa but dislikes sam

-they both get so tight after family gatherigs with your family

-”why doesnt your grandma like me sweet cheeks”

-”she doenst like anyone…….except t’challa”

-”why doesnt your mom like me babe”

-”maybe its the fact that youre not nigerian”

-”should i pretend to be?”

-you end up having a ‘nigerian’ wedding just to get your mother off your back for the rest of your life

-walks around the palace with sam on your left and t’challa on your right (hands held of course)

-wakandan media loves you (they were a bit skeptical at first because you are american but quickly got over it after they got to know you)

-y’alls arguments are explosive

-but the makeup sex is nuclear (or makeup cuddles ur choice)

-lol i had to

-y’ll are very domestic 

-yall spend your days petting cats, eating good food, laughing at bucky in cryo, making fun of each other, teasing sam about birds, teasing t’challa about cats, having sex( unless u dont want to), coming up for names for the white messes (aka the avengers team) sleeping and watching world of dance (have yall seen that its so good who do you think is gonna win and also why is diana pombo still there and the jabbawockees really should of won the duel)

-like yalls life really is good

-when sam and t’challa have fights with each other Both of them are going on the couch

- y’all are like the best trio out there even better than kylie, kim and kendall and you didnt even need pepsi or eyeshadow and contour to do it (thats was a joke….laugh)

love yall so much check out the rest of my blog for different headcanons like these, follow me and comment on this! i really love seeing yalls comments theyre great

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Honestly when I first saw Jensen and Ds OTT pics I was like Oh hell no! First off that saying isnt for you, D. But on 2nd look, there's this body language of J, that couldn't miss me. Then the pic with Ds family (taken last yr and released now lol) , I mean, he looked kinda separated from the others. I don't even know what this tv appearance will bring. And now we get Jay's staged pics and closed off body language too.. Oh and "love will win"? Wow Jar, what are you guys trying to tell us?

anon 2: jared and jensen posing in front of very popular lgbtq slogans (love is love/love will when) less than 24 hours from each other omg!!!

ok so there’s a lot of things to be said about what happened in the last 24 hours 

-first there’s danneel posting the love is love pic and yeah i agree that this sentence is for lgbt people who have to fight for their right to love so a straight couple appropriating that pic is gross, but where it gets complicated is that WE know jensens gay and danneel too knows it ofc so her posting that pic can also mean that she’s subtly saying that she supports jared and jensen’s relationship which would be great if that’s it


she could also just be insensitive and only wanted to recreate her instagram icon and in that case using that lgbt quote only to further a straight narrative is really fucked up

we just cant know what was the real intention behind it but in the end, hets just took that new pic as proof of how much j/d are in love by using a gay quote and that’s really OTT bearding ugh

and there’s also jensens obvious body language: he’s NOT into it at all, hand in the pocket, not smiling, his thumb doesn’t close on danneels hand just no. and not only on this pic but on the pics lana posted with danneel next to him he’s just fucking depressed and if you’ve seen steve’s insta story in the taxi, jensen is also closed off, looking outside the window

so this friday night was not great for jensen and we just learned that on saturday jensen was at JDM’s farm 

meanwhile what do we have? jared, saturday night posting a pic and what fucking pic!

have you seen that shit????

wow, where do i start?

7 hours after danneel posted it, jared posts his own pro lgbt wall pic but… he’s alone!!! ALONE!!! that changes everything!!!!

like i mean, do you guys realise how huge this is ???? 

jared can’t stand when jensen is bearding, that’s why he’s always been the one to do the most heavy and OTT bearding of the 2, he physically cannot stand it and that pic is the most blatant proof of that, it’s an obvious direct answer to what danneel posted  and the inscription is so accurate for j2′s situation!!!!! this is a gay man missing his lover and showing it the only way he can!! it’s so meaningful!  i cant believe this shit!! jared is literally saying that his love will win! it may be a sad and unfair and frustrating situation right now, but j2 will win!

it’s beautiful and again it’s so fucking obvious!!! 

and i love that jared reacted like that to j/d’s OTT bearding it’s awesome and he is still following his line of “im done pretending im happy im done trying” you know? so obviously after that pic, gen kept doing her thing of erasing j2 things, first with the date night and now with a kaleo gig date night which btw the kaleo j2 selfie was the last thing j2 did before it all went to shit with the new kids and gens instagram but here jared was visibly not happy, as always when with gen, he cannot pretend anymore, he’s done and you can see that obvious difference with the pics fans got where jared is really smiling and with gen he looks dead inside, it’s  crazy, so there’s that at least

i dont know where im going anymore but, j2 couldn’t be more obvious that they’re unhappy with their “wives” and don’t like being separated at all and that pic jared posted in response to danneel was insane, all im saying is if we were in a dramatic movie, this live with kelly show can be a perfect opportunity to do the best coming out of all time lol, honestly that sad jared pic saying love will win everytime is that meaningful

ID doc´s  year in life


Christmas is almost here and I can´t believe that it´s gonna be a year since I started…doctoring. AND WHAT A YEAR. I feel like i learnt a lot but also like I still have even more learning to do.

There is a lot of u here, still don´t get how this rant-filled blog has so many followers but I am glad it has. I am glad there are folks out there caring about my every day bs (and some of u even follow me on twitter! what a ride that has to be.)

Well anyway, I feel like i haven´t posted anything of value in a while. So for the first time in a long frickin time i sat down with my computer, opened a bag of extra cheesy nachos and started to write down some ideas.

In this first post (out of few i guess) I wanna write u down some of the ideas/schemes which worked for me about how to handle your time as a first year doc. As u can see I won´t be using the term intern. Where I am from …u r not really an intern. U are a full fledged doc who still needs some supervision but also sometimes when somebody professionally younger ends up with you….sometimes I am the “attending”. Doesn´t happen often but it does happen sometimes. So if u are from similar backround, or even if u r not…I hope this is gonna be helpful…or something.

