if this gets 0 notes im gonna be so disappointed

mousou-note  asked:

About the twins AU... do they always switch together? Or do we sometimes get both boys/both girls working together? Because I bet Adrien and Marin would be very disappointed to find the other boy instead of the girls they like when they transform.

Yup, rarely is it actually coordinated so they’re paired up with who they want to be. Which does lead to some disappointment at times but no matter the match up they still get along and fight akuma with the other just fine.

anonymous asked:

How do you get there though? I can never help feeling disappointed when Jack skips over my art :/

its not easy but i was just so sick of being obsessed with checking notes and views all the time. i even used to schedule my posts so they would go up when jacks online. it gets old and its exhausting and i didnt want to create anything anymore bc it was just a constant disappointment. so i forced myself to stop checking the notes, post whenever the fuck i want even if its 2am and no ones online. theres a certain feeling of power and freedom that you get when you start to not give a crap who decided to reblog your post and just enjoy the process of creating. 

i dont hold jack up on a pedestal so when he does reblog my stuff im like //oh cool/// and i move on! yes posts are gonna flop and something you worked on for weeks will get no notes but who cares when the highlight was the process and not the finished product. dont get me wrong, notes are awesome and i read every single tag that people add to my stuff (they make my day!) but notes or a reblog from jack is never the goal and im just gonna be happy that i put something out there anyway

trust me you will be so much happier and find a lot more enjoyment in ur creative process when you dont give a damn what people think !! !