if this is adulthood then i look forward to it

Gender Policing

This is a short essay I wrote for my WST 313 class on gender policing. Since I am discussing how gender is taught by family and in society, I thought it could also be applied to social media. The media, in many ways, influences how we think of ourselves. Women must always seek to be more beautiful. Men must always be attractive and have a wide selection of ladies. We see it all over the advertisements in magazines. Therefore, I think social media also highly influences gender policing. Anyway, here is a little autobiography in how gender policing has influenced my life as a child and as an adult. 

As a child I used to be absolutely fascinated with fairy tales. I believed that one day a prince would come to me and take me far away from my small town. I’d live in a castle and live happily ever after. This is because I was conditioned through Disney movies and children’s books that this is what I had to look forward to in my adulthood. I would live a life that would expect me to be ladylike, loyal to men, and nurturing to children. My twin brother, however, dreamed of being a cop, a race car driver, or a firefighter. He was taught to have goals and a career. I was taught to be pretty and find a good man.

Things are very different to this day. I certainly did not follow those policed rules my family and society imposed on me. I found out that I don’t need to be heterosexual to find love and that I could connect with both men and women on romantic or sexual levels. I embellished body with art and in ways that I found beautiful. My parents, to this day, will call my body art ‘manly.’  My brother has also gotten tattoos without any of the comments I received. You are ruining your skin. No man will ever like the way you look now. You had such beautiful skin. What an absolute shame… I could go on and on.

As I got older I knew I had to break away from this hypocritical life of gender policing and conformity. I wanted to identify as my own unique being. I wanted to have ambitions far past finding someone who would love me. I deserved to look how I waned to look without the fear of not appearing ladylike.  I deserve to 'do’ my own unique gender without harassment or shame. The only way, however, we can have a society that is truly non-judgmental is to stop teaching that gender is equal to sex. Your child can have a vagina but can still dream of being a doctor or prefer to play with toy cars more than Barbie dolls.  Vice versa applies to children with penises. We must halt imposing gender or 'gender policing’ on our children and allow them to find it and 'do’ it themselves. They deserve to have a say and a choice in what they like and in what ways they will identify themselves.

They say adulthood is when you put childish things away.

All I have to say is thank you for the past 10 years of my life since I started watching. I have always looked forward to the new episode every week, but now it’s done, I don’t know what to do. I mean there is Boruto but I think the manga insinuated that Naruto dies (BTW please don’t kill off Naruto. That’s unfair.) Anyway. This show will always be in my heart, and I know it sounds weabish or dorky or whatever you want to call it, but I have learned so much watching this show and I am going to miss it so much. Thank you Kishimoto for creating something that has touched so many people’s hearts.

