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I’ve seen The Greatest Showman twice now...

And it is officially my favourite movie of 2017. This is going to be a long post with lots of gifs (none of them are mine). You have been warned.

This movie is essentially my kryptonite with it’s beautiful interracial romance

It’s bad ass choreography

Like look at how beautiful they are when they’re dancing on the roof and how fluid the movements are and I just wow

And the shot glasses in The Other Side like OMG dude that bartender needs to get some serious credit, damn son and then Hugh and Zac just killed it

Oh and Rewrite the Stars…not enough words to praise the choreography in this scene. Has a musical number ever been done on a trapeze before? I really don’t think so. It astounds me that Zac and Zendaya did most of this (If not all, I’m not sure) by themselves and they looked damn good doing it too.

And look at these costumes!

I want Jenny Lind’s wardrobe. For real.

You can’t really see her dress in the gif above but it’s the best I could find.


Seriously if “This Is Me” does not win best song at the Golden Globes there will be hell to pay, because the lyrics are incredibly moving and Keala Settle’s performance is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.

And starting the movie with Hugh Jackman saying “Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve waited for” and doing those poses was such a powerhouse move. The sheer ballsiness and confidence of that act just blows my mind.

A Million Dreams is one of my favourite numbers and I love how it shows Barnum and Charity transitioning from childhood to adulthood and how Charity has always been the one constant in Barnum’s life. I’ve already mentioned how gorgeous their dance sequence on the roof was.

Rewrite the Stars is beautiful with the way it shows how much Anne and Phillip want to be with each other but Anne is always out of Phillip’s reach and I CANNOT WITH HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM AND THIS NUMBER OKAY?

And look at the smooth moves in Come Alive. Basically every song has a purpose, every song moves the story forward and/or comes out of an emotional moment for these characters. Nothing is frivolous, nothing is wasted. 

To sum up, The Greatest Showman is a tour de force of romance, costuming, choreography, and music. It is visually spectacular and the transitions and the cuts are seamless. The casting is on point and I want Zac Efron, Zendaya, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Keala Settle, and Rebecca Ferguson to make a million more movies like this. Also I firmly believe that Pasek and Paul are this generations Rodgers and Hammerstein and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Please go see this movie and watch Hugh Jackman doing this


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It's my birthday next week and I will officially become an adult, so can I request number 18 for the prompt book thing plssss

Happy birthday to you in advance! I welcome you to the world of adulthood. You may certainly have prompt 18 (I’m assuming you want it for andreil since that’s pretty much all I write), which is: “Your family is visiting a local farmer’s market to look at the most local and tasty fruits, vegetables and other foods from around the area. What kind of local food would you most look forward to trying? if you could grow your own food, what would it be and why?”

“Apparently,” says Neil, heaving yet another box into the otherwise-empty living room, “the local campus organises a farmer’s market on the first Wednesday of every month.”

Andrew hums, staring around at the piles of brown packing boxes. He didn’t realise they’d accumulated so much stuff between them over the last six years, but he supposes the rest of the Foxes are to blame for that.

“Your first apartment together,” Allison had said, whipping out her credit card and dragging Neil off God-knows-where. “This requires a specific skill set.”

Apparently, Allison’s specific skill was that of buying every single appliance in a homeware store. Andrew can’t imagine a situation in which he’d ever need to use an electronic salad shredder.

“Does the farmer’s market have a stall where you can drop off unwanted juicers?” asks Andrew, nudging another of the boxes, and shrugs when Neil shakes his head. “Then I’m not interested.”

“They have local fudge and ice cream stalls, which are apparently well worth a visit,” says Neil. “And loads of fresh fruit and veg. Didn’t you say you wanted to try that new ratatouille recipe you found?”

Andrew sighs. Of course Neil would remember something said offhandedly while packing up cookery books. While Andrew remembers everything, Neil tends to remember Andrew. All the little things that he can so casually insert into conversation at a later date and set Andrew’s heart fluttering like a school kid with a crush.

In all honesty, Andrew wouldn’t mind going to the farmer’s market. He’d heard about it, having lived in Denver for a year now, but it had never seemed like the kind of thing he could visit with his teammates. And it had been a hectic summer, what with it being the start of Neil’s first season with the team combined with them moving into a shared apartment. Andrew’s old apartment had been a necessary living space and nothing more. With Neil moving in, he found he was seeking something more like … home.

“Home is wherever you are,” Neil had insisted when Andrew had discussed it with him, and a shiver runs up Andrew’s spine as he remembers.

Nevertheless, they’d found a place they both felt comfortable in, which had more space and a proper balcony, and it had been a no-brainer for them to sign the lease. Together.

“Fine,” says Andrew finally, looking out at the balcony and thinking about his sad-looking houseplants in his old apartment that had suffered from the dismal lack of light. “I’ll go for the ice cream.”

But that Wednesday, while Neil loads up the car with bags of fresh produce and various handmade sweets and chocolate for Andrew, Andrew himself returns from the market with a few bags of seeds and a tray of seedlings. He’s picked out strawberries and tomatoes for inside the French windows, where they’ll soak up the warmth from the sun - Andrew’s already determined that the midday sun turns the living room into a greenhouse - and runner beans along with various herbs for the balcony itself.

