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y'all awful and boring whites who have been spoilt rotten with good rep and writers who actually give a shit about them: stop saying good things about bellamy hes not atlas hes just trying his best like every other character even though he’s the only one who canonically has to redeem himself and whose past mistakes are literally up brought up every episode by other characters who have recieved much better narrative treatment from the writers and are already worshipped by the fandom!!! Hes more interesting when the writers AND fandom shit on him :))))
me, an intellectual: bellamy blake has literally never done anything wrong in his life and he has not one flaw also he is atlas reincarnated and an angel i luv bellamy jesus martyr blake!

At this point, I’m assuming that Merle is The Peacemaker in Maureen’s prophecy. And while I’m sure Griffin will add in additional character backstory that solidifies the meaning behind that title, I actually think it’s already one that’s fitting for Merle’s character?

Like, for all that Merle is eager to kill people, within the trio he has always been the peacemaker. “Magnus rushes in” and “Taako’s good out here” are two opposing philosophies, so Merle often acts as the mediator between the two, willing to go along with whatever needs to be done at the time. He’ll be more skeptical alongside Taako when it’s necessary, or forge on ahead with Magnus when direct action is needed.

Merle is a mediator between his friends, but as a cleric he’s also a mediator between the material plane and his god. Hell, even as an employee Merle tries to bridge the gap between Lucretia and the Bureau by inviting her to a spa. Merle’s character has always kept the peace, has always balanced the scales–oh, how appropriate it is that he is the one who got the closest to Director of the Bureau of Balance.


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Guard Me, Sherlock! ~Mycroft Holmes, a spoiler-free reaction~

Okay, biased or unbiased, his route is freaking amazing. I can’t stop being so giddy about it. I shamelessly had to finish it in one night and I already want to do it again. They catered to every fan out there when they did his route. There’s no big mystery waiting to be solved, but it didn’t lack suspense and action, as expected from this impressive game. The story is well done and has some depth to it, like the other stories in the game.

I’ve been waiting for his route pretty much from the first time I met his character. He definitely did not disappoint. It’s already revealed in his route description and his previews that you get to experience a married life with him. What more can we, fangirls, ask for? You get to know his little quirks really well, some remained true to the canon Mycroft Holmes that fans love. Of course, as we all expected, sulking Sherlock is ever present and it’s so cute how the great detective was basically just pouting the entire time. I swear these two brothers will be the end of me. 

Other things I really loved about his route:

  • Mycroft Holmes looks drop dead sexy in a tuxedo. Look forward to his sexy new outfits in this route.
  • You get to meet the Holmes brothers’ parents. I wanted to die from happiness. I’ve been so curious about the couple who brought these two brothers into the world.
  • Jack Stillman is leading the “next chapter preview” segments wherein certain scenes from the story are reenacted by different characters. I literally was fangirling the entire time. Sebastian gets to co-host. Did I mention that they catered to every fangirl? Fans of Lestrade, Jeremy, and Sebastian definitely have more cause to celebrate. There are a lot of hidden gems for you guys in Mycroft’s route.
  • We learn a little bit more about Mikah Hudson. I’m still on the fence about an expected route for him, but maybe that’s why he has more of a presence in Mycroft’s story.

I am just so in-love with Mycroft Holmes. He’s darn smart, classy, sassy, and can be a bit sadistic sometimes, just my type of guy. His blissful ending is so much more than I can ask for. You won’t be disappointed. Please, please complete his route and support this freaking amazing game. I am desperately wanting to get more Mycroft content, hopefully a season two. 

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I'm so excited for Bellarke but in the same breath I'm extremely nervous. The waiting doesn't help cos the bedroom and shower scenes are clearly foreshadowing something. Are you nervous or a bit worried that the writers won't do justice to Bellarke or that they'll actually drag it out more

I am pretty convinced that they’re not going to drag it out much longer. They’ve been dropping some hints and pushing the characters and taking them through lessons that all point to canon expression of Bellarke feelings through physical contact. And words, too. They are having troubles reigning it in. Clarke was already done restraining herself and now she’s really sad. Bellamy has been steering away but now he has no reason to steer away anymore.

The story tells me they are going to give us bellarke. I wanted established bellarke but it looks like that’s not coming until s5… if then. 

But I think we’re getting bellarke sex this season. Not shipping. The narrative is pointing that way. 

hello hello! here is a thing that @softnorwegians, @tiptopevak, @noora-knows-best and @evenbnaesheim tagged me in many moons ago! i won’t tag anyone because i’m really late with this and probably even isak valtersen with his vintage memes has already done this.

rules: answer 20 question and tag 20 followers you’d like to get know better:)

name: Siiri!
zodiac sign: sagittarius
height: 153 cm. according to google that is 5′0″. and i’ll be here calling isak my smol son, yes.
orientation: bi. although i’ve been in a different-sex relationship for 8 years so maybe someone will come and tell me how i have no right to identify with this label. but like, if my boyfriend broke up with me today and i had to download tinder and find a new person to stand me, i’d go on dates with any gender. it was confusing when i was younger, but it’s really simple and clear to me now!
nationality: hashtag finnishgirl
favorite fruit: i’m obsessed with avocados. i hate bananas and my favourite berry is cloudberry.
favorite season: summer in finland because it never gets dark here then, i live a 5-hour train ride south from the arctic circle. it’s magic. i also like that time in spring when ice begins to thaw and you just want to stand outside and breathe and breathe. and that week in may when the sun first stays up past 11 pm and birch leaves are small and soft. i think it’s interesting how seasons are culture specific! if an australian person and a finnish person say their favourite season is winter, they might still mean completely different things!
favorite book: i always end up saying the hotel new hampshire by john irving because it changed my life when i was 16, i don’t know if i’d enjoy it now and i’m too scared to find out in case it spoils the memory. pretty much everything by virginia woolf, kawakami hiromi and kawabata yasunari. at swim two boys by jamie o’neill and no longer human by dazai osamu. tbh i read more poetry than novels. my favourite poets are arto melleri and väinö kirstinä!
favorite flower: harebell! i like simple things.
favorite scent: this is a bit hard to explain, but dusty stone or cement? an old stone basement, i can spend a forever there just sniffing. i also like the smell of asphalt after rain, it has a similar vibe. some parking garages also have it. oh and this one doesn’t translate too well if you don’t know it, but the smell of smoke on saturday evenings in the summer when everyone’s warming up their sauna? it’s childhood in a scent. gross answer: my boyfriend’s shirt.
favorite color: green and yellow
favorite animal: dogs, hedgehogs, elephants, pigs, cows, whales, otters, donkeys, goats, earless seals, shrews, wolves, foxes, arctic foxes, bears, least weasels, and saimaa ringed seal.
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea
average sleep hours: ranges from 3 to 13
cat or dog person: i live with three dogs
favorite fictional character: i’m an isak valtersen kind of girl right now
number of blankets you sleep with: i have a duvet
dream trip: japan always because my boyfriend is there, taiwan and oregon because they seem cool. and new orleans because i love shrimp and i was in a brass band.
blog created: i made this one in january but i was posting skam on my main before that

the one top tagged me in had two other questions so i’ll answer them below

nicknames: just weird ones by my dad and mean ones by my brothers
number of followers: top taught me how to hide my follower count so i don’t know! i’m happier not knowing. i think i’m a fairly unknown pillow? i also don’t follow all that many people because i get anxious if there’s too much going on on my dash and because i deal with social anxiety on a daily basis so it’s kinda hard for me to just randomly follow people when my brain tells me that everyone thinks i’m gross.