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The Old and The New: No Such Thing As Coincidence

Chapter 5 of The Old and The New @coveofmemories @gublersmind @heavenlycevans Also, because I’m having such fun with my other series Becoming Real with Spencer and Luke being married with a baby, I’m going to have Spencer and Luke (and their daughter) in this AU. Won’t be a big part of things, it just will be. Jack obviously knows that, but also knows his uncle is Bi so that’s why he was jealous of him in regards to the reader :)


As the team made their way to the hotel they’d be staying in, Jack closed his eyes - pretended to be asleep, or just too tired to carry on conversations with the rest of the team. It was either that or focus on the fact that he’d be sleeping in the same room with a woman he could easily have dirty thoughts about if he was given more than a few free minutes to think. 

His Uncle Spencer was at his side and Luke was on the other. “Why aren’t you staying in the same room as Luke?” Jack whispered. “You fighting?”

“Not at all,” he smiled. “We’re colluding to get you together with Y/N.” In his older years, he found himself enjoying playing matchmaker, and Luke was apparently always along for the ride. Plus, Holden looked like he needed to be saved from Garcia, so Luke came to the rescue. Spencer had been meaning to talk to JJ about their daughter anyway. She was starting to become a bratty pre-teen and he and Luke had no idea how to deal with a near-teenage girl.

“You sneaky…” he whispered again through gritted teeth. “I’m going to kill you. I’m on a case and now I have to behave myself and I don’t want to.”

Spencer smiled, attempting to shield his building laughter by looking out the window. “I know. That’s why it’s fun for me.”

“I am so telling my dad on you,” he muttered, scrunching his face up at his uncle. He was definitely going to have to get him back one day. 

“Oh I’m so scared,” Spencer laughed quietly as they flooded out of the car and toward the hotel for the night. “You and Y/N have fun now.”

“You’re a dead man.”


After the arduous task of checking in with only one employee to help them, everyone made their way to their rooms. “Me first!” Jack screamed as he ran to the bathroom.

“Dammit, Jack! Whatever happened to ladies first.”

“Went out the window. I have to pee.”

He’d taken his go-bag in with him, so after he released his near-bursting bladder, he decided to get changed and brush his teeth.


The loud noise startled Jack causing the electric toothbrush to brush out of his face and spray all over the bathroom mirror. Goddamit. “What the hell was that?” he screamed from inside, toothpaste still staining his lips as he opened the bathroom door. “What happened?”

For the first time since he’d laid eyes on her, she looked embarrassed - smaller than her larger-than-life stature. “I forgot my pajamas,” she mumbled under her breath, not wanting to admit that her, of all people, had forgotten something.

Jack snorted, the toothpaste nearly spewing out of his mouth. “Oh, please say that again,” he chuckled. “A little louder this time.”

“I forgot my pajamas,” she repeated, sending a death glare his way that told him if she had to repeat herself again she was going to murder him, “Do you happen to have a sweatshirt or something I could borrow? If I have to sleep in work pants I am going to be one cranky motherfucker in the morning, and also I’ll be uncomfortable, so I’ll probably end up kicking you - a lot.”

As he tried to contain his laughter, and failed miserably, he brought his bag out from behind him and pulled out a sweatshirt; he always carried one. Now he had to not think about the fact that she’d be half naked, sleeping next to him, and wearing one of his favorite sweatshirts. “Thank you,” she said softly. “Now don’t come out until I have something on.”

Jack went back into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth and tried desperately not to think about the fact that she was going to have underwear on underneath that sweatshirt - everything else was going to be bare skin against one of his two favorite sweatshirt. “Oh fuck,” he mumbled under his breath. “Can I come out now?”

“You’re good,” she called back. When he walked outside, his sweatshirt was barely covering her ass and she was sitting on the bed reading a chapter of a book. Her legs were a mile long and looked insanely smooth. God, this was going to be difficult. “Checkin out my legs there?” She hadn’t even looked up from her book.

