if this gets a second season my shipper feelings will not survive

GoT S07E03 Thoughts

And here we go again.

As always, these are my rambling nonsensical thoughts on the episode, but disclaimer, my stream lagged so i missed maybe 30 seconds to maybe a minute of the episode. Let’s begin. 

Jon and Tyrion’s conversations had to be some of my favourite scenes from this episode. That shared smile between them when Jon first lands on Dragonstone and they greet each other was so pure. There is potential for a great friendship between them. They both have an understanding for each other that they don’t share with anyone else. Jon as a bastard and Tyrion as a dwarf. This was evident in earlier seasons too, but more so now that they have both found their places in the world. They respect each other, but they’re fighting for very different causes (and for different reasons) and I wonder if this fledgling friendship will become a point of contention for them later in the story.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that one of my favourite scenes had to be Tyrion and Jon’s conversation about Sansa. What I loved about this scene was although it was fleeting, it still gave us Jonsa feels (if you’re inclined to read the scene this way anyhow). 

When Tyrion says, “does she miss me terribly?” Jon is very quiet and they let that silence play on long enough for it to be a significant marker in a conversation. Jon didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t an awkward silence; it was absolutely an annoyed, aggravated silence. And then what’s great is that Tyrion immediately went on the defensive and says that the marriage was never consummated. 

It’s a strange thing to say, especially when they were so friendly earlier. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that if Jon had any suspicions that Tyrion had hurt/touched Sansa against her will that exchange would’ve gone very differently? There was clearly no need to mention it at all, but yet Tyrion did and Jon’s response was “I didn’t ask” in a clearly annoyed tone that suggested if this topic didn’t end soon someone was going to get choked out. Either Jon really hates the thought of Sansa with another man he turned into grumpy kitten Jon or he doesn’t want to think about his sister having sex at all. But bear with me here, if it’s the latter, why have this dialogue at all? There’s no narrative reasoning for this whatsoever unless Jonsa is a real possibility in the future and we’re supposed to continue to think about Jon, Sansa and ‘sex’ in the same line of thought.  

Okay, okay, admittedly my shipping goggles are on, but I still maintain the fact that it’s a weird piece of dialogue to have. If all they wanted to do was establish Sansa as a real political player, they could’ve cut that entire 2-3 lines out and just went straight into:

“She’s smarter than she lets on.”

“She’s starting to let on.”

And now that we’re onto the topic, I absolutely believe the mention of Sansa’s intelligence here serves two purposes. The first is to establish Sansa as a real political player here. She’s been underestimated by everyone in Westeros, but she’s far smarter than anyone gives her credit for (yes, even Jon).

In fact, jumping straight to Winterfell, you are given a whole scene of Sansa demonstrating that intelligence – not only in keeping everyone fed, but in keeping the soldiers protected. She understands what it takes to rule. But what I love about this sequence of scenes is Littlefinger praising her then going on to claim to know Cersei better than everyone and Sansa just shutting him down, saying she knows her better. Once again, we’re being forced to consider all that Sansa’s learned from Cersei. She just didn’t learn how to play the game but she learned Cersei herself. If anyone can outplay Cersei, we’re being led to believe it’s Sansa. 

Why I think this is important is how this episode also demonstrated that Cersei is once again one of the smartest and most devious rulers in Westeros. She completely outmaneuvered Tyrion, Daenerys and Olenna. People think her ‘madness’ from losing her children will make her weaker, but she’s still as shrewd as ever. She is very much Tywin’s daughter, but she’s much more ruthless. Tyrion may be smart, but thus far? He’s not as smart as his sister. 

But who is? 

Well, there’s a ‘queen’ in the North who is, and the more I think about it, the more I think this quote is actually referring to Sansa: 

“Aye. Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.”

Because Cersei is right. Dany is a revolutionary, not a ruler. She can conquer and free slaves, but she doesn’t know how to rule. She’s not nearly as intelligent as Cersei in playing the Westerosi game, but Sansa is. She’s learned from the very best after all. Whether I’m wrong or right, I am convinced Sansa’s role in this war will be far greater than just ruling Winterfell in Jon’s stead. 

Its second purpose is basically to reaffirm Jon’s faith and trust in Sansa and her judgement. But what I found interesting is the way he says it is almost in an exasperated way, like he knows she is and she continues to “twist him in a way no one else can” because she’s too smart for her own good. But alas, the shipping goggles are on, so take that what you will. 

Now onto the big anticipated meeting. Honestly, I enjoyed Jon and Dany’s interactions. The juxtaposition of them as individuals and rulers were pronounced in the last episode, but they were even more glaringly so in this one. While Dany continues to talk about her rightful place and her indignation that he refuses to acknowledge what is hers, Jon continues to fight for his people and the war up North. I mean that’s just the thing, isn’t it? Every mention of Dany being this benevolent ruler who cares about the people doesn’t actually come from Dany. She doesn’t actually say she wants to save the people of Westeros. It’s always someone else because maybe, just maybe it’s not really her true purpose here in Westeros. Yes, I don’t believe she would be indifferent to the loss of innocent lives, but if it was the only way to get her to that throne, wouldn’t you think she’d do it? Wouldn’t Dany say ‘to hell with all of it’ and fly her dragons and burn everything in sight for that throne? If it was her only option, she would choose herself over the people. 

Hell, she even says it. After her speech about all she’s overcome, she says the only way she’s endured any of that was because of her faith in herself. While it’s a good speech if you take out the context, Dany’s survived and persevered this long because of her unwavering belief in her birthright, which was to rule on the Iron Throne. Everything else comes second to that. And I refuse to believe that the ultimate hero of the story is someone who believes themselves a hero and entitled to a kingdom. 

Whereas Jon was thrust into his position. He would choose the people over himself and that difference was emphasised by this quote they just had to repeat twice: 

“…took a knife in the heart for his people.”

Also, the fact that Jon cut Davos off before he could blab about Jon’s resurrection and Dany’s fixation on this feels highly foreboding. It’s definitely going to come back up, but in what way, I don’t know. 

Objectively speaking, I could see how Jon3rys could be hinted in this episode, as Jon and Dany come to understand each other, but personally, I believe it’s a tentative alliance at best that borders on an impasse rather than actual understanding. Right now, they can work because Dany has bigger fish to fry and Jon needs dragonglass. But when their objectives clash? What then? You could even see this opposition highlighted in the way they were filmed on that cliff. They’re standing together yet they’re facing opposite directions. They spend far more of that scene looking away from one another than looking eye to eye. Having their first one-on-one interaction being filmed in the light is also quite telling. The sun can be a symbolic source of goodness, but it can also be an oppressive force. Actually, it made me think of this quote from Albert Camus’ The Stranger: 

“The sky was already filled with light. The sun was beginning to bear down on the earth and it was getting hotter by the minute. I don’t know why we waited so long before getting under way. I was hot in my dark clothes […] it was inhuman and oppressive.“

Jon is a man of the North. His season is winter. I’ve said in previous metas that having Jon’s resurrection coincide with Winter’s arrival was symbolilc. Where usually in literature winter represents a time of stagnancy or even regression in the hero myth, for Jon, it represents rebirth and growth. Winter is a time for Starks. Having such sunlight bearing down on them in this scene (looking more like summer than winter) and Jon still wearing his furs seems to forewarn perhaps bad consequences with this alliance. 

For my Jonsa shippers, this is the exact opposite in how Jon and Sansa’s scenes are shot. They’re almost always in dimly lit areas or surrounded by candlelight, and snow is usually falling. Their reunion also coincided with Winter’s coming, so don’t despair if you are over Jon3rys meeting. 

Speaking of how scenes are shot, Sansa and Bran’s reunion couldn’t be more of a stark (ha ha) difference to Jon and Sansa’s. Yes, he was never going to run towards her, but she didn’t nuzzle him. I’ve always said the choice of having Sansa nuzzle Jon’s cheek was a bizarre one. It’s just odd. People don’t nuzzle their family members. But maybe she wasn’t in the nuzzling mood, fine. Go to the godswood scene though and there just seems to be such a distance between Sansa and Bran. I think that’s partially Bran being the Three-Eyed Raven as well because the distance was also entirely about who he is now as well.

Anyway, Clearly in the books Bran’s importance and power is more obvious, so they had to demonstrate somehow that Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven can see everything. But why does he bring up Sansa’s wedding? If they wanted to show off his power, they could have him bring anything else up, so why her wedding? Why bring up Ramsay at all? Shouldn’t Bran know better than that? Especially to tell her she looks beautiful that day after already implicitly saying he knows what Ramsay did to her. It feels unnecessarily cruel for Bran who, while seemingly distant, does love her. It has to serve a purpose for them to write that in. Perhaps foreshadowing a future wedding in the cards for Sansa? Perhaps a fake one to LF? Or maybe something further down the line where it’ll be the opposite of everything she had with Ramsay. No godswood, no beautiful white dress, no snow falling, but with someone she loves and who loves her. I don’t know but I’m just speculating here. 

Moving on to my favourite scene in the episode though: Cersei with Elaria. Honestly, Lena Heady is a phenomenal actress. Everyone is so focused on Cersei being this horrible evil villain, but you forget the real nuances to her character. When she asks Elaria why she killed Myrcella, it was delivered in such a vulnerable tone. You really, truly get a glimpse of the heartbroken, grieving mother who just tried to do her best for her children (whether that best was actually good or not), but then immediately after, you get the vindictive, cunning and formidable Cersei as she kisses Elaria’s daughter. It was amazing. Horrible but amazing. 

Second favourite scene had to be Olenna’s. What is there to say? She is the Dowager Queen of Badass Bitchery and Snarky Comebacks. Give me a great, complex female villain any day! I wouldn’t even call Olenna a villain tbh. But what I mean is I would 150% take morally grey or morally corrupt female characters over your atypical one-dimensional girl-next-door ones any day, week or month.  

Stray thoughts that I don’t have time/energy to write about:

Did anyone else get flirty vibes between Tyrion and Dany? 

And does anyone think Jorah’s “perhaps our paths will cross again” sound entirely too foreboding for Sam?

The Good Ol’ Baton: A Bellamy Blake & Bellarke Meta

It still depresses me that the baton is completely empty when Bellamy gets to space.

The baton is a symbol of power, a nod to the “youth inheriting the earth” and becoming leaders in their own rights as suggested by Kane in Echoes (4x01).

The last time we saw the baton was in late season one, when the Arkers have returned to earth and Jaha is left behind. He opens the bottle, forgoing the original wishes of “opening it on earth.” I suppose he thought that it was good enough. His people made it, they’re safe. So why not crack open the bottle to celebrate or cope with being all alone?

