if this isn't perfect then i don't know what is

''surprising'' facts about the signs
  • aries: reaaaaalllly fucking sensitive. that's maybe why they can get angry pretty fast, because they just take shit too personal sometimes, and they can't deal with it. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, they're actually fucking adorable and smol little beans who just crave love.
  • taurus: very care-free and they do not care about a single shitt. they're very hard-working though and they try to get shit done, but they are also very lazy, which isn't really surprising.. they are also very quick to anger, just like aries.
  • gemini: gemini isn't THAT two-faced like people think. they're just moody. they can get easily annoyed and that's why their mood can change pretty fast.
  • cancer: they're pretty obsessed with themselves and they can be really fucking cocky. they secretly like to make others suffer and make them feel shitty. they do it very slowly and careful though, so people won't notice it.
  • leo: really insecure, but never shows their insecure side bc they still want to shine in the spotlight, without people noticing their flaws, if they even have them because most leo's are flawless af.
  • virgo: they tend to worry a lot, still they don't really care about shit. i know that it sounds weird, but it's true! well, at least for the virgo's i know in real life. they tend to worry a lot about their work and school stuff, but they don't really do anything for it, but they also don't really care. however, they always seem to make everything perfect.
  • libra: they are reallllyyyyyy insecure in their relationships. they're usually a pro at relationships, but they are really insecure about it and they often don't know how to deal with them, or what to do with them.
  • scorpio: they are perfectionists. i don't really know if it's surprising, but they are perfectionists. i mean, they are very ambitious and that isn't a surprising fact, but just like virgo, they want everything to be perfect.
  • sagittarius: they are soft little beaaans. don't hurt them please. they seem really tough and strong, but they're realy sensitive. NEVER SHOWS IT THOUGH. you will never know when they're sad or anything, they always want to stay positive and happy, so they do.
  • capricorn: they seem to be emotionless and insensitive, but that's just because they want to be like that. they don't want all these feelings and emotions. but everyone has them, so they do too, but they try to hide it with sarcasm and sometimes even with anger.
  • aquarius: they have LOTS and LOTS of emotions floating in their head and heart and they just don't know what to do with it, so they just let their emotions destroy them, without saying a word. i don't know if it is a surprising fact, but i think it is.
  • pisces: isn't that innocent than most people think they are. they have a weapon which is called, baby face. they have this innocent little face that makes you think that they're all niceee and sweeeet buT NO. they're really good at backstabbing.
  • discourse: DID YOU KNOW that Kingsman is a racist, sexist, gratuitously violent, and not very diverse film??
  • me: ...Yes.
  • me: No...
  • me: Because I can critique something I like and also enjoy the elements that make this film entertaining. I also love how both meta and fic discuss or simply correct the problematic things in canon, though they do also explore said problematic aspects in interesting, complex ways. For the most part, we tend to have a firm grip of what needs to be better represented in not only the movie, but in the general scope of fiction and real life social attitudes and political/economical implications as well.
  • discourse: ...are you going to stop liking it, though


 🌈PART 9

🌈Jungkook moves in a new apartment and everything there is perfect: especially the cutie next door that keeps scolding him

