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Back To School Tips Master Post!

I had a few people asking me to do a back to school tips/ how to do well in school post so here it is. I’m a sophomore in college and an honors student so I plan on sharing the things that have helped me succeed. Even though these tips are things I use now in college, most of them I also used in high school so it can be applied there as well. 

Organization                                                                                                           The most beneficial thing you can do is stay organized.

  1. Get a planner.- I bought mine this year at Walgreens for around $7 but it has a plastic cover so all paper ones are even cheaper. A planner is good for keeping track of when everything is due. When I get my syllabi for my classes I go through them and write down the due dates of homework, essays, tests, etc, on the day they are due. You can color code your classes or just write the class next to the assignment. This way you can look at a whole week and see everything you have due for all of your classes in one place. It’s also easier to add in things or make changes if your professor decides to due so.
  2. Use a white board- I know white boards can be expensive, so if you can’t afford one, expo markers will write on laminated paper which you can get for around $4 on Amazon. I use this to keep on my wall and write the next really important date for each class. So I have all my classes listed on the board and let’s say my next big date in Psych is a test. I’d write that date on the board, then after the test, I’d erase it and write the next important date. These dates should be in your planner as well but it’s nice to have them right in front of you at all times so you don’t turn to the next week in your planner and realize you have a test on Monday. 
  3. Buy durable folders- If you’re going to be using your folders all year make sure they’ll last all year. You want to lose any of your assignments. I get plastic folders at Office Depot for $0.39 a piece. I chose a color for each class and write the class at the top in sharpie and I’m good to go!
  4. Notebooks too!- You’re going to be taking a lot of notes so make sure to keep a notebook for each class as well. Mine were $3 each at Office Depot but they have a plastic cover so if you need to save some money get the paper covers because you most likely wont reuse a notebook.
  5. Get a pack of loose leaf paper- Sometimes you have to turn things in and if you’re like me then you hate tearing it out of your notebook. But if you don’t have a problem with that then don’t worry about it!
  6. Use some sort of bag/backpack- This will help you not lose anything plus you can put water, snacks, etc in it as well!

Study Tips                                                                                                               Tests are often the biggest portion of your grade so knowing the best ways to study will help you out the most. 

  1. Figure out what type of learner you are- This can greatly improve your study skills. There are visual learners; these people learn best with charts, graphs, and anything that show a visual relationship between information. So if you’re this type of person, to help study you could make charts, graphs, tables, draws arrows between points of information, or watch videos. Anything to help you see it. There are also auditory learners; these people learn best when hearing the information. So the best way for these people to study is to recite information out loud, or if your course has an audio book to listen to it. You could also have a friend read information to you and you say it as well. Some people are reading/writing learners; they do best when reading the text and writing down important points/taking notes. This is the type of learner I am so to help me study, I write out my own flashcards, I copy power points into my notes, and as I read my chapters I write the important information.  Something else that is good for these kind of learners is to make little quizzes for yourself. There are also kinesthetic learners; they learn best with more hands on activities. This can be hard to do especially with some subjects. If you can physically do what you’re studying then do it. If not, make a game out of it. For example, ask yourself questions and if you get it right take a shot at a basketball hoop or a soccer goal (if you don’t have these things use a paper ball and your trashcan or anything you can substitute. Figuring out which learner you are will greatly improve how you study.
  2. Don’t wait until right before a test- Cramming your brain with all the information a few days before a test will not help you remember and only stress you out. This is called Massed Practice and is proven to be a waste of time and information is not retained well. Study a little everyday or every other day. This is called the Spacing Effect and is proven to improve retention and recall of information. So it is best to do short sessions of study over a long period of time rather than a long session all at once.
  3. Find a good place to study- If you like quiet places and your house/dorm is too loud go to a library or outside if it’ s a nice day.  If you like a lot of background noise play some music or go to a coffee shop.

Overall Tips                                                                                                            These tips are still really important but I don’t have enough that fit together to make another header.

  1. Work on what’s due first- Some people think it’s always best to work on the important things first but that’s not always the case. If your essay is due in two weeks and you have an assignment due in a few days then finish the assignment first. You’ll still have plenty of time for your essay. I suggest doing all your work but if something happens to where you just can’t then yes do the more important thing because it’ll be a bigger part of your grade.
  2. Writing Centers- A lot of colleges/universities have writing centers.  If you’re not the best at writing or just need some help you can make an appointment at the writing center where someone highly qualified in writing will read your paper/essay and help you with grammar, punctuation, idea flow, overall organization etc. I highly suggest checking to see if your school has one of these.
  3. Check your email/Blackboard/whatever your professor uses- This is where they may add extra assignments/ cancel class and not mention it in class. It’s always important to check.
  4. Try to relax- I know it can be hard, especially for students with depression, anxiety, and other mental/physical illnesses but it’s important to always take a moment and calm down. Take breaks from your work and do something you enjoy for at least a few minutes everyday. If you need a nap, take a nap. just set an alarm to pick back up on your work later.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect- This is still something I’m working on myself but getting better at. Last semester I got a B for the first time since my sophomore year of high school and it bothered me to no end. But, I told myself I did my best, and as a person with bad social anxiety I’m okay with my B in public speaking. So for anyone else who feels like they have to keep their 4.0 all 4 years, don’ t panic if you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with not being perfect, almost no one graduates college with a 4.0. Always do your best, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
  6. Take classes you enjoy- Hopefully you’re in a major that you enjoy so you wont hate your classes too much but it’s still important to try to take a fun class every once in awhile. If you like art, take an art class. Then, you’re still doing work but also doing something you like.
  7. Get a tutor- If you’re not doing as well in a class as you would like, don’t be afraid to get a tutor. Most universities offer tutors who are students that would love to help you and wont be judgmental at all. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help and tutors are often people who have already passed the class with an A so they’ll be very good resources.
  8. Take care of yourself- Overall, make sure you’re eating well and drinking water throughout the day. Sometimes it’s impossible, but try to get enough sleep. If you go out to party watch out for yourself and others. Practice self care and if things get too stressful and you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

I know this post is very long, but I wanted to share everything I could for anyone who wanted help. If I think of anything else I’ll definitely add it later. I hope everyone has a great semester and school year! Good luck to everyone!

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Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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Hogwarts! Joshua

Requested by anon: “can you write seventeen hogwarts au? Joshua is possible?”