  1. Plan your year

What? A year? YOU MUST BE CRAY.

No actually it´s pretty neat so just hear me out. Have some sort of plan/planner. I use my iphone calendar which can sync with my computer´s and I use a paper planner too…bc I am oldschool. 

There are occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, work stuff like a conferences and tests and certificates to take which has to be planned super ahead. Making a rough outlook of your next year wont hurt. Setting up a reminder for your boyfriends bday a month ahead so u can research the perfect gift? I mean common…that can be neat. Reminding u the next dentist or gyno visit…..The last possible day to pay for that conference….SET UP SOME REMINDERS. Made my life so much easier.

2. Plan your month

Girl u gotta set up those period reminders. Getting stuck in a all nighter without pad or a tampon and  have to ask the nurse to bring u some from the supplies u have for patients….not pretty…and those pads and AWFUL. Nothing worse that handling your shift well just to realize your panties are like something from a murder scene. 

Totally kills the vibe.

Also it´s good to know when do u have shifts. Mark the dates. Do meal prep before a shift and a “cool down” activity after a shift. I usually go out to see a movie or just plan a fun night with my bf and a bottle of wine watching Gilmore girls. It will make u something to look forward to as u get up at 4:00 in the frickin morning for otherwise healthy young man who had one watery stool and vomited once…and u bet your ass he called himself an ambulance. OH the rage.

If u have some holiday that month…do so! Sleep in, cook food, chill out…self care folks. Planning is caring.

3. Plan your week

I usually play my week around three or four main activities. Firstly work, second my free tme, my chill time and my beauty time. I´ll talk about work later.

My free time is all about friends, family and my boyfriend. I make sure I stay connected with people I care about even only when I send the poo emoticon to my brother. I call with my mom. I do some reding for work, I check up with finances, I check up what´s needed at home. I make plans to cook/buy/clean up. If not on paper at least in my head. I do yoga.

I CANNOT recommend a more useful app as Wunderlist. If u like lists and u have a partner with who u share a flat THIS IS THE SHIT. It makes u share lists and u can see if he or she checks the boxes as DONE. Makes doing house-work and buying stuff way more easier. And fun.

My chill time is about winding down. I don´t usually do a lot of moving during my chill time. I either just watch netflix or read a book or scroll on tumblr or play new Dishonored. I just chill and I dont care if there are dirty dishes or if my core isnt tight enough.

Beauty time is all about the pampering. Working at the hospital is gonna take a lot. Not just the stress and long hours - but also the overheated rooms during winter when the ganitors run the central heating UP TO MAX SOLAR LEVEL BURN BURN EVERYONE BURN. Your hair suffers and your skin suffers and its all dry and kinda unhealthy looking and there are weird spots and veins….I take long baths, I do face masks and hair masks and essential oils. At least once a week there is a section which is all about that bod. Your body is your temple. And u wouldn´t want your temple to be dry gray depressing wasteland would u. Take care of that bod. There are few essentials, when it comes to these things- I use/bring to wards everyday but about that some other time.

I usually plan one or two fun activities each week. Might seem like that´s not enough but When I come at home at four, it already dark outside, and its six below zero…there isnt much will left in me to even do stuff, not talking about going outside! that´s cray! So that leaves weekends. I plan meetups with friends, trips to the cinema, getting to know the city (bc we moved). Anything really. Something to look forward during your work hours. Unless you work weekend in which case everything sucks and nothing can save you.

4. Plan out your day

Oh boy. I use to plan a day  into two big sections. Firstly work, secondly the rest.

I have to be at work before 7:00 and I should know at 7:00 if shit went down with my patients. It usually means sitting behind a computer, eating my breakfast, slurping strong coffee and reading my colleagues notes about the night shift.

Then I make small notes about my patients like
“Miss X will have CT today, need to call the tech and tell him…..”


“Mr. Y doesn´t like his diet…gotta talk with the diet nurse and come up with something..”

Stuff like that. Stuff actual FOR THAT DAY. 

If u are freshly out of school and suddenly u work at a hospital…the whole process can and probably will take some time to getting use to. You will have to make up a system which works for u -  from how to best manage patient, who u can turn when u need a surgeon´s opinion when the the surgeon on call is a total asshole. Which therapist is the best and actually helps people. Where u can score some free pens ? Stuff like that.

For me the hardest thing was how to most effeciantly do rounds. I often have 8-10patients. SOmetines when I am all alone on the floor I have 20patients. And they can be all very difficult cases. And nobody is there to help me.

So I usually start - first the acutely worsening - septic, old folks which cardiac problems, suspected PE etc….there is A LOT that can happen in ID department. If there isn´t anyone actively dying on me I usually start with new admits. They normally take the most time.

I check their papers, their vitals, their main complains and after I go check on the physically. Then I come back and write my notes, order tests etc. When that is all done I check out if any new results came in.

!!I always write notes into my patient´s papers about which results we are still waiting for.

Again, if nobody is actively dying, around twelve I go to have a lunch. I eat regularly. Bc, once again guys. Self-care. The department won´t crumble after you leave for 20-40minutes for your legally required brake. Also running a floor…its a team effort.

And thats why I have to make  a correction here…

The first thing I actually do when I come in in the morning, I ask the nurse: Who do I need to see first. Bc nurses are your eyes and ears and hands.

After lunch I write down plans for my patients, something like :need another chest xray and if clear will go home the day after tomorrow…etc. In that case u always know who and when u wanna discharge somebody.

Also I write discharge papers…I try to write a bit every day of their hospitalization…but i am gonna be honest…sometimes I am just too frickin lazy.

And then its 5minutes before the end of my work day. And that´s that.

When it comes to most of my notes in my planner about my post-work activities….I usually have writing down stuff like - V cooks dinner, dishes are on me this time, gotta start christmas decorations. Gotta buy a christmas tree! Write down all the food I wanna cook on christmas…look up recepies and ….

U get the idea.

