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I've seen a few people ask for your input, I hope its ok to do so too? I'm 20 FtoM transman and I've always loved the goth subculture except I'm too afraid to embrace it within the clothing side of things as I feel it won't help me pass espically if I play around with make up. Any help would be helpfull. Thank you very much. ~ I.J.D.

You absolutely can embrace the clothing and look! In the goth subculture, makeup has never really been seen as something with any specific gender identity; everyone put on eyeliner and powder and lipstick! The same goes for clothing; everyone wore ruffled shirts, velvet leggings, long skirts (yes, even the boys), long vests, frock coats, and so on.

I understand your worries that donning these sorts of things and playing with makeup won’t help you pass, but … don’t worry so much about it? I know, easier said than done. but realize that no matter what, what people think doesn’t change who you are.

Okay peeps, do any of you have Helpful Suggestions for this anon?

Sons of a Thunder Storm Teaser

“No, you can’t just take land.” You groaned and sighed. Ubbe moved forward and patted your arm.

“Do not worry little one we will get you that hut for you.” He pointed at your neighbor’s house and you could see her on the patio or her garden.

“No, no… if you want that house you would have to wait for her to sell it and then hope that you put in the best bid for it.” You explained, taking a deep breath as you turned away from Sigurd who hopped out and walked over to his clothes.

“But we could just go and take the house for you?” Sigurd asked and you had to roll your eyes.

“Remind me to explain what getting arrested means.” You muttered. When Ubbe got out as well you turned to avoid looking at them as they got dressed. Your elderly neighbour was stood with binoculars, mouth hung open, staring at them both. “Let’s go before she comes to ask questions!” You said shooing Sigurd and Ubbe back towards the house.

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Calling Bim on his way home and you can hear in his voice how long of a day its been for him, so you put on a kettle to make tea and start collecting movies and setting them on the table with the mugs. Getting blankets and setting out comfy clothes for him and changing into pajamas yourself. Meeting him at the door with gentle kisses all over his face and slowly pulling him to get changed and sit down with you. Letting him lay on your lap and stroking through his hair with a movie playing.

Also massaging his shoulders and his back because he’s so tense and making sure he gets a good meal in him because he tends to not eat while he works

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Fionn Chat!!! Stealing his clothes and him only noticing when he goes over to yours and finds his jumper.

“I put your charger in the drawer…second one” you mumbled as you finished your eyeshadow.

He nodded and walked over. He pulled the drawer open and found his charger…and a sweatshirt of his.

“Is this mine?” he asked. “And this…and these….and this…when did you take these?” he laughed.

“I love them, don’t take them. Come on” you whined.

“I wasn’t going to…I just wondered where all my clothing has gone” he laughed.

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Can I ask for hcs about what a poly relationship with Peggy, Hercules, and Laffeyette would be like? With a smol reader who is like... Just a little bit shorter than Peggy?

Awww, I’ve heard of this before!!!! And of course you can!

  • Obviously 
    • you’re their precious princess
    • they feel like they need to protect you from the world
      • but you insist being short does not make you susceptible to “worse things”
      • they’re still so protective of you 
        • but you make fun of their heights all the time
        • and you use them to get stuff on the top shelves

  • You can share clothes easily with Peggy 
    • the boys think it’s hot
      • you’ll go to bed with your shirt and just wake up and put Peggy’s on
        • they like it, don’t ask 
    • it’s convenient  for the two of you
      • if you go shopping you only have to buy one shirt if you both like it

  • Cuddling is the best thing ever
    • you’re all smooshed together
      • Herc can pick you and Peggy up together with ease
      • Laf likes to be between his two girls 
      • and you and Peggy are happy wherever !!
    • you and Peggy will cuddle up together while the boys are busy
      • and the boys do the same
      • but Laf usually seeks you out
        • sometimes stealing you from Peggy 
          • resulting in Laf vs. Peggy throwdown 
            • as you cuddle with Herc

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Headcannons of fem s/o with Gabriel reyes and jack Morrison where the s/o is pregnant? How would they be treating the s/ o during pregnancy?? Love your work

Ahh, tyvm, I’m glad you like it! Now then, here is some sweet, sugary fluff~

-When you tell him, he just of just blinks a bit. You’re pregnant? Oh, ok. That’s neat, now then where did he put his pen, he needs to fill out some papers on…
      -It’ll likely hit him a couple of hours later that you’re pregnant and he’s going to be a father… Will immediately go to find you, and the first thing he does is nuzzle into your stomach and hug you.

-As much as he loathes shopping, he’s surprisingly into shopping for baby clothing and other things. Likely because the clothes are so tiny and adorable.
      -Low key wants to build a crib but realizes half way through that thought process that he’d either not have enough time, it’d be unsafe, or both.

-If you so much as let out a peep of discomfort, Jack is forcing you to sit down on the nearest chair or sofa and demanding you tell him what you need.
      -He’ll even go out on a midnight food run despite likely having to wake up at five in the morning to get ready and do paperwork

-All in all kind of freaks out, but in the good way of “I’m going to do literally everything humanly possible to make this go well”.

-The moment the word pregnant spills from you he’s wide eyes in shock. You’re pregnant?! This isn’t exactly a good thing.
      -It’s not that he doesn’t want a family, heavens no. He’s just concerned that he either won’t have enough time to be there properly for you two, or that people could take advantage of this…

-Eventually, he’ll ease out of this, just trying to enjoy the fact that he’ll soon be a father, and you a mother. Even if deep down he’s still worried about it a bit…

-Honestly, he’s going to fawn over you… In his way at least, which consists of following you around and making sure no one bugs or annoys you in any way, shape, or form.
      -It might get a little… Creepy at times, or perhaps uncomfortable. If you let him know of this, he’ll tone it down… In his way, which is doing the same thing but from a distance.

