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Bird Squad


Requests are open? Yay! Could we get one where reader has real feathery wings and her and Sam get into a argument about whose wings are better? Meanwhile Clint is freaking out that the Bird Squad is arguing (him, y/n, and Sam) and the rest of the team gets dragged into the argument.

Sam has created a chatroom: Birds Assemble

Sam has added Y/N, Clint.

Clint: Caw caw?

You: Caw, caw caw?

Sam: Omg guys stop.

Clint: You did name the chat “Birds Assemble.”

You: You have no one else but yourself to blame.

Clint: Why are we assembling?

Sam: I need you to finally decide who has the best wings.

You: Clint doesn’t need to decide because he knows my wings are the best. RIGHT, CLINT?

Clint: Let’s not argue. You both have beautiful wings.


Sam: Majestic wings, equally majestic booty.

Clint: Did you have a photoshoot just for your wings?


Sam: Here’s Y/N, and her wings. I think this speaks for itself. Spotted next to her is Clint. Too afraid to agree with me.


You: Your wings are basically a glorified jetpack.

Sam: Excuse me, BECKY?



Clint: C'mon, man, leave Y/N alone. And Y/N, don’t you know you shouldn’t call his wings a jetpack!

You: Yeah, leave my MORE MAJESTIC WINGS ALONE. I won’t listen to HIS LIES.

Sam: Talking LIKE THIS won’t help your DENIAL about MY WINGS.

You: It’s for EMPHASIS. I have ACTUAL wings. With feathers! Not some metal contraption!

Sam: Look at how SLEEK and ELEGANT mine are. One gust of wind and all your feathers are ruffled. Not to mention you’re always dropping a few around the base.

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Shiro is actually Kaltenecker and here’s why

Okay to go more in depth with my original post on explaining why I think Shiro became Kaltenecker:

Kaltenecker was never necessary in the Space Mall episode. Sure he was chilling in the Earth store as a nod to “aliens abduct cows” or whatever, but the thing is the writers didn’t have to have the shopkeeper give the cow to Lance. In fact the only thing they needed to escape from the mall cop was the hoverboard the cow was on. So the writers could have just had the paladins take the hoverboard, but they took the cow as well. Why? Because Kaltenecker will play an important part in the following seasons.

We all know the clone Shiro theory that’s been drifting around and I totally believe that’s true. The thing I don’t agree how however, is where Black teleported Shiro. It widely accepted that Shiro got teleported to Matt but how “safe” is Matt’s location? He’s a rebel, he’s thrown into fights (as seen in the leaked clip). No the safest place to Black would be the castle ship. It has a somewhat functioning particle barrier and it’s where all the other paladins are. So maybe Black was trying to teleport Shiro into the Castle

But here is where the teleportation goes wrong. Zarkon corrupts the Black lion’s power, which causes a teleportation malfunction. As a result, Shiro does get teleported to the Castle - but now he’s inside Kaltenecker’s body. Basically, Shiro became a cow.

Why Kaltenecker? Well Shiro and Kaltenecker are really similar, which is why it was easier for the Shiro to be teleported into Kaltnecker’s body, rather than an inanimate object like a lamp or something.

  • They both have a black and white color scheme
  • Kaltenecker has a pink nose, Shiro has a pink scar on his nose. Coincidence??? I think not
  • The cow is a living vessel, unlike any other inanimate object

Jeremy Shada said it himself, Kaltenecker is coming back. But it makes no sense, why have the cow come back for no reason? For example, Coran has a bunch of Olkari cubes, but they haven’t come back this season. My point is, random little things from the show don’t come back without any reason. And Kaltenecker’s reason for coming back is because he’s actually Shiro. Kaltenecker’s main importance in season 4 will be the team trying to figure out how to remove Shiro from the cow.

Basically Shiro is possessing a cow’s body and can’t get help because no one can understand his moos.

Some more evidence

Now you may be saying “but we saw real Shiro fighting with Matt in that one leak!” And yes that’s true, but for all we know that can be clone Shiro fighting with him. You could argue that it’s real Shiro since he’s wearing the paladin armor, but Clone Shiro has his own black paladin armor too. He’s also seen wearing the armor in that Lance blushing leak. There is no evidence that says the Shiro that is fighting with Matt is the real one.

TLDR: The Black lion’s teleportation power screwed up and dumped Shiro’s consciousness into Kaltenecker so now Shiro is possessing a cow

in defense of Riza Hawkeye

hmmm, I cannot sleep knowing that there are people out there saying that Riza is manipulative because of the scene with Envy in the tunnels. I decided to dig up the raw manga scans and try to re-translate the scene with Envy in the tunnels so I can explain my case better. @endertender and @lonepiper5758, here it is!! I am busy AF, but screw real life, I need to defend the honor of my queen!

Remember that in the latter half of the Envy vs. Roy arc, Riza had been desperately trying to convince Roy to let her finish Envy instead, after seeing the colonel savagely burn the homunculus again and again like a madman. Roy refused to stop and let go of Envy (already in his weakened and reduced form) despite the fact that Riza had her gun to his head.

She pleaded and begged, but Roy would not relent. She even tried to reason out with him that what he was doing was not for the sake of the country or for the protection of his comrades/subordinates, thus reminding him of what THEY were supposed to be fighting forShe said everything she could: from the end of Chapter 94 to the start of Chapter 95.

With a pained expression [probably from the realization/possibility of an impeding betrayal by Roy through yet another case of the misuse of Flame Alchemy], Riza warned him that he cannot go down that path – the same one her father had gone to years before: towards insanity and eventual death. Roy struggled to reign in his anger, but then he remembered Hughes.

RIZA: You cannot go down that path! [lit. trans.:You cannot fall that way!]


In fact, Roy was so angry that he even dared Riza to shoot him.

 ROY: It’s OK to shoot me if you want to shoot me.

This left Riza devastated, but then Roy – for some reason or another – asked what she would do afterwards. DO NOTE that for a man who seemed to be completely lost to his anger to the point that he’s willing to be shot to death than to be stopped in his quest for vengeance, it’s rather strange for him to be asking somebody else such a question.

ROY: but what will you do after shooting me to death?

and now we have finally reached the controversial “RIZA HAWKEYE IS SUICIDAL: PART II” scene, where she supposedly manipulated Roy by threatening her own life. Viz’s English translation for Riza’s speech is actually pretty accurate, if not a tad bit more dramatic than the Japanese version:

Roy struggled with himself as he considered her response to the “what-if scenario” he himself brought up. In the end, he had decided to back off and opted to release his pent-up fury with a snap directed away from them.

He finally regained his reasoning and became aware of the situation he put himself and Riza in.

ROY: I am bothered [or troubled] by this.
JAP: それは困る

ROY: *continues* I cannot lose you [for such a reason].
JAP: 君を失う訳にはいかない

Fast forward to the end of the “what in the hell is this situation I’m in” speech from Roy, where he regretted his actions.

ROY: *to Riza* To have made you deal with this [kind of situation], I am the greatest idiot.

Afterwards, Roy guided Riza’s hand holding the gun down as he apologized and they eventually collapse to the floor in relief.

What I’m really trying to point out from all that prelude is…

It was Roy who asked Riza what she would do after he dies from her shot.

Roy created the hypothetical scenario himself, when it seemed like Riza had reached the end of the line.  Riza was not trying to manipulate him in any way. I mean, she already said everything she could: reminded him of their goals and motivations, alluded to her father’s descent into madness, appealed to his morality/sense of justice. Riza was already at a loss on how to deal with Roy: her last resort – putting the gun to his head – was not working, and no amount of convincing could go through him at the time.

It was Roy himself who gave her a chance to change his mind – a last ditch effort – before she had to decide whether he deserved to live or die. At this point, I think Roy himself wanted to be saved from the anger that consumed him, and he knew that if there was someone who could save him, it would be Riza who knew him inside and out. He knew that she would never lie to him; he trusted her that much. Hell, he entrusted her with his life! And Riza was not one to betray anyone’s trust, and definitely not Roy’s so she simply answered sincerely.

