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Something I’ve never noticed before.

Watch the little grimace Bucky makes after he says, “But I knew him.” 

And then watch his expression after he says, “My name is Bucky.” 

It’s harder to see in the CACW scene because he’s looking down, but it’s the same expression.

In the bank vault, he has a question… he knew that man on the bridge. He heard the name Bucky and he felt reality as he knew it shift and he’s still trying to lock onto fleeting images in his mind, images he doesn’t know are actual memories. He only knows he wants an answer and is willing to endure pain from a beating to get it. That’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

And with Zemo, Bucky knows a lot more about who he is and what he chooses to call himself, and it’s not James, at least not as this little pissant of a psychiatrist is using it. Again, that’s Bucky, quietly, stubbornly, adamantly refusing to be denied.

Seb knows this character, down to the smallest detail. 

Finished Watching 'Voltron'? The EPs Answer Our Burning Questions about Season 2
SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this until you’ve finished all of Voltron: Legendary Defenders season 2 lest the Galran empire sense and come after you. Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2 …

This (very spoilery) interview with Lauren and Joaquim talks about what happened in season 2, especially regarding that killer finale.

When Robbie was approached for the coveted role of Harley Quinn, she asked the usual questions one would want answered before signing on to what would probably amount to a decade of booty shorts and green screens. Questions like “Is there a script? Or other actors attached? Is there even a director for this goddamn thing?” Only one of those received a yes – David Ayer was set to direct. For Robbie, that was good enough. She signed on to play the character comic book lovers have been dying to see for decades without knowing what she was gonna say, do, or look like for the entire movie.

Harley’s bosom buddy Deadshot required an equal amount of non-preparation. Smith admitted that he didn’t truly know anything about his character even during filming, because the script was such a guarded secret. Ayer would simply send bits and pieces to the actor in question on a need-to-know basis in an attempt to reveal as little information about the plot as humanly possible. Nobody on set had any clue what their character’s purpose or motivations were. According to Robbie, “We don’t know what our characters’ relationship is really gonna be [because] it’s ever-changing. We’re not being secretive, we just actually don’t know.”

6 Actors Who Had No Clue What Movie They Were Making

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would you say psychology is a science or not?

It’s a loaded question which in the end often just comes down to semantics.

A point which is often overlooked in these debates is that regardless of whether psychology is a science or not it is still an important body of knowledge. I’ve noticed people seem to regard it as less respectable if it isn’t a science and that’s just not true.Perhaps it is a ‘soft science’ or a ‘social science’ but that doesn’t make it inferior to physics, chemistry, maths etc.

The contributions of psychologists have significantly shaped the world to be a better place in the same way other scientists do too.

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I am fascinated with how many times Cait answered Sam's questions or prompted answers from him. "New projects? Oh yeah, Sam's got one!" "SA? Sam was robbed there." "Tell them what you did on NYE, Sam." "Sam's favourite prop is his sword." ...If this was Jeopardy she would have taken Sam Heughan for 1000. We talk about Sam peeing a ring around Cait but she marked her own territory last night.

Oh anon, I think we’d all take Sam Heughan for 1000! But YES, you’re right Cait did seem to answer a lot of Sam’s questions. They definitely prompt each other and help out like any partners would. And Sam has been known to answer a number of Cait’s questions too. 

Girl Meets Goodbye

- Still not over the fact they snuck in a ‘daddy’ joke last episode

- “What? But you’re too far away right now!” R I L E Y

- Smackle trying to distract Cory with questions

- Maya and Farkle’s little moment was so cute omg

- Poor Carrie Ableson what a champ


- “How is the wife taking this?” “It’s AVA, it could go either way!”