-Basically just your Overprotective Lover/Dad™

Daddy’s Girl - 9 (Steve McGarrett/Reader Daughter)

Imagine being Steve Mcgarrett’s daughter and showing up out of the blue in his office…Steve has a hard time adjusting…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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You let out a noise of pain as your captors threw you into room. You rolled on your back holding your left arm to your chest. You looked down at it cringing at the look of it. Something was obviously wrong with it.

Finally you sat up looking around the room. You would’ve called it a hording problem, but to be polite you’d call it a storage room…

You got to your feet finding a cloth making a sling. You put a hand over your eyes trying to get yourself under control. You wiped some tears away clearing your throat as you started to look around the room. You had to find a way out of here or let someone know you were here.

You started shuffling around everything, tripping over boxes and random items like, mermaid lamps and surfboards. Finally you found something of use…stump out…You kept digging as an idea started to form. 

You just needed to find the right combination of chemicals and hopefully someone would see it.

“Steve, we’re not going to find anything here.” Danny leaned against the Camaro crossing his arms.

Steve held his side staring at the crash site, “Danny…”

“Right, okay…” Danny sighed watching him.

Steve looked at the blood on the pavement where he had been hours ago. He shut his eyes breathing out the anger he felt in his chest, “Where else can we look, Danny? The safe house was a bust…”

Steve looked over to Danny as his phone went off. Danny pushed off the car answering, “Kono, give me the word…Uh huh…okay that’s good. That’s real good…We’re not far, we will meet you there…well we probably won’t meet you…yes you’re right I am with Steve and no he will not wait, he’ll just tell me I’m his back up.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Danny…”

“I gotta go.” Danny hung up, “Chin was able to convince Haku to give up their coast line hideaway. It’s about twenty minutes from here.”

“Let’s go.” Steve moved to the driver’s side.

“No.” Danny shook his head meeting him at the door, “No…the deal was I drive.”

Steve stared at him for a moment before running to the other side, “Drive fast.”

“Like it was Grace.” Danny told him.

You had everything measured out and set up. You wrapped another piece of cloth around your face that smelled horrible. You just had to remind yourself that it wouldn’t be forever…someone was going to come…

“That’s one thing about Mcgarretts you’ll find out…we drop everything for family.”

You hoped that was true as you opened the small side window putting the bucket of stump out and charcoal by it. You began pouring in the other two chemicals as smoke started to rise from hit.

You smiled a little saying a little prayer hoping it would rise high enough, “Come and get me…”

“How does anyone go anywhere out here? It’s literally all jungle.” Steve listened to Danny complain.

His eyes kept scanning the around the area for clues to where they might have taken you. There weren’t any clear indicators of homes out here, “Danny?”

“Yeah?” Danny looked at him.

“Stop talking.” Steve told him quickly.

“Okay…sorry buddy, you know I ramble when I get nervous.” Danny waved a hand around.


“I know, I know…I’ll shut up now.” Danny glanced at him as he leaned forward.

“No…Danny…look.” He pointed up to the tree line, “Smoke.”

“Someone’s having a campfire…” Danny looked at him.

“No…it’s Y/N.” Steve looked at him, “I can feel it…She’s smart, she would think of a way to reach out like this.”

“Steve…” Danny made a face.

“Danny, she was reading theoretical chemistry when she first came here…it’s her.” Steve looked back to the smoke.

“Okay…hold on.” Danny switched to all wheel drive gunning it.

Steve called Kono and Chin letting them know that they were approaching the destination. As they rounded the corner they saw a cabin came in view smoke pouring out of one side, “Danny…”

“I see her…” Danny heard Steve’s gun cocking as they saw Haku’s men pulling you out of the houses roughly. He had to give you props, you putting up a hell of a fight.

They both ducked down as another guy came out of the cabin shooting at them, “Son of bitch!”

Steve came up sticking his arm out the window shooting. His nose flared when he saw them hit you hard across the face before throwing you in the backseat of a truck and taking off, “Danny…”

“On it!” Danny pressed on the gas almost running over the shooter taking off after the truck. 

“Stay on them, do not stop!” Steve told him reloading his gun.

“Got it…” 

Steve kept his eyes on the truck in front of him seeing your head peek up through the back window. You made eye contact with him. He could visibly see shift in your personality, “Oh no…”

“What?” Danny glanced at him, “Steve…”

“She’s…gonna pull a me…” Danny stared at him, “She’s gonna pull a McGarrett! Are you happy…just…get us closer.”

“Closer…” Danny looked at a sign as they were getting into the cliff trails, “You do know…that there are erosion warnings right now right? and us driving side by side…”

“Danny! Get me next to that truck!” Steve shouted.

Danny let out a distressed sigh as he maneuvered the car to the interior of the cliff. He could see you opening the window, “This is a bad idea.”

“Not helping…” Steve kept his eyes on you as you started to climb out of the window. He cursed as someone inside grabbed you, “Danny…”

Danny sped up as much as he could making his stomach turn. He kept glancing up at you seeing your struggle, “Steve…she’s…”

“She’s gonna get out.” He told him watching you kick making the truck swerve. You tumbled out into the back bed and moved to the back to the truck, “Danny, move in.”

“What are you doing!?” Danny watched as Steve leaned out the window, “This…this is insane…”

Steve squinted in the wind as he began to reach out for you, “Y/N! Take my hand!”

You were crouched down staring at him as the truck got balanced again. You stood up slowly looking at the road. You looked back to Steve.

He held out his hand further, “I got you! You just need to take my hand!”

You took in a deep breath nodding stepping over the gate about to reach out when shots rang out, “Ah!” 

