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[ Juice gets arrested ] - A scenario imagine

“What the hell, man?” Juice shouted as he was escorted through the police station. “You can’t arrest me and not tell me why!” 

“Shut up, Ortiz,” the cop ordered matter-of-factly.

Juice had been minding his own business when he had been picked up and thrown in the back of a cop car. He was sure somewhere down the line he had done something to deserve the handcuffs currently around his wrists, but he would never admit to it. 

The cop opened the cell door and gave Juice a rough shove into the cell.

“I didn’t do shit!” Juice continued, clearly becoming more upset by the moment. “This is bullshit, man. You can’t just throw me in here.” 

“I just did,” the cop replied before slamming the cell door and walking away.

“Shit!” Juice let out a frustrated groan and threw his hands against the bars of the cell door. He knew he was in trouble. The cops wouldn’t even tell him why he had been arrested. He knew that was a violation of his rights, but he also knew that he was a Son. That fact alone put him on thin ice as it were. He didn’t dare push it.

He sighed loudly and walked further into the cell. He dropped himself heavily down onto the cold bench, running his hands across the top of his shaved head. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do now except wait. Hale would eventually let Jax and the guys know he had been picked up. Until then, he was stuck here. He had started to lose himself in his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice.

“Well, well, well,” you crowed from a few cells down. Your high heels clicked against the linoleum floors as you made your way towards the cell where your old man was currently contained. You were dressed in a long black coat which hung slightly open, barely revealing the tiny lace lingerie set you wore underneath. A set of keys hung delicately from your index finger. A smirk played at your lips.

You stopped in front of Juice’s cell and looked at him for a moment, your head cocked to the side and your eyes lowered in a seductive stare. Juice recognized that look. 

A mischievous smile formed on his lips as his brown eyes looked you up and down. “Did you do this?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

You grinned. “Hale owed me a favor.”

You teasingly brushed your coat to the side, revealing just enough skin to make Juice’s heart race. You took hold of a key and unlocked the cell, swinging the door open and dropping your coat to the floor. 

“Looks like somebody’s been a bad boy,” you breathed.

Juice bit his lip. “Yes, I have.” 

Hush (PT. 1 full chapter)

Chibs x Reader

Summary: You’re an old family friend of SAMCRO, having been close with Jax during your teenage years. Things have changed over the years, and suddenly you’ve found old relationships rekindling. What happens when Jax gives you a job opportunity? And what happens when you come face to face with a familiar biker whom you’ve had an eye for since you were a teen?

A/N: Forgive me if Chibs isn’t the best. I’m still working on things.

“Anarchism stands for liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from shackles and restraint of government. It stands for social order based on the free grouping of individuals.”

~ Emma Goldman

“I’m ridin’ out the wind, I’m comin’ home
It don’t matter where I’ve been, I’m comin’ home
Crawlin’ on all fours, I’m comin’ home
Turnin’ brick walls into doors, I’m comin’ home.”

~ Murder By Death


You were set to start work at Teller-Morrow Automotive, helping Gemma keep the books. That would be the job the public saw, but you were also on staff as a medic, just in case someone ever needed to be patched up and Emergency Rooms weren’t an option. It was no secret to you what kind of life SAMCRO led, nor did it bother you. You respected it above all, always have. You had been a family friend for years, your father was apart of a different charter, but had died when you were 5. You also attended highschool with Jax, and Tara. You had always been close with them, having gotten arrested with both of them a few times as teenagers, most notably a weapons charge and a drunk and disorderly.

Your mother always tried to keep you going on the right path, to stay away from the Outlaws you grouped yourself in with. Having a father that died when you were young while living the same type of lifestyle, it only made her pressure you more to go straight and narrow, though your mother had never necessarily been an upstanding citizen herself. It worked for a while, but you always found yourself going back to that beaten path. The path You loved. Your mother died this past year, and it only reinforced your doubt now that she was gone, and that doubt with the added persuasion made you make your choice.
You had recently quit your job as a nurse at St. Thomas, working alongside Tara once she got into town from Chicago. It was like a whirlwind when she did, and it was great to reconnect, but you knew nursing wasn’t something you wanted to do anymore - not in a professional setting anyway. You had gotten back into contact with Jax at St. Thomas a few weeks ago while assisting Tara with his newborn; Abel. You never thought that this would be the situation that would reintroduce all of you to each other. After your fourth encounter of seeing him and having small talk here and there when it didn’t involve his son, you two had an interesting conversation.

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A/N: Uhh this one may or may not be new? We’ll never know. Merry Christmas. x *thanks gif source*


Sometimes, you think you can connect to someone who you later realize you’re only attached to because they fill sort of emptiness that needs to be taken care of. This connection can reach to great lengths from playful dates around the block to sudden heated bedroom games under the covers. I never knew I, myself was doing it until I saw her. I always announced that I liked someone anonymous to avoid any further confrontation about my love life. I finally had my anonymous person.

I was a house party thrown by a close friend and was sharing a drink with Olivia, a former fling who I had been hanging a lot with recently. She was one of the few people I was comfortable around and no matter what people said, I still enjoyed her company and it sort of shifted into a whole new direction when I noticed her acting different. All of a sudden, she always wanted to be around me and it got a little overwhelming. I was never one to know to handle someone’s feelings so I didn’t give myself any other choice but to keep whatever it is she thought this was, going. We were having what I thought was a stifling conversation when she leaned in and kissed me. With no warning, just went straight for it. I pulled away, not even a second later and looked puzzled into her eyes as she looked back at me in dismay. “I’m sorry.” She muttered and walked away, flustered.

I sighed and took giant swig from my beer when I felt a forceful thump against my back, pushing me forward, leaning on the skinny table beside me for stability. Feminine giggles heard behind me as I saw another friend of mine with a new girl I hadn’t recognized but was responsible for breaking me out of trance from her clumsy actions. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She spoke, unable to contain herself. Her smile was the first thing I noticed, it was different; Her eyes, with a hint of nervous and unamusement. “Sorry Cal.” my friend, Blaire, pat my upper arm, smiling and ran off with the mysterious brunette, who quickly turned her gaze back at me and back. I downed more of my drink, furrowing my eyebrows and headed slowly in their direction. I momentarily made small conversation with people along the way so I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was following her. I tried to forget her but she kept reappearing wherever I went. With every person I spoke to, eye contact was rarely given because I could not stop looking at her. Her face was now plastered in my mind and so was her smile. She was definitely not afraid to let it stretch across her face. Her nose crinkled and she leaned slightly forward, sometimes covering her mouth to hide her insane smile. Before I knew it, the person whom I was supposed to be engaging in a conversation with was gone. I should’ve expected that.

My beer bottle was conveniently empty and I approached the table with the cooler in which they were provided and popped off the cap without an opener with my savvy skills. “Excuse me.” That familiar voice spoke behind me. She gave me that smile, for some reason, made me feel so different inside. I smiled back and stepped aside as she reached into the cooler and retrieved a bottle. Her body’s searching motions made me assume she was looking for a bottle opener and I turned momentarily to set my own bottle down to help her in attempt to potentially start a conversation. “Hey, I can open that for you, if you’d-” Pop “-like,” I chuckled, still finishing my offer to see her sipping from her self opened bottle already. “Thank you, but I think I’m all set.” She smiled through her teeth and turned to walk away. My first thought was what just happened as if it wasn’t simple enough. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Olivia standing there, fiddling her fingers.

“Oh hey…” “Cal, about what happened earlier tonight,” “You know what, don’t even mention it. We don’t have to dive into that. We both know we had a little too much to drink and shit happens.” Her eyes narrowed slowly down, sulking. “It’s alright.” I gave a small smile, patting her arm and her walking away. I broke out my trance once again as I felt a tap on the opposite shoulder. “excuse me… you must really like beer to always be blocking this cooler,” the voice spoke sarcastically. “I could say the same about you, you can really ingest a bottle,” “Actually, it’s for Blaire.” “What? Blaire can’t walk anymore and help herself like a big girl now?” I said shaking my head in Blaire’s direction while she stuck the middle finger at me grinning. She, however, smiled politely and shook her head. “Well, she can’t really open a bottle quite yet so I guess that’s why she has me.” Pop She set the water bottle I was drinking aside and tossed the beer cap in the basket. “Where did you learn how to do that?” “It’s an ancient technique.” “And I thought I was the only one who conquered the bottle cap trick.” “You must be Calum.” I blinked, taken back by her sudden knowledge of who I was. “I’m sorry, have we met?” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Uh no, Blaire just mentions who her friends are casually. She refers to you as, um, beer boy? And I assumed that meant it was cause of something like this.” “Nice. You know me, who are you?” “Y/N.” I held out my hand to shake hers and for the first time, I was feeling awkward around a stranger. “Thanks Y/N. I’m glad I can count on you.” Blaire bumped her shoulder, taking the bottle from her. “So… Have you met-” “Yeah, Blaire you’re about 4 minutes late. Thanks for trying though.” I sipped my beer, shaking my head. “Beer boy?” She broke out laughing. “Sorry I didn’t think that’d come up but since it did, now I know you guys talked plenty. I hate to break this up but our ride is outside sooo, I’ll catch you later.” She fist bumped me, clicking her teeth and pulled her away as she gave that familiar soft smile and mouthed a goodbye. I sat back down and started clearing bottles out of courtesy and I noticed a black rubber object peeking from between a few empty bottles. I pulled it out and saw it was a miniature bottle opener attached to few keys. I looked them over and saw Y/N scribbled onto the handle in silver ink. That little sneak. I quickly slid it into my coat pocket and with a smirk and walked away before anyone saw.


Summary: Emperor Ren holds the map that leads to Skywalker and the Resistance’s general–Leia Organa–requests you [an independent bounty hunter] to retrieve it. The only down part to it is, you and the emperor have history.

A/N: So I’ve been thinking of this idea for quite some time now, a few things were new ideas, but the overall thing has been on the back of my mind. I’m a huge fan of the idea of king/emperor ren as well as the anime cowboy bebop and I thought it would be cool to have the two worlds collide. It’s sort of a modern yet futuristic au as there’s space travel and hover crafts, but there’s still cars and basic weaponry. You’ll see, it’s pretty experimental but I like it. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed :) [also, this song may or may not have influenced the title]

Warning: Blood/Violence (although not so intense)

Word Count: 6.3K+

Heavy panting echoed in your ears, chest heaving as you found yourself slowly fading in and out. “Don’t you dare go…” You breathed out. Everything around you was fading, colors mixing into one another as the world around you began to blur. “Don’t…you dare go…” Taking in deep breaths as your chest began to ache, you reached your arm out and aimed the weapon in it. “Don’t you dare leave me!”

