if this is adulthood then i look forward to it

That’s why I’m hard on Dipper. To toughen him up. So that when the world fights, he fights back.

Ultimately, this is Dipper Pines’ show. It’s his story being told, co-leads or no co-leads, and in the end I think this entire series could all end up being a retelling of Dipper’s memoirs after the fact. His perspective is extremely contrasted with Mabel’s. He is looking forward, to adolescence, to romance, to adulthood, and in the meantime he tends to lose track of the here-and-now.

It’s nice to see, really. Dipper, to me, is exactly what it feels like to be 12 years old, just old enough to really and truly realize how young you actually are. It’s a difficult age for adults to conceptualize in fiction, and I don’t often see it pulled off very well. He’s kindhearted, sure, but at the same time he’s self-absorbed without meaning to be. The stories going on in his head are so much more important than the mundane stuff of everyday life, and he wants to be doing great things, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Someday, surely, he will. 

Dipper’s flaws are what they are, and they make him who he is. He doesn’t bother to hide behind platitudes and insincere smiles like Mabel is prone to do, and he is much more comfortable letting his guard down. He does have deep insecurities, however, mostly surrounding his idolization of maturity and his deep desire to escape childhood as quickly as he can. 

I honestly don’t want to see any sort of genuine romantic reciprocation from Wendy in the course of this series. Ultimately, there’s just an age and maturity gap between them that is more than what is reasonable, especially as Dipper is currently a completely different person from whoever he will be three years down the road. Ultimately, his crush on Wendy is an important part of him growing up, but equally important is his growing recognition that she is not the idol he has made her, and that ultimately he needs to let her be. I want this badly, if only because it’s an important moral-of-the-story in this age, where emotional abuse and unrealistic relationships in “romantic comedies” are pretty much everyday fare. 

Gravity Falls is the story of Dipper Pines becoming a man. It’s a long, difficult journey that takes far more than a single summer, of course. But at the same time, this first extended period away from home is absolutely transformative. It definitely was for me. I want him to do this. I want to see him grow, and succeed, and become everything he’s ever wanted to be. I want him to learn about life, about when to stop talking and just listen, when to go after her and when to let her go. I want him to recognize just how special his sibling relationship is, and that even though it’s ultimately unsustainable it’s worth more than words can describe. 

The season ended in vindication for him. The world knocked him down hard, but he fought back, and in the end he won. He is the hero in his own story, sure, and of course he’s the hero of Mabel’s story, but he’s becoming one in everyone else’s lives as well, and I’m fascinated to see where it goes from here. 

Guys, I just crushed my daughter's dreams.

Pippa asked if she could have a whole stick of butter with her breakfast and I said no because butter is a moderation food because it has so much fat and it family has a history of heart disease.

She burst into tears because apparently she has a dream of doing nothing but eating butter all day long and, “my dreams are crushed! They are broken on the ground! My life - why am I here if someday I can’t just eat butter all day long?”

I’ve promised her that every one in a while she can just eat wild amounts of butter, but that has to be very rare. She is not mollified. I think she was looking forward to adulthood because it would just be a 24/7 butter fest, and I have shattered that hope.

I have been always comfortable being alone and even reveled in it. I am an avid reader and Archie comics along with Nancy Drew were my first introduction to reading in general. I am blessed with parents who encouraged me to read buying me books and comics when I was young. Now thirty odd years later, I am seeing a great part of my childhood splashed on screen in the form of “Riverdale”

I confess I didn’t care about the show when I first heard about it. I didn’t want my favorite character, Jughead, to be misrepresented in a way that would settle in my skin like a septic wound. I was hesitant, I was apprehensive. Six episode later, I still am, to be honest. Not as much as before though.

However, this Jughead is quite close to the one in my head, the one who I imagined to be. The quiet loner who is sarcastic, kind, cares about the world and calls out bullshit that’s happening around him. He has been asexual, aromantic and in very old comics, self proclaimed “woman hater”. It was mildly offensive till Betty became a  part of the equation. In comics, she is this intelligent and kind person who shares a friendship with Jughead that isn’t defined by his relationship with Archie or the dynamics they share as a group. In several Betty’s Diary stories, Jughead features in quite prominent roles where Betty stands on the brink of adulthood and experiences loss, heartbreak, disappointment and gravity of consequences due to her actions. There is an inherent goodness in her that sometimes get abused by others or misunderstood. Jughead has come through (as her Veronica and Archie - several times actually) as a sounding board, as a friend and as someone who sees her for the great girl that she is and not just for the “girl next door” aspect of her.  

