if this is some prank this isn't funny

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Since Arthur isn't the type of person to laugh a lot, what are some things that would make England laugh?

-Most of the time Arthur likes more dry or sarcastic humor, since that’s the kind he usually uses himself. Sometimes he’ll chuckle at his own jokes and people tease him for it.  

-Surprisingly, when he’s not laughing at the previously mentioned jokes, he finds those cheesy YouTube videos of kittens doing funny things hilarious. No one knows about this, and he keeps it under wraps so his reputation isn’t ruined. 

-If anyone plays any sort of prank on Alfred or Francis that makes either of them look ridiculous, he will lose it. Especially if it was him that did it. He doesn’t usually play pranks on those two, but he does on the occasion if he’s in a sad mood and needs to brighten up.

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*hangs huge plastic spiders above the doorway* Oh boy, I SURE DO HOPE no cute dancers are nearby to record whichever unfortunate soul walks past these...

Lalala~ *walks past the door and comes directly face to face with the huge spider*

GURYAAA !! *runs away*

Huhuhuhu, see? This grown ass man is scared of spiders! *took a lot of photos*


*Some time later*

*enters his room, walks inside and suddenly comes to a stop when he sees a lot of big and this time very much real spiders on the floor*

GURYAAAAAH !!! *frozen in place*

*had followed Souda into his room* HAHAHAHA ! My vengeance is now completed ! So, how much do you regret your crime, fiend?

*still frozen* W-Were you the one who put them there? S-So you can make them go away?

Of course, I am their supreme ruler, GUNDHAM TANAKA !!

*Gundham had barely finished his sentence that Souda had already broken into a run toward him. He instantly lifted his arms by reflex, ready to battle, only to find himself being hugged tightly by the pink haired boy who was also currently burrying his face in his neck, thus avoiding to look at the spiders.*

Make them goooo ! Please !! *hugs him even more tightly*

!!! *shocked, makes some movements with his hands and all the spiders go away*

I have to apologize. I do think my vengeance was a bit too cruel. But they are gone now. You can let go of me.

*still hugging him*….

A-Are you going to stay like that for a long time? *doesn’t get any answer* You are going to be cursed…*mutters while blushing*