  • everyone knew about Joshua Hong 
  • the perfect perfect
  • he was a fifth year Hufflepuff 
  • same house and year as you 
  • so you saw him often as you both shared classes 
  • it came as no surprise when he was chosen as a prefect 
  • but he was surprisingly cool, letting minor things go if it didn’t endanger anyone or if it was for special occasions 
  • especially if they were his friends, he just couldn’t say no to them 
  • everyone’s favorite prefect because he was so nice and liked giving warnings rather than punishments 
  • caught out past curfew by a few minutes, 
  • he’d show you a secret passage to getting back to the dorms without running into teachers 
  • if you passed him on the train, he’d stop to compliment you after asking you how your summer went 
  • and no surprise he knew the lady pushing the trolley around on a first name basis 
  • and asking her how her family was and everything 
  • and complimenting her uniform
  • she always slipped him chocolate frog cards he didn’t have for his collection 
  • and he’d thank her and buy out half the trolley before sharing it with all the kids in the next few carriages 
  • Joshua was good at everything, smart and friendly too 
  • not a single person could find something wrong with the guy or criticize him in any way 
  • no matter what house someone was in, they new Joshua Hong
  • because the guy did everything 
  • perfect exam scores in charms, potions, DATDA, transfiguration, herbology 
  • you name it, Hong Jisoo did well in it 
  • and he was so nice to everyone and a gentleman wherever he went  
  • holding open doors to classrooms for people or picking up fallen quills or books that people dropped and returning it to them with a small smile 
  • one time a girl accidentally set the quill she was writing with on fire from a wayward charm 
  • Joshua had quickly extinguished it with aguamenti and gave her a new quill 
  • suffice to say, plenty of witches had crushes on him 
  • and no one could hate the guy for anything 
  • literally, if you tried hating him, Joshua somehow managed to make you like him 
  • disliked him for being too smart? 
  • he’d say he wasn’t really smart, he just tries hard to study his best and he has smart friends who show him how to do stuff 
  • and then talk about some random episode of spongebob bc it’s Joshua
  • which plenty of people wouldn’t understand except the other muggle borns 
  • he’d be a huge dork quoting random episodes and just being a meme 
  • everyone was always asking him for advice or to look over their homework for them 
  • and although he never lets anyone copy his 
  • goody two shoes you know
  • he somehow had the time to always give advice to everyone and save their grade 
  • he played as a chaser for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team too 
  • it wasn’t enough to be intelligent, he was athletic and dedicated too
  • spending even stormy days out in the field practicing long after some of his teammates had called it quits 
  • looked damn fine in quidditch robes too yes 
  • in his third year, he had led the Hufflepuff team to victory 
  • scored 30 points in the last minutes before their seeker finally caught the snitch, bringing the score to 270-300 
  • he was every teacher’s favorite too 
  • they couldn’t help it 
  • he was always offering to help out teachers with anything they may need 
  • although he didn’t sit in the front of any of his classes 
  • and he was too quiet to raise his hand to answer any questions sometimes 
  • if a teacher ever made the mistake of assuming Joshua wasn’t listening to the question 
  • they got roasted as Joshua Hong not only got the question right, but probably corrected some error they made in their lecture earlier 
  • which he would only point out in the most respectful and polite way
  • “Professor, did you mean to say aconite or monkshood instead of mandragora?“ 
  • and if no one knew the answer to a question 
  • all Joshua needed was a glance from the teacher and he’d have the correct answer ready to go 
  • the boy sang in chorus too 
  • his voice was heavenly 
  • some magical entity had to have graced Joshua with every goddamn talent in the universe 
  • he supposedly played guitar amazingly well 
  • only his dorm mates knew though, he always packed his guitar in his trunk somehow 
  • and brought it out to play sometimes 
  • it always surprised everyone when they found out he was muggle born
  • like he was too good at everything wtf how have you only been doing magic for a few years 
  • but no one dared say anything about it 
  • bc he had so many friends from all the houses 
  • say something mean about Joshua or just something even remotely critical 
  • and like five different people will interject saying how he’s basically a human unicorn 
  • and how dare you call Shua anything but the perfect prefect 
  • and he could easily beat anyone in a duel if his friends dragged him into one 
  • and probably profusely apologize while bowing at ninety degrees and helping bandage and heal any injuries he may have caused 
  • it was theorized he might have a time-turner 
  • how else could he get all his papers done and still manage quidditch practice and chorus? 
  • and also reorganizing textbooks in the library with his wand while the librarian recommended him books he hadn’t read before since he had read many of them 
  • and helping the kitchen elves by explaining the concept of lactose intolerance and gluten free and other things that helped people with dietary restrictions and food allergies feel comfortable eating all food 
  • he also helped an elf who once tripped over the recently mopped floor
  • Madam Pomfrey was always glowing about Shua bc he always brought students who were sick flowers and books to read and always gave her chocolates 
  • he also was often seen consoling random paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts and he knew all of them by their first names 
  • and while some people wanted to hate Joshua 
  • he could say a few words and any negative feelings you had toward him were gone 
  • “You really deserved that win, you guys have been practicing so hard lately on the quidditch field, good job!“ 
  • "How did you you come up with a way to start your potions paper so well? I should be asking you to edit mine." 
  • "you have to show me that spell you did the other day with the lights and confetti, I want to use it for a friend’s birthday.”
  • “My owl? Oh his name is Flufferson, I have a picture do you want to see? He’s probably somewhere flying around, enjoying the fresh air, the cutie.”
  • “I have a puppy at home, it’s a Maltese and I named it Sebongie, I think it’s a cute name." 
  • on weekends, you could probably see Joshua buying sugar quills for some third years who had forgotten their silver sickles or bronze knuts
  • or in the common room teaching kids how to use his iPhone to watch YouTube and anime 
  • always with his group of friends from all the houses 
  • his group of friends was big, 13 of them in all 
  • his best friends were Jeonghan from slytherin and Seungcheol from Gryffindor since they were all the same age 
  • one time, Jeonghan had tried to prank some Hufflepuff students by hexing their book bags into releasing a bunch of little rubber snakes 
  • but he was caught by Joshua 
  • and Joshua made him apologize 
  • you don’t mess with Joshua’s kids 
  • the next day Jeonghan’s clothes kept dropping rubber snakes everywhere
  • Joshua would hide his laughter behind his hand and then compose himself 
  • “That should actually keep you awake in potions then." 
  • and everyone around them would be dying from laughter and patting Joshua on the back 
  • for a gentleman the guy knew how to be savage sometimes 
  • ofc as a fifth year in Hufflepuff you knew Joshua 
  • you even sat pretty close to him in charms 
  • and although you couldn’t hate the guy 
  • it gets low key annoying when your friends always act like his biggest fan
  • "Shua’s practicing down at the quidditch field, GET THE SIGNS GIRLS!" 
  • "We have a transfiguration exam y'all what are you doing?" 
  • "Supporting our Hong Jisoo, y/n. The quidditch match is next weekend and we want to beat the slimy smiles off of those Slytherins’ faces." 
  • one day in charms the professor had to assign a partner project 
  • naturally everyone paired up 
  • and you’re like chill I’ll just ask
  • you look around and all your friends are already paired up 
  • and of course you’re like great forever alone that’s me I need to get me an even number of friends… 
  • "Y/n do you need a partner?” Joshua asks you from the seat two students down from you 
  • and everyone goes quiet
  • because Joshua usually always partners up with one of his friends 
  • and you look to his normal friend group 
  • and see sure enough all of them have partners too 
  • “Sure, Joshua.” You say scrunching your nose
  • at least you’ll actually have a partner who tries and doesn’t make you do all the work by yourself (LIKE LAST TIME COUGH COUGH YOUR FRIEND) 
  • you both decide to meet at the library the next weekend to work on it 
  • “OMG y/n Joshua never asks anyone outside his friend group. What if he likes you?!?!? You guys would be such a power couple ACK." 
  • "Shut up.” you laugh and playfully hit your friend’s arm while packing your book bag 
  • “I’m not pretty enough for everyone’s golden gentleman Joshua, he was just being nice because you all ditched me." 
  • "I’m glad we did, make me the maid of honor at your wedding and thank me later." 
  • when you reach the library, Joshua is already there talking to Jeonghan 
  • "The girl in your charms class? Well whatever we can hang out next weekend. But Shua that assignment isn’t due in weeks… makes sense the both of you are smart aleks." 
  • you clear your throat 
  • "welp bye Joshua, oh and we’re all getting butter beer later at hogsmeade don’t forget." 
  • Joshua laughs and waves Jeonghan goodbye 
  • "it’s a nice day, should we sit out by the lake and say hi to the giant squid?" 
  • "sure I guess" 
  • you didn’t want to have a crush on Joshua 
  • bc then you’d be one of those girls, the ones always trailing behind him and trying to get his attention 
  • and walking by fluttering their eyelashes and saying "Hey Joshua." 
  • but as you were both crossing the grounds to the lake 
  • you kept giving him sideways glances 
  • the way his light brown hair became lightly tousled in the breeze - or his small smile 
  • or the gentle humming of a song you weren’t familiar with 
  • Focus you’re working on an assignment geez 
  • you both sat down at the edge of the lake and brainstormed ideas for your project 
  • and somewhere along the way the convo shifted to just talking about summer and your home 
  • "You’re muggle born too? Then have you ever watched Naruto?" 
  • Joshua was a dork you realized, a cute one 
  • "Sebongie? Yea I miss her like crazy, I was tempted to bring her in my trunk but I have Flufferson already." 
  • ah shit 
  • you were starting to like like Joshua 
  • he was too nice and cute especially when talking about his pets and how they brightened his day 
  • or the many hilarious adventures he had with his friends 
  • or how he missed his family 
  • he was a good listener too 
  • you talked about your hamster at home 
  • it loved eating carrots and you had originally wanted to name it mochi 
  • but you had settled for Carrot after it’s favorite food 
  • and you told Joshua about how you had always loved playing quidditch with your family but you never tried out for the Hufflepuff team 
  • his friends must have caught on to your feelings before Joshua did, Joshua was kind of clueless about all the crushes people had on him
  • Jeonghan ended up putting his arm on your shoulder while walking to the library to meet up with Joshua 
  • "You should just tell him you like him." 
  • "and get a pity rejection, lmao in what world would I do that Jeonghan.”
  • “Suit yourself.” He said giving you a sly smile 
  • right before shoving you into a broom closet 
  • and locking the damn door behind you 
  • "You should thank your friend later, she told me about your little crush on our Shua, luckily for you I approve." 
  • you tried unlocking the door with your wand but to no avail 
  • you even tried picking the lock with a hairpin 
  • "Hey y/n listen to this." 
  • "Jeonghan I’m telling the head of slytherin later get ready for your ass whooping." 
  • but you hear someone running down the hallway outside the door 
  • "Jeonghan what do you mean y/n got in an accident? Where is she?" 
  • you go dead silent, it’s Joshua 
  • "Yah, look you came running and everything if you like her just tell her geez." 
  • you hold your breath as you hear what Joshua says next 
  • "She probably doesn’t like me back ok? I’m not good at these things, she’s cute and interesting and I’m boring and I don’t know ok Jeonghan, just tell me where she is no time for jokes we have to work on the project.”
  • “alright, I’d like to just say that you brought this upon yourself and you can thank me later." 
  • "what are you talking about Jeonghan-" 
  • and the closet door clicks open and Jeonghan pushes Joshua, where he bumps into you sending the both of you sprawling on the floor and the door slams shut yet again
  • Joshua picks himself up and helps you up 
  • and even in the dim closet you can see him blushing like crazy 
  • you’re probably no better you feel like you have a fever that won’t. go. away. Goddamnit. 
  • "Jeonghan underestimates me.” He said giving a nervous chuckle and reaching for his wand 
  • he easily unlocks the door 
  • and Jeonghan is out there bending over dying of laughter 
  • and both you and Joshua are just blushing like crazy and awkwardly standing next to each other 
  • “Did you hear everything?” Joshua says so quietly it’s almost a whisper - “yes?” You say 
  • Joshua’s eyes widen and he gives Jeonghan (who’s still laughing even harder now at the sight of the two of you) a glare 
  • Joshua points his wand at Jeonghan LIKE boi I’ll be seeing you later - Jeonghan runs away cackling down the hallway 
  • “You can just pretend it didn’t happen.” Joshua says flustered looking everywhere but your face 
  • “I’ll understand if you don’t like me ba-" 
  • "It was driving me crazy did you really not know I like you too Joshua?” Wow did I just say that, stupid stupid stupid whyyyyy you think to yourself
  • he looks up at you in surprise 
  • “Wait really? Jeonghan isn’t paying you to say that right?" 
  • "lmao no I’m going to murder Jeonghan after this." 
  • "I’d help you but he’s my best friend so…" 
  • "Do you want to maybe just get a butter beer at Hogsmeade instead?" 
  • "I’d love to." 
  • and from then on you two were known as darling couple 
  • Hogwarts’ gentleman Joshua and you 
  • basically everyone’s relationship goals 
  • and your friend groups both took responsibility for getting you two together
  • Joshua would send you little notes that were folded into cranes and bewitched to float over to your desk 
  • and everyone would sigh and think how sickeningly adorable seeing you read his message 
  • and looking at all the little hearts he had doodled during class 
  • "Joshua Hong, let me repeat the question.” The professor would say 
  • “I never usually have to ask you twice what’s wrong?" 
  • "Joshua got a girlfriend, professor." 
  • and the whole class would burst out laughing with you and Joshua blushing like crazy and his friends wolf whistling 
  • you’d walk with each other to your next class with your hand in his 
  • "Get a room Shua, no one needs to see this.” Jeonghan smirked as he walked towards the potions classroom in the dungeons - you and Joshua both just ignore him 
  • “Let’s hex his clothes again with those snakes." 
  • "Better yet, can we lock him in a broom closet?" 
  • "Deal." 
  • and you both walk into your next class, plotting Jeonghan’s imminent doom together

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College Advice

With one semester under my belt and a so far unblemished GPA, here’s a list of everything I wish I had known before I started college (plus some stuff I figured out along the way):

1. Read the syllabus for your class and then go one step further: pick assignments that you can do ahead of time, like readings, and then actually do them. At least at my university you hit a point about a month or so into school where all of the sudden you have no free time. Earlier on you’re going to have some slow weekends. I’m not saying do it all at once, but if you take away some easy but time consuming assignments earlier the whole semester will feel a little smoother. Important though: You still have to review your notes/work when relevant or you’ll be screwed later on.

