if this goes well ill do another

Prince’s sense of humor was legendary. He was funny, but he also loved for other people to make him laugh. I used to do this thing — it was on one of the first tours we ever did, warming up for Rick James in 1979 and 1980 —where I would fake throwing up. I’d pretend to be really, really ill and blow lunch. Prince thought that was hilarious. We were on a flight one day, and Prince leaned over and said, ‘Hey Matt, when the stewardess walks by, take the barf bag from your seat pretend to throw up in it.’ I said, ‘Well, why would I do that?’ And he goes, ‘It’ll be hilarious. Please do it! Please!’ He was begging me. So sure enough, when the stewardess comes over to ask if we’d like anything to drink, I started pretending to throw up. She believed it was real, panics, and runs away to get another barf bag for me. Meanwhile, Prince is cracking up. When the stewardess realized I was faking … she was not amused.

“The fake throw-up became a running joke for a while. Prince just loved to have us as his court jesters: ‘Matt, do the throw up!” And you’d do it. It was so much fun. Actually, this reminds me: Prince did a thing once where he got into a wheelchair at an airport and André Cymone, who was our bass player at the time, was rolling him around while Prince pretended to be disabled. It was in poor taste, of course, and you wouldn’t do anything like that now — but he was just an extremely funny person.

—  Dr. Fink

yournextlineis  asked:

what exactly is the JJBA telephone challenge? do you draw a thing and get another artist to draw that same thing over skype/telephone? I'm not really an artist but it sounds really interesting

its really super interesting and fun!! a telephone game/challenge, from my understanding, is a lovely game where an artist draws something and another artist will redraw it and the chain goes on with each artist only being able to see the one drawing before theirs!

so this results in the drawing morphing bit by bit and its hiLARIOUS (the rules seem to be rather loose about how much you should or shouldnt change from each drawing; basically we all just do what we want??) uh my explanation probably isnt very good but i hope it makes sense to you!