Steve watched you grab your arm falling down back into the truck, “Y/N!”

“Steve the road!” Danny shouted slamming on the breaks as the road started to crumble along the side of them.

“No!” Steve jumped out of the car running after the truck. He watched you stand up again seeing the road giving out from the right side of the truck, “Y/N!”

You took a running jump out of the truck hitting the ground with a roll. You scrambled trying to grab onto anything to stop you from moving toward the crumbling cliff side.

Your heart jumped to your throat as you slipped over the edge. You thought for sure you were gone until you heard a cracking noise in your arm. You screamed hearing it echo.

“I got you…I got you…” Steve looked at you holding onto your arm. 

“Steve…” You whimpered tearing up staring up at him.

“Just hold on.” Steve told you glancing back toward Danny. He could see Chin pull up with a jeep behind him, “Help is on the way…can you throw your other arm up to me?”

“I’ll try…” You swung a little reaching up with your other arm.

“You gotta pull up with your other arm a little…” Steve told you reaching as far as he could just touching your finger tips, “Come on…”

“I can’t…my arm…” You made a face looking down.

“Nonono…look at me.” Steve told you, “Danny!”

“We’re coming!” Danny shouted back.

“See…Uncle Danny’s coming.” You looked at his smile, “You make the smoke?”

“Yeah…Figured…you’re a Navy SEAL…you’d get the message.” You told him actively telling yourself to keeping looking at him.

“I did…” He smiled bigger, “I did…that was smart…how’d you do it?”

“Basic compounds of a smoke bomb…potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulfur, and wood dust…most of it was easy to find…” You shut your eyes, “Steve…my arm…”

“I know…I know…” He could see how bad the bruising was, “Tell me what you used for potassium nitrate…” 

You laughed a little, “Stump out…”

“Stump out…” Steve chuckled, “Really? That’s potassium nitrate?”

“Mostly…” You looked at him again, “Had to use two bottles…”

“Smart.” Steve glanced back at Danny coming toward him with a rope around his waist.

“Stupid…This is stupid Steve!” Danny told him getting on his knees to crawl to them.

“Lecture me later Danny.” You heard him say before looking to you, “We’re going to get you out of here.”

Danny grabbed onto Steve’s legs, “We’re good!”

“Just hold on to me okay, as soon as you grab my other hand do it.” Steve told you.

“Hey Steve…” He heard Danny speak.

“Yes Danny?” Steve kept staring at you. He thought for sure he’d lost you.

“This is my favorite shirt.” Danny told him dryly as he started to get dragged back toward the cars holding onto Steve securely.

“I will buy you another one.” He muttered holding onto tightly as your started to come over the edge grabbing on to his other hand. The cliff started to give way more, “Hey hey whoa!”

They stopped moving. You were halfway up staring at Steve. You swallowed trying to wet your mouth, “Steve…You gotta let me go…”

“What! No!” He started to protest.

“Dad!” You looked at him seeing the surprise ripple over his features. You teared up smiling at him a little, “You’re too heavy…I can…get up by myself…You need to let me go.”

He stared at you for a long time before nodding, “Okay…just…wait until we’re clear…Danny…Unhook the rope.”

He waited a moment feeling Danny hand him the rope he put it in front of you, “As soon as you can put this around your waist…”

“I got it.” You nodded as he let you go slowly moving away as you clutched the shifting ground. You stared into his eyes the entire time as he moved away

“We’re clear!” Steve shouted before holding his breath. He watched you carefully pull yourself up over the edge, “Just take it slow.”

“Steve she knows…” Danny whispered.

“I know she knows, I just want to reassure her…”

“You’re not reassuring her, you’re pressuring her.” Danny looked at him.

“I’m not pressuring her, I’m trying to help…” Steve scowled.

“Yes but constantly berating her with common sense advice…”

“It’s advice, Danny…”

“Guys!” You shouted at them as you laid low to the ground afraid to move too quickly as you tied the rope around your waist, “Could we not…”

“Right…see I told you…” Danny crossed his arms.

“Shut up.” Steve huffed watching as you got closer. When you were about an arms length away the cliff started to give out, “Y/N!”

You leaped reaching out for him. He pulled you into his arms stepping back into a safer zone. He held you tightly whispering, “I got you…”

Danny smiled at Steve holding you. When you first came into their lives a couple of weeks ago he didn’t think he’d see this. He was glad to be proven wrong.

Steve was a good dad…you were just like him. He held you tightly as you buried your face into his shoulder, “Let’s get you to the hospital.”

“You too boss.” Kono pointed to his side at blood dripping through his shirt.

“Steve…” You frowned looking at it.

“Hey…” He cupped your cheek sniffing away the tears in his eyes, “I’m okay…”

“Paramedics are going to meet us at the main road.” Chin said as he hung up, “Hop in…”

Steve helped you into the back of the Jeep. Danny stood there, “Uh…so is there another way back…”

Chin looked at Danny, “Yeah…reverse.”

Danny groaned making a face, “I was afraid you were going to say that…”

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1 - Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

2 - Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic At The Disco

3 - Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

4 - Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC

5 - United Divided by Voodoo Johnson

6 - Believer by Imagine Dragons

7 - Centuries by Fall Out Boy

8 - We Are The Champions by Queen

9 - Big For Your Boots by Stormzy

10 - Daddy Lessons by Beyoncé

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Things I Wish I Knew Early On

I’m entering my junior year of college and have been creating a list of things I wish I knew earlier than now, like back in middle school or high school. Learn from me with these things, and feel free to add-on whatever you think fits!