She never intended to manipulate Roy into anything with her answer, as shocking as it might have been. After seeing how Roy lost himself to something close to insanity so quickly, she probably realized once again how all-consuming and dangerous Flame Alchemy was (this is on top of her PTSD that was most likely triggered by Roy’s indiscriminate use of his flames on Envy). This could be the reason why she replied to Roy’s question the way she did. For her final attempt, she decided to give him the cold, hard truth, and if that had not worked, then she would have shot him dead as he had asked and she had promised years ago when they agreed to make Amestris a better place.

As for the suicide part of Riza’s response, I believe that @edwinrys already did a very good job of explaining Riza’s reason for wanting to end her life if she had to live without Roy. I also want to add that Roy is as guilty of the same accusation with regards to suicide because he was willing to perform the ultimate taboo – human transmutation – to save Riza even if it meant the damnation of the entire country and his own life. And in the end, the thought of suicide (or even the intention to commit suicide) is not the same as actually doing it. Riza was forced to deal with a morbid what if situation that could very well have become a reality with the way things were going back then presented to her under extreme duress. Her response to Roy’s question was merely the statement of the most likely outcome based on her state of mind at the moment, but you have to remember the circumstances could still change, which could then prompt her to choose to continue living even if Roy do die in the end (thank heavens he did not!!).

In my opinion, if some manipulation really did happen in this arc, it was from Roy’s part when he brought up this WHAT IF YOU SHOT ME DEAD business. That’s where it all began. I love Roy as well, but sometimes he could seriously be a big jerk. But in all honesty, I’d like to think that he wanted to be saved, too, so he gave Riza an opening. He finally recognized the fact that while he could not save himself on his own, there were people around him – with Riza as the first and the closest person to him – who were willing to help him and send him to the right path. A few chapters later, we see him proudly stating such realization to Bradley right before the colonel was made into the fifth sacrifice.

TL;DR: Roy dared Riza to shoot him. Then he asked her what she would do after he dies, thus creating an awful hypothetical scenario. Riza being Riza answered him truthfully in her final attempt to snap him out of his rage. She responded to his WHAT IF without any malice or the intention to manipulate Roy. One possible reason why he asked such a question is he wanted to be saved, but needed some reinforcement from the person closest to him. Hmm, who could that person be? Oh, it’s Riza Hawkeye: his adjutant and his appointed judge, jury and executioner!! Once again for emphasis: ROY ASKED FIRST, RIZA REPLIED WITH THE TRUTH.

I want to say more about the other accusations against Riza, but it’s almost midnight where I live. I am so sleepy and about to pass out so I’ll stop right here. Just know that I will defend Riza to death because she’s one of the best positive role models in the series and I cannot stand it whenever people are dissing my queen.

Okay but I think we’re not considering something here - that Sam’s method of dealing with loss is to concern himself with how Dean is dealing with the loss, and acting like he’s dealing with it fine when in fact he’s not dealing with it at all - he’s just pushing it down and dealing with the loss by proxy, which, I suppose, is easier. But from the outside it looks like Sam is dealing with it fine and Dean is dealing with it badly - when in reality Dean is dealing with it, and Sam is policing that.

The first big loss in the show that hits the two of them heavily is, of course, John’s. Sam and Dean process that loss very differently - Dean looks like the one who’s not taking it well: Dean is obviously, evidently Not Fine and he bangs up the car and talks to Gordon and goes around killing vampires and yells at Sam that he’s fine and all. What does Sam do? Police how Dean is reacting to John’s loss. The other biggest loss that hits the two of them equally is Bobby’s in season 7. Dean is evidently not fine; Sam polices how Dean is taking it.

Even in moments where Sam does not hide or repress his negative feelings - see when Dean’s death and damnation is looming - he tends to focus more on how Dean is dealing with the thing rather than his own feelings (although in that case he makes his feelings clear, but in that case the death hasn’t happened yet so it’s fear, not actual mourning).

I think people tend to take Sam’s words at face value and believe that Dean is messed up in the way he deals with emotions while Sam is collected and processing emotions calmly. So now Sam looks like he’s doing fine while Dean looks like he’s a disaster at dealing with loss. Remember the line in 7x13 - Oh, what, you’re dealing with it so perfect? Yeah, news flash, pal: you’re just as screwed up as I am!

And you know what, from the episode description of the next episode it looks like we’re going to see both of their approaches to their recent losses addressed, and I’m pretty excited about it. Because the surface ‘Dean is Bad at Emotion, Sam is Good at Emotion’ is just a very thin surface.

This is not criticism of Sam. Now, if Sam was Good at Emotion for real, that would be criticism of Sam… very boring characterization.

NaNo Prep: Pick a New Daily Word Count Goal

Write 1667 words every day and you can finish a 50k word novel in a month! 

This is the essential premise of NaNoWriMo. And I’m here to say that it is flawed. Slightly flawed. Largely great. But slightly flawed. 

NaNoWriMo gives everyone a daily writing goal of 1667 words, but this assumes you’ll be writing every single day. This is simply unrealistic for most participants. 

1667 isn’t a magical writing number. It isn’t the mysteriously perfect amount of words to write in a given day. It’s the average number of words you’ll be writing throughout the month. That’s all. And that’s not enough to make it a useful daily goal

There will almost certainly be days in November when you won’t be able to fit writing time into your schedule. Be honest with yourself: are you actually going to write on Thanksgiving? How about on busy Saturday errand days? The day before that big test? 

Instead of panicking when you miss a day, and struggling to write 3000 words the next day, start NaNo by planning a couple of days off before you ever start writing. 

Here are adjusted word count goals: 

  • 29 writing days: 1724 
  • 28 writing days: 1786 
  • 27 writing days: 1852 
  • 26 writing days: 1923 
  • 25 writing days: 2000

Consider your schedule and your needs and adjust your own daily wc goal accordingly. All of these goals are just as do-able as 1667. An extra 100-330 words may be an extra 10 to 20 minutes of writing

Even if you can’t currently foresee any necessary days off, by writing an extra 250 words per day, you can give yourself four buffer days. In a 30 day month, that can make a real difference. And in all probability, once you’ve written 1667 words, an additional 250 should be a piece of cake. 

No matter what you do, there will be days you when you write less than your daily goal and days when you write more, but factoring in a few days off can help you avoid an “oh no. I didn’t write this weekend and if I don’t write 5000 words today, I’ll be 3000 words behind and I am so royally screwed” situation.

Be smart. Make good choices. Plan for missed writing days. 

Future you will thank you. 

For more advice on how to write 2000 words a day: see my post here

Remember how I said I wrote an essay breaking down Tendou's character? Well here it is

So let’s talk about Tendou Satori. When he was first introduced, he was automatically deemed as a villain. Although, as the season commenced, bits and pieces of his back story were unveiled, revealing as to why he could be seen as malicious. Many people still portray him as such, although, he’s far from it. Tendou Satori is broken. He’s been hurt all his life up until high school. Tendou Satori is broken, but he’s brave, he’s shattered but he’s strong. Tendou Satori is arguably the most complex, enigmatic character in the whole show, and it’s about time someone cracked the enigma.

When Tendou Satori was in elementary school, presumably when he was nine or ten, he was bullied. Before the scene begins, you get a little visual of young Tendou. The audience can already infer what kind of child he was. Naturally, he’s awkward. He’s gangly, has wide eyes and a tired face, a bowl cut, and undeniably looks a little bit like a horror movie child, but you can’t help but love him, because any sensible person knows what this child is going through, if your first thoughts of him were negative. Riddle me this, how do you expect a nine year old child to react to someone more powerful than him referring to him as a monster? How do you expect a mere child to handle years of torment, years of being cast out of doing something he loves because of who he is? He breaks. This torment was the first shatter in Tendou’s heart, and by far, the largest fracture. Of course, it isn’t implied, not much is implied besides the fact that he is bullied, but we can infer that Tendou took this bullying rough. You can expect tears, and tantrums and trauma. To many, being cast out and bullied away from a sport or hobby would overall make said person hate said activity, but Tendou didn’t quite give up. It isn’t shown, but somehow, Tendou got his way into playing a match against his bullies and presumably, he won. Can you imagine Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who has been bullied for so long, finally feeling a sliver of power? He knows the pain these people have put him through. The tears, the deprecation. The nine year old boy who was learning to hate himself far before he should ever start feeling any insecurity. To finally, finally see the slightest bit of pain in the tormentor’s eyes was enough to make up for all the pain that dwelled in his. He was happy, of course, who wouldn’t be? In that moment he knew what these kids would do, only because he’s done it so many times himself. They would go home, upset. They’d drop their bookbags by the door then storm to their bedroom and cry. They’d cry out the frustration, the embarrassment, the welled up hate. For Tendou, imagining other people finally experiencing relative torment was better than any apology. This is the first turning point in Tendou’s personality, that Guess Block of his. Tendou got a feeling of pride after this, and of course, naturally, he was going to hold onto the only thing that made him feel powerful. The Guess Block. The wonderful, magnificent move that would bring him to power. Right?