Cut to Praimfaya (4x13). The 97 year-old bottle of scotch is now empty. Bellamy Blake picks it up, looking at the burning earth from a window on the Ark’s last ring, deep in thought, reminiscing.

One thing that I want to make clear in all of this is that Bellamy’s always been a leader.

He’s fallen in line behind some of Skaikru’s elders over the seasons, namely Pike and Kane, but he’s always had a spark that encourages people to follow him. He sways opinions and inspires, encouraging people to take action when they may not have otherwise. It’s a powerful albeit dangerous trait to have, especially because Bellamy tends to act on impulse, being more of a feeler than a thinker.

“People follow you, you inspire them because of this (your heart),” Clarke tells him with a smile, placing a hand on his chest. She reaches up and touches his temple. “But in order for us to survive, you need to use this (your head), too.”

It is my personal opinion that him placing a hand on the baton is meant to demonstrate a transfer of power. In that moment, he becomes a true leader and accepts that responsibility wholeheartedly. He’s going to try his best to take care of the people he loves, like always. He’s determined that they’re going to find a way to survive together- to ride out five years in space and find a way for all of them to get back to earth alive.

But there is also significance of the baton in relation to Bellarke.

In Blood Must Have Blood, Pt. 2 (2x16), there’s a scene that all Bellarke shippers remember clear as day:

“I think we deserve a drink,” Bellamy says, watching as their people reenter camp. They’ve won the day. They’ve saved everyone. They can be at peace now.

Clarke shakes her head. “Have one for me.”

Needless to say, they still haven’t gotten that drink.

The fact that the bottle is empty when Bellamy finds it has more significance than we give credit, in my opinion.

He picks up the baton and accepts his role as a leader, but it all feels surprisingly empty (pun intended). This isn’t what he wants, not completely. Something- or someone, moreover- is missing. I think that this moment in particular does an excellent job of demonstrating who:

“I left her behind,” he says, looking through the window at a dark space station. She couldn’t do it. Something must have gone wrong. His eyes shift to the floor of the cockpit, speaking mostly to himself despite all of the people around him. “I left her behind and we all die anyway.”

The station lights up seconds later. They’re going to make it.

He stands in front of the window for a few moments, and Raven joins him.

“She saved us again,” she says. “You think we can do this without her?”

“If we don’t, she died in vain, and I’m not gonna let that happen.”

It becomes clear that all he’s going to do is for Clarke, to honor her name and memory. He’s going to lead. He’s going to protect. In five years, he’s going to get them all back to earth. And he’s going to do all of it for her.

It just makes him sad that the one thing he can’t do now is what she asked him months ago; “have one (a drink) for me.”

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I just needed to rant about Karamel a bit so...

That first moment Mon-el arrived on the show, I knew what was going to happen. I know they were going to pair him with Kara. Say what you want, but I knew. I’ve seen it before, on so many shows it’s unbelievable. The white, male love interest seems to be the standard for ruining good, family shows like Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.

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achapterbreak  asked:

Hey there! How are you? So, I've been immersed on your bughead fics for the last couple of weeks and I must say that I ADORE your writing! Seriously, your chacaracthers are ON POINT and your plots are awesome, so congrats! I absolutely love it! On that note, I was thinking, do you have some other bughed authors/fics to recommend? Similar to your writing or just ones that you love? Please, I need my Bughead fix to survive until season 2! Thank you so much and congrats again, honey! xo

Thank you so much, @achapterbreak!  What a lovely message to come home to! I’m popping hearts over here and feeling very encouraged and inspired. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. It means a lot.  ❤❤❤

There are so many amazing authors in the bughead fandom that if I sat down to make a complete list of recs, it’d probably be a mile long and I’d still end up leaving someone out. Some of the most popular authors are @lusterrdust, @javajunkieao3, @gellbellshead @createandconstruct @zombiekittez @formergirlwonder @malmo722, @onceuponamirror, @writing-as-tracey@jugandbettsdetectiveagency, @itstenafterfour, @lessoleilscouchants and sylwrites and they’re popular with good reason. I’m in various stages of reading/catching up/commenting on their work and you’ll probably see them come up on rec lists time and time again.

However, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a few other fics that I don’t see making rec lists very often and I think they should because they are fantastically written and all in character.

So here’s my rec list:

looking for a mind at work - loveleee I was just talking to somebody the other day about how I wish Jughead and Betty connected over the summer before the school year and lo and behold, I got reminded of this amazing fic.  It’s an AU where Betty doesn’t go for her internship, Polly doesn’t date Jason and Juggie and Betty hang out more while Archie is off… doing… well… you know.

In the Still of the Night - Bluelonghand- Follows and expands on Riverdale canon and takes time to flesh out all the characters and their relationships. Oh and it’s all Bughead. The author is such a doll too. She indulges in all my ramblings on her stories.

for the life of me - @stillscape- I am having a secret, one-sided love affair with this author. I love this fic so much. It’s the gang in freshman year that serves as a prequel to the series and oh my gosh, is it ever good.  I cannot recommend it enough. Do yourself a favor and go read it now if you haven’t already.

needing/getting - slantedsunlight - Jughead, Betty and the gang go on a ski trip. Jughead is pining, Betty and Archie are plotting and Veronica is looking on this all with sage, quippy amusement. The Jughead voice in this fic is just superb. And I’m told we’re getting the next (and final) chapter very, very soon.

wet socks - spacemen - Pride and Prejudice meets Bughead. Honestly. Do I need to say more? We’re just two chapters in, everyone is in character, the dialogue is all on point and I’m in love.

arsenic and old lace - pertshirekisses -  A slight, canon-AU take on Betty and Jughead as Juggie struggles to ask Betty to the dance and it’s so adorable and there’s pining and comedy and you will hold your cheek in your hands and smile.

Alice  - Yavannie - This is an FP/Alice Highschool fic and even if you aren’t into this pairing, it is so incredibly well written, I would encourage you to give it a shot. It features the parents in high school.

sharper than a serpents tooth - village_skeptic - This is my second FP/Alice fic and I’m not even a shipper. But… the… writing. I can’t resist. This time, the story is from the perspective of FP and Alice as adults. It serves as a kind of in-between scene in 1x13 as they muse on their kids. It’s gut-wrenching. And amazing. Go. Read. It. Now.

I will probably have to come with a part 2 for my recs… I need to get better organized with my bookmarks on ao3. But for now, I think that should tide you over :)

Thanks for asking, dear! ❤

anonymous asked:

I am maybe an ignorant person but ... I don't understand the Jonsa thing so ... I fou have time can you explain this to me .. ? And even if i'm a Jonerys shipper for years i would really like to know the Jonsa chemistery :)

Oh wow… 

The thing is I think shipping is kind of subjective to a degree. It doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not because there’ll always be a group who think it shouldn’t be canon and so on and so forth. I don’t know how to explain Jonsa to someone who doesn’t see it (not that I’m blaming you for not seeing it! Some people just don’t and that’s totally okay!) but I will try my best, Anonny. 

For me personally, it began in Season 6. I had no prior inclination for Jonsa or even an inkling of the possibility of them. Frankly, I was the most casual of Game of Thrones viewers. It took me nearly a year to actually finish watching Season 5 (but that’s mostly because my ex told me about the Sansa x Ramsay storyline and I hated it so much I refused to watch it). For me, GoT was and has always been a political fantasy drama with lots of boobs and blood. Shipping wasn’t on the cards for me at all (aside from my love for Gendrya). But then Season 6 happened and we finally, finally got a Stark reunion. Only this Stark reunion felt weird. 

First of all, Jon and Sansa had so very little interactions (ie. none) prior to this. They were the two most seemingly random Starks to meet. And yet when they hugged, Sansa nuzzled his face. At first, I thought ‘okay, well they lost everyone and this is the first person from their old life they’ve seen’ and even in retrospect I don’t see it as particularly a romantic action on their parts. But it is a weird thing to have the actors do. Even if they were always meant to be platonic, nuzzling is weird for anyone not involved romantically or sexually. I would never ever nuzzle any of my family members or my friends, but then I’m not the best comparison. I don’t like physical affection from anyone I’m not dating so lmao. Still, I was willing to overlook that because it’s Game of Thrones. Maybe they’re just trying to amp up the intensity of the scene. But then you get continued lingering looks from Jon, strange awestruck half-smiles and dim romantic atmosphere. The most bizarre shot for me though was the tent scene. Jon and Sansa had to stop in the middle of their arguing to stare at each other, chests heaving with candlelight in the background. This is Romantic Trope 101. If you had siblings arguing with each other, there’d be more angry yelling, insulting and storming off. You don’t pause to stare at each other as you struggle to catch your breath. 

This all contributed to my questioning over what I was seeing. I didn’t immediately think ‘oh yeah this is my ship’. I just thought ‘okay this is weird, right?’ and continued to think that for the rest of Season 6. Honestly, the idea of them as a ship didn’t really cement itself in my head until the very last episode where Jon kissed her forehead, lingered just a bit too long, stared at her lips, walked away and the immediate next shot is the reveal of R+L=J. It was like light bulbs flashing in my head, like ‘oh shit they’re cousins and cousins totally get together and is accepted as a viable marriage prospect!!’ I mean I suspected Jon wasn’t really Ned’s son, but the confirmation right after a Jonsa scene felt so so important. Not even through shipper goggles. It was what made me realise the strange tension between them wasn’t solely in my head and that this probably had a purpose for setting something up.

That’s the Jonsa thing for me. That’s literally how I began to ship them. I don’t know if this answers your question about their chemistry, but these were the moments that highlighted their chemistry to me personally. 

The reason why I’ve stayed with this ship for as long as I have, I can list you the reasons below: 

To paraphrase from a Tom Cruise film, they complete each other. I know, I know. How utterly cliched of me, but for lack of a better phrase, it’s true. I don’t even mean it in a their souls match and blahblahblah, but I mean that in personalities. Jon is the emotionally-driven, honourable, brave and intelligent military tactician, whose life has been consumed by war and physically fighting for survival. Sansa is the emotionally-guarded, brave, shrewd and pragmatic politician. Her life in contrast has been consumed by the political game and she’s had to mentally fight for survival. Jon knows the North and the dangers beyond; Sansa knows the South and the dangers there. They’re two sides of the same coin and they need each other to survive. Yes, I’d love it if it was romantically, but even taking that away, they still need each other. Together, they make a formidable team. They are Tyrion and Dani but better because there is no power imbalance. They’re equals. Yes, Jon doesn’t quite listen to Sansa sometimes, but him leaving her the North is a testament to his trust and respect for her. This is one of the reasons why I love and adore their interactions so much. You can still see how different they are as individuals but just as clearly, you can see how well they mesh together, and you sit there rooting for them both. 