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My Girl (Staurt Twombly One Shot)

I sighed heavily as I gripped at the manila folder in hand, the anger boiling deep inside me while Graham, yet again as per usual, made an asshole comment toward Zach, our overweight group member.

“You’re so fat, man,” he muttered, making a face in disgust. “So fat…”

I pressed my lips together as I tried to hold back my own snarky comment, but bit my tongue instead. With that he finally dismissed our team for the day.

As I collected the rest of my things and began heading out, I could feel myself deeply regretting the decision to ever come in for an internship at Google for the summer before my graduating year from Stanford. Well, more like I regretted ever agreeing to team up with Graham.

I rolled my eyes as he eyed me up and down the minute I began making my way toward the exit. From the get go, I knew he hadn’t bothered to pick me for his team based on my merit, but merely because of my looks. He made that extremely clear.

“Will I be seeing you later then, beautiful?” he smirked.

“Nope,” I stated simply, slamming the folder right into his chest and making my way out. He huffed out in slight annoyance, but desire.

“Always playing hard to get,” he said through his accent, not bothering to hide his smirk. “I love it.”

Ignoring the comment, I immediately reached down for my purse in attempt to pull out my phone and distract myself a little further while I continued to walk. I huffed out in annoyance as I continued to dig, but couldn’t find it. An audible gasp and small shriek escaped my lips as I ran into someone.

“Whoa, whoa,” an unfamiliar voice cried out, reaching out for my arms and quickly grounding me. “I’m so sorry about that!”

I quickly turned over to look directly into a wrinkled smile and kind blue eyes. Instantly, I was able to recognize one of the older interns Graham was so set on destroying.

“You’re fine,” I breathed out before finally gripping the familiar lump and pulling out my phone from my purse. “Thank you.” With that I lowered my gaze onto the screen and attempted to maneuver my way past the old man.

“Whoa, whoa, hang on there,” he began, his hands pulling me back by the arms. “You’re (Y/N), right? Part of Graham’s team?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking up to him, my brows furrowing slightly.

“I’m Nick,” he smiled, dropping his hold on me and extending a hand for me to take.

“Pleasure,” I responded rather curtly as I looked back down to my phone screen.

“Look at you,” he seemed to chuckle. “You remind me of a certain team member of my own. Nose always stuck to that small four-inch screen. Uh, maybe you’ve met him.” He made a gesture and I barely glanced in time to watch him point over to someone in the distance. My eyes followed. “Stuart. Stuart Twombly.”

The minute my gaze landed on the boy, I felt my throat constrict and my cheeks burn up. Of course I knew who Stuart Twombly was. We both had gone to the same high school, graduated the same year, hung around the same crowd of people. He was the same boy I had been crushing on since my freshman year. However, he never knew I even existed.

It was a huge surprise when I came to find out that he had joined the Google internship program as well. That first day, when we were split up into groups, I had hoped to join him, but Graham beat me before I could even approach the boy.

During the first challenge, I would steal glances toward him every now and then. Watch as him and his team mates would frantically write against the clear board trying to figure out the bug in the code. However, the minute he’d take notice that someone was watching, I’d instantly look away. It wasn’t until the second challenge that I tried to interact with him, but as usual, he was glued to his phone. During the second half of Quidditch, I purposely dropped the quaffle in order for Stuart to get a hold of it and score for his own team, earning them the big win. For a brief moment we exchanged smiles that day, but it never went past that.

“I take that as in you do know him?” Nick gave a laugh, snapping me back into reality.

“I—I might have been acquainted with him,” I stammered, lowering my gaze yet again as my face only grew hotter.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” his expression seemed to twist into that of sneaking suspicion. “Do I detect a little something for our little Stewie?”

“N—No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I cleared my throat and held my head high, straightening my composure as if to seem uninterested. “You guys are the enemy, according to Graham. The competition. And besides, Google policy is: say no to love. Even if I was interested—which I’m not—it’s not going to happen.”

“Now, now,” he shook his head and chuckled. “I can see straight through the act. There’s no need to pretend you’re even on that asshole’s side. I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl. Maybe a current student attending UCLA or something—”

“Stanford,” I corrected.

“Even better,” Nick shrugged. “You know that following Graham will only take you so far. And policy or not… You gotta live a little sometimes. I mean take me for instance; I was told I’m not allowed to go after a certain sexy Australian in management, but yet I took a chance and asked her out to dinner some time.” He paused as he looked down to me, pointing a finger. “Now I saw that glint in your eye. It was just enough to tell me everything I need to know.”

“Which is?” I gulped slightly.

“You care about Stu. You’re interested,” he smirked slightly. “And a little birdy once told me… He seems to be pretty interested in you too. Do with that what you will.” He seemed to shrug before walking off. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

I squinted my gaze as I watched him walk off toward his group, clapping his hand with Stuart in greeting before getting back to their own work. The boy’s eyes flickered over to me briefly, a small awkward smile creeping upon his lips before tentatively waving toward me with two fingers. Could the bump in have been on purpose?


Later that day, I sighed heavily as I slammed the empty tray over the bar counter, my calves burning and my feet throbbing with regret. Much like every other night I took up a shift at the bar, my body begged me to stop wearing heels. However, that seemed to be nearly impossible with the kind of job I had.

Even though Google provided me with a lot of things, I still had bills to pay, and the internship was just that… An internship. Meaning, I had no money whatsoever. With that being said, I took up a part time job as a waitress slash bartender at a local strip club.

Sure, I could have easily taken up a waitressing job at any other restaurant or bar, but Brass Rail was known for its huge tips. In one shift, I could easily pay for my car and phone bill. And the best part about it all, I didn’t have to take my clothes off for the money either. However, policy did state that my appearance had to be presentable. And by presentable, I mean I had to wear promiscuous outfits, especially if I wanted to make great tips for the night.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” Patty, the bartender for the night, asked as she wiped the bar counter clean. The woman was a few years older, but she had become a really close friend of mine and she most definitely looked out for me. “You’ve been working hard for the past couple of days. And besides, shouldn’t you be back at home working with your team to create that new app or whatever?”

“No, Graham got it all covered,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Either way, I think we’ve got it covered. The night’s still young, maybe you should go out and have some fun!” Patty encouraged as her lips curved into a playful smile. “Maybe find yourself a cute boy or something. You’re always too busy with your internship and here that you never have any time for yourself. Find yourself a cutie.” It took me a minute to realize she was nodding toward the entrance. “Kinda like that one.”

My eyes flew over to the door, quickly landing on the familiar boy that stood at the front of his group, nose buried deep into his phone. Instantly, I felt my eyes go wide as I caught sight of his friend and team mate, Nick. He quickly grinned as he noticed me and began reaching out for Stuart, who didn’t bother to acknowledge him.

“Oh no,” I gasped, quickly spinning around and gripping at the counter behind me.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s the matter, sugar?”

“I—I know him,” I stammered.

The music continued to blare throughout the club, the bass bouncing, while Patty took a moment to herself and gasping.

“Ahhh! I see where this is going!” she shouted over the sound. “You like the boy, don’t cha?”

“Kinda,” I admitted guiltily as I turned back to her feeling myself wanting to panic. “But he’s never noticed me.”

“Then make him notice you,” Patty smirked. I gasped as she suddenly reached over the counter and toward my already see-through romper, ripping at the buttons in order to reveal more of my black laced bralette and stopping just an inch before my belly button. She ran her hands through my hair, adjusting it before turning me back to face the group. “Now grow some ovaries and go to him!”

I stared at the boy with wide eyes for a moment before sucking in a deep breath and starting my way over to them. You could do this. You got this, (Y/N). “By the way! You’re officially off the clock! So whatever you do from here on out won’t be held against you!” Patty shouted after me.

“Show you to your table?” One of the topless girls asked as she approached the group. Her eyes landed on Stuart, about to make a move before I stopped her in her tracks.

“I’ll take care of this one,” I assured her with a small smile. He hadn’t bothered to tear his gaze away from his phone.

“Great big world out there, my friend,” Nick said, his fingers making their way under the boy’s chin. “Just three inches up, I beg you.”

His eyes slowly lifted, growing slightly as he finally noticed who stood before him. I bit my lower lip as I felt a surge of confidence grow from within me.

“Hey,” I greeted simply.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly.


“(Y/N),” he nodded, seeming dazed. “I know.”

Nick’s lips curved into a huge grin as he pushed him toward me.

“Experience the world, Stewie,” he encouraged. “There’s a whole lot more outside that phone screen.” I looked over to Nick, nodding in appreciating before turning back to the dazed boy that stood before me.

“What—what are you doing here?” Stuart asked.

“I work here,” I responded, taking his hand and leading them to their table.

“You’re not—”

“I’m not a stripper,” I laughed as I turned over my shoulder to look at him. “I’m a waitress slash bartender. I needed something to pay the bills while I’m doing this internship at Google.”

“In that case, you can hook us up right?” Nick asked as he rushed his way forward. I grinned and nodded.

“Shots on me, guys,” I said, coming to a stop and turning over to Stuart. “But only if this one dances with me after.”

He pushed on his glasses and opened his mouth as he turned to his friends, unsure of what to say before Nick and the others nodded in encouragement.

“O—Okay,” Stuart agreed.


Everybody cheered as I made my way over to the table, carrying the large tray containing the fourteen shots of tequila.

“Before we do this, (Y/N), meet Billy, Lyle, Neha, Yo-Yo, and of course you know Stuart,” Nick quickly tried to introduce as he clapped his two hands together. “Now we can all indulge into some good ol’ shots knowing each other’s names! Let’s go!”

“It’s about time this group had a night,” the other man, known as Billy said.

“Let the good times roll!” Nick shouted.

“Bingo!” Billy agreed.

“There’s two for everyone,” I grinned as I placed the tray down and my way over in order to sit next to Stuart.

“Alright, here we go!” Nick cheered, picking up a shot and handing it over to the boy known as Yo-Yo. “Bottoms up, bud!”

“Oh, I—I can’t,” he stammered.

“What? You’re twenty-one right?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but my mom says alcohol numbs the brain,” Yo-Yo shook his head.