I was never a big planner. I kinda swam tru my life plan-free. Stuff happened and I managed. But once I started working as a doc I realize there IS A LOT I have to keep up with - work and home and friends and LIFE. It cannot be all work and no fun.

Giant Guide to Ace Self Love

Kieren here. We get a lot of asks about how to accept being asexual when you don’t want to be. And it breaks my heart a little. This is going to be my guide for it. All the coping techniques I list are how I accepted myself being trans. It’s not exactly the same but the strategies will transfer for asexuality and aromanticism. All the asks I’m responding to are going to be under a readmore since there were a bunch and this is already long enough as is. Onto the advice…

I want all of you to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with you all for being asexual and/or aromantic. You are not broken. You are not unloveable. You are not any less than for being asexual and/or aromantic. And I really hope that this helps all of you come to see that for yourselves.

A lot of the asks sent in expressed a desire to feel sexual and romantic attraction or change your sexuality. The hard truth is, you can’t. Conversion therapy has been disproved several times over and is really harmful to a person’s mental health. Your sexuality and romantic orientation are what they are. And while they can be fluid and change over time, don’t count on that. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

First, let yourself be sad about this. Have a good long cry. The start of the healing and acceptance process is to let yourself feel that sadness genuinely. But the key is not to wallow in it. You need to build yourself up afterward. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy. Read a favorite book or fanfic. Watch a movie you love. Listen to your favorite happy songs. Write a happy poem. Snuggle a friend. Wrap up in a soft blanket. Take a warm bath. Do what you need to help build yourself up after feeling sad. You may need to do this a few times. It’s okay.

A good way to do that is to keep a journal (or make blog posts). Log your feelings about this. Venting your feelings honestly is important. Letting yourself feel your feelings is a huge step to self acceptance. Again, don’t wallow in the sad feelings. Bring yourself back up. Write a positivity blurb at the end. Then go do things that make you happy. Don’t let yourself stay in that sad space. that will only make it worse.

Next, start surrounding yourself with ace positivity. If you’re seeing a lot of things that put down asexuality cut them out of your life. Stop. That’s not helping you. Follow blogs that are supportive of all aces. Follow ace positivity blogs. Seeing things from other asexuals being proud and happy with themselves will help.

Also do some affirmations. Repeating to yourself that it is okay to be asexual and aromantic and that you are amazing and wonderful will go a long way. Find a short phrase to repeat to yourself out loud or in your head when the self doubt and hate starts up again.

Talk to other asexual and aromantic people. There are plenty of ace people on tumblr. Talk to them. Send them asks. Chat. I know this can be nerve wracking and hard for people with anxiety. But talking to other people like you is a huge help to self acceptance. It helps you feel less alone.

Again, all of you are lovely and wonderful people. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. And I wish you the best in your journey to self acceptance.


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Hey this is tmi but I've been on the toilet pooping my guts out for 2 hours in severe pain and I'm this 👌🏻 close 2 Eating illegal weeds to get the pain 2 stop tell me more about the pros n cons about Can I Bus

alright my fellow sufferers its time to Learning About The Weed with ur fav stoner goate

below the cut are my personal pros and cons and other advice and important information for beginners! warning, it’s pretty long, but i wanted to try my best to be as educational as possible. let me know if theres anything i should add or change!

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Awe, you have anxiety? Thats so cute!!! <3

Okay so i received this a while ago after posting something about my anxiety and I’ve been trying to figure out how i wanted to respond, but I’ve just been so pissed recently about this topic that I’m just going full rant mode. Grab you’re popcorn kids.

Anxiety is not fucking cute. Anxiety is the complete opposite of cute. Anxiety is possibly the most horrendous and awful thing that someone could be diagnosed with that isn’t a terminal illness. Anxiety isn’t “cute” and as someone who suffers from it I know first hand how shit it truly is. First off you have this. The way people act about it. Not everyone is this way but I’ve met SO MANY people who are just completely two faced when it comes to my anxiousness, which may just be the worst thing about anxiety. When I tell someone I have social anxiety they’re usually like “awe how adorable, you’re all shy and stuff” and I’m just like uh no I’m not but thanks? Now them calling it cute isn’t horrible, it just slightly pisses me off, because when we’re in an actual situation where my anxiety kicks in, such as at a restaurant, their opinion does a total 180 and they will generally say something along the lines of “Why the hell are you stuttering? *laughs obnoxiously* You just have to tell them what you want its not a big deal stop freaking out.” And I’m like wow yeah so cute, thanks for the support now I feel even fucking worse about myself than I did before.

Anxiety isn’t something that people are proud about, it literally tears them apart inside with the simplest of every day tasks. Hell, I can’t even fucking answer a math question in front of my class without becoming a blubbering mess and having a panic attack almost every single god damn time. A PANIC ATTACK. DO YOU FIND THOSE CUTE??? BECAUSE IM SURE YOU DONT FIND  SOMEONE COWERING IN A CORNER WITH THEIR FACE ABSOLUTELY RED AS ALL OF THEIR MAKEUP RUNS DOWN THEIR FACE AND THEY HYPERVENTILATE ISNT ATTRACTIVE TO YOU. AND SINCE I KNOW THAT’S TRUE, WHY THE FUCK IS ANXIETY ATTRACTIVE AND CUTE??

It just baffles me so much that this is actually something I have to address because I shouldn’t have to explain how serious of an issue anxiety is to everyday people. It should just be common knowledge that any sort of mental disorder isn’t supposed to be portrayed as ‘cute’ or 'funny’ because none of them are. You wouldn’t fucking say that schizophrenia is cute, so why would you say anxiety is? What makes anxiety seem so appealing and desirable to people without it?

I know a few girls who have actually said that they wished they had anxiety so that a cute boy could help them overcome it, and It’s like you clearly have no idea what anxiety is like if you’re wishing it on yourselves. 