  1. Buy Victoria’s Secret underwear and bras. The quality is way better than anything else and definitely worth the money.
  2. Go to the movies by yourself. It may seem weird at first but it really isn’t. Plus you don’t talk anyway. Treat yo self.
  3. Begin saving money early on. Save it all up. Travel with the savings.
  4. Don’t waste all your money on cheap clothes. Don’t solely shop at stores like H&M and Forever 21. Get the latest trends from there and that’s it.
  5. Spend more money for higher quality clothes. Especially for jeans. But don’t buy $200 jeans. $50-$100 is plenty.
  6. Work hard. Get a job. Even if it’s crappy. The experience (and money) is important.
  7. Study hard. Even if it sucks. I regret not trying harder in high school and am pushing myself more now in college (thus this studyblr). Learn all the things.
  8. Simple basic items for clothes look cleaner and are easier. Don’t wear tons of patterns.
  9. Buy yourself a flannel. A good, soft one too. Flannels are amazing.
  10. If someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, don’t spend time with them. It’s not worth it.
  11. Don’t keep tons of knick knacks. You don’t need them.
  12. Keep a decorative box and put small memories in them each time you do things. Ticket stubs, wrist bands, fliers. Then when it’s full, go through it and enjoy all the memories. Then, throw them out after and start over.
  13. You don’t owe anyone anything. No explanations. No apologies. (Except maybe your family). When you choose to give them those things, it will mean more because you will actually mean it and want to mend your relationship.
  14. Watch the sunset. It’s fucking beautiful.
  15. If you are not comfortable, don’t do it. Leave the situation.
  16. Learn the balance between school, work, social, and personal lives. Put equal time into all four. Even your personal life.
  17. You are your own best friend and will have your own back, so spend time with yourself. Treat yourself (but not too often) and enjoy your own company.
  18. Talk to yourself. It is good to be able to have a conversation with yourself and think things through fully.
  19. Sometimes you have to be impulsive. It takes just three seconds of spontaneity to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes this means making new friends or overcoming a fear.
  20. Life will tear you down sometimes. It is okay to cry. But just remember, when you hit rock-bottom, there’s only up from there.
Quick Tips On How To Look "Put Together" (Or At Least Try)

*This is just things I do so I look “my best” when I’m going out

  • Keep your skin and hair moisturize (is that even the right word?) and your nails trimmed 
  • Do your eyebrows and put on some lip gloss if nothing else 
  • When if comes to hair, makeup, and clothes, if one is ‘lacking’ make sure the other two are on point
  • Give yourself enough time to get ready
  • Don’t forget your earrings 
  • Keep hoodies to a minimum 
  • Create a capsule wardrobe -it’s a simple wardrobe of about 25-30 clothing items with coordinating colours that can be used to create multiple outfits
  • When hanging up clothes that have been just washed, place the hanger opposite of the rest so you don’t wear the same item again the next week unless you have to 
  • Opt for dark washed jeans instead of light washed jeans 
  • Wear flats or boots (depending on the season) instead of sneakers
  • Take care of your shoes, clothes etc so they stay in good condition. 
  • Make sure your clothes fit properly 
  • Make sure you dress to fit the occasion 
How to be a courteous hotel guest

Hello! My name is Claude and I am a Texas cosplayer who also workers as a hotel housekeeper. I haven’t been working in housekeeping for very long but I’ve seen the impact of all sorts of guest and I have to say that Anime/Comic Con attendees are honestly some of the messiest guests and it puts a lot of strain on the housekeeping staff. Did you know we are warned in advance about you guys? I even have horror stories about con guest. This job is very physically demanding and we’re under a lot of pressure to meet our room cleaning times. Below are some tips about being a more helpful and respectful guest. These are only a suggestion. Not rules. Courtesy is a choice.

1.) Before leaving don’t make the bed. We understand you mean well, but all sheets need to be washed and therefore the beds stripped. The best way to leave the bed? Place all the sheets on top of the bed and remove the pillowcases from the pillows. You can leave them bunched up, that’s fine.

2.) Place all your trash into trash bags, tie it up, and leave the trash next to the door before leaving.That way we can just toss it in the trash cart and move on. Leave anything that we can vacuum. You can also leave the dirty towels next to the door before leaving.

3.) Please check all the drawers, cabinets, and closets to make sure you have all your things. Anything found will be placed into lost and found for 90 days. If you’ve left something, just call the hotel and tell them what you’ve lost and in what room.

4.) If you place a DND sign on your door we CANNOT ENTER at all. We mark it down and move on. If you later remove it and decide that you want service call the front desk and let them know because housekeeping usually end up leaving anywhere from 3pm-5pm.

5.) When housekeeping refreshes your room we make the bed, refill amenities, place fresh towels, take out trash, and do a quick wipedown. Don’t want your bed made? Need extra amenities? Need extra trash bags? Etc? Let us know! We leave notepads and pens in every room and you can write down any instructions for us. Ex: “No need to make the bed, just fresh towels and extra shampoos please.” “Extra trash bags and bath towels please, no more shampoos please.”

6.) Housekeeping cannot make the beds when you have personal belongings on the bed. Simple things like clothes and towels we move while making the bed then put back but anything else we DO NOT TOUCH. Laptops, jewels, suitcases, etc. Please keep this in mind if you want your bed made.

7.) Please do not leave your hair curlers and straighteners plugged in the bathroom. Guest always leave them connected usually next to the sink with water all over and it’s a safety hazard. Housekeeping will usually unplug them but I, personally, fear that maybe one day we won’t reach the room in time.

8.) If a hotel is Pet friendly, you still have to let the hotel know that you are bringing a furry friend along. We need to know what rooms need the pet treatment. What if the next guest is allergic and we weren’t notified about the previous guest?