2. The first like two weeks of school as a freshman you are shuttled through dozens of social events, infofairs, and mixers. You may find that you make a lot of friends at first, but then once that one month marker passes you look up from your textbooks and realize you haven’t spoken to another human outside of classes in days. Try to have at least one recurring social thing going on, whether that’s meeting friends for dinner once a week, going to a club meeting or a study group.

3. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Like seriously, if something is just not making sense, you need to get another person involved. Sometimes studying alone and Google only go so far! Office hours are good and so is tutoring. Ask classmates too if you can. I really hated my chem lab, and there was one lab where the data we got basically defied the laws of physics. I ran into someone from my lab section on the street and vented about it- turns out she had the same problem, but more importantly, she knew what caused it! My lab report was still pretty bad due to the nonsensical data, but I had a coherent answer when it came time to explain error.

4. Go to class, participate, and be nice to your professors. If they host optional reviews, definitely go to them. Depending on the prof’s style, you may be able to just sit and listen or they may expect you to bring questions. Have at least one just in case. The reason why this matters (besides networking and engaging in active learning) is that a lot of professors make a component of your grade “participation”. I had a course where I was borderline between an A minus and and A, which could have dinged my GPA. My grade basically was going to come down to a rewrite of a paper. I went to a not very well attended test review and got extra hints about what was going to be on the test and what the professor was looking for, which boosted my final test grade, and though I can’t prove it I strongly suspect my professor used my participation grade to nudge me over the edge to an A.

5. This wasn’t one I learned, but one I realized other people didn’t know: your school very likely pays a crap ton of money to give you access to academic research databases through the library. Use them, oh my god, please use them. For one thing, I’ve found it’s just plain easier than attempting to do regular research- you get lots of good, relevant, generally sound information; you can sort in cool ways (like if you don’t want outdated research you can set parameters for the time of publication); and most have pre-made citations! It’s cool! Even if you don’t have a research project/paper just go on once and dick around a bit, it’s pretty fun. That being said, if you are assigned a project requiring research and citations, don’t do what you did in high school and cite a bunch of news articles about scientific advancements or the results of studies. Go find original sources. You need to learn how to read published research in any case. (I’m speaking from a STEM major perspective but these databases have tons of cool stuff for arts and humanities students too- entire books, anthologies of art, images for use, music files, recordings of plays and performances, etc). But the reason I bring this up- in a group project in a communications course a well-intentioned teammate brought us a random person’s blog post about conflict in the workplace to cite in our speech. She had no idea she had access to like thousands of psychological and sociological research papers, books, etc. on the subject. Another student in that class orally cited a buzzfeed article about procrastination- unless you have a really good reason (like maybe you’re a communications student analyzing listicle style writing or the influence of social media on journalism) please don’t cite buzzfeed.

6. People talk a lot about networking, so I’ll just mention one specific and easy way to do it even if you’re not super outgoing: join a club or organization related to your major/career field. You will meet people who have experiences you can learn from, even if you may compete with them for some things (maybe they tip you off to an internship they had last summer or to a professor’s favorite snack/hobby). You will also potentially meet some staff members from your department who can give you info about research/internships and possibly write you rec letters. This worked for me- I joined an org for students pursuing teaching, I’m one of a few freshman (maybe the only one actually) who attends regularly, and I ended up getting to know the director of the supply room who does the hiring for student interns. Now I have a job as a workroom intern to make some extra money during school. More importantly, it basically lets me meet and work with the whole department who can potentially open up opportunities for me. (Plus according to one intern sometimes you get invited to the staff Christmas party and all the professors get sloshed).

7. Wait to buy your textbooks, but not too long. If it’s a niche book (i.e. your school uses something written by your professor that no one else sells or cares about) there will come a point where they are out of copies and you will have to ask to photocopy someone’s lab notebook every week. Basically, wait until the first day of class, determine what you really need, ask someone who’s taken it before (or ask on your University’s subreddit) whether the book is essential, then make your purchases. Also! If you have to purchase an online access code for homework stuff, check if an online textbook is included. Don’t buy a hard copy in addition to it. It’s not worth it and you may even be able to check a textbook out from the library for that one time you’ll actually read the textbook. (When I say that, I mean you can read it for a few hours in the library- they won’t let you leave with it).

8. Don’t go into any class believing you are “bad” at a subject. I used to say all the time that I hated math and I was bad at it. I really lucked out, because I ended up enjoying Diff Calc this past semester. Because I liked it, I was willing to practice more and I found that I got less frustrated when things were hard. I realized that “being bad at math” was a lie I had told myself, basically, and it wasn’t helpful. Learn to treat your brain as a tool or a muscle. You can learn to do basically anything with enough time and effort, and struggling with something doesn’t mean you’re “bad” at it. It just means you’re working out your brain. I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s true. Having the idea that your intelligence is fixed and limited stunts learning and just makes you feel like crap. Realizing that your intelligence is fluid helps you be kinder to yourself, ask for help when you need it, and lets you focus on accomplishments over failures.

My askbox is always open if people have questions about the transition to college!

HOW TO: Be a Theatre Student


The most common negative quality in Theatre Students is a lack of appreciation. There are so many individuals in this world who feel forced into career paths that have nothing to do with their true passion. We are so lucky to be allowed to follow such a unique dream, and to bring joy to so many audiences. Remember even when completing difficult assessments, or doing back to back late nights, we are working towards something bigger. Being appreciative and passionate is an inspiring quality. Embody this. 


We are extremely lucky in my course to be taught by a group of working Professionals, not Lecturers. Although you will spend every day with them, remember they are Professionals who deserve respect. They will be your most valuable resource. Do not waste their time. Ask questions. Drink in all that you can. They will know you better than you know yourself. Theatre Professionals in the Industry do not have time to stop mid-show and explain their decision making. Working with such people is an amazing privilege. Use it. 


As well as observing the Tutors methods, also observe the other students around you. Before screaming about how much potential you have, take time to watch other students succeed and fail. Take from their methods the aspects you want to incorporate into your own practice. Never ignore the potential of those sitting next to you to have incredible ideas. 


Theatre School will immerse you in an environment of external opportunities. My school offers a variety of non-assessed events that we can volunteer to work on. We are also able to be hired as Venue Technicians for weekend work. I would highly recommend using these as platforms to practice your craft and keep you fresh. This will make you a known face around campus, and give you extra experience your peers may not have. It’s easy to get stuck in the classroom. Remember you are here for live art! 


Every day we are surrounded by current and future industry professionals. Although you should feel safe to make mistakes, know that the way you act now is being constantly monitored and will be remembered. Try to handle stressful situations with grace, and always have an air of professionalism about you. People in theatre are good judges of character. Think quickly, and be respectful.


You are completing a Stage Management course. A Stage Manager’s first job is to be a time keeper… So meet your goddamn deadlines. Seriously. There is nothing that makes Tutors cringe more than seeing Students getting extension after extension when they are training to be a professional organiser. Your ability to stay on top of work, even that unrelated to productions, is being judged as part of your work ethic. Although sometimes it is overwhelming, remember this time of your life will end and you DO have the ability to complete the work in good time. Write the essay. Read the play. It will get you one step closer to theatre.  


Although Theatre School can sometimes be a competitive atmosphere, it is important to remember that teaching others actually teaches you. I do my best learning when I have to explain concepts or procedures to someone who doesn’t understand them. Although sometimes you want to keep your knowledge close to your chest, be generous with your learning. It will consolidate the knowledge in your mind, and doing favours for others does not go unnoticed.


You also need to find your own moral ground on when to stop pulling friends across the line. As with any Degree, at the end of the day you need to all individually be capable enough to walk into a theatre and create a Prompt Copy, or set up a console. Don’t do all the work for people who aren’t interested in learning for themselves. Sometimes it takes a blown system or poor grade or yelling Director to wake a Student up. Ensure your work is always  high quality, but it is not your responsibility to manage any other work load. Do not get walked all over. This education is yours.


Use this time to Stock Up! Create useful templates and file them nicely for you to use once you’re in the Industry. Buy a Stage Management Kit, and begin slowly stocking up throughout your time at University. Invest in the Tools you deem most useful. Buy the Stage Management book you keep reading from the Library. Collect the elements you want to be a part of your professional practice. This is the perfect time to gather resources. Do not waste it.