Neil regards the purchases with a small smile and a twinkle in his eye, and doesn’t comment when Andrew stops off at a garden centre on the way home to pick up some planters and potting compost.

They sit on the balcony together that afternoon, Neil planting the seeds while Andrew repots the seedlings, and Andrew can’t help but notice Neil’s constant, gentle smile.

“Staring,” teases Neil softly, setting down the watering can.

Andrew narrows his eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”

Neil just smiles and shakes his head, then tips his head back and shuts his eyes.

“This is nice,” he says with a sigh, looking so content as he basks in the sun, hands and clothes covered in compost.

Andrew watches Neil’s auburn hair glow in the sunlight, thinks of both of their names on the lease to the apartment, which is just beginning to feel like home, and silently agrees.

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Harry Styles - Louis Was Your Childhood Bully Imagine - Part Two

[Part One]

You had hoped that once you pointed out to Harry the dislike his best friend had for you that he might have a chat with him about it. You learned though, very quickly, that he did not. You and Harry had taken to hang out with the guys often after that first initial meeting. 

While with Niall and Liam you got on amazingly well, Louis, well with Louis you just tried to keep your distance. He still shot you the occasional glare when Harry’s back was turned, did his best to bring up stories you had tried your hardest to forget from your time in school, grinning with satisfaction when he noticed the look of discomfort on your face. Louis was winning at this little game he was playing, and he knew it. 

Louis treatment of you was starting to cause a rift between you and Harry. You tried to talk to him about it again, or point out the moments Louis jokes had turned but Harry still just didn’t get it. Maybe he just didn’t want to think so badly of Louis, but no matter the reason, it was hurting you that he was doing nothing to try and come to your aid when you confided in him how upset you were over the situation. 

“Love, he is just playin’.” Harry told you one day, pulling you close against his chest after you had walked out of your living room when Louis made a joke about how much you had eaten. “We’re all mates, he didn’t mean it in a rude way, I promise.” You rest your forehead against Harry’s chest, taking in deep breaths to try and will the tears not to come. 

“You just don’t get it, Harry.” As you said this, your face screws up, unable to control it, as the tears leaked out. Harry kisses the top of your head and pulls back, taking your shoulders in his hands. He saw now, the tears flowing down your cheeks and the hollowness to your breath, that whether or not Louis was in fact joking, you were hurt by all of this and he should have listened to you. 

“I’ll talk to him, alrigh’?” That was all you ever wanted Harry to do. You didn’t want him to stop being friends with Louis. You would never ask that, especially as Harry and him worked together, but maybe if Harry talked to him about it Louis would lay off. You could only hope. You felt like you were in grade school again with the jokes, the ridiculing, the cruel laughter following you even after you left the room. “’m sorry I haven’ said anythin’ to him ye’.” You take in a deep and shaky breath and shake your head. 

“S’okay.” You give him a small smile but the crease that had formed between his brows stays in place. He brings one large hand up to your cheek, his thumb sliding across your track of tears. “Thank you for believing me now.” 

“I guess I jus’ didn’ wan’ to believe he actually was hurting you. I jus’ want the most importan’ people in my life to ge’ along.” You give a nod, understanding completely. You lean in, pressing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. When you pull back he dips his face back for another soft kiss. “You alrigh’, then?” He wonders, a look of concern on his face. 

“I will be.” You wanted to be honest with him, you wanted him to know that you weren’t okay with this entire situation and thankfully now he finally understood. 

“I’ll go talk to him now.” You give a nod and a small smile before stepping out of the warm and comforting circle of Harry’s arms. 

“I think I’m going to go lay down for a bit, try to relax.” You tell him. His look of concern was still present but he nods. He hated to think that he had allowed you to have to endure his best friend doing this but he truly didn’t know that it was this bad but he realized now that Louis wasn’t just playing around, he had a serious dislike for the girl Harry was in love with and he didn’t like it. “Thank you.” You say quietly, leaning in to kiss him one last time before you turn and head for the hall. Harry watches you go, wishing he could take your pain and unhappiness away from you right that second but he knew the only way to help now was a conversation with his best friend. 

“Hey, mate, can we have a chat?” He asks Louis once he was back in the living room where the three friends were sat watching a football game. 

“Sure, mate.” Louis stands from the couch and follows Harry from the room. “What is it?” He asked once they got to the kitchen. Louis thought he knew, especially after Harry had disappeared with you but he would play dumb for just a bit before he admitted outright that he disliked you. 

“Why don’ you like Y/N?” Harry questions, leaning against the counter behind him, his tattooed arms crossing lazily across his chest as he watched Louis from across the room. He was trying to study his face, gauge his reaction to this question but Louis simply laughed. 

“And who says I don’t like her?” He asks then once he stopped his laughter. “Did she say that? She’s just tryin’ to come between us, mate.” Harry had been expecting this and earlier in the day would have believed it but after seeing the love of his life reduced to tears because of the words Louis had spoken, he knew that wasn’t it at all. 