  • Ruby: Aaaaaauh! I totally bombed that test!
  • Blake: It was rather difficult.
  • Weiss: Ha. Maybe for you three but I found it rather easy.
  • Yang: Ah Come on. Guys I'm sure we all did fine.
  • Ruby: I hope so.
  • Blake: Yeah you're right.
  • Weiss: Well I know I did.
  • ~Next day~
  • Ruby: WOOHOO! I Managed to pass!
  • Blake: Glad I got an A. What you get Weiss?
  • Weiss: A perfect hundred of course.
  • Yang: Nice, ice queen.
  • Weiss: HEY!
  • Ruby: What you get sis?
  • Yang: Meh. It isn't important. *Does notice Blake picking up her test.*
  • Weiss: Of course it is important. Unless you did poorly on it and just don't want to-
  • Blake: A Hundred and twenty.
  • Weiss/Ruby: Eh?
  • Blake: Yang's test. She got a perfect score and the bonus questions.
  • Yang: Aww, Blakey. That is private. *Yang pouted wrapping her arms around Blake.*
  • Weiss: But. But. How did you?
  • Ruby: It makes sense really. Yang was the top student in Signal.
  • Weiss: How? I'm on top of the class.
  • Blake: Actually. That's only because detention effects the grade. If it wasn't for that Yang would be top.
  • Yang: Cardin insulted my woman's honor and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT! *Yang Said strongly before giving Blake a kiss and said sweetly.* Love you Kitten.
  • Blake: Hehe, Love you too.
  • Weiss: ... My life is lie?
The Husbands of River Song.
  • <p> <b>Flemming:</b> So, where is the Doctor now?<p/><b>River:</b> I haven't the faintest idea.<p/><b>Flemming:</b> is that credible?<p/><b>River:</b> it's true<p/><b>Flemming:</b> you're the woman he loves.<p/><b>River:</b> no I'm not<p/><b>Flemming:</b> she's lying.<p/><b>River:</b> the doctor does not and has never loved me. I'm not lying.<p/><b>Hydroflax:</b> *scans* confirmed. The life form is not lying.<p/><b>Flemming:</b> impossible! This is a trick.<p/><b>River:</b> no it isn't.<p/><b>Flemming:</b> my information is correct! You are the woman who loves the Doctor!<p/><b>River:</b> yes I am. I've never denied it. But whoever said he loved me back? He's the doctor. He doesn't go around falling in love with people. And if you think he's anything that small or that ordinary, then you haven't the first idea of what you're dealing with.!<p/><b>Flemming:</b> your majesty I assure you she is the perfect bait! When this woman is in danger the doctor will always come.<p/><b>River:</b> oh you are a moron! No he wont!<p/><b>Flemming:</b> he's probably already here.<p/><b>River:</b> no he isnt of course he isn't!<p/><b>Flemming:</b> possibly on this ship!<p/><b>River:</b> well go on! Scan it then! Go on why don't you!<p/><b>Doctor:</b> um, River...<p/><b>River:</b> Two hearts, stupid clothes. You can't miss him!<p/><b>Doctor:</b> River...<p/><b>River:</b> go on! Scan the whole parsec! He's not here! God knows where he is right now, but I promise you he's doing whatever the he'll he wants and not giving a damn about me! And I'm just fine with that--<p/><b>Doctor:</b> River...<p/><b>River:</b> when you love the doctor it's like loving the stars themselves. You don't expect a sunset to admire you back! And if I happen to find myself in danger, let me tell you, the doctor is not stupid enough, or sentimental enough, and he is certainly not in love enough to find himself standing in it with me.<p/>
  • River and the Doctor: (very long pause)
  • <b> Doctor:</b> ...hello, sweetie...<p/></p>
  • River: oh you are soooo doing those roots.
  • Doctor: What, the roots of the sunset?
  • River: Don't you dare.
  • Doctor: I'll have to check with the Stars themselves.
  • River: oh shutup!

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Jack is also literally like an actual child and I don't know why so many people are attacking this kid for making mistakes and slipping up - if apologizing isn't good enough, then what is ??? Like genuinely asking... I hate how Tumblr culture doesn't allow people to fuck up and make progress from their mistakes like holy shit, we're all human and I certainly wasn't a perfect child at 13. Just because they're on a public platform, doesn't mean they were born knowing every single right from wrong.

if jack wasn’t jewish, then I would not support what he said but I wouldn’t just send hate to him or bully him since he is young and people are constantly making mistakes and learning from them. there should be a balance between not holding people accountable and attacking them

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Do you think Katie knows that her american accent isn't perfect and that people keep talking about it? I personally find it endearing and I don't want her to ever "improve" because Lena's voice is part of what makes her so perfect but I kinda feel bad when I read a review or an opinion talking about it

i think katie is very conscious of it, and i think it’s probably something she has received feedback on repeatedly, and therefore probably something she is really trying hard at to improve. it sucks that they keep commenting on it, because lena’s voice is delicious, and that bit of irish/british accent coming through makes lena even more refined and perfect. she sounds professional and expensive, two things that lena IS. it just wouldn’t be the same with a generic american accent. our accents suck, lmao. they did katie a disservice in this case by not allowing lena to just keep the full blown accent and roll with it. hell, they let her ex boyfriend jack spheer have one and no one batted an eye about HIS back story or commented on rahul not hiding it so…???. 