For what its worth, Jughead in the Riverdale TV show gives me something to look forward to. I am okay with him being with Betty as I would have been  okay with him being unattached. The twelve year old in me screamed when Jughead kissed Betty. They aren’t power couple material. Hell, they aren’t even popular material. But their relationship, if it exists, would be that of quietness and muted conversations, loaded exchanges and angst-ridden existential monologues.

Yeah, am okay with that.

Then he saw the other one, waddling along half-hidden by his brother’s side. Tyrion Lannister, the youngest of Lord Tywin’s brood and by far the ugliest.

also, i’ve fixated on a lot of different things in the paragraphs that first introduce tyrion, but until the audiobook, i’ve never really focused on this: “half-hidden”

(it’s been almost 20 years since i first read this book, and my eyes sort of hurry up and jump to the visuals about tyrion’s hair and stature etc to get the image of him in my head, but the audiobook forces me to slow down and savor it)

but i love this idea of duality, of tyrion being “half-hidden,” half in light and half in shadow. It’s a theme that I think GRRM carries throughout the books wrt Tyrion, even in ADWD, when Tyrion dreams he has “two heads, both noseless” with one laughing and the other weeping. 

I’m wondering if GRRM meant to draw a parallel between Tyrion and Janus, the Roman god “of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. It is conventionally thought that the month of January is named for Janus […]. Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The doors of his temple were open in time of war, and closed to mark the peace. As a god of transitions, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange”

It makes me think of how Tyrion was born in midwinter: “He had been born in the dead of winter, a terrible cruel one that the maesters said had lasted near three years” born in the middle, looking forward and back

and gosh, gosh, gosh, i love the connection to doorways and passages in Tyrion’s story

“Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions such as the progress of past to future, from one condition to another, from one vision to another, and young people’s growth to adulthood.” <— im really interested in what Tyrion’s role will be as the third head of the dragon, and how that will play out with Jon and Dany

but anyways, such an amazing way to introduce Tyrion, “half-hidden,” I love it, bravo George!

Harry Styles - Louis Was Your Childhood Bully Imagine - Part Two

[Part One]

You had hoped that once you pointed out to Harry the dislike his best friend had for you that he might have a chat with him about it. You learned though, very quickly, that he did not. You and Harry had taken to hang out with the guys often after that first initial meeting. 

While with Niall and Liam you got on amazingly well, Louis, well with Louis you just tried to keep your distance. He still shot you the occasional glare when Harry’s back was turned, did his best to bring up stories you had tried your hardest to forget from your time in school, grinning with satisfaction when he noticed the look of discomfort on your face. Louis was winning at this little game he was playing, and he knew it. 

Louis treatment of you was starting to cause a rift between you and Harry. You tried to talk to him about it again, or point out the moments Louis jokes had turned but Harry still just didn’t get it. Maybe he just didn’t want to think so badly of Louis, but no matter the reason, it was hurting you that he was doing nothing to try and come to your aid when you confided in him how upset you were over the situation. 

“Love, he is just playin’.” Harry told you one day, pulling you close against his chest after you had walked out of your living room when Louis made a joke about how much you had eaten. “We’re all mates, he didn’t mean it in a rude way, I promise.” You rest your forehead against Harry’s chest, taking in deep breaths to try and will the tears not to come. 

“You just don’t get it, Harry.” As you said this, your face screws up, unable to control it, as the tears leaked out. Harry kisses the top of your head and pulls back, taking your shoulders in his hands. He saw now, the tears flowing down your cheeks and the hollowness to your breath, that whether or not Louis was in fact joking, you were hurt by all of this and he should have listened to you. 

“I’ll talk to him, alrigh’?” That was all you ever wanted Harry to do. You didn’t want him to stop being friends with Louis. You would never ask that, especially as Harry and him worked together, but maybe if Harry talked to him about it Louis would lay off. You could only hope. You felt like you were in grade school again with the jokes, the ridiculing, the cruel laughter following you even after you left the room. “’m sorry I haven’ said anythin’ to him ye’.” You take in a deep and shaky breath and shake your head. 