They offer each other something no one else does. S7 Sansa is the most open and honest and confident I’ve ever seen her and that’s all because she trusts Jon. He might disagree, he might argue, but she feels so safe in his presence that she feels comfortable enough to finally speak her mind and demonstrate how intelligent she really is. And for the first time, she can let herself love and hope again. You see that in the soft and affectionate way she regards Jon in any matter, and that is true even in the scowls and exasperation because those emotions are still born out of her love and thus her concern for him. She wants only the best for him and for their home. Ultimately what it comes down to is Jon makes her happy, safe, hopeful and strong. His faith in her is slowly restoring her own faith in herself. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for Sansa. Even if Jonsa isn’t canon, if Sansa continues to get this, I’ll be okay. But I do feel Jonsa as a romantic pairing would be the perfect way to conclude Sansa’s story. She’s been basically sold into two loveless marriages and believes no one will ever marry her for love even though all she ever wanted was a fairy-tail romance. If her story concludes with the valiant knight (Jon) and her falling in love and marrying, it would be the perfect end, and one that isn’t too fairy-tale considering their angst and conflict over being half-siblings-turned-cousins. 

As for Jon, I personally believe Sansa’s return gave his second life meaning again. He had been so ready and determined to escape to the south and give up entirely. We don’t know whether he would’ve gone through with it and maybe he wouldn’t, but this was the lowest Jon’s ever been. He was so lost, so disillusioned, and insecure and broken, but then came Sansa and suddenly he had purpose again. Maybe it was simply family obligations, but you can’t say she didn’t inspire him to fight for his home. I don’t think Jon would’ve done it without Sansa. She also challenges him in a way no one else has since Ygritte and Jon needs that. He’s not the perfect hero; he doesn’t know everything. He’s been in the North too long to understand the political game the way Sansa does. She offers him insight into a world he had no prior knowledge in. She also offers him camaraderie, a partner with equal stakes in this war, and a friend who he can come to, someone who loves and respects him and believes in him so wholeheartedly. Yes, he has loyal knights and friends, but no one quite understands his insecurity as a Stark and a rule the way Sansa does. Their interaction in 7x01 showed us this relationship/friendship between them (the way Sansa immediately knew Jon was doubting himself and sought to reassure him earnestly even when he was being rather rude to her because the thing is she knew he needed it more than she needed his validation).

Another reason why I love this ship so much is Jon’s ferocity when it comes to Sansa. You could absolutely read this as platonic and I’m sure many do, but you can’t deny there’s definitely something visceral and primal in the way Jon strives to protect her. I’ve seen Jon kill and get aggressive, but I’ve never seen him lose control so violently than when he was beating the crap out of Ramsay. It was probably a combination of seeing Ramsay kill Rickon in front of him, but definitely also for Sansa. Then you have 7x02 where Jon chokes Littlefinger, who had been needling him and provoking him all throughout that scene, but it was the comment about loving Sansa in a sexual/romantic manner that really got him angry. The fact is there was no immediate thought to that action; it was absolutely a reactionary thing and again a primal one at that. Jon doesn’t even say anything for awhile and I think for a few seconds he really was considering killing Littlefinger. But then it’s like he comes to himself. Angry murderous kitten Jon is my favourite kind of Jon lol.

There are also a lot of Ned x Catelyn parallels that makes it hard to ignore, as well as 7x02′s parallel to Jaime x Brienne’s awkward wave goodbye. These are 2 of the most established ships in the fandom. Paralleling Jonsa with them feels intentional and important. 

But honestly, there really are so many reasons why I love this ship and why I believe in them so wholeheartedly. Maybe it is just Kit and Sophie having unbelievable chemistry, but I like to believe otherwise. I hope this sheds some light for you, Anonny. 

anonymous asked:

Hello KenKen-chan! I am new to the SnK fandom and one of my fave ships is rivamika. However, some say it cannot happen due to the age gap. Do you believe it can become cannon? If yes why? Thank you for your time! btw your blog is amazing :D

Hello anon and welcome to the SnK fandom! I hope you’re enjoying your time so far. Sorry to have not responded to this sooner. Life happened, and you know how it is.

It’s nice to meet a fellow RivaMika shipper. It makes my heart feel warm whenever we have new people join.

Now concerning your question, and considering that you’re new, I’m not sure whether you’re up-to-date with the manga, or if you’re an anime-only. My blog isn’t spoiler-free (it contains manga spoilers) which is mentioned in my description and about page. My response to this will include manga spoilers, considering the anime doesn’t have much material for the ship to begin with, so if you haven’t caught on with that, I suggest you do. If you want a spoiler-free blog about RivaMika, you can check out @spoilerfree-rivamika by my dear friend @canon-rivamika

If we take anime-RivaMika, we only have that one scene in the trial, and the one in the forest of the giant trees, where Levi saved Mikasa’s life and teamed up with her against the Female Titan/Annie. After that we don’t really have much. We can count the recent scene we had in episode 28 (3) in the second season, even though it was changed and it didn’t hold a strong meaning to it anymore. I really liked @miiiikasaaaa‘s post about it, though. It made me feel slightly better and less bitter.

With the latest manga events, the age gap argument is semi-irrelevant now because of the time-skip.

We haven’t seen the main characters yet, but seeing Reiner and Zeke in the recent chapter (92) is enough to confirm the time-skip, which means Mikasa and the others are now, at least, 19 years old, which makes them legal in most countries. Personally the age gap was never a problem to me anyways and I talked about this more when I replied to a different anon if you want to check it out. If the age gap was the only argument people had against RM becoming canon, boy oh boy, did Isayama invalidate their argument entirely.

You want to know if I think RivaMika will be canon? I feel kind of responsible when people ask me about my opinions, especially about things they’re passionate about, because I certainly don’t want to crush their hopes, or build them higher than what the future events might bring to the story.

My question to you is: does it really matter if RivaMika does or doesn’t become canon? I understand; having a canon ship must be a lovely experience that few of us get to have, but in the end, I just love to think about it this way: if my ship makes me happy when it isn’t canon, do I really need it to be so in order to keep enjoying it? Does canon immediately erase all the moments and interactions we had, all the character and relationship development, simply because the ship isn’t canon? In that case, why would I ship pairings that aren’t canon already? I should just stick with Hannah and Franz, maybe if I’m desperate, I’ll also ship Carla and Grisha, or Dina and Grisha, perhaps even combine them into an OT3.

I hope this doesn’t sound rude, because I’m not trying to be, at all. I’m just trying to let you know that you can still enjoy RivaMika, and any other ship, without it becoming canon. If you came to the RM fandom, expecting the ship to happen for real, with an actual romantic relationship in the story, I’d say you made a huge mistake.

Not even ships that are relatively close to being romantic have a chance at this point, because romance isn’t the focus of SnK. Not to mention how much Isayama is fond of killing characters and sinking ships, so why should we worry about that when we can enjoy the material we have for the ship so far, because we have it and nothing can take it away from us.

We have some great fanfics and fanarts for the ship, done by amazing writers and artists, and most of the time that is enough. It makes the pairing feel alive and real, probably more than it could ever be in the original story, and that’s just fine and enough. We crave more, for sure, but it’s best to keep our expectations low and enjoy what we have, instead of what we don’t, and possibly never will.

Concerning my expectations for the ship, the only kind of hope I have for RivaMika is that Mikasa and Levi might end up being the only survivors, which is solely because of their Ackerman bloodline and survival powers. Levi has too many death flags already, though, but I do have some hope for him to make it through the story.

Thank you for the ask, and for complimenting my blog too. I do hope this helped in a way to cheer you up.

anonymous asked:

Forgive the negativity, but I didn't like the way Jon was looking at Dany when she was giving her life story. (Wow, is she narcissistic lmao)! He looked, in awe? I want to say bewitched by her? I don't think it's going to be just sex. I think there's going to be feelings there. I feel like our only hope is her not surviving the series and Jon will have to marry another. Sansa is the only option really.

Hi Nonny, 

First of all, I don’t think Jon looked bewitched. D was all bathed in shadows. She looked ominous to me. Beautiful but ominous. But I can definitely see Jon being attracted to her this season. If the leaks are anything to go by, she pledges her support to the fight against the WW in the great war. So here’s a beautiful woman, who is willing to help him in the war against the NK and is putting off her quest for the iron throne to help him. What’s not to like about her? And I have said time and again, that I believe that if Jon does get involved with any woman sexually, there have to be some feelings at play. Honestly, I don’t think it will be love for D or Jon. But, the point is, that Jon will I think in this season only see this side of her. Imo, we are being set up for a targcest as well as a targbowl. Unfortunately, at the pace at which this season is going, it looks highly unlikely that Jon is going to come to know about his parentage this season.

 So the real question is why reveal to the audience the tower of Joy scene in season 6?? I think, they had two motives. One is to let us know that Jon is not Ned Stark’s Bastard. He is in fact his nephew. So how does this revelation affect his relationship with the starks. Jon and Arya have been close to each other since they were children. Bran supposedly loved Jon more than Bran. Moreover, if Arya and Bran are not going to even meet Jon in season 7, what purpose could this reveal really have? So I think, it’s really got to do with his relationship with Sansa. Like one of my friends, who is not a Jonsa shipper said, “When we were watching season 7, every time he said sister we went like NO, she’s your cousin.” So yes, I think one of the purposes that reveal had was to let the Audiences know that Jon is infact L and R’s son and he’s Sansa’s cousin and not brother. 

The second reason for the reveal to happen was so that we knew that Jon is in all probability the rightful heir to the throne and not D. She is not the last targaryen. How many of us went “No D, you are not the last targ. Sorry you are not the rightful heir to the IT. Jon you are not a stark. You are a Stark-targ.” during episode 3. They want us to see why a relationship between these two is going to be doomed eventually. And it’s not just because they’re related that their relationship won’t last but because, D is not going to be happy sharing her throne with anybody. Jon will be the popular choice, I can feel it in my bones. The north won’t support D’s claim. Jon will come to know in season 8 about his parentage. This more than anything will change everything between Jon and D. It will just add to the complexity if they’ve had a romantic entanglement before.

I think Jon’s never going to realize the depth of his feelings for Sansa until he finds out about who he really is. I don’t think Sansa is going to like D very much especially if she comes to winterfell and starts throwing her weight around. There might even be an element of jealously creeping through Sansa. I think Jon will begin to see D differently once he comes back to the north and may I dare say the comparison between the two women hits him like a ton of bricks. But that’s just my speculation. 

Eventually Jon and D are meant to clash. You can see all the makings written clearly. Jon and D are not being shown as polar opposites of each other just so that they attract. They are opposites who will clash. Jon and Sansa on the other hand compliment each other. What he lacks, she completes. What she lacks, he completes. I don’t think the show will show a full blown romance between the two of them, but it will be them in the end. 