As Tendou moved onto middle school, it is evident that he has been accepted, but only in the slightest. During his last year, it shows that he has styled his hair differently. Automatically, its remorseful. His demons haven’t abandoned him, and to be accepted, Tendou tried to fix the only part of him that could be easily fixed, his hair. Although, fixing his hair doesn’t bring him to acceptance. He keeps the Guess Block close to him, after five years he still uses it as his crutch, and people don’t like it. A woman, presumably his coach, yells at him for it. Tendou tries to argue that it’s helping them score points, but she disagrees. This doesn’t get Tendou down, though. The Guess Block is the only thing he takes pride in, and like hell anyone is going to take that away from him. As his coach yells at him, he smiles. To him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this block, and because of it, the coach gets frustrated, and ends practice early. The episode then cuts to a scene of Tendou walking up to a storage closet. Inside, there are two other boys, his teammates, talking behind his back. The first thing they say is a blatant attack at his looks and personality. In that moment, you can see Tendou’s mood just drop. Unlike the Guess Block, there’s absolutely nothing about his body or mind that he can take pride in. That deep crack in his heart from when he was a kid shatters just a bit more. Now it wasn’t just complete strangers, bullies who he was trying to fit in with. These were his teammates, people he was supposed to get along with, work with, play with. Now that his own teammates were calling him that same taunting name ‘Monster’, Tendou feels more betrayed than before. The teammates continue, saying things such as how he doesn’t cooperate, and how practice “always ends early when Tendou’s around.” This was a jab at his Guess Block. Although his views of it didn’t change, you can see that later on, he was starting to get a bit insecure over the thing he loves most.

When Tendou applies for the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, his nerves are evident. After the whole incident in middle school, he had began to grow a bit wary of the Guess Block, although he’s still very confident. If he wasn’t confident, he wouldn't’ have put a suit and tie on, marched down to Washijou’s office and requested to be put on the team, but he did. He did because he was confident. During the meeting with Washijou, Tendou looks sullen talking about his Guess Block. For a moment, he expects an immediate rejection, although, when he’s greeted with acceptance, he’s shocked. There was a look in his eyes that scared me. In that very moment, dressed in uncharacteristic clothes and sweaty palms, his nervous gut roiling and walls that felt like they were going to close in on him, he felt free. This has probably been the first time in Tendou’s life that he had been accepted by someone outside of his family. He was not only being accepted for his Guess Block, but him. He was being accepted for Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who couldn’t play volleyball because he looked like a monster, the fourteen year old boy who was stabbed in the back by his own teammates. He was being accepted for him. Can you imagine the wave of happiness that rushed over him? He hadn’t quit, he never gave up on this sport. Tendou Satori loves volleyball, and now, after fifteen years of never playing it with pure happiness, he finally will. Acceptance into Shiratorizawa was a giant plaster over all the wounds in his heart.

You can presume that Tendou continues his next three years of high school with happiness, although it’s evident his scars have yet to heal. Tendou is a beautiful person, he really is, despite his pent up persona of being a sadist. He wants nothing more than the happiness of other people. You can see this when he butts into Shirabu and Goshiki’s argument. He knows Shirabu is a confident, he should be, so his time praising him is limited. Goshiki, however, is somebody Tendou can read. Tendou sees himself in him, and although it’s subliminal, it speaks a lot. Tendou is fast to compliment not only Goshiki’s game technique, but his hair. Now, Goshiki has the same haircut as Tendou when he was a child, so naturally, it would tie to some bad memories. I think Tendou never really wanted to style his hair differently. If it were up to him, he would’ve kept it the same, he would’ve kept everything the same, really, but he had to change. He forced himself to change because he wanted to force his way into being accepted. Tendou doesn’t want Goshiki to end up in the same pit as he did. Tendou is going to be there to be the acceptance that Tendou never received. Other people on the team gently tease Goshiki for being so enthusiastic, but never once does Tendou put him down. If you look into Goshiki’s character he shows very positive signs when he’s being complimented, once even going as far as stating that he loves to have a fuss being made over him. Tendou never had that, so can you imagine the happiness he must feel seeing Goshiki feel proud over words he says? On this team, Tendou does feel a lot of acceptance. Him and Ushijima are good friends, amazing friends, at that, and thst can imply that Ushijima was Tendou’s first real friend. Despite the positive atmosphere Tendou is in, there’s one thing that still spikes his insecurity, his nickname. Although “Guess Monster” may seem badass, it isn’t to him. It enraged his everytime he hears it, although it isn’t shown. Its taking his rock, the Guess Block, and pairing it up with the very demise of his existence. It’s bittersweet. He likes to be recognized for the move he’s spent years perfecting, but when it’s tied to the very bane of his existence, it automatically becomes a negative term. Something inside Tendou is still very attached to that malicious child nostalgia. He becomes kind of a perfectionist. Although his Guess Block is either 0% or 120%, he always wants it to be at 120%. He feels as if it isn’t always perfect, isn’t always scoring points, he’s useless, even if it is one point. He was accepted on this team to score points, and if he can’t do that, he might as well be the awkward, nine year old boy standing on the side of the court, holding back tears while being called a monster. There are scenes in which Tendou says things that are familiar to me. I’ve been in situations like this where I try to play off my mistakes as a joke so people can look beyond them. The whole cry of, “I screwed up!” and trying to change the topic away from the move he guessed wrong are things I’ve done to mask my failures. I could tell you exactly what he’s feeling, embarrassment. It’s a cold sweat over his skin, his stomach tightens up and he hopes nobody, especially not his coach was paying attention. He wants people to forget he’s flawed, forget he can do any wrong. This cold sweat will keep breaking out until he redeems himself, until he’s back up at 120% again, and all images of deprecation subside.

After the final match with Karasuno ends, Tendou is seemingly calm, but he’s not. Tendou is a tempest, and enigma, somebody who’s built up so many walls to shelter his real emotions. He doesn’t want to be seen as vulnerable as he was back then. But he knows damn well the moment he gets home, he’ll break down into pieces. When Tendou says ‘Goodbye my paradise” this refers to many things. Firstly, it refers to the sport of volleyball itself. While stretching with Ushijima, Tendou tells the latter that he won’t be continuing volleyball after high school, and is going to leave that to Ushijima. In all honesty, the comment seems light hearted. This could be seen from the perspective that Tendou just doesn’t want to continue, that he doesn’t think he’ll be good enough for college, but that’s not it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball more than Ushijima, more than Hinata, more than Oikawa or Kageyama or anybody. To Tendou, volleyball is his entire life. The reason why Tendou has decided to drop volleyball is because he doesn’t want to dwell in that deep dark pit again. Shiratorizawa was Tendou’s safe haven, and inarguably the best three years of his life. Tendou doesn’t want to go back to vying to play volleyball or trying to be accepted all over again. He knows he won’t be as lucky with other teams as he was with Shiratorizawa. Tendou knows the moment he tries to get on other team, they’ll cast him out. Of course, he might have a title, people would definitely take him in, seeing that he was from the infamous Shiratorizawa boys volleyball team, but acceptance necessarily doesn’t mean acceptance. It would be like middle school all over again. The arguments with the coach, the hate behind his back. Tendou wants to leave volleyball with the wonderful experience he’s had at Shiratorizawa, and not another team that despises his very being. He wants to love volleyball for what he had, not what he tried to have. Volleyball at Shiratorizawa was his paradise, it was the place where he had first made friends, where he first was praised, where he first was able to play however he wanted, be whoever he wanted. “Farewell, my paradise” just shatters my heart. He’ll be going back into the real world, where people don’t accept him like people did at his school. The vacation is over for him. He’s bracing himself for the usual torments, the comments, the hate. Tendou, more than anyone, more than his pissed off coach, and sobbing Goshiki, despises this loss. That drop of the ball on his side of the court was the soft meding plaster that covered his wounds being ripped off fast and hard without warning. It stung.