The best advice I received at the commencement of my First Year was to not give up your personal life for a 9.00AM-6.00PM Monday to Friday course. I was ready to give everything away. I moved out of home to be closer to the city, worked through my weekends, and over the year stopped caring about my friends, family and other interests (including this blog!). Let me tell you, this does not get you ahead in your career. It left me lonely, and vulnerable to toxic relationships that I didn’t need. You need a well balanced life and support system to be good at your job. You need to be healthy and happy to inspire passion in those working for you. My best work of the year was during my November production, once I had realised this the hard way. Make an effort with your friends, stay with your family, have other hobbies that make you happy. Don’t throw your life away just because you got an acceptance letter. If this career is going to sustain your whole life, it needs to fit into your whole life. Theatre is not the only beautiful thing in this world. Just look around. You might surprise yourself. 

Best of luck to the 2017 First Years in all the kickass Theatre Courses around the world. I’m here for every single one of you! 

Ella X

Hey guys! Over the years I’ve sort of have my own way of taking notes, but have finally ‘settled down’ during university. Some of my friends who took a look at my notes asked about how I write them and found some useful tips after I told them about my note taking technique. If it’s useful for my uni friends, then maybe it’s also gonna be useful for more people (I hope)! By no means this style would work for everyone, but you guys are welcome to copy my method if it works for you or develop your own style after seeing mine.

I’m going to break it down to some parts, which are:

1. Basics

2. Header

3. Symbols

4. Color Coding

5. Note taking (sort of an analysis of my notes)

6. Tips

Before we get into the explanations, here’s a mock page of what my usual notes looks like (plus a mini summary if you’re too lazy to read under the cut haha). You can refer to this as you read through the explanations below.

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I Won’t Stop Screaming: What Being a Jonas Brothers Fan Taught Me About How the Media Demeans the Interests of Young Women and How That Made Me the Proud Fangirl I Am Today

“With their most ambitious album yet, the JoBros are going for rock credibility. But what happens when the little girls stop screaming?”

That was the subheading of the Jonas Brothers second cover story for Rolling Stone “Boys to Men” that came out in July 2009, weeks after the release of what would become their final album “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.” My mom bought that issue of Rolling Stone for me— I remember running upstairs to my room, so excited to read it, and my face falling when I opened it up to read that very first line. (Probably the most frustrating thing about that sentence, is that it was written by a female journalist. Internalized misogyny is the fucking worst).

I think about that sentence almost every single day. I’m currently in graduate school, working on my masters in media studies, and focusing on feminist cultural studies. I spend a lot of my time in and out of class actively “un-learning” the misogynistic and patriarchal bullshit that the media subjected me to as a young girl. Reading that Rolling Stone article, at age 15, was when I first started “un-learning.”. I was 15 (almost 16) years old, and I was not a little girl. I was a young woman. I’d, gotten my  period for the first time in history class in 7th grade, I’d just kissed a boy for the first time, and was starting to learn how to drive a car. I had thoughts, opinions, feelings, and passions that were all valid and worthy of respect—but I was never afforded that. The media was telling me my interests were juvenile, trivial and unsophisticated, often implying that I wasn’t even listening to the music, no, I was in love with the boys  because they were cute–their music was just noise. (The narrative “girls are passionate fans of boy bands not because they like the music, but  just because they’re hot and they want to be with them” is problematic, not only because it’s untrue, but also because it erases the existence of any LGBTQ+ female fans).

Even the Jonas Brothers themselves contributed to this “crazy screaming fangirl” narrative with the opening of their 3D concert film. Sure, that opening chase scene is a reference to A Hard Day’s Night, but that’ is not the interpretation you reach first. . No one thinks, “Oh what a clever reference to The Beatles first film,” they think, “look at those crazy girls. In almost every single interview the brothers would be asked about their “craziest fan interaction”, and when they would play a morning show the hosts would often mock the girls who had lined up, sometimes days before, to get in line to see them.

The construction of the fangirl started with Elvis, and then came The Beatles, and so on and so forth. Many of the most popular music acts of all time owe all of their success to screaming girls. Young women are passionate, and dedicated. If a young woman loves a band or an artist she will support it any and every way she can, buying tickets to multiple concerts, buying multiple copies of the CD, buying the album on vinyl, downloading the album from iTunes and streaming the songs on Spotify even though they have all of the things mentioned before. The music industry is still afloat, thanks to fangirls. And still most media continue to frame young women who are fans of a popular male artist or group as hysterical (a word that derives from the Greek word for uterus, and was a common diagnosis male doctors would impose upon women, and now is a gendered silencing technique.) So, why did I have to stop screaming for the Jonas Brothers to become legitimized ? It was girls like me who had gotten them to this point, and now to be cool, they had to shed us? I’m 23 now and, I’ve been asking these same questions of every male band, or artist for the past eight years.

The answer is to not stop screaming, the answer is to get louder. When the Jonas Brothers went on hiatus in 2011, I didn’t have to wait long until another boy band came crashing into my life. This time it was 5 lads from the UK who had just placed third on ‘The X Factor’ and then it was a group of four boys dressed in black from head to toe from Manchester. Instead of shying away from fangirling, I fangirled even harder. ‘Cause you know what? Life gets a lot better when you stop feeling like you need to apologize for the things you love, and you stop thinking that you should be embarrassed, or worried you don’t come across as cool. I screamed even louder, literally and metaphorically, and you know what happened? I found my people. All of my best friends I met and bonded with because we were passionate about the same thing. And in the years since that sentence in Rolling Stone made my heart sink, things have gotten better for us fangirls. Because we decided to get louder. 

When thinking about how powerful and great female fans are I am often reminded of a quote by Matty Healy (frontman of The 1975) that I think sums it up perfectly: “Go and play a show to 2,000 35-year-olds who are kind of into your band, then go and play a show to 5,000 18- to 20-year-olds who … would die for you and then you tell me what you’d rather do every night. There’s no conflict for me.” Seriously, have you been to a concert where theres just a bunch of dudes standing around holding beers and trying seem cool? It’s so miserable, its not fun! But an arena filled with thousands of young women having the time of their lives, singing at the top of their lungs and dancing? It’s magic. Seeing the Jonas Brothers live was the first time I got to be a part of that magic, and I’ll never forget it. So Rolling Stone and other media outlets can continue their fangirl hating nonsense, it’s not gonna stop me, it’s not going to stop us


somewhere in between - one

September 2011

“What? Haven’t heard of chill?” She yelled over the loud music directly into his ear. “No need to act like a high-strung Chihuahua on stage.”

“No one else complained.” Harry defended himself with a smirk and a kinked brow.

“I don’t know why they wouldn’t. I’ll place the first one now.” She patted him on the shoulder, then his face fell and she couldn’t keep it up - Lenny never didn’t have a hard time keeping up a joke. “I’m just kidding, Harry. It was actually -”

read below - story page - character page - thanks! 

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pinkuboa  asked:

I'm curious - what do you not like about modern pixel art/duelyst's pixel art? :o

so ok ive gone on about how pixel art is not supposed to be a literal representation of something right? like because it’s a technically limited medium you can only get so close to an accurate representation because eventually you’ll get obfuscated by pixels and the audience will inevitably be like ‘i dont know what that is’ but that’s ok, because engaging the audience’s imagination is the point of any good fiction, and the audience filling in the (deliberate or otherwise) gaps in the apparent design allows the player to come up with their own interesting interpretations and get inspired

if not: that’s the nutshell for my argument for pixel art. pixel art is good because it’s sort of shit but in a way that makes you actually think about things and what they are, could be, and are supposed to be, and even the flaws point you in the direction of cool shit

as opposed to say the general trend of modern game art, which is more literal; if you see something, the game expects you to take it completely 100% literally and matter-of-factly. there’s no room for interpretation, just an image of a pretty thing that you can offhandedly consume and then just move past or, if they get really lucky, you get inspired but not necessarily due to any thought process or intrigue on the game’s side: just because the art was pretty, and you want to copy that exact style of art. but that’s still not the point. the point is to just be pretty

and really i’m pretty ok with that though because like, i can’t expect AAA games to build games that are deliberately unclear. that’s not why they make games. they make games to sell, not inspire new games (if anything they want to actively discourage people making new video games because then that makes more competition) ([distant screaming]) and the games that they make do sell, so like, whatever. as long as AAA games get people into video games, and those people explore their tastes, and those tastes lead them to play more interesting games and think and grow as people and maybe even developers, then i’m content, and i can suffer through another dozen ubisoft/bioware/bethesda cash grab (as long as they throw me a bone and i get a new vegas or somethin like once in a while too)

but the problem is that on the niche-ass experimental-ass indie level (and i dont mean like fuckin walking simulators per se i mean like fuckin Aces Wild and Risk of Rain and Enter the Gungeon and the shit that would NEVER fly in the main market), modern game art still exists, with still the same basic logic (that people buy pretty things) but there’s this big key problem here and it’s that pixel art still looks like shit


like no matter what you do pixel art is still low resolution, chunky, clumsy to animate and hard to read so making it really pretty pixel art with smooth animations (which i actually sort of dont like in general) (drop your frames, kids) and perfectly proportioned bodies is just spending a bunch of time on something that will make something look ‘objectively better’ but not only remove what’s unique about the game but make it look more like the shitty homogenized master-of-none blob that is the AAA industry

it’s like someone looking at a motorcycle and saying like ‘but cars are better, though’ so they take an arc welder, some starving art student, and $30,000 and turn it into this

like good job idiot you’ve taken all of the shitty parts of a motorcycle and merged it with all the shitty parts of a car

a motorcycle is supposed to get you to go where you want to go. a car is supposed to get you, your friends, and possibly you and your friend’s things to where you want to go. making a car-shaped motorcycle makes a heavier motorcycle that is worse at getting you where you want to go and it doesnt even have any of the other perks that fuckin cars have like driving around friends and sleeping in the back seat so like what the fuck

why did you do that

like i mention duelyst in particular cause it’s really fuckin egregious. the pixel art doesnt interact. i’m not sure the sprites even like touch one another on purpose or anything. it’s undynamic, all the animations are completely prebaked, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and none of them are interesting. it’s not even like fighting games or like mecha shit where the attack is like emblematic of their character or like really over the top or something they all do the same cliche poses and all have the same pocket particle effects

i could actually pick on like a bunch of people for this (paul robertson comes to mind too in particular) but for the sake of expressing my point i’m gonna keep ragging on duelyst

anyway, here’s blue shell rabbit. he’s got a sword. his special attack is that he swings the sword and it explodes