Anxiety can’t just be fixed by a relationship coming into your life. You have it. That’s it. End of story. No miraculous happy ending, you just kinda get better at handling it IF you’re lucky enough to even get to that.

I have no idea what book, or author, or movie, actor, song, band, person started this whole 'I have anxiety, help me become better’ theme among social media, but who ever it was FUCK YOU. Because its total bullshit.

A relationship doesn’t miraculously 'cure’ anxiety (or any disorder for that matter) and I have personal experiences where it hasn’t, and I know going into those relationships that it won’t.

For example when i was with my most recent boyfriend I had SO many people ask me why I was still depressed and anxious if I was in a relationship. A few even said TO THE BOY that it was his fault i still was and that he should have been doing a better job at being there for me.





In conclusion, anxiety is mOST DEFINITELY NOT CUTE. It is a serious illness, and should be treated as such, not a flaw to love someone for. When you become aware someone suffers from anxiety, do not I repeat DO NOT make them feel as though they are doing something wrong, or that they are stupid because even though you may see it as joking, to them it may seem offensive and they could take it to heart. Don’t create this impossibly unrealistic impression of anxiety, because it offends so many people that its seen as unimportant because its viewed as 'cute’ in the social world. Anxiety is serious, and anyone who suffers deserves to be treated right, not like their a helpless character from a novel.

Thank you and good night.  *drops mic*


Me Before You (Isaac Lahey)

Word Count: 1071

Warning: isaac has depression. it doesnt really talk about it but please dont read if you think it will trigger you my loves.

Request: Anon-”Can u do an isaac lahey imagine based off of the movie Me Before You! But instead Isaac is depressed instead! Oh and can it be long! Sorry if its confusing, thank u!”

thanks for requesting! im so excited to see that movie omg xx


You loved living in the city, but sometimes you needed to get away for a while. Away from the traffic. Away from people. Not to mention living in a huge city is quite pricey and you just recently move out of your parents house.

You needed a summer job until college started. You looked around the internet which probably isn’t the best way to find a job but you were quite desperate since your parents agreed to pay for tuition but when it came to food, textbooks, and other things… you were on your own,

Wanted Caregiver it read.

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i magine that tsukki and iwaizumi arnt as into doing the do as oikawa and yamaguchi are so like when tsukki isnt feeling up to it iwa joins tsukki on the couch to watch movies wile their boyfriends do the do in the room. iwa and tsukki bond over jeff goldblum movies cuz well jurassic park and wat not and like yeah those two just bonding over old movies and what not. 

Oikawa is the group motivator though when it comes to them feeling crappy about themselves Oikawa just knows what to say to make them feel good. espeically when it comes to yamaguchi and having moments of feeling like hes the ugly one of the four. like oh gosh Oikawa will not stand for their freckled beb to think such stupid things so he always gives yams a talk about how perfect he is and how his flaws are just as great as his best features and what now

 they have weekend arm wrestling matches and yamaguchi actually wins against everyone even Iwaizumi and they all praise and want yamaguchi to protect them. but oh man sure yams is their protector BUT IF SOMEONE TRIES TO FUCK WITH YAMAGUCHI THEY BETTER BE PREPARED CUZ OH MAN THEY DONE FUCKED UP!

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u dig angst right?? do u have any headcanons abt pete takin care of sick/hurt trick?????? im just feelin it rn

OMG. well i dont do headcanons but i can like. freestyle some shit i guess ya?

  • lil bb patrick wearing himself out after like their third show ever and pete has to drag him back to the van and patricks babbling excitedly bc “dude they were so into it like they were singing along and moshing and this is! it’s gonna work dude! we’re gonna do big things man, and this is just the beginning! and omg this one rlly pretty girl was checking me out we should go back and talk to her-” but he keeps yawning and pete just smiles and pushing him into the van like “we’re gonna go to sleep, okay?” and pete gets patrick all tucked into his sleeping bag and curls up next to him and listens to patrick go on abt what producers he wants to work with when theyre famous and how cool the grammys are gonna be until he talks himself to sleep ahh
  • pete would go over and take care of patrick when he was sick, you know he would!! he’d make sure he had blankets and hot tea and patrick would be a bitter sniffly lil bitch but pete would curl up next to him and hold tissues for him and theyd watch 80s movies together and when pete got sick two days later he wouldnt care bc patrick would be right there throwing a blanket at him and going “here u go asshole im gonna go make u some soup”
  • when fob goes to tour for this first time patricks mom goes to pete like “u take care of him, okay? don’t let him mess around with groupies, don’t let him get hurt, make sure he’s warm at night. i don’t want my son coming home with any stitches or stds, you hear?” and petes like “yes mrs. stumph ill take good care of ur son” and he does! to the point that patrick gets annoyed!! except when pete spoons patrick at night bc hes worried patrick will go home and complain to his mom abt gettin hypothermia at night bc he was so cold and pete does not want to get his ball chopped off he needs those - patrick kind of doesnt mind. like at all
  • patricks implied that he eats when hes depressed, so i like to imagine during van days, like when they all lived together while recording grave, patricks sad over smth and pete never sleeps so he goes into the kitchen at midnight for a glass of water or smth but instead he finds patrick on the floor sitting in front of the fridge with a big thing of ice cream crying and hes like wtf and patricks sad abt smth dumb but pete sits down next to him and takes the ice cream and munches quietly and intercepts occasionally while patrick rants abt whatever and then when he’s done he silently hands the ice cream back, stands up, gets a blanket, comes back, grabs the ice cream and puts it away, then wraps trick in the blanket and brings him to his bed bc patrick takes care of pete all the time, he’s happy to do the same when the tables turn
  • so allegedly patricks first and only other gf besides elisa (altho apparently he had another one but we kno literally nothin abt her so i just pretend she doesnt exist) cheated on him and broke his heart, and apparently pete found out and told patrick, so like. patrick bein absolutely heart broken and pete spending like four weeks w patrick, takin care of him bc his depression’s bein a motherfucker, making sure he’s using music making as coping instead of other more unhealthier things, shit like that. letting patrick cry into his chest at night and say he misses her and pete just holds him tighter and pats his back and writes lyrics to match the sad melodies patrick been makin in his head
  • patrick didnt kno he had adhd for years and at least for me it’s p hard to deal with so like one day it’s too much and he breaks down but petes right there bc he knows how that feels and patrick just wants to be alone but pete sits with him and talks him thru it and isnt a selfish asshole for once and afterwards patrick respects him so much more for it
  • patrick getting into a rut after folie’s failure and petes there!! always there, offering him support, telling him stories abt his own past, yknow, problems or whatever, occasionally throwing in a shitty impersonation of someone from some old movie to make patrick smile a li ah
  • pete calling patrick up after the confessions of a pariah thing!! and patrick answers with a flat “what.” and pete can hear in his voice he’s been having a rough time, hears the hopelessness because he’s heard himself talk the same way so many times before, and he just says “what’s up, rickster? long time no chat, eh?” and patricks like “yeah. how’ve you been, pete?” and petes like “i’m good enough, but you, man, are you okay? i saw that post, are you-” and patricks all defensive like “i’m fine, that wasn’t a suicide note or anything, for the hundredth fucking time, i’m fucking fine-” and petes like “don’t try to bullshit me, i know you to well. are you at ur la place? i’m coming over.” and patricks like “pete-” and petes like “let’s make some music. it’s therapeutic, you know it is, it’ll make you feel better. you need it, and i’ll be honest, i could use it too.” and patrick grudgingly says ok so pete shows up and patrick opens the door and he looks so worn out and pete hugs him so tight ah