- “My mom said she doesn’t care if I move to England with you!” “Really-” “Don’t answer. I’m afraid of her answer.” 😂😂

- I had heart palpitations when everyone was on screen together you don’ t even know

- E r i c  a n d  F e e n y

- Why was Eric forcing himself not to talk to Feeny how is there possibly beef between those two why is this series ending without giving me the answers

- They cut Minkus and Harley’s lines rip 😂😂

- The two Morgan’s thing was a bit weird and unnecessary but the fact that only Eric and Auggie called it out made me crack up lmao

- “You know, I always regretted I never adopted Shawn!” Turner babe you had the adoption papers for like 3 months and didn’t contemplate signing them until Chet showed back up like I’m sorry but I’m still salty @ you

- M A Y A  H U N T E R

- Turner was so excited Shawn and Katy got married then where the fukc was he at the wedding I’m MAD

- I love how Amy’s only argument against England was “You are not taking my grandbabies away from me you monsters” lmao

- Feeny’s voice sounded a little weird did Bill have a cold or something??? I spend at least 10 percent of my day worrying about him tbh

- But I loved the much-missed Feeny advice



- “Are you gonna surprise us with genius advice out of your idiot mouth or what?” “Yes, actually, thank you-”

- “Find your quiet place. Mine is under the ocean.”

- Listen like I adore all forms of Topanga with all my heart, but when Eric yelled “don’t take my spot!”, the joking look she gave him was the first time in three seasons that I really, truly, felt like I was looking at the Topanga from Boy Meets World that I grew up with okay. It was a wonderful feeling don’t take her away from me


- “I’ll love you wherever you are” “Thanks Farkle, but maybe you shouldn’t say that in front of your girlfriend?”

- Smackle: *gives a whole mini speech about how feelings and science are two different things*. Smackle: *thinks Riley is not a romantic threat bc she doesn’t know nuclear theory* okay hun I love you to death buuuuuut

- Maya thinks the universe sent Josh to replace Riley…is that a Disney way of having Maya confirm she has romantic feelings for Riley or

- The Riley/Lucas breakup was very sweet and well handled I’m glad.

- Like??? Lucas actually showed emotion towards it. That’s more than we’ve seen toward his entire relationship with the girl omfg

- Also okay not to start shit but the orange roses in direct view during the entire breakup 👀 👀 👀

- Did I tear up at Auggie and Ava’s Bay Window scene??? Absofuckinglutely

- “I’ll always be Mrs. Auggie Doggie Matthews, wherever you are!” “And I’ll always be Mr. ~Avvvva MoooorganSTERN~” my h e a r t

- Don’t even talk to me about Riley and Maya crying in the Bay Window just don’t even bring it up

- Why did Topanga have to drag out telling them whether or not she took the job like I get it!! Suspense for the writing!!! But her kids are literally sitting there sobbing have a heart woman omfg

- “This is my special place. And I don’t want to leave it!” We’ve only actually seen you in the bakery like a handful of times but okay I’ll take what I can get

- Deadass for a second thought Riley and Maya were gonna kiss when Topy said they were staying lmao


- The flashback to the BMW finale with Cory and Baby Josh kill me


- Thunder and Lightning my heart </3


- Someone save this stupid show so these losers can keep messing with my feelings PLEASE

-U G H

i’m dyin after season 2 squirtle

Honestly tho, season 2 as a whole was sO SO GOOD, like:

  • we’ve got all the drama
  • lotS OF things were happening, like whoa it was very intense
  • Galra resistance!!
  • mate, it was all so insane
  • good good
  • It was??? sO GOOOD???

But also, like:

  • not many Klance moments??
  • it might be just me but I feel like everyone has been mean to each other most of the time (but ya know, like, they’re living in big stress so that might be it)
  • not much of Lance and Hunk’s development
  • I have sO MANY MORE QUESTIOns left without answers dvvdbhs
  • I feel so empty cuz it all seemed to fast and so many things happened but also so many things didn’t happen and I have to wait, like, a year for season 3 now
  • what am I supposed to do w/ my life now
  • pls help
  • emptyness and dark matter inside of me……I feel ‘em…
  • now we’re all emo like Keith
  • there’s no help
  • no rescue
  • there’s only emo now
  • honestly tho when’s season 3 airing I want it now
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I’m actually imagining you walking up to a class of shocked kid students and saying “alabama” to them and all of them just repeating it back like an echo chamber

This is my new favourite thing oh my goodness.

