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happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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Didn’t feel like doing a full narrative today, but after over two years of TLC I can dash off pesterlogs in nothing flat. Remember back when I was getting all those kid shuffle asks? I’m basing this off this one.

I messed with my custom css specifically for this post.
tuesjade prompt: kidswap

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Danny Zuko x Reader- Drive-In (Rated M smut)

Alright I’m sorry its not related to Gotham but I said I would finish this! I enjoyed it way too much!

Based on the Grease Live! Danny Zuko because yum!!

You are on a date with Danny, trying to resist the urge of succumbing to his seduction, but you realise you need him to show him what a good girl you are.

Warning- Sexual content, penetration, oral, in the dark, teasing, Daddy Kink, Dom!Danny, Sub!Reader, restraints, rough sex

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anonymous asked:

i heard ya want angst.. what about an mc who was in college and there was a shooting but she doesn't make it out alive? with rfa and saeran?

Yes angst! Oh yeah….



 He was sitting in class half asleep when his professor dismisses the class it was his last class. He ran to the university where you go to. He saw police cars and ambulances. He sprinted onto campus and ran up to an officer.

   “What happened here” He gasps.

 “We cant tell you sir unless you go here” He says sternly.

 “My fiance goes here” He relplys.

 “I’m sure shes fine”He glares at Yoosung.”Go home”

 “Im not leaving unless I know MC is safe” He yells.

 One of the officers walk over.”Did you say MC”

 “Yes what happened”Yoosung asks.

  “I need you to follow me”She says.

 She leads him to a stretcher your lifeless body lay there he gasps and runs over to you.

 “Please tell me shes ok”He begs.

 “Im sorry Sir but their was a shooting and she didnt make it”They say.

 “T-This cant be happening’He sobs.


He was on break when one of his co-workers ran up to him.

 “Zen…look”He shows him his phone

School shooting 2 dead

  “So” Zen says.

 “Doesn’t your fiance go there?”He asks.

 Zen face falls and he runs out the door without telling anyone hes pretty sure that guy will tell everyone that his girlfriend could be in danger. He gets on his motorcycle and drives to your school. When he arrives he runs to one of the officers.

 “Hello is MC alright I’m her fiance and I heard what happened”He puts on his professional voice but on the inside hes freaking out.

 “MC? They already took her to the hospital we’re pretty sure she didnt make it though”

 He doesn’t even say anything he gets on his motorcycle and drives to the hospital. When he gets to the reception desk he just tell his your name and shows them his ID and how they were supposed to call him immediately. He then runs up to your room and sees your body covered up by a white sheet. It was clear that you were gone.Lifeless. He couldn’t protect you……


 She was proud that even though you worked at the coffee shop you still went to college. Like really proud. As she was waiting tables she glanced at the news.

 “College shooting 2 dead”

 Thats the same college MC goes to! Then her phone rings and she dashes toward it.

 “H-Hello”She says shakily.

 “Is this Jaehee Kang”They ask.

 “Yes who is this”She demands.

 He then proceeds to tell her that MC got shot and is probably not going to make it. And she tells everyone in the shop that shes closing immediately. She calls a cab and rushes to the hospital. When she gets to your room your already gone. She holds your hand until they tell her that she should go home and get some rest.  She goes home and just cries. Shes surprised when everyone comes to her house.

 “How did you know” She asks.

 “Well we go to the same college and I was trying to find her but it was to late when I did”Yoosung confesses.

 “We’re all really sorry Jaehee”Zen says softly.

 “Thank you guys but I just want to be alone”She sobs.

 “Ok lets go we have to respect her privacy” Jumin says.

 And she cried all night……….


 He was at a business meeting when an employee runs in. “Mr. Han it’s your wife”

 He stands up.”What happened concerning my wife”

 “There was a shooting at her college…she got shot”The assistant says quietly.

 “Call Driver Kim immediately”He says and turns to the table.”I’m so sorry but as you heard my wife is hurt I need to go now”

 Everyone nods and excuses him and he runs out the door. When he gets in the car he prays a lot like 5 times for you to be alright. When he gets there he immediately starts barking orders.

 “If she dies I’ll shut down your hospital” He shouts.

 He will do it dont mess with Jumin Han. Of course when they explain that honestly there was nothing they could do he didnt shut down the hospital…..hes not that cold.


 He always half watches you through your school camera and half works. So when a shady guy entered your school he panics. Like he cant freak out just yet don’t judge a book by it’s cover he of all people should know that. Now when the guy pulls out a gun it’s a different story. He half wants to run to the school and protect you but half wants to watch through the cameras to make sure your not in any danger. When the guy gets closer and closer to your class he freaks out. Is screaming at the screen like.

 “HOLY SH*T MC GET OUT OF THERE NOW” He screams but it’s no use you cant here him.

 Vanderwood just kinda gives him the sympathetic “yeah shes dead look” and  walks out. Shes almost out the door when he hears the gunshot and Seven just falls to the ground crying. and then she runs because ‘AHH human emotion’  But on the inside he is really sad.

 Seven is literally on the floor just crying his eyes out not caring about who hears him. He cant live without his MC.


 “SAERAN COME HERE NOW” His brother yells.

 “WHAT IS IT THIS TIME SEVEN” He yells back.

 “IT”S MC”

 That’s all it takes to get Saeran up like the only things that get him up is ice cream and you…..maybe if Saeyoung is dying,maybe. When he walks into Saeyoung’s room he sees a dead MC on the screen. He clenches his fist.