I don’t know if D will die in the war against the knight king. Something that LF said in the last episode, led me to believe that The War for dawn will happen first, followed by the war for the IT or the power struggle in westeros. She may die in that war. 

Thanks for this ask!!

Recommended Reading: Richonne Edition Part Three

Here’s another quick list of some Richonne fics to help us survive the hiatus. Enjoy!

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ASZ ala Richonne Ficlets by niklovr   The following interconnected ficlets are in response to the March 2015 Prompt Table Challenge on Tumblr. The events occur in the time space of episode 5x12 “Remember” and addresses the group’s arrival in the Alexandria Safe Zone and how Rick and Michonne’s relationship evolves in this new environment. The story’s rating may change. [Richonne]

The Cleaning Lady by: severelybabykryptonite   Rick’s fascination with Michonne continues to grow in interesting ways.

Company By: cakebythepound   Michonne has watch in the guard tower and Rick keeps her company.

Epoch by Leannan   Things have finally started to slow down in Alexandria two months after the herd. Carl is slowly recovering, but soon Michonne and Rick learn that things can never be the same again as they face their past. Will this tear them apart, or will they build a new foundation?

Everything To Me by ColtAndKatana Rick and Michonne make love.

If you die, I’m afraid it will kill me. by queta_94 Michonne gets scratched when Alexandria gets overrun. Rick panics.

Judith’s First Word  by ladygreta0427 “Good timing. We were all trying to guess what her first word would be. Any thoughts?”

Just Be by blacklitchick Michonne and Rick unwind after all of the chaos.

The Little Ordinary Things by Leannan There’s a wedding in Alexandria. The feeling of something old, something new gives Our Samurai and Leader some nostalgia and insight. One-shot ]

The Next World by cakeby_thepound  A short series of one-shots to accompany season 6B, where Rick and Michonne are officially together.

Phenomenal Woman by balladsinthebluegrass   When Michonne considers her future, whom does she see standing next to her? A two-part fanfic. Rated M for language and adult content. I own nothing related to The Walking Dead.

Sympathy for the Devil by TheBaeTide  The sheriff and the lawyer divorced two years ago and on the surface, they appear to be two exes who can’t stand each other, but underneath all the insults , there’s so much more going on. Obsessed Rick. Goddess Michonne. AU. No Walkers.

Time by: Misty Grimes   When it’s been 7 hours, 14 minutes and 38 seconds too long since you’ve last seen your girl. (Richonne Smut)            

Wasted by Appetence Smutty Richonne smut. Just because. :)

Waiting To Exhale by: Misty Grimes   Rick and Michonne wake up to a world where the ZA never happened, but they still remember each other and the love they shared. They both try to forget, but soon events happen that bring them closer to reuniting.

With brightness of peace by glamaphonic  Sex with Rick is a deeply surreal experience.          

You’re My Best Friend by Siancore Some fellow shippers were bummed by Danai’s  interview where she kept referring to Rick as Michonne’s friend; yes, this is true. Right now Richonne are friends, but friendships change all the time. Friendships also end in love all the time!

Sense of entitlement

Disclaimer: Obviously I do not think that every Olicity shipper is like this. There are great ones. Then there are some not-so-great ones. But there’s one particular mindset that I find interesting (being a psychology major and all) that permeates within their confines: entitlement.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could talk about why comparing kabby to bellarke does a disservice to both pairings. there's a little bit of discord both on here and on twitter about 'kabby having to die in order for bellarke to be a thing' and what i personally don't understand is why that is even an argument?

Yeah, I’ve heard some rumblings from panicked Kabby shippers about this but haven’t dived too deeply into it.  I mean the short answer to your question is that, I mean, sure, Kane and Abby – who it’s important to talk about here as separate, distinct individuals that exist outside of a ship – certainly could end up dying by the end of the show.  I don’t think they’re in any danger in S4 if the show seems likely to get an S5 pickup, and while I could plausibly see a series finale arc involving one or both of them dying to save their people, the question with character deaths is always: does it open up more story ground than it closes off?  Right now it clearly doesn’t, in my opinion.  There’s too much potential drama to mine between them and multiple other characters; they exist as more than just a ship.  There’s parental relationships on both sides now, there’s Kane being the de facto Chancellor, there’s Abby being the only person Raven has left, etc.  So the threads extend in many directions.  Obviously none of us can read Jason’s mind, but the deaths in previous seasons have tended to be earned based on the story ground they open up (Wells, Maya), telegraphed pretty far in advance based on the direction their plot is headed (Finn, Lexa) or the result of some kind of behind-the-scenes shakeup that we all heard rumors about in advance (Lincoln, the might-as-well-be-dead-at-this-point Wick).  

 We all have access to the exact same amount of information at this point – which is close to zero, in terms of S4 projections – and we’re all just speculating the best we can based on that.  So right now I’m just taking everyone’s death rumors and predictions as being their own personal opinions and I’m not going to give it any thought until we actually know more.  Two different people can look at the same handful of facts and draw totally different conclusions, and since it’s all just opinion, I’m not going to like get into it with someone who has a different opinion than mine.  Because frankly, we’re all incapable of being fully neutral; we all see everything through the bias of our own shipper goggles.   So I can tell you all the reasons why it’s very unlikely that Kane and Abby will get killed off this season – which I’ve written about a zillion times because this keeps coming up (remember how many people were 100000% CONVINCED Kane was going to die in S3?) – like the fact that Paige and Ian both bought property in Vancouver, the fact that Ian is directing an episode which is something he’s always wanted to do and is a clear sign that Jason wants to keep him happy, the fact that they are both adults with families for whom job stability (and thus an ironclad contract) is a huge priority, and the fact that Ian and Isaiah are still the two actors with the biggest name recognition outside this show’s particular fandom because of Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, which means that as long as they are still trying to get the CW to pick them up for another season, they’re supremely unlikely to kill off the adults.  (This is why there’s a qualitative difference in my death predictions for S4 and S5 if they do get that pickup.  But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.)

 So in terms of everyone yelling that Kabby is going to die, that’s my two cents about it. I’m just completely unwilling to start panicking about this yet with no real information to support it and a huge amount of information that leads me to believe that this show is continuing to invest in retaining that adult audience who like the adult characters.

 As far as the second half of your question – “what’s wrong with making Kabby/Bellarke parallels?” – the answer, of course, is that there’s nothing wrong with it.  I love it.  I do it all the time.  Erin and I spend HUGE chunks of Meta Station yelling about all the fascinating ways that Kane and Abby and Clarke and Bellamy intersect and overlap and mirror each other as characters.  As Erin is always saying, meta is not a zero-sum game – that is, there’s no one right answer, there’s just infinite different ways of looking at the text – so all of us bring our own perspectives to it.  What I meant in that podcast when I talked about it being a disservice to compare them is about the idea that one only exists to serve the other.

I definitely think that there are ways to compare both Kabby and Bellarke that help illuminate them both while recognizing that they’re separate and distinct relationships with their own unique characteristics - which I’m all for - and then there’s sort of the mentality that Kabby is just “old person Bellarke” or “future Bellarke” or, as you mentioned, the idea that narratively Kabby has to die in order to figuratively pass the torch to Bellarke.  And my issue with that is that it simply frames Kabby as something that only exists in the narrative to enhance Bellarke, which turns Kane and Abby into metaphors instead of people.  If you listen to Meta Station, you’ll know that @reblogginhood and I LOVE talking about ways in which those four characters echo and relate to each other, and the ways in which you can draw really interesting parallels about their leadership styles, decision-making, and character arcs over three seasons.  I could have those conversations for hooooooours.  But that’s a completely different conversation than the idea that Kabby only exists as a framework for Bellarke, which both of us - the Kabby shipper and the Bellarke shipper - feel oversimplifies them both.  Abby and Clarke have gone on similar character journeys of moving from a more rigid, black-and-white mentality where they’re convinced they’re right all the time in Season 1, towards a more flexible and situational way of looking at the world, where they remain stubborn but their sense of whether there really is a definitive objective “right” and “wrong” in any situation is more fluid.  We can talk about that like it’s a shared family trait that both the Griffins have - and which Jake had in his own way too - and the ways in which mother and daughter are similar to each other, where they come into conflict, how their journeys mirror each other, and how those journeys have impacted their relationship.  And Kane and Bellamy have gone on similar character arcs (although Bellamy’s got shortchanged quite a bit in S3 of course) in the transformation from oppositional forces against the Griffin women to co-leaders with them, in ways that have taken them on a fascinating parallel journey that’s also built a relationship between them that I’m really interested in.  And then of course the other facet to this is the gender-reverse parallel, where it’s Kane and Clarke who make decisions in a more cerebral, intellectual way based on a more abstract sense of the greater good, while Abby and Bellamy are always primarily motivated by protecting the people they love. But saying “ship A only exists to make a point about ship B” feels a little reductive.

 But part of my issue with looking at Kabby through only the lens of “what does this relationship tell us about Bellarke and how it will unfold?” is that it minimizes another really interesting area of character parallels to mine, which is that you can make an equally credible case for parallels between Kabby and Clexa.  Kane and Lexa are paralleled by the narrative as co-leaders in some incredibly distinct ways, with Pike and Ontari set up as parallel foils. You have the leader who represents sort of the worst of the rigid, unyielding old ways of their people – Pike being the epitome of the Exodus Charter and its’ “survival at all costs, no matter who has to die” mentality, and Ontari as completely emblematic of “blood must have blood” – and then you have two leaders who came from that world and are steeped in that world, who once represented those ideals just as clearly, who are slowly beginning to move out of that to find a new way.  And Clarke’s influence over Lexa, shaping her as a leader, has a lot of clear parallels to the way we see Abby’s influence over Kane transform him too.  So you have the stubborn-ass Griffin women fighting to help these two political leaders let go of the outdated beliefs that no longer serve this radically transformed world they all live in, and laying the groundwork for peace.  I’m just as intrigued by Kane/Lexa parallels as I am by Kane/Bellamy and Kane/Clarke, so again, if you approach Kabby as a relationship that only exists to sort of metaphorically highlight the Bellarke relationship, then you miss out on all the other fascinating character parallels that Kane and Abby bring that have zero to do with Bellarke whatsoever.  The Abby and Raven relationship is another one that I think is really beautifully structured – brilliant, badass stubborn women of science with matching back and leg scars who wear symbols of their dead loves around their necks.  I would argue that that’s the character parallel the narrative has sketched out for us the most clearly between Abby and anyone besides her daughter.

 ANYWAY.  I guess my point is that I love those four characters and I love every intersection and parallel of their relationships and I am always here for a wide and diverse range of perspectives about how they all connect to each other.  I’m just inherently skeptical of any approach that minimizes Kane and Abby as individual and distinct human beings. 



