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- Force triggers of people that you know of on them by exposing them to the material they’re trying to avoid on purpose to make them feel bad,
- Send death threats or anything of the sort to people, no matter how bad the thing they did was,
…then please unfollow me

I don’t support this kind of behavior and I would appreciate it if you left and even blocked me, because this is something that I never want to see happening around me or anyone else.

A slow-floating boat on the river de-Nial.

    One of my best pals on earth is married to a man who was the Sherriff of a small town in Georgia for over 20 years.  His name is Roger.    I love to get together with them because you can imagine the stories Roger tells.  One of the things he talks about the most is after 20 years how he can tell pretty quickly whether a person is guilty or not and one of the more obvious tells according to Roger is something he calls aggressive denial.

         I think it was Freud who said: “Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing”.  This dynamic plays out every day on a small level in each of our lives, but more often than not we pay the most attention to it when it happens on a larger scale.  Remember Clinton, Monica and that cigar mess (sorry for the reminder but I’m trying to make a point here) not only did he deny, deny deny, but he was arrogant about it.  How DARE anyone think he did it, blah, blah, blah…and he was guilty as sin.

        More recently we have the case of Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse by Angelina and investigated by child services.    Did Brad go all over the place to talk show after talk show spewing a cloud of denial?   Nope.   I think he made one statement and then went quiet. And you know what?  Brad was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the investigation.

      See Brad Pitt didn’t have to stand behind a verbal barrage of denial – he was innocent whereas Clinton was guilty with the ONLY thing he had to stand behind was denial.  That’s the tell that Roger sticks with.  Innocent people usually deny only once if at all, then let the truth speak for itself.  It’s the guilty who keep up the denials.

      Now before I go any further, I do have a question. Who in the hell is Liz Warner?   I hear I’m being accused of being a lot of people and if it causes any problem I do apologize to them.  I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m just little ole me. I’ve got  20+ years in the PR business (I will admit, mostly professional sports related but with a LOT of contacts elsewhere), in fact, that little old Starz publicist job ad I posted was sent to me via Glass Door BECAUSE of the resume I have posted on my LinkedIn.  I would give you my LinkedIn profile, but after seeing the nastiness of some people, I think I want to keep my Clark Kent secret.   But back to this in a minute – I want to talk more about denials.

    I laugh every time I get a lot of “hate response” from one of my blogs.  It simply means I’ve hit a nerve with them.  The more they talk about how I am figment of someone’s imagination or stupid or idiotic or not in PR, the more I know that something I said has upset them.   If they truly found what I said to be idiotic and stupid, they’d go “meh” roll their eyes and go on with life, BECAUSE IT WOULDNT MATTER!  Seriously, its pretty much what I do every time I read something they’ve posted!

    The only reason anyone reacts angrily is that they see something that logically refutes their position.  It makes them mad not because they see it as something silly, but because they see it as something that makes their truth look silly!   Remember a few blogs ago when I talked about how most people will respond more quickly in anger than if they’re pleased with something.   This is the same thing.  And nothing makes a person angrier than getting caught or looking stupid.

     I find it funny that none of them are rebutting the CONTENT of what I said…they’re trying to refute me as a person.    So here I am putting out some truths about PR that they CAN’T refute so the only avenue left for them is to discredit me by claiming I’m a non-person or an invention by someone else?  Well, I have an idea that might help some of these people realize they’re dealing with a real gal that I would be more than happy to participate with.

      DragonCon is happening here in Atlanta in the next few weeks and a certain “Captain” is scheduled for attendance, I would assume his “handler” will be there as well.   I’ll have friends that have a booth there so I’ll be happy to show up.  If you want to know if I’m real and verify my credentials, why don’t we just meet and have a nice little chat, I’d be happy to buy lunch even.   I could bring along a couple of players – maybe a couple of the big old linebackers whose personal PR I handle from time to time – I’m sure they will have no trouble convincing you I’m a living, breathing, experienced PR exec.