im bad at fluff sorry fam i hope these r cute idk

!!!! Guess who has another hc lol !!!

well its more like an au rather than a headcanon but i just thought i’d share it-

so i was thinkin’ of this in the shower and u know that soulmate au where the first word(s) your soulmate says when u first meet them are marked on your wrist well in this one it goes by age so like it doesnt just show up right when you meet them (this is only for the sake of the plot of the story idk if its an actual thing or not riprip)
and the age where u get your mark is about middle school/junior high right
so this is a matsuhana au and makki is like one of the first ones in his class to get his mark and he’s all hyped and stuff abt it
but all his mark says is “i’m so sorry” so he’s a little distraught because its such a common phrase and whenever somebody says those words to him he has to like lowkey check the other person’s wrist to see if what he said when he first met them was on the other person’s arm
every single person he has confronted even up until his first year of highschool he has found out that they arent his soulmate
and so highschool rolled around and he was stiLL trying to figure out who his soulmate was
mattsun still didnt get HIS mark tho bc he’s what other people call a “late bloomer” meaning his mark didnt show up in junior high
makki is always encouraging him and stuff like “dont worry dude you’ll get your mark soon i promise it”
but makki was On A Hunt himself and so one day he was just daydreaming while walking across the street and he bumps into this girl and her immediate response is “i’m so sorry”
and makki just thinks “eh its another one” so he lifts up his wrist and shows his mark and says “hi”
and the girl starts freaking out because she lifts up her wrist too and right under her palm it says that two-letter word
and so they both start freaking out in the middle of the street and then go into a nearby store to talk and stuff
apparently the girl hasnt found her soulmate yet either
and so they’re like “wow okay you seem chill i sense a connection here this might just be it”
so they exchange numbers and stuff and right after his confrontation makki goes straight to mattsun and mattsun has a fe e li n g in his stomach when makki tells him all these things but he doesnt know what the feeling is/means so he ignores it
and so makki and this girl start dating right and mattsun is the bestest most supportive best friend ever like “yea you go man there he is that’s him that’s my bestie over there with his girl”
but still he feels that something is off and he cant quite place it, and it just makes him lose his mind whenever he thinks about it too much so he just brushes it all off
and then mattsun gets his mark, and right when he gets his mark he knows he’s fucked
like he was just chillin’ in his house one day when his skin started to itch like crazy out of nowhere, and so he started scratching his skin, and lo and behold there was one word right under his palm
and he just fucking loses it
he cries and cries and cries until he cant even make tears anymore because now he knows why he felt the way he did when he saw makki and his girlfriend together
now he knows what all those negative feelings meant
and so mattsun tries to explain this to makki but makki doesnt understand, makki thinks that mattsun is just jealous because his mark hasnt shown up yet, and that hurts mattsun even more because he DOES have his mark but makki just wont LISTEN to what he has to say and his mark is apart of a memory that both of them were supposed to cherish forever
the memory of the day they first met
mattsun was playing kickball in the park one day with a bunch of other boys and he accidentally kicked it too hard and so the ball hit tiny makki like square on the face, and as mattsun went to go get the ball he shouted “i’m so sorry!” @ makki
and makki, ever the one with a filter, looked up at mattsun’s face and immediately whispered, “caterpillars”
and it was at that moment that they became best friends 5ever
and so Back To The Present mattsun is very hurt and he tries to defend himself but makki, being hella dense and stubborn, does not want to hear any of it so he’s like “okay you know what? i think we need to take a break, maybe figure this all out, and when you find out what your mark is we can talk again. okay?”
but mattsun just exPLODES like he says all this mean shit and stuff to makki because makki just woNT LISTEN and ofc he doesnt mean any of it he was just pushed over the edge, but makki doesnt know that
and so makki just decides that he has to cut it off with mattsun before anything else between them gets seriously damaged
so makki just stops hanging out with mattsun and stuff and mattsun thinks its for the best, they boTH think its for the best but it really isnt because mattsun had literally Just found out who his soulmate was only to not be able to see them anymore, and makki thinks he’s more depressed than usual bc he misses his girlfriend but really its because of all the time he’s been avoiding mattsun, and mattsun is just Torn Apart by the idea that he not only lost his soulmate but also his best friend, and everything is just rlly sad and angsty between them
and then makki’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she finally found her real soulmate, and you’d like knOw if u found the Real Thing
when makki asked what he did wrong she said he didnt do anything wrong, if anything it was her because she knew he wasnt her soulmate, and yet she just went along with it because she was afraid she would never have found her actual soulmate
and so makki is so heartbroken he goes to the first person he thinks of, which is mattsun
and just like that mattsun accepts him and they cry together and hug and tell each other how stupid they’ve been and overall they just make up
and then mattsun brings up his mark
like they’re hugging and stuff and being affectionate and he out of nowhere asks makki “do you remember the first day we met” and makki was like “you mean that time in the park when we were five and you hit me in the face with a kickball lol yea” and so mattsun shows makki his mark and all the gears in makki’s brain start working into overdrive and all of a sudden he’s crying again, they’re both crying again but this time its tears of joy and relief
mattsun is laughing at makki like “i tried to fuckin tell you but ur stubborn ass didnt wanna fuckin listen smfh” and makki is like wiping tears from his eyes and he says “i’m really fuckin petty arent i” and mattsun is just like “the pettiest of them all”
and so right after that they decide to watch movies and cuddle and stuff and then they officially got together the next day