“She told me tha’ you used to bully her in school.” The idea that you had to endure bullying, much less from the man standing across from him now, made an ache start in the very center of his chest and grow outward. The idea of anyone being bullied was enough to cause that ache but knowing the two involved made it worse. “Is tha’ true?” Harry pressed when Louis didn’t answer but he noted that Louis was looking anywhere but at Harry. 

“It was jus’ a bit of school yard fun. I was neveh serious.” He finally looked up and met Harry’s green eyes. “I haven’ treated her like that since we met, I promise.” But Harry knew that was a lie. He had just heard him going off on you not even ten minutes before. 

“She says tha’ you are and I heard your commen’ to her earlier in there.” Louis rolls his eyes now and gives a sigh. 

“So what do you want me to do? Go and apologize? Grovel at her feet?” Louis was done with this conversation. He never imagined you would go running to Harry about this, especially since you had never told on him for back in school. 

“I wan’ to know why you don’ like, and are rude to, the love of my life, the girl I plan on spendin’ the rest of my life with. I would really like two of the mos’ importan’ people in my life to get along.” Louis sighs again and takes a step back, giving a small pace across the large kitchen. 

“I guess when I saw her walk in with you that day at Niall’s everything from school jus’ came out. She was always such a brat back then, a teachers pet, acted like she was betteh than everyone else.” He explains but as he hears him say it, he knows that was back then and that this was now and that he shouldn’t have passed judgement so quickly and harshly as he himself had changed quite a bit since school so why couldn’t have you? And you must have, for someone as caring and compassionate as Harry to fall for you. 

“Is it true you told her that you can make her leave? Tha’ she was only with me for my money? That day at Niall’s, she told me you said tha’ but I figured you had just been concerned for me bu’ now I see it was jus’ because you don’t like her.” Louis had hoped you hadn’t told Harry that as hearing it back he realized just how shitty that was. 

“Look, I’m sorry, mate, truly. I will go apologize to her and will lay off. I promise.” And he meant it. Old school yard problems didn’t need to continue on into adulthood. If Harry cared for you as much as he appeared and said he did, you must not be as bad as Louis quickly judged you would be. 

“Leave the apology until tomorrow, she went to rest for a bit but I really do appreciate that.” Louis gives a nod. 

“We good then?” Harry laughs and nods, moving forward to hug Louis tightly before stepping back, smiling at him. 

“Of course. Just had to look out for my girl, ya know?” Louis nods, also smiling. 

“I am happy for you, mate. I’ve never seen you like this in a relationship before.” Louis noted the way that Harry’s face lit up then and he realized he truly meant that. Harry was the happiest he had ever been in the years Louis had known him and for that he should be grateful for you, and he was. 

“She’s somethin’ special.” Louis nods and hugs Harry again before the two go and rejoin the other two. Once the football match had been over, the guys left and Harry went in search of you. He found you snuggled up into his pillow, fast asleep. He grinned, kicked off his shoes and slid into the large bed beside you. His arms wrapping tight around your hips jolted you away but you sighed when you realized who it was. 

“Oh, hey.” You mutter, turning to snuggle into his warm chest. You give a content sigh as he rubs your back and places a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are the guys gone?” 

“Yeah,” Harry answers, still rubbing your back, his fingers lingering a bit on the spots he knew you got sore occasionally. “I had a chat with Louis.” 

“Yeah? How did it go?” You were mumbling a bit as your face was still buried in the soft fabric of the t-shirt he was wearing. 

“He apologized, said he will apologize to you nex’ time he sees you. He also said he was happy for me, tha’ I’ve never been like this in a relationship before.” You smile against his chest and he kisses the top of your head once more. “And he’s righ’. I’ve never been this happy.” You lift your head up to meet his stunning green eyes, both of you smiling at one another. 

“Me neither.” You whisper before your lips find his. You were happy that it seemed things with Louis would be better from now on. You wouldn’t have to worry about all of the snide comments, rude glares, and harassment anytime you were in a room together. Finally you would just be able to enjoy your time with Harry and his best friends. That was all you ever wanted and you were glad Harry wasn’t mad at you for saying you were unhappy with Louis and that he cared enough to speak with him. You really were so lucky to have him, and oh so happy.

I have been always comfortable being alone and even reveled in it. I am an avid reader and Archie comics along with Nancy Drew were my first introduction to reading in general. I am blessed with parents who encouraged me to read buying me books and comics when I was young. Now thirty odd years later, I am seeing a great part of my childhood splashed on screen in the form of “Riverdale”

I confess I didn’t care about the show when I first heard about it. I didn’t want my favorite character, Jughead, to be misrepresented in a way that would settle in my skin like a septic wound. I was hesitant, I was apprehensive. Six episode later, I still am, to be honest. Not as much as before though.

However, this Jughead is quite close to the one in my head, the one who I imagined to be. The quiet loner who is sarcastic, kind, cares about the world and calls out bullshit that’s happening around him. He has been asexual, aromantic and in very old comics, self proclaimed “woman hater”. It was mildly offensive till Betty became a  part of the equation. In comics, she is this intelligent and kind person who shares a friendship with Jughead that isn’t defined by his relationship with Archie or the dynamics they share as a group. In several Betty’s Diary stories, Jughead features in quite prominent roles where Betty stands on the brink of adulthood and experiences loss, heartbreak, disappointment and gravity of consequences due to her actions. There is an inherent goodness in her that sometimes get abused by others or misunderstood. Jughead has come through (as her Veronica and Archie - several times actually) as a sounding board, as a friend and as someone who sees her for the great girl that she is and not just for the “girl next door” aspect of her.  