“S’okay.” You give him a small smile but the crease that had formed between his brows stays in place. He brings one large hand up to your cheek, his thumb sliding across your track of tears. “Thank you for believing me now.” 

“I guess I jus’ didn’ wan’ to believe he actually was hurting you. I jus’ want the most importan’ people in my life to ge’ along.” You give a nod, understanding completely. You lean in, pressing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. When you pull back he dips his face back for another soft kiss. “You alrigh’, then?” He wonders, a look of concern on his face. 

“I will be.” You wanted to be honest with him, you wanted him to know that you weren’t okay with this entire situation and thankfully now he finally understood. 

“I’ll go talk to him now.” You give a nod and a small smile before stepping out of the warm and comforting circle of Harry’s arms. 

“I think I’m going to go lay down for a bit, try to relax.” You tell him. His look of concern was still present but he nods. He hated to think that he had allowed you to have to endure his best friend doing this but he truly didn’t know that it was this bad but he realized now that Louis wasn’t just playing around, he had a serious dislike for the girl Harry was in love with and he didn’t like it. “Thank you.” You say quietly, leaning in to kiss him one last time before you turn and head for the hall. Harry watches you go, wishing he could take your pain and unhappiness away from you right that second but he knew the only way to help now was a conversation with his best friend. 

“Hey, mate, can we have a chat?” He asks Louis once he was back in the living room where the three friends were sat watching a football game. 

“Sure, mate.” Louis stands from the couch and follows Harry from the room. “What is it?” He asked once they got to the kitchen. Louis thought he knew, especially after Harry had disappeared with you but he would play dumb for just a bit before he admitted outright that he disliked you. 

“Why don’ you like Y/N?” Harry questions, leaning against the counter behind him, his tattooed arms crossing lazily across his chest as he watched Louis from across the room. He was trying to study his face, gauge his reaction to this question but Louis simply laughed. 

“And who says I don’t like her?” He asks then once he stopped his laughter. “Did she say that? She’s just tryin’ to come between us, mate.” Harry had been expecting this and earlier in the day would have believed it but after seeing the love of his life reduced to tears because of the words Louis had spoken, he knew that wasn’t it at all. 

“She told me tha’ you used to bully her in school.” The idea that you had to endure bullying, much less from the man standing across from him now, made an ache start in the very center of his chest and grow outward. The idea of anyone being bullied was enough to cause that ache but knowing the two involved made it worse. “Is tha’ true?” Harry pressed when Louis didn’t answer but he noted that Louis was looking anywhere but at Harry. 

“It was jus’ a bit of school yard fun. I was neveh serious.” He finally looked up and met Harry’s green eyes. “I haven’ treated her like that since we met, I promise.” But Harry knew that was a lie. He had just heard him going off on you not even ten minutes before. 

“She says tha’ you are and I heard your commen’ to her earlier in there.” Louis rolls his eyes now and gives a sigh. 

“So what do you want me to do? Go and apologize? Grovel at her feet?” Louis was done with this conversation. He never imagined you would go running to Harry about this, especially since you had never told on him for back in school. 

“I wan’ to know why you don’ like, and are rude to, the love of my life, the girl I plan on spendin’ the rest of my life with. I would really like two of the mos’ importan’ people in my life to get along.” Louis sighs again and takes a step back, giving a small pace across the large kitchen. 

“I guess when I saw her walk in with you that day at Niall’s everything from school jus’ came out. She was always such a brat back then, a teachers pet, acted like she was betteh than everyone else.” He explains but as he hears him say it, he knows that was back then and that this was now and that he shouldn’t have passed judgement so quickly and harshly as he himself had changed quite a bit since school so why couldn’t have you? And you must have, for someone as caring and compassionate as Harry to fall for you. 

“Is it true you told her that you can make her leave? Tha’ she was only with me for my money? That day at Niall’s, she told me you said tha’ but I figured you had just been concerned for me bu’ now I see it was jus’ because you don’t like her.” Louis had hoped you hadn’t told Harry that as hearing it back he realized just how shitty that was. 