the only thing i do enjoy is that when katie tries to tame her irish accent, her voice goes lower, and that gives lena that throaty sound that is just beyonddddd sultry. but it seems like in s3 they’re letting katie have more freedom with it, because she is not trying NEARLY as hard to hide it. listen to her say “literally” in s2 and then listen to 3x1 lmfao its night and day. i think they’re just letting it be, so it’d be cool if the reviewers could just let it go too. at the end of the day, it’s not like anywhere in canon it was announced that LENA LUTHOR IS 100% AMERICAN lmao. like, she went to some elusive boarding school that we know nothing about – chalk it up to plot holes and move on.


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Hello! I am trying to write a 9 year old character who has an abusive family. He is very smart for his age, and his parents expect him to be perfect and punish him severely if he isn't. They also suppress his interests that don't line up with their image of a perfect genius kid. I have never been abused, so I don't know what it's like.


Unfortunately, I have some experience of my own in this department. There are a few difference checkpoints that you should remember.

Abusive families aren’t necessarily constantly abusive.
An abusive relationship isn’t perpetually nasty and destructive – there are bright moments, and because of that there are times when the victim shrugs off the abuse or tells himself that it “really can’t be as bad as I’m making it”. For example, if your character does something to please his parents – makes all high As on his report card, for example – they could throw him some kind of party or take him somewhere fun and they could all have a fantastic time, and he could go home glowing that little-kid-who’s-been-rewarded glow. Then, if and when things got bad, he would cling to memories like that, and tell himself that his family really can’t be as bad as he feels like they are – that he’s overreacting.

Abuse doesn’t have to consist of hitting and yelling.
In some cases – from what you’ve told me, in your character’s case – abuse is much more sinister and psychological and emotional than simply slapping the victim across the room or screaming your head off at the victim. Your character’s parents would likely belittle and mock your character when he displayed traits they didn’t like or want him to have – for example, if your character’s parents didn’t want him to be “weak”, then when he cried they would likely imitate him crying and mock him. If he pursued passions they didn’t like, they would belittle those passions: any talent he displayed in them would be shrugged off or, worse yet, shamed. (For example, if he developed an interest in theatre, his parents could possibly paint it as “too feminine”.)

Abuse usually starts at a young age, so the victim thinks that his household and what happens in it is normal.
If your character has been abused or manipulated since early childhood, they likely won’t even recognize anything wrong – they’ll certainly know that it makes them feel like crud, but they won’t realize that there are households where ugly things like that don’t happen, and where people don’t feel bad all the time. For example, say that if your character got anything below a 90 on a test, his parents locked him in his room for, say, two days and didn’t feed him – if that had been done to him since he started school, he would think it was a normal, proportionate punishment for not getting a good grade.

Your character probably won’t feel resentment or start being troubled until teenage years.
At the age of nine, your character still wants to be loved, respected and accepted by his parents, and is probably willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to make it happen. If he displeased his parents, he’ll likely think it’s a fault of his own rather than a fault of theirs – even if he knows he hasn’t done anything wrong, he won’t mentally paint them in an unflattering light – at the most he’ll be scared of them, as opposed to resentful and angry. Anger will brew under the surface, yes, but later – maybe once he’s twelve or thirteen, as he starts to think independently and starts making friends who can think independently. Until then, he’ll probably remain on good behavior – especially if his parents get upset when he doesn’t – and will yearn for his parents’ affection, rather than turn the blame on them for what they’re doing. He won’t assume he has any option except to keep trying to be the son they want.

I hope this helps! This is my personal experience with abuse – I’m sure others have their own experiences as well. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

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But why isn't nobody talking about Touka? She looks sooo fucking perfect! I don't know the actress but she's literally what I thought Touka would look like irl. When I saw the trailer I was like holy shit where did they find her?!? She looks badass, cute and elegant just like Touka! Her ukaku is also freaking cool! I mean everyone looks good in the movie (especially Kaneki) but Touka looks perfectly on point!! I'm soooo hyped for this movie now I can't even!!!!

