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Can we please talk about this moment for a second? I just went back and watched the whole interview again (I MISS THEM SO MUCH) and this particular moment always stood out to me. I think it’s very slept on IMO. This particular line that James said to Louis is more that just regular band teasing, from what I got tbh. James and Harry were having a banter and in the end, James points to Louis and goes “you’ve always been my favourite”. This feels so personal. Like something that goes on in their inner circle of friends where they team up against eachother and their friends choose a side. I’ve always loved this so much because James could’ve said it to ANYONE but he said it to Louis and in such a familiar tone, like this is something that happens a lot. Louis’ reply in particular is so adorable. I’m just very fond all over right now. James Corden is truly a saviour.

23.01.2017 - Happy Birthday Camoose!

Oh shit whaddup!! It’s dat boi!!
On his way to steal your gurl!
Credits: @tooobsessedwith-quartetnight (blaming you for what I have created)

One Hundred // Hands Like Houses

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Fanmix for Chloe/Derek from The Darkest Powers series


Misguided Ghosts - Paramore 
Haunt - Bastille 
The Wolves - Ben Howard
Human - Gabrielle Aplin
Howl - Florence + The Machine
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Run For Your Life - The Fray
Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings
Come Around - Rosi Golan
Nowhere Left To Run - McFly 
Falling For You - Colbie Caillat
Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
Skinny Love - Birdy
I’ll Lie Here - Mike Dignam
Something I Need - OneRepublic

compilation of baekhyun singing
  • compilation of baekhyun singing
  • byun baekhyun aka king of vocals
  • rehearsal

160408 during rehearsal

  • baekhyun singing dream
  • jongdae starting to sing lil’ something and baekhyun joins in (baekchen harmony) with baekhyun finishing off
  • baekhyun singing i love it by dean x dok2 (?)
  • baekhyun singing see through by primary feat. zion.t&gaeko (?)

(credit: 卞白贤是我男人)


Before and After, Most Indefinitely by moodlighting | Harry/Louis | 7k

A single breath of nervous laughter escapes past Harry’s lips. He looks over at the other man again. He’s staring back at him, eyebrows furrowed.

“M’not that small,” he mutters, peevish.

With that, some of the panicky butterflies in Harry’s belly ease away, and he laughs. Who gives a shit if he kisses a stranger tonight? He hardly knows anyone here. What harm is there, really?

“Um,” he begins smoothly, meeting the stranger’s eyes. “Are you, um, here with someone? I wouldn’t want to, er –”

“No, no,” the man interrupts. “I’m, um. Single.” His eyes flick down to Harry’s lips. “Do your worst, mate.”

AU. Two-shot featuring two weddings attended by Harry and Louis.

Imagine a stand off with God!stiel...

“Cas, come on, snap out of it, you’re killing people!” You said shaking your head in disbelief. He was definitely far from the sweet angel that you knew now… He was a monster. The kind you usually put down.

“So?” He said with a smile that made your stomach churn.

“Damn it Cas. It’s taking every ounce of me to not… not…” You stuttered.

“Not what? You really are wasting my time.”

“Not slap you round the face you arrogant little shit.” You felt your eyes go wide at your small outburst. With Cas in this state, who knew what he could do?

“What a brave little ant you are, but you know what more evolved species do to ants?” He rotated his foot a little in emphasis.

“I’m not an ant.” You half snarled as you carefully reached into your pocket for any form of weapon.

“Hm. Maybe not… However, I’m God and you, Y/N, are a nuisance.”

I have such a weakness for ships where at some point one is brainwashed and supposed to/has been sent to kill the other but doesn’t through *~the power of love~*

I mean

It’s a trope

That I apparently 

can’t get enough of. 

Send help.