Tendou Satori is an incredible character. He’s broken, beaten, bruised inside out, but until the very end, Tendou powers through it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball. He loves it through his pain, he loves it through his betrayal and begins to love it even more as his glory days arrive. Tendou, despite his portrayal as a sadistic, cold blooded villain, is soft. He’s human, he has more scars than anyone, and tries to mend these scars all he can. He’s absolutely incredible. He has a sadder story than everyone, even Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Kageyama. He’s more powerful than everyone, even Hinata, Oikawa and Ushijima. He’s kinder than everyone, even Sugawara, Asahi and Akaashi. Tendou Satori is dirt caked and broken, but with polish, he’s ethereal.

Thank you.

I don’t even know if you pay attention to this but… I need to say that, kay? Thank you for creating such an amazing character like Ink. Seriously, he’s great. He’s so great that I finally decided to start working on reaching one of my biggest dreams - yea, I really wanted to become a nice digital painter or even an animator since few years. But I have never found any motivation or inspiration, until now. Nowdays, when I’m sitting at the desk with a pencil in my hands, I’m feeling that I can finally do it. And when I’m starting to think “oh my god, why I am even doing this, I’m so bad, screw it”, I’m reminding myself of Ink. “Golly, I can feel he’s watchin’ me, I can’t give up, what would he think, I’d better get back to work before he throw something at me”. You know, that’s really weird - how fictional persona can affect on real people. But for every fictional character stands a real person with good attitudes (in this case it’s you).
Well, I know it isn’t really related to Ink’s birthday and I can’t even draw something for him (‘cos I still suck at it,  I’m starting from zero) but I was waiting sooo long to write this. You’re an amazing person. Ink is an amazing character. And I promise you, next year I’m going to draw something really good for you both, but now everything I can say is “Happy Birthday, Inky. Please, do not stop watchin’ me”.

This really touched me, love, like, it hit deep man. This is all really freaking nice to hear and it makes me happy. Thank you for taking the time to write this, although you’re showing you’re grateful for my character, I’m very grateful for reading such nice words ;_; And it’s not a problem if it’s not related to Ink birthday, it’s still a nice day and I’m looking forward to seeing your work <3 Never lose that determination and believe in yourself if you feel like it’s the thing you want to do, it’s the key to personal success :) <3

Let Me Love You // Roman Godfrey x Reader

Another anon request! This time for the og daddy Roman Godfrey from the Hemlock Grove series. If you enjoyed it a like/rt is appreciated (: 💕

Request: “I noticed that you used a Hemlock Grove quote in your prompt list II, so can you pls do that one with Roman and the reader sort of comforts him? Thank you! xx”

Prompt II/50: “I have an ugliness, it’s impossible to love.”

Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Reader

Song inspiration: Colour Me In – Damien Rice 

Summary: Roman is doubting himself and tries to push the reader away, as he thinks he might only end up hurting them, but the reader is there to assure him that he is enough.

Warnings: It’s just kind of angsty? (but it ends well) And it contains the typical self-doubt you might have when you’re in a relationship - but only a little bit (like questioning whether you are good enough or not).

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It is the typical autumn rain and the wind blows in fury. The night is cold and Roman walks through the downpour in a hasty pace, both hands in his jacket pockets and looking at the ground. He walks into your street and soon finds himself in front of your door. He hesitates for a moment, before ringing on your doorbell.

You were sat in your living room and jump up when you hear the ringing of the bell. Before standing up you take a quick glance at the clock. Your parents weren’t supposed to come back until 10 o’clock and you’re not expecting any visitors. Walking to the windows you push the curtains slightly aside and take a peak out. You see Roman standing on your veranda, his clothes drenched wet from the rain, a frown lingered on his face.

Without any further hesitation you walk to your front door and open it to greet Roman. You welcomed him in, but he didn’t greet you back. Roman just stomped right in, before turning around to face you with a scowl.

“Roman, is everything alright?” You ask him in concern. “Your clothes are soaked, you have to get changed or else you’ll catch a cold. Come along.”

Before you can reach out for his arm and lead him upstairs, he speaks up. “We need to talk,” he says firmly. He glares up at you from underneath his wet hair falling in front of his eyes.

You notice his rigged breathing, as if he ran all the way to your house, and something just didn’t seem right to you. Carefully you take a step back, leaving some space between you and him.

“I’m not going to let you sit on our couch in wet clothes, Rome,” You try to joke around. Roman’s expression wavers as you call him by your nickname for him, but he straightens his posture and furrows his eyebrows, trying to regain composure.

“Then we’ll talk here in your hallway if we must,” He responds stubborn.

“Okay…? So, what is it?” You slowly say. You cross your arms and lean against the wall, waiting for him to tell you what he had to talk about.

“I don’t know what you think we are, but whatever this is, it has to stop,” Roman says straight-forward, his voice harsher than expected.

“What do you mean?” You ask him softly, a feeling of confusion and sadness washing over you. You reach out for him again, but he pushes your hand away. “Why are you acting like this?”

“You heard me, Y/N. You need to stay away from me,” He remarks. “You and I aren’t good for each other, so we have to put an end to this.”

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yyyyYYYYYY'ALLLLL I had a freaking intensive dream about Rad Likes Robots and I kinda wanna cry???? ;;;;w;;;;

[[It’s a long ‘un this time too j f c;;;;]]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned once or twice)

Word Count: 1,659

Warnings: NSFW, oral (female receiving), a little bit of angst, a little bit of fluff?

Request: Hey, I was listening to “Should I stay or Should I go” and as soon as the verse “It’s always tease, tease, tease, you are happy when I’m on my knees” came up I thought of a DeanxReader where Dean always says that to reader, i don’t know the plot at all but if you could write something implied smut I would love you forever!

Author’s Note: Thank you for my beta @crispychrissy for helping me with the smut so I give her half credit for that. So sorry this is up so late. I appreciate your patience with me. I hope you like this one!If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists!

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Dean Winchester. That’s a name you’ll never forget. He was all sarcasm, muscle, leather and gun powder. It wasn’t a combination you thought would be good but damn, did he make it work.

Darling you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ‘til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

You’ve been with the oldest Winchester for quite some time now, hunting with him and Sam before leaving to hunt on your own. You knew it wasn’t fair to Dean that you left but it’s who you were.

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harry hook x reader

requested: harry hook x shadowman daughter. based off the song “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit, where Harry is unaware of his child until he is six.

A/N: im sorry i didnt realize till i finished it that I had made it that the reader tells Harry about the kid, so im sorry bout that haha. hope u still like it :)

You started the red tea in the mug. When you suspected that you were pregnant on the Isle, you drank this tea and if you were indeed with child, the tea turned red.

Last week, you had slept with Harry, it had only been a one time thing and now you had his baby inside of you. The first thing you did was throw the mug across the room and started crying and sank to the floor.

Now you had two options, abort the baby without even bother telling Harry. Problem solved. Or you told him, see what he says. You decided the latter.

You cleaned yourself up and made your way to Ursula’s Fish n Chips.

“Ah, Y/N. Couldn’t get enough?” Harry smirked as you entered the restaurant.

“I need talk to you.” You stated seriously which wiped the smile off his face.

“This way, my love.” He gestured to a place more private, “What’s going on?” He asked once you two were in the back of the kitchen.

“I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.” You wasted no time getting to the point.

His eyes almost flew out their socket. “And you’re sure it’s mine?!”

“You’re the only person I’ve had sex with within the last month.” You told him.

He didn’t say anything for the next few minutes and you let him have his time to think.

Finally he spoke, “Do whatever you want but I don’t want anything to with it.”

Now your eyes almost flew out, “Are you serious?!”

“What do you want me to do, Y/N? I don’t want a kid, not at all. Never have, never will. And I’m not going to ruin my life.” He stated.