SHE LOOKS AMAZING, and I know the hair-over-one-eye style is impractical for a live action but you can see in scenes her hair flops down to cover half her face and I’m YASSSSSSSSSSS

like look at that

thats nice

I guess for me though…. I’m trying not to get too attached to that rendition of Touka because if there ever is a sequel, they’re going to have to get another actress :’)

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I love your art style so much. It inspires me. But I'm so critical of my own art that I barely can bring myself to even start a piece. What do you do when you feel like that?

FIRST OF ALL.. ur sweet and i’m really glad my art inspires you
SECOND OF ALL, i feel that way all the time and so far i don’t Do anything? a lot of good art i see makes me feel shitty about mine, and i definitely feel like the weak link in the circles of artists i’m friends with. 

at this point i try to just draw anyways? and employ the “better finished than perfect” rule as often as i’m able

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i was wondering if i could ask about keeping a cat indoors only? we have a decent sized house with a lot of safe places to climb and hide, and a lot of toys for him, but i've been told that "it isn't a life for him". i'm just so paranoid because every cat i've owned has been hit by a car, even though traffic isn't bad. there's also a ton of construction and cats that bully. i don't know what to do!

Your house sounds like a perfect place for a cat! Keeping them indoor-only is best for their safety and health, and the health of your local ecosystem! Your instincts are right- keep your cat indoors and you’ll have many more years to enjoy with them. :)

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yeah honestly i thought i was going nuts when i thought the grif and tucker talk felt natural but people were shitting on it. people have been saying that tucker's arc has kinda felt like a regression but like, people regress all the time in real life. especially after a huge loss with church, and old habits can die hard. idk i enjoyed him reflecting and talking with grif.

honestly, I do actually think a lot of the season was a regression for Tucker like he was a self-absorbed asshole in the beginning of the season. Like the scene where he basically says that he wants to get rid of all of red team in episode 7? Totally regression. Him believing Temple because of some cheap compliments? regression. But I really don’t have any problem with this because it fits with his character and personality. He has become an amazing fighter and he should be proud! but this skill causes his ego to get too big. This reaction to being the best at something is really common with people so I think it fits? Plus Tucker isn't some perfect cinnamon roll who is above being a dick (no one in rvb is except maybe caboose) so I think it was appropriate setup for his character development later in the season! 

What I really don't understand is how Tucker admitting he is wrong and feeling insecure is the regression? If anything it’s the most mature and leader-like thing Tucker has done! It’s a huge step for him to admit he's wrong and that he will do his best anyway!! Like did everyone forget the scene in season 12 or 13??? where Wash tells Tucker that no leader knows the right decision? Tucker has struggled with this before! And this scene really shows how Tucker has accepted that he can’t be right all the time, mistakes will be made. He has to struggle through these mistakes before he can be a good leader! Thanks to this season and the mistakes he has made in it, he has learned that being too certain with one’s self and rushing into things isn’t the best way to go. He needed to be knocked down a few steps so he could learn to be humble and listen to his team mates so that he could be the great leader that has the potential to be!!! This season has set up such good Tucker development that I feel like a lot of people are interpreting completely ass-backwards and it’s just so weird to me??? Like!! It’s so good. I'm proud of Tucker after this episode. I don't care what other people are saying. 

Honestly, people need to stop freaking out about negative character development. It’s realistic! And I actually feel like revisiting issues we thought were wrapped up is really cool and humanizing in fiction. I don't know about you but sometimes when I get over something ill just regress and fall back into it, and that's ok! This kind of story telling is validating and real. People need to chill.