“Look, I’m not saying a shot of tequila’s the first step on the journey to self-respect, but goddamn, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe?” Nick finished off, handing him the shot as we all took one in our hands. “Your call.”

The boy hesitated for a moment.

“One shot!” Yo-Yo finally said, holding up a finger rather sternly.

“You’re gonna want that other one, dude,” I grinned as I edged myself closer to the table, holding out my shot.

“Anyways, CHEERS!” Billy shouted as we all brought our shot glasses and clanged them together before taking the swig of alcohol.

“To the night you’ll never remember!” Nick cheered.

We all turned to Yo-Yo as he was the last to take his shot. He hesitated for a moment before forcing the liquid down and shutting his eyes tightly. We all waited for a moment as he shot up out of his seat and began screaming.

“YEAH!” He shouted.

“All right!” Everyone cheered.

“One more!” Yo-Yo cried out, reaching out for his other shot glass.

I gripped at Stuart’s hand and intertwined our fingers the minute we finished our last shot and began leading him to a clear opening. Whether it was the new found confidence that began blossoming after Patty or maybe it was the tequila taking over, I felt myself growing comfortable enough to dance.

“Holy shit,” Stuart breathed out as I turned my back to him and wrapped his hands around my waist, moving my hips along with the rhythm. I gave a satisfied smirk as I pressed myself against him, allowing him to move along with me.

We had gotten halfway through the song, grinding against one another before he stopped. Stuart quickly turned me around, keeping his hands over my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the closeness.

“Can we talk?” He finally asked, gulping slightly.

My smile faded as I looked up to him, letting my hands slide down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Yeah sure,” I nodded. He took up my hand and lead me back to the table, where the rest of the interns had cleared up in order to have their own fun. We both sat down, Stuart instantly dropping his hold on my hand before wiping it against his jeans and looking down.

“Uh. I—I have to confess something,” he stammered.

“What is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing slightly, attempting to scoot closer to him.

He hesitated for a moment, noticing the closing space between us.

“Is it horrible timing to say I’ve liked you since freshman year of high school?” He asked. My smile faded slightly as my eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the tequila talking…”

“N—No. I—I mean, you have?”

He simply nodded.

“I just never thought I’d even get the chance to do this with you,” he admitted, finally finding the courage within himself to turn to me and motioning between the two of us. “I always figured you didn’t know I even existed. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest person ever. I don’t like people and I hide behind snarky comments, so I come off as an asshole, but…” His eyes softened. “I like you. You’ve been the only person I’ve ever really liked.”

I kept my silence as my expression lifted in awe.

“When I saw that you took this internship at Google, you were the only person I wanted to team up with. Especially knowing your background. I mean, you were Valedictorian in high school, so obviously you’re really smart—like, really smart. So, when I saw you walk in through those doors, I thought… maybe this is my second chance, my time to grow some balls and actually talk to you and work with you, but then I saw Graham beat me to it, so I gave up,” he lowered his gaze again as he shrugged. “I grew bitter. Became more of an asshole… I just didn’t want to team up with anybody else.” I pressed my lips together as I felt myself smile.

“I like you too, Stuart,” I finally said, taking up his hand. He looked up to me, surprise lining his features. “If I’m being honest, I’ve liked you since freshman year too. I just didn’t have the courage to talk to you and get to know you better back then.”

His lips curved into a small smirk as looked to me from the corner of his eye, a new sort of confidence about him showing.

“Well, in that case… wanna start over?”

I chuckled and felt my smile turn into a grin.

“I’d like that,” I nodded.

“Drinks?!” I heard a familiar voice shout over the booming music. Quickly turning over, I finally noticed Patty standing around with a tray full of shots, a smirk plastered over her face.

“YEAH!” Yo-Yo cheered as the others came swarming in for their drinks.


After a few more shots and other various drinks, both Stuart and I began to loosen up. Talking and laughing the night away. Just a few feet ahead of us Neha began bouncing up and down, before running up and taking me by the hands and leading me to the dancefloor. I quickly turned back and grabbed a hold of Stuart’s hand, bringing him along.

The beat began to pick up and I moved my body to the rhythm while Neha tried to grind against me. I laughed as Stuart stood back, dancing about rather awkwardly. An idea suddenly sparked as Neha was dragged away by one of the various strippers in order to receive a lap dance. The tequila was definitely taking over this time.

I led Stuart back to the table before tossing him back into the comfortable chairs. His glasses fumbled a bit before he pushed them back with a laugh. I smirked before quickly climbing over him, straddling him and giving into the music. My first official lap dance over the guy I had been crushing on for six years.

My hands ran through his dark hair, his glasses messing up along the process as I drew closer to his face. His own hands made their way down to my hips, moving me along his lap. I smirked as I lowered myself just inches away from his lips.

“Look at what we got cooking here!” Billy laughed as we both continued to move along. “Ready?” I snorted and moved in order to rest my head over Stuart’s shoulder as the giggling took over the minute a flash of light spotted over us and Billy finished taking our picture.

“Exchangeagram moment, bitches!” he cried out, while the two guys high fived.

I threw my head back and laughed as I continued to grind against the boy once Billy left us to our private moment. The tequila was definitely talking for me as I lowered myself once again, my body not bothering to stop. My hands gripped at Stuart’s face as he watched in amazement, slowly lowering them down to his shoulders. I bit the corner of my lip for a moment as I drew closer to him. He stopped, having caught on as one of his hands made their way over to the crook of my neck. Our breaths slowed down as they came out in low shallow huffs. Without further hesitation, we both collided, our lips finally connecting. Whether it was the alcohol or something more, my head swirled and for a moment I could have sworn that sparks flew from all around. The whole place seemed to grow quiet for a moment. It was just the two of us and from deep inside, I felt a surge of emotions begin to pour out into the long awaited kiss. The moment I had been anticipating was finally happening and it completely surpassed any fantasy I had ever had. He was an amazing kisser and the chemistry was beyond what I had ever imagined. The make out session ensued the minute we began to move our lips against one another.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar voice called out from behind. I quickly pulled away with a gasp, my whole body tensing up. “What the hell are you doing with these losers?!”

“Graham,” I muttered, turning my attention to the boy.

“I’ve been calling you fifty thousand times,” he held out his phone, his brows merging. “Zach said you’d be at work, but I see you’ve been doing far more than just work.”

I quickly climbed off of Stuart and looked down in shame. Even though I hated the guy, I didn’t want to be kicked off the team. It was still a great opportunity to work at Google, even if that meant I had to deal with Graham the entire time. If I was kicked out, there went my chances.

“You’re coming back with me,” he demanded, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him. “We have work to do!” I tried to yank myself away, but it was useless. Turning back, I noticed the anger flicker over Stuart’s face as I stared back apologetically, stumbling behind Graham. It was bound to happen, being a part of his team, I wasn’t allowed to interact with the competition. Especially Stuart.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Nick held out his hands in the air as he stepped between the exit and Graham. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“It’s not any of your business, old geezers,” he spat out, attempting to maneuver past the two.

“Come on take it easy,” Nick grinned as a few other guys began approaching the scene. Graham’s posse no doubt. “Is this the Jets and the Sharks all of a sudden? Montague and Capulets?” Stuart pushed his way through, finally facing Graham and his grip suddenly tightened around my wrist. He smirked as he pulled my body closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cringed and tried to push away from him as he lowered his face to mine.

“(Y/N) is part of my team. She’s my girl, isn’t that right, sweetheart?” He drawled out as he tried to kiss my cheek. My brows furrowed and I pushed him back, the anger I felt obvious by now.

“I’m not your girl!” I spat back. This seemed to please him as he gave a laugh.

“She sure loves to play hard to get,” Graham smirked, turning to the others. “Now, if you’ll excuse us. We need to get back on track to beating you guys.” He turned to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Come on beautiful.”

I made a face and tried to push away his arm.

“Get off of me—”

“Don’t touch her,” Stuart grumbled, stepping before the two grown men that tried to hold him back, his hands shaking as he balled them into fists. Yo-Yo, Neha, and Lyle soon appeared just behind.

“Oh yeah?” Graham huffed, seeming amused. “What are you going to do about it?”

I gasped as the strobe lights suddenly turned on and the fighting began. Stuart was the first to throw a punch and lock against Graham’s jaw. Indistinct shouts began to echo throughout the place as the others joined in.

“Stop!” I cried out, trying to pull Stuart away from Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Yo-Yo ferociously yelled as he climbed over a table and jumped on someone’s back. I shrieked and stepped back as Graham fell over on his back, Stuart punching furiously.

“STOP!” I shouted again.

“Stay away from MY girl!” Stuart cried out, his hands gripping at Graham’s collar before raising him for a second and slamming him right back down. My eyes widened slightly as I stared in both shock and awe. He had called me his girl.

“My mother hits harder than you!” Yo-Yo shouted, instantly snapping me back into reality.

“YEAH! Down goes Frazier! Whoo!” Neha cheered as she kicked someone’s groin. “What’s up—oh, shit!”

My eyes widened as the security guards all began rushing in, picking up the girl and attempting to escort her out.

“See you again! I’ll kill you!” she shouted as she struggled against them. “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!”

One of the bigger ones finally managed to yank Stuart away from Graham.

“That’s how you party!” Stuart shouted in pride before being escorted out. I pressed my lips together as I fought back my laugh before attempting to follow after.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” The boy cried out, his body still laid out as he tried to raise himself on his elbows. “Get back here!”

I stopped and turned to him, my expression hardening. Maybe I would regret my decision later, but I had had enough of Graham for one night.

“No,” I responded. “Find yourself another team member. I quit!”

“You can’t quit! You’re mine!”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m Stuart’s now.”

Just a few steps ahead, the boy stopped and looked to me in awe as I turned to him with a smile. Stuart suddenly grunted as the security guard kneed him and pushed on to get them out. My eyes widened and I quickly rushed over to help.

“We’re too hot to party!” Yo-Yo shouted as a security guard yanked on his collar. “That’s why they got to kick us out! Cause they’re gonna call the fire department! Why don’t you bring it outside the party?!”

“WHOOO!” Lyle cheered on.

“No more fun, c’mon,” Nick sighed as he grabbed a hold of the two boys and led them out.


Stuart and I sat back on one of the picnic tables by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the few spots made to take in the beauty of it all. The boy groaned slightly as I lightly tried to clean up his wounds. I made a face and chuckled as he lightly pushed my hand away, not being able to stand the pain.

“You really took a beating back there,” I muttered.