Play it cool, Jack, he thought to himself. Don’t be too obvious and don’t be a bumbling idiot. “I might be…” he laughed, pulling up the covers and getting into bed. “You have a nickname you like to be called? Or you prefer Y/N?”

“My nicknames are Ripley and Kiddo. Take your pick.”

“Please tell me Ripley is because of Alien and Kiddo is The Bride from Kill Bill?” he said, clasping his hands together in front of his face. He too enjoyed the older movies from his father’s time as opposed to his own. “Please?”

She nodded her head. “I was telling Spencer that before because he asked if I had a nickname I liked. He’s decided on Kiddo.”

“Then I’ll call you Ripley,” he said, lying down for the night. “Enjoy my sweatshirt, Ripley.”

Finishing up her chapter, Y/N placed it on the side table, pulling the blankets up to cover herself almost completely. “I will. Thanks again, by the way. Try not to think about my legs too much, okay?” she winked. “They’ll probably keep you up all night.”

He smiled before turning over. She had no idea.


While Y/N woke up completely and totally rested, smiling happily as she stretched her arms toward the ceiling, Jack woke up feeling like he’d been hit with a mach truck. He had tossed and turned all night long. As soon as she said not to think about her legs, that’s exactly where his mind went and then those thoughts traveled to different thoughts that kept him very hot and bothered for a majority of the night. His Uncle was a dead man.

Thankfully, through all of his tossing and turning, she hadn’t woken up. She could probably sleep through an atomic bomb. If she had woken up, he would’ve had a very difficult time explaining that the reason he couldn’t sleep was that he wanted to do dirty things to her.

“We’re meeting out in the lobby at 6, right?” she asked. It was 5 AM. Jack grunted in reply, unable to form a coherent thought so early in the morning. An hour later, when they walked outside to the lobby, he practically fell asleep standing up.

“You have a fun night?” Luke asked with a smirk. Oh, he didn’t know him that well, only that he was his uncle’s husband, but if the two of them had to go out by themselves again today, he was going to get an earful. He looked up and cut his eyes at his partner under half-lidded, sleep-heavy eyes. “Not the kind of fun you wanted, eh?”

“Oh, you and your husband are dead men,” Jack said, glancing between the two of them as Y/N went to talk to Smith. “So. Very. Dead.”


“So we have no other information from Herzfeld’s autopsy?” Smith asked as Spencer and Y/N came back from medical examiner’s office. “Lovely.”

“It was only a cursory autopsy,” Spencer replied. “They’re going to keep looking. Once we have a suspect, we can send over DNA to see if they can match it with anything.”

“Agent Holden and I have come to save the day my pretties,” Garcia said, teetering over on her heels looking way to perky for someone who got next to no sleep. “We checked and cross-checked our lists of rich men in the area with the officers Cogswell, Heskett and as of last night, Herzfeld, and came up with two names, one of which matches the last name of a person Mrs. Herzfeld told as about, Kenneth Bohen, currently running for governor of the state and hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.”

She handed the files over to Emily, who began to rifle through them. “We’re going to have a tough time nailing this guy. He’s one of the richest men in the midwest, but…”

“He lost his brother 21 years ago, in what was classified as a freak construction accident,” JJ said. “That can’t be a coincidence.”