9.) Try and bring some supplies to clean up after your pet. We’ve had guest allow their pets to pee and poop on the carpets and it not only affects the housekeeping staff but maintenance staff as well.

10.) Most hotels are non-smoking and we ask that you please respect that. We are trained to find out if a guest has been smoking and when we catch it, you get a $250 charge. Don’t risk it!! There are smoking areas that you can ask about.

11.) Have left over alcohol that you can’t take with you when you leave? You don’t have to throw it away. It’s very common for guest to leave them as a tip for housekeeping staff.

12.) Yes! You can tip housekeeping! It’s not required. But we constantly get tips and little notes to thank us for our work and we deeply appriciate it. (I actually have all my thank you notes!) How much you tip is up to you. Ive gotten anywhere from change to 25$.

13.) If you’re sick (like influenza, strep throat, cold, etc.) let the hotel staff know. That way we can notify the housekeepers to take extra precautions. (mask, gloves, etc) and provide a deeper clean. (I actually got Influenza B and ended up in the hospital from this one!)

14.) You don’t have to leave your room if housekeeping comes by to refresh it.  You can stay and tell us how to make your stay more comfortable. Plus, we appreciate the conversation.

15.) Please notify ANY of the hotel staff when you encounter a problem. (bedbugs, clogged toilet, broken lamps, etc) We are committed to make your stay as perfect as possible and can be reached at anytime for help.

16.) If you throw up or bleed (excessively)  in the room please notify us as soon as possible and we can have maintenance come clean up. Please do not leave it for us to clean until after your stay. It causes stains that won’t come out and a deeply embedded smell in the room.

17.) Things you can ask for that guest don’t usually know about (can vary by hotel. Some hotels require purchase.): cribs, extra blankets, shower caps, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons, pads, razors.

That’s about all I can think of so far. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to be a more courteous guest or anything about hotel service. I’ll be happy to help to the best of my ability. I cant wait to see you all at San Japan! :)

Any questions? 
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tumblr user @yaxawa has already been called out multiple times but since theres no comprehensive 1 off post with major receipts im posting this

nina yaxawa is 18 years old and reblogs lolicon art frequently and unapologetically. i am not saying she is a pedophile but thats extremely Not Ok to do regardless 

@ninacallout @ninaphobe

warnings for lolicon art, mild nsfw, sexualized underaged characters

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~A List of Things to Live For~

•The breeze in your hair when you roll down the window
•When the rays of sunshine pour into your room when you wake up
•Taking the laundry out of the dryer and it’s soft and warm
•Hot Cocoa in the winter
•Wearing clothes that make you happy
•Finding someone who inspires you
•Discovering new music
•Seeing a dog while taking a walk
•Not being able to put down a good book
•Going on a drive with no destination
•The smell of old bookstores
•the sound of the waves when they break
•Taking walks downtown and looking at store windows
•Having someone run their fingers through your hair
•Watching old movies
•Getting cheesecake even though it’s 3am
•When you can’t stop smiling until it hurts
•Soft blankets