“Look, I’m sorry, mate, truly. I will go apologize to her and will lay off. I promise.” And he meant it. Old school yard problems didn’t need to continue on into adulthood. If Harry cared for you as much as he appeared and said he did, you must not be as bad as Louis quickly judged you would be. 

“Leave the apology until tomorrow, she went to rest for a bit but I really do appreciate that.” Louis gives a nod. 

“We good then?” Harry laughs and nods, moving forward to hug Louis tightly before stepping back, smiling at him. 

“Of course. Just had to look out for my girl, ya know?” Louis nods, also smiling. 

“I am happy for you, mate. I’ve never seen you like this in a relationship before.” Louis noted the way that Harry’s face lit up then and he realized he truly meant that. Harry was the happiest he had ever been in the years Louis had known him and for that he should be grateful for you, and he was. 

“She’s somethin’ special.” Louis nods and hugs Harry again before the two go and rejoin the other two. Once the football match had been over, the guys left and Harry went in search of you. He found you snuggled up into his pillow, fast asleep. He grinned, kicked off his shoes and slid into the large bed beside you. His arms wrapping tight around your hips jolted you away but you sighed when you realized who it was. 

“Oh, hey.” You mutter, turning to snuggle into his warm chest. You give a content sigh as he rubs your back and places a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are the guys gone?” 

“Yeah,” Harry answers, still rubbing your back, his fingers lingering a bit on the spots he knew you got sore occasionally. “I had a chat with Louis.” 

“Yeah? How did it go?” You were mumbling a bit as your face was still buried in the soft fabric of the t-shirt he was wearing. 

“He apologized, said he will apologize to you nex’ time he sees you. He also said he was happy for me, tha’ I’ve never been like this in a relationship before.” You smile against his chest and he kisses the top of your head once more. “And he’s righ’. I’ve never been this happy.” You lift your head up to meet his stunning green eyes, both of you smiling at one another. 

“Me neither.” You whisper before your lips find his. You were happy that it seemed things with Louis would be better from now on. You wouldn’t have to worry about all of the snide comments, rude glares, and harassment anytime you were in a room together. Finally you would just be able to enjoy your time with Harry and his best friends. That was all you ever wanted and you were glad Harry wasn’t mad at you for saying you were unhappy with Louis and that he cared enough to speak with him. You really were so lucky to have him, and oh so happy.

130 Mood Series | #2 | 21 | Dean

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| Trouble: Part 1, Part 2 | 21 | I Love It: Part 1, Part 2 | Half Moon | What To Do | Bonnie & Clyde | Pour Up | And You? |

You never enjoyed parties. And upon recent events, you had grown to resent them, and to despise them. You never really liked celebrations deemed unnecessary either, like a celebration of a certain age.

You never understood the stigma of turning twenty one. You never understood why it was something to look forward to. You grasped that it was a person’s subconsciously official passage to adulthood, as they could finally drink legally and gain access to clubs they could only observe with envy before. But was that all? What was so great about that?

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April is the cruelest month

Even now as an adult I NEVER look forward to Spring or feel happy when it comes because I just associate it with my teenage years of being stuck in the house, short, chubby, with no curves in sight, relegated to the role of spectator, imprisoned in my imperfect body, watching these other girls around me blossom into attractive young women with slim curves and small waists and getting dates and going shopping and constructing this positive image of themselves that they could carry into their adulthood all whilst I…

Watched. And waited for it to ‘get better’. It never really did. 

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Boruto anime has alack of originality put into it, Naruto was always special in that it wasn't another cookie cutter anime. With the class president, goth Lolita girl with a giant stuffed animal, main character wanting a leisurely school life and some villain controlling his classmates. Boruto is coming off as another middle school anime about kids who learn to control their magic powers. Watching them do ninja school isn't a bad idea but it could be if it centers around overdone anime things.

Well, they’ve sort of spiked their guns already too with the whole “flash forward to Boruto as an adult: everything’s totally FUCKED and some MAD AWESOME FIGHTING is about to go down!!! but first, let’s go back in time ten years and watch some tweens eat hamburgers.”

It’s like, shit, spoiler alert, Konoha is going to be a smoking crater in ten years tops. Not anyone should need a spoiler alert for how Boruto is going to end.


All surviving female characters: will be presented totally in the context of their mothering of the next generation. Their kids will be Totally Afraid of them, regardless of what their personality is, because their pre-childbirth personality doesn’t matter. They are now Anime Mothers.

