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Kaiba and the evacuation of Alcatraz:  I’m going to start out with my usual Kaiba-related caveats here, because most of Kaiba’s actions come with a “yes, but…” attached.  I freely concede that Kaiba is (surprise!) being ridiculously reckless and careless with his own and other people’s lives.  

But what’s interesting to me is that these manga frames – which occur at the start of his conversation with Isis and before she mentions her brother as well as before Mokuba joins in – show that right from the beginning Kaiba intended to evacuate Alcatraz.  At no point was he trying to intentionally kill Yugi and his friends when he detonated the island.  Instead, Kaiba assumed that they would have enough time to get off of Alcatraz before it blew up.   

What’s interesting is that his calculations were correct – except for the one item he forgot to include.  In the anime, their escape is complicated by problems with the blimp, but in both the manga and the anime, their evacuation turns into such a nail-biting event because when they realize that Kaiba and Mokuba are missing, Kaiba’s staff delay their departure while Yugi and his friends use up all of their allotted escape time looking for them.  They’re all so worried that Kaiba intends to kill himself that they refuse to abandon the search until the last moment.  

I can’t help but feel that this is the one thing Kaiba would never have even considered factoring into his calculations: the possibility that anyone other than Mokuba cared whether he lived or died.

And in a final note of poignancy, Kaiba flies off without realizing that’s exactly what happened.

the romantic interest has always been established within the first ep, just saying

ok but kate’s reaction to if you chose to start a relationship with her is really cute tho??? she’s all like “wAIT REALLY?????” and she’s so flustered and aaaaaaaaaaaa i love her

anyway my dog had a seizure on Friday night & threw up yesterday so i’m really worried about him, especially with him being in MD with my parents and me being in NYC and not able to see him, and this is 1000% making me cranky and on a hair trigger about every little annoyance. 

i was browsing through some runway photos and thought this outfit from saint laurent fall ‘15 collection looked a bit too familiar??

most of the clothing was sold out ages ago but these are the average prices i managed to find, which means victor’s ep10 outfit is worth around 3300€ / $3500! the boy is loaded and i am not even surprised anymore

//EDIT: the sweater discourse inspired me to give video editing a try (x)

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


guess my favourite character dynamic