aaannnd that’s basically all i have for this one, i didnt realize it’d turn into such a long post i think my mind just went off on its own for this omg
i hope u liked it and if u actually read up until this point i congratulate u tysm for reading all of that lmao and also i’d love to hear your opinion on this, whether its an ask or a response or even if its just in the hashtags (bc i literally check All the reblogs to see if there are any interesting hashtags yes i am That Person™) peACE OUT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST LMAO👉😎👉

im gonna try to keep this short [failed] as to WHY this is complete and utter bullshit

gonna throw this out there now, i did like the movie for its MESSAGE not the bullshit narusaku assumptions, it did have its crappy moments but nothing’s perfect, moving on

where in road to ninja was there a POSITIVE narusaku moment? go head and try theres nothing positive in narusaku’s favor in this movie, NONE and here’s why

we get off to a bad start anyway, everybody’s got their parents to recommend them to become Jounin’s but Naruto and when Naruto trys to interrupt Sakura from being too hard on her parents she tells him to mind his business, wow so positive, but how is that an argument? dont worry there’s more

fast forward to Sakura’s argument with her parents as she leaves the house she runs into an already depressed Naruto and drags him off on an ‘escape’ date just to avoid her parent’s, hell even Naruto said it himself!

he’s well aware he’s being used as a decoy, yet this counts as positive? get serious but dont worry, there’s more

this by far is my most hated scene of the movie and if you watched it you can already guess what it is, the SWING scene omg that was just AWFUL i admit if SP wanted to paint Sakura in a terrible light they did a GREAT job at it, Naruto is already feeling shitty about his situation and everybody having familys and just look at what she says

are you fucking kidding me!? do i even need to explain why that’s bad for narusaku? just look at him!

Naruto is even getting fed up with it, and how does she respond? she doesnt realize her wrongs in saying that to someone who lost both their parents RIGHT AFTER HE WAS BORN and apologize, no, she ACCUSES him of taking her parents side and has the audacity and stupidity to say this

are you kidding me!!!????? did SP completely forget the manga!? because i cant believe Sakura would be that STUPID! do i even need to tell why this is fucking stupid? at the very early stages of the manga when they all still friggin genin Sakura said similar things about Naruto infront of Sasuke and what did he say?

nuff said…im fucking done with that scene, that was NOT positive in NaruSaku’s favor and im gonna leave it at that

fast forward to the AU world in which Sakura has everything she wanted, she doesnt have her parents to nag and yell at her and tell her how to take off her boots how to do this do that

and Naruto can clearly see that Sakura’s enjoying it and not really trying to get home

while she’s enjoying herself and her freedom how does Naruto feel? he wants to gtfo and go home

but does this change anything? NO, even when he encounters his AU parents hes beyond all furious and hurt because of course he wants his parents back but not as phony’s, and yes Sakura does appear sensitive, but not really, because the only time Sakura got her shit together and wanted to go home was on HER terms when SHE got lonely and missed HER parents for once and got played by Sasuke, yeah i feel the positive in that decision

oh but wait, we have this lovely scene here

ah yes, she rushes to Naruto’s house after realizing she was wrong and that she’s ready to go home but what does she find? now HE’s happy with HIS family in this fake world just like SHE was happy without HER family in this fake world, oh how the tables have turned, if it wasnt obvious, NOW NARUTO DOESNT WANNA LEAVE EITHER

then we get THAT lovely scene, looks happy doesnt it? NO! now Sakura wants to leave and Naruto doesnt even though they dont say it and they part ways, Im sorry but am I the only one who has yet to find anything positive? oh right

he saved her, gee i wonder how many time’s he’s done this in the anime and manga? get serious, no matter what Naruto will ALWAYS save Sakura as well as anyone else who needs it, but yes, this counts as positive but NOT in a romantic way, after all Itachi saved her too

but in the end everything goes back to normal and Sakura reconciles with her parents and apologize, Naruto smiles happy for her and brings up the date again but Sakura responds that she just BEEN on a really long date with him, AGAIN back to the negative, how the fuck was that a date? and just because it was comic relief does NOT make it positive in their favor sorry, and even though Sakura learned a lesson for her own situation and to appreciate her parents more, what about her lesson towards Naruto? did he get an apology? was she there for him after this? did she even give a pep talk? NO

know who was there for him and apologized?