‘here’s the lore’ the game says. ‘if you read this it will all make sense’

nothing about it doesn’t make sense

nothing about this character is making me ask any questions

and to be clear this isnt like a general disposition toward ‘good’ pixel art it’s really more of a general disposition toward uncreative pixel art that uses smooth animations and ‘good color choice’ (read: the same soulless machine-baked palette of ‘fantasy colors’ that is either completely divested or actively fighting the environment every time) to mask what feels like they didnt even try to hide that you can accurately describe their character on a spreadsheet

• blue
• sword
• explosion
• bunny
    • turtle

cause like

you can have ‘holy fuck’ and ‘what is that’ in the same sentence

i mean there’s actually a certain level of art to that too, and it’s actually sort of unfair to duelyst because i know they’re making a fuckin league of legends style hero game and i know they cant spend much time on each character because i know they have other characters to get done but like

i wish they fuckin wouldnt

Namjoon Scenario: Scribbles

Request: Meeting namjoon in a bookstore, u guys want the same book but there’s only one left

Word Count: 1,574

Genre: Floofy Fluff

Out of all your favorite hobbies, there was probably nothing that ever compared to how much you enjoyed reading. There was no genre you couldn’t enjoy, and there was always a pile of books on your bedside table waiting for you to read. The only issue with this hobby was that, more often than not, you bought books faster than you could read them.

You knew where every secondhand bookshop in Seoul was, and frequented at least two of them every week. The secondhand shops were always much more thrilling than chain bookstores, because you never knew what you’d find, and the selection was different every time. Some may be turned off by the musty smell of old paper in each shop, but to you it was an invitation to explore the pages of every book you could get your hands on and fill your mind with endless stories, theories, and life lessons.

These days you found yourself particularly interested in philosophy books, and it all started when you found a book on pre-Socratic philosophy at the very bottom of a clearance bin in your favorite secondhand bookshop in Incheon. It seemed interesting enough, so you bought it along with the other stack of books in your basket that day. Later on though, when you finally got around to reading it, there were hundreds of annotations in the margins of the book, all written in ink. You ignored them initially– after all, it was a secondhand book so previous owners sold marked up books all the time–but when you actually took the time to read them they turned out to be amazingly insightful. Rather than just little afterthoughts or underlining, whoever had owned the book previously had taken the theories presented in the book and expounded on them in the margin. When you finished the book, not only had the book itself been fascinating, but you actually felt changed by what the previous owner had contributed to the arguments.

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Here’s the book meme thingy I was tagged in by the exquisite @batmanisagatewaydrug.

1. Which book has been on your shelves the longest? I’ve owned my copy of The Eyes of the Dragon since I was in second grade, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. I’ve also owned my Harry Potter books for fuck-all ever, to the point where they’re literally falling apart. Like, to the point where Chamber of Secrets has been held together by packing tape since like, middle school.

2. What is your current read, your last read and the book you’ll read next? I’m bouncing between The Graveyard Book, The Wizard and the Glass, and The Collected Short Stories of H.G. Wells. I just finished Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs and reread Coraline. Next is… oh gods, I have so much sitting in my Audible library. On the physical book front, it’ll be Wolves of the Calla, since I want to finish The Dark Tower before the movie comes out. On the listening front… probably between Wuthering Heights and Four Past Midnight. But that could easily change on a whim.

3. Which book does everyone like and you hated? I have never and will never understand The Hunger Games hype. They basically put me off YA for like four years. Also, I know this isn’t exactly novel (HAH), but FUCK Ernest Hemmingway. Fuck your old man and his shitty boat and his shitty fish. I love To Kill a Mockingbird, but absolutely detest the way it’s taught in schools. As a social commentary, it’s worthless. As a coming-of-age novel, it’s practically perfect.

4. Which book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t? So many. Soooo many. Anything by Isaac Asimov, a whole lot of Dickens (I really like Dickens, but that “paid by the word” thing did the man no favors), uuuuuum. I keep telling myself I’m going to return to Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, which I started and never finished and SWEAR I’M GOING TO GO BACK TO SOMEDAY BUT OH GOD IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS I’MMMMMM SOOOOOORRY TONI. A whole lot of poetry (here’s looking at you, Dickinson). A bunch I’m forgetting. Oh, and The Vampire Chronicles. Still, now that I’m working overnights and can listen to audiobooks eight hours per night, my rate of reading has practically quadrupled and there’s a good chance that I’ll use that as an excuse to finally get around to all of these.

5. Which book are you saving for “retirement?” I’m dying by twenty-six, so I gotta shove all those words in now.

6. Last page: read it first or wait till the end? 

Not since I was a little kid reading Goosebumps and had to know what bullshit twist R.L. Stine’s ghostwriter of the week would come up with this time.

7. Acknowledgements: waste of ink and paper or interesting aside? It’s a popular misconception that writing a book is a solo endeavor, and it’s self-indulgent bullshit. No book is an island, and the people that surround it deserve credit.

8. Which book character would you switch places with? Oh frick. Maybe not switching place with a specific character, but I want to be friends with the Hempstocks from The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)? Matilda reminds me of when I was a little kid and books were the most magical thing in the world. Like, they still are, but there’s something about it that just recalls the innocence with which I could view literature as a kid. Hard same for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Jurassic Park was the first “adult” novel I ever read, and introduced me to a whole new idea of what books could be. IT reminds me of middle school summertime, devouring books on the beach while I wiggled my toes in the sand. The Eyes of the Dragon made me love fairytales, and years later Stardust reminded me why I love them.

10. Name a book you acquired in some interesting way. Um… I have a bunch of classics (Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, 1984, a few others) that I nicked from a storage room in my high school of books that used to be part of the literary curriculum but hadn’t been touched in about twelve years.

11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person? I gave a really nice gold-leaf fancy-pantsy edition of Huck Finn I got from my Nana and Papa to one of my old friends because I forgot to buy him a birthday present. I also stole like, a dozen Discworld books from him, so it more than evens out.

12. Which book has been with you to the most places? The Eyes of the Dragon has been with me on at least five or six trips as a kid (I used to travel a lot with my dad for business), and has been with me everywhere I’ve lived.

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad ten years later? The opposite, actually. I read Gatsby for the first time on my own, absolutely loathed it, reread it my Senior year for AP Lit and loved it.

14. What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book? I found an old bus ticket from the early Nineties in my copy of A Confederacy of Dunces

15. Used or brand new? Both. Books. Just… books. Both have their own unique smell and feel that I love for different reasons.

16. Stephen King: Literary genius or opiate of the masses? Don’t know, don’t care. All I know is that he’s my book dad and always will be. He was the writer that made me believe that I could actually be a writer through On Writing. The Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite book and the one that’s influenced me more than any other. A lot of his books kind of blow, but when you’ve put out the sheer amount of words that he has, you’re bound to have a few stinkers. When the man hits the vein of a story, he hits it hard. I can’t imagine my middle school years without The Talisman or Firestarter or my high school years without Misery or IT. Speaking of, I’ve been waiting for the new IT movie since it was stuck in development hell however many years ago, and I’m absolutely going to cry in the theatre if it sucks. I don’t even need it to be good, I just need the relationships between the kids to be done well. They’re my children, dammit, and I love them so much.

17. Have you ever seen a movie you liked better than the book? American Psycho is unequivocally better than the book and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Ditto for Fight Club. I don’t know if I’d say that Stand by Me is technically better than the book, but it’s also tied for my favorite movie of all time. A Clockwork Orange is in a similar boat. And Holes. OH. I can’t believe I almost forgot The Silence of the Lambs. I adore the movie, but the book runs almost entirely on the “male author wants to fuck his lady protagonist” trope, and eeeeeeew.

18. Conversely, which book should NEVER have been introduced to celluloid? Um… now seems like as good of a time to shit on the majority of Stephen King adaptations as ever. Like, I get that this is by no means a new observation, but fuck. Speaking of, I am so confused by the “dOnT rEmAkE iT tHe OrIgInAl WaS a CLASSIC” crowd. The miniseries is ass and the only redeeming factor is Tim Curry because, well… Tim Curry.

19. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks being excluded from this question? See my previous comment about wanting to be friends with the Hempstocks. I want that blackberry jam, dammit.  

20. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take? Um, I’ll basically read anything that @batmanisagatewaydrug throws my way. She’s like my only book friend (and my best friend) so I sort of figure out what I want to read on my own. Oh, I have been working on some of Neil’s recommendations from The View from the Cheap Seats, which has been rewarding so far (@Diana Wynn Jones, where were you all my life?).

I tag no one because I don’t have book friends (ahem ahem, HINT HINT IF YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THIS AND LOVE BOOKS FOR THE LOVE OF GODS HIT ME UP), but I will tag back @batmanisagatewaydrug just to prove I actually did it.

Books A-Z.

Inspired by @macrolit (<3 !!!).  I’m a political theory and philosophy type, so a lot of my favorite books are really more… Dry social science?  I’m gonna try and confine this to fiction and literary non-fiction/essay and less like… Super long form journalism, or idk early-European state formation à la Tilly (as much as I love it).  Anyway, here goes.

A - l’Atlantida by Jacint Verdaguer.  

This is Catalan epic poetry par excellence.  Among other things, it chronicles the tales of Heracles in the Iberian peninsula and the sinking of Atlantis.  Verdaguer was a significant figure for the Catalan literary movement known as the Renaixença, which revitalized Catalan as a language of literature, politics and philosophy.  It’s an area of research for me, and Verdaguer is easily my favorite poet, so this holds some special charm.  I… Don’t think it’s been translated to English?  But you can probably find it in Spanish.