“Fuck you. Have a nice life, Hook.” You spat out angrily. He just gave you a slight bow and pushed past you, out of the Kitchen.

You stayed their for a few minutes, needing time to get yourself together before walking back into the restaurant.

You rolled your eyes when you saw Harry laughing and playing stupid games with Gil and Uma, like nothing ever changed.

Six years later and you were on Auradon. Upon finding out you were with child, Mal requested you be brought here to have a better life with the baby. Ben agreed, no problems.

You had made many friends, especially with Jay. He had been so good with you during your pregnancy and he helped you when your baby boy was born.

When the baby was one, you and Jay had finally acknowledged your feelings and started dating and after a long talk with him, you both decided you wanted Jay to raise the baby as his own.

Now Harry was invited to Auradon and your nerves were through the roof.

You sat down in the park with your six year old, Shadow. The Fairygod mother wasn’t too happy with the name as it was referencing a villian, you’re father but after long debates you had won.

Harry arrived today. You had no intentions of trying to find him and you hoped he wouldn’t try to find you, you were wrong.

“Y/N?” You heard the voice you would never forget.

“Hello Harry.” You said, voice as cold as ice.

Shadow looked up, “Who’s this mummy? I never see him before.”

“This is mummy’s old friend. Do you mind finding Daddy? I have to talk to my friend.” You told him. Shadow nodded and you kissed his head as he ran off.

“Daddy? Isn’t that me?” Harry questioned watching Shadow run off, already noticing in ways he looked liked him.

“Please, you didn’t want anything to do with him. You aren’t his father Harry, you got what you wanted.” You said.

“And what preppy fancy prince is his father then?” He asked.

“He isn’t a prince. He’s from the isle. It’s Jay, my boyfriend and Shadow’s father.” You explained.

“Jay?! That’s the punk you choose as his father?” He laughed.

“Don’t you dare Harry! He’s a better father than you would ever be!” You said and you could tell that struck a nerve by the look on his face.

“I want to see him. I want to spend time with him.” Harry stated, “I have rights.”

“No actually you don’t. Jay is his legal father here on Auradon.” You explained.

“Please Y/N. Let me see him, he doesn’t have to know I’m his real dad. I can just be his like friend?” He pleaded.

“I’ll talk about it with Jay. I have to go Harry. I’ll see you around.” You told him.

“I’m sorry, for what happened six years ago. I really am, I’ve changed. I’m different.” He promised.

“Spare me, Harry.” You said before walking away.

All you wanted was a good life for Shadow and that’s what he had and you didn’t want Harry screwing that up. You knew Shadow would wonder why he looked so much like him and have questions, questions you wanted to avoid as much as possible.

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars



Mentions: Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp, Antoine Roussel 

Warnings: A swear word maybe? I don’t remember.

Preview: The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

Characters: 1760 Words.

Originally posted by sonnnnygray

After the little run-in with Tyler, you were being bombarded from every angle. The text messages never seemed to come to a halt. You had even considered changing numbers.

And every morning like clockwork, Tyler or one of the boys were waiting for you in front of your office. You had thought about coming in earlier to ignore your morning pests, but you already didn’t get enough sleep.

You grabbed your bag from the car and started to make your way to the office. You tried to mentally guess who would be waiting for you today. You tried to blend in with the crowd on the busy sidewalk but your baby bump lent you no favors.

“Y/N!” You heard Antoine call out in a singsong voice. You groaned making your way to the side of the building where he and Jamie were waiting.

“Coffee?” Jamie asked pushing a coffee your way.

“Cant.” You quipped pushing it back.

He just nodded putting the coffee back down by his side.

“How are you feeling today, Cherie?” Antoine questioned putting a hand on your stomach. You quickly swatted his hand and gave him a look to dare him to try it again.

“I am fine, a little tired but that’s something I should get used to.” You noted.

“You would be less tired if you had help, from someone like I don’t know…. The baby’s father.” Jamie tried.

You sighed. “When am I ever going to get rid of you.” You turned towards the entrance to your building.

“At least tell us what you are having,” Antoine called after you.

“It’s a boy.” You headed inside the building leaving away from your routine frustration.

The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

You looked up from your place at your desk to the vibrations coming from your phone.

Katie: I saved you from the Dallas Idiots, meaning you owe me lunch.

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your response.

Y/N: When & Where?

The reply came quickly.

Katie: Meet at my place next Sunday? 11 o’clock?

You quirked your eyebrows expecting a restaurant during the week but you were glad she hadn’t already started to talk about Tyler.

Y/N: Sounds good. See you then.

You placed your phone back down and got back to work.

You should have been suspicious when no one showed up for the rest of the week.

You walked up to Katie’s front door and knocked. You hopped the maternity dress you had bought earlier in the week was dressy enough for the place Katie had planned.

You should have known better. You should have seen the surprise coming. When the door opened, there stood all the Dallas Stars WAGS you had become close with over the years.

“Surprise!” Katie cheered.

“What in the world is happening?” You questioned as she pulled you inside.

“It’s your baby shower. I know you haven’t had one, and every new mom needs one.”

“You didn’t have to do this you know.”

“I wanted to, plus Tyler asked me to”

“Tyler asked you to do this?” You couldn’t believe that a guy like Tyler had requested Katie to throw you a baby shower.

“The kid’s book theme was his idea, he said you had always loved kids’ books and that it was the one thing you were always excited to do with your own.” She nodded towards the pile of brand new kids’ books by the gifts table.

“He said that?” you questioned so softly you weren’t sure Katie heard.

“He did, we tried to make sure not to get any doubles, Tyler has a nursery filled with them.” She noted leading you further into the party.

“Nursery?” You couldn’t believe Tyler had a nursery. You hadn’t even thought about it.

To be honest you hadn’t even bought more than a few items. Here you were almost seven months pregnant and suddenly you couldn’t feel less prepared. You couldn’t hold the sob back. Katie snapped her head towards you.

“Y/N, are you crying?” She questioned quickly.

You tried to get some words out but you couldn’t find them, you settled for a nod. She led you to a back bedroom and she sits on the bed, motioning for you to follow.

You sit down and wipe the tears that had escaped from your eyelids.

“What’s going through your mind honey?” she asked rubbing your hands.

“I’m not even remotely do this Katie. I don’t even have a room in my apartment to put a nursery. I think I have one outfit? I don’t even know what a baby needs.”

“Y/N. You don’t have to do this alone. You have an entire hockey team wanting to stand behind you. I know you don’t know about Tyler as a boyfriend, but you should give him a chance to be a father. If I have to listen to one more newborn fact, I may never have children.”

You nod allowing a smile to play across your features. “You’re right. I don’t know where we stand as a couple, but I need to include him in this. Maybe he can teach me something.” You chuckled using the tissue she handed you to wipe your face.

“I will go talk to him when I leave here.” You stated standing up and composing yourself.

“You probably won’t have too, I told them not to crash this baby shower but we both know they all are.”

You both shared a laugh and joined the other girls in the main room. She placed the pretty blue flower crown on your head. “Let’s Celebrate Baby Mama.”

You had played a few games and you had caught up with some of the girls. That’s when Katie’s prediction had proved itself correct. In walked Tyler, Jamie, Antoine, and Patrick. They all dawned their best-shocked expressions.

“Oh, no was this today?” Jamie tried.

You watched Katie roll her eyes. “Don’t even try it.”

They all looked at her sheepishly, making their way inside. You offered them small smiles. Tyler kept his distance. He knew this party was meant for you and he didn’t want to ruin it.

You made small talk with the others and continued with the party.

“Let’s do gifts!” Katie exclaimed with a clap.

You nodded and followed her towards the couches and chairs. She sat you in the middle on the ottoman. You glanced towards the space left next to you.

“Tyler? Do you want to help?” you asked

You watched Tyler shockingly glance up from his place at the food table.

“Yeah… I would love to.” He made his way over to you and sat down next to you, giving you as much space as he could.

You looked at the huge pile of gifts that sat in front of you. You decided to dive in and you and Tyler began opening presents. Halfway through the pile, you became more comfortable and had slipped the flower crown onto Tyler. Tyler was opening a gift when the baby started kicking. You grabbed Tyler’s hand and placed it on your stomach. You couldn’t help it as your heart melted watching the expression of pride and joy grow on his face.