For what its worth, Jughead in the Riverdale TV show gives me something to look forward to. I am okay with him being with Betty as I would have been  okay with him being unattached. The twelve year old in me screamed when Jughead kissed Betty. They aren’t power couple material. Hell, they aren’t even popular material. But their relationship, if it exists, would be that of quietness and muted conversations, loaded exchanges and angst-ridden existential monologues.

Yeah, am okay with that.

Guys, I just crushed my daughter's dreams.

Pippa asked if she could have a whole stick of butter with her breakfast and I said no because butter is a moderation food because it has so much fat and it family has a history of heart disease.

She burst into tears because apparently she has a dream of doing nothing but eating butter all day long and, “my dreams are crushed! They are broken on the ground! My life - why am I here if someday I can’t just eat butter all day long?”

I’ve promised her that every one in a while she can just eat wild amounts of butter, but that has to be very rare. She is not mollified. I think she was looking forward to adulthood because it would just be a 24/7 butter fest, and I have shattered that hope.

That’s why I’m hard on Dipper. To toughen him up. So that when the world fights, he fights back.

Ultimately, this is Dipper Pines’ show. It’s his story being told, co-leads or no co-leads, and in the end I think this entire series could all end up being a retelling of Dipper’s memoirs after the fact. His perspective is extremely contrasted with Mabel’s. He is looking forward, to adolescence, to romance, to adulthood, and in the meantime he tends to lose track of the here-and-now.

It’s nice to see, really. Dipper, to me, is exactly what it feels like to be 12 years old, just old enough to really and truly realize how young you actually are. It’s a difficult age for adults to conceptualize in fiction, and I don’t often see it pulled off very well. He’s kindhearted, sure, but at the same time he’s self-absorbed without meaning to be. The stories going on in his head are so much more important than the mundane stuff of everyday life, and he wants to be doing great things, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Someday, surely, he will. 

Dipper’s flaws are what they are, and they make him who he is. He doesn’t bother to hide behind platitudes and insincere smiles like Mabel is prone to do, and he is much more comfortable letting his guard down. He does have deep insecurities, however, mostly surrounding his idolization of maturity and his deep desire to escape childhood as quickly as he can. 

I honestly don’t want to see any sort of genuine romantic reciprocation from Wendy in the course of this series. Ultimately, there’s just an age and maturity gap between them that is more than what is reasonable, especially as Dipper is currently a completely different person from whoever he will be three years down the road. Ultimately, his crush on Wendy is an important part of him growing up, but equally important is his growing recognition that she is not the idol he has made her, and that ultimately he needs to let her be. I want this badly, if only because it’s an important moral-of-the-story in this age, where emotional abuse and unrealistic relationships in “romantic comedies” are pretty much everyday fare. 

Gravity Falls is the story of Dipper Pines becoming a man. It’s a long, difficult journey that takes far more than a single summer, of course. But at the same time, this first extended period away from home is absolutely transformative. It definitely was for me. I want him to do this. I want to see him grow, and succeed, and become everything he’s ever wanted to be. I want him to learn about life, about when to stop talking and just listen, when to go after her and when to let her go. I want him to recognize just how special his sibling relationship is, and that even though it’s ultimately unsustainable it’s worth more than words can describe. 

The season ended in vindication for him. The world knocked him down hard, but he fought back, and in the end he won. He is the hero in his own story, sure, and of course he’s the hero of Mabel’s story, but he’s becoming one in everyone else’s lives as well, and I’m fascinated to see where it goes from here. 

Summer x Shadows - 1/? - T - I Didn’t Ask For This (We Never Really Do)

THIS post is to blame for this help I’m already in too deep. @paperbacktrash i’m tagging you because if I’m going down with this ship them damn right I’m dragging someone down with me :P

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Pairing: Tarquin x Azriel


All these years of living in the light and reviling the dark; It’s the beginning of a chance or maybe a change and he didn’t ask for it but it’s with him at 3am on his pillow and he thinks that maybe just maybe he likes it.


Tarquin is the High Lord of Summer and yet here he is falling in love with a man born of shadows.

Tags: dumb stupid writing style i’m such a pretentious hick but the reality is my brain needs to sleep it’s 1am so suck it up kids, fluff, opposites attract, enemies to comrades to lover, tarq and az wanna save the world, canon compliant(ish)

Chapter One: Easy

The calling comes all too fast and all without Tarquin’s noticing.

It starts at the time when it most should not, in the wake of a battle that devastated the kingdom he has slaved for years to rebuild. It starts when he is faced with those who betrayed his trust and worse, proved to him that he really is as naive and incompetent as the whispers say. It starts at the break of day.

He sees him across the fields of injured, a quiet statue amongst the busy and the dying. They’re leaving now and he doesn’t even catch his name, only his image. The sight of him remains just long enough to spy the darkness that webs across his skin, the shadows that are at beck and call to him as war-hounds are to their masters.