 “Who did this”He says his voice cold and empty.

 “Currently working on that” He says back.

 “We’re gonna ruin his life right Saeyoung?”

 “Oh totally nobody touches my sister and your wife”

Ok I’m assuming that when you play Saeyoung’s route Saeran is kinda close to you because your his sister same goes for Saeran’s route.

you know, this is really really fucking sad

ive been a fan of avenged sevenfold since i was 12. im 23 now and i STILL dont know alot of personal information about the band (yes that includes friends and family members)

why dont i know this when i had years to gather that information? because im not an inconsiderate disrespectful piece of shit.

there i said it. take it as you want to but knowing anything about the guys thats outside of the band or zacks clothing line to me personally is crossing a line. yes i can admit i do share pics of the guys with their wives but thats only when the guys are in the picture. as long as the guys are part of it i’ll share it otherwise i dont bother knowing anything about them or their friends or their family. and i definitely dont share pictures of matts kids because yes he actually has stated in interviews that he doesnt want his son to be put in the spotlight and has asked fans personally not to share pics of his sons

and when it comes down to his family and friends having “public” accounts (which btw still doesnt justify being a creep and finding out who associates with the band for the sole purpose of seeing pics of them with the guys) that still does not give ANY OF YOU permission to share pics of his kids. his friends and family have permission. not the fans. and personally who gives a shit what his kids names are or what they look like. kids in general arent fucking cute so why glorify them?

for the most part ive stayed away from making comments about this recent situation because im honestly tired of trying to reason with some people who dont get that they’re being creepy or understand what respecting someones privacy is.

like honestly just imagine yourselves in the guys shoes. honestly sit down and think about how you would feel if you were in a band and your fans wanted to practically know when the next time you were gonna take a shit. just think about it. sounds creepy af right? so why would some of you waste your fucking time doing that. why? why stoop to such a fucking level that honestly makes this fanbase the laughing stock of the rock community? 

because guess what? we are the laughing stock of the rock community. we actually fucking are. all because a majority of this fanbase are a bunch of gossip mongering brats who think theyre entitled to know everything just because they want to? 

fuck i can no longer talk to people about my music interests irl without them making fun of me for liking avenged sevenfold. almost every single person ive encountered has had the nerve to tell me “so since you like a7x you’re like super creepy obsessed right?”

do some of you not understand how shitty that makes me feel? do some of you not understand that i now cannot have decent conversations with people because im afraid they’ll make fun of me? do you not understand that i am now generalized into something i literally have no part of all because some of you dont know how to respect someones privacy? no less someone you dont even fucking know? because literally every single fan on this godforsaken website does not know the guys on a personal level whether youve met them or not.

and when it comes to the wives, you can hate them for all i care. but i see people on here spreading rumors about the wives and literally the rest of you actually believing these rumors and some of you use that as an excuse to hate them and call them bitches or gold diggers and what not. really? really? you literally do not even know them and you want to be negative and all for what? a few notes on a post or a few followers gained? you know how pathetic that makes you?

im not saying you cant hate the wives. by all means more power to you. but keep your negativity out of the fanbase. keep your obsession about matts kids off the internet. keep that shit to yourself. just stop. stop giving this fanbase a bad name. its literally no wonder why so many people in the rock community make fun of a7x fans. its because of all this bullshit. 

honestly im getting tired of it. this whole rant i have going here isnt going to change anything. i already know that, but wishful thinking is a weakness i have and i would hope it would get some of you to change your views and make you better and respectful fans but who knows maybe maybe not.

im not saying im gonna leave the fan base. there are very few of you who ive come to see as actual family in the fan base and so im only going to stay for them. anyone else who’s creeped on the guys and got information on them and has stolen pics of them or matts kids or hell even people who follow their friends cause they know the guys, i want nothing to do with you. i dont want to see that bullshit on my dash anymore and if you condone this idiocy you can unfollow me it wont hurt my feelings. im seriously tired of seeing this fan base fighting over such issues that honestly there are far more important issues in the world and some of you want to pick and choose and argue over the pettiest of shit.

any other fan base i have been in inside the rock and metal community do not act like this. they dont. period. they literally do not act like the way this fan base acts like and in the end.. thats whats really fucking sad. whats even more sad is that i understand now why some of my favorite blogs recently left the fanbase. they dont want to deal with all this bullshit anymore. hell i dont want to either but this band, Avenged Sevenfold is the only band thats keeping my stupid ass alive. they have been for years.

and i know some of you wont stop. i know some of you will still creep the guys family and friends accounts. i know some of you will still want to see pics of matts kids. i cant stop that from happening. but please PLEASE keep that shit off the internet from now on. keep it to yourself. keep it out of the fanbase so maybe someday the rock community can stop looking down on us as if we we’re lower than dirt. i get enough of that with everything else going on in my life, i dont want that in my safe haven.

sorry for the long post. this is all i have to say on the matter.

Fic: Orphan Blog (Chapter 5)

Written by Devon soccercopping and Aimee tatianathevampireslayer

Main Ships: Cophine and Soccercop

Rating: T

Word Count1111

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3, Chapter 4


Sarah muted her speakers and navigated back to rduncan’s blog. She was not going to put up with R. Kelly any longer than was completely necessary, and that point had already been passed.

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