 Or you could just keep on floating down your river of de-nile…    

So I’ve seen people say the narrative demonizes Getaway, and I’m not saying he’s not an asshole (he is) or that you have to like him (I don’t), but I think his portrayal is more nuanced than people sometimes give it credit for? I mean, the protagonists definitely think Getaway’s just a one-note villain, but I think it’s pretty clear we aren’t supposed to agree with them because:

1) The way the protagonists treated Getaway after what he did to Tailgate was outright cruel, and we’re supposed to see it as outright cruel

This shot is horrifying, and it gets almost half a page to itself. This is not how you frame a shot when you want your viewers to rest easy, feeling like justice has been served. And then there’s this:

The protagonists so far haven’t admitted that they went too far (and probably won’t, since they think Getaway sicced the DJD on them), but the comic doesn’t seem to be trying to deny it.

2) Megatron is the only one Getaway wanted to get hurt

Getaway is pissed at Rodimus. Getaway doesn’t respect Rodimus. But Getaway wasn’t trying to kill Rodimus. That’s made obvious here:

But even back when the comic was trying to make us think Getaway was behind sending the DJD–before we found out the DJD came of their own volition–there were hints that he only wanted Megatron dead (”one of you will probably get hurt”):

From Getaway’s perspective, he dropped the protagonists off on a harmless planet and sent the Galactic Council specifically to pick up Megatron. He couldn’t know the DJD was coming, he probably didn’t know Overlord was coming (as far as he knows, Overlord is dead), and he called the Galactic Council after the fact to ask if they kept their word. He probably knew there was a chance it’d go bad, but he had no way of knowing just how bad.

In conclusion, we are not supposed to agree with the protagonists. Not completely, anyway. They were already angry enough to go way over the line with Getaway’s punishment, and now they (reasonably, under the circumstances) believe that Getaway did something way worse than he actually did. Getaway is still terrible! And it remains to be seen how much he’ll actually care about what happened. But the protagonists are not reliable judges of Getaway’s character right now, and I think we’re supposed to see that.

Jimin; Boyfriend Material

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Sorry not sorry. I’m positive that Jimin would be a perfect boyfriend

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Like look at him being all cute guys, who wouldn’t want this in their life??

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Sliding his way in your heart 

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He’s a lil (ok a lot a bit) clingy but it’s in that cute endearing way so you might as well accept it or your heart will melt in you reject his hugs and cuddles

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(Normally I’m a hardcore loyal taekook shipper but this gif is the cutest thing ever) But seriously guys just imagine yourself in Taehyung’s place. Y’all know this would happen all the time cuz Jimin is precious like that (ugh the longer gif when Jimin pulls away and Taehyung is all surprised and cute wasn’t working for me but this is still cute)

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Honestly Jimin is a little insecure about things (DONT BE BABY YOU’RE PERFECT AND WE LOVE YOU) and if you are too then you can both support each other. And if you’re really confident then you can totally hype him up

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He just rocks the boyfriend look guys and all armys know how great of a boyfriend Jimin will be

(The last ones I did of Jungkook and Taehyung’s boyfriend material received lots of love so I hope you guys enjoy this too)

*None of the gifs are mine*

albertmunoz626  asked:

Did you ever get the feeling that Bismuth and Pearl were more than just war buddies back in the episode Bismuth? Seeing how they had a very close friendship and knowing that fact Rose had human partners before Greg, it makes me wonder. Did Pearl had a fling with Bismuth to make herself feel better due to lack of attention from Rose at the time. Or is this just me rambling, idk your thoughts?

I can’t imagine Rose getting super intimate with humans until after the war was over, though I could be wrong. Intergalactic rebellions strike me as a full-time gig kinda thing. :T

However, seeing how Era 1 Pearl was determined to be an effective fighter and Bismuth just so happened to be a skillful blacksmith, I believe Pearl may have used that friendship to her advantage, be it consciously or not. I also think she motivated Bismuth to invent the Breaking Point. 

A post to say THANK YOU

Every time I have done a post like this is because I was tired and sad about something that happened to me in the SwanQueen fandom. Well this time I want to do it to say thank you, because I think you deserve this.

As all of you know, I had to leave SwanQueen fandom due to all the hate I got for long time. And if I have to be honest, I know it was because I didn’t want my fanart was reposted and used that way.
I didn’t mind at the beginning because a lot of people credited me but i dunno what happened and I had to read words like “This is on internet, is free, so I do what I want with your videos and your fanart”. I have also seen how people sent my fanart to Lana or Jen, saying they made it or they sent it to contest saying they were the owners of my fanart. I also have felt so used in this fandom and I have been there seeing how people stole my fanart only so that the actresses faved it, yeah, for attention, spaming them so so much with my work.