He sees him just long enough to know the rumours of the Night Court are true; They really do birth monsters.


A name does not next follow.

Instead, fear is the next installment. It is taught to him with true mastery of the art, as he listens from behind a door as secrets are carved out a man’s soul. His court learns the names of traitors that helped Hybern in that night, but he learns that monsters do not have to say a word to ruin a man completely. There had been no sounds of violence or coercion, but a simple three act play: Silence to screaming to confession.  

Yet, though the torturer’s efficiency is impressive, it’s not what chills the High Lord’s spine. That comes later, when he spies him on a balcony gripping onto stone and staring at his hands. There is something in his face, the way night wreaths around his throat, that leaves Tarquin hearing screaming, even when the only noise is that of the waves upon the rocks.

It scares him, to wonder what it must be like inside the mind of someone like that; A man who can undo someone in a breath’s moment wielding thought alone. On whom did he sharpen the weapons of his trade, and on which poor souls did he practice?

Looking at his moonlit face, Tarquin wishes the answer were less obvious. It’s easier to hate them when the monsters are not monsters to themselves.


The name comes at the High Lords’ congregation, though that is not what Tarquin remembers of him when he goes unto his chambers and and finds sleep is only catchable by dawn. What sticks around is just one moment, on where the facade breaks and it’s revealed the monster cares.

And as Tarquin sat there, watching the shadow boy destroy Eris for the sakes of one woman and one specific woman alone, he felt the growing tug inside his stomach. Mor does not look happy as she is fought for, a nauseous repulsion on her face, and yet he’s left envious.

He has lived a life of playing fair and smiling masks even in the face of the depravity their world inflicts upon those who deserve so much better. It is hard not to think that maybe becoming monsters is not such a vile response to monstrocity. It is hard not to want a little piece of that fury worn plain upon his face.

All these years of living in the light and reviling the dark; It’s the beginning of a chance or maybe a change and he didn’t ask for it but it’s with him at 3am on his pillow and he thinks that maybe just maybe he likes it.



His name is Azriel, and it sits on Tarquin’s tongue far too often these days. He mentions him in passing and in council meets and no matter how much disinterest he feigns when asking after him Varian still notices and looks at him. He doesn’t say anything but two months later, now the war is over, when Amren comes to visit she brings a man of shadow in tow and this time, when he says ‘Azriel’, the man looks back and he realises.

“Varian said you wanted my input on the new legislation,” is all the shadowsinger says, ignorant to the squirming it sets of in Tarquin’s stomach. He’s as cold and distant as ever until a soft smile breaks through and the realisation condenses. “I look forward to working with you.”


Long nights spent arguing and bickering and debating over semantics and rules and implications turn into long months, and Cresseida says it perfectly when she informs her High Lord, “I haven’t seen you look this happy in years.”

Happy is reductive of reality, but she’s not wrong. The passion for justice and good Tarquin grew up nursing in childhood did not fare so well in an adulthood of war and famine, yet with peace comes possibility. And there every step of the way is Azriel, a soundboard for ideas and innovation.

No one else has ever shared his drive for improvement like the Illyrian, although you’d never guess it from watching them. Where Tarquin enthuses and rambles and gesticulates more and more with every passing hour, Azriel is nearly silent throughout the evening. His delivery is calm and practical, if a little marred in dry condescension when Tarquin gets particularly over-enthusiastic. Yet each night he insists on staying up longer and longer to straighten out some new idea, to the point where one day they look up from their desk and reference books to realise dawn has split across the horizon.

“For the first time in my life,” Tarquin says as he watches the day meet night outside, “I think we might really stand a chance of altering things for the better.” A shadow drifts across the glass, and he looks up just in time to spot Azriel as he kisses him.

130 Mood Series | #2 | 21 | Dean

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| Trouble: Part 1, Part 2 | 21 | I Love It: Part 1, Part 2 | Half Moon | What To Do | Bonnie & Clyde | Pour Up | And You? |

You never enjoyed parties. And upon recent events, you had grown to resent them, and to despise them. You never really liked celebrations deemed unnecessary either, like a celebration of a certain age.

You never understood the stigma of turning twenty one. You never understood why it was something to look forward to. You grasped that it was a person’s subconsciously official passage to adulthood, as they could finally drink legally and gain access to clubs they could only observe with envy before. But was that all? What was so great about that?

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Then he saw the other one, waddling along half-hidden by his brother’s side. Tyrion Lannister, the youngest of Lord Tywin’s brood and by far the ugliest.

also, i’ve fixated on a lot of different things in the paragraphs that first introduce tyrion, but until the audiobook, i’ve never really focused on this: “half-hidden”

(it’s been almost 20 years since i first read this book, and my eyes sort of hurry up and jump to the visuals about tyrion’s hair and stature etc to get the image of him in my head, but the audiobook forces me to slow down and savor it)

but i love this idea of duality, of tyrion being “half-hidden,” half in light and half in shadow. It’s a theme that I think GRRM carries throughout the books wrt Tyrion, even in ADWD, when Tyrion dreams he has “two heads, both noseless” with one laughing and the other weeping. 