“There’s a baby in there…” he said softly.

“I’m quite aware you, he doesn’t let me forget it. Little power forward in there.” You giggled.

The baby continued to be active so opening gifts turned into a baby feeling session. Everyone crowded around you, taking turns feeling your belly ending the moment between you and Tyler. You sent him a sympathetic look as you watched him walk outside. You followed where he headed the moment you could escape. Everyone got the hint not to follow.

You found him sitting on the patio with his head in his hands.


His head snapped up and you could see the tear streaks and somehow it stung.

“I was just collecting myself out here.” He tried.

“It’s okay you can be honest with me, Tyler.” You sat down next to him.

“I haven’t been around for your whole pregnancy and that’s my fault. I screwed us up. I ruined everything. But feeling the baby in your belly, it just made everything so real. I put together a nursery, I have read every book I can find, and I think he has more clothes than me now but it didn’t set in till I just felt him. I am going to be a dad and I am begging you Y/N. I know you haven’t forgiven me and I want nothing more than to be with you but please at least let me help you with this. Let me be a part of this.” He had grabbed your hands and looked towards you expectantly.  

“I talked to Katie earlier and I realized I do need help. I need lots of help, and the only person I should be asking is you. I don’t know if we will ever be a couple again but no matter what we are going to be parents.”

“I will prove it to you every single day, I promise you. And if somewhere along the lines you forgive me, I’ll prove that too.”

You once again allow yourself to smile. “Don’t push it, Seguin. Now please tell me you have pictures of that nursery.”  

He stumbled to pull out his phone. “I actually was going to send them to you but I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“But you and the rest of your team waiting outside my job didn’t do that?”

“Yeah, that was a little much.” He handed you the phone and the pictures took your breath away. The nursery was a gorgeous mixture of Green and yellow hues. Hockey hints here and there but still looked modern.

“You did really good Ty.” You quip, handing him back his phone.

“I hoped you would like it.”

“Well maybe once the baby comes, we can come and stay with you. I think that would be a much better fit then sharing a room with me.”

Tyler’s smile grew bigger. “I would love that.”

“Just until I… We figure something out”

“Yeah. Of course. Till we figure something out. He stated with a smirk putting the flower crown back upon his head and walked

13 Reasons Why this show makes me slightlyyyy salty

1) Why does it take Clay this long to listen to the tapes? TV Show Clay is a wimp and Book Clay is a masterpiece. I’m QUITE salty
2) Realistically, Clay would not be out on his VendettaTM because he would be too preoccupied with figuring out what HE did to Hannah. He doesn’t throw the rock at Tyler’s house and this is an important aspect of his character 3) All these people are too cool to talk to him and in the books they mostly ignored him. And honestly why tf did they have to steal his bike? That was such an empty subplot.
4) All these fucking tattoos
5) Okay I’m very happy with the diversity but? two straight white protagonists? I get they want to stay relevant to the books but not much was relevant to the books so why not screw that??
6) Tony’s trophy boyf is without backstory. Although I am secretly proud of this because he and Clay are absolutely shippable, you can’t just throw in a character to make him gay, that’s pointless? You can be gay without a boyfriend??
7) THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT ERASING THE CUTS ON HIS FACE but they’re weirdly black and perfect and it’s unsettling
8) Sheri instead of Jenny? Tf?
9) Okay but real talk: the show drags on for far too long. Tortoise-Clay beside the point, some of the scenes were over-explained. You may not agree, but it’s your stereotypical high school drama where everything takes far too long to resolve
10) There were not enough naturally blonde people
11) Did you notice how many people were wearing the same sort of lip product? because I don’t think I’m imagining it? Tony especially has this subtle dark pink-purple lip going on (and it’s H.O.T.) but it’s also weird how everyone is going for the same shade. Except for Skye since she is TarotPunkTM. AnywAaaay it’s too coordinated
12) You don’t just end a series with the protagonist and his besties driving off into the distance unless you a) are the producer of Supernatural or b) add a scene where Tony gazes lovingly at Clay and Clay is oblivious
13) I still don’t know Alex’s fate and he is my cinnamon roll and I’m crying (plus Tyler is acting weird af and I think he’s a serial killer)

edit: I clearly like the book version better but it is a good show. & I’m being petty, I realize, y'all chill :)


“Snip snap, your fingers trap.” Her voice filled the garden. It was a beautiful morning. The sky was clear. Flowers were in bloom. However, it was the only sound that could be heard.

“I caught you! I caught you!” She sang, tumbling on the grass giggling. She squinted her eyes as she looked at the sun soaking up its warmth.

“You’re not very good at this you know.” She said. Closing her eyes, she lied there for a few more moments catching her breath. She felt a tug on her hand and stood up. She smiled dusting herself. “My turn.”

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This Valentine’s Day I’d like to share a few things with you. I’m 19 years old and:

I have never had sex in my life
I have never dated anyone in real life (so not on the Internet)
I have never kissed anyone
I have never been on a date
I have never even held hands with someone romantically
I literally have never even been close to dating anyone in real life

Not because I don’t want to or because I’m picky. Because no one has ever asked me out or showed affection for me or even flirted with me. I don’t think anyone irl has ever fancied me, or if they did they never let me know in any way.

And you know what? I don’t care. I moved on from feeling abnormal and broken and not whole. I refuse to connect my value as a person to those things. I will not allow myself to think of myself as less because I have never done any of those things. Yes maybe my self-esteem still relies on my uni grades or good reviews of my works but I finally stopped thinking that there is something wrong with me for not experiencing those things.

I feel happy and whole anyway. I survived every crush who didn’t return my feelings and every instance of being attracted to someone and knowing they do not like me back. I survived and moved on.

And today I’d like you to turn to things you really value in your life. Your jobs and talents and hobbies and passions. Your family and friends and pets and even house plants. Your favorite books and bands and TV-shows and video games. Your favorite ice-cream and favorite pair of jeans and favorite plush toys.

There are so many people and things you love. There are, I hope, things that make you happy. Focus on them. And screw the society that tells you that you need relationships to know that you are loved. You are already loved. Don’t let society ever persuade you otherwise.

Heroes and Legends (pt. 5)

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Electricity cuts the air outside as Dark watches the world through Mark’s eyes. It’s incredible to see things in such colorful detail, especially the torrential experience of the thunderstorm tearing through the atmosphere just beyond his window. Dark decides then that he likes storms. He finds them somewhat relatable.

He films a couple let’s plays this way, using Mark’s body like a puppet with practiced ease as the piteous inmate groans in the background of Dark’s mind. He’s long since given up trying to get his body back, and Dark finds that walking around in Mark’s skin isn’t as hard as he’d originally thought it would be, after he managed the dog.

Chica isn’t so bad though, for a useless bag of fur.

It’s when Warfstache starts looking for him that the issue occurs. Dark hasn’t managed the trick of controlling Mark and maintaining his own corporeal form at once, so when Wilford shows up on Mark’s doorstep looking for him, Dark nearly loses control. “Um, hi Warfstache,” he says in Mark’s easy manner.

“I’m worried about Dark,” Wilford says quickly, wasting absolutely no time in typical Warfstache fashion.

“What’s he done this time?” Mark asks, a proper worried look painting over his face. Eyebrows furrowed in concern. Dark is almost appalled by how well he can replicate Mark’s smallest mannerisms. The only difference is his eyes, but hopefully Wilford won’t notice. He doesn’t know Mark that well, after all.

Wilford throws himself very dramatically only Mark’s couch and places a hand over his face. “He’s disappeared, and I don’t know where else to look. I’ve been to his favorite music store, that pastry shop he likes, and all the creepiest places I can think of. He’s not anywhere, and nobody has seen him for weeks!”

Mark tilts his head to the side. “It seems like he doesn’t want to be found.”

“I know,” Wilford says, sitting up and resting his elbows on his knees. “That’s what worries me.” After another pause, Wilford looks up at Mark. “He’s been acting so different lately. It used to be that he was only slightly evil. He liked making life hard for me, but I didn’t mind that so much. I made life pretty difficult for him, too…” His brown eyes seem to melt. “He’s my friend, Mark. And I’m losing him.”