The Incredibles  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I, uh, put it away.”
  • “The public is in danger!”
  • “That was totally wicked!”
  • “Coincidence? I think NOT!”
  • “Never heard that one before.”
  • “WHY do you NEED to know?”
  • “That man out there, he needs help!”
  • “Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win!”
  • “No? Well, he’ll look fabulous anyway.”
  • “Do you think I’m totally irresponsible?”
  • “Wait here and stay hidden. I’m going in.”
  • “I’ll be a bigger hero than you ever were.”
  • “You can’t be seen in this. I won’t allow it.”
  • “I was wrong to treat you that way. I’m sorry.”
  • “Normal? What do YOU know about normal?”
  • “Now I’m losing him! What’ll I do? What’ll I do?”
  • “Huh? Oh, come on! You gotta admit, this is cool!”
  • “See? Now you respect me… because I’m a threat.”
  • “I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.”
  • “We’re dead! We’re dead! We survived but we’re dead!”
  • “What does ANYONE in this family know about normal?”
  • “And call me when you get back, darling. I enjoy our visits.”
  • “I can’t lose you again! I can’t. Not again. I’m not s-strong enough.”
  • “You keep trying to pick a fight, but I’m still just happy you’re alive.”
  • “'Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest GOOD you are ever gonna get!”
  • “All I wanted was to help you. I only wanted to help! And what do you say to me?”
  • “I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for ten minutes!?”
  • “No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again.”
  • “It tore me apart. But I learned an important lesson. You can’t count on anyone, especially your heroes.”
  • “Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!”

If your body starts to feel better in any way possible that was affecting you for a while when someone leaves your life that was draining you…it is not a coincidence…………………..people who bring negative energy into your life, in my opinion, will cause physical symptoms or ailments that can wreak havoc so….pay attention to these things. pay attention to when your skin clears or your anxiety eases or your chronic cold goes away….I believe in the power of energies

Omg I just had a really exciting thought...

You know how Darren’s career seems to be taking off, right? Like he got rave reviews for The Flash and he has the big role on ACS coming up… Well it’s all coinciding with the live-action Little Mermaid, which will go into production after Mary Poppins 2 is done. And you guys, I’m not saying, I’m just saying that Darren might just be a big enough name soon to be taken seriously for a role like that. The merest hint of possibility thrills me completely. He’d be perfect.

s3e17 liveblog, condensed into one post (because I’m sure you don’t need you dash spammed again after last night)

Nora talking about musicals ♥

Barry looked so worried about Kara.

THE OUTFITS IN THIS EPISODE ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS? Particularly Kara’s dresses, but everyone?? They all looked amazing.

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my nothing” :) I am proud of you, Kara.

It’s so weird to see him as the musical villain? And Barry as the good one?? Wow.

That musical number aaaaahhhh

“There’s… no place like home” Oh my god

That was TOO easy.



…That song? That whole thing and you’re still going to war?

Nothing phases this guy. He doesn’t even care that he’s in a cell.


'I’m actually not supposed to do that anymore’

The flash pun

I love this song okay

Barry, you idiot. Don’t run out to where there’s shooting going on.

I knew this was leading to a 'true love’s kiss’ scenario

I wasn’t sure if I’d like Music Meister, but he was a really fun villain (idk if that’s actually what we should call him, considering he wasn’t actually evil? but he’s not a hero either so?)

no. NO. Don’t get with him again. KARA NO. I don’t even watch Supergirl and yet

I understand what my mutuals meant about getting it now. That… wow. I cried. That’s how you propose. It was beautiful, and I understand their relationship so much better now. Before, it was just… there, and I thought they were cute? Now I really see it.

In conclusion: the only thing that could’ve possibly made it better would’ve been Hartley appearing too (I still want him and winn to meet because reasons)

–okay so remus dating that Prewett guy was fine. Him and remus were just friends so, logically Sirius should not be fuming when he notices Remus’ red cheeks as he enters the Great hall followed by Gideon.

-absolutely not fuming.

-Sirius was fine. Really.

-if he was aggressively shoving food in his mouth, coincidence. Nothing more. Nothing related to Remus making doe eyes at that redhead.

-honestly there was a time Sirius though Gideon was a decent guy

-all lies and slander

-”honestly mate, you should stop glaring at him. You’re the one who could not manage the guts to ask Moony out.”

-Sirius decided right then that glaring at james was a better idea.

-and really what does he mean?