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Do you have any references or places to link me for futuristic or cyberpunk African styles?

I normally don’t have answers to questions this specific, but this time I actually do! 

This post features some stunning fashion/costume design that varies between cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic, and this post is focused on hair, but it also has some amazing outfits and makeup in addition to the hair. Doing some more research into these artists would probably be a great starting point for what you’re looking for!

Of course, you can always check out the cyberpunk and futuristic tags for more general inspiration.

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If you were to write a movie what would you write it about?

Ah I love this ask! I’m so delighted that you sent this to me, especially because I’ve been thinking about this lately!! Bless you!

Particularly speaking my answer is always changing. But generally it’s always the same. I want to write a romantic comedy. And by that I don’t just mean a perfect chick-flick with all the cliches and trademarks of that (though YES) but also, like, Comedy with a capital C. Comedy as opposed to Tragedy or Epic etc. Comedy like Shakespeare or Jane Austen. I am obviously not in any way placing myself on their level, just saying that’s the genre, the mode of literature I love the most and most want to write and feel most equipped to write and think is super important and beautiful!! 

A friend of mine likes to classify people’s personality types by deciding what kind of literature they’d be. Not as in how their life plays out but as in as a person are you most Comedy or Tragedy or Epic or Lyric. Comedy’s my type. I can definitely appreciate tragedy and epic but, deep down, I’m comedy all the way down to my bones. 

I love love and I love people and I love redemption and grace and forgiveness and renewal and hope and comedy is about all of those things. So I would want to write a movie with conflicts and misunderstandings and mistakes and social awkwardness and real problems and general human weaknesses but one with a real and beautiful and earned happy ending. The goal (who knows if I could pull it off) is to write a movie that deals with human nature in general and romantic love in particular, that people can fall in love with and that sets their soul on fire in a beautiful way. I’d want my movie to make people realize that tragedies or sad endings do not necessarily make better art than happy endings, that comedy is as important and as deep as any tragedy or heart-felt drama. BUT WHO KNOWS AM I GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF HERE YES PROBABLY.

 I’ve always wanted to see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in a proper, witty, and beautiful romantic comedy. (Maybe Christmas themed? Just to skyrocket the charm? Maybe?) Romantic comedies are my favorite genre of movies and 98% of them are terrible which is why I want so badly for there to be better ones. It can be done! The important thing to remember is that you need a cohesive plot (doesn’t need to be complicated but needs to be there) that your couple can fall in love around. Your characters’ actions need to drive the story; there has to be conversations and jokes and a real friendship established at the same time that the couple falls in love so that the romance is built around that. It has to be about the joy and delight that each feel in the other’s company and not just in a sunlit montage. No sex scenes ever. EVER. EVER EVER EVER. No excuses, no ifs-ands-or-buts. They have no place in a romantic comedy and are the undoing of many. 

Now I’m just listing the traits I want my romantic comedy to have but I still haven’t really answered your question as to what it’s about. Though I guess the point is that if it has everything else right it can be about anything, bookstores or baseball or dressmaking etc. Basically I want Mindy Kaling to write my romantic comedy for me? 

This is very rambling and I’ve been working on writing it for a little bit so I think I’m going to stop now and just post this. I hope you like this answer and thank you again for asking!

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did we end up finding out what the deal was w the boyfriend cactus problem because?? ??? ??

the thing from that one radioshow? that question from phil was random as heck but earlier on in the show dan had been drawing a cactus on the whiteboard instead of watching phil (who was like dancing and being silly) so that’s literally the only explanation for him asking “what would you do if a boyfriend was paying more attention to a cactus than you”

A Mass Effect OC ask meme!

I really enjoyed the Dragon Age Item asks that were going around a while ago, so I decided to make a version for Mass Effect. Since it’s impromptu OC day today, I figured it’s a good time to post these. Send me an item and a character and I’ll answer the question(s)! And of course feel free to reblog it so people can ask you stuff too!

Medigel - How does the character react when someone asks them for help? How do they feel about asking other people for help?

Omnigel - What strategies do they prefer to use when trying to solve problems?