“Maybe he’s not as much of a friend as you think he is,” Mark says with growing irritation. Dark tries to pull it back, but his own emotions are showing through Mark’s abrasive body language, arms crossed over his chest and turning away like he doesn’t want to be here listening to Wilford, which isn’t like Mark at all.

And Wilford sees it. “Mark, is something wrong?” Warfstache is by no means a caring individual, but he doesn’t like the way Mark looks so antsy. “He hasn’t been here, has he?” It only makes sense that Dark would come after Mark, if he were in a bad mood.

Mark shakes his head. “No, I haven’t seen him for months now, and I don’t think that I could really be of any help. I wouldn’t even know where to start…” He trails off as thunder explodes outside, and Wilford jumps. “Y-you should probably go. I’m expecting my girlfriend over later, and I don’t know how well she’d take it, knowing that you’re,” Mark gestures towards Wilford sloppily, “real.”

Wilford screws up his face. “You have a girlfriend?”

Mark rolls his eyes. That’s an appropriate response at least. “Yes, I have a girlfriend. A very normal girlfriend who would not like to meet my very not normal alter Ego.”

Warfstache shrugs and gets up. “Fine, if you say so, but,” he levels his gaze with Mark, and for a moment, Dark almost thinks that Wilford sees, Wilford knows, “if you do see Dark, just let him know that I am looking for him, that there’s someone who cares whether or not he comes home.” With that, Wilford turns and leaves. There are faint traces of glitter on Mark’s couch and floors, and Dark dusts it away so he won’t have to look at it anymore.

He goes back to recording and tries to keep the pink buffoon out of his mind.

Reactions and asks

I had lots of messages stored so let me go through this real quick~

I love that the reactions focus on Sans being a jerk, and then just… Grillby.

Sans is always 7/10 screwed all the time. He’s a jerk almost all the time and Papyrus, [and other people] don’t like that.

Sadly I am not referencing that great AU. No, Grillby is just honestly pleased that he has, for once, a polite customer. Sans is gross most of the time, so this is appreciated.

This Sans prefers mustard! He appreciates ketchup too, but mustard is the main beverage for him.

Indeed they didn’t know! Sans kept calling Papyrus “boss” all the time, and they’re pretty different, both physically and personality-wise, so Frisk didn’t even imagine they were related! Just because they’re skeletons, it doesn’t mean they’re family!

I WOULD show you this… if Frisk did it whatsoever. But Frisk wouldn’t just annoy Papyrus like that. Maybe on a neutral run…

First step: Awesome and good-looking. Then, bones and lots of sparkles. Amazingness and the root square of spike. Add some spicy edge and then throw a whole cinnamon roll in the recipe. Then serve it in a royal guard lieutenant plate. And spice it with yelling! There’s never enough yelling.

Awww, cutest ask QuQ You’re a cinnamon roll!! <3333 Asks like these make me so happy <33333 You make me feel determined!!

the baseball diamond

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

pairing: kim mingyu x reader
genre: fluff; high school au!
word count: 2100 +
admin: jun
a/n: i’m not making a part two to this, just warning in advance. i hope you all enjoy, and to the anon who requested, i hope you enjoy. c:

There was one thing you believed in strongly, and that was the fact that everybody had something they were good at. Painting, chemistry, writing, you name it. The one you were good at was a simple sport called baseball. Because you grew up with two brothers that were very sport orientated, you were good at a lot of sports, but baseball was the one that stuck with you the most throughout your childhood.

Of course, it was not your main focus in school though. As much as you enjoyed it, you needed to focus on getting your grades up, being the mediocre student you were in high school. You needed decent marks to get into a decent university of college, so you can live a decent life.

That didn’t stop you from joining the baseball game that was happening during lunch. Only boys seemed to be playing, but they were one player short. At first, you had been very reluctant with joining, but all you could think was “Now or never.” So on you went, walking down the steps of the second floor and making your way out of the building and then to the field.

Walking over, you knew exactly who you were working with. Choi Seungcheol, Yoon Jeonghan, Hong Jisoo, Wen Junhui, Kwon Soonyoung, Jeon Wonwoo, Lee Jihoon, Lee Seokmin, Kim Mingyu, Xu Minghao, Boo Seungkwan, Chwe Hansol, and Lee Chan. You could hear them bickering about who they wanted on their team from meters away. You walked up to them rather awkwardly, since you felt out of place with a bunch of super fit, baseball-playing boys. You didn’t let that bring you down, though, since you felt like you were good enough to play with them.

“Hello…” You said, walking up behind the tallest of the group. He turned towards you, looking down to look at you with a surprised face.

“Yes?” He asked in English as if he was the boss of this group. His hair was perfectly tossed, just like salad, and his tan skin and the little mole on his cheek made him all the more attractive to you. Not to mention, he made you boring school uniform look like it could be worn on a runway.

“I see that you guys are down one player… may I join?’ You asked him kindly, smiling at him. He seemed even more confused now.

“Wait, you want to join this game? With 13 guys?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you. You nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow yourself. Now, from what you knew about Mingyu, he wasn’t a half bad guy. Very humble and seemingly all the girls in your grade had some sort of admiration for him. You even admired him for his gentlemanly ways. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Well, until now. You frowned a bit, although you weren’t hurt by his words. It was only normal for a boy to think of a girl as lesser when it comes to sports. As your brothers told you, ‘believe in yourself no matter how mean people are.’ That was the one piece of advice that stuck to you like glue.

“What, don’t like the idea of a girl beating you in your sport?” You asked him, crossing your arms over your chest and staring up at his eyes. Yep. Up. Because he was that abnormally tall for a high school student.

“What? No. We all know I could beat you.” He said, chuckling at your words. You felt your cheeks warm up a bit, probably from anger.

“Then you should have no problem with me joining the opposing team… who seem to have one less player.” You told him with a devilish grin on your face.

You were already walking over to the oldest male in the group when Mingyu started talking again. “Okay, fine. You can go on Cheol hyung’s team.” You waved your hand dismissively at him, wanting to acquaint yourself with your new team members. They were already looking at you, impressed from the nerve you had to stick up to Mingyu.

On this team, there was Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Minghao, Junhui, Seokmin, and Hansol, which you were not mad about.

“Hello,” You exclaimed, reaching a hand out to whoever wanted to shake it. “I’m F/N L/N. It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to playing with you all.” They each individually shook your hand and you all talked for a little bit with everyone, just to get to know one another a little better. Especially you, because you’ve only known them based on rumors you’ve heard around the school. They were talked about a lot.

“Okay, let’s start! First batter up!” Mingyu yelled. You grabbed the bat, and walked up to the base, kicking at it and then getting ready. You could see Mingyu scoff from however far away he was, and you rolled your eyes. You knew he thought a girl couldn’t play against him and all of his friends, but your team made it clear they thought otherwise, and just the thought of their approval was making you giggle under your breath.

Mingyu then lowered himself a bit, his eyes squinting in your direction as he held the ball behind his back and his baseball glove against his chest. You felt cold sweat start to form on your forehead and the back of your neck. You could also feel the movements of the catcher trying to find a good spot for Mingyu to throw as if you were a motion sensor. It was really weird. He then raised the ball up, pulling his leg up as well in the process, and threw the ball at you with full force. Just by the quick distortion of his face you could tell he screwed up the pitch and now the ball was heading directly for your bat, so you swung, hitting the ball with a loud ‘ting’. You watched it fly just a little ways past the outfielders, and you started laughing, jogging along all the bases as your team cheered loudly for you.

The pitcher was glaring daggers at you with his deep brown eyes and you stuck your tongue out of him. You ran back to your team, letting them all embrace you and thank you for being on their team. Damn, you were feeling good about yourself now. This was going to be a story you told your brothers when you got home.

The rest of the game went smoothly, each team coming up with the total of 7 runs, which meant… it was a tie. Neither you or Mingyu were satisfied with this and were willing to play on longer, but the bell rang loudly. You sighed unhappily and panicked a bit as you saw Mingyu stomping over to you angrily.

“This is not over.” He told you directly, grabbing his bad from his bench and walking off into the school.

“Don’t worry about him,” Chan said, walking up behind you. You turned towards him, straightening up and giggling awkwardly. “He gets unnecessarily competitive,” he explained, shaking his head and laughing before walking you to your class.