“Well, I couldn’t stand around and let that asshole disrespect you like that,” he grumbled, his eyes glued onto the bridge.

“Would you look at that view?” Nick sighed out as he made his way closer to us, clapping a hand on Stuart’s back and causing him to wince in pain. “Buddy, you were an animal out there tonight!”

“Right,” Stuart scoffed, resting his elbows over his knees and looking down.

“No, you were!” Nick shook his head. “I’m sure (Y/N) agrees with me!”

I simply nodded.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” I smiled, keeping my gaze on him. Reaching out for his hand, he turned to me for a moment as we intertwined our fingers and I scoot my way closer to him, resting my head over his shoulder.

“Awe, would you look at that? Looks like you two really hit it off,” Nick grinned. “Glad my plan worked!”

“You set this whole thing up?” Stuart asked, his eyes squinted as he turned to the man in disbelief. He gave a shrug as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

“I had a hunch you two had a little somethin’ somethin’ so I thought why not?” Nick chuckled. “It sure got you to loosen up, Stewie. Plus, I figured it’d give me some brownie points so you’d warm up to me.” Stuart fought back a smile before turning to me as I nuzzled myself closer to him.

“Thanks man,” he said, turning back to Nick.

“What up with it, hot thing,” Lyle continued to sing along, making his way over to us as he texted away. “Hot thing, hot thing…”

“Lyle!” Nick called out. “Looks like you also hit it off tonight. Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, I’m texting her that I love her and I’m sending her this picture I just took of little Lyle when he made pee in the bushes,” he slurred. “Look, he’s winking!”

“No, Lyle. Lyle, Lyle, that’s a horrible idea,” Nick shook his head. “Please don’t do that. You’re drunk off your ass.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m flying, baby,” Lyle responded with a high pitched chuckle.

“Okay, Lyle, you’re not flying,” Billy joined in, shaking his head. “What’s seventeen squared?”

“Two eighty-nine. Why?” Lyle asked.

“Give me a harder question that that,” Billy sighed as he turned to us. “You know where I’m driving with this.”

“Try, uh, maybe square root of seventeen,” Stuart suggested.

“Like, four point twenty-three? Maybe?” Lyle answered uncertainly, his expression becoming puzzled for a moment.

“That’s the app,” Nick gasped. “That’s the app we should do right there!”

“What?” Billy asked. My brows furrowed slightly as I sat up straighter, not bothering to drop my hold on Stuart.

“Some quiz questions you gotta answer before you can send a drunk text or a drunk email or phone call. Something to protect you from yourself,” Nick continued.

“Wait, you guys still haven’t come up with an app yet?” I asked.

“No,” Stuart shook his head.

“Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea,” I nodded.

“Can we do that?” Billy asked.

“Hells yeah, we could do that,” Neha scoffed out with a nod.

“Are you shitting me? I could program the shit out of that bitch on the bus ride home,” Yo-Yo slurred as he kept his laid down position.

“I could help with the customization and settings,” I suggested, my eyes landing on the drunk boy. “Considering the condition of the main operator.”

“Wait… You’re going to help us?” Billy asked, his expression twisting into that of confusion. “I thought you were with Graham.”

I grimaced as I looked down and tried to force a smile.

“Actually, I don’t belong to any team now, so there goes my internship,” I shrugged. “Which means you guys aren’t the competition anymore, so I could definitely help.”

Nick and Billy turned to one another while the others looked amongst each other. Their expressions lit up as they finally looked to me.

“(Y/N), how would you like to be one of our fellow Nooglers?” Nick offered. My eyes widened and I felt myself grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, can’t leave Stewie’s girlfriend behind now, can we?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m in!” I huffed out in excitement.

“C’mon then!” Billy began standing up.

“Let’s roll!” Nick announced. “Let’s get back to HQ!”

“Hey, wait, wait,” Stuart stopped everyone. “Let’s—let’s stay, like, five minutes, you know?” His eyes flickered over to me. “Just enjoy the view a little more.”

“Yeah, all right,” Nick agreed.

“Okay!” Billy sighed out and sat back.

Stuart hesitated for a moment as he looked directly into my eyes, his face slowly inching closer to mine. Before I knew it, he took up the crook of my neck and our lips gently met for a moment. From all around, I could hear the rest of the group start to cheer, causing us to laugh through the kiss and ultimately break away. I rested my head over Stuart’s shoulder as he pulled me closer, our eyes landing back to the rising sun over the ocean. What a way to end the night.

(A/N Crystal): Okay I know this blog is supposed to be Teen Wolf related but omg I had to because Stuart is just ugh. Beautiful. Anyways. I’m so sorry for the quality. I’ve been locked out from my computer so had to post through phone. Sorry for any mistakes! Hope you guys enjoyed!

Request: Imagine some noise wakes you up in the middle of the night and you go investigate. [Jax imagine] 

You opened your eyes and laid in your bed, blinking at the ceiling for a few moments and wondering what had woken you. You were just beginning to drift back off to sleep when a loud crashing sound snapped you out of your slumber.

You jerked your head off the pillow and sat up in bed, your eyes turning immediately to your bedroom door as you tried to determine where the sound had come from. You were sure it had originated downstairs, but you lived alone and nobody else was supposed to be in the house. Your pulse quickened as the sound echoed through the house once more. Something was going on downstairs, and no matter how scared you felt deep inside, you knew it was up to you to find out exactly what it was.

You jumped out of bed and pulled on your favorite worn-in jeans. You grabbed your old tattered boots and pulled them on your feet. You didn’t know yet what was happening, but after so many years living in Charming, you knew it was best to be prepared for anything, and that included good ass-kicking boots. 

You gave your room a once-over, looking for any object you could use as a weapon. Your eyes landed on the old baseball bat propped up in the corner of the room beside your closet. Perfect, you thought to yourself as you crossed the room and grabbed the bat. You ran your hand up and down the smooth wood of the bat for a few seconds while you tried to work up the courage to open the door and walk downstairs into whatever kind of chaos awaited you. You turned towards your bedroom door and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. You opened the door and headed downstairs. 


You walked downstairs as quietly as you could manage in your clunky old boots. You were sure you were making an incredible amount of noise, but you were too scared to notice. You stopped at the base of the stairs and listened. You were about to take another step forward when you saw a dark silhouette move across your living room. 

You felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. You gripped the bat tighter and said a little prayer in your head before moving towards your living room. You snuck forward as quietly as possible, making your way towards the front door. You noticed the door was slightly ajar, and you felt a wave of panic begin to rush over you. You knew someone must have broken in, but you couldn’t see any signs of a forced entry. The door hadn’t been kicked in, and there were no marks anywhere. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Something just didn’t add up. You were leaning forward to get a closer look at the door when the silhouette appeared in the corner of your eye. This time it was directly behind you.

You swung the bat as hard as you could. The bat connected with the silhouette of a man with enough force to send him stumbling backwards into the wall behind him. You stood straighter, eyes wide and body tense. You marched forward, raising the bat to swing again at the intruder in your home. The silhouette raised its arms in a defensive pose. 

“What the fuck, Y/N?!” a familiar voice shouted.

You stopped dead in your tracks. Your eyes grew wider, this time out of sheer surprise.

“Jax?” you blurted. You lowered the bat and took a step towards the silhouette. The moonlight seeping in between the blinds on your window revealed that all-too-familiar head of blonde hair.

“Who the hell’d you think it was?” Jax responded, rubbing the shoulder that you had just whacked with a baseball bat. You noticed his words seem to slur ever so slightly. 

“I didn’t know,” you answered, your voice much calmer now. You set the bat down and walked to your best friend, a confused expression now replacing the terrified look that had been plastered all over your face. “What are you doing here?” 

“Gettin’ the shit beat out of me, apparently,” Jax retorted, eyebrows knit. “You got a mean swing.” 

You smirked proudly, then your face grew concerned. You and Jax had been friends for what seemed like forever. He had stayed over at your place more times than you could count, but it wasn’t like him to just show up unannounced. You knew something was going on with him, and you wanted to know what it was. You took in a deep breath and watched your best friend for a few seconds before asking again. “What’s going on, Jax?” 

You began inspecting the damage you had inflicted on Jax’s shoulder while you waited on an answer. His blue eyes looked at you for a moment as he decided on his words. “I had a fight with Tara,” he admitted finally.


Jax let out a defeated sigh and nodded his head. You could smell the alcohol on his breath. It was the fifth time in the last few weeks Jax and Tara had fought, but you knew this one must have been bad for him to turn up drunk at your place in the middle of the night.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” you questioned, smoothing his shirt sleeve back down and looking into his troubled eyes. You hated to see him like this, but you knew there wasn’t much you could do about it.

Jax gave you a weak smile and shook his head. “I think I just wanna crash tonight.”

You nodded your head. You knew Jax well enough to know that he would tell you what had happened when he was ready. “Okay.” You grabbed the blanket and pillow from behind the couch that you kept washed and ready to use just in case Jax ever needed a place to stay. “Get some rest and sober up, kid.” 

Jax kicked off his sneakers and settled onto the couch. “Thanks for letting me crash.” 

You smiled. “You know you can stay with me anytime, Teller.” 

“Yeah. Maybe next time you won’t beat the shit out of me first,” Jax joked, a mischievous grin spread across his lips.

You shook your head and sighed. “Goodnight, Jax.” 

He smiled up at you, his blue eyes already beginning to close. “Night, Y/N.” 

“I have a feeling that you are going to change my life.”

Bucky was stuck doing grocery shopping. He detested going to the grocery store. There were often too many people and he always had the worse luck at the carts. He always managed to get one that made incessant noises.

He grabbed the shopping list out of his back pocket that he was given by Sam an hour ago.

“Oatmeal, apples, bananas, yogurt….” he mumbled the list out loud. Bucky didn’t know how he got stuck doing the shopping. Everyone else sort of pointed their fingers at him and told him it was his turn.

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Steady Hands 

Request: the reader is nervous about helping solo out on a mission bc she’s not a trained agent

Words: 801

Admiring the light yellow fabric flowing around your legs, you allow yourself to take the first true breath in the past five minutes. The fitting you were subjected to had lasted nearly an hour. Although the room is perfectly air conditioned, and there is a glass of water just inches from your feet, you still find your hands sweating. It is hard to stay calm when you are being poked and prodded by two women you don’t know, all before the analytical eyes of Napoleon Solo.