Omniblade - How temperamental are they? Do they show their anger or keep it hidden? What’s the fastest way to provoke them?  

Ultralight materials - What’s a burden they carry that they wish was lighter?

Serrice Ice Brandy - What, if anything, is a memory that the character looks back on fondly?  

N7 chestplate - How difficult is it for someone to become close to your character? What (if anything) would someone have to do to earn your character’s trust and respect?

N7 helmet - Why did the character choose their current career (and class)? Do they believe it’s the right occupation for them?

Thermal scope - How does the character go about reading people? Do they take people’s words and actions at face value, or do they tend to dig for other motives?

Prothean relic - How does the character feel towards other species? Do they believe that their own species is exceptional in some way?

Dogtags - How do they want to be remembered?

日:「なんで」だの「どうして」だの(”nande” da no “doushite” da no)
お前(まえ)のみみっちい質問(しつもん)にいちいち答(こた)える義務(ぎむ)はない(omae no mimi cchii shitsumon ni ichi ichi kotaeru gimu wa nai)
P:É ”O que?”, é “Por quê?”
Eu não tenho obrigação nenhuma de ficar no pé do seu ouvido respondendo a cada uma das suas perguntas.
E:It’s “What?”, it’s “why?”
I have no obligation of keep right by your ears answering every single question you ask.


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1. Why do you have this blog? What is the purpose of this blog?

I think these questions are related so I’m just giving one answer: Seriously, I don’t even know anymore, or do I? I discovered Tumblr while searching the internet for poetry. I found poetry alright, good and bad. More bad than good and figured my crap wasn’t any worse. I hadn’t written in a while and just uploaded all my old stuff. I just wanted to consolidate it all in one place for easy access. Free cloud storage that can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection! Woot! Finding other poets and reading their poetry also inspired me to start writing again. For some reason I seem to write a lot more when I’m angry and in the past a lot of crap that I saw on my dash from other “poets” pissed me off. I have since become more selective of who I follow and am consequently less prone to raging and less prolific.

This blog, originally, was just going to be one of those cool-as-fuck, pretentious, & holier-than-thou blogs that just posted their own original poetry and not one of those stupid blogs that posted replies to asks or anons, responses to stupid tag posts, selfies, cat gifs, and porn. But I met some cool people and started interacting with them. Some didn’t turn out to be so cool, the pretentious fucks.  So the damage was done. Poetry blog to Monkey blog in the span of about 3 months. I’ve been flinging poetry AND poop (shit posting) ever since. I did discover that I enjoyed the poetry of people that share more of themselves here, their personality, character, or whatever. Knowing the people behind the words gave their work more meaning, more depth, and made it easier to access (because you could more easily read it from their perspective or I could just be talking out of my ass). Then you have the people who write well but are assholes. I try not to follow those deltoids.

Having been disappointed by the fact that love poems don’t seem to go out of style and by the ever increasing annoyance of Tumblr ads I would have probably abandoned Tumblr altogether already were it not for the people I’ve met. A lot of them have left but there are still a handful here that are worth staying for. I probably would also stop writing if I left Tumblr. As annoying as Tumblr has become, it still pushes me to write (for reasons)… for better or for worse. I am unhappy with 90% of what I write but I keep at it for that 10%. 

So long answer short: poetry.

2. What is your opinion of therapy and poetry/writing as a therapeutic tool?

Whatever tickles your pickle, bro. Diet and exercise would probably be more effective in addition to taking one’s anti-psychotics. Writing can be an outlet and escape but I think it can also have the opposite effect and just make you spiral deeper into madness. Dude, manifestos don’t just write themselves.


3. What kind of poetry do you like?

Anything but love poems. I don’t mind a well written (rare) one occasionally but OMFG there’s more to life than falling in love and there are worse things in life than a broken heart. Perhaps you disagree, in which case we can just agree to both agree that you’re a delusional space clown from Saturn’s left testicle.

My tastes have evolved, just like my writing. Evolution doesn’t necessarily equate to getting better at writing just to getting better at surviving writing. These days I tend to gravitate towards free-form poetry of an existential nature because I’m deep and pretentious like that.