“America Loves Russia then America don’t love Russia. Japan loves France now then Japan asks France to go bowling so they go on a couple of dates but then Japan says to France I just want to be Friends so France says to Japan I got enough Friends. They try being civil with each other but there’s a certain chill while they’re hanging out at the Lockers There’s A CHILL”





Ok so this all started when I rewatched the Yamashita scene with Girl meets Rah Rah and Lucas :)

I was a bit perturbed because I can’t see Lucas representing Japan, but I did find it interesting I decided that Yamashita was just talking about the cheerleading unless someone else finds an interesting theory for why it was used. However what intrigued me the most was Farkle saying Nyet which is Russian for no. My mind instantly travelled to Girl meets Texas part 3 where Cory laid down those foreshadowing words about WORLD WAR 2 and so the World War theory was created, people asking everyone what they thought and who represented who.

“America Loves Russia then America don’t love Russia. Japan loves France now then Japan asks France to go bowling so they go on a couple of dates but then Japan says to France I just want to be Friends so France says to Japan I got enough Friends. They try being civil with each other but there’s a certain chill while they’re hanging out at the Lockers There’s A CHILL”

And then I thought Welp time to revise World War 2 and the cold war and then I cried because I went through emotional trauma linking the countries to who they represent and it was a crazy ride reading what happened until the end of the Cold War.  

Because Michael Jacobs always talks about War as a way to foreshadow what is going to happen with the characters. We have our biggest War the Belgium 1831 which is to do with Riley and her indepence away from either her father or her friends. Using colour theories we know that the Belgium war is definitely used to foreshadow the core 6 falling apart later but that’s for another person to talk about. But the question here is so what is World War 2 showing about? Well it’s about the war between Feelings, it basically is used as a Metaphor to show how Feelings destroy Growth and Friendship and how the Triangle (The war) was a representative of the World War 2. It makes me smile because Riarkle Shippers have the “You would come back to me after the War Darling” and Lucaya and Riarkle shippers have the “But we love each other now” foreshadowing quotes.  But Just as High school 2 foreshadowed, “They’re goanna get massacred anything they do.” And that’s exactly what happened in World War 2 i.e. the Triangle, the outcomes for every country no matter what happed got massacred, some survived and some fell. Luckily for us the countries our Characters represent although they go through Major trauma end up surviving and being happy. But Man do they end up getting massacred. Both in Feelings and in Growth and Friendship sigh. Also this theory can also help explain again the Square dance theory as it’s a sub theory beneath it, if that makes sense, because the reason I was confused mostly about who to assign which country to, was because they Kept SWITCHING, both boys switch sides, and both girls switch as well, and it happens in both seasons so far (Season 2 and Season 3)

So what was World War 2 and the cold War about? Well simple summary was that World War II, or the Second World War – global military conflict from 1939 to 1945, which was fought between the Allied powers of the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union against the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan, with their respective allies. And the Cold War I think (didn’t know about this very much) was about the War between Russia and America fighting for control over resources and fear about another World War coming. Many countries were involved in the World War 2 and relationships were torn, changed and made, just as with our Main Square in the Square Dance.

These are our main players in this dance:

Russia: Had a non-aggression agreement with Germany and kept it till Germany sneaked attacked them with an invasion, got hurt and maimed but slowly fought back after joining the Allies with America and Britain and became a Super Country as the war ended.

America: Had no part in the war at first, but Britain kept trying to bring them in then came the Sneak attack by Japan on Pearl Harbour leading them to Join the Allies and Fight in the war, Fought Japan massively leading to lots of deaths (Hiroshima sigh) and ended up also becoming a Super Power Country.

Japan: Wanted Power and control, Joined Germany to fight the War, Led to them making lots of deadly mistakes, Attacked America, Pressured France and then got hurt and maimed by America in retaliation which led to them surrendering and having massive damage inflicted on their country. Later on got back on their feet later on.

France: France was always Resisting Germany but however they got hurt and maimed by Germany leading them to surrender and fall (The Fall of France). They suffered a lot under German control, and killed a lot of Jews and later on got liberated with the help from America and Britain. (Was also in this friendly relationship with Japan but that was strained in the war).

Britain: Britain started the war because of the Invasion of Poland, Kept fighting against Germany and won the war later on.

Germany: Under Adolf Hitler’s reign Germany ended up starting   a massive war between countries, breaking pacts made with some, attacking others and destroying them, hurting people (Killing of 6 million Jews), hurting themselves in the process, ended up losing the war when the other Allies joined in to fight.

So in this case of this theory we have
Russia: Acceptance vs Confrontation)
America- (Insecurity vs Confidence)
Japan- (Power vs Alliance)
France-(Resistance vs surrendering)

In this Case Britain is Cory and he is the head of helping FIGHTING the UNIVERSE because at first he doesn’t want a war, and he is scared of another war, of the Universe and he helps with his lessons open the Children’s eyes to the idea of perception of love vs reality.

OUR MAIN BIG BADDIE though is MR GERMANY which is the Representation of the “UNIVERSE”, ONLY in terms of FEELINGS ARC is the universe seen as a bad thing.  In these children’s mind it’s the Germany that kind of leads to their massacring of their growth and their feelings. Just as in World War 2 some Countries fought against the  Germany but got Hurt and maimed, some stayed with the Germany got betrayed then Fought for their selves and won, some Joined the Germany and in that way destroyed themselves and some learnt to STAND UP for themselves against the Germany with help of Britain.

And so how does this link to girl meets world well let’s go through each countries role in the war and see how they can be linked in with Girl meets world.

Farkle And Riley- America loves Russia

Russia: Acceptance vs Confrontation

Let’s start with USSR (Russia) and its role in World War 2.

At the beginning of the war, With the Ribbentrop Pact signed between the Soviet Union and Germany in late August, Russia followed Germany into Poland in September. That country was carved up between the two invaders before the end of the year, and Russia continued this aggression by going on to invade Finland. This is what started the World War 2. So at first Russia is working with Germany in other to push away any chance of attack by them as the war starts.

So I can see this as the Same as Farkle in Season 1 before the Triangle gets kicked into full gear, working with the Universe, he gets to be a genius working with Universe by loving both Riley and Maya equally even though he knows that if any one comes around there will be no competition and he’d lose them. His goal is to take over the world, and all he wants is to have both girls by his side, even though it’s clear his interest in Riley is a bit more serious he doesn’t know that though because he doesn’t yet have ROMANTIC feelings for her. He works with the universe as a “nothing” to be out of the picture, he knows the Universe won’t work in his favour if both girls aren’t friends, so every time he has a chance to take Riley away he doesn’t (Gm 1961, Gm Farkle choice) as long as the Universe lets him keep having his chance to try to be more than a nothing and keep both girls. He’s ok with being out of the picture. Sigh poor Farkle. But as he’s following the Universe rules (His Universe rules are Science by the way) his character to us is a bit uncomfortable, a bit dark, he only does things for money and only follows logic, mistakenly hurting his friends (Crazy hat, Friendship), Just as Russia hurt other allies while being with Germany

So what happens next Well While the bombing of British and German cities continued, and the gas chambers at Auschwitz were put to use, Hitler invaded Russia. Operation Barbarossa, as the invasion was called, began on 22 June. The initial advance was swift, with the fall of Sebastopol at the end of October, and Moscow coming under attack at the end of the year.

Sigh poor Russia and Poor Farkle too. Suddenly the Universe ditches him doesn’t even give him a chance no more (Gm first date) he’s now a second choice, a beard as you call it. That’s all he’s become. A chance to date Riley he even brings his best cow yet… Lucas swoops in and takes her from Farkle. And so as Russia also suffers, Farkle also has to surrender to the Universe except now he’s growing and feelings are starting to form, his love for both girls are changing and one of them is stuck in his heart. Sigh

But Farkle manages to Survive Just as Russia does, see The bitter Russian winter, however, like the one that Napoleon had experienced a century and a half earlier, crippled the Germans. The Soviets counterattacked in December and the Eastern Front stagnated until the spring.

Yay we start of after year book, As the Universe cut Farkle out, someone started to notice him too, his relationship with her suddenly is growing, and she’s noticing he gets her, he makes her smile, so Farkle takes a stand against the Universe he decides to change and grow and get better at understanding love and feelings. And its glorious he begins having character development things that made us cringe about him were no more (GM money) and he’s beginning to get to Riley slowly and Slowly.

Russia survived and recovered from its enormous losses, increased its strength while fighting fiercely, and eventually pushed the Germans all the way back to Berlin, emerging from the long and terrible war as a super-power, an equal only to the United States. They were the most prepared for the war and became heroes.

YAY we’re here now, Russia is surviving and thriving, learning and growing just as Farkle, he may make mistakes and even though he’s surrendered to just loving Riley and Maya equally, he may not realise that he’s gotten the girl of his dream’s attention now we watch them act akward and look deep into each other eyes. She’s running to him telling him I love you, every chance she gets, he has a girlfriend who he’s exploring feelings for, the other girl he loves also loves him as a loyal best friend and they have a deep bond. He went from being a nothing to being Batman, he may not fly but he became the hero everyone was waiting for. How great is that?? So yes Riley will go back to Farkle after the war is over, she already has gone back to him, and it warms my heart except there’s still that Cold War looming around sigh that’s for later.

America- (Insecurity vs Confidence)

Alright so what’s Riley’s role in the triangle and how does she end up learning to go against the Universe later?

America’s isolation from war ended on December 7, 1941, when Japan staged a surprise attack on American military installations in the Pacific. The most devastating strike came at Pearl Harbor, the Hawaiian naval base where much of the US Pacific Fleet was moored. In a two-hour attack, Japanese warplanes sank or damaged 18 warships and destroyed 164 aircraft. Over 2,400 servicemen and civilians lost their lives. Meanwhile before this Britain by Churchill had been trying to get Roosevelt to let America join the war but he wasn’t ready and wanted to avoid aggression of Germany

We start off with Season 1 Riley wants to isolate herself from her dad’s world. And try to be like Maya more rebellious and have adventure. However it is clear that she is still stuck on her on idealisms based on her dad’s world what Romance is meant to be. And so when the sneak attack happens in Texas which is Maya’s feelings for Lucas Riley is kind of hurt, stuck and confused. It kinda seems (a bit dramatically) that her whole world and idea about love is fallen.