It’s true that, I have lived good things in the fandom. Not all has been hate. I have felt lot of love, a lot of people defended my fanart and me, I have lived beautiful moments with Swen at conventions and I will never forget all of you guys (you know who you are). But I said “this is enough” by february. When I got lot of anons saying that I was the one who has copying another fanartist (not true at all… but well…i can’t do anything about it) and I had to be there, seeing private messages about certain people spreading hate about me in chat groups, saying I am mean, I am a diva and stuff like that.

I have never said anything about this but I need to tell you this to tell you the whole story and the reason of this post.

All changed a bit when I started to make fanart and videos for the Supercorp fandom. Well, honestly? I freaked out for all the respect to fanartists. I am in a group on facebook where people defend what you do if your art is stolen or they don’t credit. And little by little the wounds were healing a bit.

I know that right now, it’s impossible to me to come back to do Swanqueen fanart because they made me this, they made me hate Emma and Regina but I guess that I need more time. But I want to be there for all the people who supported me in the past and that’s why i will go on making Swanqueen fanart and videos in the future... so my first thank you is for all those Swen who always have been there on social media and at conventions. I will never forget that guys. For you… goes all my Swanqueen fanart that i will make from now on. I will never forget the cool things I have done for this fandom, the fanart I donated for charities, I had the privilege to make videos with Fyval’s songs, I lived the most beautiful moments when Lana, Jen and Bex RTed my fanart… all the good people I met online and in person… so yeah… for you is worth it to go on.

My second thank you is for Supercorp fandom.
Oh guys… all of you… crazy people that I adore with all of me. Thanks for treating me this way, for loving what I do, for your support and somehow you make me a better fanartist because this love goes both ways. So thank you for healing some wounds that I had in the past, for being so respectful. Thank you.

And finally my last but not less important… THANK YOU. For my Clexa kru.
I started to watch the 100 so late, march 2017. So imagine… a lot of time after Lexa’s death… but I felt so inspired for Clarke and Lexa, and when I started to see all the fanart created by this fandom… wow! overwhelmed. The quality of the fanart was amazing! I was and am really amazed for it and when I decided to make fanart… honestly? I was really nervous because I didn’t know if you’d like it… hehe, yeah silly? maybe.

So… (cough cough), my kru... I have never felt this feeling. This warm feeling that you guys, are giving to me, every day.
Your comments, your respect for what I do, your fight when something happened with my fanart and although I didn’t ask anything you knew it and you did something. Not just one, three or five people but a lot of you. And I am overwhelmed guys. Because you have healed my misslane’s heart somehow and the words “thank you” is not enough to make you know how much this means to me.

I am so happy to watch the 100 (and a lot of you told me “don’t do it”) but I think this is the best thing I have done in a lot of time.

I don’t mind the number of likes, RT or views… that doesn’t mean anything at the end. It’s just fave or RT. But what I will keep forever in my heart is every single one of you. Your support until the end, your beautiful words i got every every every day. i feel so loved in this fandom, so freakig loved and respected and for me is a pleasure to spend hours in front of the computer creating things for you guys and keeping Clarke and Lexa alive.

Thank you guys. Without your support maybe I’d give up. who knows.

But what I said is true. A fave, a RT… don’t mean anything at the end. Because people forget and move on. What it’s important to me, in all the fandoms I have been is how they will remember you in 5 years. For me is so beautiful when someone from Xena or Smallville fandom tell me that they loved what I did, and this happened 9 and 12 years ago. What counts for me is when people feel something with what I do and they remember it in the future. That is the most beautiful thing about being a fanartist or vidder. Touching souls and when you told me that you feel it… this is the best compliment ever.

Love you all and I will always remember this beautiful and wonderful support from all the fandoms I have been.

thank you. every one of you.

there’s two days until we found out what happens on the 18th. we’re running out of food. the children are dying. disease is spreading. i don’t think we’ll survive much longer

The good, the bad, the ugly, the incredibly STUPID and the thin silver lining


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Suga Reaction To You Confessing While Drunk [Angst, Smut and Fluff Versions!]

Anon request for BTS Reaction… split into 7 posts. I’ll come back and add links to the names below according to when I complete them and then make a final masterpost that will go to my masterlist

Rap Monster ¦¦ Jin ¦¦ J-Hope ¦¦ Jimin ¦¦ V ¦¦ Jungkook

The Confession

It had been a while since your last one night stand, but to go with anyone else now just felt wrong. How did this happen to you? 