Feel free to add more❤
Being college roommates with Peter Parker would include

Done with the amAZING @purelyparker  

  • When you move in you walk into the dorm and the first person you see is Aunt May
  • She’s just folding all of Peter’s clothes and making his bed (doing Mom stuff)
  • Peter’s in the corner of the room like “Aunt Mayyyyyy” cause he’s annoyed by her doing everything but secretly loves it
  • When he sees you at the door he immediately drops what he’s doing and runs over to help you with your boxes
  • But he kinda trips
  • Cause his side of the room is still all messy
  • And so your first meeting is basically just him uncomfortably tackling you
  • “ohmygoshimsosorryareyouokayhereletmehelpyouwithyourthings”
  • May starts to leave and Peter gets all e m o t i o n a l
  • But he wants to seem tough so he tries to hold in his tears
  • As soon as she leaves though he’s a goner 
  • He starts BAWLING AW BABYY
  • You don’t really know what to do cause he’s just apologizing to you the whole time
  • Once he calms down a lil bit you go and sit with him and try to make him laugh
  • It works and he stops sniffling
  • “I’m just really gonna miss her”
  • After that he’s convinced he made an awful first impression 
  • Even though you found it really touching
  • But he does everything in his power to make you like him
  • He’ll come back to the dorm with an assortment of cookies
  • “I didn’t know which kind you liked”
  • You guys eat cookies and laugh and watch some tv while you set up your beds and stuff
  • He’s still convinced you hate him though :’(
  • He sees you brought a joke book and so he flips through it and tries to memorize the funny ones to weave into conversation
  • Like he actually tells knock-knock jokes when he knocks on the door
  • “Knock, knock!”
  • “Peter you can just come in”
  • “You’re supposed to say who’s there”
  • “Who’s there?”
  • “Disc”
  • “Disc who?”
  • “Disc is a recorded message…” *snicker*
  • You laugh a lil extra to make him feel better
  • Then he starts trying to impress you with like clique guy things
  • He legit prints out the Wikipedia page for “Football” 
  • The kid studies the page
  • So when you guys actually go to your college’s football game he cheers like the entire time even though he has 0 idea what’s going on
  • But that’s okay because you buy you guys pom poms and you both just cheer together and are just really cute
  • “Wait do you actually know what’s going on”
  • “No, Peter, I don’t like sports”
  • “Oh thank GOD
  • He quits the act and you can tell he’s a lot less squeamish around you
  • Okay okay but both of you hate going to class
  • You are both always, always late but you kiss up to the professor for each other so it’s okay
  • Sometimes you guys will take turns going to class
  • Your schedules are almost identical anyway
  • Peter will take notes in class and bring them back to you to copy if he heard that you went to bed really late the night before
  • He’ll actually turn your alarms off because he knows you need your sleep
  • If you fall asleep studying he’ll put a blanket over you
  • And then a pillow under your head
  • And just do so much to make you comfy that he’ll wake you up
  • “Peter what are you -”
  • “Shhh, shh, go back to sleep”
  • He’ll take selfies with you while you sleep though
  • Like pose with you and make stupid faces and all that cute stuff
  • He’ll draw mustaches on you
  • “If I can’t grow facial hair then you should be able to”
  • And then he’ll send them to you so that when you wake up you can see him giving you bunny ears while you druel on your paper
  • You actually find out about him being Spiderman within like the first couple weeks though
  • Cause he always swings aiming for your guys’ room but might end up crashing into someone else’s
  • Why do all the rooms have to look the same??”
  • He always accidentally puts his suit in with all of your laundry though so everything always shrinks and turns pink
  • But Peter actually has no clue how to do laundry
  • “Can’t I just send May my clothes? I can send yours too, if ya want”
  • “Peter we are not sending your aunt clothes to wash
  • He tries to use detergent once but puts way too much in and everything smells like soap for like four weeks
  • He doesn’t know how to go grocery shopping either
  • He’ll like send you pictures of stuff at the store cause he doesn’t know which brand mac and cheese to get you guys don’t even need mac and cheese
  • You try to help but he just is afraid he’ll mess it up so he comes home with like 17 boxes 
  • “Peter are those all mac and cheese boxes?”
  • “There were just so many - I chose the ones that looked the yummiest”
  • He ends up trying to cook the mac and cheese in the microwave in a plastic bowl without any water and a metal spoon
  • Soooo the fire alarm goes off and the whole building has to evactuate
  • He’s so careful about showering and stuff
  • He hates communal showers
  • “What if I get… like.. foot fungus?”
  • He’s so sweet about you showering so innocent
  • “Peter can you hand me some shampoo”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Peter I need shampoo”
  • He falls over everything because he was covering his eyes and shutting them
  • “Peter are you okay? What’s taking so long?”
  • “I fell in the toilet”
  • “You wh AT?”
  • Peter loves your girly shampoo
  • He uses it like every day but never wants to fess up to it
  • You totally realize you’re going through it a lot faster though but it’s okay because it makes his hair smell so good and he knows it
  • Before he goes on a date he’ll buy like seven colognes and ask which one “gives off nice guy vibes”
  • “It’s cologne Peter, none of them do”
  • He’ll find your bras and thongs lying around sometimes and feel really bad when he does
  • Thongs confuse the hell outta him though
  • “But… where does the… where does the butt go?”
  • Peter oh my gosh
  • One day he actually just asks “what are turn ons”
  • One time you guys tried kissing but vowed never to again because you’re friends
  • On your period he is so damn clique
  • Like buys you a bunch of ice cream and stuff
  • “What size, uh, tampons do you wear?”
  • “Peter did you go to the store just to get me tampons?”
  • “…Yeah, uh, about that, what do they look like? Like I know what they look like but what does the box look like?”
  • “Peter you don’t have to get me tampons I have plenty”
  • “But… what if you run out?”
  • On Valentine’s Day you guys will just chill in the dorm and pretend to be chocolate connoisseurs 
  • “Hmm this one tastes very… chocolatey” 
  • “Peter that’s the wrapper”
  • Whenever you go on dates Peter won’t let you walk home alone
  • “Peter it’s okay I’m like five minutes away” 
  • “But it’s - it’s dangerous. I don’t want you getting hurt.”
  • Whenever he gets rejected by a girl he’ll just be super sad for the next couple of days
  • But you’ll just give him super long hugs and he’ll feel better
  • He actually loves rom coms but won’t fess up to it
  • You guys love watching shows together but can never agree on ships
  • “Peter you’re WRONG”
  • Peter being curious about your makeup so you give him a makeover once
  • “How do I look?”
  • “You look gorgeous”
  • “R-really?”
  • “No this was an awful idea”
  • Legit pillow fights ALL THE TIME
  • Sometimes you’ll be trying to work and he’ll just jump on the bed to try to distract you
  • “Peter will you stop jumping?
  • You guys will 100% have Star Wars marathons after midterms
  • Then you’ll get all geeky and make another Lego Death Star to decorate your dorm
  • Also video-chatting Aunt May whenever possible
  • Peter will leave lil inspirational and positive post-it notes around everywhere when he sees you’re stressed or sad
  • You guys just care so much about each other it’s ridiculous
  • Peter always sleeps with a bear and a night light though because honestly he’s still just a little boy
  • Sometimes he’ll have really bad nightmares and you will get up to calm him down
  • He occasionally loses his bear too, so you serve as replacement
  • He loves being the little spoon
  • He’s memorized your coffee order and will go on a coffee run to help you during all-nighters
  • Also he knows your food order for literally every restaurant around you because you guys get take out 4/7 days of the week
  • Your guys’ favorite is Thai of course
  • Cause you larb each other
  • You steal his pun shirts because they’re just too pure
  • “Have you seen my telekinesis shirt?”
  • “Which one? Thiiiiis one?”
  • But honestly you can wear it whenever cause Peter finds it endearing
  • Literally everything you do Peter finds endearing
  • And you for him
  • You guys are just the best
  • Best friends and just the. best.
Mile High Club - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Mile High Club
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: legit just pure sin on my part, i’m dragging you all to hell with me
Word Count: 1.6k
WARNING: SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUT and a bit of swearing (i’m from england, it’s what i do)
A/N: so i saw the recent pics of tom in grey sweats, as well as this old video of tom at the airport and jesus, that boy deadass knows what he’s doing to all of us so, this happened. huge creds to @boyfriendtom for helping me out on this one, i love u my angel!! also, please do watch the video because the way he whips that belt off fcks me up big time. anyways, i hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think here!!