Iruka muther fucking Sensei, he understood Naruto, he was there for Naruto, he APOLOGIZED to him for being hard on him before, he COMFORTED him by being there when he got home saying happy birthday and the words Naruto’s always wanted to hear when he came home 'welcome back, Naruto’

Im sorry but THATS what Naruto needed and Sakura gave NONE OF THAT during this movie!!! and dont get me wrong this isnt anti Sakura after all this is a movie and it ISNT canon and everything of Sakura officially as a character is 100% in the manga so i DO like Sakura and this isnt to bash her in any way

but i hate when people whether their pro narusaku or anti narusaku or whatever call this an narusaku movie because it WASNT, this movie had a much deeper meaning and message thats often overlooked, and that was the value of parents, to appreciate your parents because no matter what they will ALWAYS be there for you and when their gone its a pain you cannot imagine untill you’ve lost them and once you have you will always miss them

but it doesnt have to mean your alone, because even though Naruto thought he was alone and had no one, who was there for him? Iruka, but nothing can ever take the place of your parents, even so there are STILL special people out there who have a place in your heart and can lift you up when your feeling down

NaruSaku as a pairing was NOT pushed in this movie nor glorified in any way, SP did not promote NaruSaku they DESTROYED it, the message was family NOT narusaku

and for those of you who say this destroyed SasuSaku too, two words for you

chapter 700


justin--believes  asked:

Seaworld had the chance to defend themselves multiple times when it comes to this movie. Why haven't they done so? Because they want you to believe every little thing they say about they're care for these animals. Why is Tilikum in a little bitty tiny tank?? When he runs free 100 even thousands of miles a day! People have seen tilly in a little tank going in circles. Why do you think people are talking about blackfish? Because it's REAL

Just take a moment and read this, its from someone who used to work at sea world

 I’ve been asked often and recently about my opinions towards this “amazing documentary” that “just came out” on Netflix called “Blackfish”. Having worked for SeaWorld for a few years, people are always curious as to what my opinion is. 

“Julie, have you seen it? What do you think?" 

Yes. I have seen it, multiple times. My opinion of it is this: I completely respect and agree with the underlining message- whales do not belong in captivity… but neither does any other animal (more on that later). I do, however, find the movie’s portrayal of SeaWorld to be horribly offensive and misleading. SeaWorld is not a monster.

"But Julie, SeaWorld uses animals for entertainment purposes, isnt this wrong?”

Thank you, PETA. Yes, SeaWorld is an entertainent based industry. People all over the world come to see these marvelous animals up close, eat a churro, and then ride the latest roller coaster. 

But before you go all animal activist on me, think about what your saying. Have you ever been to a zoo? Aquarium? Pet store? All of these animals were placed there to entertain, excuse me, educate you. And they dont quite do it to SeaWorld’s standards (Ill get to this later).

“But Julie, SeaWorld took these whales out of their natural environment”. 

False. The majority of the whales at SeaWorld were born in the park. Yes, a few were captured more than 35 years ago, but that is how animals were acquired those days.

And frankly, where do you think the animals at your favorite zoo came from? Contrary to popular belief, these animals are not usually “rescues”. 

And to be even more frank, how many of you have a home aquarium??? Where do you think these fish came from? That’s right. They’re captured from their native environment, oftentimes shocked, meanstwhile depleting coral reefs in hopes that these stressed fish might make it to your aquarium, where, lets face it, they usually die.

“But Julie, the tanks the whales are in are like bathtubs" 

Ugh. This one gets to me the most. At least use your own wording! Yes, the exhibits the whales are in are no where close to being the size of the ocean. But they are VASTLY larger than the size of most animal enclosures. True, these animals can swim hundreds of miles a day…. but think about other enclosures. Elephants can walk up to 40 miles a day and yet I rarely see an enclosure larger than 2000 ft. 

And bird cages? Fish tanks? Why is it that no one is offended by any of this?! It’s okay to put a goldfish in a bowl but not okay to have whales in a 60 million gallon environment? An enclosure that SeaWorld has spent over 70 million dollars to improve? 

"But Julie, these animals are forced to perform shows. They’re slaves.”

Inaccurate. The whales at SeaWorld are never forced to do shows. They get an alloted amount of restaurant quality food based off of their fitness level, size, and metabolism. And they are fed regardless of if they do a show. 

“But Julie, it’s cruel to force these animals to do "tricks”. 

These “tricks” are actually positively reinforced behaviors that the whales have learned through positive interactions and operant conditioning. Studies have shown that learned behaviors like this actually increase an animals mental health prolonging their fitness and increasing quality of life.

“But whales dont do flips in the wild" 

….and your dog doesnt naturally give you his paw when he wants a treat, but he is capable. Training behaviors like this, once again, encourages mental and physical growth. If the whales were incapable, they wouldnt do it. 

"Cant they just stop making the whales do shows?" 

Sure, but there is no positive reprocussion to that. Without enrichment, whales would resort to common boredom behaviors seen in zoos and institutions around the world. Plus, the interations the whales have with the trainers is a form of bonding for the whales. If they suddenly discontinued, the whales would display depression behaviors. I dont know about you, but I am highly against intentional depression.

"Cant you release them? They’ll be happier”

Look up the story of Keiko, the whale from “Free Willy.” That’s what happens when you release a captive killer whale. They are not equipped to live in the open ocean environment anymore. 

“Okay, what about a seapen then? Its bigger and the whales would be interact with their natural environment”

These whales currently thrive in multi-sourced continually filtered water environment. These means they are never exposed to pathogens, parasites, or heavily contaminated water. Putting them in a sea pen would expose them to a variety of potentially killer organisms. Not only that but they would be exposed to countless amounts of new sights, sounds, and vibrantions, causing an immense amount of stress. 

“But Julie, there is absolutely no benefit to having these poor creatures at SeaWorld." 

SeaWorld has impacted the lives of over 400 million visitors over the timespan they’ve been in business. That is 400 million people that have been affected by the beauty of not only the killer whales, but of over 6000 species of animals they would not come in contact with on a normal basis. 

"SeaWorld is not educational”. 

Excuse me? The top leading research done on both killer whales and other cetaceans comes from SeaWorld sponsored research. Most of what we know today about these animals has been learned from animals in captivity.

“Cant we learn simply by observing them in the wild?" 