All surviving male characters: will look like they are about to die from overwork.

Isn’t adulthood great, kiddies? Look forward to it! :D :D :D

Basically you can listen to Denis Leary’s “Life’s Gonna Suck When You Grow Up” and in less than three minutes you’ll have absorbed the message of the Naruto ending.

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Darling, adulthood is difficult and there's no magic lion to make all the hardships magical when the sun rises. But we met Aslan so we'd recognize him in the real world - the real world is adulthood. And believe it or not, it's even bigger and better than Narnia. The villains aren't as easy to spot or defeat and the horizons aren't as unexplored. But the deep magic is real, love is real, and at some point you find that you didn't need a wardrobe to reach your own world. ❤ Happy birthday, friend.

Okay that’s probably the sweetest birthday wish I’ve ever received, thank you friend. Not going to lie if I find a magical wardrobe to Narnia I’m still going through it because that would be the best. But yeah don’t worry, I am actually a bit excited to be an adult now, college is exciting and I enjoy the unexpectedness of the future,,,, even if it’s kind of terrifying. 

As a child, I was neglected and abused by my biological parents. My mother neglected me and my father abused me in every way. I was put into foster care and finally family found me and I was adopted. Obviously, bc of this traumatic experience, later in life I developed anger issues and was diagnosed with depression, separation anxiety/generalized anxiety. I looked up some more of my symptoms, and found I may have BPD. I never said anything to anyone bc I didn’t want to seem like I was begging for attention or something to be wrong with me, since I was already on medication.
Fast forward to adulthood. I got married at 19 to a military man and it quickly became abusive and obsessive. For two years I dealt with my husband abusing me verbally and physically and emotionally manipulating me. I finally separated myself from him (we are currently separated, but not divorced, as we have to wait a year to be divorced from separation in the state of SC.) I decided to pursue my dream of being in the military to get away from him and start my own life over again. Bc I have mental disorders, I was required to get an evaluation by a therapist. I told him everything with my ex husband and he kept poking and prodding and obviously it’s emotional and traumatic so I lost it in his office. I completely broke down and he helped me gather myself. I was rejected from the military for being: mentally/emotionally disturbed/unstable, having PTSD from 2 years of abuse after a childhood of abuse and I finally got my diagnosis of BPD. It’s nice knowing what it is that i have and what I can do to help it. But daily.. it’s hard to deal with. Working is a pain in the ass some days. Everything is so much more than it needs to be for me. If that makes sense.
Luckily, back in November, I started dating someone and he knows everything that’s going on, and that I’ve been through. He is so supportive and understanding of my conditions and situation. I have days where I break down and he’s there to just help me through it and he’s there on days where I’m just incredibly high because one thing made me happy or vise versa.
I just thought I would share this story with you and everyone who may read this. To let you know that you aren’t alone in your condition. That it’s okay to have bad days and it’s okay to have a day where nothing goes right. It’s a lot, but in the end everything is okay. Maybe not now, but it will be. And to anyone reading this who thinks they may have BPD, that’s also okay. Talk to your parents. Or your doctor. Whichever you’re comfortable with or can do. Take care of yourselves 💕

Just some tired rambling

Sometimes I wish I could be like jack and mark or any other YouTuber I look up to. They bring so much joy to others and I want to do the same one day. I just don’t have the resources to do it (at least not yet). I also want to have a job to look forward doing every day, working on creative things that I can feel proud of. These are just a few of the things that I look forward to and will work on once I’m out in the world on my own and having to only to depend on myself.

You’re a 97liner (Big Bang)

Jiyong: -when the two of you met you acted much older than you were but it was what you’ve always done. You were mature but as the same time you were childish much like him. So when you told him you were only 19 he was shocked. He wouldn’t let your age stop him from being with you or being around him. So he continued to be extremely bashful with you in hopes you would be ok with it as well.- “Really I would have pegged you as someone who was older than me but hey welcome to adulthood I’ll gladly teach you the thrills and chills of it all, if you’d like me to”

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Seungri: -you haven’t looked your age since you hit puberty so you looked and acted maturer than which you truly were. So even before he did anything he’d regret you told him you were only 19. He really did like you though so he was pondering if he would want to take you out of the whole adult experience or not.- “like mentally or physically because I have a hard time believe that either way” 