I’m wondering if GRRM meant to draw a parallel between Tyrion and Janus, the Roman god “of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. It is conventionally thought that the month of January is named for Janus […]. Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The doors of his temple were open in time of war, and closed to mark the peace. As a god of transitions, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange”

It makes me think of how Tyrion was born in midwinter: “He had been born in the dead of winter, a terrible cruel one that the maesters said had lasted near three years” born in the middle, looking forward and back

and gosh, gosh, gosh, i love the connection to doorways and passages in Tyrion’s story

“Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions such as the progress of past to future, from one condition to another, from one vision to another, and young people’s growth to adulthood.” <— im really interested in what Tyrion’s role will be as the third head of the dragon, and how that will play out with Jon and Dany

but anyways, such an amazing way to introduce Tyrion, “half-hidden,” I love it, bravo George!

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I'm late to your discussion of why antis are predominantly under 25 (and agree w all your points), but one other thing I've noticed is that for even slightly older people (25-30), hitting 18, reaching ADULTHOOD, was a milestone of independence, something you looked forward to. These kids OTOH seem absolutely terrified of the implications of that, of being an adult with responsibility, and seem fine with throwing away that independence in favor of being a "literal child" forever. [1/2]

[2/2] I fully get that adulting today seems more stressful than it’s ever been, but I also suspect the pervasive mindset on social media is a self-perpetuating thing that paints teens and young adults as simultaneously powerless AND somehow responsible for everything. And posts like “Omg what is a 25+ y.o. doing in fandom, GTFO it’s weird and creepy!” dont help. I know it’s confusing. I know it’s scary. But this weird self-disenfranchising and denial does nothing but make them feel even worse.

hah. I’m not super happy with that post b/c it smacks of ‘these darn kids with their INTERNETS and MEMES’. Honestly there’s so many factors that go into the social differences between today’s teens and teens 10-15 years ago.

Like, is there an actual difference in the amount of personal responsibility kids are expected to have for themselves compared to before? it probably depends on the family, but overall studies show middle/upper-class US/UK minors are under adult supervision much more often than they used to be. and when the predominant viewpoint is ‘minors need adult supervision’, some minors will buy into that. Others don’t, but they learn that mashing the ‘adults are NOT PROTECTING ME’ button whenever they are displeased with their environment is still super effective.

Today’s teens do seem more than willing to give up the freedom of adulthood for the safety of being a ‘child’ compared to millennials. those of us who grew up before the 2008 recession felt we had a lot more to look forward to in growing up and becoming self-sufficient compared to kids today.  ever since the 2007-2008 recession, the financial forecast for young adults has been bleak: no salary jobs without college degrees, no salary jobs with college degrees, college debt piling up, unpaid internships are the only path to getting a foot in the door, minimum wage jobs won’t pay the bills, and you’re only one uninsured medical crisis away from crippling financial hell for the rest of your life. Who wants to grow up and be independent in this economy? 

I think you make a good point about the pressure that social justice/fandom puts on young adults being a factor. more ways transformative fandom encourages its members to never want to grow up:

  • if you’re a minor who buys into anti-shipping: minors are allowed to ship teenage characters and consume fanworks about them. but once a minor becomes an adult, teen characters are off-limits: it’s ‘pedophilia’ to ship them. why would you want to consider yourself an adult when it restricts what you can enjoy?
  • if you identify as a woman: your entire life has been pointing you to the day you outgrow fun. adult women are either successful in their careers/business, making money off their greatest passion, or mothers. maybe both. either way, their lives are devoted to work.
    adult women in fandom are losers. but you’re not a loser. you’ll be too busy with real things for fandom when you’re a real adult. someday. in the future.
  • if you’re an active anti who tells off shippers: being a minor is the ultimate trump card. if you attack a shipper’s work and they react poorly, they’re yelling at a kid. if a shipper defends their age gap ship, they’re personally harming you, a kid. if a harassment campaign goes south, you’re the real victim because you’re a kid.
    nobody can expect anything of you while you’re still a minor - you can behave poorly and adults have to stay cool. (plus if your entire fandom existence revolves around Thinking of the Children, why wouldn’t you want to count as one?)
  • if you’re a minor who doesn’t buy into anti-shipping: being a minor is your only defense against anti-shippers banging down your door for your problematic content - heck, they already do it, but at least they (sometimes) back off when they hear you’re not 18.
    it’s gonna suck to be in fandom when you grow up, isn’t it?
The Next Step

Summary: Jughead decides one day that he and Betty need something new in their relationship.

Word Count: 3,061

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

Jughead isn’t sure when this seed of an unknown lingering idea in the back of his mind blossoms into a full-fledged plan.

One day he’s walking in the city after a meeting with his writing agent when he passes a jewelry store and backtracks until he’s standing in front of the window display, all sorts of jewelry staring back at him. His mind races, reflecting back over the years, though he can’t give any reasoning as to why -especially right here at this particular moment. Things between him and Betty have never been better. They’re both well-paid adults, having purchased an amazingly restored brownstone in the city with the money from his first novel. Betty is writing for a major magazine where Veronica also works and maintaining her own website for New York City local news with a few other writers.

Needless to say, everything has been perfect. His dad comes to visit at least once a month and they handle Betty’s parents whenever they make the trek into the city along with her sister, Polly and the twins.