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Augustine D.S

Warning: contains violence 

(Can you do a Damon imagine based off the episode where he and Elena are captured by Wes who wants to conduct experiments on them except instead of Elena, it’s the reader and Damon does whatever it takes to save her. Oh and just end it however you want preferably with a bang :) )

Word Count: 1288


“Y/N! Y/N, wake up!” yelled a familiar voice, the tone alone made me want to gain consciousness again. My eyes stuttered open as I began to feel the weakness coursing throughout my body- no doubt from the vervain. I tried to recall where I was but as I stared up at a grey ceiling, panic struck me.

“Oh good” said the voice I had now recognized at Damon, relief lavished his tone. Turning my head to the side I saw him through a set of bars, looking just about as weak as me and that’s when I remembered what Wes had done.

I slowly turned my body over, getting a glimpse at the cells which held both Damon and myself. My breathing increased dramatically before I gripped Damon’s hand through the bars while questions and worry flew through my mind, like; Why were we here? Why was Damon here? What did Wes want with us?

A tight squeeze from Damon made me lose my train of thought, “Damon, Where are we?” I questioned trying to sound less stressed than I actually was, he sighed a loud before his blue orbs of hope came in contact with mine.

“We’re in the Whitmore House basement” he replied, I stared at him with a confused expression while more questions came to mind however I knew he had more to say so I stayed silent. “Some fifty years ago when I came back to Mystic falls, my relative sold me out to a group known as the Augustine Society, they were a bunch of scientists obsessed with experimenting on vampires. It was here in this same cell that I met Enzo, he was here since the war. They would spend the day slicing and cutting us up, removing organs, and testing us to our limits so they could gain an understanding of how our bodies worked”.

My eyes widened towards the end of Damon’s story and I found myself panicking even more but I tried to stay calm, “How long were you here?”.

“Five years, I thought they’d ended the Society but then Wes showed up” he admitted, I squeezed his hand tighter causing him to look up in to my glossy eyes.

“I-I-What’s going to happen to us Damon, You can’t go through this again and I don’t want you to” I cried still upset he hadn’t told me about his dark past. My body started shaking and I felt claustrophobic all of a sudden.

Damon grabbed both my hands and forced my eyes on his, “Ssh, Y/N, I promise this won’t happen to you okay? I’m going to get you out of here, I-” his pep-talk was cut short when his cell door flew open to reveal Wes, a syringe in his hand.

Before any of us could react he stabbed it into Damon’s neck, “No, Don’t hurt him you asshole” I screamed, immediately Damon shot me with eyes of fury.

“Shut up Y/N!” he warned by whispering to himself so only I could hear, Wes forced Damon to his feet while I struggled to get to mine. Wes just smirked at me.

“Hey don’t fret, I’ll be back for you soon” he replied before he dragged Damon out of the room and through the door at the end of the hall, Damon gave me a hopeful look before he disappeared.

I spent the whole time hyperventilating while waiting for Wes to return, I guessed that the absent sound of groans was a good thing but even that positive bit of news wasn’t enough to calm me down. I attempted to break the bars but the large amount of vervain running through my system was halting the progress.

Suddenly the door opened to reveal none other than the mad scientist himself, he appeared at my cell door, another syringe in his hand which found it’s way into my neck. Everything was blurry as I was dragged out of the cell and down the hall, resisting wasn’t an option but staying alive however, was.

Wes kicked open the door and an obscene amount of light blinded me momentarily while I stared around the room, there was many tools, benches and cabinets around the torture room but the one thing that caught my eye was Damon, he was strapped into a chair opposite a large bent- which was where I was headed.

In no time at all Wes had me lying down and strapped onto the metal sheet so I couldn’t move, all I could feel was the uncomfortable coldness of the metal on my skin and Damon’s angry eyes staring between Wes and myself.

Wes smiled at Damon as he walked closer to him, “I understand that you’ve had enough physical pain Damon but I do think some emotional damage is in store…” he spoke before approaching the table next to me, “like watching your girlfriend suffer.”

Damon struggled in his chair, trying to break free of the restraints, his jaw was clenched and eyes wild, “Why are you doing this?” I hollered trying to distract Wes who was now equipped with a scalpel.

“In the name of science Y/N, you see I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find a way to stop vampires preying on humans” he retorted bringing forth that familiar wave of confusion I had experienced in the cell.

“Sometimes they deserve to die” added Damon making Wes frown.

“You see Damon, vampires have ruined the lives of people for years, they’ve torn apart families, friends, cultures, everything. To stop this I’ve developed a ripper compound which will send vampires into a feeding frenzy upon each other, starting with Y/N feeding on you”. My eyes widened as I tried to break to the metal clasps holding me to the table, I’d rather be cut open a hundred times than feed on Damon.

“No!” barked Damon making me snap my head towards him, “Do it to me, remember Wes I was the one that killed all your fellow science geeks” he teased, Damon and I knew full well that he had a stronger resistance that I ever would but that didn’t mean I wanted that resistance to be tested.

Wes chuckled profoundly as he stepped closer to me, I jumped slightly when he bought the blade down to my arm, he scraped it from one end to the other leaving a long painful cut upon it. I knew he was looking for Damon’s reaction and he of course was getting it each time Damon growled.

Without warning Damon broke free of the chair and charged towards Wes, his ripper face showing. He knocked Wes into the side table causing it to tip and many instruments to become strewn across the floor. Before I could say anything Damon bit into his neck leaving a bloodied mess but what he didn’t see was that Wes already had the syringe injected into his back.

Tears prickled in my eyes when Damon dropped the now lifeless Wes onto the ground and pulled the empty syringe out of his back. He stumbled towards me snapping the cuffs, once I was free I was already sobbing and reaching for Damon trying to hug him but he backed away before I could touch him.

Dullness took over his beautiful eyes, we both knew what was to become of him, I wanted so desperately for him to hold me, kiss me or just comfort me, “I-I love you Y/N…I’ll sort this out” was all he said before he disappeared leaving me pathetically crying on the floor while I awaited help from our friends.

“I’m so sorry Damon” I whispered to myself, knowing full well that this was just the beginning of a major dilemma.


Very long, but hopefully not boring.

Jonathan Toews

A/N: (Y/N) = your name, (Y/F/N) = your first name, (Y/L/N) = your last name

Hope you enjoy ! :)

“What are you looking at?” I questioned my boyfriend of 3 years, Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

“My beautiful girlfriend”. He said with a smirk.

“That I want to kiss so badly right now”. He said and after placed a kiss on my mouth.

“So what are we going to do today?” I asked Jonny.

“I was thinking we could go skating”. Jonny said.

“I don’t know how to skate”. I said.

“I can teach you”. He said as a smile crept onto his face.

“You’d just love that won’t you, seeing me not being able to do something that you can”. I say as I cross my arms over my chest. 

“I sure would, but what I would love more is to teach you how to skate so we can skate together, now go get dressed, I wanna go”. Jonny said.

“Fine”. I said as I got off the couch and walked into our room to change into clothes suitable for skating. I put on my black leggings and one of Jonny’s Blackhawks sweatshirts and I wore my red converses, I did my makeup and put my hair into a ponytail. I walked out of the room and saw Jonny standing in front of me.

“You know I love it when you wear my clothes”. He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I know you do” I said as I stuck my hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pulled out his keys.

“It’s my turn to drive” I say as I walked out the door.

“No you don’t, you drove last time” He said as he picked me up from behind as I squirmed in his grasped.

“Put me down!” I say (more like yelled).

“Only if you give me the keys”. He says as his grip tightens.

“Fine! Fine! you get to drive”. I say as I placed the keys in Jonny’s hands as he lets go of me.

He grabs my hand and holds it in his own. “I love you, (Y/N)” He says.

“I love you too, Toews” I say.


About a half an hour later we arrived at the Blackhawks arena. Jonny grabbed the bag with the skates in it from the back. He held my hands as we walked into the arena. We made our way down the familiar route to the locker room. He set down the bag and we grabbed our skates and started to tie them. 

“Make sure to tie them tight, (Y/N)”. Jonny reminded me.

“I know that already”. I said looking over at him and of course he was already done tying his.

“You want me to help you?” He asks.

“No, I’m good”. I say focusing on tying my skates instead of looking at my insanely adorable boyfriend, who I desperately want to look at. 

I finished tying my skates and we made our way over to the ice. Jonny had gone onto the ice first and then helped me on. He was holding my hands and making sure that  I didn’t fall on my face.

“Don’t look at your feet”. He instructed me.

“What am I supposed to look at then!”. I said.

“Look at me, (Y/N)”. Jonny says.

“I’ll get distracted and fall if I look at you”. I say not looking up from my feet.

“No you won’t and why would you”. He said with a laugh.

A blush starts to form on my face.

“Do I still make you nervous” He said.

“A little bit”. I say as my face gets redder and I feel tears starting  to form in my eyes.

“Why, (Y/N)?” He questions.

“Your Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), a totally nobody who dating a somebody”. I say.

“Well how would you like to be (Y/N) Toews, wife of the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, a somebody married to a somebody”. He says as he gets on his knees in front of me. I put my hand over my mouth and my face was fully red and tears were in my eyes.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand time yes!”. I say with the biggest smile I’ve ever smiled. Jonny slips the ring onto my hand and then gets up and hugs and kisses me.

“You get that on video, Kaner!” He shouts at Patrick Kane, who emerges from behind the seats.

“Sure did!” He yells back.

“Now there’s something to show our future children”. He says smiling making my smile get bigger.

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TITLE: Daddy Barns

Warning: Slight swearing

A/N: I had WAY to much writing this!! I hope you all enjoy reading it as I had writing it!!

Tag Requests: @writingfortheavengers

Reader’s POV:
It’s been two months since Bucky came home, I stood their admiring myself in the body mirror. I turned to the side, the baby bump is growing nicely. “You look beautiful..” I jumped at the voice of James, I turned and seen him prompted against the door frame, arms crossed with a smile on his face. He walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist and rubbed my stomach with his thumbs. His chin was rested on my shoulder, I turned my head and kissed his cheek. “At least one month left till we find out we are having a boy!” He said with a smile on his face, I couldn’t help but laughed as I turned to face him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, “Okay, first off you mean girl, and secondly when did you become an expert at pregnancy information?” He pressed his lips against mine as he smiled, “I have been reading those books Barton gave me, he bought a whole series when Laura first got pregnant. Which reminds me, how much iron have you been taking in?” I shook my head smiling at him, as I kissed him again, “Buck, do I need to cut down on your reading?” He laughed as he pulled me into his chest. “It depends, how would you do it?” He whispered softly into my ear, making me get goosebumps all over my body.