You had really enjoyed playing baseball with all the guys, and they seemingly all (except Mingyu) enjoyed playing with you. You invited almost every day during lunch to play with them, and you never refused, since it over satisfied you more and more when Mingyu got angry every time he couldn’t get the ball past you.

You two had somehow been labeled as enemies, which you never really understood because as much Mingyu hated you, he would almost always greet you in the hallways while passing by. It didn’t take you long to realize he was just maintaining his image.

Although you never wanted to, you grew to hate him just as much as he hated you, but for none of the same reasons as far as you were concerned. He was always so fake around you while in the school. Super cheery and happy and kind, but as soon as you guys were on the baseball diamond, not one insult was left unsaid by him, You had enough of his childish behaviour.

One day, as he was passing by you in the hallways, he tilted his head towards you with a kind smile. “Hello, Y/N!”

You nodded your head in return but then stopped walking for a second before turning around, running to him, grabbing his arm and dragging him into the janitor’s closet which was conveniently placed right beside you in this scenario.

“Hey– what the hell?!” He whisper-yelled at you, pressing his back against the shelves that held the toilet paper while you slammed the door shut… carefully.

“Why are you like this?” You asked him, also in a whisper-yell voice. Your hands were on your hips and you were leaning towards him, but you two were about a foot away.

“What do you mean, why am I like this?” The look of confusion on his face genuinely screwed with your brain. Maybe he actually wanted to be nice to you? You shook your head, frowning a bit.

“You’re always so nice to me in the hallways, but as soon as we’re on the field you’re a complete ass to me,” you said angrily, crossing your arms over your chest. “I want to be friends, but I can’t tell which of your emotions are real.” You mumbled sadly, looking down at your feet. When you looked back up to his face, he looked so genuinely sad from what you said. You pouted a bit.

“I don’t want to mean, seriously… it’s just that you get along so well all the guys and they always rub it in my face. I want to be friends as well… I really do!” He admitted, moving forward and standing up straight to show you he was serious he was. You blinked, nodding quickly at his words.

“Okay, okay. I believe you.” You said, holding your hands to make him stop.

After that, you two really did become friends. On the field, he now encouraged you to join his team sometimes, and whenever you were on the opposite team, he would cheer for you anytime you hit a home run.

In the halls of the school, he would raise his hand a high five or he would take you aside for a pleasant conversation before walking you to class and rushing to his class so he wouldn’t be late.

It didn’t take you long to realize you were falling for him, fast and hard. You never really believed in high school romance, but for some reason, it was becoming more and more real every time you saw him. It was hard to tell if he liked you as well, and you couldn’t gain the courage to ask one of the guys, simply because you didn’t want him to get teased because of you again. You never thought of it becoming any more than just this high school crush.

One day, as you were walking out of the school to go home, Mingyu called out to you.

“Y/N! Wait!” He yelled out, swinging his backpack onto both of your shoulders and running to catch up to you.

“Hey…” You said, laughing at the way he ran up to you. Your hands automatically hooked in front of your body and let yourself swing around awkwardly, waiting for him to continue on with the conversation since that was kind of his thing.

“Okay, okay… I know this is kind of weird but… I was wondering if you would like to go out for lunch or dinner or something with me on the weekend?” He asked, looking down to his shoes as you two walked. Your eyes widened, and you tried to process what he had just asked you.

“Yeah, I would love to.” You quickly replied without thinking twice. He now looked to you with wide eyes when you agreed. The most precious smile broke out onto his face.

He then walked you all the way to your house without even realizing and looked to his watch in panic, since it ended up being a lot later than he thought. He embraced you in a hug and then ran as fast as he can, calling his mother to apologize for being so late. You laughed, walking into your house, You greeted your own mother and went upstairs to freshen up. You sat down on your bed, sighing softly.

You were just hoping this high school turned out to be worth it… otherwise, you would have to start beating him more on the baseball diamond.

How to Get Away with Murder s05 starters ep. 3 & 4

  • “Can you please at least let me tell you my plan?”
  • “Don’t follow me.“
  • “Yeah, did you also hear that I’m broke?“
  • “I’m here. Put me to work.“
  • “This is one of those cases that keeps me up at night.”
  • “I can’t help you if you tell me the same lies you’ve been telling for the last 12 years.”
  • “Seems like the only way you'd know how “susceptible” we are is if you hacked us yourself.“
  • “Who wants a drink? My treat.“
  • “Uh, it’s noon, and you need to sit down.“
  • “I know how angry you are, but we need to talk.”
  • “I told you not to call me at work.“
  • “Why are you being an idiot?“
  • “Come on. Let’s go celebrate. Drinks are on me.“
  • “Are you two screwing?“
  • “What do you want? Make sure I know that you hate me, hurt my feelings?”
  • “If he loses, he sucks. But if you lose, women suck. That’s why you need to annihilate him.“
  • “I bet on you. Be flattered.“
  • “This is your plan, huh? You’re just going to stuff your entire tuition down a go-go boy’s crack?“
  • “Yeah, I don’t think it’s your heart that’s doing the desiring here.“
  • “What, are you jealous? That’s hot.“
  • “Oh, look, it’s, uh, probably a work call because responsible adults don't spend their days at the bar.”
  • “You don’t want to work there, anyway. They’re a bunch of chowderheads.“
  • “Yeah, we need you, and we need your meatballs, stat.”
  • “I get why you’d do this. I put you through hell. But you, hate me if you want, but don’t ruin a man’s life because your feelings got hurt.”
  • “You could never separate your emotions from your job.”
  • “What’s the gossip, girls?“
  • “I sacrificed precious study time to be here. We’re doing this.”
  • “What is this, an intervention or something?”
  • “Okay, it’s an intervention, yes, but with… meatballs, so it’s a dinnervention!“
  • “Dear [name], becoming your friend has been one of the best things that’s happened to me. We’ve all been through so much, but you stuck by my side…”
  • “Well, we’re not a family. We’re a screwed-up, toxic waste dump of dysfunction.”
  • “Then hear me, and hear me good. What’s best for me is you trust that I know how to make my own life decisions, whether you agree with them or not, because that’s what a real, supportive family does.”
  • “I hate being a failure.“
  • “You go live with her. If she’s that important to you.”
  • “We’ve said so much worse to each other.“
  • “Please tell me you have a plan.“
  • “I don’t have an excuse. It was a mistake. I’m human.”
  • “I made a mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake. I am so sorry.“
  • “You have officially lost it. You’re getting back on this elevator and never coming here again.“
  • “Are you that desperate to be accepted by them?”
  • “You walked in here the other night afraid you were going to drink, and your answer to that is to launch a class-action suit?”
  • “You are repeating the risky behavior that got you here in the first place!“
  • “You’re lying to yourself.“
  • “I want to feel better, and this idea makes me feel better.“
  • There’s a big difference between feeling better and being better.“
  • “You could work here. You've got the right ass for it.”
  • “You need to start picking up your phone more often.”
  • “I thought you might be thirsty.“
  • “I want to work for you.“
  • “He’s dead, isn’t he? Everyone around us… dies.”
  • “Hack this, bitch.“
  • “No, I think this paisley shirt’s pretty gay.”
  • “Unfortunately for him, I am going to be too busy boning you to pick up the phone.”
  • “You scared?“
  • “Is his butt as nice as it looks?“
  • “You’re smart and convincing and very pretty.”
  • “Who’d you piss off?“
  • “I hate most of the people in this firm, but I work with them because I’m a boss bitch.”
  • “[SIGHS] I’m in a good mood. Let’s not ruin it.“
  • “You’re trying to make me leave here in a foul mood.”
  • “She’s still hot. I’ll give her that.“
  • “God. If I’m gonna go down… I want to go down drinking.“
  • “Can we not talk about the baby, please?“
  • “You’re opening your mouth, but all I hear is you wasting my time!“
  • “You sure you want to give this place up? The real world is not so inviting.“
  • “I just need a break.“
  • “You can’t buy me, okay? Or my forgiveness or… or love or whatever this is.”
  • “What’s wrong with you?“
  • “How does it feel to be your own deceiver?”
  • “Right now, I have an I.T. emergency.“