After Sneak Attack, America decided to join the war with the idea to kinda Get Japan to surrender, (paraphrasing) by the beginning of 1943, the opening of a ‘second front’ was a pressing and divisive issue. Although both leaders recognised the urgent need to relieve the pressure on Russia on the Eastern Front, Churchill favoured an attack through Italy – the ‘soft underbelly’ of the Axis – while Roosevelt pushed for an assault on France

Welp I mean this is just the whole triangle Arc, Riley fighting back for Lucas, I guess but in doing so she also starts to learn that somethings don’t work her way, though she ends up pushing Maya back to her broken self without meaning to. And because of this she unknowingly also ends up affecting Lucas not knowing and realising that he and Maya’s feelings for each other were real.

The Japanese launched massive kamikaze attacks on the US invasion fleet in the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War. In August 1945, the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan forced the country to surrender, rendering an invasion of the Japanese mainland unnecessary. The moral aspect of the attacks upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki continues to divide historians. While some argue that the terrible long term human cost to the Japanese population can never justify the use of such weapons, others maintain that in the context of total war, it would have been immoral if atomic weapons had not been used to end the war as quickly as possible.

I actually feel uncomfortable doing this parallel so I’m goanna skip it, it’s too emotionally traumatising and Riley’s intentions are so much more better than whatever I can pull from this parallel. But this is linked to Girl meets triangle to upstate. If you understand then yeh its heart-breaking (Read my Maya analysis)

Following World War II, the United States began an economic boom that brought unparalleled prosperity to a majority of its citizens and raised Americans expectations, breeding a belief that most economic and social problems could be solved. Among the crucial themes of this period were the struggle for equality among women and minorities, and the backlash that these struggles evoked; the growth of the suburbs, and the shift in power from the older industrial states and cities of the Northeast and upper Midwest to the South and West; and the belief that the U.S. had the economic and military power to maintain world peace and shape the behaviour of other nations.

Well ok it seems great the Triangle/WAR is finally over and Riley has Lucas but you know just as America may have ended up having an economic boom, getting better however because of the war there was some damages, nearly a third of Americans lived in poverty. A third of the country’s homes had no running water, two-fifths lacked flushing toilets, and three-fifths lacked central heating, (I know right??) it’s similar to Riley having her growth diminished yet again, everything has to go back in reverse, she gets even worse with the triangle (No hate) due to her naivety, selfishness etc.… She may have ended up with Lucas but the consequences ended up hurting both him and Maya (although Ski lodge 1 could change this statement about how hurt he is he may just be an idiot tbh but that’s for later on in 3 week)


Lucas and Maya- France and Japan bowling to friends.

France-(Resistance vs surrendering)

So what about Lucas as France and the role in World War 2. Sigh the Universe completely Obliterated Lucas poor guy.

At the beginning of the War it was France and Britain that decided to start the war against Germany. It is the beginning of the Battle of France. The Battle of France is used to describe the invasions of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and then France by the German army. Putting an end to the Phoney War, the Battle of France saw in the following months the retreat of the British troops and the fall of France. Denmark surrendered immediately, but the Norwegians fought on - with British and French assistance - surrendering in June only once events in France meant that they were fighting alone.

So we Start at the beginning of it all in Season 1, Lucas Friar like my other post says decides he wants to be a new person, in other words he wants to follow the Universe. But there’s Maya and he’d do anything for her, Poor Lucas at the beginning just like France fought Germany, Lucas resisted the Universe, he tried so Hard to Resist it, chasing her, giving her roses, even though he knew that the Universe wanted him and Riley to be together. And it was all good until…

Germany’s combination of fast armoured tanks on land, and superiority in the air, made a unified attacking force that was both innovative and effective. Despite greater numbers of air and army personnel - and the presence of the British Expeditionary Force - the Low Countries and France proved no match for the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe. Holland and Belgium fell by the end of May; Paris was taken two weeks later. In France an armistice was signed with Germany, with the puppet French Vichy government - under a hero of World War One, Marshall Pétain - in control in the ‘unoccupied’ part of southern and eastern France, and Germany in control in the rest of the country. The end came with the surrender of France on 22 June. Hitler insisted on signing the document of capitulation in the same railway carriage used when Germany had surrendered in 1918. The humiliation of France was complete.

Dang it we are at Season 3, and Lucas is forced to surrender to the universe. Sigh I mean, everything was going great in the triangle, he had the girl he loved chasing him, the other one also chasing him but the Universe completely uses that against him and his heart is broken by the end of the Triangle because he ends up kinda humiliated by the fact that he even thought he could defy the universe sigh…

France Liberated, the success of D day led to the liberation of Paris, in theory, was only a matter of time after the success of D-Day in June 1944. The taking of Paris and its liberation would have been a massive morale boost not to just those who lived in Paris but to French people in general

So here we are. Soon Lucas hopefully will get liberated from the Universe, its goanna take some time for his heart to mend but soon, he’d end up feeling free from the pressures of the Universe and hopefully end up with his girl, we can only hope.

Japan- (Power vs Alliance)

So what happened to Maya aka Japan that led to (Lucas’s heart being broken) well it depends on how you see it but it was because of Germany aka her surrendering to the Universe hurt him.

Leading up to the War Japan wanted to become a strong country and a world leader. However, because Japan was a small island country, they had to import many natural resources. Some Japanese leaders felt they needed to gain more land by conquering other countries. In 1937 Japan invaded China. They wanted to dominate all of Southeast Asia. They joined the Axis alliance with Germany and Italy in 1940 by signing the Tripartite Pact.

This is kind of the same with Maya wanting to become stronger, get hope, get better and have a nicer family with Shawn. The only way she thought she had that was because of her Friendship with Riley throughout season 1 helping her gain hope, introducing her to Shawn, Josh etc.. So this time around everything seems fine but then… SNEAK ATTACK (i.e. falling for Lucas)

Although the US was trying to avoid getting involved in World War II, Japan was worried that the US would try and stop them from taking over some countries in Southeast Asia. They decided to attack the US Navy hoping they could sink enough ships to keep the US from ever attacking Japan. On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. They surprised the US and sunk many ships. However, this attack did not have the effect the Japanese had hoped. The US joined the Allies in World War II the next day. The attack at Pearl Harbor united the Americans with the goal of defeating the Axis powers, and especially Japan.

Now bear in mind, in the real world war Japan was totally kind of baddie, but in girl meets world it’s totally different, Maya’s feelings for Lucas here is kinda like the Sneak attack on Pearl Habor, heck even Girl meets Sneak attack foreshadowed it, she didn’t mean to get those feelings and although she buried it deep down it still imploded, and Riley ended up being hurt.  And so began our Triangle so began Maya chasing after Lucas for a while until…

Finally in 1945 the Japanese army had been pushed back to Japan. However, the Japanese would not surrender. American leaders felt that the only way to get Japan to surrender would be to invade the main island of Japan. However, they feared this would cost the lives of up to 1 million US soldiers. Instead of invading, President Harry S. Truman decided to use a new weapon called the atomic bomb. The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. It completely destroyed the city and killed thousands and thousands of people. Japan did not surrender. Another atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. This time the Japanese decided to surrender.

Ughhh this is where I broke down, because again Just as with the real world war this was messed up to do, however in girl meets world, It’s not Riley’s intention to hurt Maya but she did, she broke Maya well bad and caused her to surrender. She made Maya go back to that dark pit of Rage, betrayal and darkness when she was meant to be help her grow. But you see this was the only way for the girl’s friendship to survive just as this was kinda the only way for Japan to surrender and leave the Axis powers. Making German weaker. Get it? It’s dark but it’s so sad…

So what happens next?

Japanese signed a surrender treaty with US General Douglas MacArthur aboard the battleship USS Missouri. This day was called V-J Day which means Victory in Japan. After World War II had ended, Japan was devastated. All the large cities (with the exception of Kyoto), the industries and the transportation networks were severely damaged. A severe shortage of food continued for several years. With the peace treaty that went into effect in 1952, the occupation ended. Japan’s Self Defence Force was established in 1954, accompanied by large public demonstrations. Great public unrest was also caused by the renewal of the US-Japan Security Treaty of 1960.

Well Maya decides to give up in the Triangle there by pushing Riley and Lucas together this time knowing what she’s giving up, her growth is decimated and her heart is broken. But her friendship with Riley is fixed and saved, however her ideas on love is ruined and hope on love is also gone. And that’s how the triangle ends.

 Before this though Japan and France had been in a close relationship (Research more about their relationship if you want to know)  but   France and Japan started straining in their relationship in World War 2 because Japan had been pressuring France to surrender  as they were resisting. Because of this there ends up being a slight conflict in their relationship.  (Doesn’t this sound farmiliar I wonder) 

Ok I still have more to write but I think this is quite a lot of information later on in part 2 on what I think will happen next which is based on the next part which is

America doesn’t love Russia no more
The cold war
Chill at the lockers
Japan and France after the war

Other side theory and predictions for season 4 :)



Ok I’m done

PS I know it’s a bit far fetched to parallel all the events of world War 2 to this show and I know there are some disturbing topics and dark things that may not be entirely right to parallel. But I just felt like this was mind blowing to me and I had to research it and show you how Michael Jacobs sometimes foreshadow things and we over look them. OK bye :)

5B: A Constructive Critique

Right, so. We made it.

After 23 episodes of a lot of emotionally heavy stuff and dark plotlines and losses and suffering for all of the characters, my first and honest reaction was relief. At least we get the summer to recuperate (and write fix-it fic) before next season starts, and I want to go ahead and do what I usually do to gather and get my thoughts out, which is meta. This will deal with the second half of the season as a whole, my opinions on it both as a shipper and as a storyteller/writer, what it did well, and what it did not-so-well. Overall, if you don’t want to read the whole thing, I think season 5 was really good on many levels, but failed on others and kind of scuffed to a halt, and it’s left me almost hoping that season 6 (or at the latest, season 7) is the last one. I want to see these characters get their deserved happiness after all the angst that they keep getting hit with, and think at this point that if you keep stringing out that fulfillment, it’s going to get really obvious. I want to see a plot next season that doesn’t revolve around all of them suffering. I’m a well-known angst-lover, but this was enough for now, and it’s gotten out of the characters what it needed to. I don’t expect next season to be fluff and domesticity, but they DID say they’re staying in Storybrooke and hoping to explore some more “small-town stories” a la season 1, as well as shaking up the format (A half, B half, A villain, B villain) which will be nice. Because it’s definitely time for something different.

Below covers Captain Swan, Regina/Outlaw Queen/Evil Queen, Zelena and Hades, and Rumple/RB. As you can probably expect, it will get long.

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Instead of asking the who what where how start asking the why.  Thats the question. The right question is why did she write them way she did? Thats the question.  Forget the hating and how everyone sees what a shit fest Delena is . But why did Plec chose to actively write Delena the way she did till the very end? Thats the answer I want to know. 

And what in the world is that mysterious Kevin Williamson ending? Cause I’m still convinced we will see it.  Putting someone in a coma is temporary push off until the real end. End of story. Its not final this whole finale becomes useless in every way. 