But suddenly he just gets this feeling that something is missing from their life as he stares at the sparkling jewels in the middle of the day on a crowded street. They have the house he’s always wanted, a backyard in the city which is extremely hard to get, the beautiful blonde he’s admired since he was twelve, grown-up jobs doing exactly what they wanted since talking about it in the days of the Blue and Gold.

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This will be fun

I think that one of the reasons why Daryl is looking forward to attacking the Saviors and taking the fight to them is that the Saviors are abusing these communities by extorting food and servitude from them, by randomly killing them for any minor infraction, and by literally trying to torture people into obedience.

And while Daryl, as a child, was unable to get out of his abusive relationship with his father (and his mother who neglected him and apparently was unable to protect him from his father’s verbal abuse, and later Merle, who continued his emotional abuse into adulthood even though he clearly loved his younger brother), he did make the conscious choice to leave Merle and instead return to the prison, to people he knew cared for him and his well-being and didn’t express their care by abusing him.

As an adult, he was finally able to actively choose to leave his abuser behind, and he must have felt empowered by making this choice.

Carol, who felt unable to actively get away from Ed for good before the apocalypse and “only” managed to do so temporarily by staying in the shelter in Atlanta and then returning home, very probably experienced relief (among other things) when putting that pickaxe to Ed’s head at the quarry, but she has yet to experience the rush of power Daryl likely felt on turning his back on Merle in mid-rant.

Now, the communities being abused by N€gan and the Saviors are making the conscious choice to fight back, and Daryl is looking forward to this feeling of empowerment again at deciding his own fate and no longer allowing an abuser and a bully to control his life - and Carol, after a moment of hesitation, agrees when he says that this will be fun.

It’s not about killing other people. It’s about ending their abuse.

April is the cruelest month

Even now as an adult I NEVER look forward to Spring or feel happy when it comes because I just associate it with my teenage years of being stuck in the house, short, chubby, with no curves in sight, relegated to the role of spectator, imprisoned in my imperfect body, watching these other girls around me blossom into attractive young women with slim curves and small waists and getting dates and going shopping and constructing this positive image of themselves that they could carry into their adulthood all whilst I…

Watched. And waited for it to ‘get better’. It never really did. 

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Boruto anime has alack of originality put into it, Naruto was always special in that it wasn't another cookie cutter anime. With the class president, goth Lolita girl with a giant stuffed animal, main character wanting a leisurely school life and some villain controlling his classmates. Boruto is coming off as another middle school anime about kids who learn to control their magic powers. Watching them do ninja school isn't a bad idea but it could be if it centers around overdone anime things.

Well, they’ve sort of spiked their guns already too with the whole “flash forward to Boruto as an adult: everything’s totally FUCKED and some MAD AWESOME FIGHTING is about to go down!!! but first, let’s go back in time ten years and watch some tweens eat hamburgers.”

It’s like, shit, spoiler alert, Konoha is going to be a smoking crater in ten years tops. Not anyone should need a spoiler alert for how Boruto is going to end.


All surviving female characters: will be presented totally in the context of their mothering of the next generation. Their kids will be Totally Afraid of them, regardless of what their personality is, because their pre-childbirth personality doesn’t matter. They are now Anime Mothers.

All surviving male characters: will look like they are about to die from overwork.

Isn’t adulthood great, kiddies? Look forward to it! :D :D :D

Basically you can listen to Denis Leary’s “Life’s Gonna Suck When You Grow Up” and in less than three minutes you’ll have absorbed the message of the Naruto ending.

Weekly Brallie Post: Your Girl Is Back & “You Never Forget Your First Love”

The tv fates have dealt their cruel hand and its official our show has been given the boot. Despite the sad news ,their is some good to look forward to in the event of a big three episode send off which will be introducing a spinoff following our two girls Callie and Marianna into adulthood. Their are promises of close ties with their family and all of the original characters, but the one Foster most people are already pushing to the front is our boy B, for obvious reasons. It’s looking more and more like Brallie may end up being stretched out and honestly the producers may be using that to keep a certain fandom watching. While I’ve made it clear I will always support the show wether or not Brallie happens, I still firmly believe they will be endgame. Now that we know they will be taking the show into more mature waters, with a huge time jump to adulthood, its even more likely that Brallie will happen. Callie becoming unadopted in the final episodes is becoming more and more unlikely, but I’m not saying its impossible. This shows timeline will always move at a slow enough pace for that to still be an option, but at this point if it doesn’t happen Im not ruling out a Brallie reunion. This show is known for its controversy and pushing the boundaries of everyday norms so setting Callie up as an adult with the same nagging regret of letting Brandon go possesses plenty of opportunity, especially if he becomes the third member to join the cast in the spinoff. Imagine Brandon and Callie living as roommates under the same roof, temptation is bound to set in. I would love for them to not be legal siblings when this happens, but you know what they say…”You never forget your first love”. Also if the characters are in their early twenties, you know the booze will be flowing and its only a matter of time before Brandon and Callie fall into each others beds. Throw in jealousy of each others frequent flings and you are sure to have a “Will they or won’t they scenario”. Again, I really hope their are no adoptive strings attached by then, but I will never let these two go, because Brandon and Callie will always be each others person and thats not going to change with time.