Bucky’s POV:
I knew what makes her all excited, I felt her body happily tense when I whispered into her ear. She slowly pushed me toward our bed, I felt the back of my knees meet the mattress, then she gave me a stronger push making me fall back onto the bed. She gave me this flirtatious smirk as she put my legs that were still dangling off the bed between her’s and crawled into the bed straddling my body. I cupped her face with my hands as her lips softly met mine, as we continued and deepening the kiss I slid my hands down her back, stopping just at the top of her pants. I grabbed the fabric of her shirt and lifted it up and over her head, as she lifted my t-shirt up and over my head. I was just about to unlatch her bra, but the moment was ruined by the door bell ringing. “Seriously…” I groaned as she moved off my body and threw her shirt back on. “I think it’s the baby stuff!” The excitement in her voice made me smile, as I stood up. She took off in a jog toward the door and opened it, “Umm, (y/n)?” A young man stood there in a delivery uniform, “That’s me! Is this everything?” I came up behind her, the man’s eyes widened. “Umm..yes.” I couldn’t help but give the man a smile, he would not break his gaze toward me. I waved at him with my metal hand, and his mouth dropped. I came around (y/n) and stepped on the front porch, the man backed away slowly and cautiously, as I looked at all the boxes. A crib, stroller, high chair, a dresser, a rocking chair, and all these baby items. I ran my hands through my hair and rubbed my neck as (y/n) signed the papers. “Is all this stuff really necessary? Back in my day, we didn’t need all this–” I seen her give me ‘the look’, “but, like I said that was back in my day..times are different.” I gave her a smile, as the man left.

Reader’s POV:
“Buck, we can call Clint. He has been through this more than once.” It’s been over a month and the crib still is in pieces in the nursery. We, by we I mean James, would try putting it together. After two hours he would get frustrated, and refused reading the directions. “(Y/n), I can disassemble every gun made, and put them back together in seconds…” I let out a huff as I sit on the box of the rocking chair, that is still inside, “I am not letting these baby things conquer me! I will get them done.” He looked at me, with a confident grin on his face, “Babe, can you at least look at the direc–” “I am James Buchanan Barns. I do not need directions! It’s just a big puzzle.” As he is holding to different pieces in his hands, I roll my eyes as I get up but fall back down, as I let out a huff. James’ eyes widen, “You cannot be going into labor!! It’s only been three months!!” I laugh as I rub my stomach, “James, come here.” He crawled over to me, I take his human hand and place it on my stomach. “Wait for it..” His eyes widen, “Is that?” “Mmhm!” His eyes light up, “That is so freaky, BUT BY FREAKY I mean totally awesome. What does that feel like?” “It’s..different.” We laugh as his smile slowly fades, “What’s wrong James?” “Nothing, just he stopped moving.” “SHE won’t always move. Thankfully, as much I love knowing she is in there, it is discomforting.” He leans up and places a kiss on my cheek as he crawls back over to the crib pieces.

Bucky’s POV:
The knock on the door breaks me from my thoughts as I stare at now every box opened and every piece is scattered mixed into different piles. I jog to the door and open it, “Clint!! My man!” I greeted the avenger who raised an eyebrow at my greeting, “Bucky, Laura said you called?” “Umm, yeah! I thought we could have some coffee.” I moved to the side as he walked in, “Uh huh.” We walked into the kitchen where I already had coffee waiting with some snacks. We sat in silence as we sipped our coffee, I don’t usually mind silence, but even I was uncomfortable. “Bucky..” I looked at him, “As much as I am enjoying this wonderful bonding experience with you, drinking this horribly made coffee, what do you need help with?” “Well, umm, everything.” The assassin gave me a chuckle, “I thought Bucky Barns, the man who can disassemble–” “I know, I know! Well, baby stuff is a bit more..complicated.” Clint stood up from his chair and clapped his hands, “Well, I guess I need to teach Daddy Barns how to assemble a baby crib.” We walked into the nursery, Barton’s eyes widened and I am pretty sure his mouth dropped at the scene, “What the hell did you do!? Did you Winter Soldier explode everything!?! Why is there wheels?! Wait, Barns..you didn’t.” He put both his hands on his neck, as he took in the scene, “Okay! Okay! Let me explain!!” Clint is carefully stepping over the explosion of mix and matched pieces of everything we bought. Dresser pieces, stroller pieces, crib pieces, high chair pieces all mixed around the nursery. “I got frustrated at the crib, so I opened the dresser. I got frustrated at that, and I opened the stroller..” “Yeah, yeah, I got it. I may need more of that shitty coffee. Is (y/n) here? What did she say to this?” He turned and looked at me, “She is with Wanda and Natasha, buying food and diapers. She doesn’t know about this, or the fact your here.” As I rubbed my neck, nervously, fearing Clint would leave.
“Alright, alright, let me call Nat.” “What why!?” “To keep (y/n) distracted! While we finish this..”
Three hours and we have half a stroller complete, Clint picks up the phone again, sends a text, and gives me a smile. Another twenty minutes passes by and there is another knock on the door, Clint gets up and answers. “Holy–” I turn to see Steve standing there, Sam finishes Steve’s paused sentence, “Shit..”, Tony pokes his head over the men’s shoulders, “What the hell!?” I drop my head in defeat, “I know!! I’m an idiot!” Steve, Sam, Clint, Tony, and Bruce all step inside assessing the situation. They are all having mixed expressions on their face, “Barton, when you sent us a text saying 'Avengers Assemble’ I thought there would be dinner or a party waiting for us!” Tony chimed in, “I will buy you all dinner if you help me.” I responded, Clint chuckled, “If your cooking is as shitty as your coffee, I will work for free.” He elbowed me. Steve let out a huff, “It’s alright Buck, we’ll help you. Where is the directions for all this?” I ran my metal hand down my face, “Probably in the dump somewhere. I had (y/n) throw them away. I was being cocky.” Bruce groaned, “Ohhh, this should be fun.”

Reader’s POV:
“Ladies, I think we have done enough shopping for the day. We have enough diapers and wipes to last the kid for at least a year!” We had been to several stores, buying diapers, wipes, bibs, white onesies, and socks. Every time I tried to head home, they wanted to go to another store. I began to get this feeling they were stalling. I tried texting and calling James, but he said he would talk to me when I got home. “Enjoy your..girl hang out..shopping and all that!” He would tell me, so I tried not to think about it too much. We finally made it home, I raised an eyebrow when I seen Steve’s motorcycle and Tony’s car. The three of us walk in, and the men were all sitting and standing acting casual. All except Bucky, all of a sudden some familiar hands covered my eyes, I couldn’t help but smile. He led me to nursery, “Are you ready to see our baby’s nursery?” “Yes!!” He removed his hands from my eyes, and my jaw dropped! All the things were set up, and just as I planned it. The rocking chair in the corner, the dresser by the closet, the changing station next to the crib that was right by the door.

Bucky’s POV:
She just stood there, looking around not saying a word. I did my best to place everything where she wanted it, her quietness was making me anxious. Finally she spun around and jumped in my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I wrapped my human arm around her waist as my metal supported her. “I love it Buck!!” She kissed me and held it there for a few seconds, I would have lingered longer, but we had company. I pulled back, “I had some help from the guys.” “SOME help?” They all said in sync, “Okay, a lot of help from them.” She threw her head back laughing as she hoped down, I watched as she hugged everyone. She clapped her hands, “Well, I know the girls are hungry from all the shopping, so you guys must be hungry from helping Bucky! I’ll start dinner! James, do you mind going out to the car and getting the bags? Steve, you may have to help him.” My eyes widened, “and maybe Clint too…” I raised an eye brow at (y/n), she gave me a smile and wink, “Don’t worry babe! Everything was on sale!”
Bucky’s POV:
I just got back to the Avenger facility, two weeks of being away from home. I was exhausted, I could barely keep my eyes open. That was quickly changed when I was greeted by Natasha, “BARNS! You need to hurry!! (Y/n) just went into labor a few hours ago!! She is up stairs!” A rush of adrenaline shot through my body as I took off in a full sprint,

“MOVE! EXCUSE ME! SORRY!!” Then I was stopped by Steve,
“Buck! You can’t go in there! She is having the baby!”
“Like hell I am not!”

I could hear her screams, I read in the books that childbirth was painful. Extremely painful, and it killed me that I could not be by her side holding her hand. I understood though, I was covered in sweat and dry blood. I was in no position to be near something like that. It seemed like an eternity, but her screams stopped. The whole team was in the hallway, just outside the door. I was propped against the wall with my foot against the running dash on the wall, when the screaming stopped I stood at attention. The silence, once again the silence was making me uneasy. Then the sweetest sound I ever heard came, the sound of our child crying. Tears filled my eyes, as the doctor opened the door, “Mr.Barns? Are you ready to meet your child?” I still had no idea what the gender was, (y/n) wouldn’t tell me. I looked over at Clint who gave me thumbs up, Steve stepped in front of me,
“You may want to take off all this gear Buck.”
“Right!!” I took off all my knives, guns, grenades, stuns, flares, at the corner of my eye I seen Tony bending over examining my body, “Where the hell do you hide all this stuff? Your like a walking Mary Popins bag.” Steve and I looked at each other confused at the remark, as the rest of the team chuckled.
I finally was just in my shirt and pants, I froze just before walking in. I turned and looked at my friends who all were smiling back, I couldn’t help but shut my eyes as I stepped into the room. I opened them, and seen (y/n) beautiful as ever. She looked exhausted, but still beautiful. My eyes shifted down to see the little bundled up child in her arms. My heart began beating like a drum, I felt like it would break through my chest at any moment. I slowly approached them.

Reader’s POV:
After what seemed like forever, of hearing Bucky take off all his gear. He finally stepped through the door, is eyes lit up. He didn’t say anything, but just stared at me with a nervous smile on his face. He stepped slowly and quietly.

“Hey babe, you made it just in time.”
“Yeah, I wish I could–”
“Shh, don’t worry about it. If you were here, I would have been too busy to see your face when you see our child!”