B - Books v. cigarettes by George Orwell.

My favorite of the Orwell essay collections published by Penguin.  The titular essay is a great, but I also highly recommend “The Privation of Literature” and “How the Poor Die”.  Everything in this is great (and still super relevant) commentary on class, intellectualism, and mass politics.  “My Country Right or Left” is in here and should be on every high school social studies reading list every semester. (EVERY SEMESTER.)

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How Rick Riordan's Potential Roman Demigod Series Will Lead Directly to my Death and the Imprisonment of my Child: A Helpful Guide.

Okay, guys, this is going to be incredibly long but please just hear me out on this.

First, let’s start with some background information

  • I first discovered Riordan’s work in 8th grade after my best friend Rachel accidentally stole a copy of “The Lightning Thief” and talked me into reading it.
  • I quickly let my life become consumed.
  • I read all five books in the series in like under two months.
  • I made blue cookies and wore an orange shirt to the premiere of the movie, only to end up booing it.
  • “The Lost Hero” came out in 9th grade, and my already intense love for the past books and the awful year I had at that school caused me to cling desperately to the characters, making my whimsical love of the past to grow into more of a full blown obsession.
  • I’ve bought every single Riordan book the exact day they came out. Seriously, for Blood of Olympus I literally had to sneak off my college campus, call a cab, and I just barely made it back in time for my class that day.
  • I was more than a little sad that the story ended, but I was in college so it seemed serendipitous almost; My childhood was ending.
  • I found out about the upcoming Magnus Chase trilogy, and even though I know absolutely nothing about Norse mythology, I was prepared to read it. Three more years of Riordan owning my soul, it could hurt, right?

Okay now this is where things are going to get serious. rrriordan, you might want to pay attention omfg.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you think you can make a post about your kindle/e-reader? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you❤️

Yes, of course!!

I’ve had my Kindle Paperwhite since 2015, and I am absolutely in love with it! For anyone who doesn’t know, Kindles are e-readers created by Amazon.  There are four versions currently for sale: 

- Kindle: The basic Kindle device (which currently costs $79.99 on Amazon) is the cheapest e-reader Amazon offers and, consequently, the one with the least features.  It’s just a simple touchscreen, so you can either tap or swipe to change the page (to go either forward or backward).  As far as I can tell, there are really two things that set this Kindle apart from the Paperwhite: it has a lower screen resolution–only 167 ppi compared to the Paperwhite’s 300 ppi (for perspective, the iPhones 6 and 7 both have 326 ppi, at least according to a quick Google search I just did haha),which really isn’t a huge deal as the text is still perfectly visible for reading; and the screen doesn’t light up.  This second flaw is really the only reason I chose the Paperwhite instead.  While you would still be able to read just fine in daylight, you would have to turn on a lamp or something to read in the dark.  I imagine you could buy a book light and clip it onto the device, but I just personally felt that would be more hassle than I wanted.

- Kindle Paperwhite: The Paperwhite (which is what my Kindle is), currently costs $119.99 on Amazon.  You can pay more to get your Kindle with built-in WiFi and/or 3G, but I have never quite understood how that works and not having it has not been a problem for me, so I wouldn’t recommend that.  Again, the Paperwhite is just a touchscreen like the cheapest model.  It actually has the biggest screen of all the Kindle devices, which is interesting.  I pretty much already covered the differences, so basically it is just the basic Kindle with a built-in light and higher screen resolution.  In my experience, the built-in light is one of the best things about Kindles because it allows me to read in the dark without needing a lamp (which is especially convenient when I’m outside or in a car in the dark–I still remember the struggle of squinting in attempt to read in the car at night because my parents would never let me turn on the lights in the car).  The light is adjustable, so you can have it set to anywhere from 0 (basically no light) to 24 (AKA blinding light).  To give you an idea of how bright it is, I typically keep it at around 10 when I’m reading in the dark before bed and increase it to 15 or so during the day–it all depends on the lighting.  As you might expect, it definitely drains the battery more if you keep the brightness high, but it’s clearly not necessary to have it that bright.

- Kindle Voyage: The Kindle Voyage, which was the fanciest model at the time when I was trying to figure out which one to get, costs $199.99 on Amazon at the moment.  Its screen is smaller than that of the Paperwhite (but slightly bigger than the basic Kindle), but its main feature is that it has “page press,” which is basically just these sensor-button things on either side of the screen.  You can still use the touchscreen as you would on the other Kindles, but you can also change the page simply by pressing the buttons.  Initially, this was the Kindle I wanted, but I tried it out in a Best Buy store and decided against it.  The “buttons” aren’t raised or anything, so instead you have to press pretty hard on the side of the device to get the page to turn, which just seemed like more effort than it was worth, in my opinion (granted, that was two years ago, so it’s possible they have since improved the technology–if you think you might be interested, I’d recommend going to a physical store that sells the devices to try it out for yourself).  In my opinion, it’s just not worth an extra $80 just for some buttons and a smaller screen.  

- Kindle Oasis: Finally the most recent addition to the Kindle family is the Oasis, which costs $289.99.  In my opinion, this is way too much money for not much improvement.  What makes it costs so much is that it comes with a cover that charges the device.  Frankly, unless you’re going to be somewhere where you won’t have access to electrical outlets for weeks (or, according to Amazon, months), there’s no reason to pay this much money (as far as I can tell).  As I will explain more later, all of the Kindles have incredibly long battery life even without this fancy cover.  I just don’t get the point of the device.

Kindle eBooks

As someone who doesn’t make a habit of purchasing new books, I love buying books on my Kindle.  I am fortunate enough that I usually receive several Amazon gift cards each year from family and friends, so I just put them on my account and constantly keep my eye out for deals.  I never buy Kindle books for full price (frankly I think $10 for just a digital copy is ludicrous), but Amazon constantly puts eBooks on sale for $2.99 or less.  Most books I buy are $1.99, and they’re not just random books no one has heard of.  To give you an idea, here are a few books I have purchased for $2.99 or less in the past year or so:

  • I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
  • First & Then by Emma Mills
  • The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry
  • My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, and Brodi Ashton
  • Open Road Summer by Emery Lord
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

And the list goes on…

Also, as you may know, most classic novels can be “purchased” for free in eBook format as older novels are usually in the public domain.  This comes in handy when I want to have a more portable copy of whatever book I’m reading for class, as most are in the public domain.

While I love both of those features, the way I get most of my eBooks is through my local library’s digital book collection.  Many public libraries offer eBooks through Overdrive, and those eBooks can easily be sent to your Kindle for you to read while you have them checked out.  I absolutely love this because I could get a new book in the middle of the night without the obstacle of library hours.


As I alluded, the Kindles (or at least the Paperwhite) last forever without charging.  Depending on how much I’ve been using my Kindle, I can usually go at least one week, if not two or three without charging (and even then, I’ve never actually let it run out of power).  I never have to worry about bringing my charger on vacations because I know I’ll be fine, which is so great.  

Kindle Features

Here are a few of my favorite features of Kindles:

  • Goodreads: You can easily access Goodreads on Kindle, which is nice for finding new books and updating your reading progress.
  • Kindle Store: You can also get to the Kindle Store and purchase books right on your device, which lends itself well to impulse buying (thus how I have so many books on my Kindle, haha).
  • Highlights: It’s super easy to highlight quotes you like, all of which are stored in a “book” called “My Clippings” for easy access (it even stores highlights from library eBooks that have since been returned).  As you can probably guess, this is super useful for me in storing quotes to share with you guys, especially if I am at school when I come across them, though I’m weird and nostalgic so I like to go back and look at the dates and times when I highlighted certain quotes (I like to figure out what class I was in at the time lol).  Also, the highlights do save even if you are not on WiFi.
  • Dictionary: Even when you’re not connected to WiFi, you can always click on a word (or sometimes even a phrase) to look it up in the dictionary.  On WiFi, you can also look up a word on Wikipedia or have the device attempt to translate it into another language.

eBooks vs. Physical Books

I know lots of people are against eBooks (in fact, I used to be one of them), but I love them so much.  The Kindle screen really feels like you’re just looking at paper, so I don’t find it to be hard on my eyes at all, unlike how my phone and computer are.  It makes me able to read more books in more places and carry multiple books at once.  It has been so incredibly helpful with reading at school.  Now, I am able to sometimes walk to class while reading (I haven’t run into anyone yet lol), and it’s not quite so cumbersome to get a book out and start reading as it is with a physical book.  I do still love physical books and read them regularly.  I think they both certainly have their merits!

So, long story short, I absolutely adore my Kindle!  I use it almost every single day.  If anyone has any more questions about Kindles, please feel free to ask!!

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Question: Can my writings identify me? I'm not ashamed of the things I've written for fandom at all, but I have hopes of becoming a published author at some point and former fanfic writers are the laughing stock of the “real” literary community. It worries me that, if I become a published author, someone will recognize my fics and out me as a former fic author. Should I delete all trace of my fics before I publish my original stories?

It’s okay, friend! These are legitimate fears that I think a lot of writers experience, but really, I don’t think this is anything worth worrying about. I’ll address your concerns individually:

Should I delete all trace of my fics before I publish my original stories?

Definitely not!!

Unless you have a situation where your work was originally fanfiction, but you modified it to be 100% original. (Like how 50 Shades of Gray removed all traces of its Twilight influence, and no doubt removed the original from the internet)

I mean, it’s up to you in the end. But see, here’s the thing. Being a successful writer is HARD. Getting published at all is challenging enough, let alone selling enough books to be considered “successful.” Most authors struggle to even sell 100 books. I don’t mean to be depressing about it, but having a realistic outlook will help you succeed in the long run.