You fell for your one night stand.

‘Aish… What have you done to me Min Yoongi?’

Well, no more. You’re determined to go out tonight to fuck and forget; anyone but him… well not anyone but you know what you mean…

Why did he have to be at the exact same place you picked at the exact same hour??

So you made eye contact and got talking again, and had more than plenty to drink in the times between these events, toootally hadn’t had a few pre-drinks on top of that either… You couldn’t resist, now making out with Yoongi in the corner of the same club, having not moved on as intended already…

“Mmm this is good” you mumble between kisses.

“You betcha” he agrees.

“I really like you” you admit.

“I really like you too” he replies, moving onto your neck.

“No… I’m not sure you catch my drift…” you continue, still allowing him to explore your neck with his lips.

“Mmm?” he hums with raised intonation.

“I’ve not been with anyone since our last time, I mean… Like, I mean I really, really like you…”


Oh no’ is Yoongi’s immediate thought at your words. ‘Really, really’ like? Well, that means something more, right?

Nah, maybe you’re just saying it to ensure that what happened last time happens again… Yeah, he’s gonna go with that possibility.

“You know you don’t have to lie to me just to get in my pants…” he tells you, additionally thinking ‘You did a perfectly good job doing it last time, anyway’.

“Yoongi, this is probably a stupid time for me to be saying this but… I’m probably a little drunk anyways so… I do really like you… Is love too strong of a word to say?” you ask with desperation.

In response to your little extension of your confession, Yoongi decides to remain adamant that your drunken state is making you say stupid things… he doesn’t know how else to handle it.

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“Yes, love is too strong of a word when you’re just… looking for a bit of fun, right?” Yoongi questions you, trying to throw himself into a huge state of denial… Things were going so well, it’d be a shame to just break it off and each leave with different people, or alone.

Before you can say more, he continues to make out with you with more intensity as his hand trails up your thigh, causing you to make a groan that only he can hear beneath the bassy music that resonates the corner of the room.

But it was never fun trying to be discreet so that the pair of you don’t get kicked out or, possibly worse, watched by some perverted stranger that can’t get it for themselves. So he suggests continuing this at your place.

You remember why you remembered this particular guy in comparison to the other notches in the bed post… He knows just how to make you go weak, and he considers how you’re feeling as well as his own pleasure… It almost feels passionate as he pounds you into the bed, making you come undone.

You’re secretly pleased that he seems too fatigued to walk home at this hour of the early morning, and you contentedly fall asleep next to him after the third round. But Yoongi remains all too wide awake despite his sleepy eyes. He waits for you to have definitely fallen asleep before leaving quietly from your house and back to his own home. He can’t face a sober you in the morning if everything that you said is true.

He decides there’s only one thing for it, so he avoids you as much as possible, making extra time for work rather than to hang out with friends or have nights out for a while… He knows he needs to back off, be a bit of a jerk through this ignorance and avoidance, and let you recover.

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Elation sweeps Yoongi’s entire being as you admit to him that you ‘really, really’ like him… but what if he’s just being too hopeful given the circumstances? He begs that this be true and not just words produced by an unclear mind, because no one compares to you. 

He tried another person not long after you, but… it wasn’t as good, and he made her leave straightaway as he proceeded to think about you and whether he should text you or something… Yeah, he was actually getting anxious at the idea of texting someone and that never usually happens unless…

“No, I do catch your drift” he replies, stopping the kisses to show his seriousness. “And I meant what I said in the exact same way in which I think you’re telling me… I… really like you…”

“I bet you say that to all the girls who end up proclaiming their love for you… I never should have said anything…” you sigh, but not proceeding to make out… was this such a good idea after all, if you even thought it was a good idea in the first place?

And he knows he has to open up, say something that’s so heartfelt and personal that it’s almost out of character. “Am I more than just a one time thing to you? I really want that answer to be yes, but I can’t have you lying to me just to have ‘just a second time’… Let’s talk outside about this” he instructs, taking your hand to leave the club.

Out on the streets, he allows you to become more oriented with the removal of the loud and crowded atmosphere. You wobble slightly, to which he suggests you both just sit on the kerb of the empty road.

“Right, y/n. Reality check. Do you remember what you just told me?”

“Yoongi, I’m not that drunk… Just enough to be able to be more open about my feelings…”

“I have to be sure though.”

