if this grosses someone out

I feel like this needs to be said and it’s gross but bear with me.
Everybody has someone out there that is perfect for them and you will find them some day and Holy shit your whole world will change. Your whole damn world.

psa: don’t make fun of a person’s art everyone’s still learning and working and improving at their own speed and are so brave for putting their stuff out publicly the fact that people would repost art just to belittle someone on the internet is so fucking cruel and disgusting

Some Batdad Headcanons

- When Dick first came to live with him, Bruce purchased a bunch of parent help books. He buys new ones with each kid he adopts, and no matter how much he studies he’s always unprepared for his psychotic children and their antics. 

- Everyone assumes Stephanie is his daughter and every time someone mentions it he and Steph are both thoroughly grossed out by the thought. 

- Damian shows Bruce his drawings sometimes, and every time, much to Damian’s embarrassment, Bruce insists on hanging them on the fridge. 

- The cabinets at Wayne Manor are filled to the brim with World’s Best Dad mugs. 

- Jason owns a Dad’s Little Stinker t-shirt. 

- When they were younger, Bruce used to let his Robins ride on his back if they got tired on patrol. 

- Tim falls asleep in random places when he’s particularly sleep-deprived, and each time Bruce will sigh tiredly before picking him up and carrying him up to his room, planning on drugging his coffee to get him to sleep more often.   

- Once he had to tie Damian to a post when he was misbehaving on patrol. 

- The first time Jason called him “Dad”, (on accident, mind you), he legit cried and hugged him for ten minutes straight. 

- He rarely has a bed to himself because his kids always invade his room at night and insist on sleeping with him. 

- He brags about Tim all the time to his coworkers, and it only got worse after Tim actually started working at Wayne Enterprises. At least once a day Bruce will go to Tim’s office and ask how his “little slugger” is doing. 

- He lets Cass paint his nails and isn’t afraid to leave the nail polish on because he’s so proud of how good of a job she did. Everyone is too intimidated to make fun of him for it.

- Even though he’s in his twenties and has an apartment of his own, Dick will still drive all the way to Gotham and sleep in Bruce’s bed when he has nightmares. 

- Bruce attends every single one of his kids’ graduations and award ceremonies, even the pointless ones that nobody really cares about. He will be there cheering in the front row every time.  

- Bruce was surprised that Barbara gave a Father’s Day gift to him in addition to her own father. 

- He carries around a bunch of pictures of his children in his batbelt and likes showing them to the criminals he arrests. Poison Ivy makes sure he keeps her up to date on how Nightwing is doing, and Two Face loves hearing about Red Robin’s whereabouts.     

So it’s the Citadel party and Shepard is trying to be a good host, making sure it’s running smoothly. They’re trying to give everyone equal time and not spend TOO much time with Garrus buuut it’s hard and they both almost wish the party was already over so they could be alone.

Their PDA is, of course, very subtle, a little nudge here and wink there before going back to their respective conversations

A few drinks later and they’re a little more cuddly, more openly flirty, some people start teasing, ‘awww look at Shepard and Garrus so romantic~’

By the end of the night all bets are off and they’re yelling HEY SEEEEEXYYYY at each other from across the room, very aggressive tickle fights, Garrus says his whole ‘you, me, mostly naked, completely alone, shamelessly rolling on the couch” line, Wrex just shouts at them to get a room and stop grossing everyone out.

Half hour later someone looks around and asks, “Has anyone seen Shepard? And where’s Garrus?”

Suddenly Tali bursts into the room looking traumatized


You were my first kiss. Not my first actual kiss, like in second grade when you kiss someone and you get all giggly and grossed out. Not in freshman year when you kiss someone you fully believe you’ll last forever with, then a month later break up with. Not a drunken hook up that resulted in nothing but a blank vagueness of the persons tongue in your mouth. You were the the first person to make my legs shake. I think my heart dragged down my body and I swear there was an earthquake in my ribcage. You were the first to grab me so tenderly, and make me believe that this kiss was something special. I knew the first time I kissed you it was going to be the start of something. I knew in my gut that you were my first real kiss and my last.

STOP writing fanfics where Person A loves that Person B smokes. STOP writing fanfics where Person A loves to kiss Person B after they have smoked. Its gross. STOP writing fanfics where someone thinks smoking is cool/hot/sexy/whatever!!! ITS NOT. YES I am making another post like this because it needs to stop. It’s not cool. Its not hot. Its gross. Cigarettes are always going to be gross. EDIT: What I was trying to say here is that cigarettes should no longer be glorified and the reality of them should not be ignored. Thank you.


I have no excuse except that i wanted to draw male!Lenalee wearing shorts and blushing fem!Allen

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look i love My Girls betty and veronica but that pool scene was MESSED UP and anyone thinking half of what they did was justified need to take a breather.

i’m really grossed out by people that will talk shit about someone and then proceed to hang out with them. something is really off about that

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I know this is a personal question and you don't have to answer it, but are you asexual? I was wondering because you post a lot of asexual support. I was also hoping you could explain what it means to be asexual so I can have a better understanding.

I’m gray ace, and heteroromantic, which means that I don’t feel sexual attraction or desire to the degree that others do, but I am interested in a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

Asexuality is an umbrella term, really. It encompasses anything from someone who doesn’t feel any sexual attraction or desire at all, to someone who can only become sexually attracted to someone who they are already close to, to someone who is grossed out by the idea of sex to the point that they find it repulsive.

Personally, I don’t have the same drive to have sex that others do, despite being occasionally aroused, and I think of sex as being something that isn’t worth my time. Someone who identifies as asexual may have a completely different experience, and I am, by no means, an expert on asexuality overall.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d suggest checking out these links.


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  • someone: why do u pull your hair out :/ its gross can u just...not do that
  • me: I have a body focused rep-
  • someone: u can just :/ not do it. have u tried sitting on your hands?
  • me: I've had this for years I've tried ever-
  • someone: just...y do u keep doing it :/
  • me: Alright. You've caught me. You've passed the test. I will tell you the truth ™. Since childhood, a small, ugly goblin hath sat upon my shoulder. He demands a sacrifice. The hair from my own body that he craves. Day after day he sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear. ''Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Praise to Cthulhu.'' With my follicles he is appeased. I must please the goblin man.

Okay can someone help me figure out what these are. Ani and noodle are digging them out of the ground and eating them. Noodle is exceptionally accurate at pinpointing where they are and she won’t drop them. They’re p big by my standards and we see them every year around this time. I tried googling yellow bugs that live underground in fl to no avail. Idk anything about bugs so…hoping they are not poisonous :/

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hi...(not csa related i don't think..) so i'm extremely hypersexual and even as a child i masturbated a lot and did things with stuffed animals…but whenever i get the chance to have sex i suddenly don't want anything to touch me like that and i get extremely uncomfortable and shy away. it's like i want sex, but then i don't. what is this....

Being hypersexual is fucking weird and it is a horrible result of CSA. I’m the same way. I’d do sexual shit with stuffed animals and I do, in nicer terms, pleasure myself. I always feel like shit after I do it. Sex grosses me out. Makes me uncomfortable. The thought of someone having sex with me makes me want to cry.

It’s something I struggle with greatly. It’s also something I don’t talk about because I feel ashamed of it. I have to remind myself that as a CSA victim, it is normal.

It’s not that we want sex. It’s because the only time you felt useful was when they used you for sex/sexual acts.