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Why do you think Paul keeps saying "No John wasn't gay.", even though Yoko says that he might have been bi. Could Paul be hiding something, what do you think?

well that definitely sounds suspicious. i have a lot of meta in my head about this subject but i don’t know how to write it down (my problem usually with things; i don’t know how to write)

i am sure that paul is hiding at least something. of course, if we’re speaking on the level of “john and paul had a relationship and paul just won’t talk about it”, then he’s definitely hiding something. i kind of find it odd (and suspicious) that paul so adamantly keeps saying that john wasn’t gay, even when yoko has actually said that john thought himself as bi. either paul lives in deep denial, or he has something to hide and he thinks denying the rumours will keep those things hidden.

so to answer your question, yes, i definitely think paul is hiding something, but just what kind of a bomb it is, we don’t know.

probably just that he’s hella gay for john

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Wait, since when Stu and Murdoc paint nails together

It is not completely confirmed. HOWEVER

We know that Murdoc paints his nails.

And we know that 2D also paints his nails.

And we know that 2D recently provided this answer to this question.

And on top of that, 2D seems to go in Murdoc’s room like, a lot this phase so I think it’s safe to assume that w/e boundaries they’ve established this time around include Murdoc being at least somewhat okay with it and may even be used to 2D wandering and asking to use his nail polish (piano, room etc). IDT they do their nails together every time, but do I think it’s within reason to do the math and assume that there probably were times they sat down and talked about what colors they wanted to use, whether there was enough of a certain color for both of them to use etc. and then just….ended up doing them together.

The Sha Ka Ree sequel I promise I probably won’t write

I can’t help myself. I keep trying to think about other things but then there it is, hanging out in my brain space like this little tempting nugget of potential plot. “Look at me,” it says. “Think about the themes you’ve introduced and new ways in which to explore them. Think about furthering character development while establishing a stronger mythology to the planet. Think about answering whatever remaining questions there may be…”

SO I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT. More below the cut because I guess they could be considered spoilers. For something I’ll probably never write. (Although what follows is a little over-detailed because I want to keep this just in case someday I do, haha)

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regarding the anon in your ask, about Henriks interview... He did not say anything about 'not gay kissing' between him and Tarjei... What he was saying, is that it was easy for him and T to just let go and go all in with their characters, because there was nothing unsaid between them. They knew where they both stood outside of filming, and therefore they didn't have to think about what they were doing on set, or if it was awkward.

They are both very young, and unexperienced actors, and I it is therefore easy to overthink what you are doing on set. They just knew that Isak and Even was not Tarjei and Henrik. So when Even and Isak was making out, it was not Tarjei and Henrik making out. He was not trying to go all #nohomo. Give the guy a break. As you said, he is not media trained, and it can be really hard to answer all these questions in the spotlight… And on top of that, things get lost in translation.

yes i know!! he meant exactly this but as you know sometimes you could choose a wrong word and people can be conflicted about a whole sentence. henrik (and as even) has one the kindness souls, so i don’t know about other people but i know that he never doesn’t mean anything bad, and also he cares about all this really much. and it just breaks my heart when he can say something and people start drag him

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How would Aizawa react if he had an s/o who likes both cats and dogs and wants them to get a dog and a cat?

~is absolutely cool with getting a cat and actually supports the idea, but the dog is a big fat no.
~why would he want a hyperactive pet that had the potential to disrupt his rest time and possibly cause excess trouble that he clearly didn’t need?
~plus there was a risk of his s/o getting too invested in the dog and showing more affection towards it than to him.
~tries to pretend he didn’t hear them asking about getting a dog and only replies to the idea of the cat, changing the subject or finding an excuse to leave when questioned by his s/o to evade answering.
~“sure, I don’t mind getting a cat.”
~“…Shouta what about a dog?”
~“……I need to complete my unfinished tasks as a responsible teacher, see you later (s/o/n).”

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What's your opinion of the Prince of Egypt movie?

i sent a pestilence a plague into your house into your bed into your streams into your streets into your drink into your bread! upon your cattle, on your sheep upon your oxen, in your field into your dreams into your sleep until you break until you yield! I - sent - the - swarm - I - sent - the - hoard - thu'saieth the looooord 

once i called you brother, once i thought the chance to make you laugh, was all i ever wanted (ISENTHEFIREFROMTHESKYISENTTHEFIRERAININGDOWN.) and even now, i wish that god had chose another, serving as your foe on his behalf, is the last thing that i wanteeeeeeeeeed (I SENT A HAIL OF BURNING ICE ON EVERY FIELD ON EVERY TOWN!) THIS was my home, all this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside, all the innocent who suffer, from your STUBBORNNESS AND PRIIIIIIIIIIDE (I SENT THE LOCUSTS ON THE WIND SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN FROM EVERY LEAF ON EVERY STALK UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT BUT GREEN!I - sent - my - scourge - I - sent - my - sword - thu'saieth the looooord you who i call brother, why must you call down another blow, is this what you wanteeeeeeeed  I - sent - my - scourge - I - sent - my - swoooooooord LET MY PEOPLE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (THUS SAITH THE LORD) THUS SAITH THE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD 

you who i called brother, how could you have come to hate me so, is this what you wanted  I - sent - the - swarm - I - sent - the - hoard - then let my heart be hardened, and never mind how high the cost may grow, this will still be so. i will never let. yoooour peeeeeeeopleeeeeee go. (THUS SAITH THE LORD) thus saith the looooooooooord i will not let. (let) your- (my people) gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer this at all, but I’ll do my best! Before I start, this is how I draw Sans, how you choose to draw him entirely depends on what feels more comfortable to you and your style. (I tried drawing Sans a bunch of different ways until I found a style that suits me.)

FIRST!! Start off with a ‘t’ shape (we all know the drill but its super important to help figure out where his face goes and how to shape his face)

After all that noise, you can shape his face around the ‘t’. It helps a lot when you’re figuring out his jaw situation.

Again! Use the lines to figure out where to add his face! (*gasp*! he’s already cute af)


Sans is all curves. (one of the reasons drawing him is so therapeutic for me)

Make him round! Add some poofy clothes! Tell him he’s pretty!

Basically my tips are don’t underestimate the ‘t’ and Sans is at his most powerful the rounder he is.


BTS Talk Writing Process, Choreography & Wale Collaboration w/ @RobertHerrera3


Steve/Tony + complementary qualities


You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.