The Fox’s Summer 《狐狸的夏天》 Ep. 04  - Li Yan Shu  x  Gu Cheng Ze

If you keep staring, I’m going to charge a fee. - Yan Shu

Fan Dub Bloopers Sentence Starters Part 1
  • [ My friends and I do fan dubs to entertain ourselves when we get together. These are from the Attack on Titan one we did years ago. ]
  • "Do you even work? Are you even working?"
  • "I'm really...I really gotta make sure."
  • "i'm really scared you're not gonna work."
  • "*pause* I thought I was gonna do it."
  • "Why does this always happen?"
  • "Oh wait, what?"
  • "Pfffffffffffffff- It's muted."
  • "Originally, it was a castle. That was old. And we modeled it."
  • "That's what happened to it yup."
  • "We just-.. and horses."
  • "And stuff because that word can't come out of my mouth apparently."
  • "Since it is so far from the river and things. I- yeah."
  • "Since it was- ah, fuck you."
  • "Wait, what? What just happened?"
  • "Oh yeah, it was. It was right there."
  • "Stupid skank. What a skank."
  • "I wasn't readyyyyy."
  • "You even told me you were."
  • "I wasn't expecting THAT."
  • "I fuck myself all the time."
  • "Okay. Let's do the- let's keep going."
  • "I was in the mid-sentence."
  • "____, fuck meeee."
  • "Fuck me up the butt."
  • "Goddamn it. Slap me now, man."
  • "Trying to bind my hands?"
  • "You gotta buy me a noose before you're my wife."
  • "He just fangirls hardcore."
  • "It's like right when you hit it."
  • "OOOOOI!"
  • "I do have his voice, so it's okay."
  • "You're sleeping in the basement."
  • "Yeah, basement, man."
  • "I was expecting to hear "OOOOOI!" and I didn't."
  • "Oh, never mind. I lied."
  • "God, get it together."
  • "He isn't the perfect people hero people thing."
  • "He's really short, and he's probably got a pole up his butt."
  • "Well then, I don't know THAT was what you thought about me."
  • "You gotta listen to the boops, okay? Boops!"
  • "I skip I words."
  • "He's a lot edge."
  • "I don't know what the fuck to say, and I am so done right now."
  • "I didn't mean "okay" as in "go"!"
  • "What really surprised me was how he followed things."
  • "Hey, you have it muted, and you don't have the headphones in."
  • "Oooooooops."
  • "All I could think of was ____ saying "Howdy ho!""
  • "And I really was tempted."
  • "____, I just wanna smell you."
  • "Are you serious? I'm typing!"
  • "I'm not ready for ____ yet!"
  • "I like how he said ____."
  • "Fuck you, man! Just fuck youuuu!"
  • "I just want you to fuck me already, okay?"
  • "Or I just wanna fuck you. I don't know."
  • "I don't know which. I'm just confused."
  • "Hon."
  • "He can suck my dick."
  • "____ can suck your dick?"
  • "How's your Fire Emblem game going?"
  • "Fuck plans!"
  • "I start recording, and you say "Buck-aaah!"
  • "We've been neglected by a single fucking blow!"
  • "To ____'s dick!"
  • "It needs to be longer?"
  • "You wanna make those noises?"
  • "Where'd everyone go?"
  • "What've I gotten myself into?"
  • "I'll have to tell you about the boys."
  • "Once upon a time, there was a tribe of the people did things."
  • "Eating and people and things."
  • "The scod weeder?"
  • "Is squadge leader here?"
  • "The squash leader!"
  • "You made the mistake of attacking humanity and bullshit."
  • "I got distracted bY JAM!"
  • "They made steaks out of butts."
  • "She said "bean" after I did."
  • "What they wouldn't do to fuck."
  • "Oh, I lost my place."
  • "It was light. Extremely light. Light as balls."
  • "The test subjects! Both I fucked!"

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I think also part of why people idolize her, like "she's perfect and should always be", is because that's kinda what her persona was, like in the beginning of the show? she put on a mask, always being the nicest, the sweetest, most well put together person. and we're learning she isn't perfect, which is great and I'm loving this angst a lot. your faves make mistakes sometimes, relatable. does that make sense? I don't know.

this is true and makes perfectly sense, we were used to having Waverly being this perfect human/revenant being, too god to be possessed, too nice and sweet, but no one is 100% perfect, so now learning that hey she makes mistakes too, she gets angry and says/does things she is gonna regret later, is very relatable