Theoretically, sure. But any scientist (or grad student) will tell you how difficult it is to study animals in the wild. You can sit and observe 24 hours a day and only witness about 15 minutes of usable data. 

And good luck funding that research. It’s an unfortunate fact that people do not support things that do not benefit them directly. SeaWorld contributes millions upon millions of dollars to variety of conservation programs in the wild, including the Marine Mammal protecion act and Sea Turtle conservation. Finding funding from a private, independent source is unlikely and unreliable. 

"Okay… well… umm… what about the dorsal fin thing?" 

Dorsal fins are made out of cartilage, a flexible structure that makes up your nose and ears. The size of the dorsal fin is cause by a multitude of things, including genetics. Many of our whales come from a similar bloodline (not crossbred) and therefore have larger dorsal fins. 

Although not common in the wild, a whale’s dorsal fin, especially larger ones, may bend. This may be an effect from more surface exposure combined by genetics. There have been no indications that this affects the animals well-being in any way. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes we get droopy body parts too….

"Why can’t SeaWorld just go to be all educational? Obviously people would respect it more.”

Nature Centers and educational facilities are amazing ideas and do many great things. Unfortunately, not many people go out of their way to visit them and they can go out of business (Chula Vista Nature Center…anyone?). People, unfortunately, are selfish beings. They want to be entertained, not lectured. So although the conservation message is taught at many of these amazing facilities, they are not affecting as many people as you would think.

SeaWorld’s message is this: to celebrate, connect, and care for the natural world we share through the power of entertainment. People come into the parks with an expectation and leave with an appreciation of marine life they’ve never had before. I cannot begin to tell you how many kids Ive heard say that Shamu changed their life. That they want to stop polluting the ocean. That they want to save the sea turtles. SeaWorld is a memory that they will have forever and oftentimes changes their entire outlook on life.

So, before you boycott SeaWorld, realize that you’re not boycotting the evil corporation “Blackfish” makes it out to be. You’re boycotting Bruce, the 80 year old sea turtle who was rescued not only once, but twice after being shot in the head and left for dead by people who didn’t care. You’re boycotting Iris, the rescued seal who was found stranded and blind and then rereleased, able to see again. You’re boycotting the 650 juvenille sea lions rehabilitated and taught to eat after they were stranded on the Pacific Coast. You’re boycotting the baby emperor pengiuns, just hatched, ensuring the future families of penguins to come. You’re boycotting the hundreds of dogs adopted from shelters thanks to Pets Rule. You’re boycotting the group of high schoolers collecting trash off the shoreline after talking to the veterinary department behind the scenes and seeing the effects of trash in our ocean. 

If you need a summary of what SeaWorld is today, I ask you to look at me as a reflection. To look at the 1500 zoological team members that provide the upmost care to these animals. SeaWorld is one of the worlds most respected zoological facilities, setting the bar for husbandry standards today. We are SeaWorld. We are the people who cant drive by a lost dog on the street. We’re the people who stay awake overnight, waist deep in frigid water carrying a stranded dolphin that wasn’t strong enough to swim. We’re the ones that cry the moment a sea turtle swims off into the ocean water after being hit by a boat. We are the ones whose heart rate accelerates the moment a mother gives birth to a beautiful calf. We’re the ones whose muscles ache after scrubbing oil off of birds trapped after a spill. We’re the ones hand feeding that abandonded baby otter in the wee hours of the night. 

So once again, don’t believe everything you see and don’t assume you know everything because a “documentary” tells you so. Educate yourself. SeaWorld is not the enemy, there are bigger evils in the world. We do not go out of our way to torture and “enslave” animals. We love and know more about those animals than “Blackfish” would ever care to let you know. It is because of SeaWorld, and places like them, thst you even care about these animals in the first place. I am very proud to be a part of the SeaWorld family and always will be.

Hey bro
me lol(Instrumental by Flying Lotus)
Hey bro

I decided I should rap this out cause I liked the turn out of this rap I wrote

I’m rapping in my voice and not as Dirk or Alpha Dave so keep that in mind lol

Also I would like to point out that this song has a romantic connection between the two which you can find out so yeah, don’t except just platonic bro love lol

Song is Between Friends- Flying Lotus (Check em out!)


Aye yo Bro
Where did you fucking go
Oh yeah, that’s right you became the star of the new show
called Hollywood
and your movie is getting more popular than it really should
it’s not like I’m hating, I just want to know how you’re doing and I’m glad you made it
I give Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff a 10 star rating
You’re the best director that the worlds ever seen
You’re stacking green and the ice is mean and accomplishing all your dreams
But why am I getting upset every time I see your face on the TV screen
Every time I hear Strider, I assume they’re talking about you
And I tear up a bit because you’re not here to say “thats right lil man, thats how i do”
We know how it’s like to have no mother
But do you know what if feels like to miss your big brother
I know Bro, this ain’t cool
and I probably look like a childish fool
But I love you, Bro
Jake asked why I cried over a crow
But I think we both know
You’re not here with me to play in the snow
You’re not here to wonder what happened to my elbow
I think I’m getting too obsessed with you
Cause these clouds in my head spell “I love you”
But I really hope you write back soon
hey lil man how you been you doing okay
that last letter sounds like youve been having a real bad day
but its okay bro i wrote right back
how could i forgot my favorite brother that shits straight up whack
yeah ive been making money and making fans scream
but there isnt a day that you arent in my dreams
all the women and cars and all this fame
but a day without you dirk is fucking lame
hey guess what bro this shit is sick
but i told kanye west to suck my dick
it was great i wish you there to see it him flip
damn dude im getting sad that the pen is crying straight from the tip
i know you said that being sad aint cool
but its okay to cry dirk youre not some tool
and no i dont know what its like to miss your big bro
but do you know whats its like to not see you in these chairs at the end of each show
and my obsession with you is leading to depression but your name is the reason for that prevention
so yeah stay cool dirk
i love you bro and ill keep showing the world how striders do work