I’m sorry but am I supposed to be emotional at seeing all these gifs? Dude, Plec  60 - 70 years IS NOTHING TO A VAMPIRE. As long as they survive THAT IS NOTHING. Stefan has said so himself.  That is shit.  Am I actually supposed to feel bad for Damon? Cry?  Goodbye? What goodbye? TVD aint lasting past season 7 . Even when she wakes up umm a lot of the people she loves will be there? I’m sorry am I supposed to cry? Is this supposed to be powerful? She even got closure.  Ok yeah she wont see Bonnie so I get that one but Caroline , Damon ,Stefan, and hell Tyler , and Matt might still be alive? And probably will.  And I’m sure they will find a loophole and Bonnie will be alive and Elena will wake up. This is TVD they retcon and rewrite like nobody’s business. The minute they get Nina to come back its a done deal. Its clear they went the temporary route since they didnt have all the time in the world to tell her story anymore.  And umm ok I’m sure TVD like is not going past season 7 cause they WILL LOSE PAUL. They will lose Paul for sure. And whoop there goes there so called” brother dynamic” that they seem to be banking on. This isnt emotional THIS IS BS. 

I’ve seen more emotion out of a fuckin cartoon show. 

 Pedowitz is joking hes deluding himself . Hes a fuckin idiot.  IT AINT HAPPENING. Steroline is shit so is everything else. This show has no real storylines its a shipper show and it has already removed 99% of its fanbase by default now. Believe it or not Steroline is not big enough to carry a show and based on the comments I was told Plec and Co seem to using that as some sort of a banking card . lol. And its clear as day that making Stefan’s role less than secondary has destroyed the show as well. Paul can carry a show and a crappy script if he wants too he has the acting chops we’ve all seen it. And he carried the show for three fuckin seasons straight beautifully with great reviews on ripper Stefan and all that. And Stelena. Fangirls may be raving and ranting about Ian but the critics all looked at Paul.  I am sorry but Ian CANNOT AND WILL NOT CARRY THE SHOW. He cannot. This show has started to suffer for two things removing its otherwise decent mythology from the previous seasons where they had a good overall arching storyline which is where the casual viewers came in and bringing both Damon and Delena into the main light. Plec is either more stupid than I think she is or she knows that truth.  Paul is main male leading material through and through. He can carry the show without Elena/Nina but for that he needs to be given something to work with. Ian cant do the same.  And if you drive Paul away which is the case since hes clearly not trying anymore and just simply going through the motions you’re screwed.  When Paul’s chemistry with someone starts to make you cringe you know you have a problem. When Paul can no longer save a episode we have a problem.

Now unless someone bombs Mystic Falls or the Winchester brothers show up ( oh god please) then this finale was more shitty than the How I Met Your Mother one bamon aside .  Nina’s chemistry with Ian is by far now the worst I think I have ever seen in my 22 years of my life ever on TV.  She has more chemistry with Matt fuckin Davis how fuckin sad is that??? 

The most Elena will be gone is like what a year or two? Not even fuckin miss me on this shit … For people screaming about this and that you do realize this is TVD and whatever they said in this episode they can easily retcon and rewrite so lol yeah. Whatever shit came out of everyone’s mouth if it pleases them Plec will turn around and go oh no none of that matters lol what makes you think what we say on this show matters really. Cause thats what they have been doing for the last three seasons or so. Thats why nothing on this show HOLDS ANY WEIGHT ANYMORE. NOTHING FUCKIN MATTERS. 

TVD lost its magic and started a downward track straight down into the garbage the day they drove Elena’s car off the bridge..  And I think at this point the writers went way in over their heads and had no idea how to turn back.

They always say end your show gracefully so you will be remembered as a good show do not go overboard on your stay where the show turns bad and people want you off air.  TVD has officially entered the second category hell they entered it two seasons ago. 

I can only hope now that Elena is sleeping ? Umm am I the only one who sees this as a blessing its the most relaxed peace shes going to get that girlfriend starts to contemplate her life choices. 

Predictions: When/Where/How We Will  See Beth!

Okay, Bethyl shippers, listen up! (Or just keep reading.) I’m SUPER excited about this post and I needed to get it posted sooner rather than later because big things are happening for TD right now. As I said yesterday, I’ve been trying to write it since Sunday and I keep changing it and adding things because SO many things are coming together. If this theory is right, it not only brings together like seven major theories TD has been harping on for some time, but it also means we’ll see Beth in less than a month. *fingers crossed*

***I am going to talk about comic book spoilers in this post. We can already tell things won’t play out in the show as they do in the CBs but if you don’t want to know at all, don’t read. You’ve been warned. I’ll also mention some very mild filming spoilers.***

I’ve thought since the end of S6 that ep 7x06 would be about Beth bc of the Slabtown clock, right? Don’t worry, I still think that. But since she and Dawn are arguing about whether she can survive on the outside in that scene, I figured ep 6 would be all about that: Beth surviving on the outside.

But TWD loves its non-linear story-telling. Remember in season 5 when Daryl and Carol took off to look for Beth in episode 2, then Daryl returned, sans Carol in ep 3? But we didn’t even know if it was Carol with him until they showed us what happened in ep 6?

Yeah, they do that all the time to keep people watching. So I kind of figured Beth would show up before ep 6 and then ep 6 would be about her.

Last weekend, while talking with @thegloriouscollectorlady, I started wondering, what if ep 6 is NOT about Beth. What if it’s just about Tara? What would that mean?

Then I thought about episode 7. And the more I thought about it, the more likely it seemed that episode 7 might be all about Beth. Here’s my reasoning:

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"I want my memories back" - 6x06

First of all, I want to say that the door scene had me weeping like a baby because of its intensity. I could talk for hours about it, about its meaning, its aesthetical beauty and its complexity, with Damon and Elena being so close and yet so distant. But there is something I want to analyze even more, which is Damon and Elena’s state of mind when they finally come face to face and look at each other in the eye. Because I personally think it’s one of the most fascinating and powerful thing this show ever portrayed.

The most beautiful aspect in my opinion is that Damon and Elena are in two completely opposite states of mind, and yet they’re captivated by similar emotions, such strong emotions that they’re both left speechless and breathless.

On one hand we have Damon, who has spent the past four months thinking about going home to the love of his life. I believe not a single moment passed without him wishing to see her, to touch her, to hear her voice or listen to her laugh. He craved to hear her breathing, which tells us how much he has missed her, on such a deep and visceral level. Now his wish is coming true, he’s about to have his life back, except it’s all wrong. Because his life doesn’t want him back, and she’s running away from him. I don’t think there may be something more excruciating to Damon than Elena being afraid of him. I also don’t think that she’s actually afraid of him as a person (more on this later), but that’s how it must look to him. Surprisingly enough, instead of going all self-destructive about this, Damon turns into a teenager boy dealing with his first crush, trying to make an impression on the girl he likes. He stutters on the phone, fixes his hair and clothes, cleans up the place, and I swear he was the most adorable he has ever been in six seasons. Because he knows that Elena loves him, that she truly fell in love with him, and he believes it now. This gives him the strength to show up at that door, despite the fear of Elena never getting her memories back. Damon walks down that hallway with a mixture of trepidation, hope and terror, quite like a teenager boy showing up to pick up the girl he likes, not knowing how the night is going to turn out. Except that this isn’t a girl like the others, this is the center of his whole existence. So there he is, standing in front of a dorm room, struggling with so many different emotions. And when that door opens, they all go crashing down on him. The joy, the huge sense of relief he feels by finally seeing her, merges with the desperate need to hold her in his arms, but also with the crippling fear that she might reject him any second. His Elena is right in front of him, but she’s also not there.

Elena’s state of mind is even more fascinating. She spends the good part of this episode avoiding Damon, trying not to see him. And it’s not because she’s afraid of him, but because she’s afraid of what it might happen inside of her, once she locks eyes with him. She’s scared of her own emotions, that’s what she tells Stefan. She doesn’t understand how she could ever love Damon, but she knows that she did, that she loved him with everything she had. And it freaks the hell out of her. It scares her the idea of loving someone she only remembers as a bad guy, and it scares her the idea of feeling such a powerful and consuming love. Yet, she understands that she can’t hide forever and maybe she also feels some kind of pull inside of her, the same one that brought her on the verge of a panic attack because Damon was missing. Damon. The one she’s supposed to “hate”. I can only imagine the amount of confusion she’s experiencing right now: she knows she was madly in love with a man she has no good memories about right now, and she knows that she had to erase that love in order to survive. How scary must it be for her to come face to face with all of that? It doesn’t surprise me that she tried to run for the hills and it warms my heart to see how nervous she is when she goes to open that door; fearing that all her memories might come back, but also kind of hoping it. And if Damon is a teenager dealing with his first date, Elena is no different, complete with unsteady steps and shaky hands. It’s her first meeting with someone she thought she knew, but later found out she actually didn’t. It’s her first meeting with the other half of herself she had to remove, the first meeting with someone who loves her with an unbelievable, out-of-this-world love, the same one she once shared.

Now they’ll have to rediscover each other, step by step, in the middle on an emotionally charged context.

The fact that after six seasons, we’re able to witness and experience such a dynamic, it’s kind of mind-blowing to me.

My thoughts about the HIMYM finale
  • the show is called ‘how i met your mother’ not ‘how i ended up with your mother’ not ‘i’m sorry that your mother got cancer and died wow somehow that’s my fault because i fell in love with someone else years and years ago’

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Wedding Update #6 - And the train keeps on chugging

CHOO CHOO!!!!! All aboard The Olicity Wedding Train!!!! We are chugging right along.

For those of you who want to catch up - The Olicity Wedding Theory and all the updates are linked in my Top5 posts.

Dug up a few more interesting tidbits this week for you guys to feast upon and yes…I saw the 3x22 and 3x23 episode descriptions.  We’ll get to those.

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No Other Road, No Other Way, No Day But Today

I think a few words could and should be spent on Dean referencing RENT, and particularly those lyrics, in last night’s episode - especially if you’re a musical theatre geek like me! ;)

I feel it’s very poignant that RENT was referenced, that THAT song in particular was referenced, and that it was referenced by Dean, of all people.