“Yes, Yoongi; I really like you, no lie” you insist, trying to gain eye contact from him as he watches his own feet tapping nervously on the floor.

He finally looks up, and without another word, takes you in to kiss him.

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Neither of you really even think about where the night was leading you earlier, and all you want to do is cuddle up together and fall asleep. It’s what couples do, right?

Morning arrives and sleepy Yoongi is just the best sight. You honestly wouldn’t mind just staying like this all day, at least until afternoon, so you try to get yourself back to sleep, coming in closer to Yoongi so he can hug you from behind.

You shuffle a little to get comfier and closer, and a hard object digs into your back… Ah well, you guess it happens to most guys pretty much every morning…

“Hey…” he murmurs with a rasp, making you melt with the gruffness of his morning voice. “Wow, we actually just fell asleep together this time” he chuckles, squeezing your waist to continue hugging you.

“Indeed we did” you smile.

“I guess my dick didn’t forget that though” he jokes, acknowledging that you can feel his hardness.

You turn around to face him. “Well I guess we should give it a little belated care” you offer.

You simultaneously initiate several kisses exchanged between the two of you, touches becoming more intense as you go along, until Yoongi is propping himself on one arm to hover over you slightly, becoming quite dominant as he passionately kisses and touches you.

If this is going to be your first time as a couple, then he wants to take care of you. He wants to show you that he really does care about you. Something you are to learn about Yoongi is that his actions will often speak louder than words because it can feel a bit difficult to open up as much as others might be able to.

Sex with Yoongi as a boyfriend is much more fluffy and cuddly than sex with Yoongi as a one night stand. This morning, he’s full of smiles, admiring the expressions on your face and every inch of your body. There’s no aggressive thrusting like last time, either. This isn’t just a fuck; it’s love making.

And that’s how you can be assured that Yoongi has fallen head over heels for you too.

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I was gonna try do all of the remaining 4 members but I’ve only just gathered the motivation to write at all tonight and now it’s getting late-ish, so hopefully, the other 3 will be up by tomorrow or the day after

new to this

This is 4000 words Max + Lucas friendship with a lot of Max/Dustin and Will/Lucas background.  It takes place when they’re around sophomores in high school.

Max’s elbow was stinging like a son of a bitch and her wrist was aching and it was all because of Dustin Henderson.  Dustin fucking Henderson and his stupid smile.

“Shit, shit,” Dustin muttered as he threw down his bike on the grass and knelt beside her, looking at her arm in concern.  She’d always loved teasing him about how serious he got about injuries, always calling him Nurse Dustin for fun (even though she really did think he’d be a good nurse).  But now she didn’t find it funny at all, not when he was making it worse by making it nearly impossible for her to breathe properly.

It had been a stupid mistake.  She knew how to do that trick; she’d mastered it earlier that week and gotten it down perfectly.  But she’d made the terrible and foolish decision of looking over at Dustin in the midst of the execution, and suddenly all she could think about was wow, how have I never noticed his dimples before?!

And then her board had hit the ground without her feet and then all she’d been thinking was shit I’m about to fall and then she’d done just that.

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magic-slut  asked:

This is an awesome project, and I'm so glad it's happening! Just found this blog so I'm not sure if someone has already asked, but how did you decide which ep to do?

It was mostly a discussion between the original organizational group without outside input. While we wanted others opinions, this project didn’t have a wide enough scope back then for us to get many. 

It was always going to be from an earlier arc so that even people who didn’t know what The Adventure Zone was would be able to enjoy it with minimal context. Initially, we were going to do the finale of Murder On The Rockport Limited and there were a some people on the outside who wanted the big race in Petals To The Metal, but both of those would require most (if not all) of the artists to animate complicated action sequences and machinery and we didn’t think we would be able to find enough people willing to do that.

We settled on episode 4 of Here There Be Gerblins because it was the first arc and plenty early enough to go in without context. It also has the introductions of Magic Brian and Killian, both of whom are still beloved characters, and its ending is fairly well known as one of the funniest things to ever happen in the entire show.


HOLLYYYY SHIT. ok. alright. let me tell you a story. i dont want to be emo but ive been emo as late and like…this is just gonna be emo. if you dont feel like sitting through it, here is a summary: i cannot believe this is happening and happening so quickly. you are all the most amazing people, the kindest people, and im doing something special like…right after i post this so just sit tight. sip your coffee. eat some fudge if you have it - you deserve it!

if you want to sit through emo story time, HERE WE GO!