-he never wanted to ask moony out! And he says so to James

-but he only rolls his eyes and shares a look with Peter, who shook his head in sympathy

-but that got sirius thinking

-after a whole week of analysing his feelings, huge amount of time spent staring at remus, Sirius has come to a conclusion. He likes moony. Likes likes Moony.

-but remus is dating that oaf who does not deserve him but remus is happy. Well he looks pleased pretty often though sirius noticed that he sometimes avoid the ravenclaw prefect

-two weeks later, remus declares very non-chalantly while revising his potions’ notes that he and Gideon are not together anymore

-he does not look at any of them while saying that

-though sirius finds his stomach jump

-james and peter were staring at him intently

-he does not do much

-at least he thinks he doesn’t do much

-howeever in reality, he is spending more and more time with the remus

-he finds that he kisses him more than the other marauders

-they tend to be even more physical than before

-then one day, while they’re cuddling, remus tenses suddenly

-sighing loudly, he moves so that he’s now sitting

-sirius imitates his position

-”okay how long will you take before you admit it?”

-sirius feels his face heating up. He feels he knows what this is about but really, really doesn’t want tp risk it

-”erm admit what” sirius croaks while staring determinedly at a spot on his bed

-he can feel remus’ exasperated expression even without seeing it

-he suddenly feels remus’ hands cupping his cheeks and his warm breath tickling him on the face

-”I am going to kiss you now. Is that fine by you?” the tawny-haired boy asks softly

-sirius feels too stunned to do more than nodding dumbly

-he feels indinitely grateful for that when soft lips meets his own

-he is sure he is smiling in the kiss and remus is doing just the sane

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This is an observation.. don't freak out fandom. But did anyone else notice.. when OT4 was all support/close on sm. we get a pic of her & Ash. & then a snap of slumber party. And now, after Laucy pics surface, C. posts something abt being in studio. The timing is just so weird. I've noticed it other times too. Anyone else? myb it's coincidence but after all these times. i'm starting to wonder.

numberonecheesecakecrusade  asked:

So I just saw this comment on Thomas' most recent instagram post that said that Roman is just a few letters off from romance. Thomas is a genius if this is what he was going for?!? What do you think?

I thought so when I first saw the video, and I wondered, but wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence or not. Either way, I still really like the name chosen!!

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Interesting this Preytell thing,thanks for sharing. That's a Brooklyn-based PR company. I think it's too much for a coincidence,but who knows. Just a question,the girl friends with the PR is the one who saw Jen and D at the lunch or at dinner?

Listen, I have no idea what it means…I am unsure myself and have looked for a connection and haven’t found one…yet. My initial thought was that Jen was going to use them for her script writing endeavors (they have a literary journal they publish). 

if @findingyellowumbrella would ever come back she can verify that I thought this was a good business move for Jen and that Darren was good for her to be seen with in a friendly way to give her more credence as a script writer/producer. Which if you take out this weird and disturbing romantic connection would be good for a person trying to get a footing as a writer/producer in Hollywood and we know Jen has expressed interest in this. But it’s beyond that now and is more creepy then a good business connection so apparently my initial thought was wrong.

 I am just telling you what I knew last August before this thing took off. 

No one really circulated the tweet about them out to dinner or really that pic of Jen and D out to lunch, it wasn’t until the Sun was given that info that it became a thing. 

To clarify, a friend of a PR strategist tweeted she saw Jen and Darren out to dinner the night before the lunch pic was put on instagram. She used their full names, which lol okay. Then the PR strategist liked the tweet, they are friends and mutuals on twitter.

People who work at Prey Tell tweeted she was in their offices in May. No further info was given.

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Weren't the skulls associated with Harry solo talk or am I confusing stuff? Are we gonna get even more solo Harry stuff than what we already get?! Man, I wonder what that could be at this stage

I know there was a theory that the skulls coincided with solo Harry articles. I can’t remember if that was consistent or not. If it was, it happened again today so that would be interesting. I’ll have to go back and read the post at some point.