if this has already been done

I don’t hate William, I just wanted a Magnus clip.

I wanted to see something to do with his home life, helping his mom, or talking to Vilde about her mom since he understands what it’s like. Much of what we get from other’s POV is him being goofy or “desperate” and sometimes giving (THEFUCKINGBEST) advice. I just wanted to get inside my little ray of sunshine’s head for once. I truly think he’s important.

William has nothing of depth to offer and that’s exactly what we got… seven minutes of nothing.

Social interaction 🗣😩 Sorry I only 🙅🏻‍♂️🤚 AVOID 👏✨ Catch me talking to No One 🚫😤 Friends who???? 💪 You think craving human contact will stop me from fleeing from it?? ⚡️THINK AGAIN 💫 Isolation 💡 Loneliness ❌ AVOIDANCE 🚨💫 I work every day every night 🌙🌞 There’s No End ❤