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Byun Baekhyun//Batter Up

Originally posted by 305heaux

Summary: Byun Baekhyun is the star player of your college’s baseball team - plenty of people have a crush on him, and of course you do too. But you have one thing they don’t have: a quiet friend who can’t pick up her damn phone and a head full of air.
Scenario: baseball!au, fluff
Word Count: 4,353

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Two is better than one


Summary: Literally just a supersoldier cuddles session after sex 

Warnings: suggestive themes, swearing, cute nerdy supersoldiers 

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

  You’re entire body shook in post orgasm bliss and the thought of moving at all almost made you tremble more.

   "You okay doll?“ Two warm hands cup your cheeks, a soft Brooklyn accent penetrated the fog in your head. 

  You weakly open one eye, staring at Bucky before you. He has this soft little smile to his lips and unlike you he’s perfectly composed, the only hint that he’d just had one of the greatest threesomes of his life came in the form of small beads of sweat on his brow. 

  "Come on (Y/N),” Bucky’s thumb swipes along your clammy cheek, his smile faltering just a bit. He was always worried after the three of you had sex, after all, it wasn’t easy to take such two large men at once, so Bucky was justified in his fears.  "You gotta answer me sweetheart,“ 

  "Yeah,” Your voice is hoarse, absolutely wrecked. “I’m okay, just-” You close your eye, searching for the perfect word to describe how you felt. Good, just overwhelmed? Absolutely blissful but already sore? 

  “I know,” Bucky gently presses his lips to your sweaty forehead, drawing a small noise of contentment from you. “I know how you feel. How about you Stevie? You okay back there?” Steve’s slightly sweaty forehead pressed against your shoulder, his warm chest pressed to your back, his soft lips just barely grazing your skin as he breathes in deeper than usual. 

  “I’m good,” Steve smiles gently, his lips curling upwards in that smile both you and Bucky loved so much. 

  “Good. That’s good,” Bucky gently slides his hands from your face down to your arm, his fingers gently tracing along your flesh. “We should probably shower, change the sheets-" 

  "No,” You whine, a broken noise from the bottom of your throat. “Bucky I’m too tired,” Bucky hums contemplatively as he looks at you, giving you the impression that he was thinking about what you said but before you could realize he was faking it he had already whisked you up in your arms, laughing softly when you squealed in surprise.

   "Come on Stevie,“ Bucky offered his hand out to Steve, which he gladly took. Bucky then proceeded to guide both of you to the bathroom, the now much larger bathroom to met your every need; (Tony was sick of hearing the three of you whine constantly about how small your quarters were "Well you see, this tub wasn’t made for three people, much less to behemoths of men) A much larger tub and shower, bigger vanity, plenty of room for three people to share comfortably.

   Steve turns the water on, letting it warm up before he deems it worthy. Wordlessly Bucky slides into the shower with you still wrapped around him like a sloth.

   "You have to put your legs down (Y/N),” Bucky chuckles, his free hand now running up and down your spine soothingly. 

  “I don’t think I can move them…" 

  "Tire you that much, huh?” Steve chuckles as he joins too, his chest pressed against your back, his hands sliding down to your claves to gently unhook them from Bucky’s legs. “Sounds like you’re losing your touch," 

  "I am not,” You tilt your head backwards to glare at him. “You two are just fucking horny dogs who can go at it for hours,” Both men chuckle as they reach for something; Bucky the soap and Steve the hair products. Simultaneously both boys begin to pamper you, with Bucky covering your entire body in soap, his lips gently pressed to yours, and Steve rubbing the shampoo into your hair, his own lips pressed to your neck.

   The two keep at the whole pamper thing for quite some time, so long that the water began to run cold and even Bucky’s fingers were starting to shrivel up. 

  “I’ll go change the sheets, you two put some clothes on,” Bucky gives both of you a kiss before he hops out of the shower, grabbing a towel before exiting the steaming bathroom. 

  Steve smiles as you turn in his embrace, your legs wobbling as you face him. Wordlessly he picks you up, his muscles giving no strain at having to loft an actual human being. After successfully getting you out of the shower and onto the bathroom counter he grabs the remaining towels, wrapping one around his own waist and the other around your body. 

  “We’re so lucky,”  Steve whispers as he brushes some water sopped hair away from your face. “You’re so beautiful, so sweet, so perfect," 

  Steve was most definitely the sentimental one of the three of you, the one to constantly validate you and Bucky, to constantly go on rants about how lucky he was, It was always sweet.  

  "You’re pretty damn good yourself Steve,” You smile as you reach out, raking your nails through hair hair, delighting in the purrs of pleasure you were able to pull from his lips. “You’re so perfect for us, wouldn’t want anyone else, just you Stevie,” Steve smiles shyly, the praise sinking below his skin, making him blush like some schoolgirl. 

  “I thought I told you two nerds to get dressed,” Bucky pokes his head in the bathroom, smiling at the sight that greeted him, his two lovers touching each other tenderly, smiling at each other sweetly.

   "Sorry Buck,“ Steve chuckles as he grabs the clothes Bucky had laid out. "We’ll get right to that,”

   "Good. bed’s almost ready anyways,“ And with that Bucky leaves you two again, his footstep retreating back into your bedroom.

  Steve smiles as he let’s your towel fall to the floor, leaving your body bare before him, only now the sight of you naked wasn’t sexual, it was something else entirely. Even when Steve began to slide your underwear up your legs, his lips glued to your still trembling thighs as he assisted you in dressing, it wasn’t sexua, now it was more affectionate, more intimate. 