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Fanfest 2016 Las Vegas Q&A panel - “Please look forward to it”
  • Koji has an “Eye of Nidhogg” with him. o_0
  • First question: Time attack modes for dungeons?
    • It’s already in the planning stages, but they’re concerned about people using cheat tools. It’s on the backburner until they can absolutely prevent cheaters getting on the leaderboards.
  • Are the Leveilleur Twins half lalafell? Their proportions are a bit odd even for elezen children.
    • They’re just elezen. That said the lore book has more info on how elezen grow through childhood to adulthood.
  • Scythes for DRKs?
    • No plans currently, but if there’s enough demand they’ll consider it.
  • Fat dodo mount?
    • There’s a schedule for mounts, that goes up to and through Stormblood, but that’s not on it currently. There are a lot of varied mounts on the list though.
  • Flying Sleipnir?
    • “Please look forward to it.” It is planned!
  • “Could you please remove accuracy? I hate missing as a healer!”
    • The system for accuracy will change with Stormblood. It’s going to be a big change and require a lot of work, so please wait until the expansion.
  • Open World PVP/ “WILL YOU 1V1 ME, YOSHI-P?”
    • Not ready by the start of Stormblood. Yoshida’s not against it, but they’re looking for feedback from players to make sure they do it right. Also, only some servers will be PvP enabled.
  • Cleric stance in duels?
    • Duels are PvP practice, and healers can’t use CS in PvP.
  • Increase furniture slots?
    • They’re working on it, but not sure when it will happen.
  • Hardest boss to create?
    • Cruise Chaser. Being able to ride it was riddled with bugs through development, but the end result was worth it.
  • Special mount for collecting all the primal birds, similar to Kirin for the primal ponies?
    • 3.5! It’s already done and ready for release.
    • It’s not phoenix.
  • Dyeable versions of Alexander the Creator gear?
    • Couldn’t for technical reasons, but the modelling team may be able to get it done eventually, if the demand remains.
  • Adding more hairstyles to content rewards (like Samsonian Locks)?
    • They realise a lot of people liked this, but they do want to make sure they add plenty that don’t require work. In the future they’ll look at doing it again on a case-by-case basis.
  • Will we see more crossover characters like Lightning and Shantotto?
    • There are plans. FFXV is releasing next month….
  • Long Curly hair?
    • Yoshi-P backs away….
    • Maybe when we get to PlayStation 5.
    • The modelling can be done, but the animation leads to way too much clipping.
  • Could server merges happen for smaller servers that have trouble growing?
    • Cross-server party finder tool coming in 3.5, which will bring the game closer to being “worldless”.
    • If people are still having problems after then they’ll look at it some more, but they want to maintain players housing and such.
  • Has Yoshi-P’s workload decreased at all since 2.0?
    • Being able to delegate more tasks means he doesn’t have quite so many tasks in FFXIV, but his success has got him doing more work with SE as a whole. Don’t worry though, he loves his work!
  • (Whooops. Missed a very quick question and answer.)
  • Will Egis be buffed anytime in the future? They are too slow to move which makes them a liability in raids and can die easily.
    • Maybe, if so with Stormblood.
  • Could we have more options for dyeing multiple parts of a piece of equipment?
    • Yoshi-P turns and walks away!
    • PlayStation 5 again?
    • Well, maybe some stuff can be done.
  • Will we ever fight Doomtrain, and can Godbert be involved?
    • If Godbert’s there he’ll just win. He’s Godbert!
    • Doomtrain might be in Garlemald? Maybe wait to 5.0….
  • Is 5.0 being worked on yet?
    • Where we’re going and who we’re fighting is decided.
    • They want us to do Stormblood first though, and they don’t have a title for 5.0 yet.
  • Could the game port to the Nintendo NX?
    • Getting XIV into as many hands as possible is part of their mission statement, but they can’t make any statements about that specifically. If they know they’re adding a new platform they’ll come out and say it ASAP.
  • Egi glamours or new egis?
    • Working on it! Carbuncle colour customisation in 3.5. More complex stuff like Ramuh or Sephirot glamours will take more.
    • Ramuh may be limited to just caster-type, but Sephirot might be able to glamour any type of egi.
    • A quest to unlock the system will probably be available around level 50.
    • The possibility of new types of egis is a secret.
  • Something about morbol furniture? (Missed the question.)
    • The housing team is busy working on furniture to suit the new residential district, but more monster-themed furniture will be coming sooner or later.
  • /squat and /pushup emotes?
    • They might be working on it already?
  • Godbert trial?
    • You can’t beat Godbert! He’s more powerful the the WoL!
    • And even if you can, in savage mode you have to face Julyan!
  • Doing this live Q&A is more fun for Yoshida than the Keynote.
  • Someone in the audience tried to ask about the trailer but gave up halfway through.
  • Something about housing…
    • Whatever it was, they’re more focused on helping more people get housing and systems to transfer data between houses.
  • Open world level sync so that you can group with lower level friends without killing their XP outside FATEs?
    • The systems are possible, but implementing it could cause a lot of bugs and issues, so they’d have to take their time. That said it’s a great idea wo they’ll work on it.

i get so upset when everywhere i look people are talking about “the best years of your life” and how you need to “seize your youth” and “you’ll never get those years back” yeah i fucking know but sometimes your entire youth might be one long period of suffering and terror and unhappiness due to circumstances you can’t control and no amount of effort on your part will magically make it wonderful and memorable because NOT EVERYONE HAS GOOD OPTIONS YOU KNOW and i don’t need the entire world telling me that these were the “best years” of my life and since they went to shit i’ll have nothing to look forward to because adulthood can’t possibly be happy and wonderful? and that my adult years can’t possibly be the best years of my life? why????? whatever it is it’ll be better than this. wrinkles are not the end of the world i have been through worse

I always looked forward to being an adult, because I thought the adult world was, well—adult. That adults weren’t cliquey or nasty, that the whole notion of being cool, or in, or popular would case to be the arbiter of all things social, but I was beginning to realize that the adult world was as nonsensically brutal and socially perilous as the kingdom of childhood.
—  Peter Cameron, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You: A Novel

today I am finally 18, I am so beyond excited that I can finally start my life and enjoy the ups and downs it has. even though I may not know what I will be doing in my future I still look forward to it, here goes adulthood 💘

I just want to say a quick thank you to @taylorswift for making my time as a 17 year old amazing, I mean you followed me.. Like you actually noticed me!!!! I love you so much Taylor thank you for everything you’ve done for me 💜