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The Point of No Return - Part 3

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Your friendship with the maknae of BTS suddenly turns into something else. You don’t know exactly why or when this happened but you sure know there is no going back. Will you regret it in the end?

Words: 4k-ish

Genre: Angst

Inspired by:

- The Point of no Return - The Phantom of the Opera      

- @perpetually-jungshook’s How to change a fuqboi series                          (narrator-character interactions)               

Warnings: Language

Part 1 | Part 2

“OH. MY. GOD, YN!! You did not just fall asleep right after!!!”

“Oh, God! I feel bad enough without you shaming me like this, Hyunseok!!!” You hissed back at your friend, which was sitting across the table from you and looked simply horrified. “I was drunk and tired and the sex was just… GOD!” That was all you could say, as your thoughts were clouded by flashbacks of your night with Jungkook. “I think that maybe all my blood was diverted from my brain from the amazing sex. I could have brain damage right now!! Hypoxia is a serious thing, you know.”

“Bitch, please!” He rolled his eyes at you. “You know, maybe I should make a move on Jungkook. The golden maknae has proven his worth in yet another field.” He said playfully, but then turned serious and sat up straight in his seat. “So? What happened then? Did you guys talk? Are you going out? Did you have mind blowing sex again?”

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Description: Could you please do a Sherlock one shot where the reader gets kidnapped with Sherlock and he tries to find a way out and protect the reader (who is Sherlock’s S/O) from the kidnapper?

Characters: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Gender: Any/Neutral   Triggers: Kidnapping/Threatening

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You didn’t know how it happened, or who did it, but as the bag was pulled from your head and you saw who was sat in front of you, you knew why.

“Sherlock” you sighed out, seeing him tied up in front of you as well, his eyes widening at the sight of you, his eyes darting to your bloodied lip.

“Now Mister Holmes, I think you better start being more cooperative, or you will regret it” a man said coming up from behind you.

Your breath stopped in your throat as you felt what you hoped was not the tip of a gun press against the back of your head, seeing Sherlocks face contort in anger, you knew it was.

Trying to show no fear, you knew Sherlock could see it in your eyes. Looking at you for a moment he looked back up at the man “Alright. Just what exactly is it that you want from me?”

A few hours had passed and you were now tied up and kneeling on the ground, with men watching you. The man that took you wanted Sherlock to figure out who killed his son, he was some mob-boss type guy who didn’t take no for an answer, and didn’t mind shooting people in the head to get what he wanted. And in this particular situation, it was your head on the line.

Sherlock asked questions and deducted as he always does, but with you on the line, it was hard for him to do it quick enough. He needed you to be safe. 

“Who exactly was your son in business with when he died?” Sherlock asked pacing the room. 

“What the hell do you mean? He wasn’t in business with anyone!” the man who had kidnapped you said.

“Obviously he was, and obviously he didn’t do it well enough” he said bluntly

You squeezed your eyes shut, knowing that Sherlock was getting on the mans nerves. He might just end up getting you both killed.

“I don’t like what your insinuating Detective” the man said, venom filling his voice “Now, I brought you here to find out who killed my son, are you gonna do that, or am I gonna have to give you some incentive?” he asked walked over to you with his gun drawn.

Pulling away instinctively you felt another man grab you and hold you still. The gun was brought to your head. “Alright, alright!” Sherlock said, his voice betraying his stoic exterior.

The man pulled the gun away from you, turning back to Sherlock “Good, now figure it out”

“Just answer me this” Sherlock began slowly “Was your son, helping you with anything that might require a third party?” he said, trying not to sound accusative

The man thought to himself for a moment “No. But I did mention to him some trouble I was having with an old friend, Harris Monroe, he was an old business partner, now my son id offer to help but I told him no. Are you telling me that Monroe had my son killed because he got involved?”

“That is exactly what I am saying” Sherlock said, his voice full of confidence. But in reality, Sherlock had no idea if this Monroe had anything to do with it. It was likely, but not positive. He just wanted to get you out of here.

“That damn bastard!” the man yelled angrily “I’m gonna kill him!”

You stared at the angry man, and then at Sherlock, who you saw was already staring at you. Turning back to the man Sherlock spoke “Now that you know, are you going to keep your word and let us go?”