Bucky’s POV:
She shifted her arms to hand me our child, with a smile. I took the child in my arms, and I will confess I was shaking. A full head of dark hair, her eyes, and definitely had the Barns nose. I shook my head, still in shock of the fact I am now a father, after a few moments (y/n) called everyone in. I was standing there with the bundle of joy in my arms, I smiled at them. “Hey everyone, this is Lee Stephen Barns.” I seen Steve’s eyes widen when he heard the middle name, “Lee, after Camp Leigh and Stephen after my best friend.”

request: “Can you do a blurb about you and the boys calling Luke a mama’s boy (baby) and he gets ticked and then later that night in the hotel room he shows you how much of a man he really is? Please? I’ll love you forever if you do!”

warnings: smut, swearing, sorta rough luke

It was just another day on tour. It had been a while since the last break, so the boys were starting to get tired of each other, and would do whatever they possibly could to annoy the others. Calum had put himself into his bunk and shut the curtain, locking himself away from the other three. Ashton and Michael were sitting with you and Luke in the lounging area of the tour bus, just sitting around talking. Luke was trying to open a water bottle, albeit unsuccessfully, since his hands were slippery. Your hands weren’t, and he silently handed you the bottle, asking you to open it for him.

“Wow, Luke’s so much of a baby that he can’t even open a bottle of water for himself,” Michael cackled, laugh bouncing off the narrow walls of the bus. He elbowed Ashton, and he looked up from his phone to join Michael in laugher at Luke’s expense. Luke cheeks visibly heated up, and he refused to make eye contact with the boys, looking at you with pleading eyes, as if to say make them stop. You reached your foot up from your seat and aimed it at Michael’s shin, successfully hitting him under the table. He let out a shriek as his laughter died down.

“Who’s the baby now?” Ashton said around another fit of laughter. Even Luke joined this time. The laughing was enough to wake a grumpy Calum, and he came into the common area rubbing his eyes and holding his ears.

“Jesus, you guys are loud. Cut it out,” Calum said viciously, taking a seat beside you at the table. 

By this point, the laughter had died down and a look of sadness and insecurity washed over Luke’s face. You noticed, but figured that if he wanted to talk about it later, he would. 

A few hours later, Luke’s insecurity was replaced by anger. He stormed off the bus when it arrived at the venue, not even bothering to wait on his bandmates. He tugged you in by the hand, nearly pulling your arm out of socket. Heis long legs kept a quick pace, and you practically ran to keep up with him.

“Baby, wait.” You called from a few steps behind him.

“What did you say, Y/N?” Luke’s features were stoic as he looked past you, not making eye contact with you. He was practically seething at this point about the comments the boys had made to him, calling him a baby. To Luke, he was anything but a baby, he was a man, for Christ’s sake. No baby had broad shoulders like him. He walked back to where you were standing still, pushing you back into the nearest wall with his hips. 

“I’ll prove how much of a fucking baby I am tonight after the concert, Y/N. Get ready.” With that, Luke walked away, leaving you in his dust.

The concert went on as you watched from backstage. When the opening act was on, Luke was nowhere to be seen. Since this was fairly common, you weren’t too worried. 45 minutes later you heard his familiar voice through the speakers and were comforted. While they were on stage, you thought about what he could’ve meant by his earlier statement. Ten thousand things were running through your mind, and the only thing that could help was cat vines on your phone. 

They finished the set and encores, thanking the crowd many times, telling them that they were the “best crowd yet”. This made you smile slightly, because they said it wherever they were. Luke came backstage, sweaty and glistening like there was direct sunlight on him. He looked so handsome, and you got up and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him in for a kiss. He backed away, hurting your feelings slightly.

“Not now, Y/N. Wait until the hotel.” There was a strange glint in his eye, one you couldn’t quite put your finger on. You let him lead you back to the tour bus, which you were taking back to a hotel for the night, since they were playing here again tomorrow night. Room cards were passed around, and the boys were lucky enough to get their own rooms for the evening, and you were with Luke. He led the way to the hotel room, quickly, and without saying a word to you. You slid the key into the slot and held the door open for Luke, and apparently this was a major offense. 

I don’t need your fucking help Y/N. I’m not a baby,” Luke whispers under his breath, walking into the room and sitting on one of the beds. 

You sighed deeply and walked into the room. What was his problem?

He patted the spot on the bed next to him, apparently forgiving you, for now. You sat down, but not for long, since Luke was pulling you onto his thighs, making you straddle him. He kissed you, deepening it as he slid his tongue into your mouth. He pulled away to bite on your neck, soothing the burn with his cool tongue.

“Remember what I said to you earlier, Y/N? I’m ready to prove that to you now.” Luke says against your neck, looking up into your eyes as you start to swivel your hips into his. He was speaking of when he told you that he’d prove to you how much of a baby he was, but you were guessing that he meant that he was going to show you how much of a baby he wasn’t.

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Part 4 ( Please Don’t )

Finally here after what feels like forever. Hope y'all enjoy it because I had fun writing it. Let me know if you want another part. Love you guys!


“Dean-o here is begging me to not tell you all the little secrets he never had the balls to say to your face. You know that, right?” He spat at you.

You were covered in bruises and cuts. And you, not having fully healed from the car accident, this only hurt 1000x more. But you weren’t going to show him how much it hurt.
He punched you. “Answer me, bitch!”
“Fuck you.” You spat blood in his face.
“You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart.” He plunged the knife into you thigh as you yelled in pain.

“He can’t stand you, you know that right? He can’t stand looking at you. And that girl he fucked was, how did he put it? Was the best fuck he’d had in a long time. You know the worst part of it. You know I’m right.” Your heart was breaking and tears threatened to fall from your puffy eyes.

“He doesn’t love you, you know that right? He hates you. He never loved you. It was all guilt. He felt like he had to be there for you. And god, you were such a burden. Always there when all he wanted was space. To him. You’re weak.” He smiled wide only seeing tears slowly drip from your cheeks onto your red skin.

“Wanna know something else, sweetheart? He couldn’t stand how you looked without clothes. He thinks you’re disgusting. And you know it too. You can’t stand yourself so how do you expect him to?”
“STOP!” You yelled.

The room got quiet and the silence sat between you and the monster in Dean.

He scruffs, “Stop? Stop telling you the truth? Stop-”
“Please…just please stop.” You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You knew the demon was now seeing you at your weakest.

“Y/N!” a familiar voice echoed throughout the bunker halls.
“Sam…” you whispered.

Suddenly the demon grabbed your face and made you stare into the black eyes that over took the beautiful green ones you loved. He started creating hand shaped bruises on your cheeks.

“You are nothing. Especially to him!” He growled at you.
White hot blood filled your veins and you looked down to see that he had stuck a blade into your stomach.
You look one last time into his eyes and black filed your vision.



“Y/N?” Your eyes fluttered open. Panic set in when you realized who was in front you.
“Wait! Wait please! Please don’t hurt me!“you yelled out. “Baby, I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m so sorry.” He begged you to calm down but you couldn’t. You just couldn’t.

“Dean! Y/N!” Sam and Cas barged into the room.
“Sweetheart, look at me. It’s me. The real me. Baby, look!” Dean yelled out to you but Sam had already pulled him out of the room and left Cas with you.

“Sam, let me go! I need her to know! I need her to see that its the real me and not that fucking monster!” Dean screamed to Sam trying to pull away from him.
“Dean. DEAN! Look at me!” He grabbed his shoulders to make Dean face him. “She’s scared, Dean. She’s scared out of her god damn mind. Looking at you and hearing your voice…she’ll hurt herself if you’re not careful around her.” Sam said calmly. He tried to bring Dean back to his normal breathing.
Dean looked at Sam. And tried to steady his heart beat.
“Sam…I’m never gonna get her back.” Dean whispered. “Dean, don’t say-” Sam started but Dean interuppted. “It’s true.” They both stayed quiet.
“I-I lost her because I thought I was protecting her and giving her the chance to be happy. I pushed her away. And then the car accident-” he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“She came back home and then that thing had. I took me and-and look at her now.” He stopped and then rage took over making his fist clench and his knuckles turn white.
“LOOK AT HER!” He yelled then turned and grabbed the chair and threw it acroos the room.
“That thing! It told her lies! Things I would have never in a million fucking years have said to her. He told her shit that isn’t true but that doesn’t stop her from believing the lies!” He stopped yelling.

“Those things it told her. They came out of my mouth and from my voice. From me. But it wasn’t me.” He whispered the last sentence. “Dean-” Sam tried to talk but Dean wasn’t done.
“She use to hate herself, Sammy. She used to have a heavy heart. She once told me that she felt as though the weight of the world lied in her hands. She said that she hated who she was and what she looked like. I changed that, Sammy.” His voice quivered. Sam had tears forming and leaving his eyes.
“I promised her from the very beginning that I would protect her. I would always love her. That I would never hurt her and now I fucked up the only thing in my life that seems to be keeping me normal. Keeping me human. I love her. But now-” Dean hears foot steps and turns to see Cas standing at Y/N’s closed door.
“She’s calm now. Dean-” “She doesn’t want to see me, Cas. I know.” Dean shut Cas up before he could finish. “Well if you would let me finish you’d know that she actually wants to talk to you.” Dean looked up in confusion but nodded and turn to look at Sam in confirmation that it was okay and he nodded back.


You sat there in the dark with your thoughts. How was everything going to be okay now? Demons don’t lie about that kind of stuff, do they? I mean they lie but-

“Y/N?” You jumped at the voice. He noitced.
“Dean.” You spoke softly. He slowly shuffled toward the bed.
He was scared to get too close. Afraid to break you. To hurt you. Even if he’d already done so.
He couldn’t breathe and his hands became sweaty. He tried not making eye contact.

He didn’t know what to say. Should he say that he’s sorry? That he wish he could take back the past month and forget and forgive? That he didn’t mean to hurt you? That what the monster told her was all a lie, yet he knew she wouldn’t believe him.
“I never thought in a million years, that I would have heard you say those things to me. At least not to my face that is.” You finally spoke.
He looked at you seeing tears drip onto your cheeks and down your chest. You looked the other direction trying to avoid his eyes. Or just him in general. It hurt to look at him.