So, for those who don’t know RENT, I’ll give you a quick summary, although I absolutely recommend you watch it, because it’s a thing of beauty - and if you can find it, I personally think the filmed live on Broadway version is better than the film. I believe it should be on youtube - it is!! x Oh, and just so you know in case you do want to watch it, this meta contains minor spoilers. Anyway. On with the summary:

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Outlawqueen fanfiction masterpost for Este and Priss or anybody who wants to cry and curl up because these fic are hella amazing :

- Room Service, which is my personal favorite, why : BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING AMAZING where : SB, Granny, a hotel room, when : post second curse, what’s happening : Regigi and Robbi hate each other, but not really because there is this sexual tension, which the writer brilliantly kills you with, and stuff happen like them getting drunk and i can’t tell you but it’s hot, them resisting the attraction and fake marriage and stuff like M rating GO FUCKING READ IT, plus : i made a gifset for this fic here

- Baker’s Dozen aka da novel of the fandom, because it’s long and it’s a novel okay, why : CHAPTER TWO AND THREE AND ALL OF THEM AND THE RECEPIES GOD THE SEX TOO AND THE WRITING, where : AU, New York, no magic no curse no evil monsters, when : Autumn and then winter (you can expect cute ice skating moments), whats happening : Regina owns a bakery, makes nutella croissants and that’s when you fell in love with the story NUTELLA CROISSANT OKAY, Robin comes in every morning because he fell in love with her and it took him 3000909 days to finally ask her out and she really likes him too so they just ijzeoiajeoj you, plus : BD is a universe so you have cute OS and a prequels and stuff besides the story

- Fester aka the fic that wasn’t updated for six month but that i still read daily, why : it’s angsty, always angsty, it never ends, it’s painful but you’re going to love it. What is the most amazing in this wonderful masterpiece is that you can’t tell when or point an exact moment where Regina and Robin fall in love and (spoilers) became a couple it’s progressive and the writing is quick, you can never catch a breath while reading this. Where : missing year, YES GUYS MISSING YEAR PUTAIN, when : still the missing year ya know, whats happening : Robin and Roland find an inconscious Regina in a hallway, her arm is a disaster cause she’s depressed and so she kinda wants to die but not really, it’s really psychologic and hella good, plus the Snow/Regina is pure gold. Plus : the angst and the deepth of all the caracters AND I CAN’T TELL YOU BC IT’S SPOILERY BUT SOME PEOPLE HAVE MAGIC IN DAT PEOPLE LIKE ROBIN YES HE HAS MAGIC PUTAIN C'EST GÉNIAL

- Take these Broken Wings, or heaven for nature lovers and dimple queens (oh fester has dimple queen too a lots of it), why : it’s au, the most iojezoiajk one it’s about trust and new love, it’s angsty and so so amazing, where : AU, Robin’s kingdom,  when : after Daniel’s death, whatz happening : Regina is forced to wed the lord of the Sherwood Forest, Robbi da cutie pie, she founds herself in a strange land, completely surrounded by nature and the setting is beautiful thanks to the writing, and the slow burn will probably kill you, the bath scene too, the battles, the everything gods i’m dying. Plus : Cora is such a bitch and Robin protects his wife with all his being and Regina protects her husband with all of hers too, literaly, go read it and die.

- Ethics and Morality, for fucks sake this is some good au, why : the sexual tension from the first lines, the universe, AND THE PROFESSOR STUDENT RELATIONSHIP WE ALL FANTASAZE ABOUT, where : AU, London, modern and perfect, when : 2015 maybe i think, whats happening : a lots of philosphy, a lots of smut and gods dimple queen again, also the struggle of Robin the teacher being with his student so he fight but haha he can’t, spoilers they do this on the desk. Plus : it’s an universe, so you have thousands of cute OS future past plus the fic.

- Red, aka the blushing smut (see what i did here red : blushing the name is Red yeah i’m good with words hmhm). Why : the evil queen and broken Robin. And sexual tension. Just sex and a lots of angst, PLUS GOOD WRITING. Where : AU, EF, when : EQ reign, Robin lost his wife, Regina is looking for someone to kill snow and take her heart so season one EQ, whats happening : Regina is in a dark place bc she wants to kill Snow but thats normal okay and Robin is in a dark place and lonely and oq in this is really hot and very very smutty beware of the angst too. Plus : the writing is very very veryyyyy gooooood.

- A Sliver of Hope aka the first oq ff i’ve read so it’s close to my heart and angsty, i’m sorry but ouat is angsty go read some glee ff if you want humor sorrey, why : m i s s i n g y e a r, where : m i s s i n g y e a r and AU and oq, when : m i s s i n g y e a r, whats happening : tension, dimple queen, oq friendship, SMUT AND WHO DOESNT LOVESMUT and the second part is heartbreaking and the ending i can’t tell ya GO FUCKING READ THIS, plus : the make out in the barn oops spoiler

- Did You Know You’re Knocking Hips with a Killer Queen, aka super long title for super super great fic, why : struggling of feelings and kisses :)))), where : MISSING YEAR !!!!§§11/!, when : still, what’s happening : Robin and Regina kiss but that’s nothing everyone kiss they can still hate each other right? NO they struggle hard (that’s not the only thing that is hard i have a dirty mind) plus : THE WRITINGNGNGNNGN AND the smut, always the smut.

- Madam President and {x} it’s new and has good writing, did i tell you i’m a sucker for a good writing and complicated character yeah that’s me hello okay, why : IT HAS SCANDAL ALL OVER IT but without the affair bc Regina is not married and Robin too so it’s not Scandal but they have to hide and pretend and make love instead of sleeping yeah jsuis morte. Where : AU, Washington, the White House, when : today?, whats happening : Regina is elected president of the USA, Robin, her bodyguard and best friend and soulmate and love of her life and stuff ya know, became the head of the security and does stuff like sneaking to her chambers, they hide and they are cute and they never sleep in this fanfic so yeah Scandal. Plus : SCANDAL, GO REVIEW GO READ

- Keep Breathing, this one is french, it’s new, a 3 chapitres et j'en peux déjà plus, so if any of you can read french go review okay, why : M I S S I N G Y E A R ISN’T THIS FANDOM AMAZING???, where : da year da is missin, when : … Really?, whats happening : Regina wants to bury her heart, she get away from the castle to hide it in Rumple’s castle BUT the merry men are here and they shoot her with a poisoned arrow ROBIN STOPS THEM ONLY THREE CHAPTER ET JSUIS EN PLS MARRE DE SHIPPER OQ MARRE MARRE MARRE. Plus : c'est en français (ah ouais), et très très bien écrit, missing year en plus les gars.

- What happens in Vegas : by Baker’s dozen writer. Do i need to tell more? Why : Regigi and Robin gets drunk in Vegas, they don’t know each other and GOT MARRIED i fucking love this, where : AU, Vegas, when : modern days, whats happening : Regigi and Robbi have drunk sex, a lots of it, they wake up in a bath and Rob is cray cray he propose to stay married to Regina to proove to her that marriage is awesome spoilers she agrees can you feel the sexual tension i can in my head they stay married but that’s just me daydreaming and we only have five chapter as of yet. Plus : BAKER’S DOZEN WRITER.

- Our Gentle Sins, by Taylor she’s amazing and she’s writing this for me after my personal prompt : jealous Robin. Why : THE WRITING AND JEALOUS ROBIN GUYYYS, where: the MISSING YEAR, when : ef missing year again, whats happening : i asked for an os but Taylor is an excellent writer and was like “no i can’t just give you 2k I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU 4510000K of oq struggling with their feelings and each chapters will revolve around the seven deadly sins and it will be complicated and you’re going to love it” it has one chapter as of yet but i’m so excited about this !!!! plus : the w r i t i n g

- La Sorcière et le Voleur, FRENCH AND CUTE, why : moyen-âge, donc c’est juste trop trop cool, where : middle ages blablabla, when : MOYEN AGE, what’s happening : Regina is a witch and they burn witches at that time she gets a lot of shit in this fic poor baby, BUT THEN ROBIN AND ROLAND, j’suis pas bien. 11 chapitres de cutance extrême. Plus : it’s in french, everyone loves french.

- The Ichor Spring aka 3 chapter of MISSING YEAR SMUT, why : just go fucking READ IT, where : missing year, in the forest spoilers oopsie, when : am i going to say missing year again? whats happening : Robin, Regina and Charming have to go on an adventure oooh, but then the two idiots drinks from a spring and PAF they get poisoned the only way they can survive it is too fight … or have sex :)))))) plus : do i need to tell you what they choose? THREE FUCKING CHAPTER 

- Modern Fairytale, REALISTIC AU OQ IN MODERN WORLD, why : professor Locksleys :))))), where : AU, New York, when : nowadays, whats happening : OQ ARE NEIGHBORS THE MOMENT THEY MEET THEY WANT TO DEVOUR EACH OTHERS MOUTHES (they do that just two or three chapters after that) I T ‘ S GOOD, and real, it’s feels real and simple, just how modern oq would be. plus : they have sex in every chapter these two are sex addicts

- Let’s Play a Game : new smutty (i’m not obsessed with smut guys but every oq fic is smutty IT’S NOT MY FAULT ps : i love oq sex) hella good cute angsty fic, why : the sexual tension and the … games, where : m i s s i n g y e a r when : m i s s i n g y e a r, whats happening : regina is bored so sometimes she make bets with robin, her thief *heart eyes*, and the challenges gets more and more dirty UNTIL (can’t tell you). The last chapters were a bit angsty so *heart eyes*. Plus : a chapter involved peaches. I’ll leave it to that.

And of course all the oq one shots, AUs and PWP that you can find here, i could direct you to specific writers but really every oq writers is FUCKING AMAZING.

I know i forgot 1245690 fics but these are my personal go to fics, good luck with the feels, Este et Priss j’ai pas écrit tout ça pour rien donc lisez tout, bisous jvous aime ♥

GMWriters Q&A (receipts)

Okay so now that Texas is over, I thought it would be interesting to organize the writers q&a and kind of look back on them in hindsight and figure out what they most likely referring to. Since the “Texas fever” has passed, I also think some of the answers they gave regarding future episodes may become a little less vague.  So here we go….. [my thoughts in brackets]. And although I do ship Lucaya, I am not saying things just because. I am trying to see where the writers are realistically going with their story. I don’t think the writers are dumb (frustrating? absolutely) and I do think they have planned out the story and message they want to convey. Most importantly, I don’t think the writers have ever straight up lied in their answers (think about that as you read their answers). I think they give half-answers. Enough to not be lying, but not tip their hand either.

So I only used the questions pertaining to Texas/New Years/Graduation/the ships in general (which turns out to be most of the q&a anyway lol). I organized Rucaya by topic (dating, kissing, moments, etc) and left Joshaya and Riarkle separate (there were less answers about them). Within the Rucaya categories, I kinda divided the similar questions so you could compare them. Not sure if I articulated my thoughts entirely or clearly (it’s been a long day, sorry!), but even if you skip my commentary and just read the q&a’s, compare how they answer Lucaya vs Rucas questions, and think about the q&a’s now that you’ve seen Texas, you’ll have a different impression than when you read them pre-Texas.

Ready, set, go, after the cut!

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