4. What do you think is the purpose of poetry?

Everyone has their own purpose for their poetry. Mine would be truth. One has to become familiar with the truth in order to spout lies effectively and eloquently. I do it for the process and not the product. Self-discovery and all that bullshit.

Historically poetry was created as a means to help ugly people get laid.

5. What subject matter would you like to see covered by poetry?

Anything but love.

6. What is the purpose of Tumblr?

You’ll have to ask Tumblr. I believe Tumblr was originally conceived to be a free porn site. I think it still is…  just with more ads.


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I have a question :) How do you figure Eurus was able to manage everything going on at Musgrave while simultaneously having a breakdown?

When Sherlock wakes up at Musgrave, we hear only the little girl responding to him. Eurus (adult version) remains silent, not explaining where he is or what part of the game happens next. During this conversation with the girl, Sherlock asks questions and the little girl directly responds to them, meaning that this is not a recording and that Eurus is still aware at least of what is happening. This is a bit different from other conversations Sherlock had with the little girl, where she often evaded his direct questions or ignored them entirely. (She does answer some questions, but often simply plays the role of the scared little girl.) 

We don’t hear from Eurus until Sherlock knocks down the wall to his room. It happens almost immediately, like a triggered recording. In fact, the following exchange goes like this:

Eurus: “Me and Jim Moriarty got along like a house on fire, which reminded me of home.” 

Sherlock: “Yes, just an old building. I don’t care. The plane. Tell me about the plane. NOW!”

Eurus: “Sweet Jim, he was never very interested in being alive, especially if he could make more trouble being dead.”

Sherlock: “Yep, still not interested. The plane!”

Eurus: “You knew he’d take his revenge. Apparently, it’s me.”

Sherlock: “Eurus, let me speak to the little girl on the plane and I will play any little game you like.” (Sherlock enters the home)

Eurus: “First, find Redbeard.” (The TV comes on, revealing Eurus.)

Notice how the conversation with Eurus doesn’t actually require any of Sherlock’s input? She doesn’t directly respond to anything that Sherlock is saying. Instead, she walks us through a speech, much like a villain gives when the hero is tied up and can’t respond. The speech is triggered by Sherlock leaving the room. The speech ends as he enters the home, signaling that he is now in position to play the last part of the game. 

Now what about the video and all the singing? If she’s really having a mental break, she shouldn’t be able to do all of that right? You’re right. She doesn’t actually do all of that at once. Check it out. Here is a shot of the television and finally a shot of the room where Sherlock finds her: 

Do you see any cameras in there? Anything that hints that she was sitting calmly in front of a camera, watching Sherlock slowly unravel? Even the lighting in the two shots are entirely different. The first shot looks washed out, whereas the actually room looks pretty different. Eurus’s hair even looks more wild in the final scenes versus how it looks on the television. 

But she was directly responding to Sherlock on the feed, wasn’t she? Again, not really. We cut away from the speech regularly to see reactions from Sherlock and John, making it seem that she is responding to everything that is happening, but if we actually just look at what she is saying, there isn’t any need for responses from Sherlock (picking up when the TV first comes on): 

Eurus: “I’m letting the water in now. You don’t want another want of your pets to drown, do you? Sherlock Holmes, it’s time to solve the Musgrave Ritual. Your very first case and the Final Problem. Bye, bye.”

Here we cut away to John. Sherlock runs into the other room and discovers a live feed of John in the well and we can hear a recording of Eurus singing. We know it’s a recording because John can hear it and it continues throughout this entire scene, even while the little girl is screaming for help in Sherlock’s ear. 

Eurus: (picking up where she had left off) “It was a clever little puzzle, wasn’t it? So why couldn’t you work it out, Sherlock? Emotional context and heeeeere it comes.”

Again, the camera cuts away to John discovering the skull and Sherlock’s realization. But we actually don’t need any of that to get the emotional context because Eurus *tells* Sherlock, which means she wasn’t relying on John actually discovering the skull at all. 