“Y/N, I would never gave said any of those things. Ever-” “Because they were true.” “Because they were wrong.” It got quiet again.
So many thing you both wanted to say but not knowing how to put them into words.
“Was I not good enough?” Again you broke the painful silence. “What?” He asked confused. “Was I just another stupid mistake?” “Wait what? No! You-” you shut him up again.
“I mean look at me. My parents left me when I was a kid and then my adopted family hated me. Then y/ex/n came along and I thought maybe. Just maybe, something in my life will go right. I-I thought-” you choked own your own sobs. “I thought he loved me. And then he started coming home drunk and would yell at me. He would remind me of everything I already knew about myself. Everything I already called myself.” You stopped talking and held in the little whimpers you didn’t want him to hear.
“Y/N” “and then there’s you.” He was taken by the way you said it. He stared and studied the way your lips quivered and the way your eyes seemed to shake and close every time a tear would escape the rims of your puffy red eyes. “You came into my life and became my whole world. You made me feel good about myself and you made me feel beautiful. D-Dean that’s something I’ve never felt before. You made me feel wanted and seen. You made me feel sexy and incredible. You made me feel loved.” You cried.
Now he could feel her heart breaking and her body shaking. But he hurt you and now he was paying for it in the worst way possible.
“I honestly thought that you were different. That you were in love with me too. Crazy, right?!” You chuckled through her sobs.
“It’s not crazy because I-“you stopped him.“What, Dean? You love me? You’re sorry? You didn’t mean to? You what?!” Now you were angry and you were letting go of all the rage and hurt.
“I do love you, y/n.” He spoke with a shaky voice.
You stopped yelling and listened to him speak. His heart was hurting too and his voice was pained too. You can’t stand knowing he was…scared.
“Dean-” “Listen to me, y/n. Just please hear me out. Okay?” He shifted himself to be sitting next to you now.
You could clearly see his heaving chest and red rimmed eyes.
“Okay.” You answered and he sighed in relief. “Y/N, what I did. There’s no way in hell that I expect you to every forgive me. And what I said that night you left. God, I wish I could take it back. I wish I could take everything back. But these past 4 years being in a relationship with you. They’ve been the most amazing 4 years of my entire life. When I was with that girl all I could think about was about how hurt you’d be and how much you’d hate me. How much you’d hate yourself. I didn’t once not love you. I pushed you away so that you would leave because I thought you would be happier with someone who could give you a better life than me.” He was lifting off all the weight that lied within his chest. “Dean-” you tried to speak. “Wait, sweetheart. I’m not done.” He shut you up and called you one of his many nicknames for you. You missed that word slipping from his lips. Especially when he’d whisper it into your ear.
You nodded with a smirk making your dimple peck at him.
He loved your dimples. God, he missed when he used to make them appear on your beautiful face.
He smiled in relief.
"When you got into that car crash and the paramedics called me. I-I” he began to relive that moment. His mind raced and his heart started to beat faster. His tears were out of his control. You noticed how he began shaking and his eyes became red again. His breathing was irregular.
He was remembering that night.

You sat up at grabbed his face. You needed to calm him down. “Dean, baby. Hey. Hey! Look at me. Everything’s okay. I’m okay. I’m safe here with you. We’re okay.” You made him focus on you and only you. Making sure his eyes were on your eyes.
“Breathe with me, baby. Just breathe. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m right here.” You noticed that he was slowly calming down but his breathing wasn’t.
You grabbed his hand and placed it on your chest.
He looked at you intensely and focused on your heart beat. Your breathing. On you.
He stared into your eyes and let his breathing match yours. His thumb started making small circle patterns on your chest where you held his hand.
“That’s it, baby. There you go. It’s okay. Just focus on me.” You touched his cheek as you kept his hand own your chest.
“I am.” He whispered.
You looked deeply into his eyes and kept your focus on them. Taken by his words. “I miss you, Dean.” You unexpected said out loud. He smiled. “You have no idea how much I missed you, baby.” He said.
The distance between the both of you was incredibly small and you both could feel each others warmth radiating off of one another.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off your lips.
“Y/N?” He asked quietly. “Yeah?” You answered before you knew what you were saying.
“Can I kiss you?” He seemed hopeful and nervous. Scared.
You stared at his questioning eyes and his trembling lips. And without answering him you took his face and placed your lips on his.
This. This is what he missed most about you. Your kisses.
They were like untold stories and fireworks on a beach. Your kisses were by far the most amazing thing that he’d ever had the pleasure of tasting. Your lips on his was like listening to AC/DC in the Impala and eating pie. But better.
The way your hands would travel through his hair and land on his cheek. The way you wanted to take your time memorizing every inch of him. He loved that most about you. The fact that you wanted him and that you truly loved him. Treating him oh so well even though he told himself he wasn’t worth that of you. You showed him otherwise.
He separated his lips from your, which made both you whimper.
“I’m not going to lose you, y/n.” He whispered unexpectedly. “Not after everything. Not after the hell I went through to just stand next to you again. I-I miss you. I miss everything about you.” He spoke the last sentence quietly.

“I-I can’t. I won’t let you go. Not without a fight.” He let the shaky words spill from his lips. God, you missed the taste of them. The familiar warmth. The firm yet passionate kisses.

The spark like fireworks.
“I won’t let you fight this world on your own, baby. And when you’ve given it your all and you can’t go on. I will help you cope. Y/N, please don’t-” you cut him off with your lips on his.
The kiss seemed to speak his unspoken words. His guilt. His regret. His broken heart. His dying need to express how he loves you and misses you.
Your warm touch. Your divine taste. Your strawberry scented smell musket with whiskey and fast food. Your laugh that only made him want to kiss you even more just so he could taste your happiness. Your eyes that told stories both beautiful and horrifying yet they still made him weak in the knees every damn time. Your simile. Oh god smile send chills down his spine. The way your eyes tended to become a little smaller when your blushed cheeks would push up against them. Your voice was like music to his ears. Like listening to Angel by Aerosmith, which happened to be the song that reminded him of you. The song that you both made love to on your first time.

“Baby-“Dean whispered in between the kiss. You stopped and leaned your forehead against his. Taking in the moment lying in front of you. It stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Sorry.” He finally whispered.
You cupped his cheeks and you moved his head up to look into his eyes. He stared for a few before closing his eyes to relax into the warmth of your touch on him. Just like old times.
“For?” You asked. “Calling you that. I know you don’t want me to-” you stopped him. “Dean, it’s fine.” “No it’s not. I hurt you and I don’t deserve to call you that.” Dean said firmly. “I miss it, Dean.” You said lowly.
“Miss what?” “You calling me ‘baby’. Or ‘sweetheart. Or-” Dean interrupted you. “My girl?” You looked up to see a small smile creep onto his lips. “Yeah. Especially that one.” You both laughed.

The silence between you both now sat in the air. But it wasn’t awkward or weird. Not at all. If anything it was magic. It was perfect.
They say when your with ‘the one’ the silent moments are the most beautiful. They remind the both of you that you don’t need words to express how much love you both hold for the other one. The presence is enough.

“I love you, y/n.” Dean whispered. You both lied in bed. He would brush his thumb on your cheek and you would let your fingers run through his hair. “I love you too, Dean.”
“No I dont think you understand, sweetheart.” He paused and pulled you closer to his body.
“I love you. With every fiber of my being. And I always will.” You smiledat his words. He did too. “And I don’t think your understanding me, baby.” He smirked. “I love you. All of you. Always have always will.” He pulled your face to his and crashed his lips against yours.
Both of you fell asleep to the sound of each others beating hearts and breathing. The warmth keeping each other aware of each others existence.


“Dean.” You turned around and felt something wet.
You shuffled around and turned on the light on the bed shelf.

Blood. And lots of it.

You panicked. I’m not on my period, right?
You checked under the sheets but no. It wasn’t you.

“Dean.” No answer. “Dean?” You turned to wake him up.
“Dean, baby. You okay? You awake?” You leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“Dean?” Now your body froze.

You turned him over.




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Imagine: Poe saving you after you were captured 

For @allfandoms-obsessed, Enjoy! Everything might not be totally accurate since we know little about the space gangs in Star Wars…

It was musty and dark in the tiny room where you were being held. Sunlight poured in through a tiny window in the ceiling, revealing a clear blue sky above. You could see the dust dancing in the air. 

You had no idea what planet you were on. All that you knew if that you were in the Outer Rim territories because the guards at your door were being a little too loud and said that ‘they were on the most desolate planet in the Outer RIm’. It did little to nothing to help you figure out where you were.

You had been strapped to a rickety chair in the center of the room, your hands tied to it’s arm rests and your feet to it’s legs. After a useless struggle, your wrists and ankles were red with blood. 

The door rattled and your head jerked up, your eyes widening. You didn’t even realize you had tape over your mouth until you tried to cry out. 

The door rattled even more violently and then there was yelling, an angry, gruff sort of yelling. There was a brief scuffle outside of your room and from what you could hear, two people fell to the floor with a hard thud. 

Without warning, the door flew open, almost flying off of it’s hinges. Dust flew up into the air, making your eyes water. The figure that stood in the doorframe was vaguely familiar. They had messy black hair and - was that Poe’s jacket?

The figure stepped into the light quickly and you recognized his face, with his lip split and small gash on his forehead. He still had the same dark eyes and half smile. 

The pilot knelt down in front of you and gently removed the tape on your mouth, which stung your cheeks. His hands were shaking slightly.

“Poe.” You breathed, frantically looking him up and down. Poe set to work on your restraints, his fingers expertly untying the knots. 

“How’ve you been?” He murmured, looking over his shoulder at the door, which was was still creaking back and forth. 

You shrugged your shoulders. 

“You know, just a little on edge. It’s not everyday you get kidnapped by a space gang.” 

Poe looked up at you, his eyes dancing. 

“Not just any space gang. Kanjiklub. That’s pretty impressive.” He muttered, loosening the stubborn knot around your ankles. 

“I didn’t go looking for the Kanjiklub. What do they even want with me anyway?” You said, rubbing your cheek from where the tape was plastered on. 

“They’re probably just trying to get under the Resistance’s skins.” Poe replied, winking at you and ripping at the knot. It broke free and fell to the floor in a sad, limp pile. 

You threw your arms around Poe’s shoulders, pulling him into a tight hug. Your nose buried itself into the crook of his neck as he pulled you closer, his arms enveloping themselves around you. 

“Thank you.” You whispered, your eyes closing for a few moments. 

You felt Poe smile. 

“Anytime. I guess we should get out of here now.” He murmured, pulling away from the embrace slowly, his cheeks red. You smiled and looked at your feet, feeling your face start to burn. 

Suddenly, loud footsteps and voices reverberated around the room, causing your heart to leap into your throat. 

Poe froze, his hand flying down to his blaster pistol. 

“Follow me.” He whispered.


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