  Steve slides a large shirt over your small body, one of his that you and Bucky often borrowed. It smelled like Steve and Bucky, like safety and home, like detergent and Bucky’s shampoo, it smelled like Steve’s cologne and now it smelled like the lavender soap the boys had coated your body with. 

  You hum softly as Steve kisses your lips gently, his hands sliding down your waist as he let’s the shirt fall around your body, the material bunching around his wrists. He tasted like you and Bucky with just a hint of some kind of fruit. 

  "Get your clothes on you nerd,” You mumble against his lips, smiling when he more than reluctantly pulled back. 

  The man’s “clothes” consisted of a pair of boxers, as did Bucky’s but you didn’t mind in the slightest. The constant skin contact, the all around legs wrapped around yours, one chest pressed to yours, another pressed to your back, was simply heavenly. 

  “You need to drink something,” Steve adds as he eyes you, all the while worming the skintight boxers up his legs. “Your voice sounds wrecked,”

   "I feel wrecked,“ You chuckle gently just as your legs give another tremble; what perfect timing. "But in the best kind of way,” You add, noting the concern that immediately overtook Steve’s features at your words.

  “We could have been softer…" 

  "No Stevie,” You cup his cheeks, letting your thumbs caress his stubbled skin. “It was perfect, I promise you,” Steve hums as he leans into your touch, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist. The small touch of affection had your heart skipping a beat, your lips curling upwards in a smile, your stomach blooming with a warm pleasant feeling.

  “As much as I love to look at you two,” Bucky interjects the sweet moment yet again, smiling at the two of you so lovingly it almost hurt. “The bed’s ready and I’m fucking beat,” Steve nods and he wordlessly picks you up, his arms comforting around you. One arm wraps around you securely, keeping you locked against his chest, while the other reached for Bucky’s hand, tugging him into the mass of warm bodies. 

  You hum sleepily, softly, as you nuzzle against Steve’s neck, breathing his scent in deeply. Warmth, safety, protection, love. 

  “I’m gonna set you down doll, so you’ve got let me go,” You nod as you slip your arms away from Steve’s neck, letting him gently place you down onto the fresh, clean sheets. 

   You hum once again as you nuzzle into the pillows, awaiting your two best boys to join you in bed. You didn’t have to wait long before Bucky was burrowing into you from the front and Steve nuzzling in from the back; Their warmth mingled with yours and suddenly everything felt okay. You felt like a three piece puzzle and now that all of you were interlocked so intimately the puzzle was complete.

   "You sure you’re okay (Y/N)?“ Bucky asks softly, his fingers dancing up your arm, stopping to tuck a strand of slowly drying hair behind your ear.  

  "I’m sure,” You nod, beaming up at him the best you can. 

  “Good.” Bucky states once again, his smile nearly infectious as he looked at you. “Now get some sleep Любовь моя, you need it,” You hum sleepily, appreciatively as Bucky kisses your forehead, his lips lingering for quite some time before he pulled back. “You too Stevie,” Bucky reaches over you, ruffling Steve’s hair affectionately. 

  “I was half asleep when you so rudely woke me up,” Steve cracks an eye open to glare at Bucky, his look playful but still less than thrilled. “Looks like I wore you both out,” Bucky smirks teasingly even if his eyes were dropping with sleep themselves. “Maybe you two are losing your touch,”

  “I am not,” Steve states indignantly, a sort of frown to his features. 

   "Hmm,we’ll just have to test that tomorrow morning then,“ Even though the three of you were so completely and utterly worn out the thought of yet another pleasure filled morning had your core aching to be filled and it may have been your imagination but you could have sworn Steve’s hip gave a little jerk against yours. 

  "But for now,” Bucky smiles softly, all mischievousness melting away immediately. “You two need sleep,”

   "So do you,“ You yawn, your eyes slipping closed and staying closed as you do.

   "I will,” Bucky whispers, his metal hand tracing circles into your shoulder, slowly soothing you into a deep sleep. “I will doll,” But you were far too gone to respond, your exhaustion taking over.

   "Love you Buck,“ You whisper, the only words you could manage at the time. "You too Stevie, love you two so much,” Both boys smile, sharing a sweet look with each other before allowing their own eyes to close, letting their own fatigue take over.

  “Love you (Y/N)," 

anonymous asked:

Tips on good meditation?

🌱 stretch first or do yoga

🌱 remove uncomfortable clothing and jewelry

🌱 put your electronic devices on silent out of reach

🌱 create a meditation space, somewhere relaxing and beautiful

🌱 focus on your posture

🌱 sit or lie in a comfortable position

🌱 become aware of your surroundings

🌱 live in the present, don’t lose yourself in thinking of the past or the future

🌱 become mindful of any discomfort you feel during meditation, try your best to ignore it or fix it with the least amount of movement possible

🌱 focus on breathing deeply and comfortably

🌱 become aware of each piece of your body, the flow of your being as part of the universe

🌱 slowly relax every part of your body separately from the toes up

🌱 try to do just a 5 minute meditation starting out

🌱 try to meditate in silence or using only nature sounds

🌱 close your eyes or at least allow your gaze to soften

🌱 focus on your inner self, explore your own mind

🌱 if you find yourself falling asleep during meditation, it is probably best to just sleep and try mediating once you are rested

🌱 dismiss any negative, angry thoughts by distancing yourself from them

🌱 allow your emotions to become placid

🌱 allow your mind to wander, but steer it away from negative thoughts towards happy ones

🌱 you can repeat a mantra in your head if you do not wish to allow your mind to wander

🌱 find happiness when you meditate

🌱 don’t try too hard, meditation should be relaxing

🌱 get up slowly after meditation, take your time to come back