When We Were Young {SSU Flashback}

Here’s a short flashback from the Sunny Side Up verse for Day 6 of the @oqpromptparty​! Based of prompt #194. (Young OQ AU) Regina is dating Robin and she can’t wait to go to prom with him but something happens and she can’t go so. I took some liberties to fit it to the story but I hope you like it.

{Read the actual fic}


There was no American rite of passage more anticipated than prom night. For most girls it was an event almost as revered as a wedding. A night of magic and gowns, music, dancing and with any luck romance. One final celebration of youth before being shipped off to independence and and adulthood.

Regina had been looking forward to her prom ever since she was a child. She wouldn’t dare tell anyone - not her friends, especially not her mother - but it’d been all she could think about since entering high school. She’d given her all in every class, on every test, loaded up her spare time with extracurriculars all the while just dreaming of the one night when she’d be allowed to forget her future for one moment and just be a teenager. It was all she’d wanted.

She’d bought a dress, she’d picked a hairstyle. The limo had been rented, the photographer paid. She’d even managed to scrounge up a date for the evening, just some pretty face from the baseball team but still. Everything had been in place and she’d been excited.

But of course, life decided to kick her in the teeth. Or, more accurately, in the leg.

It was prom night and due to her own actions Regina Mills was sitting in a hospital bed with a broken leg, a bowl of green jello and an old static-prone television as her only source of entertainment. She sighed resting her head against the pillow. Her throat grew tight as she glanced over at the clock above her door.


Everyone was probably arriving at the venue by now, all dressed up and glamorous, ready to have fun at their “night among the stars” as the planning committee had opted to call it. She cursed under her breath. The whole situation was such crap but it was still… nobody’s fault but her own.

Well, that damn cat could certainly shoulder some of the blame.

So stupid.

She’d noticed the fliers, they’d been up for the past week at least. A small grey tabby cat that belonged to her neighbors had been missing. They’d even gone around the neighborhood asking everyone to keep an eye out.

She’d been riding her bike to the store for some last-minute lipstick when she’d seen the damn thing just idling in the street. It was calm when she called out its name, even when she started to walk toward her, but once the car appeared on the road it froze. Her instincts kicked in and she’d gotten it out of the way, but not before the car had knocked her right in the leg.

The driver skidded to a stop and she lay in the road screaming out as the pain of a bone fracture erupted through her thigh, while the cat had scurried off. It showed up in its owner’s backyard less than two hours later.

And now here she was, laying in the hospital, watching shitty 1920’s movies on TCM while missing out on what was supposed to be the greatest night of her life. Closing her eyes to take a deep breath, she tried not to cry. This wasn’t fair.

“Well, looks like somebody’s not having a good night.”

Her eyes popped open at the voice intruding on her solitude. Immediately, she rolled them when she saw him standing in her doorway.

Of course it was none other than her best friend, Robin. Like something out of a corny movie he stepped into her room, still dressed in his rented tux with a paper bag hanging from his hand while she lay there in nothing but a crinkling hospital gown. He sent her a sympathetic smile as he approached her bed.

“Regretting your heroism?” he guessed.

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You’re a 97liner (Big Bang)

Jiyong: -when the two of you met you acted much older than you were but it was what you’ve always done. You were mature but as the same time you were childish much like him. So when you told him you were only 19 he was shocked. He wouldn’t let your age stop him from being with you or being around him. So he continued to be extremely bashful with you in hopes you would be ok with it as well.- “Really I would have pegged you as someone who was older than me but hey welcome to adulthood I’ll gladly teach you the thrills and chills of it all, if you’d like me to”

Originally posted by tae-kwon

Seungri: -you haven’t looked your age since you hit puberty so you looked and acted maturer than which you truly were. So even before he did anything he’d regret you told him you were only 19. He really did like you though so he was pondering if he would want to take you out of the whole adult experience or not.- “like mentally or physically because I have a hard time believe that either way” 

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Daesung: -You were forward with him about it making sure he knew you were barely an adult before he’d actually want to be seen in public or hang out with you in general. He really didn’t mind because he could feel something between the two of you. People could call him a cradle robber and the hate people both saying you shouldn’t be together, that you both should be with people your own age but none of that would stop his feelings for you.- “that doesn’t change the fact I’d like to take you out on a date sometime Y/N”

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Taeyang: -he was well aware of your age, you were his neighbor for a decent portion of his childhood. His mother made him walk you to your house everyday when you were starting school. When he came home to visit he was shocked to see how much you’ve changed since then- “my gosh Y/N when did you become such a beautiful women? What happened to the little girl who had a crush on me when she was 12?”

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Seunghyun: -you were a recently debut member of an idol group for YG Entertainment who was the maknae of her group at 19. He knew how wrong it was to like you but he couldn’t help it but he wasn’t the first older man within the idol business to find you attractive either so he kept it to himself. He thought if you liked him he’d let you figure it out yourself. But people seemed to realize it as well and people even told you, you wouldn’t believe it til you heard the words from his mouth so you asked him- “As creepy as it sounds I really do like you Y/N. You’re a beautifully gifted young women and I can’t help it”

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