The man stopped and turned “Well…You see, I can’t have anyone going to Monroe and telling him that I know what he did” the man said low.

Your eyes widened slightly. You should have known he wouldn’t just let you go when he was done with you.

Sherlock hummed “I had a feeling you were going to say that”

Quickly, Sherlock lunged forward and knocked the gun out of the mans hand. You saw an arm raise next to you holding another gun. Acting quickly you pushed backwards and knocked into the man. He lost his balance and shot into the air. The man yelled in anger and knocked you down onto your side before firing at Sherlock again who was hiding behind a wall.

You kicked out your legs, knocking over the man with the gun. Sherlock took this moment to run out and attack him, quickly knocking him to the ground and hitting him in the head with his own gun.

Sherlock looked around for others but found most of them unconscious, with another coming around, hurrying to untie you, you glared at him “You could have warned me you were going to do that”

“Well if I warned you, they would have known to”

“Not if you just gave me a signal or something, I would have known what it meant” you said not sure if it was entirely true.

Smiling lightly he pulled you up and started to drag you down the stairs. Hearing someone get up and start chasing you, you two started running faster. Quickly making onto the street, Sherlock grabbed your hand and pulled you.

After running for a while you made it to a busier part of the city, bending over and trying to catch your breath you looked up at Sherlock who was studying your face, making sure you weren’t hurt. 

“I’m sorry” he said quietly

“About what? You didn’t kidnap me”

“No but you got kidnapped because of me” 

“Yeah, well. I wouldn’t be dating you if I didn’t know about the risks. You have a lot of enemies Sherlock Holmes. Plus you are well known, it’s actually kind of surprising more people haven’t tried to do that.” you said standing straight and looking around, making sure you didn’t see one of your “friends”.

Sherlock stared at you for a moment before smiling. Yes, you were with him. And you knew the consequences, he reminded you of then often, but they never scared you away. And even though it may be dangerous, he would always make sure to be there to protect you.

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shovelship  asked:

How did you get so popular? I found you through YouTube a week ago, you have a lot of subscribers but only 4 videos. I've really been enjoying your stuff so I was wondering where everybody knows you from.

Honestly I have zero clue. I only have three animations up idk what happened

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Whyyyyyyyyyyy would the VLD writers let unofficial merch get made like this tbh????? I just don't get it? Like if it was a fanmade thing like on etsy or tumblr you know sure but like?? Whoever made the guidebooks were literally advertising it as OFFICIAL merch and the writers just let it happen? I don't get it at all

Did they even know about the book is the real question here lmao

A Southern Flower Shines

I will describe you as a sunflower from the South who transplanted her heart in Berkeley for school and love.

I remember our first meeting. Although I told you I did not. Why I tried to play it cool, I don’t know. Maybe because my heart was still with someone else.

However, I distinctively remember you starting work on a Friday. I recall this because I generally do not work on Fridays, but this day I came in and little did I know that serendipity would be working as well.

Through the months we spoke often, you learned of my poetry and would attend many of my local readings.

I now sit back and think how you must have felt to hear my hearts cries and pleads for another woman.

But then, we were only friends, co-workers, acquaintances that every so often grabbed a drink and shared stories.

I am not quite sure how it happened, or when my heart decided to allow you in.

I just know for so very long I have been emotionally numb for anyone, other than Seattle.

You, southern sunflower, changed that, with your caramel colored skin and hazel eyes that you bragged about inheriting from your grandma.

You showed me a picture of her once.
You probably don’t remember that because we had each
had a few too many glasses of merlot that night at the pub.

But I do recall thinking your grandmother was stunning for her age. Her skin was an emblazoned bronze accompanied by the most beautiful hazel eyes I had ever seen.

You, southern sunflower, did, in fact, inherit those eyes.  
I have looked in them enough times now to know how special and fragile your heart really is.

So I tell you, that I heard your words, your fears of me changing my mind and letting you go, stranded in a place that you had been abandoned once before.

So I tell you again, as I told you already.

I am a man who has physically loved many, but has soulfully, spiritually, and emotionally loved very few.

And although I cannot at this time tell you that I love you,
I can tell you that my heart is here and willing to see if the light from a southern sunflower can draw out the pain that
the clouds and stormy weather of Seattle brought to my heart.

— Tyler Anzan Cota