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Daesung: -You were forward with him about it making sure he knew you were barely an adult before he’d actually want to be seen in public or hang out with you in general. He really didn’t mind because he could feel something between the two of you. People could call him a cradle robber and the hate people both saying you shouldn’t be together, that you both should be with people your own age but none of that would stop his feelings for you.- “that doesn’t change the fact I’d like to take you out on a date sometime Y/N”

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Taeyang: -he was well aware of your age, you were his neighbor for a decent portion of his childhood. His mother made him walk you to your house everyday when you were starting school. When he came home to visit he was shocked to see how much you’ve changed since then- “my gosh Y/N when did you become such a beautiful women? What happened to the little girl who had a crush on me when she was 12?”

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Seunghyun: -you were a recently debut member of an idol group for YG Entertainment who was the maknae of her group at 19. He knew how wrong it was to like you but he couldn’t help it but he wasn’t the first older man within the idol business to find you attractive either so he kept it to himself. He thought if you liked him he’d let you figure it out yourself. But people seemed to realize it as well and people even told you, you wouldn’t believe it til you heard the words from his mouth so you asked him- “As creepy as it sounds I really do like you Y/N. You’re a beautifully gifted young women and I can’t help it”

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I’m gonna make sure i go to the gym tomorrow. I always remind myself that I gotta look good for when I leave everything here behind, get away from my family, make sure i’m safe, openly leave islam and finally be able to live my life as I wish. 

Once I leave and can be myself I want to live the most full filling life. I’ve had such a shit childhood and upbringing and had religion shoved down my throat and been controlled for so long but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have a future full of freedom and endless possibilities. I’ve missed out on a lot but I’m going to make sure my entire adulthood isn’t stolen from me like my childhood and adolescence was.

I’m going to build a positive future for myself no matter what it takes. I’m going to be free and happy one day. I’m determined to feel good about myself inside and out and I look forward to one day wearing whatever I want once I get away, I think that’s when my life will “really”start. 

I’m nearly 27 and I don’t have much to show for it other than ptsd, depression anxiety disorders and a shit load of trauma but fuck it i’m going to one day be free and there will be no weight on my chest and shoulders. No religion controlling me. I’m going to put the fucked up past behind me one day I just need to keep focused, stay determined and focus on the future. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it but I’m never going to stop trying. Everyday is survival but it’s also a step closer.


On Saturday morning I was alarmed to discover my mantis was missing from its tank. Just the night before I had observed all the tell-tale signs that it was about to shed its skin; they become very sluggish and their abdomen looks like it’s going to ‘deflate’, if you will.

I was looking forward to it’s final transformation into adulthood, as it has just grown some tiny wing buds.
Upon further inspection it became apparent that the mantis had shed its skin; but in a cruel irony while it was still soft bodied and vulnerable straight after its moult, it attracted the attention of the crickets below and they had literally jumped at the chance for an easy meal.

I felt sad and disappointed but I’m not sure whether that is slightly hypocritical of me, after all the crickets were only doing what the mantis would have done to them.
A prime example of when the hunter becomes the hunted.

so we don’t have the equipment to hatch eggs in our ark base just yet, buuuut guess who raised their first mammal baby to adulthood!!!! i lost the baby direwolf i was trying to raise at the same time, but at least lil Teddy the Doedicurus has fully matured (and been gifted to my gf, since she doesn’t get to play often enough to tame her own). i can confidently say that i’m looking forward to hatching the two fert rex eggs we’ve got in storage once we get a good hatchery set up

Yagami Taichi with the Crest of Courage: 2nd year in high school. He is still a part of the soccer club as he had in elementary school, and goes through hard training every day. Since he’s in his growing stage, he eats a lot. He is in the same class as Sora.
Izumi Koushiro with the Crest of Knowledge: 1st year in high school. He goes to the same high school as Taichi. He also helps out a friend’s company that’s been set up in America through the internet.
Ishida Yamato with the Crest of Friendship: 2nd year in high school. He is in the class next door from Taichi and Sora. He forms a new band in high school and plays bass. Of course, he also does vocals.

Interview with Toei Animation’s producer Arai Shuuhei behind the cut.

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