A lot of times, in my opinion, success boils down to marketing. People can’t enjoy your book if they don’t know it exists.

Anyone have a copy of Cinder on their shelf by Marissa Meyer? One of the last page lists hundreds of book bloggers that she reached out to in order to get some hype going about her book. And it worked. It got the word out, and I honestly believe that was a big factor in making the Lunar Chronicles as successful as it is. Of course, her books had to be amazing enough to build on that hype and keep growing. But people have to know your book exists before they can read it and fall in love with it.

If you already have an online following that enjoys your writing, you get a head start. You have a place to go to say “Hey everyone, look. I got published!”

I heard recently that Sarah J Maas started off posting her work online, and gained fans that way—before her books were even published. When you already have people excited about your work and your writing, you have a group of people “warmed up” and more willing to buy. They know you. They’re familiar with you.

(I hate to make this all about the numbers, but again, it’s about being realistic. The publishers only care about the numbers, so if you want to get a book #2 out there, your book #1 sales have to be decent.)

Truthfully, very few of your fanfic followers will actually buy a book, though. Most people are just there for the free content. But it’s a start. It’s a way to get the word out and grab a few precious sales.

I’ve also heard from agents at writing conferences that having an online following when you query can improve your chances. Mostly they were talking about self-published authors, but it applies to fanfic authors too. You’ve proven that you can get people to read your work and become your fan. That’s credibility.

It worries me that, if I become a published author, someone will recognize my fics and out me as a former fic author.

Yeah, it might happen. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, though.

  1. Most fanfic authors post under a username, so unless you make it public knowledge that it’s you, you can stay anonymous. Even if your friends/family know about the connection, it’d be hard to get enough word-of-mouth going to make that public knowledge.
  2. Most people don’t pay much attention to the author of the book they read.
  3. Honestly, not many people will have the time/interest be snooping around your background.
  4. The people who DO go snooping around most likely loved your writing so much that they wanted to learn more about you and see if you had any other books published. In which case they’d probably be like “Oh cool, she used to be a fanfic author” and either not think much of it, or see it as really neat.
    1. People who loved your book but think poorly of fanfiction will be in for a surprise. You can help change the bad stereotypes floating around about fanfiction as “lesser” writing, one mind at a time!
    2. This might be really inspiring to other fic writers who find this out. And you will become their hero! “Wow, this writer did it. I can too!!”
    3. Long-time fans of your fanfiction may just become your most loyal fans. They can have that connected feeling to you because they knew you before everyone else. “Wow, I used to read this person’s writing all the time! It’s crazy how much their writing has grown over the years.”

Fanfic writers are the laughing stock of the “real” literary community.

My friend, unless you are writing gritty realistic fiction about a 50-year-old white man having a mid-life crisis, you will always be the laughingstock of the “real” literary community.

The “real” literary community will always cling to their ideas of writing purity, and there isn’t much you can do about it. You have to be a Hemmingway or a Fitzgerald in order to be of “real” value. Purists like we’re talking about are few and mostly in academia, and they will wave their fists at you and whine and cry that literature is being ruined, absolutely ruined by all these monstrosities like genre fiction and fanfiction.

(I’m somewhat bitter about this, by the way. My university completely snubbed its nose at any hint of genre fiction, but luckily I had several professors who were more open-minded about such things.)

But it’s like, ehh. Let them shake their fists. Fanfiction is a beautiful form of writing and millions of people will agree with me on that. Sure, a lot of people will also disagree, but you can’t please everyone.


Tips to survive your freshman year of college (and maybe future years, too).


Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

When everyone is done moving in, chances are there will be plenty of people roaming the halls looking to meet new people. Go join them! You don’t have to stay long if you don’t want to. Just say hi so they know who you are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Hi

When you walk down the hall, lots of people will have their doors open. Say hi! Are they watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite video game? Poke your head in the door and chat with them. Better yet, ask if you can join! (I made lots of friends after asking some kids down the hall if I could join their game of Super Smash Bros.)

Get Involved

Join clubs, sports, Greek Life, or other organizations. These are a great way to meet new people and make connections. Just don’t let your activities get in the way of your schoolwork.

Leave the Dorm Once in a While

Don’t stay cooped up in your room the whole day. Go to the library or lounge to study. Take a walk. Join that game of volleyball or Frisbee in the quad. Not only is it good for your health to get out every now and then, but you may meet some new friends, too.

Be Friendly with Your Roommate

You might not be besties with your roommate, and that’s totally okay. But you should be friendly with each other. Go to the dining hall together sometimes. Watch some funny YouTube videos. Play a videogame together. Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend, but they might end up that way!

Attend Campus Events

My school had a celebration where they had a different event each day of the first week of school. There was a party at the Student Union, a water balloon fight, and other fun things! There will be plenty of social events on campus throughout the year. Your dorm will likely host a few fun events too, like a movie night or Halloween party. Go to those events and have fun!


Read the Syllabus

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Read through the syllabus as soon as you get it. Then read it again. Copy down every due date into your planner. And for goodness sake, DO NOT LOSE YOUR SYLLABUS. Some teachers might have a copy of the syllabus online, but some might not. Better safe than sorry.

Meet with Your Advisor Regularly

They are there to help you, and they give good advice.

Go. To. Class.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter if “no one else is going.” In my experience, if the professor knows not many people will show up to class, they will give an in-depth review of important material, drop hints for the upcoming test, or even offer extra credit opportunities.

Talk to Your Professor

At the very least, introduce yourself so they know who you are. Strike up a conversation with them every now and then. They’re people too. A good relationship with your professor can definitely help you in their class.

Sit in the Front Row

Not only will it be easier for you to hear your professor and take good notes, but you will be less distracted by your classmates, and less tempted to pull out your phone.

Make Friends

You don’t have to make a BFF in every class. However, you should have some reliable people you can study with or ask for notes if you miss a day of class.

Study, Study, Study

You don’t have to be studying or doing homework every minute of every day (that’s actually very bad). Try to set aside some time every day for studying and homework. I aim for an hour of studying each day after I’ve completed my homework.

Learn to Prioritize

Do you have homework for one class, an essay for another, and a project for yet another all due on the same day? Don’t stress. Which one is most important to you? Which one will impact your grade the most? You’ll probably be okay with one or two late homework assignments, but essays and projects tend to be worth a lot of points.

Practice Makes Perfect

Doing practice problems is the best way master a topic. Do the problems in your textbook, or use Google to find some.

Struggling in Class? Have No Fear!

There are tons of resources to help. Talk to your professor after class or during their office hours. They are usually super helpful and will go over any concept you need help with.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

A failing grade or a missed homework assignment won’t be the end of you. Give yourself some time to be upset, then pick yourself up and move on to the next assignment.


Watch What You Eat

The Freshman 15 is a real thing. The dining hall always has healthy choices. Have a serving of fruit or vegetables with every meal. Limit your soda and dessert intake (do you really need that extra cookie?). Keep healthy snacks in your dorm, like dried fruit or nuts.

Try to Exercise

It’s hard to get a full workout in when you’re busy with school, but you don’t have to go to the gym every day to be fit. Take a brisk walk across campus. Ride your bike around. Take the stairs. Walk the long way to class. Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy, so you should try to fit some in every day.

Have Medicine in Your Room

You’re not going to need to go to the health center for every little thing. Keep Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Melatonin, cold medicine, and whatever else you need on hand. Just make sure you’re allowed to have it in your room.

Stressed? Depressed?

All of the above? You don’t have to suffer through this alone. Talk to a friend or family member about how you feel. If that’s not an option, most universities have a Counseling Center. It’s free, and open most days of the week.

Take Care of Yourself

Dedicate some time during the week to yourself. Take a long, hot bath. Break out the Lush products. Exfoliate. Drink some tea. Paint your nails. Read a book. Play a video game. Binge on Netflix. Do whatever makes YOU feel good.



99% of the time the book you need will be available online for a hell of a lot cheaper. Check Amazon or Chegg before heading to the campus bookstore.

Don’t Vape or Smoke in Public

My university has a huge problem with this. Walking around with a vape pen does not make you look cool or edgy. It makes you look like a jackass. And for the love of God, keep your cigarettes restricted to areas where smoking is allowed. Do you want to be responsible for someone’s asthma attack?

Drink Responsibly

You wanna drink? That’s cool. But please, be safe about it. Always keep an eye on your drink. Do not accept any open beverages. Do not get so drunk you blackout. Stay with your friends. ALWAYS have a designated driver.

Treat Yourself

Did you ace that math test you thought you would fail? Go buy yourself that Chipotle. Rocked that oral presentation you spent weeks preparing for? Buy that book or cute shirt you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it!

Create a Budget

And follow it TO THE LETTER. College is the perfect time to learn how to handle finances. Don’t go broke at the end of the semester like so many students do.

No One Will Judge You

In college, everyone is too concerned with their own lives to care what other people are doing. No one is going to care if you ride your scooter across campus while wearing a Snuggie, or if you wear sweatpants and a messy bun to class.

Apply for Internships

Working as an intern over the summer gives you invaluable experience in your future field of work. It’s a great resume builder. Internships can also help you decide if you really want to follow a certain path or not.


  • If someone repeatedly encourages you to drink even after you’ve said no, get out of there. That person is bad news.
  • The only people who care about your 4.0 are you and maybe your parents. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Unless someone asks, keep your GPA to yourself.
  • There’s nothing wrong with joining a fraternity or sorority. If you think it’s right for you, do it!
  • Bring your favorite stuffed animal or comfort blanket and sleep with it every night. Your roommate will not judge you (they’ll probably bring their own comfort object, too)
  • A bike is always a good thing to have
  • If you can, study abroad! It’ll be an amazing opportunity to become immersed in the culture of another country. And if you’re trying to learn another language, immersion is key!
  • Get to know your RA. They’re super nice people, and they’re there to help
  • Call your parents every now and then. They miss you.



