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How to Close a Closer.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 149 - “I just need ten minutes.”  Filled for @novemberhush  Thank you for helping me unblock my fairy floss filled brain, I hope you like it. :)

Harvey and Mike had been a team now for a year, which was exactly how long both parties had wanted to merge into each other’s hearts and beds.  Mike was waiting on Harvey to make the first move because he was the boss; Harvey was waiting on Mike because, as his boss, he couldn’t be seen to be harassing his associate.  

There was a sticky note taped to Donna’s desk scribbled with 72 vertical lines.  The exact amount of times that Harvey and Mike had been in the office, flirting with each other and Donna had thought this was it; this was the time they finally jump each other.  72 times Donna had thumped her head on the desk in frustration when they chickened out once again.  So unfortunately at this juncture, the only merger going on was between Feltham Pharmaceuticals and Portal Distributors.

Harvey was hunched over Donna’s desk, discussing how best to broach the rejection of Louis’s latest insane idea, when Mike strode toward them.

“How’s my merger looking? Better than that skinny tie I hope?”  Harvey teased, grasping Mike’s shoulder gently.

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Hunting Season

prompt by Anonymous: “The other day I saw an old post where Dean was like “Hi! I’m a hunter and it’s ’‘you” season’’ and Cas, all confused, was like “not sure if flirtation or a threat”. I laughed much more than I should have. Could you write something with that?”
word count: 1764
author’s note: Somehow that little story did not take the direction I intended but I really hope you don’t mind :)

“C'mon, brother!”

“You’re annoying, you know that?”

“I’ve been told.” Benny grins wide and unashamed before he slaps Dean’s shoulder with way more force than would be necessary. “Look at that girl, man. She’s practically undressing you with her eyes.”

He points at the bar again where a brunette Goddess tried to get Dean’s attention for the last ten minutes. At first she threw him meaningful looks and smiles and now she’s basically naked. At least the small top she wears barely covers her boobs.

And a few years ago Dean would have been all over that. Hell, he’d probably have bought her her third drink by this point or even have taken her to his apartment to have a good time.

But now?

He really doesn’t feel it.

It’s been all fun and games in his twenties but he turned fucking thirty-seven about a month ago and he just can’t keep on going like that. All his friends are settling down, marrying and getting children and he’s sick and tired of being the unattached guy who doesn’t keep a woman or man in his bed for too long.

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LONG POST #4: The Story of the Tower

Courage. A usually ambiguous word. I thought it meant being like a tower. People come and go, Time passes, But the tower only grows. What doesn’t kill the tower, only makes it stronger.

A tower stands still. It stays, waiting for the next company. Usually it had no weaknesses. Not even because of the ones who promised to be by their side forever.

So she stayed.

But then she left.


The tower wasn’t supposed to do anything. It was supposed to gain from that. It was sincerely happy, but it still felt hollow inside.

Towers also age, rust, and wore out. The fact that it doesn’t change, means that it must get old for the ones who already passed by it. Tacky, for others.

He knew she loved adventure, a new experience. He thought he was enough of that.

But then he realized, who was he? To say anything about her and her preferences?

“It’s not the same without you, Taichi.”

That was when he admitted. She was his weakness.

She owned herself. She was free.

While he was owned by everyone.

But one thing was for sure. He wanted her to stay. But what if that wasn’t her purpose? Should the tower move? He couldn’t do anything but watch.

He just stayed, as himself, waiting. He waited, and waited. Seeing her was enough, even though it wasn’t the same as it was anymore. It kept him assurance that she’d always be close enough to reach out for.   

And then, it happened.

“This might sound rude and inappropriate, but why come to me, and not anyone else?”

“Why not you? Idiot.”

“Because I know you’ll always be here. For me. Won’t you?”

That’s when he realized.

He was her home. She may leave for a while, but she will always come back. She’ll never forget, So far, she kept that promise.

She owned a lot of towers, he knew.

But he wanted to be the favorite. Selfish of me, right?

“They look alluring, shame that someone has to take them away so quickly.” I say, to the flowers that remind me of her.

“Taichi, you’ve changed.”

Did I become unreachable? Did I become too reachable? Did the tower move??? “What?! Did I move?!” Damn. I said it out loud.

“What?!” She laughs. “I just meant you’ve grown.”

“That means I can do this!!”

“Wh-What are you doing?!?!”

The tower was never going to move. It was going to grow in Sora’s heart forever.