Eurus: “Remember Daddy’s allergy? What was he allergic to? What would he never let you have, no matter all those times you begged? He never let you have a dog. What a funny little memory Sherlock.”

The camera cuts away again and shows us Sherlock starting to remember. We see Eurus with the plane toy, young Sherlock, and Redbeard the dog transforming into Victor Trevor. 

Eurus: “You were upset, so you told yourself a better story. But we never had a dog. Now it’s coming. You were inseparable. But I wanted to play, too. (singing) I am that lost. Oh who will find me? Deep, down below the old beech tree.”

Sherlock has a rapid series of realizations: remembering himself calling out to his Redbeard while playing in the fields and then him crying as a child. 

Eurus: “Deep waters, Sherlock. All your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters. I never had a best friend. I had no one. No one.” (She nods for emphasis after ‘no one,’ which leads to Sherlock knowing exactly what to do.)

The speech is interspersed with pauses throughout, giving each of her reveals a moment to sink in for Sherlock, but ultimately it sounds like this: 

Eurus: “I’m letting the water in now. You don’t want another want of your pets to drown, do you? Sherlock Holmes, it’s time to solve the Musgrave Ritual. Your very first case and the Final Problem. Bye, bye. It was a clever little puzzle, wasn’t it? So why couldn’t you work it out, Sherlock? Emotional context and heeeeere it comes. Remember Daddy’s allergy? What was he allergic to? What would he never let you have, no matter all those times you begged? He never let you have a dog. What a funny little memory Sherlock. You were upset, so you told yourself a better story. But we never had a dog. Now it’s coming. You were inseparable. But I wanted to play, too. (singing) I am that lost. Oh who will find me? Deep, down below the old beech tree. Deep waters, Sherlock. All your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters. I never had a best friend. I had no one. No one.”

There is very little in this speech that requires any outside input at all.  After that, we only hear from John and the young version of Eurus, who again asks Sherlock for help and wants to know what he is going to do about the plane. We don’t hear from ‘adult’ Eurus again until Sherlock bursts through the door and into her room.

Much like the Moriarty “reaction gifs,” most of this can be recorded ahead of time and given that we are to believe that Eurus is smarter than both Sherlock and Mycroft, it isn’t much of a leap to assume that she knew exactly how Sherlock and John would react. (This itself is a call back to TLD and Sherlock putting the recording device into John’s cane, as well as arranging the entire meeting at John’s therapist’s house.) Eurus is a meticulous planner, as evidenced by everything we see at Sherrinford. While the recording plays, Eurus sits up in her room, trapped in her mind as the little girl, slowly realizing that even if Sherlock solves her puzzle, it may just be too late for her anyway. She’s unraveling as Sherlock runs around in the graveyard and throughout the house, trying to save both John and her.

TL;DR: Most (if not all) of what ‘adult’ Eurus says at Musgrave is recorded ahead of time. The experiment was pretty much running on a track. The only real reactions we get from her are those of her as the little girl. 

Tips to start a bujo

For @pastelbabeaesthetics❤ I wanted to answer your question, then it dissapeared from my inbox but the answer wasn’t uploaded to my blog :/

Tip #1
What do you want to use your bujo for? What are your specific goals? Mindhealth? Organized semester? Structured days and routines?

Tip #2
Gather log ideas to achieve those goals, habit-trackers, mood-logs, schedules etc.

Tip #3
Find your own style by looking at other journals and exactly pinpoint what you like, then you can adapt those elements.

Tip #4 Design a layout according to your results on the first three tips (You may need to sketch it first, cause it’s your first try)

After successfully doing all steps, creating a new page in your bujo should spark joy, be fun or relax. If this is not the case, and your bujo is just another task on your to-do-list, you may need to start over again.

Just ask me if you have anither question :) good luck on your first journal, I hope we’ll soon see some of your pages on your blog ❤

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Also... a huge give away Louis was lying is also: ''Thats a good question actually... I think...'' When a person tries to come up with a good answer this is what buys time to think about what you're gonna say.

Absolutely! Not to mention “which of the boys heard the song first?” ISN’T actually that good of a question. It was a stalling tactic for sure.