if this isn't everyone on tumblr idk what is

You wake up in the morning and look down at your phone. You have 20 notes on tumblr. This is uncommon, as your blog only has about 40 followers. Intrigued yet slightly annoyed, you open up the mobile app and check what the deal is. You gasp in horror as your inbox contains 20 asks, all on anon. “Just apologize, will you,” “die,” “delete your blog,” and most famously of all, “pee ur pants.” You try to recall what happened last night- what did you do to deserve all this hate?

A quick flashback reminds you that you broke up with your qpp. It was simple as that- you saw your main ID, Ouma Kokichi from Danganronpa V3 on their kin list and they didn’t tell you. You vaguely recall breaking up with your qpp by calling them a fake.

…Your hands start to tremble as you formulate a new post, typing erratically as to really prove the point that you’re having a panic attack. You call off the attackers, demand them to leave you alone. This only brings swathes more to your inbox. Your hands really shake now as you decide to tackle your inbox. Answering all these hate messages instead of deleting them. Your typing is shaky- your responses shakier. You particularly respond to one of the asks calling you to die with a simple but effective “ok.” After answering as many as you can, you realize that you’re on the “do not follow” list of all your friends. Ex-friends, now. You weep bitter, bitter tears as you’ve lost both your qpp and your friends. You make a post, hoping to make your qpp feel guilty and accept your (platonic) love again but it does not work. You’ve been left in the dust.

You type a single message to all your friends in the most dramatic way possible.


  • Magnus: Alexander
  • Alec: I have to leave
  • Magnus: alexANDER
  • Alec: look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
  • Magnus: helplessss
  • Alec: they're asking me to lead
  • Magnus: look around, isn't this enough? What would be enough?
  • Jace: he will never be satisfied, he will never be satisfied, satisfied, satisfied
  • Maryse and Robert: history has its eyeesss on youu
  • Magnus: isn't this enough? What would be enough.
  • Jace: he will never be satisfied
  • Clary and Izzy: how do write like you're running out of time
  • Magnus: how do you fight like
  • Everyone: history has its EYES ON YOU
  • Alec: I am not throwing away my shot
  • Everyone: just you wait
  • Alec: I am not throwing away my shot
  • Everyone: just you wait
  • Alec: I am

make me choose | hawkiepawkie asked: merlin or sherlock?

sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.

Let us look back at 2014, in the form of a song. Except, I can’t write songs and I only decided to do this today, so let’s not. But we can make a list of the Phandom events this year, including but not limited to:

  • Plasma ball
  • Birthday presents (Jake hoodie I mean c'mon)
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Would you rather with PJ
  • Egg roulette
  • The grandma ships it (thanks Eden)
  • #thanksforthesundaysdanandphil
  • Playlist
  • Prank call video with Louise
  • Vidcon
  • Vidcon vlogs (and virgin sheets)
  • Phan hug 2k14
  • Who’s more likely to
  • Newly weds friendship challenge
  • #getphilto2mil
  • #getdanto4mil
  • Gaming channel
  • Worldwide merch
  • Sugarscape wins
  • Phanfic Big Bang and Awards
  • Dan liveshows ft Phil
  • Phil liveshows ft Dan
  • Stuck on a rollercoaster
  • That video where they had a race to lick white stuff
  • Krave challenge
  • Seven second challenge
  • The birth of Dil and the Dilmas that followed
  • LessAmazingPhil vlogs
  • Baking video
  • SpoOOoky week
  • Tumblr video
  • Sofa sale thing (pokey pokey)
  • Philisnotonfire 6 and bloopers
  • Phanniversary
  • Teen awards
  • Day in the Life (that deserves a post for itself tbh)
  • And, idk about you, but I made lots new friends and memories this year!

What a good year?? Here’s to 2015, with our hover cars and talking dogs and such. Happy New Year everyone!