Amazon.com   You can score cheap textbooks, inexpensive school supplies, and other great items. You can get a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime with your school email.

Chegg.com   Another place for cheap textbooks. The only catch is that you have to return your books at the end of the semester.

Khan Academy   One of, if not THE best resources for math and science. The videos are super in-depth and easy to understand, and a lot of the videos have practice problems to go along with them. This website saved my ass in chemistry more than once.

Laundryview.com   Allows you to see if there are available washing machines and dryers in your dorm. You can also set it to notify you when your laundry is done.

Rate My Professor   Actual students review their professors and reveal what they liked or didn’t like about them. Super useful when signing up for classes.

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hi! i was wondering how you want about publishing your chapbook? i really want to publish a chapbook but i don't know how to start the process!!! thank you so much

I’ve answered an ask like this before, and i was going to direct you to it, but unfortunately i can’t find it! so i’ll give you the rundown (only for online chapbooks, because it’s a very different process for paper copies):

  1. figure out what poems you want in your chapbook. make sure that all the poems included have some kind of common element–usually a common theme, though of course you can pick them however you want. the other part of this is deciding how many poems you want in your chapbook. most of mine are 5-10 poems, but i know other artists sometimes do 10-20. for a first chapbook, i’d probably recommend 5-10, but it’s up to you!
  2. decide the order that the poems ought to be in. whatever they’re about, you want to make sure that you order them in a smart way. for example, if you put a very lighthearted poem right in front of a depressing poem, the depressing poem might be hard to take seriously. conversely, placing happier poems in between heavier ones can bring the tone up and prevent your chapbook from being one long, sad slog. there’s no one right way to do this, so play around with it until you find something that works.
  3. assemble your chapbook. i use word, or some equivalent. there aren’t really any set rules for how you put it together, but here’s what i do–feel free to copy my format here! 
    1. title page (title, your name/url, + a cover image, if you want)
    2. table of contents (if it’s a shorter chapbook, i wouldn’t bother with page numbers. if there’s more than 10 poems, then page numbers are a good idea!)
    3. poems! (one per page, please! if your poem is longer than one page, then either modify that page so it has 2 columns, or else let it run off onto continuing pages.)
  4. proof read it. go through it a few times and make sure there are no errors! if you can send it to a friend and ask them to check it as well, that’s even better.
  5. decide on a price. you don’t have to charge anything for your chapbook, and indeed, many people don’t! the choice is up to you. if you do plan on charging, just know that you are going to have to charge very low until you get a following, if you actually want people to buy it. generally, no one will ever spend more than $5 USD on an e-chapbook, unless it’s incredibly long and written by someone they really care about reading. for a first chapbook, i recommend either not charging for it, or charging around $1-$2 USD. 
  6. convert it to a pdf. this way there won’t be any probems if someone with a different version of word than you wants to read it!
  7. upload it. if you plan on distributing it for free, then all you need is a link. upload it to googledocs and share the link on tumblr, and you’re good to go! if you’re charging for it, i recommend payhip! it’s a good way to keep all your chapbooks together even if you aren’t charging, but if you are, then it’s the easiest way to sell chapbooks that i’ve come across so far. here’s my payhip, if you want to see what it looks like when you’ve got a lot of them!
  8. promote it! share it on tumblr or facebook or twitter or wherever, but make sure people see it!

some final notes:

  • e-chapbooks are very easy to format, and once you’re used to making them, they can take under an hour to put together. until then, it’ll probably take a few hours or days to figure it out.
  • there’s no wrong way to create chapbooks, though of course some methods are more readable than others. try to experiment with what works and find your own chapbook style!
  • don’t rush your chapbooks–it might take you weeks or months to make one, instead, but that’s okay! in writing, quality is always better than rapidity. work at your own pace. allow time to pass while you make decisions. it’s okay to be slow.

good luck! let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hey! Do you habe tips on coping with weight gain when in eating disorder recovery? I'm now just starting recovering and I'm panicking the hell out for the weight gaining and I don't know how to deal with it. I'm scared that once I'll see how much I gained, I will right away fall straight back down. So do you have tips for coping with weight gain? Or your eating disorder recovery experience from the very beginning? Thank you! Love you!❤❤❤

It makes me super happy to hear you’re recovering!!!

  • baggy clothes are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
  • leggins or elastic pants are gifts from heaven. use them well, harry
  • if you can, take your sick clothes and donate them, rip them apart, burn them in the stake. whatever you need to do to get them out of your life for good. for me its a pair of jeans but basically, if its tight or if you used them much in your worse moments, kiss them goodbye, they’ll only trigger you in the future. you can either buy cheap clothes, or ask clothes borrowed from your mom, sisters, brothers, even friends. 
  • gather all your strenght and delete body checks, unfollow/block triggering accounts, unfriend toxic people
  • make your selfies not body-focused. you wont mean it that way but subconsciously, you may tend to do body checks out of pics that otherwise would just capture happy moments!
  • take a lot of pics about your life!! capture the simple things
  • which leads to this piece of advice: try to pay attention to whats going on around you! when you’re recovering, sometimes you tend to pay way too much attention to your inner world: aka, thoughts. “but I am getting fat!” “no I cant do this, I want this to stop” “its too much food” “omg I feel so gross, I want to die”. Okay. but what’s going on around you whilst you’re either panicking or riding the guilt trip? does that food look good? how does it smell? who made it? how does it taste? what are other people doing? how’s the weather? how does the sun feel on your skin? what thas the air feel like? is it warm? chilly? are there any kittens or puppies close enough for you to pet? are there flowers to watch? look at the colors, the textures. feel things
  • I cant stress this enought but stay away of scales.
  • and mirrors.  specially if you get easily triggered, avoid anything that would end in some sort of body check.
  • which brings me to a weird tip: shower at night with the lights off. I know it may not be ideal, but when the sun is set, you turn the bathroom’s lights off and light like a candle or something and you shower in the dark. for me, seeing my body was unbearable so it helped me to enjoy the shower without picking at myself for getting bigger. you can also put music and sing along.
  • watch a lot of tv shows. read a lot of books. find a fandom that will suck you in and help you not overthink things. for me it was harry potter. I spent all summer eating and gaining and I swallowed fanfiction as much as I swallowed food and let me tell you, it helped a lot.
  • ART THERAPY!!! which in my world means you grab a crappy notebook or set of papers, scisors, glue, colors, watercolors (anything that moves your boat, really) and try and do something creative. If you are not super creative (like me), start by copying drawings from tumblr, insta, pinterest or just google. then gradually move on from that to your own creations (I guess I am stuck at stage one hahaha damn)
  • JOURNALING!! which also means grabbin a crappy notebook!! and a pencil!! and writing about your day, your fears, your concerns, your feelings, your recovery wins, your highs, your lows, your dreams, your poetry, your thoughts, your short term bucket list (there’s no hurry. set goals you can achieve within a year. keep yourself moving, doing). its super important to include the good stuff as much as the bad stuff. dont use your journal just to vent, use it to write down positive stuff too, so on the bad days you can go back to those entries and remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ and that you wont be hurting forever. and learn from the ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ entries. 
  • you can mix your artsy stuff with your journaling stuff (I do and it makes everything look and sound 100% better)
  • comfy shoes 
  • sleep as much as you need. seriously. when I first started that part of my recovery, I used to sleep until 6pm almost everyday. 14hs per day, give or take. I NEEDED THAT. 
  • if you need to stay up late and be by yourslef, quietly sitting at your computer or watching movies or reading or whatever, do it. there were times I stood up late enough to see the sunrise, which I had never done, but there’s so much beauty and piece that early in the morning.
  • challenge yourslef everyday. at least a little bit. and notice I am not talking strictly about food. for me it were things like “make your bed” or “brush your hair” or “get out of the house for at least 10 minutes”. somedays you wont be able to do it and that’s gonna be okay
  • keep yourself busy. remember that gain weight is not the end of the world, but feeding your ED is gonna be the end of your world. and remember that saying yes to dessert doesnt make you weak or less than a person and it doesnt mean you’re instantly cured or that you were never sick in the first place. which brings me to this: RECOVER AT YOUR OWN RATE. whether it takes you years or just months, it will not invalidate your suffering. you cant recover ‘too fast’ and even if you feel like you do, that does not mean you werent that sick. it just means you were lucky enough. it means you pushed hard enough and that you were brave enough and strong enough to quickly accept the changes that come along with recovery. 

Hope this helped a little!! I am rooting for you♥

roscoerackham  asked:

I'm a new duck fan and I really want to get into the comics, but while scans are nice, I also really like hard copies. Do you have recommendations for comic collections in English I could buy?

that’s gonna get expensive, buddy

i had a big ramble here, but what it really comes down to is just… picking things from the fantagraphics barks and rosa libraries that look nice to you? i don’t think you can go terribly wrong, there?

a lot of people are gonna recommend the life and times of scrooge mcduck, and i do, too, but a) not as the first thing you ever read, its format as a graphic novel instead of a collection of comic strips is non-representative of the duckverse as a whole and it’s much more fun if you’ve already read some of the things it’s based off and referencing, and b) probably not as the collection because sheezus shit you can’t get that under a hundred dollars, that is not a good value by page.

anyway, like i implied up there, i’m a big fan of starting at the beginning, so get you some barks. the only absolutely obligatory volume is this one. that is not even close to the complete library, by the way, but i think it’s the only one being printed right now.

then get you some rosa. probably like, chronologically, by volume, since they include the chapters of the aforementioned life and times, and there’s nothing there that’s not worth reading, really. 

you’re asking the wrong person, though, i know nothing about american publishing or anything in general. i’ve only been here for a month. i’m also too big a fan of getting things free to wholeheartedly recommend anything other than getting a nice tablet and pirating the comics, it’s not like the actual artists are getting any royalties from them and i’m not shedding any tears for disney.